Baltimore State Attorney Marilyn Mosby Is Presenting A Potemkin Village To A Racial Audience….

There’s a big legal leap being made by Marilyn Mosby all the way to intentional killing. Charging the driver of the transport van with murder is a considerable leap based on currently available information.

Freddie gray jr arrestBaltimore State Attorney Marilyn Mosby is playing a dangerous game of racially motivated political and legal theatrics.

The construct of her Probable Cause Affidavit (as presented)is filled with misleading information, manipulation and obtuse political talking points.

Here’s a transcript of her entire PCA as spoken –  This is where readers have to comprehend that Mrs. Mosby is playing a dangerous political game. The officers have not been indicted, nor has a Grand Jury delivered a finding to substantiate an indictment.  Mrs. Mosely is simply filing a direct action PCA to support an arrest.

What she needed was an arrest, just an arrest, the direct PCA is a tool to achieve that goal.

The arrest is based on a direct action probable cause filing.  After the arrest the SA then has 30 days to bring an actual indictment, or she can change/drop the charges.  Within the 30 days she has to take this to a Grand Jury to create the indictment.

Most likely the actual indictment charges, if any, will be far different on an indictment sheet (if at all) than the PCA claims she is basing the arrest upon.  Meaning, with almost virtual certainty, what’s going on now is pure theatrics.

You might say that any SA who would file false charges (or overcharges) based on false information (or manipulated information) would be in trouble.  However, not in this case.  Who is going to go after Marilyn Mosby for a false arrest charge, given the internal political dynamics in Baltimore who all support such an approach.

Notice how she will DEMAND that all evidence remains under seal.  This is not because she is trying to retain the integrity of evidence; this is because she needs to keep the media from seeing how her claims are not supported by the evidence in the case.  It is a familiar strategy to avoid sunlight.

Freddie gray jr arrestmarilyn Mosby

THE Potemkin Village Approach: an impressive facade or show designed to hide an undesirable fact or condition.

SA Mosby is putting on a show for her Baltimore audience, her black Baltimore audience, while trying to hide the undesirable facts and conditions which don’t support her role play.  Justice = Just Us.

We have already outlined how Marilyn Mosby  is married to the City Councilman, Nick Mosby, who facilitated the looting and told police to back off.  Not coincidentally his wife then refused to file charges against the captured looters.  Go figure.

However, this most recent decision by Mosby is even more troubling; especially since word is now leaking out that the Medical Examiner changed the cause of death from “accidental” to “homicide” after talking to her team.

billy murphy 2Mosby’s political team includes Billy Murphy (pictured right) who is the attorney for the family of Freddie Gray.

[…]  State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby ousted an established white opponent by promising to hold police accountable. She accused him of being too cozy with officers and out of touch with residents.

Mosby and her husband, a city councilman, are black and live just blocks from the poverty-stricken community where riots broke out following Gray’s funeral.

Some question her ties to Billy Murphy, the attorney representing Gray’s family and a big donor to Mosby’s election campaign last year. (link)

Speaking earlier in the year about Grand Jury constructs Mosby was quite open about her opinion of Ferguson Missouri where Officer Darren Wilson was not indicted on charges in the death of Mike Brown.   Mosby said she viewed the failure to charge officer Wilson as a prosecutor manipulating the Grand Jury system.

Mrs. Mosby and her husband Nick have made it known they intended to racialize the State Attorney’s office.  Lead Baltimore prosecutor, Marilyn Mosby (35), took over the Baltimore State Attorney’s Office in January. Upon taking office, Mosby “purged” the office of several veteran prosecutors – STORY HERE

Also: […]  The changes were announced during a brief meeting with more than 300 employees Wednesday morning at police headquarters. Mosby said the new office structure was based in part on ideas from prosecutors’ offices in New York, Los Angeles and Atlanta. – STORY HERE

Mosby campaigned by using racial division as a wedge issue and was openly using her antagonistic views toward police as a tool to gain political power:

BALTIMOREThe woman trying to become the next Baltimore City state’s attorney said residents don’t trust the city’s justice system.

Marilyn Mosby talked at a town hall meeting Tuesday night on issues that affect local teens. The meeting came one month after the fatal shooting of an unarmed teen in Ferguson, Missouri, that caused national outcry.

Mosby said the lack of trust for police in Ferguson is much the same in Baltimore.

