The Convergence of Political Interests United To Stop Donald Trump…

We have closely followed the relationship between the professional community organizers, social justice warriors and political interests for too long not to notice when they find common cause and converge in unity.

It certainly appears the various sub-sets of political influence, and the globalists who coordinate the financial support for them, the far-left and far-right, have united with the common purpose of eliminating the nationalist risk, Donald Trump.  (note the flag)

chicago protest flag

Additionally, it would be dishonest not to accept the recent meeting in Sea Island Georgia brought together many of the financial stakeholders who view candidate Trump as a clear and present danger to their globalist intentions.   The odds of so many far-left members of the elite billionaire class meeting with Karl Rove inc. for anything less than a strategy session would be obtuse in the extreme.

[…] Apple CEO Tim Cook, Google co-founder Larry Page, Napster creator and Facebook investor Sean Parker, and Tesla Motors and SpaceX honcho Elon Musk all attended. So did Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), political guru Karl Rove, House Speaker Paul Ryan, GOP Sens. Tom Cotton (Ark.), Cory Gardner (Colo.), Tim Scott (S.C.), Rob Portman (Ohio) and Ben Sasse (Neb.), who recently made news by saying he “cannot support Donald Trump.” 

Along with Ryan, the House was represented by Energy and Commerce Committee Chair Fred Upton (Mich.), Rep. Kevin Brady (Texas) and almost-Speaker Kevin McCarthy (Calif.), sources said, along with leadership figure Cathy McMorris Rodgers (Wash.), Budget Committee Chairman Tom Price (R-Ga.), Financial Services Committee Chairman Jeb Hensarling (Texas) and Diane Black (Tenn.).

Philip Anschutz, the billionaire GOP donor whose company owns a stake in Sea Island, was also there, along with Democratic Rep. John Delaney, who represents Maryland. Arthur Sulzberger, the publisher of The New York Times, was there, too, a Times spokeswoman confirmed. (link)

It’s a short connection to the events last night in Chicago where the MoveOn.Org group and all the affiliated enterprises joined together with the Never Trump campaign.  This admission simply puts both sides of the UniParty in alignment with professional agents who can fulfill the objectives.

Unfortunately, whenever the anti-American Wall Street interests converge with the anti-American social justice movement you find highly visible hypocrisies as a result.  Hence, the politically connected campaigns of the banking team(s), Senator Ted Cruz and Senator Marco Rubio, end up supporting the George Soros endeavor.

We’ve outlined many of the affiliates through historical occurrences when they individually surface.  Whether it is the racially inspired Dream Defenders, the Black Lives Matter group, or other similar entities such as F**k The Police, they each share a similar funding mechanism.  RevCom, MoveOn, ACORN are no different.

megyn kelly 2 rupert murdochgrubering us bush murdoch jarrett

Facebook’s Zuckerberg, Twitter’s Jack Dorsey, Fox’s Rupert Murdoch and Obama’s Valerie Jarrett have all been known to cooperate on various political enterprise depending on the need at any given time.   There’s no reason to think the current events amount to much more than a large group of interconnected power-elites agreeing toward a common goal.

Throw in a dose of manipulative media outlets and the enterprise gains the capability to sell a very specific and chosen narrative.    This is not new, this has been going on for multiple years, the exponential current issue is the scope of their perceived risk.

mccarthy cantor zuckSheryl Sandberg, Megyn Kelly


So we accept the reason for the Sea Island Georgia meeting, which is not dissimilar from other meetings of general consequence, and we find ourselves watching a situation play out which benefits all of the open-border globalists.

Getting rid of the nationalist threat presented by U.S. Presidential Candidate Donald Trump makes reasonable sense when reviewed from their limo-liberal point of view.

Unfortunately for the political Oligarchy, their on-going interests are running counter to the national sentiment.  To make matters all the more desperate there is a candidate in Donald Trump who is outside their sphere of influence.   Trump knows it, they know it, and increasingly the general electorate is becoming aware of it.

