Candidate Donald Trump is Exposing the Entire Sordid and Corrupt Political Media Scheme….

“He’s like a quarterback scrambling around and no-one can catch him” ~ David Axelrod

“He’s quite possibly the smartest campaign strategist in modern history” ~ Jeffrey Lord

Both true.  However, what Trump is really doing is simultaneously exposing the entire sordid, corrupt, self-serving, financial manipulative scheme -within a national political construct- that has remained hidden just beneath the surface…..

Look below the surface

…a horribly corrupt beast, fed by an oblivious electorate. A behemoth, made of media and various news outlets, who serves the financial needs of left and right-wing talking heads, and exists exclusively to keep them in power.

For years we have called those who control this monster: “The Decepticons”. Professional deceivers who exist exclusively for their own scheme and graft.

Yeah, Donald J Trump is exposing it all.


marco rubio - face♦  Presidential Candidate Marco Rubio’s press secretary is the daughter of a Fox News Media executive in charge of putting the candidate debate questions together. LINK   The same Fox News Media who have been trying to prop up Marco Rubio to the benefit of Fox’s corporate goal for illegal alien amnesty. LINK

cruz canadian♦  Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz’s senate staffer is the son of radio show Mark Levin’s fiance’.  LINK  The same radio host who is advocating, to the exclusion of all others, for Senator Cruz.  LINK  While engaged to a Ted Cruz super-delegate and media author  LINK

Candidate Donald Trump is unapologetic in his America-First platform founded in the bedrock of Main Street business interests.  A platform looking out for the benefit of the American electorate, the American worker, and importantly he’s willing to expose every adverse interest regardless of their tenure, influence or status.

Trump mercer tweet

If Robert Mercer ain’t happy, no-one in Camp Cruz gonna be happy.

[…] … has proven to be one of Mercer’s better political wagers. He invested $10 million in the media outlet when it was struggling in 2011, according to a person with knowledge of the transaction.  (link)  Robert Mercer also put $11,000,000 into Ted Cruz’s initial campaign via Super-PAC Keep The Promise.


Trump Tonight

trump vet 3

…”When America says “Thank You”, I say back “you’re worth it“”…

~ John Wayne Walding (American Veteran)

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271 Responses to Candidate Donald Trump is Exposing the Entire Sordid and Corrupt Political Media Scheme….

  1. Janie M. says:

    The Fox Mobile:

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    • zephyrbreeze says:

      You wouldn’t call those classy photos, would you? Image matters.

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      • Doug says:

        I mean its a risque photo shoot. Not exactly something I would do if trying to be a respected journalist or politician. Popstar , athelete or actress sure! Know your market and brand Megyn! She kind of looks like Elizabeth Banks body double!


    • F.D.R. in Hell says:

      Be grateful, she’s showing you those “Killer B’s” as her husband calls them…


    • yakmaster2 says:

      Yet, as someone here quoted M. Kelly as saying in her VANITY FAIR puff feature:
      * she considers her gender irrelevant.*
      Hair, makeup, cleavage, lots of leg, and heels. Riiiigghht.

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    • Toronto Tonto says:

      Kelly pushed these photos and her Stern interview ahead of her getting her own show at FOX with its middle aged white male audience, much like how actresses leak sex tapes when they’re up for a major role. Note also how she refused to say whether she votes Republican. Her argument was Roger Ailes doesn’t care as long as you attract an audience. We’re now seeing the truth in that.

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  3. zephyrbreeze says:

    Mr.Z says John Wayne W. who spoke is a very nice funny guy who runs 5 Toes Tactical. With the brother of a famous deceased war hero featured on the silver screen.


  4. justfactsplz says:

    Trump’s campaign manager has been on OAN talking about who Rubio’s press secretary’s father is at Fox. Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  5. History teaches says:

    It’s truly astounding.

    One man, utterly destroying the comfortable complacency of the mainstream media that has been in place for so many decades. Fearlessly standing his ground and not beholden to special interests or worried about being socially ostracized.

    ‘Howie’ Kurtz and his insider media chums can shake their heads and hold their breaths waiting for their world to return to normal, but the line in the sand has been crossed. Media are made up of individuals with their own agendas, careers, financial and status objectives. Journalism has become activism and driven by predetermined motives. Trump has exposed this so clearly and definitively. He didn’t have to write a fancy article or debate it with a panel of talking heads.

    Unbelievable courage, with so much to lose in terms of his reputation and legacy. But he put everything on the line to fight for his deep held values. After decades of trying to work through the system he became savvy enough to see the corruption and dedicate his best years to a transcendent cause. He could have just continued to live in luxury and success but has instead shone he can master a new challenge.

    An ‘Atlas’ who changes the world when he shrugs!

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    • Janie M. says:

      Excellent post, History. You have encapsulated our American Patriot Trump, whom I will be honored to call Mr. President.

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    • joshua says:

      My belief is that so called “journalism” was destroyed by Bob Woodward and his partner with the Watergate Reportage….he drug the Nixon (Republican) white house through the mud, made the nation into a tabloid reading political public, and won a Pulitzer Prize and accolades from his “leaked” insider info from political hacks bent on destroying Nixon. Then all the wannabe reporters wanted to find TRASH and EXPOSE stuff to gain fame, glory, and money instead of honest journalism. Made it easy for consolidation money moguls to acquire all the media properties into giant propaganda management behemoths so THEY could sell their agenda promotion machines to the highest bidders and get advertising revenue from growing reader and viewerships of the American Public who were bored and becoming addicted to “sound bite” sensationalism.

      They just took advantage of the soap opera and Friday Night Lights public complacency in what they watched and devoted attention to instead of bothering to read serious information and to have to THINK about it all and draw their OWN conclusions as to consequences happening in the nation.


