As If On Cue – Race Agitating “Reverend” Jamal Bryant: “Ferguson Is The Selma For The Hip Hop Generation”…

Jesus Loves The Benjamins’

It was only a few days ago when we pondered the question “Where’s Jamal Bryant and the Baltimore AME Church network”?  As if on cue, Jamal Bryant surfaces:

Here’s a link to some background info on Pastor Jamal Bryant. Bryant is a high-profile, politically connected pastor with a congregation that counts more than 10,000 members and a business acumen that has resulted in book deals, inspirational text messages and plans for a clothing line.

Pastor Bryant has sired five children from three different women, one child came to light as the result of a lawsuit for failing to provide child support. He acknowledged this one, a daughter, for the first time from the pulpit only after the court battle over child support payments surfaced. His trophy wife, model, and mother to three of his children, Gizelle Bryant, divorced him in 2008.

In Gizelle Bryant’s filing last month, she accuses her husband of adultery, cruel treatment and “excessively vicious conduct” that caused “reasonable apprehension of bodily suffering so as to render cohabitation unsafe.” Bryant’s conduct, her complaint says, “was his final and deliberate act and was calculated to, and did, seriously impair” her “health and permanently destroy her happiness.”

Pastor Bryant is well known for his flashy lifestyle, which includes a Bentley and a multimillion-dollar Canton waterfront property; And his lifestyle has attracted criticism from those who say the church is more about his business enterprises and building wealth than religion.

In the 2008 divorce complaint Gizelle stated her husband earned more than $350,000 a year as pastor for the African Methodist Episcopal Church (AME) “Empowerment Temple”. (article)

BACKSTORY 2012  – Bryant first aligned himself with the Scheme Team and TrayMom™ family shortly after the death of the dope smoking, hooded, and tattooed young man named Trayvon Martin, who called Sybrina Traymom™  , Sybrina.

Bryant was called down to Sanford by local pastors there, he said.

Bryant had gotten to know those Orlando pastors between 1995 and 2000, when he served under Kweisi Mfume as the national youth director for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), where Natalie Jackson esq proudly displays her financial civil rights business cards.

The pastors asked for his help because they knew he had “the history and the organization” to handle an influx of media and a bright spotlight, Bryant said.

Once in Sanford, Bryant met the head of the Scheme Team, Benjamin Crump, who most certainly will also be at Empowerment Temple on Sunday. The ‘Bag Man’ Benjamin Crump esq introduced Rev Bryant to the front team of TrayMom™ and TrayDad™.

Jamal Bryant began counseling, advising and ministering the grieving front team as they started traveling around the country asking for money justice for their son. From small venue Sanford to bigger cash haul cities like Miami, New York, Los Angeles, Birmingham, Washington, D.C. and London.

“The more time we spent with each other the more we felt connected, and the more they said they had faith they could trust me,” Bryant said. “We developed a legitimate friendship.”

Bryant says he believes there is a new civil rights movement brewing — he’s part of a coalition of African-American clergy called the Empowerment Movement — to secure the safety, education and economic success of the nation’s African-American youth.

“We are moving the black church from the sidelines to the front lines to deal with relevant civil rights issues that affect the black community.”

Bryant wants to showcase the fundraising acumen of TrayMom™ in front of his own congregation because “her bravery in the face of her son’s death is a powerful example of how to stand up to injustice“, he said.

Plus the 20% indulgence fee will go a long way to increasing the credibility of anyone connected to the Scheme Team narrative. I mean, really, why should TrayMom™ keep all those tear drying dollars to herself. There is enough exploitative fuel to keep this one active for quite a while.

“Sybrina is going to serve as my generation’s Rosa Parks, to really stand as a lamplight for the next movement in civil rights among the hip-hop generation,” Bryant said.

Empowerment Temple, at 4217 Primrose Ave., has seating for about 2,000+, and Bryant said he expects sold-out ‘full-houses’ for both performances scheduled during peak services at 9:30 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. Sunday, when TrayMom™ Fulton and Al Sharpton along with Benjamin Crump will pass the plates trash cans around.  (more)

Additional Background

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69 Responses to As If On Cue – Race Agitating “Reverend” Jamal Bryant: “Ferguson Is The Selma For The Hip Hop Generation”…

  1. eastern2western says:

    no matter what the facts are, fantasy is better than reality.


    • eastern2western says:

      she is still telling people her rape experience.