This is an ideological battle of epic proportions.   There are also TRILLIONS of dollars at stake, in addition to the loss of power represented by the political class who align directly with the interests of the Globalists within Wall Street and K-Street.

For more than a few legislative cycles the Wall Street and K-Street influences have constructed the entire legislative agenda and funded the political UniParty (both sides) to fulfill the goals.

High information conservatives have taken notice of this; Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell are representative of this; however, only a small group of political observers have fully connected the dots as to why the Republican leadership has supported the progressive  agenda.

Those who have connected the dots now accept the UniParty concept, and have Immigration, Obamacare, TPA/TPP and federal spending to point to as examples of unified usurpation within the Washington DC political construct.

Candidate Donald Trump represents the complete elimination of their ongoing unity legislative capability.  He’s willing to call them out.  At the very least Trump represents a serious diminishment of their ability to hide the ideological alignment in Washington DC.

Hence, the political angle to the visible angst, the stop Trump campaign, and the meeting at Sea Island.

bernie protest 3

Chicago Trump Attendee –   At 2:30 p.m., I arrived at the Donald Trump rally located at the UIC pavilion in Chicago, IL. There was light police presence at the Blue Line station, and the pavilion was short walk away. There I waited in line for about an hour until making it to the front doors, going through a security scanner, and finding a seat in the main hall.

For nearly two hours the pavilion filled until it neared capacity. It was clear that protesters were seated around the room, given easily away by their manner of dress. Most of the Trump supporters, being suburbanite or small town white people from outside of Chicago, were dressed strikingly normal—jeans and t-shirts, yoga pants or dresses, and the occasional suit.

The first protestors began around 5:30 when two young white males pulled off their coats to reveal t-shirts with anti-Trump slogans. At this point I noticed the police presence inside the rally was a mere 8 police officers, bolstered with hands-off event staff.

Before 6:00 p.m., a man spoke on the microphone and requested that rally attendees do not touch or harm protesters who interrupt the event. He reminded the protesters that Donald Trump supports the first amendment as much as the second.

Following this was a string of smaller incidents, such as people holding up improvised signs and shouting.

  • One entire bleacher row was filled with protesters and they began chanting and throwing around torn up signs.
  • A few people who began standing up and screaming, and were slowly escorted out by police. The police kept leaving the protesters unattended throughout this, taking 4-8 officers to escort protesters out one at a time.
  • A black man in a black jacket ran up to the front stage, bumped into the podium, and attempted to speak, but was wrestled down by two men in suits. As they escorted him through the crowd, he took a swing at a Trump supporter. The men escorting him were incredibly gentle and restrained themselves from using any force.

Then voice came on and declared that the event was postponed. A few minutes later, they informed us that Trump had landed in Chicago and spoken to Chicago Police officers, and that due to safety concerns, the rally was canceled.

At this point, the protesters began to descend into chaos. Aside from a few mild “TRUMP” and “USA” chants, the Trump supporters were mostly quiet and bewildered as the protesters began to scream, chant, and run around the main floor area in a huge pack, flipping off the rally attendees and swearing at them. There were a few tense altercations between the two groups, but from what I saw at this point, no violence.

The rally was instructed to leave the pavilion, and I have to admit, the Chicago Police messed up bad here.

We walked straight out of the building and into enormous packs of protesters screaming at us, with little police presence to protect the Trump supporters.

Following this, I wandered the protest grounds to see what was going on. My memory is a bit jumbled at this point because I was so pumped up, but let me string together the events as clearly as possible:

