Cowards Run – Leon Panetta: How the White House Misplayed Iraqi Troop Talks

The insufferable Leon Panetta has a new book revealing how President Obama, Denis McDonough, Valerie Jarrett and Ben Rhodes constructed every encountered policy, including defense, through a domestic political lens.  Duh! 

This short-sighted and naïve world view is why the foreign policies of the Obama administration -from Libya and the support for al-Qaeda, to Iran and the almost certain nuclear bomb they will acquire- have been catastrophic in consequence. But it really doesn’t matter now does it?

Leon PanettaPanettaObamaCIA

The value in Panetta’s public push back -against the amateur crowd occupying the White House- would have been important when those disastrous policies were being debated, planned and executed. But now, not so much – the Rubicon has been crossed, and hundreds of U.S. military have been killed.

It should also be remembered that Panetta the Prog is responsible for constructing ‘Operation Zero Footprint’ with Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. A State Dept. and CIA operation which eventually led to the death of Ambassador Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty. Neither Clinton nor Panetta have been held to account.

(Via Washington Post) Tell-all memoirs can be tough when they actually, well, tell all. But it would be hard to surpass the shot that Leon Panetta, President Obama’ s former CIA director and secretary of defense, takes at his former boss and the White House foreign policy team in his new book: “Worthy Fights.”

Hillary Rodham Clinton, Leon Panetta

A book excerpt in Time Magazine Thursday recounts the internal battles over the timing of the withdrawal of U.S troops from Iraq and whether a residual force would remain. Panetta and other Pentagon officials argued for keeping that force.

“My fear, as I voiced to the President and others,” Panetta writes, “was that if the country split apart or slid back into the violence that we’d seen in the years immediately following the U.S. invasion, it could become a new haven for terrorists to plot attacks against the U.S.” He adds that his stance “reflected not just my views but also those of the military commanders in the region and the Joint Chiefs.”

Then, particularly damaging as the nation struggles with the Islamic State and a destabilized region, Panetta suggests Obama’s team put political promises before good foreign policy.

“But the President’s team at the White House pushed back, ” he recalls, “and the differences occasionally became heated. [Undersecretary of Defense Michele] Flournoy argued our case, and those on our side viewed the White House as so eager to rid itself of Iraq that it was willing to withdraw rather than lock in arrangements that would preserve our influence and interests.”

The White House, Panetta writes, “coordinated the negotiations but never led them. . . but without the President’s active advocacy, al-Maliki was allowed to slip away.”  (more)

clinton panetta 2

You can read the entire book excerpt (via TIME) HERE

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18 Responses to Cowards Run – Leon Panetta: How the White House Misplayed Iraqi Troop Talks

  1. Sharon says:

    The value in Panetta’s public push back -against the amateur crowd occupying the White House- would have been important when those disastrous policies were being debated, planned and executed. But now, not so much – the Rubicon has been crossed, and hundreds of U.S. military have been killed.

    Exactly. Don’t speak up when it could have made a difference but get the book out when the blood has been shed. 👿

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    • west1890 says:

      When it could have made a difference it had no financial value. But if there are books to be sold, well that’s a horse of a different color. They all seem to be the same- no conscience, no ethics, no courage, no moral code……….just “show me the money”.

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    • LetJusticePrevail" says:

      Like so many of the Washington “elite” Panetta lacks the moral fiber to do the right thing at the right time. Somehow they think they can “redeem” themselves and regain some dignity or relevance.

      The funny thing is, what he’s actually done is write a confession, not an apology or explanation. Just like every other criminal who has been duped by a capable interrogator. And he’s too stupid to even realize it.

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      • czarowniczy says:

        Hmmmmm – a big advance on a book contract? My take is that you have very little to sell if you’ve been a DC insider for a while, souls go for chump change there.

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  2. joanfoster says:

    It’s so easy to be a latter day saint.

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  3. czarowniczy says:

    The POTUS (versus our present POtuS) usually appoints a Bro to the slot, sort of to over his ass and try to get a handle on what the Company’s doing while no one’s looking. If you look back you’ll see that for decades the WH has put people acceptable to both the Company and the WH in the slot and they usually last a long time. Before this piece of work a President had only two or so DCIs in the slot during his entire term. Carter was a known CIA-hater but only really had two. BHO has had SIX, about one a year he’s been in office, with at least another most likely on the way. OK, to you BHOpologists, yes the guy sitting in the big chair in the New Building has been called the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency since 2005 and before that was called the Director of Central Intelligence, but changing the name Does Not change the game – same guy, same position, just his duties pared down a bit. BHO has had six Directors and a failed foreign policy along with them. If a major US business had 6 CEOs in 6 years the investors would be dumping stock and calling for a boardroom Night of the Long Knives – here we hear nothing but cricket vomiting.