    • art tart says:

      eastern2western ~ I was reading only earlier this evening about the finances of Al Sharpton in an article at the NY Times focusing on his financial woes of the grifter, he has at this time 3-4 million dollars owed in taxes as well as liens his assets but he swears he’s catching up on monthly payments.. Tawney Brawley made the article since Sharpton was ordered to pay $ 70,000.00 in a judgment from that case for slander, etc. Sharpton only paid a small portion of the Judgement, his flock/followers stepped up to pay the rest of the $ 70,000.00 owed. No doubt Rev. Al has refined some his techniques & taught his following of grifters as well since the TB case.

      Seems being a grifter/reverend is a gold mine especially w/trash can tours where the case flows freely to never be reported to the IRS , funny how so many of those players from T. Brawley case have reared their grifter faces in the cases of TM/Big Mike.

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  2. czarowniczy says:

    And the hip-hop generation says: “Selma? Who’s Selma?”

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    • juanjelelip says:

      as if on queue, here is the latest from Follywood.


      • Rob Crawford says:

        Oprah pissed everyone off, so here comes the blaxploitation flick.


      • czarowniczy says:

        Oh yummy – will it show the follow-on generations squandering and desecrating the work of the ‘Selma’ generation?
        Will it show the now-that-it’s-a-PC-item Hollyork celebs, who blather on about civil rights people and events they have no first hand and a faulty whatever-hand knowledge of, when their progenitors avoided the issue due to fears of political fallout on their careers?
        Those that can -d. Those that cannot – teach. Those incapable of doing anything requiring moral fortitude or independent thought become media celebs and profit from other’s misery.

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  3. Moishe Pipik says:

    Can’t the African American community find one leader who is not a crook, thug, or low-life?

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    • justfactsplz says:

      They could but they don’t want them because they are conservatives.

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    • Rob Crawford says:

      Those leaders tell them to pull their pants up, put down the joint, and get a job/education.

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    • boutis says:

      A Ferguson “leader” was on Hannity last night and no one could understand him 75% of the time he was speaking. “Gnomesayin”. Not only could he not form a sentence, he had no concept of due process, self defense laws, sworn testimony, the store burglary, forensics, or why grand jury testimony is secret. If he had been dropped into Ferguson from Mars he would know more.


    • Chip Bennett says:

      They had one. His name was George Washington Carver, and he dealt with the BGI scum, too.


      • Moishe Pipik says:

        Maybe the analogy is perfect, then. Back in the days of Selma, African American music was complex, advanced, cutting-edge, and difficult. The Black musicians of 1965, like Duke Ellington, or Oscar Peterson were among the finest musicians in the world.

        Today, in the days of Ferguson we have hip-hop “artists” who are devoid of talent.

        What happened?

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    • chitownmom says:

      There are many fine men of God in the AA community. But, by definition, they don’t seek the limelight. They don’t run “mega churches”. They don’t posture for the cameras. (This same criteria can be applied to white spiritual leaders, too.)

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      • Poster says:

        Yes, there are. However, few of them are in the AME church. That church is a hotbed of greed and all the loose morals and outward piety that go with it.


  4. eastern2western says:

    I can not believe this guy is a pastor. should pastors work towards peace instead of trying to ignite violence?

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  5. justfactsplz says:

    I got a late start today and have been reading all of the articles here. This last one makes me want to puke like crazy. Sybrina is no Rosa Parks, not by a long shot. Over and over again we are seeing the black churches fleecing their flock in the name of civil rights. As a church they have the opportunity to make real and positive changes in the AA community. Instead they promote violence and instead of serving God they serve the almighty dollar. So Ferguson is the birthplace of the new civil rights movement. There aren’t any rights that they don’t already possess so why do they need a new movement? Sadly we know why. Civil war is on the not too distant horizon. Obama built this.

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  6. Elspeth says:

    The term “false prophet” seems an understatement in this case.

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  7. True Colors says:

    Bryant had gotten to know those Orlando pastors between 1995 and 2000, when he served under Kweisi Mfume as the national youth director for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)

    Kweisi Mfume, aka, Frizzell Gray……. now there is a real winner.

    Gray = criminal, former gang banger, father of multiple different children with multiple different women…….. an all around great guy.

    So of course, he was one time in charge of the entire NAACP.

    Right after he left the NAACP it came out that there were allegations that he was having sex with the employees there. But naturally, he claimed that there was no connection between his abrupt departure and the multiple accusations against him of impropriety.