  • Many of Trump propaganda signs, most commonly depicting him as Adolf Hitler, but others showing him with a small penis, simple signs of text English and Spanish, signs.
  • Young women shouting anti-white racial epithets.
  • “THE PEOPLE ARE UNITED. WE WILL NOT BE DIVIDED” being shouted at Trump supporters who holed themselves up in a parking garage, quietly fearing for their safety. Another good one by the protesters was “FREEDOM FIRST! FREEDOM FIRST!” Strangely enough, there were a good amount of signs calling for peace and freedom. Lots of peace signs being flashed with the fingers.
  • A single white Trump supporter who held up a sign and stood quietly as three dozen people surrounded him, smiling and screaming, snatching and pushing at him until he had to run for police cover. Someone grabbed his American flag and threw it on the ground and he fought to recover it. The police escorted him away.
  • Two young men, perhaps 17-19, standing quietly as they waited for a ride home. They were wearing their MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN hats, looking terrified as people cursed and swore at them, and occasionally threw furious challenges for debate. The two young men held their ground. Only once did one of those hats come down, and it quickly went back on again.
  • A general atmosphere of pleasure and happiness from the protesters. A common chant was “WE WON!” and “WE STUMPED THE TRUMP!” It honestly felt like a social event for the protesters. There was plenty of mingling
  • Plenty of shouts at Trump protesters that Trump and his supporters are not welcome in Chicago. I challenged one on the first amendment. He said he does not consider himself an American and continued insulting the grizzled old white man he was arguing with.
  • Extremely inefficient police presence. The cops were lined up on their horses or standing behind barricades, but generally were not present where Trump supporters were being hounded and occasionally struck by protesters.
  • The protesters were primarily composed of millennial-aged: white hipsters, African Americans, Hispanics, and Muslims. Some of the protesters were teenagers below voting age.
  • The protesters flew a big set of American, Mexican, and Puerto Rican flags. There were lots of small American and Mexican flags too. *The Trump supporters mostly fled for safety immediately. You have to understand, they were outnumbered by thousands of protesters.
  • There was media presence, but not as much as you’d think. Plenty of areas where chaos was going on had no media nearby. The reporters were mostly getting people to talk to them off to the side where nothing was going on, or focusing ongoing debates between Trump supporters and rally members.
  • A small amount of the protesters were smoking weed. (I have nothing against this personally, just included for accuracy.)
  • Plenty of chants for “BERNIE! BERNIE! BERNIE!” Some Trump supporters looked at each other in bewilderment. “But Bernie Sanders isn’t even running against Donald Trump,” was the common sentiment.
  • Edit: The Trump supporters had a general trust for the police, while the protesters saw their presence as antagonistic. This is especially interesting to me, because as a foreigner and person of color I am generally afraid of police.

chicago trump protest 2Closing statement:

Obviously I did not see everything that occurred as I wandered the protest grounds outside the cancelled Chicago rally. What I did see, however, was fear. Fear from the rally attendees for their immediate safety, and fear of Donald Trump from the protesters.

More than that, I feel that I experienced today, for the first time in my life, true totalitarianism and authoritarianism, expressed laterally from citizen to citizen, in order to silence opinions from being shared. This enforcement was shared through sheer numbers and intimidation, and in a few cases, violence.

People brought their children, loved ones, and friends to attend the Trump rally. I saw an older Asian man and his white wife in attendance, and the looks on their faces when the rally was declared cancelled almost broke my heart. I saw scared children clinging to their parents’ sides as they exited the building to the screams of protesters. I saw a quiet, but excited crowd of Donald Trump supporters get thrown out of Chicago.

Worst of all, I saw the first amendment trampled, spit on, and discarded like trash.

This cannot go on. As I finish this, I feel a sense of utter dread and hopelessness for what is becoming of the youth in this country, particularly those of the regressive left. So polarized has political opinion become, that dissenting thoughts on college campuses are now seen as hateful. These people deal in absolutes. They are right, and whatever means they must take to achieve their ends, they will do it. They will not stop themselves from violence or censorship. They will do it, and they will call hell down upon you if anyone dare does upon them the same.

Tonight I went to the Trump Rally to hear the thoughts of not only the man who was supposed to come and speak, but the people who support him. I found respect. I found calmness. I found peace.

The truth is, I am a legal immigrant, not a US citizen. I am not American. I am not white. I cannot vote.

