Late Night Contribution Thread – Question…

The similarities between the Trayvon Martin case and the Mike Brown case are stark and, well, almost comical in their frequency.

Benjamin Crump 2 Sharpton-Jackson

One thing I’ve noted as the same SCHEME TEAM tries Trayvon 2.0 is that people are paying attention to the history.   This attention can be a bad outcome for Ben Crump and crew because few people know the depths of the lies they created in the Trayvon Narrative.  

Remember, it was attorney Ben Crump who fought tooth and nail to avoid being deposed, all the way to the District Court of Appeals where he lost the argument.   Ben Crump is a liar. Period.  

However, for the sake of this thread lets compile the similarities.

Question:    What are the actual similarities you’ve noted so far between 2012 and 2014?

We’ll combine them all into a list for tomorrow for sharing. 

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65 Responses to Late Night Contribution Thread – Question…

  1. auscitizenmom says:
    1. They came into town and started hiding the witnesses and cleaning them up.
    2. Coaching the witnesses.
    3. Coaching the family members.
    4. Complaining about not getting info from police.
    5. Saying it isn’t racial (meaning it really is racial).
    6. Probably busy cleaning up the social networking.
      Just what came to mind immediately.

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  2. justfactsplz says:
    1. unarmed teenager
    2. victim portrayed as a child
    3. BGI involvement
    4. CRS involvement
    5. Dream Defenders involvement
    6. Sharpton and Crump involvement
    7. Coaching witnesses
    8. Fanning the racial flames
    9. Media pedaling the false narrative
      10 Obama making a public statement
    10. Police chief attacked verbally
    11. Trying to reveal the shooter’s address on social media
    12. Portraying victim as a good little angel
    13. Claiming victim is smart
    14. Victim was just walking down the street and was shot in the back.

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    • #14– There are still those who claim TM was shot in the back. Or that George was standing– anything to discredit self defense. Which is clearly what they are doing with Brown as well. Remember all the blogs and pictures posted claiming the wounds on the back of GZ’s head were from the gun? That he’d hit himself in the back of the head with his own gun? They tried to overlay the gun onto the pics of his wound claiming they were a match. And that the gun broke his nose when it was fired.
      I guess they’ll claim the same about the policeman’s facial wounds.

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      • justfactsplz says:

        Unfortunately I do remember all of that too well. I did major battle over on Click Orlando with the Trayvonites over George’s injuries among other things. That was my first experience with blogging! They got very very angry when you tried to introduce them to facts and evidence. It will be the same with this case I’m afraid. I think the Ferguson officials are probably conducting a better investigation and gathering of facts. I’m hopeful that those facts and evidence will show the Grand Jury the truth of the matter.


  3. casparweinburger says:

    1) Obfuscating the issue through distraction. The issue in TM/GZ case was whether lethal force was necessary, but that discussion was buried under the racial elements (both of GZ being white and TM being black) The issue here is also whether a police officer had a right to defend him, but that investigation is completely buried by the issue of race. Facts do not matter.Only race matters. And then Al Sharpton shows up.

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  4. sundance says:

    Both coming home from convenience store.

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    • rooferx says:

      With “blunts”. Or I guess that is speculation…………


      • froggielegs says:

        Not speculation. In the original interview with Sharpton, Dorian claimed that “Big Mike’s” hands were full of Cigarillo’s to which “Big Mike” had to had them off to him (Dorian) in order to get away from the cop that was holding him by the neck while seated in his car.

        In the interview with CNN, Dorian says not one word about “Big Mike” carrying Cigarillo’s

        Mark my words, Dorian is going to be the Rachel Jeantel of this case.

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        • MouseTheLuckyDog says:

          By speculation I think he meant TM. There was some speculation that TM had some dealings with people just outside the 7-11 or whatever. Possibly buying some pot.


          • ctdar says:

            No speculation, After TM was denied a smoke product inside by the clerk (on tape) his interaction & transaction both inside & outside store with Moe, Curly, & Larry were also caught on film.

