Marilyn Mosby -VS- The Baltimore Six – The Agenda Continues To Surface As The Case Implodes…

In our previous research outlines we have shown how State Attorney Marilyn Mosby manipulated her life story to gain election success and then specifically advanced her intention to seek justice for Freddie Gray “by any means necessary“.

She and she alone created the determination for charges via ‘direct action’.  No consultation with anyone except her inner circle, her husband and a closed staff of activist sycophants.

Baltimore six 2

Marilyn Mosby 5

Toward that end we initially identified six false bricks, specific aspects of her intent, SA Mosby laid upon a foundation she is building – cemented entirely with an activist agenda.

Brick seven was the false presentation of the Knife being legal; it wasn’tBrick eight was the claim that no aid was rendered; it wasBrick nine was the claim of an unjustifiable stop and frisk; it was entirely justified, as yesterday’s EXPLOSIVE new video showed.

Today we are going to show Brick ten, and Brick eleven.  Eventually this entire fabrication will collapse.

BRICK Ten – “Mind Made Up” – Evidence is now surfacing that Mosby had pre-determined to file charges before the Baltimore Police Department even gave her their investigative finding.

In fact, a sympathetic Police Commissioner Batts rushed to deliver what they had in hand, but remained unfinished (Thursday), the day before her announcement (Friday) because he was alerted to Mosby charging the Baltimore Six the following day.

[…]  Police Commissioner Anthony Batts told CNN in an exclusive interview on Tuesday said Mosby called him about 10 minutes before she told the world about the charges.

However, Batts had an inkling that Mosby was preparing for a surprise move, according to people familiar with the matter, which is why he turned over his department’s findings a day ahead of the deadline he had set. (link)

This aspect is further cemented when you realize that Mosby’s office never asked a single investigator -who prepared the documents- a single question about the content therein.

Think about it – Less than 24 hours after receiving the rushed to completion investigative task of delivering the report, and not having asked a single question from any contributing member of the report, she filed charges.

Criminal Charges Announced Against Baltimore Police Officers In Freddie Gray's Death

BRICK Eleven – “Changed/Modified M.E. Report” –  Research is also supporting a claim made by an anonymous source on the morning of Mosby’s announcement.  A claim that Mosby’s office put political pressure on Medical Examiner, David Fowler, to change his report from cause of death “undetermined”, or “accidental”, to a specific cause of “homicide”.

[…]  In addition, homicide investigators who were briefed by the medical examiner’s office believed the examiner’s autopsy report would likely find the cause of death to fall short of homicide, according to one official familiar with the case.

Instead, Mosby said that the medical examiner concluded that Gray’s death was a homicide and that Gray’s fatal injury to the head occurred in a police transport van that was taking him to the police precinct.

According to an official with Maryland’s office of the chief medical examiner, where Gray’s autopsy was performed, information was shared with police investigators throughout the process, a common practice.

But the official said there is only one conclusion on manner of death and that was contained in the final autopsy report delivered to Mosby on the same day she announced her decision to bring charges. (link)

It is important to read between the lines and apply Occam’s Razor to the highly controversial claim that political pressure was applied to change the report.  Look at the highlighted segment above, what you’ll note is the same thing that Page Croyder identified.

How can a medical examiner claim the “fatal injury” occurred specifically in the van?

Nothing in the Mosby probable cause statement identifies how this “fatal injury” could have occurred in the van, let alone DID occur in the van.

Why? Because there is doubtful any evidence Medical Examiner David Fowler could specifically point to indicating the specificity of the time/location.

*IMPORTANT*  Remember, Mosby filed the charges within THREE HOURS of getting the M.E. report.  Implying she already had the statement outlining probable cause –delivered at her press conference– written before she held the M.E. report.  AND she had no other experts look at the report, nor question the determinations therein.

With the script already written, the only thing she needed that Friday morning was the report itself; and the report HAD TO show “homicide”.

Marilyn Mosby 2

However, even within the report as shared, David Fowler puts a huge flag on the content by specifying the time and location of the fatal injury.

If Fowler was feeling pressure, and not comfortable with the needed narrative, you might read that M.E. finding as him: giving what was demanded, yet simultaneously building inside the report a self-destruct mechanism easily deployed by anyone adversely impacted by the fraudulent uncomfortable construction therein.

The construct of the ME report -as stated by Mosby herself- completely removes any fatal liability from any of the officers prior to Freddie Gray being placed in the van.  Given the nature of all the unknown variables, at least on the surface, it appears virtually impossible for Fowler to give such specificity; yet he does.

As Page Croyder pointed out, “how could he know” – and without Mosby questioning it, or asking for experts to confirm, how could she also be so certain?

So certain she was – that she alone chose, without any feedback from any investigative agent,  to charge “depraved heart Murder 2” of officer Goodson the van driver.

(Via CNN) […]  Another issue could arise from the team Mosby relied on to lead her case: one of her top investigators, Avon Mackel, is a former high-ranking Baltimore police officer who was stripped of his command post in 2009 for failing to follow through on a robbery investigation that two of his officers mishandled and did not report. A Baltimore Sun report said police in the district were accused of classifying serious crimes as lesser in order to log lower crime rates. 

In October 2009, four months after his demotion, Baltimore County police sent a SWAT team to Mackel’s home, responding a drunken incident in which he was seen holding a gun, according to a police report of the incident obtained by CNN.

Officers said an intoxicated Mackel refused to cooperate and was visibly upset, according to the report provided in response to a public records request. An officer then “observed the barrel of Mackel’s handgun hanging over the edge of the molding at the top of the steps and saw Mackel pull the gun out of sight,” the report said.

Police used a Taser on Mackel while he was on the phone with his father “crying and yelling,” before he barricaded himself in his bedroom. The report doesn’t say how the incident ended, but police said there was no arrest. A spokesman for the Baltimore County Police Department said “the [SWAT] tactical unit did assist with this incident, which ended peacefully.”

Mackel didn’t respond to calls and emails seeking comment. No one answered at his home. (read more)

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395 Responses to Marilyn Mosby -VS- The Baltimore Six – The Agenda Continues To Surface As The Case Implodes…

  1. bbb says:

    Kelly File ripped the AG and talked about her lead investigator being tazed and he has an ax to grind against the BPD. (almost as if Fox has be reading CTH). Also guest Atty. when on and on about the knife even whipping one out lol! Everyone keep up the good work!!!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Rocky Mtn Mama says:

      They also mentioned that the police officers “may have tried to summon medical help” but that there was some confusion on EMS’s part or the police (can’t remember the exact wording). That’s obviously also something that has been discussed here.


    • Kitty Smith says:

      “This aspect is further cemented when you realize that Mosby’s office never asked a single investigator -who prepared the documents- a single question about the content therein.”

      Mosby is showing serious symptoms of Nifongitis.

      But what I want to know about is Mackel’s employment history. The info available states he was stripped of his command, basically for falsifying the nature and/or volume of crime in the area under his command (shades of Georgia teachers’ fraud). Okay, then what? Was he put back as a beat cop? A desk? Psych leave? What? How did he end up as a lead investigator for Mosby’s office? Couldn’t they find enough competent cops, black or white, with his baggage, or was it the baggage of perhaps a vendetta that made him a desirable pawn for Mosby in the first place? Who hired him for the prosecutor? When?


  2. Les says:

    Is this the same person? I really can’t tell.


  3. BertDilbert says:

    I saw in old comments a copy of an active warrant on Freddie Gray. Isn’t the knife a moot point since without the knife they would have arrested him on the warrant anyways? No need to arrest him on a warrant if you are taking him into custody anyway.


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