“Space To Destroy” – Baltimore Police Union Forces City Leadership To Admit They Gave “Stand Down Orders” During Riots…

The Baltimore Police Union is demanding public records of radio transmissions and email notifications to prove the leadership in the Baltimore Police Department, specifically Police Chief Batts, told officers NOT to stop the riots and looting.

Facing the probability the police union is going to succeed in their endeavor to put sunlight upon the truth the Mayor, Police Chief Batts and his leadership team are now having to admit they did tell the officers to ‘stand down’.  You can listen to some of the audio transmission here.  

Baltimore leadership

However, the Mayor and Police Chief are desperately using semantics and parseltongue to claim the orders did not mean what they said they mean.  After the Baltimore Sun excerpt, we’ll show you where the LEO leadership was visiting right before the riots, and continuing thereafter.

(VIA Baltimore Sun) Baltimore police commanders acknowledge that they ordered officers not to engage rioters multiple times on the day of Freddie Gray‘s funeral but said they did so to protect officers and citizens as they prioritized life over property.

In an interview with The Baltimore Sun, police Commissioner Anthony W. Batts and six top commanders who directed deployments on April 27 denied that they gave blanket orders to do nothing as rioters looted, raided businesses and even attacked officers with impunity.

More than two months after riots broke out across Baltimore, top brass and rank-and-file officers continue to spar over how platoons of officers were deployed that day. About 160 officers were injured in the riots and businesses suffered millions of dollars in damage.

Batts has repeatedly denied issuing a “stand down” order — akin to ordering a withdrawal — while officers say they were in effect given such an order, either over the radio or in person, when they were told “do not engage” or “hold the line.”

Commanders told The Sun that they asked officers to “hold the line” as part of an overall deployment strategy to create a barrier between rioters and police operations and potentially vulnerable people. If officers broke lines during a face-off with rock-throwing protesters, for instance, they could be isolated and surrounded by mobs. And if officers broke the line to make arrests, they might have been forced to guard them amid all the chaos when transport vans weren’t available.

“There’s an amount of discipline necessary to navigate your way through a civil disturbance,” Deputy Commissioner Kevin Davis said.

baltimore mayor selfie[…] The union has requested texts, emails and radio transmissions between police commanders and City Hall for review. As of Tuesday, the union had received only one tape from the voluminous riot transmission record.

The police union’s president, Lt. Gene Ryan, said the Police Department could clear up any misconceptions or rumors by releasing the requested communications.

“If they have nothing to hide — and they always talk about being transparent — how come they haven’t given me the tapes of the radio transmissions?” Ryan said. “If they have nothing to hide, why not give me what we asked them for?”

Police have said they will share information, and both the agency and Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake say they have called for their own probes into how deployments were handled.

Some officers have said they believe the mayor was behind the alleged “stand down” order so Baltimore police would not look as aggressive as body-armor-wearing officers responding to unrest last year in Ferguson, Mo.

Rawlings-Blake has denied that and said she would never allow people to loot, destroy or burn businesses.

“The mayor never gave an order to police to stand down, and there have been multiple officers who have come forward and have said there was no such order given either by the mayor or by the command staff,” spokesman Kevin Harris said. “I can say unequivocally that the mayor never gave such an order or told the command staff to give such an order.”

Batts and his top commanders said officers are confusing “stand down” with “hold the line” — a command they acknowledge was given repeatedly.

Their objective was simple, according to Deputy Commissioner Dean Palmere: “Protect assets, protect life.”  (read more)

baltimore 5As more evidence surfaces it becomes crystal clear that Police Chief Batts was in close and direct communication with Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, when he gave orders as heard in audio “from 101” not to engage the looters and lawless thugs rioting.

But the bigger question becomes who was instructing Chief Batts?

Consider the dates. 