After tonight, I support Donald Trump. (link)

chicago trump protest 1

trump lion


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  1. georgiafl says:

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  2. georgiafl says:

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    • georgiafl says:

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      • tg159 says:

        You know Rush used to say the liberals would tell us who they are afraid of.I wonder if he will say that Monday,probably not.BTW,the liberals aren’t protesting Ted.Why not if he is soooo conservative?

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    • tg159 says:

      These oligarchs are willing to do anything to retain their power.If they can’t shut Donald Trump up this way,they will try to assassinate him.A Lot of the #NeverTrump crowd have referred to the Ides of March in stopping Trump.Glen Beck has already said he would like to stick a knife in him.I wouldn’t be surprised,if Donald Trump is elected,they go as far and try to stage a coup.Michael Hayden,Bush’s former CIA chief,has already wondered aloud whether the military would obey a presidents Trumps order.
      Don’t be surprised when these “protesters”,( or more accurately multicultural,tie dye browns shirts,representing the global socialist uniparty,the Obama youth.),come to our homes and businesses to shout us down and try to intimidate us.Make no mistake they mean war.The question is what are we prepared to go through and suffer to preserve this republic to future generations?

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  3. TwoLaine says:

    Thoughts from a #NeverTrump talking head.

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    • SAFVet says:

      Even though Sexton works for Beck, I have always thought he had a pretty level head. Seems to be drifting toward a honest assessment of what happened last night. IMHO.

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  4. georgiafl says:

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  5. TwoLaine says:

    HILL CAMPAIGN: ‘We’re going to need to build a hell of an operation to beat’ Trump
    MARCH 9, 2016

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  6. Tparty says:

    I have a lot of respect for Bernie. He has some kooky solutions … but at least he recognizes and is speaking out on issues that his own party has wrong; like crony capitalism, special interest PACs and bringing back Glass Stegal. Now if we can get him to embrace a real physical economy (using credit) instead of the current Keynes Ian death loop based on debt.


    • curt757 says:

      Bernie, when asked if Black lives matter or all lives matter, answered, “Black lives matter.” I have no respect for Bernie.

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    • flyanddive says:

      Bernie is the exact opposite of Trump. Sanders solution is to nationalize everything. If you have any respect for him, I have no respect for you.

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    • ediegrey says:

      Sanders is a huge phony and his followers are thugs.


      • Tparty says:

        Hillary and her ‘funders’ sent in crisis actors in Bernie garb holding signs and making trouble last night in Chicago and you want to deflect with BLM extortion?

        Leave Bern alone he is ‘feeling’ effected by Stockholm syndrome.

        Like I infered, Bernie is brain addled and kings to kooky Keynsian doxy but at least he is clear on super PACs, Glass Stegal, corruption and political hostage taking…. any thoughts on that?

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        • Deadbeat says:

          Bernie is right on the issue you mentioned but Bernie is wrong on “Climate Change” ™, and on social issues. Sanders will continue the Cultural Marxist slide — a slide that has devastated the Black family.


    • Tparty says:

      Keynesianism …. dam that auto correct …. won’t let me type it in!!

      I do feel bad for da Bern … the soup nazi has made up his mind … NO $$ FOR YOU!!

      As for Hillary he says …. DO WHAT YOU ARE TOLD!!!

      Then …

      And now listen to the #puppet


  7. TheLastDemocrat says:

    As Bronco Bama came up for his second term, I again was opposed to him – being able to spot crazy from a pretty good distance – but I realized we NEEDED to have Bronco Bama elected again.

    Why? Because not enough of us in the U.S. have been aware of what has been going on, with the politically correct stuff and intimidation of people speaking truth, etc.

    So, I was happy he was re-elected. We would all see what the “McCarthyism” red-baiters have been talking about for decades: there is a communist behind every tree. There is actually at least one in each family, once you have sent a kid off to college any time after 1990.

    I am glad for this Chicago event. It gets us to where we are eventually going: having a younger, ungrateful, ignorant generation figure out what is special about America, versus the hell-holes from which everyone else is trying to emigrate, and get into the U.S.

