Video Evidence Emerges Of Freddie Gray Running Into Building During Chase, Then Doubling Back Before Arrest…

Baltimore police have continually said their initial reasoning for suspecting Freddie Gray of suspicious activity was his immediate running from police when bicycle officers made eye contact.  However, no-one has revealed he ran into a building.

freddie 2 chase

State Attorney Marilyn Mosby referenced the chase in her charging details:

Mosby Said “On April, 12 2015 between 8:45 and 9:15 a.m., near the corner of North Avenue and Mount Street. Lt. Brian Rice of the Baltimore Police Department while on bike patrol with Officer Garrett Miller and Edward Nero made eye contact with Freddie Carlos Gray Jr.”

“Having made eye contact with Mr. Gray, Mr. Gray subsequently ran from Lt. Rice”.

“Lt. Brian Rice then dispatched over departmental radio that he was involved in a foot pursuit at which time bike patrol officers Rice, Miller and Nero began to pursue Mr. Gray”.

Mosby then said: “Having come in contact with pursuing officers, Mr. Gray surrendered to Officers Miller and Nero in the vicinity in the 1700 block of Presbury Street“.

What Marilyn Mosby didn’t say, nor did any media report, was that Freddie Gray ran south past the point of arrest, into a building, then exited the building doubling back on this path, before running into officers Miller and Nero.

brian rice mugshotEdward Nero mugshotGarrett miller mugshot

(L-R) Officers Brian Rice – Edward Nero – Garrett Miller

Baltimore overhead 1

Thanks to the painstaking reconstruction work of Diwataman who is going through all the available CCTV footage [camera #2014], you can clearly see Freddie Gray in this BPD video running into a building:

@10:10 of video – Freddie Runing (8:40:07am)
@10:12 of video – Freddie Enters Building (8:40:09am )
@12:10 of video – Van arriving (8:42:07am)
@17:20 of video – Van at Mount and Baker (8:47:17 to 8:50:00am) Video end.


Freddie 1 chase

freddie 2 chase

freddie 3 chase

freddie 4 chase

freddie 5 chase

Baltimore overhead 1

Baltimore overhead 2

Don’t you find it odd how no-one in the media is bothering to research this stuff on their own and discuss Freddie Gray running into a building prior to his capture.

♦ Why would Freddie Gray run from police when spotted?

The answer explains why it is reasonable and justifiable for the police to suspect something nefarious, pursue and question (stop and frisk).

♦ Why would Freddie Gray run from police, duck around a corner, enter a building and then exit the building only to double back on his path, directly into the police?

The answer to that question brings you to his “ditching something“?

Dr_Phil_teen_youtube_beatingYou decide.

Here’s another angle from another camera [#2106] of the Freddie Gray Arrest timeframe. This camera does not cover the doorway where he ran into the building.

09:53 of video – Freddie Runs (8:39:50 am)
10:12 of video – Bike Cop (8:40:09 am) <- [Unseen Freddie Entering Building]
10:44 of video – Cop with two bikes (8:40:40 am)
11:15 of video – Cop Cars arrive (8:41:12 am)
11:36 of video – Arrest (8:41:33 am)
12:31 of video – Freddie Face Down (8:42:28 am)
13:31 of video – Witness visible who recorded Vid (8:43:28 am)
14:16 of video – Police Van (8:44:14 am)
16:05 of video – Police van leaves (8:46:02 am)

Video Timeline Courtesy of Diwataman – Geo-location graphics courtesy of Ackbarsays

baltimore overhead 3

baltimore overhead 4

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255 Responses to Video Evidence Emerges Of Freddie Gray Running Into Building During Chase, Then Doubling Back Before Arrest…

  1. Did Freddie just deliberately double-back after entering that building south of the arrest point after coming from the north in order to get picked up by the cops, as some are implying?
    That implies he was an easy arrest and the cops could not have hurt him apprehending him.
    Is there video of the moment of apprehension when cops get there hands on Freddie?
    CNN reported that the apprehension was around Bruce St. at Presbury St, maybe 30 – 50 ft. west of the location where they have Freddie face down on the concrete waiting for the van.
    Since the video shows Freddie came from the Mount St. (east) direction before entering that building south of where apprehended, if implies he ran south along Mount St. not Bruce St.
    From the time Freddie runs into the building to the time the van drives off with him is really just a mere 6 minutes. And the 2106 video shows they have Freddie in custody face down on the concrete on Presbury a minute & half after we see Freddie run into that building.
    Freddie wasn’t in that building long.


  2. Allfal says:

    VegasGuy, I have made some “questionable” stops in my time I could always explain, per my report, why I made them. I actually believe these officers made the right call. This information on this stop has not been made public in a widely available manner. Please explain where the current info on why they made the initial stop may be located. Locking eyes won’t do it. There MUST be something more. Perhaps a supplemental report, anything at all prior to the suspension.

    If it is as I believe, higher ups are to blame. Most field officers know what happened within a day or 2, if it is a serious allegation.