Freddie Gray was apprehended by police on April 12th.  He died on April 19th.  The police officers were suspended on April 21st. The Baltimore riots began the day of Freddie Gray’s Funeral April 25th which was coincidentally the same day as the White House Correspondents Dinner:

Baltimore flyer

 … and questions have been raised about why Mayor Rawlings-Blake and Chief Batts would be so willing to allow the rioting mob “space to destroy”.

So lets take a look at the possible ‘Higher-Ups’ who would have contact with Baltimore leadership and simultaneously carry the power to give such guidance.


Police Chief Batts White House Log Dr_Phil_teen_youtube_beating

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102 Responses to “Space To Destroy” – Baltimore Police Union Forces City Leadership To Admit They Gave “Stand Down Orders” During Riots…

  1. doodahdaze says:

    The cops will take down these scumbags. They picked a fight with the wrong peeps.

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    • Matt Musson says:

      The Feds are already lauding the stand down order as a safety precaution that saved lives. Also, faulting Ferguson for not doing the same and antagonizing protestors.


    • BigMamaTEA says:

      good job Sd.


    • Jimmy Quick says:

      I think most people are missing the trail of corruption that leads right to the White House. Just say it. We all know it. This was planned and staged by Obama. Destruction and mayhem, bought and paid for by the turd-in-chief.


  2. doodahdaze says:

    Batts, has Bats in his Belfrey. I bet the rank and file finds him disgusting.

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  3. doodahdaze says:

    Take a look at the higher ups.


  4. bogeytct says:

    Coupled with how we know black gangs and supremacist groups were directing the mobs to attack non-black owned businesses, doesn’t the mayor ordering the stand down put her on the same moral level as the segregationists who allowed Rosewood? Admittedly no one was killed during the riots as far as I know, the state allowing racial terrorism toward certain classes is something not seen in America in a long time.

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    • nimrodman says:

      “… the state allowing racial terrorism toward certain classes …”

      Very astute. One might take it as the start of state-sanctioned ethnic cleansing.

      That’s how it’s done in other places around the world, pushing out the “other” and seizing the property they’re forced to leave behind, making for a more “monochromatic” neighborhood or ethnic enclave.

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      • RJ says:

        Wish more voting citizens would get your picture as to how our “progressives” (read communists/totalitarians) behave when sensing they are winning…which, right now, they truly are!

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        • nimrodman says:

          All we can easily affect are the friends and family in our local circle.

          I don’t shy away from using terms like ethnic cleansing, no-go zones, ethnic enclaves, etc. and wondering aloud how close we are.

          And I don’t shy away from pointing to modern analogs in other countries such as South Africa, Bosnia, Paris (banlieus?), Scandinavia (carbeques, anyone? no-go zones for police and firefighters?). The London riots 2 years ago. London sharia patrols.

          Of course, that’s an exaggeration for the US … for now.

          It’s just to promote thought exercises: how close are we? what would it take? is your family prepared? will they be prepared when the mob comes down your street? (do a Google image search for “here comes the diversity you are about to be culturally enriched”)

          Rwanda and Sarajevo aren’t here yet, but if you were an Asian grocer in Baltimore in April it may have felt like it as your shop burned.

          Or a Baltimore police officer trying to “hold the line” (as they say) while bricks bounced off your shield and slammed into your shin, sending you to the hospital.

          Or the Bosnian community in St Louis when one of theirs was killed in a hammer attack.

          Or the Baltimore pizza-parlor owner doused with lighter fluid and nearly set afire:

          Or any of the scores of knockout-attack victims of the past several years:

          Widespread ethnic-cleansing levels of social upheaval aren’t here yet. But we’re getting closer and we’ve had localized incidents already. We’re likely to see more this summer; who knows the magnitude it’ll reach?

          So if you’re inclined, use some of this vocabulary in your conversations. If others scoff, simply point out examples that have already occurred. Plenty are right here in the Treehouse archives, to be accessed by keyword searching or pull-down menu in the right column.

          It’s the only way I know – or at least easiest way – to get “more voting citizens to get the picture” as you say, RJ. One backyard and barroom conversation at a time.

