Mike Brown Family Files Ridiculous Lawsuit Against City of Ferguson – Seeking “Go Away” Settlement….

Mike Brown and Dorian Johnson were together on August 9th 2014. Both were stoned from smoking weed as they encountered Officer Darren Wilson. Dorian has given numerous statements to police and the federal Dept of Justice.

big mike 3mike brown parents 3

Mike Brown attacked officer Wilson as outlined in the statements of over 18 witnesses and corroborated by all physical and forensic evidence. The Civil Rights Division of the DOJ conducted an extensive investigation of the shooting details and came to the same conclusion: Mike Brown had attacked, and was in the process of reengaging an atttack upon, Officer Darren Wilson when Wilson shot him dead.

Obviously the immediate and extended family of Mike Brown has not looked at, read, nor been briefed by competent legal representation who would inform them of the facts and disposition of the events. The lawsuit filed by Ben Crump and Daryl Parks is beyond absurd (Full Pdf Below).

There is only one reason to file such a ridiculous claim; the family and their attorneys trying to get “go-away” extortion funds from the City of Ferguson Missouri.

mike brown family

Perhaps Mike Brown’s mom, Lesley McSpadden, is too busy coordinating the next T-Shirt promotion. Or perhaps Mike Brown Senior is too busy scheduling the next private jet trip to Europe while meeting with celebrities to grift more money from his death. Regardless of reasoning, it is brutally obvious that neither have paid any attention to the details surrounding Mike Brown’s actual death.

mike brown parents 2


This is an all too familiar pattern in the nationally publicized deaths of both Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown. Both sets of parents too caught up in the merchandising and financial exploitation of the death to actually pay attention to, or accept their part of responsibility in, the details which led to the death of their son.

Both sets of parents not coincidentally having the same family lawyers, and both sets of parents more concerned with the financial benefit from the death of the young black male they call “son”.

Mike Brown Sr Ben Crump and Snoop

Grief and responsibility takes as back seat when there’s the potential for celebrity and financial gain….

BET Hip Hop Awards 2014 Show

Sound familiar?

mike brown parents 5

TrayMomTracy Martin 2

Remember: Jesus Loves The Benjamins !

Jamal Bryant,  Al Sharpton, Sybrina 'TrayMom' Fulton, Tracy Martin at Sanford Civic Center on March 26th for City Commission Meeting

Jamal Bryant, Al Sharpton, Sybrina ‘TrayMom’ Fulton, Tracy Martin at Sanford Civic Center on March 26th 2012 for City Commission Meeting

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98 Responses to Mike Brown Family Files Ridiculous Lawsuit Against City of Ferguson – Seeking “Go Away” Settlement….

  1. carterzest says:

    The City of Ferguson and FPD should be suing THEM!

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  2. skeptiktank says:

    When I saw this story on CNN, I asked “Why would they sue for only $75000? Then I realized they have no intention of going to court for that amount. It’s as you say “Go Away Money”. They believe, and probably correctly, that the city will cave rather than fight them for that amount. This is just too obvious! 75G is a joke for loss of life.


  3. Justice_099 says:

    Except any moron would know they are NOT going to go away even if they give them money.

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  4. lurking2014 says:

    The narrative of the event in the suit reads like a dumbed down version of Dorian Johnson’s fable, right down to the door “ricocheted” off Brown. So now Brown and Johnson were “crossing the street at a slight angle” and Wilson has admitted Brown had his hands up. Whoo boy.

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  5. Mist'ears Mom says:

    ROFLMAO these people are delusional. Obnoxious and as disgusting as all of them who seek to profit from the culpable death of their thug kids behavior.
    Dismissed by Summary Judgment the case has no standing, no basis in fact. The complaint is based on he said/she said. Unjustified/illegal actions and other cases and Dorian’s admitted lies.
    What a crock.
    My hope would be that the Judge throws it out along with the parents and sanctions the hell out of crunk and co. I also hope the city fights this with all they have.

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  6. BobNoxious says:

    The thing about getting “go away” money is that you have to actually state a somewhat viable claim in your lawsuit before people start considering throwing a little money at you to buzz off…. I don’t see that they’ve even come close to doing here. They’ve captioned it as a wrongful death petition but nothing else about it states a viable claim… They really are making up new causes of action. I don’t know if the city will even have to file an answer to this absurdity… They might get out on a motion to dismiss.