    Bring it on. Let’s bite the bullet and suffer through the pain and get into recovery. No, anesthesia will only serve to make the pain and disability linger. White-knuckle it and get it over with.

    On the democrat side, we finally have the LEADING democrat figure calling out a fellow party member for being a red – this is a first. As RevCom and everyone else drifts from Trayvon to Ferguson to the Trump campaign trail, keep pointing out: “Yes, there are Reds here, and their political values and goals are NOT compatible with American values and goals.

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    • michaelsamsara says:

      I felt and thought exactly the same way.

      If he had been defeated by Shifty Flipping Romney, Obama could have said, “Well, if I had had another four you would have seen, it would have been great!

      Well, he got his four more years to F up everything, and now what’s his excuse. Niw, no one except a globalist billionaire or a dyed in the wool idiot (or democrat) could pretend he succeeded at ANYTHING.

      Now, thanks to our Duplicitator in Chief, we are exactly where we need to be to clean out the rats nest that is Washington.


  8. El Niño says:

    Me thinks there will be more friction at the voting booths come Tuesday. I sure hope this has been thought about. I would hate to see the same stuff we saw when OBAMMY was getting elected with the black panthers.

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  9. redsequin4 says:

    Dr. Keith Ablow gets it!!

    Dr. Ablow states he was shocked at Cruz and Rubio “to essentially rubber stamp the idea that free speech should be shut down because a candidate that they don’t like has said things in a very plain spoken manner, just shocked me, I was like thrown back in my seat!!”

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    • TheseTruths says:

      Fantastic! He nailed it. The infantalized (protesters) are open to influence, and nothing goes on at Cru/Rubio rallies because people know things will go on just as they have if those guys are elected.

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      • redsequin4 says:

        So agree, incredible candor, telling it like is. Thank you Dr. Ablow!


      • cozette says:

        And ditto for the other packaged GOPe candidate Kasich. He took the same stand as Cruz and Rubio and then reminded reporters that he was the loving, I’ll give you a hug candidate.


    • NJ transplant says:

      Dr. Ablow is right.

      Ted Cruz’s facebook is full of former Cruz supporters who are furious at him for blaming Trump for the Chicago protests. This will ruin Cruz and Rubio.

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      • redsequin4 says:

        Yes but DT has accused Rubio of early voting fraud in Florida and has asked for law enforcement to look into it. If this is true, Rubio could steal the election in Florida if something isn’t done. I hope Roger Stone is all over this!


  10. shiloh1973 says:

    There is another man who needs to be looked at. This man prefers to stay somewhat in the shadows. He has ties to the Bush family all the way back to Iran Contra. He has big money connections to Karl Rove and to George Soros. He also has some very interesting Muslim ties. His name is Grover Norquist.
    Connection to Rove.
    Connection to Soros

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  11. TwoLaine says:

    Another one bites the dust! 🙂

    Check out her link.

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  12. Informed and Disgusted says:

    Forward from Associate:

    Maybe we should send this to Bernie, Hillary and others who have no idea what a real leader is. I believe this is Trump’s stand as well—

    Vladimir Putin on Muslims
    No wonder he was selected by Forbes as the most powerful person in the world. This is one time our elected leaders should pay attention to the advice of Vladimir Putin.

    I would suggest that not only our leaders but every citizen of USA should pay attention to this advice. How scary is that?

    It is a sad day when a Communist Leader makes more sense than our LEADERS here in the U.S.A. but here it is!

    Vladimir Putin’s speech – SHORTEST SPEECH EVER. Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, addressed the Duma, (Russian Parliament), and gave a speech about the tensions with minorities in Russia: “In Russia, live like Russians. Any minority, from anywhere, if it wants to live in Russia, to work and eat in Russia, it should speak Russian, and should respect the Russian laws. If they prefer Sharia Law, and live the life of Muslim’s then we advise them to go to those places where that’s the state law.