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      • TwoLaine says:

        That is pretty much what they have done if you look at the fact that existing businesses are now being expected to rebuild while CONFORMING to new policies. If you had a liquor store for years, and want to rebuild that liquor store, now you must also sell fruit, veggies and meats too.

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  5. Eli Hitler Razcon says:

    Reblogged this on elirazcon and commented:

    Many people in the Baltimore area, other areas around America, politicians, “social justice” activists lie or believe the black people are protesting because of the “racism” on them, you name it, anything, and they believe it is a form of racism on them. Those same racially paranoid black people would believe WordPress white color blogs are a form a racism because it is white. These paranoid black people will go even more out of control if the Baltimore mayor is charged with inciting riots.

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  6. Poster says “Black Layers for Justice” Pretty sure that should be “Black Lawyers for Justice” wow the fail just keeps flowing.

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  7. bertdilbert says:

    Don’t forget Nick Mosby is on video as well. CVS should sue but they probably will not. However a lot of small businesses were hurt at the “hold the line, do not engage”.

    SBA disaster loans only means you have to pay for the damage with interest attached. The city needs to be sued by businesses to recover damages.

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  8. VegasGuy says:

    When your rank & file turns against you, & there are more of them then you, you are in trouble….

    The more “they” attempt to cover up, the more of their acts get exposure. And wasn’t it Mosby that took “credit” for quelling the riots by wrongfully charging 6 PO’s? Or should we give credit to ‘Ol Rollin’ Black? She did give them their own space to destroy….

    Credit where credit is due….except when the ones taking credeit caused the riots by handicapping the Police in the first place. Without that handicap, there would not have been the wide spread destruction in the first place.

    Ah…But then no grandstanding to take credit for restoring calm…..Got it…..

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    • Kitty Smith says:

      The mission is being accomplished. Batts couldn’t care less about the rank and file turning against him. He squashes people like ants.


      • Dixie says:

        If he has the “ear” of the president, he probably feels emboldened to do whatever he wishes. Seems that all these blacks who feel they are in high places are trampling on the backs of American citizens to get to the top of the ladder….right through the front door of the white house.

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        • Jett Black says:

          Exactly. And the citizens trampled upon, just like the majority of victims of black-perpetrated crime, are other black citizens.


  9. Doktor Bill says:

    “Black Layers for justice” on that flyer….

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  10. justfactsplz says:

    I’m so glad the police union is bringing this situation front and center. The Ferguson police department endured much at the hands of the rioters because of a stand down order. Even the National Guard were withheld in Ferguson. It’s going to take a lot of pushback like this to overcome but our country depends on it.

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    • lorac says:

      I think they should keep putting pressure on to get the tapes, even with these politicians now “admitting” they gave stand down orders. They’re already trying to frame it with excuses (“we meant hold the line, not stand down”). The tapes will provide more context which may be harder to weasel out of or parse.

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      • justfactsplz says:

        They definitely need those tapes. Getting discovery out of this woman is going to be like getting it out of Angela Corey, not an easy feat. Hopefully the judge is more fair in Baltimore than Nelson was. They say he is a no nonsense judge. Let’s hope he doesn’t put up wit this prosecutor’s shenanigans. For starters a change of venue would be great.

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  11. PatriotUSA says:

    Sunlight will prevail…………….it always does. It is the amount of time needed to restore what our country has lost, that is the question.

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    • canadacan says:

      Love your first sentence Patriot USA

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      • 1american1st says:

        And it’s going to get a lot sunnier on January 20, 2017.

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        • ravens26 says:

          Yes it is. The funny thing is that this is what the community leaders in Baltimore want…a unified black community in Baltimore. Is’nt this type of thought…the same thought that racists had about moving all people of color to their own state? The difference is they are choosing where they want to be. So…let them have Baltimore, just do not ask me to support any city functions, including the Ravens, Orioles, Casino, Preakness etc. When the city dies, it will still be someone elses fault, but then it can be rebuilt with people of all races and religions and be strong again. Until then, like you said…


        • mariner says:

          I don’t understand why I keep seeing this comment here.