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    • VegasGuy says:

      The only viable claim presented & proveable is that Mike Beown is dead.

      Pain & suffering on the part of the deceased (between injury & death), cannot be claimed & proven as the head shots were immediately fatal., and occurred within 2.6 seconds.

      There was no wrongful actions other than those of Brown. Proving the claim that lethal force was not necessary will be an impossible task.

      Without that provable point, there was no “wrongful” death, as the outcome could not have resulted in any other manner when based on the actions of the deceased.

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      • BobNoxious says:

        What I’m getting at is that they have pleaded 7 counts/claims (essentially 7 different causes of action) all under the umbrella of a “wrongful death petition” but none of the 7 are actually wrongful death claims- wrongful death is specific cause of action and should be pleaded as such (it’s own count).

        These goofs did not plead a wrongful death claim: Counts I & III are “Civil Rights Violations”; Count II is essentially a negligent hiring claim; Count IV & V are §1983 claims on behalf of Brown; and Counts VI & VII are basically the same §1983 Claims on behalf of the parents.

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        • BobNoxious says:

          Here are a couple examples of what a wrongful death petition typically looks like in MO to compare w/ whatever that thing is filed today… It might help better explain my point.

          Click to access Sample-Wrongful-Death-Petition.pdf

          Click to access Hailey-Owens-parents-lawsuit.pdf


          • John Galt says:

            Constraining black social engineers by application of white man’s standards of legal competence is racist.

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          • Armie says:

            I live in a community that’s been through some ACLU “lawfare” actions. They generally file under one of the federal statutes that includes a so-called “private attorney general” clause which provides them with fees if they prevail at any point in the case. They then associate a bunch of other attorneys to run up a potential fee award as quickly as possible, leaving the municipal government staring at ever-increasing liability potential for 3 or more years. Those cases, though, are filed in the Federal District Court.

            This case appears to cite both state and Federal claims, and it looks to be filed in a state court (?). Any additional clarity you can provide would be appreciated.

            Out of curiosity, does Missouri have a tort claims act which requires that the city be presented with a claim and allowed to respond to that before suit can be filed?


            • BobNoxious says:

              §1983 claims may be heard in state court- the rule is that state courts may exercise jurisdiction over federally created causes of action as long as Congress has not explicitly or implicitly made federal court jurisdiction exclusive.

              I’m not aware of a rule requiring the city to be presented w/ a claim and given a chance to respond before the filing of the lawsuit. A city has sovereign immunity (meaning it cannot be sued w/out consent) but there are exceptions to the rule that allow one to file a suit anyway.

              In addition to a self defense affirmative defense- Wilson & Jackson also have “official immunity” which provides protection to public officials from liability for negligence related to their performance of discretionary acts. “When an officer is responding to an emergency … the officer exercises judgment and discretion and is entitled to official immunity.” Davis v. Lambert-St. Louis Intern. Airport, 193 S.W.3d 760, 763 (Mo. banc 2006).


            • BobNoxious says:

              Armie- I tried to reply already but it disappeared….

              To answer your questions, §1983 claims may be brought at the state level- the rule is that state courts may exercise jurisdiction over federally creates causes of action so long as congress has not explicitly or implicitly made federal court jurisdiction exclusive.

              I’m not aware of a requirement were the city must be presented w/ a claim and given a chance to respond prior to filing suit… A city has sovereign immunity (cannot be sued w-out consent) but there are exceptions that provide ways to get around that…


              • Armie says:

                Thanks for the response. Probably just a California thing, then. You can’t bring a tort action against a city here without first filing a damage claim with that city and having it denied. Produces some interesting theatre where big suits are announced, but aren’t actually filed for some time (if ever).


        • Claims on behalf of the’ welfare taking – didn’t even take care of their thug son” parents?


        • lovely says:

          Thanks for clarifying that I was trying to figure out exactly what they are suing for.


        • czarowniczy says:

          I loved civil court – the entertainment value was worth more than what they paid us to protect the judges from the cast of characters. If it weren’t some of our regulars with endless litanies about wrongs that most people would shrug off, it was some poor slob with a technical case being decided by 12 folks whose sole goal was to get back to the jury room before all of the free donuts and coffee were gone. We were leaning towards reducing the caseload by having some cases decided by mortal combat – winner takes all.
          Looks like a case of MO money, MO money…


          • BobNoxious says:

            Were you a sheriff’s deputy/bailiff?