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  5. woohoowee says:

    Broken family presented as intact family
    Howard University picking up and spreading meme (Skittles/Hands in Air)
    Protests nation wide (moments of silence to start for MB nationwide)
    Media beating the drums with the same talking points in unison (black, shot dead, bad police chief, etc. ) – This is the dead giveaway that all the talking points come from the same source or else the media all have the same agenda, or both.


  6. ctdar says:

    Has the insurance company been contacted yet?


  7. All of the above. I can’t stomach it, or I’d have checked HLN to see if nancy grace was crying for the poor murdered black child as she did with Trayvon 1.


  8. Mist'ears Mom says:

    Walking while black-(racially profiled). Both weren’t doing nuffin wrong except goin home.
    Accusing PD of cover-up. Want justice (arrest) which is harder to demand when you don’t have a target-pushing the meme that all parents want is the name of the guy who murdered their son.

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  9. Both were buying cigarillos. Blunts. (Though it hasn’t yet been revealed if Brown actually paid for his).


  10. justfactsplz says:

    Both victim came from a broken home. Both victims not living with mother. Both victims were almost home. Walking while black. Both victims had a “you’re not going to disrespect me and get away with it” attitude and attacked their shooters. Undermining of the local police force in their investigation.

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  11. al sharptongue and jesse-wipe-mlk-blood- on- my- shirt-jackson to gain my “street creds” and the attempt to display trayvon and michael as innocent “children” when BOTH were common thugs. The “diiference” that I like, is that even the “obamanero” voters themselves greated al with “snitches get stitches” signs in reference to the recent revelation that he was a paid FBI informant, and told him to leave! jackson’s repeated “incitement to riot” over so many years without punishment however is more appalling then sharptongue’s lame attempts with the brawley, lacross shemes etc. for personal financial gain and notoriety. But the youtube clips of al on msnbc especially are priceless…..almost as amusing as sheila jackson lee’s are… let’s keep him for comic relief…ONLY!!!


  12. Scott says:

    The initial response from the “locals” (to express their genuine concern, anger, and sorrow) was to break into every retailer they could find and steal televisions, tennis shoes, and liquor…you know, essentials…that they’re entitled to…because they’re mad…and because they’re, well…entitled.


  13. Mist'ears Mom says:

    Both were the aggressor, but will be dismissed as not relevant to the shooting.

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    • AdukeLAXobserver says:

      Aggressor and if what is floating around on the net is true about injuries to the officer. Both got the better end of the confrontation-assualt up till the point they were shot.


  14. rooferx says:

    The person Alive, and their background is all that matters. BINGO.


  15. froggielegs says:

    1) Crump immediately says he is going to have a second autopsy.

    2) Mother claimed they were not allowed to identify her son while he laid for hours in the street yet there is video of Dad showing up shortly after it happened. (Traybots claimed he sat in a morgue for days as a John Doe)

    3) Tee shirts immediately printed up

    4) NBPP handing out flyers


    • justfactsplz says:

      Good ones, froggielegs.


      • Jim says:

        I thought it suspicious of the Dad breaking the police line and possibly Move, Alter, or Remove something from the deceased at the crime scene before being escorted away. Probably just a grieving Dad but since Big Mike could have had a /his own hand gun that was my thought. Same thought as to why Big Mikes buddy ran as well to hide said other gun. When they turn up that shell casing it will be worse than the robbery. Then when the acquittal happens I think they should charge Crump and Sharpton with cleanup expenses from all the riots they created with there BGI lies.


  16. maggiemoowho says:

    Cop got out of his car and shot the guy, Shot an unarmed teen, Kid was just trying to get to his Grandmother place. The teen was quiet and called a Gentle giant by his teachers. Claiming he was executed. The t-shirts with the black silhouette on the front. Trying to get a law passed in mikes name that all police should wear cameras(saw thaton twitter tonight) and I’m sure there will be so many more. You would think the Scheme Team would have been a bit more creative and came up with better lies. I do predict that the Scheme team will use two boggus, DD like witnesses this time, maybe two friends or people who where supposedly in the same place at the same time. Something like that😉.