          What makes anyone believe there will be a conservative President? Readers here should know, better than most, why that’s not at all likely and may be impossible due to “Progressive” control of the election apparatus in enough populous areas.

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      • PatriotUSA says:

        Thank you………….I have my moments. The Treehouse and all here help with sunlight. This helps greatly with my attitude, keeping it positive and focused. This may help some if you do not think you can make a difference. Think of the wrench being tossed into the gears of the machine:


        As dark as it is and as it will get, we are all and can be sunlight.

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    • Jim says:

      The problem with sunlight prevailing is all of the low information voters already got their message and the left media the talking points. So they can point out Ferguson and Trayvon even though those were both manufactured stories and lies.

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  12. Mike says:

    Better secure those servers before they get ‘accidentally’ destroyed…

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  13. BitterC says:

    I’m sorry. But when I hear “people over property” I THINK

    These People have decided THEIR LIVES are worth less than MY PROPERTY.

    But, guess that would imply some responsibility for actions.

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  14. MouseTheLuckyDog says:

    Speaking parselmouth.
    Does that mean the Dark lord in the White House was giving the orders?

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    • RJ says:

      Which Dark Lord? There are many of such caliber who work within that structure…that rainbow building where the laws of the land that they don’t like are violated every day.

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  15. Kitty Smith says:

    Perhaps of interest:


    Note: No CA Secretary of State filing on record, past or present, for incorporation or LLC for any configuration of “A.William White Group”, nor a DBA anywhere, and nothing for Batts anywhere using various name configurations.


    Note: The third link shows a Batts connection to DOJ, but that’s not where it ends. It’s there for those who really wish to look. Consider aliases and corporate names, federal contracts (DOJ) and, as always, follow the money:


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    • partyzantski says:

      Hmmm… if you are a head of a firm that has no DBA, no incorporation papers or any legal underpinnings, are you a head of a firm at all? Perhaps the esteemed and lauded Chief Batts was/is an “aspirational” CEO or head of a firm, much like Trayvon was an aspiring astronaut (or whatever it was he was billed as?).

      The scenes on podiums with public officials making statements… they put other people up there as potted plants to lend some “weight” to the proceedings, as if to imply that the crowd is with the speaker. Every time I see this ploy (just look at any POTUS speech), I know they are lying. This technique is old, it should be thoroughly discredited. I would think that a POTUS, Governor or Mayor (and similar elected burgomiesters) would have enough spine and sack to stand at a podium alone.


  16. texasgypsy53 says:

    The leaders can’t hide from this rampage.Too much is on tape and video. They wanted space for the animals,now they can pay for the space,right out their backsides.


  17. texasgypsy53 says:

    Why is my comment waiting moderation???


  18. pspsst says:

    The Community Organizer’s been busy. Planning way back as far as 2010, 2013 and then 2014. Staff helping screen through “applicants” for lobbing “city bombs” from the looks of it.


  19. Daniel says:

    Black Layers for justice? 🙂 Ha!


    • TheFightingMan says:

      I’ll have to clue my black Australorp and black star hens in so they can take a vacation from laying. After all, even black layers deserve justice.


  20. archer52 says:

    From what I’m gathering here, Baltimore PD commanders are now saying their officers could not walk and chew gum at the same time. They were worried the cops would strike into the crowds, snatch out protestors and then because of that one act, be unable to maintain a solid defensive line.
    You mean like this- (BTW this is how you do it)

    It is a lie. This is all politics.

    I was asked to participate in riot control once, when illegals from another city were being bussed in to our sister city to protest immigration laws. They wanted to have us stand the line as the illegals marched by in protest. No, I didn’t stutter. They wanted ME to stand the line and let bussed in illegal aliens protest the threat of being deported by marching down that city’s main street. The illegals in the town were not enough in number or cared enough to participate. All theater.