            • czarowniczy says:



              • BobNoxious says:

                Nice; was courthouse duty full time or just a standard rotation w/in the department? We would always have about half assigned full time courthouse duty and another half would come through as part of a regular rotation. We only had one emergency in my two years as a judicial law clerk but it was one for the ages.

                We had a full courtroom for the domestic scheduling docket when a fight broke out b/w two families and quickly spread to about everyone in the courtroom- like what you’d see in a movie; it was literally 50-60 people going at it, throwing staplers, water pitchers, anything. I was in the middle of it trying to separate people and Judge was too when all of the sudden I was scooped up and tossed back into chambers where I found myself sort of rolling on the floor, tangled up with Judge. Our deputy was this massive human that could’ve been a pro-wrestler in a previous life and he had somehow worked his way to the middle of the room and grabbed me in one arm and the judge in the other and got us out.

                Pretty soon every deputy in the courthouse and w/in a 2 mile radius was rushing to our courtroom to restore order. Amazingly nobody was seriously hurt in the deal.


                • czarowniczy says:

                  We rotated in and out. We also had neat jobs like repossessing cars on the (aptly named) graveyard shift in some of the most notorious public housing complexes. We were on;y ‘county’ in teh Us that had two seperate elected sheriffs: one managed the civil courts and processes and the other the criminal (the parish jail), NOPD under the home rule charter was the preeminent LEA in the parish as the parish/city were one-in-the-same. We never really had much more than a few pushing matches as if anyone rushed the bench the rusher would be laid out like like a Sunday dinner – bench was more interested in safety than PC. There were also deputies in the halls and adjoining courts so backup was never more than a moment away.
                  Most of the displays were fluffed feathers on the actors’ parts and you knew your judges and their comfort levels and most actors had a healthy respect for the possibilities of the 9-kinds-of-hell that would rain down on them were they to do something stupid – and if they didn’t their lawyer did.
                  Fun stuff was working the public housing projects doing repossessions and evictions, much more energetic than refereeing the courts.


      • lovely says:

        No VegasGut there is another claim that is provable;

        15) The weather in the area on this Saturday afternoon was clear, sunny, and dry.

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    • sundance says:

      Bob, the city doesn’t make the decision to pay them off, actuarials do.

      The suit is paid by insurance companies for the city and their officers. The actuarials within the insurance company run the numbers and determine the range where payoff is better (lest costly) than non-payoff.

      The actuarials turn the information over to the Risk Management team who are the bridge to the lawyers.

      It’s a series of probabilities and statistics that determine the payout. Nothing more and nothing less. The validity, or lack thereof, of the claim is only a single marble in a jar filled with other marbles.

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      • BobNoxious says:

        I understand how insurance payout determinations are made- I worked for an insurance defense firm when I first started practicing law.

        My point is that even before (or at least contemporaneously) they start making those determinations they consider what, if any, potential exposure they might have based on the potential claims- filed or unfiled. Based on what has been filed- and what’s available under Missouri law- I cannot see an insurer just throwing money at this case. Insurance companies only throw money at things when there is chance they might have some exposure… In this case there is no reason to do it, aside from maybe throwing $10k or so at them.


        • sundance says:

          If the insurance company was say Travelers. And if Crump and Parks threatened to send the entire BGI team (NAACP, Al Sharpton et al) loose on Travelers… and offers to avoid that with a simple $500k check, you can bet your butt Travelers would send Parks and Crump a check ASAP.

          Actually the Insurance Company would probably be OK with giving them twice that amount plus an equal amount for every indemnified officer covered under the policies.

          Same extortion plan Crump and Parks used against the insurance company for the HOA in the Trayvon shooting.

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          • lurking2014 says:

            The moral hazard caused by capitulating is considerable. The insurer’s potential exposure on their portfolio of similar policies would be greatly increased by not defending against this suit.

            This suit is readily defensible on the merits of the events of the day. Dorian Johnson himself testified to the Feds that he felt that Wilson’s admonition to “get the fuck out of the street” was “fatherly” and that Brown standing outside Wilson’s cruiser was “having his way with [Wilson],” like a superhuman.