    “Russia does not need Muslim minorities. Minorities need Russia, and we will not grant them special privileges, or try to change our laws to fit their desires, no matter how loud they yell ‘discrimination’. We will not tolerate disrespect of our Russian culture. We better learn from the suicides of America , England, Holland and France , if we are to survive as a nation. The Muslims are taking over those countries and they will not take over Russia. The Russian customs and traditions are not compatible with the lack of culture or the primitive ways of Sharia Law and Muslims.

    “When this honorable legislative body thinks of creating new laws, it should have in mind the Russian national interest first, observing that the Muslims Minorities Are Not Russians.”
    The politicians in the Duma gave Putin a five minute standing ovation.

    If you keep this to yourself, you are part of the problem!

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    • TwoLaine says:

      WOW! TRUMP should read that at a rally!

      Please provide a link if you want it shared.


    • Kent says:

      The lefties are saying that is a hoax….which likely means it’s true.


    • cozette says:

      He also warned Americans to keep their guns and watch out for the global bankers. No wonder he thinks he would get along with Trump. We are on the same team if Trump is elected. Wouldn’t that be great? And Egyptian leader Sisi is looking forward to working with him too.


  13. sunflower lady says:

    Cruz and Rubio are being trashed on social media for blaiming Trump’s rhetoric for the violence from BLM, Occupy, ect. They are losing votes over this. The Chicago nonsense is helping Trump in the long run.

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  14. DaveNY says:

    Please everyone pray for peace and for the cops to step up. I ran into some REALLY SERIOUS right wingers last night and they are armed to the teeth and are itching to unleash hell on the left. The message is this: If law enforcement does not protect Trump supporters they will. I tried to reason with them but they were having none of it. So please pray for peace and for LAW AND ORDER.

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  15. PatriotKate says:

    The truth behind the Chicago riots and plans last night:

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  16. jack dempsey says:

    A lot of voters in Florida and Ohio have watched the disgusting
    scene in Chicago, a scene I have never before witnessed in
    American politics. Those voters observed the Trump supporters
    who came to hear Donald speak, and they saw the behavior of
    the disruptive group outside. The voters who were undecided
    just made up their minds in which group they would wish to be
    included. The protests have given Donald Trump a lot of votes.

    Thank you Sea Island.

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  17. rjcylon says:

    Trump wants us to return to the glory days when the best products were made in America, by American workers, where people respected law and order, and where the government was breathing down your neck telling you what you could or couldn’t do, could or couldn’t say.

    That anyone is threatened by that shows just how far we’ve come, and just how much we need him in the White House. America watched all that unfold last night, I’m sure a lot of people came to the same conclusion.

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  18. trapper says:

    While it is true that once you see the strings you can never unsee the nature of the marionette, after recognizing the globalist conspiracy (and it IS) it is then necessary to retrace the steps in your mental development, reshuffle old conclusions and assumptions, and reexamine views that may never have been true. Watch for the contradictions and then question EACH assumption on which the contradictory conclusions were based.

    It has been reported that Bill Ayers was there last night. Remember when Megyn Kelly interviewed Bill Ayers on Fox? The general reaction was that either she let him off easy or was not skilled enough to nail him. However, knowing what we know now about Megyn and Fox and their real globalist agendas, what if neither of those conclusions reflected the purpose of the interview? What if the real purpose of the interview was to rehabilitate and mainstream Ayers, much like Van Jones is being legitimized and mainstreamed by CNN? It didn’t take, probably owing more to Ayers’ lack of a personality than anything else.

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  19. elena19501 says:

    Please don’t write off all the Bernie supporters. I think that some of them not as primitive as the others, will be turned off from Bernie groupies after seeing in who’s company they are…

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    • cozette says:

      Yes! There are many decent Bernie supporters that are drawn to him for the same reasons we are drawn to Trump. Bernie talks about alot of the same problems. His solutions are just wrong. I know many Bernie guys who have Trump as their second choice. We need them in this war if we’re going to win. The labels we’ve put on people have kept us from listening to each other. BTW I’ve learned that the EVIL MSNBC is actually the most fair and balanced plus you get to listen to how other people think. I even like Rachel Maddow!