    After recovering from the smell of frying bacon, I told them, as a senior detective at that time, I had two problems; they wanted me to shave my ten year old goatee so my gas mask would fit over it. I said, “Does that mean we’ll be hitting them with gas?” “Oh, no! We are going to let them march by. We are going to avoid gassing anyone!” “Then why do I have to shave my goatee, I’ve like my goatee!” The LT looked at me funny. “Besides, the only way you are going to get me to stand there and watch felons walk by protesting their felonious actions is if ICE has a large semi at the end of the parade I can walk them into so they can go straight back to the border!”

    They took me off the detail and never asked again, and I retired with my goatee.

    The riot in Baltimore was not a big one. It BECAME a big one when the police stepped back. This is exactly what happened in LA during the Rodney King riots. Jack Dunphy from PJ Media just wrote an article about that. A LT out there decided to back out of the area and allow that block to go under, which caused it to spread.


    Baltimore was far smaller and could have been contained quickly.

    The mayor decided to partner with elements that had intentions counter to civil society instead of letting the physical voice of a civilized society- the police- do what they were able to do- contain the violence.

    She didn’t want the photos of lumped up blacks in handcuffs being dragged behind the line to be arrested and processed. Now she has tied herself to iconic photos of a city gone mad that will be archived for another hundred years.


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    • Mentalist says:

      I think you nailed it archer. The only reason the Mayor and the Police Commissioner are even admitting to this now is because they will have to turn over emails and phone records to the Baltimore police union (the Baltimore Sun also made FOIA requests for this information, only for the city to demand outrageous “processing fees” for it), that will show that either the Mayor or Police Commissioner gave the order to stand down. For the past several weeks SRB and Batts have been telling the local media that no one was told to stand down. They realize the “gig is up” and are simply trying the soften the blow when the emails and phone calls are made public.


      • archer52 says:

        They will fight over semantics. “Stand Down” vs “Hold the Line.” Both mean the same thing. Holding the line means just that, hold it, even if you have to retreat to solidify the position. FOX had cameras going when the retreat occurred. They had protestors on one side and a line of cops on the other. Suddenly the guy turns around and “no cops!” they had move back two blocks and reformed. That was command and the mayor telling the looters everything in that zone was theirs for the taking.

        Criminal. and a heck of a lawsuit if it ever got to court.

        Has anyone heard anymore about the dead body in the semi in the middle of the riots? It fell off the map.


        • Mentalist says:

          They will fight over semantics. “Stand Down” vs “Hold the Line.” Both mean the same thing. Holding the line means just that, hold it, even if you have to retreat to solidify the position.

          Commissioner Batts was doing this (or at least attempting to) on the radio (WBAL) this morning.

          Has anyone heard anymore about the dead body in the semi in the middle of the riots? It fell off the map.

          The last I heard that there was no signs of trauma or foul play. I think that there still is an ongoing investigation.


    • Jett Black says:

      You show, with clarity and courage, how you can, in a professional and civil manner, honor your oath to uphold the law. If every LEO simply did what you described, this nation would be an unstoppable engine of freedom, security, and real progress, instead of the BS fail we’ve got now. I wish you would come to my town and take over as Police Chief!


    • Meyer says:

      I like you, Archer65!


  21. boutis says:

    I’m surprised the Baltimore newspaper is covering this. I thought they were all Freddy all the time. I would guess that their fire insurance was either cancelled or premiums went through the roof. Social Justice sounds good until it starts picking YOUR pocket. If you understand cause and effect you can see how the mayor, the police chief, and the prosecutor just made real estate nose dive in value (and the taxes from it) and make the city all but un-insurable. Businesses and government can’t get loans (bonds) if they can’t get insurance. Uncontrolled riots just cut Baltimore’s bond rating too but they may not have figured that out yet. All of this for a national office in the mayor’s association and a cover shoot in Vogue. The majority of the voters in Baltimore don’t understand this nor do they care. Capital flight is next and Baltimore will really turn into a dump.