            The DOJ report against the Ferguson Police Department may bring some unknown twists. No need to roll over away, though.


          • BobNoxious says:

            I understand what you’re saying but the facts in this case are very different from what happened w/ Martin- and what allowed them to get a settlement in that case.

            I’m not saying I agree w/ the decision to pay in the Martin case, but I can somewhat understand the thought process and decision based on the optics at the time they paid (which was way too early). An “unarmed 17 year old getting shot by a volunteer neighborhood watchman” just doesn’t sound good (not saying it’s an accurate description) and they panicked and paid right as the firestorm was building in that case.

            In the Brown case the firestorm has already passed and all fair minded, reasonable people know that the shooting was justified- and that is backed up by two investigations, including an Eric Holder DOJ led investigation. No amount of threats, spin, etc. from the Scheme Team, NAACP, NaN, etc., can change that, thus any extortion effort is severely hampered.


    • Bob Stone says:

      The absolute nerve of these attorneys in filing this “claim” is beyond me.

      What weight do you think the court will give the DOJ report in considering either a pre-answer motion to dismiss or a motion for summary judgment?


    • skeptiktank says:

      Normally you would have to state a viable claim, but in this case no. Think about it. The population of Ferguson is roughly 70% black. 69% of which believe the parents should be compensated. So, what are the city officials suppose to do. Fight the case at great expense, showing callous disregard for the suffering of these poor parents? I don’t think so. I think they probably made contact with Crump, and asked “When are you going to sue”? Someone will probably even get a kickback. This will never go court.


  7. David In TN says:

    I don’t recall Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom’s parents being asked to testify before the UN.

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  8. labrat says:

    I had to stop reading that petition. Repeat a fantasy enough times and you start to actually believe it?

    I sincerely hope they shove it back in their face. Counter sue the bastards for spreading lies and damaging the city.

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  9. Les says:

    You think Ferguson is getting sick of that “family” yet or do you think they are ALL starved for more attention?

    I think it’s funny they are suing the city after complaining the city only makes money from fees/tickets collected from poor black people. Hipocrisy at its finest.

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    • BobNoxious says:

      I personally get the impression that 95% of St. Louis is sick of that family and everything about them. Enough is enough.

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      • janc1955 says:

        Based on the comments to the AP story, 95% of the entire country is sick of that family. And they’ll be violently sick if those two grifting morons masquerading as parents make a lousy dime off their lawsuit.

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        • DT says:

          They want a jury trial. So do I. I can’t see a jury being sympathetic to the parents given the totality of the situation. They can choose to omit facts to try to paint their son in a favorable light, the defense would be able to cut them off at the knees with a plethora of undeniable, unfavorable facts about their son.


  10. Concerned says:

    Haven’t they leeched enough money from taxpayers?


  11. No Flow says:

    Most will settle if the “go away” amount is less than the cost to defend….
    I hope Ferguson has more guts and fights on principle to slow the progression of these nuisance lawsuits.
    Besides, all of MB’s juvy records could be opened for all to see….

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    • lurking2014 says:

      Brown’s juvenile records will be of interest.

      Is Crump actually going to bring Dorian Johnson to the stand? Maybe we’ll get to see Michael Brady’s cell phone video of Johnson leaving the scene, with or without the stolen cigarellos.


      • True Colors says:

        Interesting point about the juvenile records. I was thinking about this too.

        If Michael Brown did have a juvenile criminal record(which is most likely the case) then there will be several avenues to get these introduced into civil court. For example, if team Brown tries to argue that Michael was a “gentle giant who wouldn’t hurt anyone,” then it’s on. Or if they try to sue for future earnings that Michael Brown lost by being killed, then I think that would also open the door to introduce the criminal records.

        On a side note, I did get tired of hearing the media say that Michael Brown was about to start college on Monday. Not true. If Brown had not been shot then on Monday he was going to be arraigned on multiple counts of violent felony crimes.


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        • TwoLaine says:

          I am sick & tired of hearing “unarmed”. He CLEARLY had the same two most are lucky to be born with, and still have. And he CLEARLY knew how to use them, and every other inch of his GG body, against anyone, or anything. He was a thug and a bully, and he LIKED it that way.

