Good Grief – Brussels Bomber Was Known Militant, Arrested In Turkey Deported Back To Belgium, Authorities Warned…

As more discoveries are evidenced it is becoming increasingly clear the Brussels bombing was an outcome of EXTREME cultural Marxism (political correctness) running amuck.

The terrorists were able to conduct their terror within a political climate created by upstream liberal politicians who refused to take deliberate action because it was too uncomfortable to confront those who wished them dead.

Brussels bombers: Khalid El Bakraoui (left) detonated his suicide vest on a Brussels Metro train at Maelbeek station just 79 minutes after his brother Ibrahim El Bakraoui (centre) blew himself up with an explosives-packed suitcase at Brussels airport. Ibrahim was accompanied by another suicide bomber, who was dramatically identified this evening as explosives expert and bombmaker Najim Laachraou (right)

Brussels bombers: Khalid El Bakraoui (left) detonated his suicide vest on a Brussels Metro train at Maelbeek station just 79 minutes after his brother Ibrahim El Bakraoui (centre) blew himself up with an explosives-packed suitcase at Brussels airport. Ibrahim was accompanied by another suicide bomber, who was dramatically identified this evening as explosives expert and bombmaker Najim Laachraou (right)

(Via Daily mail) One of the Brussels bombers was arrested in Turkey and deported back to Belgium in June with a warning that he was a militant, it has sensationally been revealed.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Ibrahim El Bakraoui, who yesterday blew himself up at Brussels Airport, was arrested in Gaziantep in southern Turkey close to the Syrian border last summer. Officials said he was deported to Holland before being passed back over to Belgium.

The president said Belgian authorities had failed to confirm the suspect’s links to terrorism ‘despite our warnings that he was a foreign fighter’.

The revelation came as it was dramatically revealed this evening that the identity of the ‘Man in White’, who was previously thought to be explosives expert Najim Laachraoui, remains a mystery. He is now Europe’s most wanted man and a major international manhunt to find him remains ongoing.

It emerged as it was revealed that Laachraoui was actually the other airport suicide bomber, who was pictured on the left-hand side on CCTV footage showing the three ISIS suspects wheeling their suitcases into the terminal prior to the deadly bombing which occurred at 8am local time yesterday.

Ibrahim and Laachraoui killed 14 people and injured dozens of others when they set off suicide vests and explosives-packed suitcases at the airport. They were accompanied by the ‘Man in White’ who abandoned his suicide mission and fled the terminal when his nail-shrouded bomb failed to explode.

Just 79 minutes later, Ibrahim’s brother – Khalid El Bakraoui – detonated his suicide vest on a Brussels Metro train at Maelbeek station killing 20 people.

Earlier today, it emerged that Ibrahim left a suicide note telling how he was desperate to blow himself up because he did not want to go to prison like his friend, the Paris logistics chief Salah Abdeslam.

The typed note, found next to 15kg of homemade explosives, an AK-47 and an ISIS flag during a raid at a property in the Schaerbeek area of the city, said: ‘I don’t know what to do. I’m in a hurry. I’m on the run. People are looking for me everywhere. And if I give myself up then I’ll end up in a cell.’

The latest twist came after it was revealed the Belgian El Bakraoui brothers escaped police in a gunfight during an anti-terror raid just eight days ago.  (read more)

brussels 8

brussels 11 city of jihad

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244 Responses to Good Grief – Brussels Bomber Was Known Militant, Arrested In Turkey Deported Back To Belgium, Authorities Warned…

  1. arkansasmimi says:

    Heck, lets not forget we had bad person deported here and was released and the dude went on killing spree..

    Deported Mexican citizen now suspect in five murders in Kansas and Missouri
    POSTED 1:40 PM, MARCH 9, 2016,

    The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services did confirm to FOX 4 on Tuesday night that Serrano-Vitorino was not in the country legally. According to immigration officials, Serrano-Vitorino was deported in 2004. It is not clear when Serrano-Vitorino re-entered the United States.

    ICE provided this statement:

    “U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) previously deported Pablo Serrano-Vitorino, an illegal alien from Mexico, in April 2004, based on final orders of removal from a federal immigration judge. Mr. Serrano-Vitorino illegally re-entered the United States on an unknown date. ICE will continue to monitor this case and will place a detainer on Mr. Serrano-Vitorino if he is taken into local custody. ICE remains focused on smart, effective immigration enforcement that prioritizes threats to national security, public safety and border security.”

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  2. angryduc says:

    Only cure is to De-Muz every import of Barry’s one by one.