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  20. TwoLaine says:

    Aw Huck. 🙂

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  21. Plain Jane says:

    Headline for Chicago should read:
    The GLOBALISTS Unite With Scum To Try To Defeat JOHN GALT.


  22. James says:

    Sundance wrote:
    “So how do they do it? Simple, it’s war – a thermonuclear political war. There are no boundaries, there are no rules, there is nothing too far, there is nothing held back.

    They run attack ads, they’ll shout names and make up malicious smears; they’ll follow the candidate around to make noise at rallies; they lie about anything and everything; they’ll pay anyone and everyone to assist, and they don’t care if the high-information voter knows what they are doing; it’s all part of the overall scorched earth plan.

    They’ll pay people to do and say anything, ANYTHING. Winning is all that counts. Destroying the opponent is all that matters. Every means justifies that end. Period.”

    We continue to be surprised at what they will do. They are not going to play by any rules of decency, so we can not expect this. We keep saying, “I can’t believe they are like this, they said this or said that.” Believe it.

    Keep your wits about you, there is far more to come. They will burn the country down. They will blame everything on Trump and his supporters.

    There is a winnowing happening. As evil is exposed, it gets desperate and tries to magnify itself to produce fear. It will push for a reaction. It wants a violent confrontation. We can’t fall into that trap.
    Every narrative is a “gotcha” narrative, every question is a “gotcha” question, every media report is a “gotcha” report. They are circling, looking for that weak spot to exploit. Stay resolved. Focus.

    Our strength is in knowing we are winning because they show their desperation. Many are waking up, seeing the truth, having a real hope after years of lies and subterfuge to see the values and beliefs of the country be the vibrant fabric of the country again as it was intended to be. The Movement is growing. For some it takes a lot to shed the lies and propaganda that have continually been pushed, but do not be dismayed. For many of those watching will catch that hope when they see us staying the course.
    Go Trump! Cold Anger.

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  23. Linda Ruth says:

    Ex-pat in Mexico says;

    March 12 2016
    New secret society method against trump
    “Trump had to cancel the Chicago rally in the final hour last night and I believe I know why:

    “My guess: The same Soros funded rioters that showed up in Ferguson are now being paid to go after Trump. Remember, the mayor of Ferguson clearly stated several times that the rioters were not from Ferguson, and that they had been brought in from somewhere. These are thugs for hire, they stage false flag riots everywhere, will be violent, and were probably beyond a doubt used on Trump last night.

    It probably was a good idea for Trump to have cancelled the rally, because reports state that several thousand of these violent protesters showed up and that the police figured out they were going to storm the stage. If they did, they would probably have killed Trump. It does not matter if the Soros club crashes Trump’s plane via remote, or shoots him in the head with a bullet, or gets him crushed under a paid mob, their mission will be accomplished even if Trump chokes to death on a twinkie.”


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    • Tparty says:

      And Sundance wrote:
      “So how do they do it? Simple, it’s war – a thermonuclear political war. There are no boundaries, there are no rules, there is nothing too far, there is nothing held back.


  24. Linda Ruth says:

    It appears that Chicago was a set up which was allowed and enabled by the city government, especially Mayor Rahm Emanuel, buddy of Obama, the chief of Police, city councilmen, etc. They knew a violent riot was being planned with many, many terrorists yet did nothing to stop or control it. The cops were sent to the rally location with no riot equipment and no individual riot protection shields, masks, batons. There was no coordinated action being carried out by the cops. They seem to have been left to their own devices, and left to be targets, as well. The warning given to Trump must have come from an honest whistle-blower in the police force, because Rahm and Police Chief were in on it. Oh, how they want Trump dead!