          We see where it comes from. The apple fell close to the trees. We’ve been bullied ans held hostage since the day this happened. This is just the latest nail in the coffin.


    • amwick says:

      I was wondering about those mysterious juvenile records myself. I hope you are right.

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    • nivico says:

      They should include his juvie records in their reply 😉

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    • TwoLaine says:

      Had that same hope. I wanna’ KNOW more about the GG.


  12. revbacon says:

    One wonders if the recent election made them think the New Guard in Ferguson might be more likely to just cave in to this lawsuit, since they can pay it off with their freshly looted money.


  13. boutis says:

    I hope the city’s insurer offers them $500 plus a waiver to future litigation. It should be as insulting as possible. The offer could be in lotto tickets or Popeye’s coupons instead of cash.

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  14. striket1977 says:

    I think all the NBA,NFL, and hollywood stars who protested during public events with their “hands up don’t shoot” demonstration should gladly donate money to the Brown family. The city owes them squat.

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  15. lovely says:

    Lawsuit alleges 14) On August 9, 2014, at approximately 12:00 p.m., MBJ and Mr. Dorian Johnson (“Witness Johnson”), two African-American males, were walking on Canfield Drive, a public street located in the city of Ferguson, Missouri. While walking, the two males crossed the street at a slight angle in an eastward direction toward the Canfield Apartments complex

    14) Dorian Johnson stated that he and MBJ were walking down the street because traffic wasn’t too bad, they only had a short distance to go and they didn’t see anything wrong with it.

    Lawsuit alleges 18) Defendant Wilson stopped his patrol vehicle within inches of MBJ and Witness Johnson and ordered them to “Get the f&k” out of the street or on the sidewalk*

    and 19) The use of such aggressive profanity caused an unnecessary and unwarranted escalation of this interaction

    18 & 19) Need we read more? It is all Darren Wilson’s fault for using a bad word. I wonder what the little store clerk did to cause Mike to rob him and toss him about.

    Lawsuit alleges 20) Such use also is indicative of the aggressive mindset of Defendant Wilson toward some citizens in situations that begin as non-threatening or innocuous

    Video evidence indicative of a violent mindset 20) Frowny Brown robbing a store and manhandling a clerk. Forensic evidence Frowny Brown attacked Wilson.

    Lawsuit alleges 22) Without the use of such unnecessary and unwarranted profane language by Defendant Wilson, the initial encounter with MBJ and Witness Johnson would have been uneventful

    22) Without the use of such unnecessary, unwarranted and violent behavior from Mike Brown who had a mind altering substance coursing through his veins, and who wrote violent lyrics about the use of his fists, and who had just strong armed a store and man handled a clerk, the afternoon could have been uneventful.

    Lawsuit alleges 23) But instead, Defendant Wilson’s aggressive, disrespectful, and profane language escalated this encounter into an event that has garnered worldwide attention

    23) The forensic evidence and witness satisfied a Grand Jury and the DOJ that Mike Brown was the aggressor.

    And so it goes through the whole lawsuit.

    Have any of the attorneys who put this lawsuit together even looked at the GJ testimony or the DOJ findings? This is amazing.

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    • doodahdaze says:

      Does not matter. Fix is in and has been in for long time. Dats why dey call it go away money.


      • striket1977 says:

        No doubt about it. I bet Leslie McSpadden doesn’t even know her sons birthday.


      • lovely says:

        Before I read some of the lawsuit I would have agreed with you but this lawsuit is amazing in the scope of it’s ignorance so I’m not sure what is going on anymore. If the city is just going to throw money at the family after this filing they should have just gifted the parents the money and cut the attorneys out.

        Oh wait…..


        • lorac says:

          I understand what SDC is saying about actuarials making this decision, but whoever they are, I wish so much they will look at the big picture. It’s not just about right now or right here. It’s about the future all over Crumpland – it may be cheaper to pay them go away money, but it will encourage this happening again in Ferguson, and in other places.

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    • Jason says:

      I laughed at the statement Wilson passed within inches of brown after telling them to “get the F off the street” and could have attacked him but did not.

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    • Armie says:

      I think the “didn’t see anything wrong with it” clause is a subsection of the dinnadonuttin statute.


  16. doodahdaze says:

    The Obama fix is in. De inshooence company will pay and get back door goodies from de gooberment.