  22. partyzantski says:

    A larger lesson for American Police Officers of all stripes in this is that now the “orders” from the chain will need to be completely documented. The beat cop, the detective, the sergeant… no one can let any higher command go unwritten, un-researchable, up for interpretation or misunderstanding. The reason is for self-preservation of police when they get thrown under the bus by higher.

    Consider the added burden this measurable decline in trust means…. extra time to record, read backs over the radio… not to mention the breakdown of the supposedly inherent trust between leadership and led. This issue is quite real and is going to emerge in some grotesque fashion.

    I am not a police officer, never have been. I do not ascribe to the notion that being one automatically gives one a magic blue costume, they are human beings with a challenging job. I have no desire to make the job any more difficult. I do strenuously object to elected “leaders” cynically using them as pawns, not caring if they get shot, beat, injured while enabling sick political agendas from on high (like Baltimore).

    Given what has happened so far, my magic 8 ball is telling me that other cities will suffer like Baltimore.

    One may say, “OK, PZ… that’s an analytic reach…” Here are 3 places that I deem likely to have the same treatment (politically convenient incident emerges, minority perp, cops tossed under bus, chaos, followed by political grandstanding and BGI involvement):
    1) Philadelphia
    2) Richmond, Va
    3) Someplace in New Jersey (Newark or Trenton)

    Why these 3 places? Simple… close enough to Mordor on the Potomac for close command & control (C2), ease of reinforcing (interstate 95, lots of charter buses) and vast pools of available manpower. The media market is there, anything on the evening news in NYC will have a whole night of news coverage before the next day. So… short lines of communication/very short logistics/a veritable seething petri dish pre exists… and the Police Depts are either compromised or readily compromisable through the sheer force of persuasion from Mordor.

    I do not consider NYC as a major possible eruption, as the NYPD is the King Kong of urban police forces. They exist in a balance of power with the Mayor, in this case Warren Wilhelm, the Marxist-Leninist agitator. If NYC goes feral (riots, looting, mass arson, uncontained human depravity beyond the daily norm in NYC), we as a nation have a lot more to be worried about.


    • archer52 says:

      Agreed. But don’t know which cities. Obama has only a year or so left, so he will continue to pressure for change and push the nationalization of police forces. The key will be targeting agencies which have problems, but aren’t under federal mandate yet. I think Philly is already under DOJ control.

      Look for another city in a major urban area like St Louis that has had issues with blacks in the past. Pick one and wait for the incident that “justifies” the DOJ arrival. Frankly, I’m not sure some states will abide that anymore. As you saw in S.C. they ran the agitators out. That doesn’t mean DOJ “community organizers” won’t show up. They may not find traction.

      Liberal state, urban areas.. maybe New Jersey. Depends on if Christie gains anything in the polls. It is always about the politics. Wisconsin?


    • Gary says:

      There is a case in Vineland NJ in which a Philip White, a 32 year old black man died in police custody. Another video, another investigation. I believe it happened on April 1st.


  23. TwoLaine says:

    Where were all of these actors when the new AG was sworn in on 27 Apr 2015?


  24. Centinel2012 says:

    Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:

    Mayor Rawlings-Blake Doesn’t remember saying it was OK to Burn and Loot and just because its on tape that she did say that doesn’t matter, as long as she doesn’t remember it never happened. Typical Democrat response that we have become so familiar with recently!


  25. Art Deco says:

    They learned a thing or two during the period running from 1964 to 1968 about how to handle riots. The lesson has to be relearned every generation in municipalities governed by people who suffer from delusions of adequacy.

    Did you catch what Mayor Rawlings used to do for a living. That’s right, she was a public defender.


  26. Tkim says:

    SEVENTEEN shot in Baltimore since MONDAY. Charm City keeps getting more delightful.


    • Jett Black says:

      Yeah, actually, it kinda does get better and better, since the thugs are mostly killing each other.

