Murrieta WINS ! Feds Announce They Will No Longer Send Busloads Of Illegals To Southern California…

Despite the media narrative to the contrary, the recent poll by Investors Business Daily tells the story of how -and why- Murrieta was successful against the full weight of the Obama Regime and pravdaesque media that were attacking them.

illegal alien 9The majority of Americans agree with Murrieta and their steadfast protest.

There is NO-WAY President Obama, as the face of the federal government, was going to put his visible self against the sheer reality of the patriots afore him

The Patriots position is in the majority.   This is the same reason the Bundy Ranch was victorious.

MURRIETA, Calif. — Following a string of contentious protests in Southern California, U.S. Customs and Border Protection announced Thursday it will no longer send busloads of undocumented immigrants to San Diego or El Centro.

The immigrants — mainly families and unaccompanied children from Central America — were being bused to facilities in San Diego and El Centro every three days to alleviate overwhelmed detention facilities in the Rio Grande Valley in Texas.

“It looks like with the almost 1,000 (undocumented immigrants) processed between El Centro and San Diego, for now (it) helps,” said Lombardo Amaya, union president of the El Centro chapter of the National Border Patrol Council in a message to The Desert Sun. “This does not mean that we will not continue to receive more loads in the future.”

Border Patrol spokesman Paul Carr said the agency has reduced its backlog in south Texas and is now able to process more migrants there.

Carr said the decision to discontinue transfers to San Diego and El Centro was not a result of the ongoing protests that have taken place in Murrieta, Calif.  (read more)

Yeah, sure !

red_dawn_wolverinesuac poll

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25 Responses to Murrieta WINS ! Feds Announce They Will No Longer Send Busloads Of Illegals To Southern California…

  1. carterzest says:

    WOOT! Wolverines!


  2. canadacan says:

    Power to the people baby.


  3. michellc says:

    I guess this ad will be coming to a city near you.

    An ad placed in the Penny Saver Newspaper in Murrieta, California is seeking “loving, compassionate parents to provide a loving home” for illegal immigrant minors, according to a local reader of the publication.
    Lisa Maloney Vinton, a Murrieta resident, provided Breitbart Texas with a purported copy of the advertisement, which was put up by the Crittenton Services and Foster Family Agency. It says, “Help heal the wounds … for children in foster care programs including survivors of human trafficking and unaccompanied refugee minors.”

    Parents who offer up their homes could have a child placed in their home in “as short as 45 days” and be paid up to $6,054 per month, according to the advertisement.

    Cindy Lemos, another Murrieta resident, told Breitbart Texas that she called the number on the advertisement. She said, “I called this afternoon and the gentlemen I spoke to told me that they are receiving the illegal immigrants but that none of them are under the age of 12. I asked him where all the younger children were… he told me that he was wondering the exact same thing.”


    • canadacan says:

      Pestilent covered snakes in your own home,how cool.


      • michellc says:

        That is $72,000 a year. Let’s hope that is not for one child. I’ve seen estimates say 60,000, that would be over $4 billion in one year.

        A week or so ago I told Puddy that my DH asked what was next that we’d have to give them our spare bedroom, it was more or less a joke. It’s starting to look less like a joke and more like reality.


    • auscitizenmom says:

      Oh, yeah. I just can’t wait to “foster” one of those MS-13 male children in my home. Holy smokes! Are they nuts??? I wish those pictures would get out so people would know they aren’t talking real, bonified, children.


  4. Daniel says:

    And this is why, as these spoiled child politicians and big-business partners increasingly fail to get their way due to public resistance, we will be increasingly targeted with these conveniently deployed assault weapons and assault vehicles sprinkled all over the country. While it is partially a threat that the local law enforcement will use (and have used) them, I see the larger threat of military and paramilitary forces assuming command of these resources which are out there already. A huge portion of their logistical concerns are already met.


  5. tc says:

    I guess they have already let in all the Hamas and Hezbollah connected drug dealing gang banger terrorists they need for the moment.

    Otherwise don’t believe it.


  6. Sentient says:

    While these patriots are winning, Glenn Beck – the phony – is helping the La Raza cause. Michael Savage takes on Glenn Beck. Know who your enemies are, because they include Glenn Beck


  7. Pamela says:

    MASS DEPORTATIONS for all illegal invaders! NO AMNESTY and NO LEGALIZATION! Enforce our laws and enforce our borders.


  8. dmoseylou says:

    Deadliest, Rarest Form of Plague Contracted Near Denver
    Airborne version can be spread through coughing and sneezing..


  9. sundance says:


  10. Ellie says:

    I don’t trust these communists…the American people will pay.


  11. Murse says:

    “There is NO-WAY President Obama, as the face of the federal government, was going to put his visible self against the sheer reality of the patriots afore him.”

    And that’s just it. If the majority would organize and push back we could shut down the agenda of both the Left and GOPrino.


    • lineman says:

      Go then to…Help us out by becoming a member…We are going to be doing the heavy lifting by being in the fray…


  12. P.Spinach says:

    It’ll be a disaster. $6000 is for 5 UACs. Imagine five over-12 year old males in one household. What are these idiots thinking? They haven’t got logic worked out on caregiving for 5 teen males and think they can teach the inexperienced foster parents in 4 days how to care for one alien delinquent nevermind a group of them.


  13. P.Spinach says:



  14. P.Spinach says:

    It is the same as if America shipped 70,000 Tra yvon Martins unwanted and kicked out of their mother’s homes to Mexico.


    • justfactsplz says:

      That’s exactly what it’s like. The crime these chillens are bringing in with them along with disease is going to be immense.


  15. P.Spinach says:

    B Hussein is no longer relevant.

    By his act of openly disobeying the US Constitution of Law — We can uphold that he has resigned his position as President of the USA.


  16. benzy says:

    I have to completely take issue with the “headline” for this article, I don’t believe Murrieta “wins” anything, More correctly, quite a few other places lose a great deal. They aren’t going to simply park those buses on the side of the road somewhere because Murrieta doesn’t want the “refugees”. The “refugees” WILL be shipped somewhere.. coming to a neighborhood near you soon. And, if the PennySaver ads are any indication, some of them quite possibly will end up in Murrieta as well. The government will do an “end run” on the protestors and simply “adopt” the “refugees” out to families in Murrieta and the surrounding area. They will STILL be there, they will STILL be creating problems, they will STILL be spreading diseases, they will STILL be bankrupting the local government (you don’t really think the Federal Government will subsidize the cost of caring for them, do you?)


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