      • Clc says:

        nice post. however, I kinda remember the jfk years and Camelot. media worshiped him. bet he never got any “gotcha” questions.

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      • I think journalism was destroyed more recently via social media like Twitter and Facebook. How many unthinking Americans rely on these sources for their “news”? Throw in some help from mindless reality TV like Survivor, The Bachelor, Honey Boo Boo, and you have the perfect mind numbing cocktail for the brainless masses who now have an outlet for their unimportant opinions.


    • “Unbelievable courage, with so much to lose in terms of his reputation and legacy. But he put everything on the line to fight for his deep held values.”

      Way to go!
      So many “doubted Trump’s commitment”, but can now appreciate Trump’s authenticity reflected in (1) the consistency of his views across DECADES of interviews, (2) the capability to draw America to discuss, appreciate and actually support his Make America Great Again agenda with outside-the-box solutions, and (3) the absurdity of arguments that he will not live up to his commitments, when you realize that failing to do so would destroy his Brand that is everything to him, that he dedicated his lifetime to building, and that his family will depend on for generations.

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      • shallbe4 says:

        Donald Trump knows who he is and what he stands for. He change his policies to please his audience. Can’t say that about Cruz.


    • kimosaabe says:

      Excellent! Damn excellent!


  6. shallbe4 says:

    They say cometh the hour cometh the man. Well Trump is our hero and he has come along in our time. Someone commented earlier that the calls on C-span even when coming from Democrats were positive about Trump. May God Bless Him and allow him to be our President.

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  7. Tigsmom says:

    “Caesar has crossed the Rubicon”.

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  8. shallbe4 says:

    Its about time Trump got credit for being brilliant.

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  9. NCPatrick says:

    So it all came down to Ted Cruz’s moment to be a star … and evidently he proved that he just does not have the chops to be a leading man. I didn’t watch any of the debate since I was spellbound by the Trump veterans’ event, but from what I’ve read and seen in post videos, Trump gave Ted what he has been lusting for: “Put me in, coach! I can do it!” And he didn’t do it.

    Not only did he not change anyone’s minds, he simply confirmed the rumors and speculation that he is an unlikable dweeb with delusions of grandeur. Thank God we found out the truth about Cruz before electing him President — not that that would ever have happened.

    The rest of the field is equally pathetic, and only one candidate stands head and shoulders above that crowd. Why do you think Trump has been steadily rising in polls since the day he announced? We’re not that stupid!

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  10. joshua says:

    Trump’s plan to Make America Great again FIRST action is to tear down the media propaganda control machines and expose the WIZARD of OZ behind the curtain manipulating us all…..that is the first act in warfare…..demoralize the enemy and pinpoint his vulnerable installations and defenses…..then you carpet bomb the hell out of it when you have your own airforce.

    Trump 2016…..”To Infinity, and Beyond!!!”

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  11. B Woodward says:

    Here are two articles exposing more of the incestuous, corrupt mainstream media, which are virtually all owned by 5 leftist corporations:


    • Backspin says:

      ” Your mind is totally controlled ,
      it has been stuffed into my mold ,
      and you will do as you are told , until the rights to you are sold …”
      Zappa , The Slime.

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      • shallbe4 says:

        The debates used to be controlled by the parties have now been ceded to the Media. If Trump is President this will stop. Let the jerks who call themselves reporters moderate not castigate. It isn’t about them its about us and our country.


    • shallbe4 says:

      The Road Runner is alive and well and nobody can catch him beep beep


  12. carol says:

    Can you believe all the corrupt people, running for President, unbelievable it has to be Trump love the way he finds out all this Crap.Truth and they can’t say anything about Trump for President


  13. shipley130 says:

    That is one creepy picture (no, not the one with Megyn in her slutville dress), I’m talking about the green media monster.


  14. don welch says:

    listening to the first part of rush today it sounded as if he had somehow and at some point logged onto and listened closely to this web site. some progress perhaps?


  15. sammyhains says:

    Diamond & Silk should be the first joint press secretaries in Trump’s administration.


  16. Frank says:

    this is all so encouraging!


  17. Wasillaguy says:

    Like most thinking people, I didn’t watch the debate, but from what I’ve heard it sounds as if Megyn intentionally threw gotcha questions and showed faux contempt for some of the lesser candidates in an attempt to convince the world she does this to everyone and she doesn’t really have seething hatred for future president Trump.


    • shallbe4 says:

      This is a debate between the candidates and Megyn is only a moderator. But she has secured her place in history and one day a lot of reporters will throw gotcha questions at her. What goes around comes around.


  18. KitKat says:

    Top Story at RS

    FEATURED POST: OFFICIAL RATINGS ARE IN: Fox News Debate TROUNCED Trump rally, 2nd highest in Fox News history!

    The graphic accompanying the story is disgusting. Nasty RS is Cruz’s alter ego.


    • dizzymissl says:

      I told them on twitter that I was so happy to hear it because that means way more people got to see Cruz’s implosion 🙂


    • Martin says:

      Interesting, since coverage of Trump’s event was too spotty to measure ratings AT ALL, unless RS employs a Magical YouTube Ratings Extractor Liaison Person Intern, or something…


  19. Ari says:

    Hopefully you include Limbaugh et al in the Decepticons group.


    • shallbe4 says:

      I like what Sundance has to say. Trump is a great strategist perhaps because he is a great deal maker.Now that I am off Rush I have discovered Michael Savage who is a Trump supporter. Trump is going to be on his program on Monday. In Nevada we get his program from 12 pm to 3 pm. Don’t you just love the endorsement from Christie?


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