  17. True Colors says:

    I totally agree with the argument that this is an effort by the family to extract some going away money(similar to Trayvon and the HOA).

    I am going to repeat some of my comments from the other post, but….

    Ferguson might actually consider paying money in order to make themselves good. A payoff would make it look like Ferguson was doing something nice for the Brown family in order to make up for the loss of their son.

    However, the problem with this sort of thinking is that it carries with it an admission of guilt. Screw that.

    Also, a win for the Brown family in civil court would help them drag Darren Wilson back into criminal court.

    If a civil judge says that excessive force was used against Michael Brown then the Brown family will claim that this proves that criminal charges should be filed against Darren Wilson.


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  18. kinthenorthwest says:

    Its time to press charges on McSpadden for her beating & Robbing of Mike’s grandmother..Don’t forget the Fraud charges they were looking at prior to the shooting.
    Then there are the charges that should be pressed against Louis Head for instigating a riot.

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  19. John Galt says:

    Team Crump is piggybacking 1983 claims off the DOJ report. If DOJ forces concessions, such as a consent judgment which includes admissions, they advance the ball for Team Crump. However, it appears to me that they have a “proximate cause” problem with respect to substantial monetary damages.

    Officer Wilson responded to a radio call with a description of suspects in a strong arm robbery, which suspects were illegally walking in the middle of the road carrying stolen cigarillos. But, but, but, Ferguson personnel sent emails depicting Obama as a chimpanzee, etc., etc., etc.


  20. amwick says:

    Perhaps Darren Wilson should file a civil suit against the estate of Mike Brown for personal injury and emotional damage etc. But I get the feeling he is smarter than that.


  21. mcfyre2012 says:

    I would like each of the businesses that were burned/looted sue the Brown family for $75001.

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  22. jello333 says:

    “I’ll take BGI for $500, Alex.”

    “Rob a store, assault and threaten a much smaller clerk, punch a cop, try to take the cop’s gun, and finally charge toward the cop like a mad bull.”

    “What is a good way to secure your parents’ financial future after you’re gone, Alex”


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  23. jello333 says:

    Question about ethics and Rules of Criminal Procedure:

    Is a lawyer allowed to file an official court document that includes “facts” that have previously been adjudicated as FALSE (and that that lawyer knows about)? Of course we’re talking about Crump & Co. who have (so far) gotten away with tons of stuff. But I mean just in general… how things are SUPPOSED to work?


  24. Just Tea says:

    I remember this response when asked by CNN how have they been treated and Mike Brown Sr. responds, ‘we still in the limelight’.

    So, they still in the limelight.

    It’s at about 1:06 mark


  25. Les says:

    Who killed Deandre Joshua?

    “There are no rallies or news cameras there, no signs or ribbons to mark the spot where, the police say, Deandre Joshua, 20, was shot once in the head and then set on fire inside his car. He was the only person killed during the fires, looting and riots that shook the city after a grand jury declined to indict a white police officer in Mr. Brown’s killing.” NY Times

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  26. Father Paul Lemmen says:

    Reblogged this on A Conservative Christian Man.


  27. lorac says:

    Daren Wilson should be suing these scum bag parents for raising such a scum bag thug of a son. Their scum bag son ruined Darren Wilson’s life and career just because he decided to attack a police office. It is because of the total lack of parenting that the thug robbed a store, was drugged up and tried to grab a police officer’s gun. Maybe if they had taught the “gentle giant” to respect the law and the men in blue is dumb arse would still be alive.

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  28. czarowniczy says:

    Testify before the UN, eh? What’s after that – Dancing With the Stars? Perhaps the Annan klan will use some of the millions they can’t account for to take them out to Denny’s for breakfast.

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  29. JB from SoCal says:

    Amazing reaction of BGI Alumni when confronted with the truth: HOW DARE YOU!!!