    • maggiemoowho says:

      The witness statements, it’s like the witnesses are using the Scheme Teams imaginary scenarios from TM, if that makes sense. They kept saying TM begged or pleaded for his life and that was proven false via facts of the case, so now it sounds like they are using that argument again, only they have supposed eye witnesses as to make it stick this time.

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    • waltherppk says:

      The cop never should have gotten out of his car ….(safari rules)


    • waltherppk says:

      Black on black or black on white shootings by the thousands ….no problem…no rioting …no hate crime

      White on black shooting much more rarely occurs, and suddenly just like it was following a script from a BGI playbook, it’s a huge problem of violently expressed racism, requires rioting, and yes of course it must have obviously been a hate crime.


    • waltherppk says:

      The black person killed by a white person is presumed to be “the victim” and not a dead thug perpetrator.

      Black person killed by white person….presumed to be likely his civil rights was violated…..requires a federal investigation

      Other combinations of demographics as perpetrator and victim … civil rights issue is presumed to be likely and requires no federal investigation

      Undue “command influence” exercised publicly by racist president


  17. nyetneetot says:


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  18. Sentient says:

    George Zimmerman didn’t commit any crime. Trayvon just picked the wrong white Hispanic to jump and start beating. This incident has not yet been fully investigated. It’s possible that Mike Brown was killed while he was attacking the cop. It’s also possible that – even if he had initially lunged at or attacked the cop – he was killed well after he’d posed any risk to the cop. We don’t have enough evidence yet to know. The patterns of these Black Grievance Industry folks fit the mold of the Martin case, but the underlying facts of the initial incident (still to be determined) color how the Sharpton response will be (and should be) viewed. If the facts of the incident prove to warrant a second degree murder charge, then the BGI actions – however cynical and manipulative – will fade into irrelevance.


    • nyetneetot says:

      I’ll apologize in advance. I may not be able to respond as I would like cause my wife demands I bring home money for cheap wine and cigarettes, however… What?!?


  19. P.Spinach says:
    • TM and MB, both up to no good, loitering around inappropriately — TM in the rain checking out homes and MB in the middle of the road refusing to make way for cars.
    • Authority figures become concerned (GZ and PD Ferguson) due to threat of robbery (past and present reporting) and get out of cars to check on the suspects

    • angry youth with chip on their shoulders against white person interfering with their activity (probably due to Obama empowering them to break laws like Obama) strikes out and attempts knock-out punch to face

    • autopsy results will maybe show substance abuse

    • nasty tweets

    • probably said the PD was gonna die that day while going for his gun

    • photographed bragging with a wad of cash held in some appendage, photographed with gun in hand

    • Height tall: 6 foot 3

    • As for the physical altercation taking place in the police car, on driver’s side – Michael Brown is clearly the instigator of the violence trying to punch the living day lights out of the PD first and then going for the gun. The struggle continued downwind from the first knock out punch, just like TM and GZ’s struggle down the path, finding PD Ferguson and MB at least yards away from the police car. MB was shot from the front, not the back as evidence shows blood splatter is forward. MB was not turned with his back to the PD, which is COMPLETE NONSENSE in a struggle. If he was running away, which he was not, the PD would have yelled ‘Stop, or I’ll shoot’.

    The more likely possibility is, MB stopped, had his hands up. The PD walked over to him to cuff him, MB turned around and took a punch at him.


    • P.Spinach says:

      Somewhere in the altercation, MB threatened the PD’s life. His physicality and the idea of the gun passing to his hands must have been highly threatening to the PD.