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    • prognomore says:

      Plus, I’m fairly certain Bill Ayers’ considers every inch of the University of Illinois Chicago (UIC) to be HIS. He’s retired from there now, and no doubt that pension gives him a nice base to fund his current activities, but he couldn’t let this incursion go unnoticed. Thank you, Mr. Trump, for everything you exposed last night!


  25. WhiteBikerTrash says:

    Can anyone else see the irony of Fascist/Socialists calling others Fascist while acting in the classic Fascist/Socialist manner and thinking that they are making the others look Fascist?

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  26. redsequin4 says:


    • redsequin4 says:


  27. georgiafl says:

    Leaked Memo – Josh Bolten called by Bush cabal to head anti-Trump campaign at Primary:


  28. trapper says:

    An insider view: a blog written by a Chicago cop. CPD knows what to do and how, but last night none of it was done. Why not? I say it was intentional. Check the comments on both blog posts about the Trump rally. Lots of new Trump supporters created last night.


    • Linda Ruth says:

      Trapper, your crucial information reference answers a lot of questions and exposes so much truth it could get the blogger fired, or worse if he really is a Chicago cop. Hate Trump leadership in Chicago threw the cops and the rally goers to the wolves. Fact gatherers should look at all the comments. The blog and the comments are “Lame Cherry” material. The blog is really a must see, because this Chicago criminality is now the going get Trump agenda.


  29. entagor says:

    I think this counts in the stop Trump effort
    10-22-14 Mercer bio :

    11-12-15 Mercer revealed to be nation’s 4th largest donor in ’14. Cambridge Analytica:

    Yet as Politico noted in its story about the Mercer investment, all of Cambridge Analytica’s clients in 2014 were also recipients of contributions from the financier. In 2013, the company’s only American client was the Middle Resolution PAC, a Virginia conservative group then working to elect Ken Cuccinelli as the state’s governor, an unpaid pilot project to show how SCL might work.

    2014 Mercer was donating to Cruz

    At the same time, Jobs, Growth & Freedom Fund, a leadership PAC launched by Ted Cruz in preparation for his presidential campaign, paid Cambridge Analytica just under $400,000, most of it to support digital advertising on behalf of other candidates. (Over the course of the fall of 2014, Mercer donated $1.75 million to another committee, the Ending Spending Action Fund, that has backed Cruz.)

    My jaw dropped when I learned DIsh and Direct both tailor ads to customer metadata.

    And this, 12-11-15, how Cambridge utilized Facebook:

    They can use profiles to guess what would make people not like Trump. There are liars and there are pretenders. No coincidence silicon valley is in the meetings

    Everyone heard about Singer and Adelson. But who knew about the nation’s 4th largest donor?

    One of the greatest essays I have read on the web is The Pigtrap. Social Media, even a poll like the Breitbart poll, are all part of the Pigtrap


  30. jldnagg says:

    Thank you for filling the gaps that the media fails, far short of doing. This helps put it all in perspective for so many people.
    God Blessed America with Trump! 😇
    I’m not voting for a party, I’m voting for America first! 🇺🇸 And Trump is America! 🇺🇸 Trump is funding his own campaign! 🇺🇸 I will wright Trump in at the voting booth if I have to! 🇺🇸 America will have her winner! 🇺🇸 And the winner is going to be Trump! 😇 🇺🇸Trump is not a politician! 🇺🇸
    🇺🇸 Go #PresidentTrump 2016! 🇺🇸


  31. Sam says:

    The comments at HuffPo are interesting. Some of them are outraged at the idea of a group of wealthy elites and their pet legislators getting together to subvert an election. It’s not that they like Trump. They hate him, but it has occurred to them that their side could do this too. They are disturbed at the undemocratic nature of dictating who can and can’t be a candidate or nominee. It has even occurred to a few of them that Hillary could be an acceptable president to the bigwigs at the Sea Island meeting and they are disturbed about this too.


  32. Deadbeat says:

    Here is a link to an interview with Roger Stone.
    According to Stone, these protestors are false flag operations headed up by agents associated with the Hillary Clinton campaign. When you hear what Stone has to say, it makes absolute sense.


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