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  4. Hughes Angell says:

    Cowards Run- what an excellent title for Panetta’s book! Still it is refreshing to know that Panetta, Gates and even the Rodhamster herself all are trying to distance themselves from the incredible incompetence that is the Obama White House.

    Obama may have had no good choices with Iraq but that he made all the wrong ones is shocking. If you were going to abandon one our wars the one in Afghanistan made far more sense but it looks like Obama is going to sign for more of that tar baby just as Iraq sucks the US back in. For a man whose ostensible purpose in running for the presidency was to end our involvement in these endless wars to have achieved this outcome is remarkable.


  5. RJ says:

    Penetta may be trying to wash “the stains” off his being; however, I think he is truly coming out to create a “wedge” of distance for HIllary when she begins her formal run against Obama’s work and those nasty republicans. She needs a stand alone position from which she can argue how she deserves to run for the top spot on the democratic ticket. Her pals will try to colorize Obama in such ways as to make him look bad while she looks good…just frustrated because when she was his Sec of State he would not listen to her. More lies, it seems they all like to lie.

    Sad part is that these lies seem to have a life which other voters grab, hold on tightly and vote for them.

    I wonder if the other side…I’m desperate…any opposing side will rise up and challenge these hysterical, narcissistic lairs.


  6. peachteachr says:

    I was getting ready to post some of what RJ said above. This is most certainly tarring and feathering Obama to put distance between this horrible foreign policy and Madame Sec. Clinton.
    I agree with the rest of you, it’s only courage if you stand up and speak out when you have power. It’s avarice to leave office, write a book, and then call Obama & his cronies the bad guys. Oh, well, we’ll take our solace where we find it.


  7. joanfoster says:

    I don’t remember the title of the book, but Dick Chaney wrote one within the past two years and many loyalists to the Bush Adm. were very upset with it. I don’t remember many conservative blogs particularly upset. I believe the honorable thing to do is confront the issue in a way that if a member of the administration cannot whole heartedly endorse a policy, he/she should resign and move on. Writing books after the wind changes directions only shows that the author lacked the guts to stand up and take the heat at the time of the decision making. I also believe Panetta is first and foremost a Clinton loyalist and why he allowed himself to be used by Obama knowing that Hillary would ultimately make a run for office is anyone’s guess. Among most of the administration, I see him as a more benign member.


    • joanfoster says:

      Known and Unknown by Donald Rumfeld

      In My Time by Dick Chaney

      Neither totally flattering to the Bush Administration and written by extraordinary key figures.

      Perhaps Panetta’s book was to have been expected and compared to those books about other administrations which preceded Obama’s.


    • polk8dot says:

      ‘… why he allowed himself to be used by Obama knowing that Hillary would ultimately make a run for office is anyone’s guess. ‘
      I believe that in Washington, DC there is much more political intrigue, conspiring and ugly, underhanded deal making, than anybody ever realized. Plus the Clintons and their cronies not only have very long memories, but also think in terms very different from any run of the mill political functionary. They do not concern themselves with years or months of influence; they think much more globally and in terms of decades. That’s why, when they plan Hill’s run, they are not disheartened by her loss, because in the great scheme of things this is but a hiccup.
      I suspect that Panetta’s getting the two top job, DCI and SecDef, was always part of the deal the Clintons made with Zero and the DNC. Panetta was always going to write a book critical of Obama; he was always going to distance himself and Hillary from Zero and his ‘childish’ foreign policy of simply ignoring the problems hoping they’d just to go away; and he was always going to try to preposition her for the next presidential run by a little rewriting of History and vesting her, indirectly, with is own reputation and record, since she truly has none to speak of herself. He was always going to portray Zero’s policies as that much more simplistic and amateurish and action averse compared to Hill’s, as appeasement and lack of foresight and common sense. After all, everybody looks better when standing next to someone dreadful, in full view of their failures and scandals.
      They just did not expect how easy Zero was going to make this comparison for them, by his inept policies, incompetent implementations, naive world view and dumb insistence on his own superiority of thought, understanding and decision making.


  8. Sam says:

    I agree with those above who have said that Panetta is trying to open some distance between Hillary and Obama for the 2016 presidential race. It would have been nice to see Panetta or Robert Gates for that matter resign over some of the things they criticized, but that doesn’t seem to happen anymore.

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  9. Thought:

    Is Leon Panetta a hero or a goat?

    In his new book Leon Panetta talks about how he advised the White House that it was critical to leave troops in Iraq and that they did not listen.

    As an employee of the American people, if Panetta felt that strongly about a disastrous policy decision I think it would have been prudent at the time for him to resign in protest!



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