  20. P.Spinach says:

    If I wasn’t clear: Both TM and MB threw the first violent punch. Both were in actuality up to no good and deserved the monitoring. Both were highly anxious about being monitored, and wanted to end the surveillance by knocking the authority figures out cold — even killing them if needed. Their recent past will show some attention and deliquency they were anxious to not re-activate.


    • Fantasia says:

      Yep, I agree with the first punch protocol, after being approached, ie: spotted/followed. The evidence in TM’s case, George’s photo, was bleated about, “It doesn’t look THAT bad”. I already covered the “He shouldn’t have gotten out of the truck” part.

      The witness Dorian said, “I didn’t think the officer was in THAT much danger, at the time.” or something similar.

      I can see the photo evidence of the officer being treated in the same fashion, “It doesn’t look THAT bad.”, or the same being said about hospital records when he was released. IF said records show anything like an eye socket fracture, it will be played down much in the same way.

      Yes, I am predicting the future.

      What they SHOULD do, but likely will not, is, when they release his name today, they should also release his photo. The worst one, taken in the ER, to go with the name.

      Instead, they wilk likely show his uniformed pic, perhaps his ID badge pic, and they really should not.

      It should be the one of his eye swollen shut, all the bruising plainly visible. It would also make it harder to identify him, while quelling the rumor that Michael never did nuffin. They need not even make a comment. Name, swollen eye, bruised up pic. Walk away.

      I wish.


      • P.Spinach says:

        Fantastic summary below! Yes, I missed that one — they will diminish the officer’s facial injuries or accuse him of striking himself. 👿


  21. disgustedwithjulison says:

    When will Ryan Julison be flown to Saint Louis? They need a PR guy to start feeding the media some complete lies to help develop the narrative.

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  22. benzy says:

    This one really isn’t what I’d call a true similarity between the two cases… but, I believe that Tracy Martin was originally from East St Louis. He probably knows some of Michael Brown’s sign throwing buddies (or maybe their fathers)

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    • benzy says:

      A couple of similarities that do come to mind.. a) the swiftness with which T-shirts and a slogan were created to further the scheme team script. b) Sealing of criminal records for Trayvon and Michael, c) Social media websites quickly “scrubbed” for both Trayvon and Michael.

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  23. froggielegs says:

    Oh let’s not forget, they got the local white police ousted in taking care of things and now have a black state police officer running things. Not to mention having the Feds come in and investigating. .


  24. Sandra says:

    Just went to drudgereport, there’s a nice big picture of MB holding up his middle finger or making a gang sign. lol


  25. Fantasia says:

    For me, aside from those listed above, is the media glaringly obvious tactics, especially now, they appear to be aiming for the Cheif of Police. He will be made to be beleagured, which started on Thursday, when ‘higher authorities’ dirn’t like how he was handling the town security, and came in and took over. By this weekend, Monday at the latest, he will be asked, or forced, to resign.

    The rest, mostly the media play, is going the same way. Ignoring the facts and what appears to be purposely fanning the flames.

    Me, above all people, found myself actually defending Al Jazeera after hearing a radio statement this evening that, in fact, the police did not fire on them intentionally, but that they had approached the SWAT and police and asked for help.

    Sadly, in their public print statement that I have been able to find thus far, the explanation is all but absent. It’s there, buried, and barely findable.

    They did this with Trayvon, as well. The facts were silenced, buried, and simply not spoken of, until Zimmerman was aquitted. Then, suddenly, there was a media storm wanting to “present the facts”. Where were they, in the preceeding months?

    I am seeing this same replay, and it is simply infuriating me. We have the ever absent pResident making a statement from Martha’s Vinyard while Ferguson, Mo. burns.

    Next, Not My People Holder is begging the question, “Where did the po po get the hum vee?!” It couldn’t have been from the .gov, or DHS, right Eric? Because expressing the knowledge that the Feds armed those po po’s would make The Holder of Peace look not so good to His Peoples.