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  3. MTeresa says:

    “It’s as if the government were dumping rats in our houses, and then, whenever someone died of the plague, those same government officials issued heartfelt condolences, Twitter lit up with sympathetic hashtags and the Times editorialized about effective rodent control, but no one ever bothered to say, Hey! Maybe the government should stop putting rats in our houses!”
    – Ann Coulter

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  4. Obomination says:

    Obama on 2013 attacks in Uganda:

    “What you’ve seen in some of the statements that have been made by these terrorist organizations is that they do not regard African life as valuable in and of itself. They see it as a potential place where you can carry out ideological battles that kill innocents without regard to long-term consequences for their short-term tactical gains.”

    There are a lot of smart people here. Would anyone care to guess as to why Obama would bemoan the short-sightedness of jihadis?

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  5. Apfelcobbler says:

    The leftist special snowflake students be demanding “safe spaces” from terror?


  6. mamadogsite says:

    Ahhhh…and least we forget the 5x deported felon who had this nasty habit of creeping back over the border, finding hiself in the sanctuary city of San Francisco…stole a gun and killed “sweet Karen” whom Trump often and kindly refers to. (One can only imagine his thoughts about his own daughters and daughters-in-law).

    Shouldn’t we all try to empathize???? Hillary???? B.O.???? Anyone?

    You feel so alone and frustrated…raw…unprotected.

    What if we were the parents, brothers sisters, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and friends of the thousands killed by illegals in the U.S. in the past ten years….how would we feel? Do they feel alone, raw, vulnerable????? Unprotected?

    Personally, I am tired of tippy toeing around these issues…glad I am in good company. Everyone needs to start letter writing, emailing, calling their senators and Reps…threaten them with their next election…these borders must be closed NOW. Our government has no idea where the “catch and release felons” are. Yesterday was Brussels…are we next on te list?

    I don’t want to find out.

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  7. Eric L says:

    So, these brothers were born in Belgium. It’s not just an immigration problem, these were Belgian citizens who were raised/converted to a certain peaceful religion which is responsible for most of the world’s terror attacks. This is a cultural issue, European cultures don’t mix with the religion of peace. And they haven’t since about 1096.

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    • joanfoster says:

      They were Muslims born and raised in Belgium. They were not converts. The Belgians have been playing stupid for a long time along with the Brits and now the Germans.

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    • lineabirgit says:

      They live in their own cultural pocket separate from the rest of society. They have contempt for Western culture and have no interest in being Belgian (or whatever their host country) even generations later. The Boston Bombers were like that and most likely their parents and extended families supported them in their religious goal of Jihad against the American infidels. Their whole familiy and extended family should have been deported. That’s what I feel.

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      • rashamon says:

        “Their whole family and extended family should have been deported.”

        I think this was the point that Mr. Trump was trying to make when Cruz and the media changed his words to infer was going to kill or water board everyone. No, he was simply stating that those who live around these radicals know very well what they are doing. Kick them out of the country, too.

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    • NJF says:

      This is why Trump made such a sweeping “generalization” about banning all Muslims coming into the country.

      Europe’s wonderful all encompassing multi-cultural mandate ensured that millions of these savages were spread to nearly every corner of Europe. Add to this, their intent to “breed us out of existence” and they will achieve their sick goals even faster. Saying Muslims from Iraq or Syria won’t work anymore bc they’re everywhere.

      In Trump’s speech at AIPAC he discussed how their children are brought up to hate from the moment they have the ability to understand. The other day I read an article detailing how these savages are taking the children of the captured infidels and training them to be killers. Some as young as 2 and 3 being trained to wield a knife so that someday they can behead other infidels.

      How will it ever end?

      It’s sickening. And oh how they must be laughing at us.


  8. tz says:

    Twitter doesn’t want to #StopIslam
    They actually manipulate it so there are gaslighted nice tweets and pictures.


  9. Level One Kenobi says:

    Savage today brought up how once upon a time Lebanon was considered a cultural center in the Mideast, when it was ruled by Christians. The degenerative version of that same place today only happened once the PLO invaded.

    That is chilling in the context of what Brussels and Paris are about to become, followed shortly after by Berlin, London, even Vienna and Rome.

    I think it is already too late for their continent. Europe’s redemption may lie in America witnessing their destruction and repenting (yes, repenting) back to Western Civilization while we still have some time.

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    • The only hope is in the former Soviet Bloc countries-I spent so much time in so many of these places-not Brussels or Rome, but London, Berlin and Paris were oft visited places where I felt at home and I LOVE Vienna. My heart breaks.

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      • Level One Kenobi says:

        That is an excellent point – communism is still in living memory there, so they may not be as ready to capitulate to Islamic metamorphosis as the spineless West.