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      • archer52 says:

        One of my friends told me a story about Katrina. He was there guarding oil refineries. There was a rumor that a surrounding parish had put up roadblocks around New Orleans to stop people from getting out. Thugs panicked too, and one carload, in a stolen car, tried to drive out. They ran into this particular roadblock manned by locals and refused to turn around, trying to run it. They ended up shot to pieces.

        And back in the Rodney King riots, more than one person said they were on their rooftops waiting for the riot to get out of the neighborhood and turn down their streets, which they would defend.

        As long as Baltimore stays within its borders the violence will tolerated. They move too far out into the surrounding countryside, they may find their act isn’t as well received. People are tiring of this violent behavior. There is no excuse for it.

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  27. Kitty Smith says:

    Here’s another one of mine you can “moderate” and delete. I finally got the Batt’s contracts I was looking for and was planning to post the mother lode late tonight in an extensive report-form post so CTH could use its media connections to verify and advance the information. But you know what? You rude, insulting Hitlers can go screw yourselves.


  28. Mentalist says:

    FYI, here’s a link to the radio interview (WBAL) with Commissioner Batts talking about the “hold the line/stand down” order..



  29. JohnP says:

    So what we have is a city that is facing economic disaster if it doesn’t cut social programs, and the mayor and police chief conspire to create a riot in the hope that the federal government will step in with another boat load of free to bail them out. Is that about right Sundance?


    Seems to me that an enterprising lawyer could turn this into a rock’n good payday.

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    • JohnP says:

      It should read”…boat load of free money to bail them out.”
      I finally say something intelligent and screw it up.


    • Art Deco says:

      We can check, John, but as a rule, county and municipal governments (Baltimore City functions as both) are not important loci of discretionary spending on ‘social programs’. Where I grew up, to take one example, the city government will have some shizzy youth employment schemes and the county government acts as a conduit and loci for certain state mandates (child protective services, Medicaid, &c), Both funded and unfunded mandates leave county governments with very little discretion over more than an odd fraction of their budget. Also, the budget for child protective and foster care is a thin sliver of social spending. In New York, primary and secondary school budgets exceed those of child protective by ~15 to 1 and Medicaid spending exceeds that of child protective and foster care by ~12 to 1. The decision making loci would be the state government or the school district.

      Baltimore’s real problem is a degraded tax base (as the impecunious in greater Baltimore are concentrated in Baltimore City), understaffing of police forces, and poor institutional leadership. I’d wager public employee pensions are much more of a challenge than ‘social spending’. What Baltimore would benefit from is Canadian-style metropolitan federation, with a division of labor between the metropolitan government and component governments (among which the police force is housed with the former).


  30. ThankYou,Treepers says:

    Benghazi – “STAND DOWN!”

    Baltimore – “STAND DOWN!”

    President Obama – “STAND DOWN!”


  31. Stamp says:

    “Hold the Line” and “Stand Down” are essentially the same.

    You might call it “Hold the Stand Down Line”.

    I loved the presentation showing his three trips to the WH, as often when I point to Obama doing NOTHING about inner city black on black crime, liberals whine “Thats not his Job” well when you take into context his giving court to Crump and Batts (who knows how many others) and sends the DOJ and 40 FBI to Ferguson (to find a handful of race emails out of years and years of data) it points to his very heavy involvement…

    … and for the black man and his random family, that involvement has been bad news.

    On Obama’s watch we have some serious riots and spikes in murder, and we dont find him simply not involved, on the flip side, we find him fully invested in the sparking of this nonsense.

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  32. Stamp says:

    So they just caught that lil arsonist Raymon Carter in Federal Hills MD / Also of note is mayor SRB now calling for “better riot gear before the trial verdict”

    You can smell the pharmacy smoke in the air almost, everyone at City Hall knows that the cops are gonna be acquitted and they can hear Rotney King verdict echos.

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  34. Grandma Covfefe says:



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