    Instead, the media is doing what they do best. Inflaming, obfuscating, and making things appear as they are NOT. The “peaceful protestors” throwing molitov coctails dare not make the news, lest anyone think that animals should be treated as animals.

    No, no matter the manner of death of Michael Brown, which we do not know yet the circumstances, it matters not, and does not allow special privelexges to loot drawn along racial lines. They protest, “We want to be treated like humans!”, but, fail to act like one. What, exactly, do they expect? Well, I can answer that, too.

    I harken back to the recent story where the woman tells the press after her son was gunned down after waiving a gun around, and the police pull up. “He shouldn’t have gotten out of his car!”, she proclaimed of the cop.

    So, like George, who shouldn’t have gotten out of his car, the cop was gunned down, abd the blame was placed on him for getting out. This cop, they claim, didn’t get out of his car. He was remanded to stay ‘On Plantation’ by Michael Brown, and even that wasn’t enough. The officer has evidently suffered injuries, just like George, but, that matters not.

    We should stay on Plantation, not get out of your cars, and even when assaulted inside our cars, now we are to just sit and die. Does anyone see the progression, here?

    Then today, because of the racial imbalance of the police force, they are calling for changes. Can they find anyone to pass the PD test? How many generations have grown up on welfare here? Are they going to bus in police? I can promise you, even black officers don’t want to work there. The risk is high, the pay is low, and they know this. How again, is this going to “bring people together”, when even officials side with the GBI, and say there are not enough black officers? How does that make the white officers look? If I was an officer there, I would quit. They just allowed, in fact encoraged, that entire community to disrespect that police force because it is predominantly white? Wjy is this okay? Who said that whites cannot comminucate with blacks, even get along? They just destroyed all of that.

    So, progression, IMO, is happening on the script, not just the script, but they are taking advantage to add on and change it where and when possible.

    The media, however, are highly to blame for much of it, hence one good reason to keep them out. I can also point to a tweet in that redditor live link, where tonight a reporter states his videographer was punched in the head four times, and told to leave. The people in Ferguson don’t want the media there, because they don’t want to be exposed. The people in Ferguson don’t want them there, because they see the media lying, and not showing how among the peaceful, the animals hunt. Just as in Gaza, just as been said here. Indeed, there are two factions here, but why can’t the peaceful calm people understand that safety and security come first, and even you do not control the animals amongst you? I saw a tweet, “Someone threw a water bottle at police. The crowd was not pleased.” Oh, give me a barf bag. Now, they are playing to the cameras. Nights before, that was the catalyst. Tonight, for the media, they “tsk tsk”, shaking their heads and pretend to join the 21 Century.

    Just wait until your backs are turned.

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  26. froggielegs says:

    Did anyone happen to watch Al Sharpton’s show tonight? He had on the two uhmmm so called reporters.

    I couldn’t stop laughing. Ryan Frank, couldn’t even talk. You could tell he was waiting to be told what to say through the earpiece he was wearing. It really is a riot LOL. Umar Lee 2 words, Google him.


    • froggielegs says:

      Here’s Umar Lee offering a prayer at the police station

      This might explain why Obama spoke about the cops arresting police.


    • auscitizenmom says:

      ROTFLMAO You are right. He could hardly speak and you could tell he was being told what to say. The problem I had listening to this is that blowhard host who sounds and is so ignorant. His very voice makes me physically ill. I think someone should do a side by side video of him saying “peaceful protestors” by the videos of the thugs burning and looting.


  27. Maribel says:

    Both on Election year. The truth is not what’s matter. What’s matter is the political gain.


  28. MouseTheLuckyDog says:

    A clip from the Mark Levin show people might find interesting:

    1) TIffany what’s her name seems a lot like Selene Bandahour or whatever her name is. Haven’t had time to watch her interview yet.
    2) People hiding there tat’s. In the TM case is Tracy tattooing over a scrp tat. Dorian hiuding whatever is on his neck.