        Could be like the old Roman Western Empire dying and Eastern Byzantium rising, all over again!


      • darcy says:

        Me too. I love Vienna — it’s my favorite of the European cities I’ve visited, though the people of Budapest are more friendly. (Actually, Salzburg has much to recommend it as well, at least from what I remember of it in 1983.)
        But unhappily, the Austrians have the PC disease, raging unchecked.


  10. Apfelcobbler says:

    Sorry for the editing goof. Point is, the left is unable to understand that its superior “tolerance” is of grotesquely negative value to their survival. Obama would dispute this while Putin understands it perfectly.


    • NJF says:

      It’s like the “Open Borders” video, showing scene after scene of Germans and Swiss citizens waiting en mass for them by the trainload to invade their homeland. Singing and cheering their arrival. Every time I watch it I think it might be less painful to just put a bullet in one’s head.



  11. darcy says:

    It’s not too late.
    We either sacrifice all innocent children in the West to unspeakable horrors which Islam intends to inflict upon them or we annihilate those who live and breath with one goal: to destroy us.


  12. Nightcrawler says:

    Regarding Muslim refugees and Muslims in general, I’m not suggesting words for Donald Trump’s mouth, but this is what needs to be said:

    Those of the Muslim faith are going to be subjected to significantly greater scrutiny simply because of the terrorist element within that ideology. The same procedures would be true if the terrorist threat was radical Catholicism or radical 7th Day Adventism.

    Over time, greater scrutiny can be diminished if, but only if, Muslims themselves participate in the discovery and removal of those whose intent is to kill, maim and inflict terror upon innocents and also to the extent that they participate in the discovery and removal of all those who advocate or ‘preach’ in favor of the same.

    Muslims are solely in control of these factors. It’s up to each of them to decide to become part of the solution. America is founded on the ideal of equality under the law and freedom of religion, but those who advocate for the superiority of one faith or one race over all others are neither beneficiaries of nor entitled to constitutional protections. None will be offered.

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  13. kinthenorthwest says:

    How in the H3LL can anyone defend Obama

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  14. Our leaders are stupid

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  15. freddy says:

    For liberals to ever change and snap out of their hypnosis it will probably take a dirty bomb in a city or complete financial collapse for them to do anything. Blood and death does not move them in these small of numbers. They need a gigantic disaster…. Shame they are so sick….


    • Martin says:

      Unfortunately, freddy, it’s not just those on the Left that need to snap out of it. Many who do not consider themselves Democrats apply some notion of Christian charity to the heartfelt duty they perceive in admitting “refugees,” not the least of which is Cruz.

      For me, that is the most maddening thing of all. Stupidity knows no party affiliation.


  16. davidspuria says:

    Please don’t use the term masterminded…otherwise, great piece.


  17. arkansasmimi says:


  18. lilbirdee'12 says:

    ***Very powerful NRA ad ~~~~ Benghazi just now on Faux. Can someone grab it? Unable now.


  19. coltlending says:

    This is a prime example why we should seal our borders and revert back to immigration policies even more stringent then those in place pre 1965.

    Especially for immigrants from Muslim countries.

    No – all – Muslims are not terrorists, but all terrorists, or at least a very large majority, are Muslim and therein lies the important distinction.

    Expendable is evidently how the liberal elites view the rest of us who might get blown up by the .1% or whatever Muslim nut-jobs walking on our soil so that those elites can feel good about themselves being politically correct.

    It is not worth the risk of even bringing one ove them in to our country.

    No they are not all bad and while the bad element may be a relatively small proportion in proportion to the whole of that society it’s — not –worth it allowing any of them in to our society.

    To migrate to a civilized society that society needs to take out their own trash to ever wish to be accepted here.

    In the meantime, keep them the heck out of here!


  20. Sorry for posting on this thread, but I was just banned on The Right Scoop after posting videos of “The Real Ted Cruz” and his flip flop on birthright citizenship. I was mentioning Sundance’s earlier post about Trump getting Kasich’s delegates. I was actually having some good rapport with some posters and convincing them to get behind Trump and suddenly I was unable to post anymore. There were several other Trump supporters blowing out the Cruzers. They just hurl insults and then Sooper bans anyone who makes convincing arguments. Sad.


  21. Svoboda says:

    Good thing average Jews are opposed to this savagery…oh, wait…


    • Lucille says:

      Among the many Jews I know, not a one of them shows this level of hate. They are lovely people. As a matter of fact, they bend over backwards showing “tolerance” to the point it sometimes drives me nuts. As for the Israelis I know, ditto.