    Gray was one of the first to get the ball rolling on the “white guilt” extortion schemes. He would threaten corporations owned/controlled by white people by threatening them with public boycotts and lawsuits. Of course, his real aim was never to go to trail. His real goal was to force a quick out of court settlement so that he could collect cash from them and not even have to bother with a trial. Exact same tactic that you see from Benjamin Crump today.


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  8. casparweinburger says:

    Why even put that idiot on TV?


  9. sageladymj says:

    Trying to be the next Sharpton/Jackson. Only in it for the money. These guys who pretend to be ministers (like this guy or the Renita chick) need to be unmasked for what they really are. Over sexed users. Wait…they already have been unmasked – which means their followers live the same kind of lifestyle.

    We have a hopeless next generation waiting to lead us into the pits of oblivion.


  10. eastern2western says:

    I had always though the men who serve god should try to bring more peace and tolerance into society. every time I see a black reverend, they always seem to care more about burning down the place than trying to prevent the fire.

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    • Poster says:

      Well said. I agree 100%. They are destructively selfish and usually racist — viewing the White Man as the enemy. I see no Christian love in their actions.

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    • QuadGMoto says:

      Strive for peace with everyone, and for the holiness without which no one will see the Lord.
      — Hebrews 12:14

      This “pastor” misses on both counts.

      Peace figures prominently in the New Testament, though not at the expense of truth:



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    • Mr. Izz says:

      As long as there is paid ministry, and people make a living as a “reverend”, then we will continue to see these individuals reach for fame, glory, and money. Getting people riled up gets them in the church, gets those baskets filled, and grows the bank accounts of those in charge.


  11. PatrickSMcNally says:

    It would be interesting if Gizelle Bryant could be interviewed could be by Don Lemon. It might offer some instructive comparisons with Cosby case.


  12. St. Benedict's Thistle says:

    Pastor Bryant must’ve watched Dirty Rotten Scoundrels one too many times. His picture looked like he channeled Steve Martin in the training scene.

    Right at the 2:35 mark you can see the amazing similarities…


    • DarPot says:

      YouTube Video Tip:

      If you want to show a clip starting near a time mark you add “#t=” followed by seconds.
      For example, to start this clip near 2:35 mark add “#t=155”.


  13. chuckles49 says:

    He a perfect example of the moral and cultural values prescribed to by today’s Black, Hip-Hop male.. oversexed, irresponsible, a strong sense of entitlement, and absolutely zero respect for women. Who better to represent the “New” era of civil rights for the permanently aggrieved victim class of america..

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    • They are all oversexed…..that’s the only thing they know how to do aside from protesting, looting and burning. I once read an article about the NFL and the numbers of children they all have by multiple women. I think the maximum was something like 8 children by 7 women. Seems to be the only thing they excel at, which accounts for the lack of morals among them. They are filling this world with more just like them. It’ll only get worse as all those illegitimate children grow up without fathers.

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      • chuckles49 says:

        Having multiple baby mommas and illegitimate children is a source of pride for Black men. I knew one guy that had 13 illegitimate children and 5 baby mommas. He carried a group picture of them all together with him. He was very proud of his prolificness.

        The only problem was he spent the majority of his time in jail for non-child support. I told him he had a great looking family.. could he please tell me their names and ages.. He said of course he could.. In total, he named of about three before he gave up.


  14. Moishe Pipik says:

    In the days of Selma, this was a protest song, from the brilliant Nina Simone. Watch it.

    In the days of Ferguson, this is a protest song. 100% Crap.


  15. Henry gondorff says:

    Rev. Al v2.0


  16. QuadGMoto says:

    “Pastor”? Not according to the Bible.

    This is why I left you in Crete, so that you might put what remained into order, and appoint elders in every town as I directed you— if anyone is above reproach, the husband of one wife, and his children are believers and not open to the charge of debauchery or insubordination. For an overseer, as God’s steward, must be above reproach. He must not be arrogant or quick-tempered or a drunkard or violent or greedy for gain, but hospitable, a lover of good, self-controlled, upright, holy, and disciplined.
    — Titus 1:5–8

    The saying is trustworthy: If anyone aspires to the office of overseer, he desires a noble task. Therefore an overseer must be above reproach, the husband of one wife, sober-minded, self-controlled, respectable, hospitable, able to teach, not a drunkard, not violent but gentle, not quarrelsome, not a lover of money. He must manage his own household well, with all dignity keeping his children submissive, for if someone does not know how to manage his own household, how will he care for God’s church?
    — 1 Timothy 3:1–5

    So how does this “pastor” have a 10,000 member “church”? I think the answer is obvious.