  29. texan59 says:



  30. jetstream says:

    Democrats Call for Judiciary Hearings on Ferguson Violence
    Conyers, Scott and Cohen want Goodlatte to allow the committee to take a full look at the circumstances that have transpired in the aftermath of the killing of 18-year-old Michael Brown, and how those circumstances play into larger, troubling patterns in communities across the United States.

    One such pattern, they said, was the “use of deadly force by police against unarmed African Americans in cities around the nation.”

    “We appreciate that many of the facts surrounding the tragic … shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown by a Ferguson police officer are still coming to light,” the lawmakers acknowledged, “but the incident has exposed long-simmering racial tensions between an overwhelmingly white police force and a majority African-American population.”

    Looking at big picture similarities, there is a major trend by media, Democrats, and the Obama administration to automatically paint local and state authorities as inept, corrupt and racist. But they hype the idea that only the Obama federal government is unbiased and able to dispense justice fairly with the aid of his henchman Eric Holder. That Obama is the highest authority in the nation and Holder should take over local matters whenever they deem it necessary. No need for county or state authorities to follow the process in investigating alleged improprieties. See
    There was even a minor attempt to initiate UN involvement.

    Eric Holder perpetuate this endless meme that “the police” are white (obviously not), that police officers are inherently racist, and that these racist white cops are just militarized thugs who should not be police officers in “his people’s” neighborhoods.
    But the Obama administration itself has urged the massive militarization of police.

    The subtext seems to be that because local police departments are headed by white police chiefs (Bill Lee in Florida, Thomas Jackson in Missouri – they even have the same general appearance…coincidentally) that there can be no fair investigation. So skip the investigative process and have the non-racist DOJ immediately take control.
    (Have you looked at the DOJ website design lately? No red, white, and blue…just black, all black.)

    The themes in both Florida and Missouri:
    Local authority is inept, corrupt, and racist.
    State authority won’t do the right thing because they are inept, corrupt, and racist too.
    Obama (Holder) black federal government knows best and is unbiased.
    Whites are automatically racist.
    Whites can’t have any kind of authority over blacks because whites are all racist.
    Always fire white police chiefs in black jurisdictions when there is a shooting involving a black. (Look out Chief Jackson!)
    Only the Obama federal government, through the Eric Holder DOJ, can dispense justice fairly.
    No need for the investigative process to play out through the various levels of local and state authority, because they are all biased corrupt racists anyway.
    Eric Holder DOJ must step in and take control immediately.

    And the endgame seems to be:

    Bypass The Process, just as Obama has done with his pen and his phone.

    No need to give the local or state authorities the chance to actually BE corrupt racists. Holder’s DOJ already knows they are. So let’s forget about the process of investigation and levels of authority and go directly to the Obama (Holder) federal government ruling as they see fit. Obama IS the supreme ruler after all.


  31. doodahdaze says:

    Crump may have a small problem. The victims rights law in Mo. does nit appear to allow him to intervene as much in the prosecution as the ridiculous Floriduh law does.


  32. I haven’t heard even so much as the name of the cop who fired yet but already I’ve heard that the cop is white.


  33. froggielegs says:

    Ahhh CNN is now saying Brown stole those handfuls of Cigarillo’s just prior to the shooting. Well now that explains why Dorian initially told Al Sharpton about the handfuls of Cigarillo’s and then omitted that portion when he was interviewed on CNN.


  34. froggielegs says:

    “The release of the police report was met with renewed anger by residents of Ferguson, who said they believed the disclosure was an attempt to justify the shooting.”

    Now wait, before they were all screaming for the information, now that the information shows Brown was a thief and a thug, they don’t.


  35. kathyca says:

    I know this is for similarities, but I want to note what I think is a significant difference, too. This time, Sharpton and Jackson were there, but their intro for Crump/Parks wasn’t nearly so prominent. Also, the DOJ stepped in here from day one and has now said it’s going to do its own autopsy. The torch has been passed – fully.


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