  22. arkansasmimi says:


  23. arkansasmimi says:

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  24. John Galt says:

    From Obozo’s alma mater:

    “First of all, it is important to recognize that terrorist attacks are usually not arbitrary events without any justification—they often are responses to institutionalized hate and oppression. Unfortunately, the Brussels attacks are not that surprising because Islamophobia is widespread in Belgium.”


    • smiley says:

      maybe there should have been more of that phobia, at the Brussels airport the other day.
      I still can not understand how those 2 men got away with walking thru that airport, each with a heavy black non-static glove on one of their hands…???
      airport security should have recognized that as HUGELY suspicious, one would think.

      I don’t get that.
      how in the world they let that slip on by.


  25. rumpole2 says:

    I think Individual European countries and the EU as a block have to all “Grow a Pair” and DEAL with the refugees and even later generation home grown mal-contents. Whatever it takes… control them, assimilate them, deport them, lock them up, even kill a few.
    It’s THEIR problem. They should at the same time STOP letting more of them into any European country… stop most of them at least. They need to stay back in Syria or wherever….
    USA should take a similar stance BEFORE they have large enclaves of them. Same applies to Southern border and that crop of pre-discontented Democrat voters.
    There does also need to be a sort out of ISIS (and others) where they nest and THAT will likely drive more refugees/terrorists towards Europe (and beyond)… all the more reason to have measures in place to “repel boarders”


  26. Jeff says:

    In my first elective econ 101 class in 1975 My professor opened the door to my future as an econ major . I did well in High School with all the Sciences but this elective changed my course in school. This was just supposed to be a easy course for me but my real love was PHYSICS and CHEMISTRY .

    This teacher said on the first day ….

    .”FOLLOW THE MONEY TRAIL or the JIsm trail ”

    He used this tactic to capture our attention ! ” giggles and snickers around the classroom …” he said Jism ” !!!

    He then amended his statement to …. follow the love trail ….but he had captured our attention in a classic tactic that I learned a few years later myself . THE POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING ..Norman Vincent Peale …ironically , the Trump family minister

    In his VERY FIRST class with us he unloaded a ton of TRUTH about how products on the shelf with the BRAND labels are the same as the store labels in the same can .

    Different price …different labels same stuff inside . He went on to name many products of that time .

    Marketing …quickly moved to credit and debt based CAPITALISM
    He told us then , in 1975, that we would take one of two paths in life from the moment we graduated college .

    One group would max out their CREDIT and live life on the edge of bankruptcy . This path was one that very few achieved success taking .Borrowing money chasing a dream to build a company . But the ones that made it became wealthy by betting on themselves in some capitalist venture .

    The other group that most of us would follow would be to to work for a guy or girl like this for some guarantee of payment for our labors and time . The “SAFETY ” of a steady job . 40 hour work week , vacation time , and benefits . And the rest of our lives we would still be one step away from Bankruptcy too …but we had a guaranteed income !

    Making payments ! is what we had as the REAL GUARANTEE !!

    Remember now ….Jimmy Carter was president and had killed the economy too with his attempt at socialism !!

    Me…..I didn’t know SHITTE !! back then . It was just like grade 13 to me . Basketball with my friends in the spring and football in the fall . Hockey in the winter and life was good .

    NOTE : In 1975 civil service jobs were low pay and were for people who couldn’t get REAL JOBS …THESE ARE THE PEOPLE today who have no soul …corrupt-O-crats that steal our tax dollars to pay for their 6 figure salaries and GREAT BENEFITS. Bill Ayres is the poster child for this demographic of leeches on America !!

    And private sector jobs are their prey …they take money from business in manufactured regulations to pay for THEIR STUFF !! the B I G GOVERNMENT business model !!

    Follow the money trail and the jism trail at the same time !!!! the professor should have related a BOTH scenario .

    How do you get types like Louis Lerner to prey on tea party groups ? Why you offer them $$$ and power to go after the citizens they are supposed to SERVE !!

    How do you get mercenaries working for the BLM to assassinate LaVoy Finicum ? Why you offer them 6 figure salaries and paid vacation time !! Then you EXTORT THEM !! do as we tell you …or we will expose you ,, bankrupt you …or take away everything you have !! See also ROMNEY CRUZ …KASICH …BUSH …MARCO !!! do as we say !!

    THE REASON BRUSSELS …FRANCE and THE USA are welcoming and embracing the JIHAD is answered in BOTH as well !!

    THE GLOBAL CENTRAL BANKING SYSTEM owns every single nation on Mr Jones Rothschild HUMAN FARM . EXTORTION by the GLOBALIST central bank cartel .

    Take the CHAOS …or we make you and your nation the fall guy for the GLOBAL CURRENCY COLLAPSE .