    • Crystal says:

      From what I remember from early reports, the cops had seen him doing a drug deal. When he saw them, he ran in one direction and the buyer in another. The cops didn’t find any drugs on him so assumed he either ditched or ingested the evidence. Due to the lack of drug evidence on his person when he was arrested, they instead arrested him for having the illegal knife.

      NOTE: The urine analysis found heroin and marijuana in his system. Toxicology report has not been completed yet.

      As he had a history of arrests (25), does anyone know if he was on probation or parole?


  3. cosmo24 says:

    Freddy was a well known drug dealer to the police in that area so maybe he ran into the building to hide his stash.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Allfal says:

      Great! Show me the report. We can end this now.


      • Allfal says:

        As an addendum: Please don’t show me his criminal history. We all know that now. Please show what the officer used as probable cause or even reasonable suspicion to initially stop him. Again, I believe it was a good stop. Please, just show the documentation for the stop. If you can, the house of cards falls down.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Mr. Izz says:

          Gray made eye contact with the police, then decided to flee. Police are legally allowed to follow, pursue, and detain an individual that acts this way. They were aware of his history considering he was a known criminal, that does factor in.


        • Chris Ant says:

          Illinois vs. Wardlow is most up to date ruling on running from the police in high crime areas, justifying reasonable suspicion and probable cause to stop and investigate in a high crime area… they are debating on the merits of the knife being the reason for the arrest.


  4. I had a “philosophical” debate with another paralegal in my office yesterday. He just finished law school, passed the bar and is, in fact, being sworn in today. I made the mistake of asking him (he is 32 years old, by the way) what he thought about Baltimore and the charges by Mosby. After making it quite obvious he knows next to nothing about the case – he said, “Oh, you mean the kid that was shot by police?” I said, “No, he wasn’t shot by police.” He then said, “Yeah, he got the gun and shot himself in the back of the car,” to which I replied, “Nope.”

    Anyway, the bottom line is, he is of the opinion that Mosby’s charges are justified in quelling the riots. I said, “But the justice system is not supposed to be used to handle civil unrest.That’s wrong.” His reply, “It’s also not supposed to be used to keep people off the streets. It is being used as a de facto ‘Jim Crow’ replacement.” It went downhill from there. He says there is no “dynamic ‘black culture’ in the U.S.”, that these FBY are NOT thugs, just kids.

    I begged to differ and he asked me, “You mean thugs, like Trayvon Martin was a thug?” to which I replied, “Yes!” His counter-argument? “No! Trayvon Martin was just a kid going to the store to get some juice! Zimmerman should not have been out patrolling – he’s not a cop.” I said, “He was NOT out patrolling – he was on his way to the store and saw TM, who looked suspicious, so called it in, …..(the rest of how he came to be on foot following TM)” Then he got into the entire, he shouldn’t have gotten out of his car, blah, blah, blah. Oh, and Trayvon was justified in attacking an older weirdo who was following him.

    Understand, he didn’t even know there was a TRIAL in that case. That’s how much he knows about the entire thing.

    THIS is what’s wrong with our country, folks. This is a highly educated, articulate 30 someting young white man who is an IDIOT. He’s now a full-fledged lawyer – AND he votes. Scary, scary, scary.

    We ended the conversation with his belief that our “gun culture” is the problem and guns should be outlawed for citizens. Oh, and the numbers of blacks in prison are not in line with the percentage of the population. I had to point out that they’re the ones commiting 99% of the crime (well, that may be high, but you know what I mean.)

    I’ve been flabergasted since yesterday and just had to get this out of my system. Unreal.

    Liked by 7 people

    • JoeB says:

      Here’s how you cure his stupidity. Take him down to the ghetto and drop him off. Stupid white liberal.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Joe – I would agree except he just moved into an area that’s pretty rife with ghetto fold – it’s an area under white-reurbanization (if that’s a word.) An area close to downtown that the young working class (what used to be called Yuppies) are trying to renew and reclaim. It’s an area I would not feel safe in most of the time. Sadly, it’s going to take him becoming a victim to change his mind – if that even does it. These kids are being brainwashed from day one of school, it would appear. If the parents are not counteracting the liberal teachers/administration, the kids are done for. It’s so easy to manipulate an impressionable kid. So easy to shape their thinking for the future. Something needs to happen and now to stop this idiocy from progressing any further.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Jay says:

          Besides sites like this one, there is a wealth of information available on the internet regarding disproportionate black crime rates, relative rates of black-on-white and white-on-black hate crime, data on IQ differences, life history data (e.g. P. Rushton), correlation between IQ and GDP internationally, data on the failure of Head Start to improve black scholastic performance, etc. etc. There are also books and journal articles for those who want documented research on racial differences. That your colleague is so ignorant is his choice. He has chosen to be a member of a cult.

          Liked by 1 person

      • Rational Db8 says:

        Likely not even that would work. He’d probably be like this guy:

        Student mugged, says he deserved it because of his ‘privilege’ aka both white privilige and socioeconomic privlidge…


  5. Federale says:

    Authority to stop and question, not stop and frisk, is Terry v. Ohio which gives investigative detention authority and Illinois v. Wardlow, which gives the police the authority to purse a suspect who flees at the sight of the police without any other evidence of a crime.


  6. BILL FROGUE says:



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