    Breitbart picked up on today’s (Th 4-23-15) Los Angeles Times piece, “Actors quit L.A. ‘Ferguson’ play, question writer’s motives” and here’s the LAT link:

    Some of these cast members, when confronted with the actual, real, documented truth of the matter, reacted just as you would expect of a child. ‘No fairs, I quit!’ Well, adios MF-ers and good riddance. “Several members requested changes to the script that would include adding another account more sympathetic to Brown to balance out the final witness’ dramatic testimony. [Author and Playright Phelim] McAleer has rejected those requests, spurring some of the actors’ departures.”

    breitbart.com has well over 400 biting comments, chewing up the “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” hoax and spitting it out into the gutter. Very heartwarming LOLZ:

    The play is set for a four-day staged reading starting Sunday (4-26-2015) at the Odyssey Theater.
    All in all, a very enjoyable read. I hope to make that play somehow, and expect theater picketing and – who knows – bomb threats ?!? All of which will bring the Ferguson StagePlay more exposure . . . which already is to include a safer venue, YouTube. [see next post below]


  30. JB from SoCal says:

    From deadline.com ~ ” ‘Ferguson’ Play To Offer YouTube Viewing After L.A. Premiere ”
    link here:

    ” ‘We decided to bring it to YouTube because everyone deserves the truth,’ producer/writer Phelim McAleer told Deadline.

    “He said the response they received last night after reading a few excerpts was one of “surprise” from the audience, many of whom thought they knew the full Brown story. The producers are 60% funded for Ferguson to raise a total of $93K to bring the production to Fergusontheplay.com.”

    “Oh how sweet it is to hear one’s own convictions from another’s lips.”
    — Frank Gifford (former co-host of Monday Night Football on ABC, and NFL Hall of Famer)
    “Oh, how sweet it is to pity the fate of an enemy who can no longer threaten us!”
    — Pierre Corneille (French Dramatist, 1606 – 1684)

    H/T brainyquote.com


    • stella says:

      Have you heard that half of the actors have walked out on him, now that they realize he intends to tell the truth about Ferguson? I posted the story (L.A. Times) in yesterday’s Open Thread. They want him to rewrite the play to show “both sides”. He refuses. Phelim is a stubborn son of a gun. He won’t back down. He says he will find other actors who aren’t afraid of the truth.

      Phelim and Ann (his wife) also made the movies Not Evil, Just Wrong (about rabid environmentalists), Frack Nation (about fracking, in answer to Gasland), and are now making Gosnell (about the abortionist in Philadelphia).


    • jason says:

      McAleer reportedly rejected cast members’ suggestions to “balance out” the play with information sympathetic to Brown, leading to their decision to quit. However one actress, Donzaleigh Abernathy, said she would wait to meet McAleer Thursday night before making a decision on whether to continue with the production.

      “I want to hear what he has to say face to face,” Abernathy told the Times. “I actually want to know, on a moral level, how can you do something like this that you know will divide America? Does it make you feel good? Obviously he has a personal agenda. What is his personal agenda?”

      “These are people who claim to love diversity, and they don’t love diversity,” McAleer countered. “They just want people to agree with them.”
      . . . . . . . . .
      snip, who knew telling the truth would be deemed a personal agenda that would divide America?


    • jason says:

      raised by 398 people in 26 days


  31. maggiemoowho says:

    If they get any settlement from this civil suit, does that mean that the city or store owners wouldn’t be able to go after them for telling people to burn the city down or for other reasons. Are they suing the city to prevent the city or others(store owners, homeowners) from taking any actions against them.


  32. MP says:

    Hey, the Ferguson city better start writing those checks, unless they want another riot and the city to being up in smoke again. To BGI, the truth doesn’t matter, it all about perception and getting financial compensation. If Mike Brown was shot by another black thug, we would have never heard about it and there will be no riots or marches about it. There’s an inherent selective outrage with the Black Lives Matter movement.


  33. Bob Stone says:

    Doesn’t Wilson have a possible Tort claim against Sharpton, Crump & Parks?

    After all, Pagones successfully sued Sharpton, Maddox and Mason in the Tawana Brawley case.

    “The finding was also a rebuke to the advisers, Mr. Sharpton, C. Vernon Mason and Alton H. Maddox Jr., whose critics have long said they represented a brand of ardent cynicism that twisted civil rights advocacy into a vehicle for self-promotion.” NY Times 7/14/1998


  34. skeptiktank says:

    Consider this…The only expense Parks and Crump have in this case is the cost of the filing fee, and whatever they paid someone to write up the claim. They are not going to spend one minute working on a courtroom presentation. Their work is done. They lose nothing no matter which way it goes. I personally would like to see a law where the law firms who take cases on contingency are help liable for the other party’s expenses if they lose.