    For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions, and will turn away from listening to the truth and wander off into myths.
    — 2 Timothy 4:3–4

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  17. ytz4mee says:

    Psychiatrists call this type of behavior “re-traumatizing”. Reliving perceived traumatic events over and over again (often changing/embellishing as time goes on) does not allow the victim to heal and move on with their life.

    On 9-11 I worked at a group that did mental health advocacy. The place was filled to the brim with psychiatrists and psychologists. They held an agency wide staff meeting and explained why they were not allowing us to keep viewing the planes crashing into the buildings and seeing the people jump. What followed was a group session where we were assisted in learning how to accept, heal and move on.

    Those who work in the BGI grievance industry. They know this. They know by continuing to parade around the Traydemark Mom and The Gentle Giant Mom, they keep wounds fresh and open and raw. There can be no healing if people are made to feel that there has been no progress or improvement in their lives. Of course – objectively, we know this premise to be false. But it shows the depths to which the Grievance Mongers will stoop to to ensure that their cash rich payout never ends. The physical and mental well being of those they continue to abuse is irrelevant to them.

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  18. czarowniczy says:

    Sorry, but even after listening to that screed about a dozen times my mind STILL can’t separate the filler BS from the mainline BS – it’s all BS. Best I can make of it he’d like the entire government and police establishment of Missouri, and the non-black community, to have a group pick-up-the-soap exercise. Truuusssssttttt meeeeee, trusssttttt meeeeeee – I’ll catch you, any deviation from my demands will be taken as prime facie of racist intent. Uhhhh – thanks but no thanks.

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    • czarowniczy says:

      ‘prime facie proof of racist intent’. Sorry, lingering numb spots in my brain from listening to the good Reverend’s BS call. Never thought I’d hear someone that would make Sharpton’s speeches seem listenable in comparison.

      Liked by 1 person

      • czarowniczy says:

        prima facie PRIMA FACIE. G-d, make the numb spots GO AWAY! I’m going out to help much the neighbor’s barn, maybe that will cleanse the damaged areas the Good Rev’s caused.

        Liked by 1 person

        • jello333 says:

          “I’m going out to help much the neighbor’s barn”

          ??? Yep, you’re on a roll! 😉


          • czarowniczy says:

            I got such good pols doing the straight feeds for me…


            • jello333 says:

              Gotta admit, I’m having lots of fun trying to decipher your last couple comments… 🙂 (Treehouse code-talking to keep the trolls at bay)


              • czarowniczy says:

                Standard English – confuses the hell out of the enemy. Some of my stuff’s based on old or somewhat obscure things (i.e., items/events older that 6 weeks on the current pop culture calendar) or like ‘straight feed’ (lines given to a comedian by a straight man to set up the joke) perhaps old and obscure. I jes gotta throw ’em out there and see who bites – not much seasonal work since the Borscht Belt closed.

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  19. 7delta says:

    “We are moving the black church from the sidelines to the front lines to deal with relevant civil rights issues that affect the black community.”

    I didn’t know the black church, or at least some of them, have ever been on the sidelines. We already have a gaggle of Revs out there proclaiming the gospel of redistribution to their pockets.

    I would, however, like one of them to define ‘civil rights’ for me. Is it Mignon Clyburn’s definition that “it’s the civil right of all nappy-headed children” (her words) “to have free high-speed Internet” or Al Sharpton’s declaration that by civil rights he means every black person should have the same stuff in their house as rich white people or is it the legal definition of equal rights under the Constitutional law that limits the power and authority of the federal government and under those powers reserved to the states?

    Just curious, because I find it offensive that civil rights have been reduced to commodities that can be bought and sold on the open market. That’s pretty ironic coming from black people.


  20. Be Ge says:

    Is there a scientific name for this strange part in the relationship between the Democratic Party of the USA and wrongdoings towards the African Americans, perceived or real? I mean being so sensitive and ready-to-fire-at those things….being responsible for the vast majority of the mentioned wrongdoings — starting with the opposition to one of the greatest Americans who ever lived, a Republican in charge of the Union at a time, Abraham Lincoln (who wanted to free and freed the slaves) on the slave issue, laying the foundation of the Ku-Klux-Klan, passing on the Jim Crow laws and so on….all the way down to the broken institution of a black family and general active regress of the African American during the current welfare age?


  21. Centinel2012 says:

    Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:
    Between Ferguson and amnesty if we don’t have riots next week I’d be very surprised!


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