    No one wants to be the FALL GUY . There will be no place in the world to hide as EVERY single person by virtue of the GLOBALIST OWNED the complicit media will HATE your very name …HATE your family …hate your CAT even because the global collapse will make the GREAT DEPRESSION look like a picnic !! think MUDD !! they name is MUDD !!!

    ALL CURRENCIES are tied together in the global banking system !! And people like Saddam Hussein and Ghadaffi who tried to buck the system …trading for oil in Gold and Euros ….well they got a call from Uncle Sam …the petro dollar enforcer

    TAKE the jihad …or take the blame …It’s your choice .

    THAT is how you explain these nations committing suicide by muslim . The leaders all know the score . They chose the path of saving their own skin and their families neck over you and yours !
    Ephesians 6 my friends ….and if we don’t wake up and stop this …that choice will confront all of us ….

    THE LUST FOR POWER …GLOBAL SERFDOM …TOTAL WORLD DOMINATION …AND THE LUST FOR MONEY … all in one EPHESIANS 6 struggle of good vs evil . Did you see the 18 year old Ted Cruz video ?

    Ever see Alex Jones Bohemian Grove video …these people worship Satan …worship power and money !!

    And they are selling you and your kids in to global slavery . What the hell are YOU waiting for ?

    Obama fancies himself a Xerxes !!! the king of the WORLD Caliphate …but the true devil is the Global central banking cartel that is using the musslemen (founders term ) as their Brown Shirts .

    There is one crazy muthafuc$er willing to stand up to all of them !! and you sit there …SHIITE what the hell is wrong with people ?

    “but Jeff …but Jeff …but JEFF !! why ? why are they doing this ?”

    Because when the dam system collapses …the GLOBALISTS don’t want to lose their status as the 1% . They want YOU fighting your neighbor for a chicken bone and not coming for THEM .

    The “elites ” have stored food and weaponry underground to wait it out while you “depopulate ”

    Mr Trump is going to STOP THEM …and he needs us to stand with him !!


  27. Gail Combs says:

    Trump is only repeating what is already US LAW!

    Everyone keeps over looking the fact that both US and UK Common Law practices allow those who cover for known criminal to be prosecuted as accessories. If they are in the USA that puts them in jail or kicks them out.

    What Happens When a Green Card Holder is Arrested?
    When a lawful permanent resident (green card holder) is arrested by law enforcement, the consequences may include revocation of the immigrant visa and deportation, even without a criminal conviction.

    —-Accomplices: Common Law Classifications—–

    “…Accessory Before the Fact:
    A party who assists or encourages a principal to commit a crime, but who is not present at the time and place that the crime is committed.
    Accessory After the Fact:
    A party who knows that a crime has been committed and who, nevertheless, helps the offender to escape detection, capture or punishment.
    Earlier in the course, we discussed the mental and physical elements that lay at the foundation of all common law crimes. As we said, in order to convict a defendant of a crime, the prosecution must prove both that the defendant committed an actus reus and that he had the requisite mens rea when he committed the actus reus. Now that we have an understanding of the fundamental elements required to demonstrate criminal liability, we will focus in this chapter on the scope of criminal liability. As we will see, liability for criminal offenses is not limited to the person who actually commits the crime. Rather, anyone who has encouraged or assisted in the execution of the crime, and anyone who has interfered with the apprehension of the criminal after the crime has been committed, can be convicted as well.
    At common law the different parties to a crime were carefully classified. The classifications were broken down in two ways; first, according to the severity of the crime, so that there were differences between parties to a felony and parties to a misdemeanor, and, second, according to what stage in the commission of the crime that the party helped the criminal. Thus, there were differences between people who encouraged the commission of the crime, people who actually assisted with the commission of the crime, and people who assisted the criminal after he had completed the crime.
    Parties to a Felony
    The parties to a felony are classified both according to their role in the execution of the crime, and whether or not they were present when the crime was actually committed. At common law, a party to a felony can fall into one of four different classifications:
    1) principal in the first degree,
    2) principal in the second degree,
    3) accessory before the fact, and
    4) accessory after the fact.




  28. MA in MO says:

    For starters O could have kept all the prisoners in Gitmo at Gitmo. Secondly he could have told France, Belgium, etc. and all of our other allies in Europe to send their muslime/islime/terrorist to Gitmo. This would have taken a whole bunch of people off the streets and out of the bomb making business. But no, O sends them back into to their hotbed of terrorism and then we are surprised when they continue to kill, maim and destroy. Since I don’t think O or his handlers are stupid, then it must be being done on purpose. That purpose is to destroy America and the civilized world. May the Lord have mercy.


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