    • nivico says:

      …and if they claim indigent status for their clients, they don’t even have to pay the filing fees.

      Remember how Sybrina Fulton was applying for victim compensation funds from the state of Florida despite all of the donations and contributions pouring in to the family and the JFTM Foundation.

      We’ve got the same situation with the MBJ lawsuit ridiculously seeking funeral and burial expenses when they were provided with a lavish televised funeral by their supporters. I’m presuming they’re relying on the collateral source rule to double dip and collect money for an expense they didn’t incur.

      We desperately need tort reform in this country barring criminals from even being able to file suit in a civil court… it would put the BGI and the ambulance chasers out of business considering the majority of their clients seem to be criminals.


  35. Bob Stone says:

    Reading the complaint is making me physically ill. How can they write such crap after the DOJ report?!


  36. kathyca says:

    Was on PACER and decided to check this docket. Brown/McSpadden are getting spanked in the lawsuit overall and have brought this guy in to assist just this week. They are much aggrieved 😉


    Clinical Professor of Law

    Director, Criminal Justice Institute

    Professor Sullivan is a leading theorist in the areas of criminal law, criminal procedure, trial practice and techniques, legal ethics, and race theory. He is the faculty director of the Harvard Criminal Justice Institute and the Harvard Trial Advocacy Workshop. Professor Sullivan also serves as Master of Winthrop House at Harvard College. He is the first African American ever appointed Master in Harvard’s history. He is a founding member and Senior Fellow of the Jamestown Project.

    Professor Sullivan has merged legal theory and practice over the course of his career in unique and cutting-edge ways.

    In 2014, Professor Sullivan was tasked to design and implement a Conviction Review Unit (“CRU”) for the newly elected Brooklyn District Attorney. The CRU, designed to identify and exonerate wrongfully convicted persons, quickly became regarded as the model conviction integrity program in the nation. In its first year of operation alone, Professor Sullivan discovered over 10 wrongful convictions, which the DA ultimately vacated. Some of the exonerated citizens had served more than 30 years in prison before they were released.

    In 2008, Professor Sullivan served as Chair, Criminal Justice Advisory Committee for then-Senator Barack Obama’s presidential campaign. In this capacity, Professor Sullivan’s committee made policy recommendations on a range of issues in an effort to put into practice some of the best research in the field. He also served as a member of the National Legal Advisory Group for the Barack Obama Presidential Campaign. Finally, Professor Sullivan was appointed Advisor to the Department of Justice Presidential Transition Team.

    In 2007, in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, Professor Sullivan was asked to create a system to solve a criminal justice crisis. Over 6000 citizens were incarcerated in and around New Orleans without representation and with all official records destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. Professor Sullivan designed an indigent defense delivery system that resulted in the release of nearly all the 6000 inmates.

    In 1994, Professor Sullivan was a visiting scholar for the Law Society of Kenya, where he sat on a committee charged with drafting a new constitution for Kenya. He also worked with the Kenyan Human Rights Commission on monitoring and challenging human rights abuses.

    Prior to joining Harvard’s faculty, Professor Sullivan was on the Yale Law School faculty where he won the award for outstanding teaching after his first year. Before joining the legal academy, he served as the Director of the Public Defender Service for the District of Columbia. He also spent several years in private practice in two major Washington, D.C. law firms where he specialized in white-collar criminal defense and complex commercial litigation.

    Professor Sullivan still maintains an appellate and trial practice. He has represented persons ranging from politicians to professional athletes to recording artists to pro bono clients in criminal jeopardy.

    Professor Sullivan has provided legal commentary for CNN, FoxNews, PBS, and all the major networks. He has been quoted in the nation’s leading newspapers and periodicals, and he has testified before the United States Senate and House of Representatives on numerous occasions.

    Professor Sullivan is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Morehouse College and the Harvard Law School. Where he served as President of the Harvard Black Law Students Association and as General Editor of the Harvard BlackLetter Law Journal.

    Areas of Interest

    Civil Rights and Civil Liberties
    Criminal Law and Procedure: Indigent Defense Delivery Systems
    Criminal Law and Procedure: Criminal Trials and Appeals


    Griswold 210


    Assistant: Caryn May / 617-495-9200

    Criminal Justice Institute (CJI)



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