“That distrust for the criminal justice system has been affecting our streets every single day, preventing us from getting the really bad guys off the streets,” Mosby said.

Mosby beat incumbent State’s Attorney Gregg Bernstein in the Democratic primary in June. So far, Mosby is running unopposed in the general election.  (link)

mosby family

To summarize:  Everything Mosby has done is pure political theatrics.  The PCA was written to gain an arrest and curry favor with the black community in Baltimore.  She then has to go to a Grand Jury within 30 days to actually construct an indictment,  It is highly doubtful the returned indictment recommendations will look anything like the current PCA charges.

A railroad runs through the Potemkin Village. 

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188 Responses to Baltimore State Attorney Marilyn Mosby Is Presenting A Potemkin Village To A Racial Audience….

  1. pspsst says:

    We wear little red bow ties now, so don’t call us thugs! Even though gangsters like Bloods and Crips are by their very definition, thugs. The Godfather wasn’t dressed in street clothes either but he was defacto mob leader.

    Everyone, say cheese, and smile for the camera. Don’t forget, to wear your collars too, like Obama your image maker.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. BobNoxious says:

    Geraldo supports bringing unwarranted criminal charges when it makes for “feel good justice”.

    Liked by 1 person

    • maggiemoowho says:

      Geraldo is an instigator and media whore, he changes his opinion to whatever he can get the most attention with. I’m surprised he hasn’t been socked in the noggin by a protester.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. doodahdaze says:

    Ha ha ha the protestors ran like rabbits when the cops started busting the.


  4. Les says:

    Not sure if this has been posted, but here is what the community REALLY thinks about Nick and Marilyn Mosby:

    “Where are they now? Nick is throwing fundraisers while Freddie was fighting for his life, and his wife has been silent as a lonesome turd regarding Freddie’s homicide.” hahahaha


  5. Robbie Jay says:

    Did Mosby go to an HBCU law school? These charges will never be upheld.
    Meanwhile, the pretty mutello looks good on the news. We’ll learn that the cops were correct when they did “The Freddie”.


  6. ejk says:

    CTH is reflexively pro cop so long as the dead guy is black


    • zephyrbreeze says:

      How about pro- Rule of Law. You realize that murder requires pre-meditation, planning and malice.

      “We cannot live in peace without Law. And though law cannot be perfect, it may be just if it is written in ignorance of the identity of the claimants and applied equally to all. Then it is a possession not only of the claimants but of the society, which may now base its actions upon a reasonable assumption of the law’s treatment.

      But ‘fairness’ is not only a nonlegal but an antilegal process, for it deals not with universally applicable principles and strictures, but with specific cases, responding to the perceived or proclaimed needs of individual claimants, and their desire for extralegal preference. And it could be said to substitute fairness (a determination which must always be subjective) for justice (the application of the legislated will of the electorate), is to enshrine greed–the greed, in this case, not for wealth, but for preference.”

      ― David Mamet, The Secret Knowledge: On the Dismantling of American Culture


  7. czarowniczy says:

    And an official spokesperson for the prosecutor’s office, after reading this thread’s headline, released a quote asking “What does Mandy have to do with this?”.


  8. zephyrbreeze says:

    “The first rule of tinkering is, of course, ‘save all the parts.’ But in dismantling the social fabric, the parts cannot all be saved, for one of them is time. Time, we were told, is a river flowing endlessly through the universe and one cannot step into the same river twice. Not only can we not undo actions taken in haste and in fear (the Japanese Internment), but those taken from the best reasons, but that have proved destructive (affirmative action); the essential mechanism of societal preservation is not inspiration, but restraint.”

    ― David Mamet, The Secret Knowledge: On the Dismantling of American Culture


  9. HarvardLaw92 says:

    Small correction: She is not mandated to seek an indictment within 30 days. She has the option instead of presenting substantiation of the probable cause underlying the PCA to the satisfaction of a judge at the preliminary hearing in lieu of seeking an indictment. Both are equally valid paths to felony charges going to trial in Maryland.

    Short version: Path 1 is PCA, go to preliminary hearing, satisfy judge that probable cause underlying PCA is valid, go to trial. Path 2 is obtain indictment, go to trial.

    I agree that she probably WILL seek indictments, both for purposes of information control and to avoid giving the defense free discovery, but she is not REQUIRED to seek them.


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