Prayer Requests – 10

Please share any prayer requests you may have for friends or loved ones here….

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  1. carterzest says:

    Prayers for my DW Dayna. Haven’t said much here, but follow along often…
    Pardon the misspellings.
    Reyneards,scleroderma, interstitial lung disease. She has the trifecta ne’er seldom seen. Fingertips gone, mobility in hands severely limited. We’ve been really positive but needed more.
    Mayo Clinic visit in July.
    Out of network prepaid $1800 to be told “she’s defied all odds…shouldn’t still be alive”. Just amazing..
    Went to Dad’s place in Tucson for the remainder of the medical vacation(Maxine’s daughter is my step mom, for older, MBOB Treepers)…great peace in coming to peace with our mortality…great discussions with kids, family….just best.

    Fast forward to late August…first week of school, kid cold. Mama on immunity-suppressants…she got it…takes her an extra 5days to shake most modest bugs…
    we had a scheduled IV infusion of good antibodies last w-th
    Wednesday was good. Thursday she came home with headaches and backaches..all side effects.
    Rode it out over the weekend, Monday night coughing all night..didn’t want to go to ER.
    Tuesday her Mom called and headed over to take her to ER while I was working. Oh, finally got a FT super great job here in BOI…finally. Last Monday was first day. Tuesday she went to ER. Admitted.
    KidCold turned to pneumonia..
    Wednesday, I took day off to be at hospital all day…everyone in masks and gowns due to her condition…later that day, I get the kid cold full on….
    didn’t go Thursday due to my cold, call from her at 3p, MRSA.
    No Prilosec for her heartburn, so she calls me at 6 PM Thursday night to ask that, despite my cold, I come and suit up to bring her PRILOSEC. I oblige. 6:30 I’m there. Ask nurse about Dayna MRSA diagnosis, bawling as I speak…

    He is dumbfounded as to how I would think this….

    I told him MD had told my wife as much several hours earlier.

    He had me suit up, entered the room…MD MISREAD THE RESULTS..were all good.

    She was released on Friday and stayed with her parents in a kid free, sleepable room for the weekend. Home tomorrow.

    It’s been a grind and I am just getting better
    prayers for strength and courage through our test..and my new job…all at once, BAM!

    D has never performed well on lung function tests. They scare the sh!t out of her.lung test results the Mayo Clinic was speaking of were not complete. We’re not giving up. We are in for the long haul, now, with really good insurance.

    My kids have been fantastic. Please pray for their continued resilience!

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    • Grandma Covfefe says:

      What a time of highs and lows for you all.
      We are praying for you, Dayna and your family, that the Lord will give you all…. ongoing strength, peace and healing.

      ***I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. —Phil 4:13

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    • Ad rem says:

      Oh…..such a saga you wrote Carter! I was on the edge of my chair ’til the very end………’ve got really good insurance, you’ve still got that job, and she doesn’t have MRSA…..hallelujah!!!

      IKWYM re the kids….all of ’em….little germ bags. We had the 4 y/o grandson here for a week, and the DH is finally just getting over a very bad chest cold. Little guy barely had a runny nose….coulda fooled us!

      BTW (although I know it’s not nearly to the same degree) ….I have great sympathy for your DW. The entire female line of my family has had Reynards to some degree. I can’t count the times I’ve said….”cold hands – warm heart!”

      Prayers for ALL of you….and keep us abreast on the outcomes. Mayo Clinic has a wonderful reputation…so, you’ve given her the best. ❤️

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    • Joe Blow says:

      Whew! Praise God for good test results! Prayers of strength & comfort to you, your wife, & kids, Carter. God bless.

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  2. justfactsplz says:

    Lori’s surgery has been cancelled for today. It has been so hectic I don’t seem to have a minute to myself. There is no schedule around here. Chris stays up for days then crashes for a day. He is not bipolar.

    Lori went to her surgery last Thursday and everything was a go. She went to preop on Friday and was almost through when we hit a roadblock. One lesion on her skin had become fiery red overnight. The surgeon canceled and he also decided he wanted cardiac tests and clearance. So he seen her back to primary care doctor for skin treatment and clearance and preop was going to contact and get a cardio appointment for her at the hospital. This was al so disappointing.

    Then Friday night Lori had some kind of neurological episode, a type of seizure of sorts. Her head was swinging violently from side to side and she would swing it up at the ceiling. Her eyes were not focusing and going in all different directions. She could not speak coherently. She was having horrendous bolts of pain in her head. Her leg would suddenly go straight up. We rushed her to the hospital. They put her in a darkened room and hooked her up to cardiac monitoring and started blood cultures and tests.

    The skin disorder was cellulitis. They kept her all night and the sent her home. They did give her I.V. antibiotics and a script to get filled on the way home. So at least she doesn’t have to wait until Tuesday’s doctor’s appointment to get the antibiotic. The skin is already looking better.

    So now we wait again for medical clearance and a new surgery date.

    I am quite exhausted, homesick for Gary, and suffering added pain to my legs and back. Please pray for my lack of endurance. I am getting too old for this, lol.

    Love to all,

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    • Ad rem says:

      Sounds like the doc was right in cancelling the surgery for the time being. Cellulitis is a strep infection, and it could have treveled to her lymph nodes….which under the stress of surgery might have been a major complication. So good on him for catching that! Sigh…however, just one for complication to hurry up and wait for… frustrating, I can only imagine.

      Continuing prayers for you all….and expecially for our Gary. He must be missing you terribly. ❤️

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    • jello333 says:

      Thanks for letting me know where to find you here in the Tree… I’ll keep an eye open from now on. Hang in there.

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      • justfactsplz says:

        Thanks, jello.

        Thanks, jello. If things ever settle down I will be back more on the other threads. We sure have had a lot of fun on them these past few years.

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    • Joe Blow says:

      Oh my, justfacts, what a whirlwind! Glad to hear her skin is doing better now. I pray the Lord will keep her within His comforting hands & protect her while you wait for clearance again & a new surgi date. I also pray that He will sustain you & carry you.

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      • justfactsplz says:

        Well, Lori saw the primary care doctor this morning and she said the infection is responding to the antibiotic. While there Lori was having another seizure type disorder. Doc said not to hesitate to take her back to ER if we need to.

        The surgeons office called today and was able to push to get Lori in to Cardiology on Oct. 1. They said they might clear her that day if EKG is alright. They would like to get both the clearance for cardio and the skin infecction around the same time so they can reschedule Lori’s surgery.

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  3. carterzest says:

    Sad to report that Grammie Maxine passed away last night. For those not familiar with her and her amazing story:

    Be sure to read them all as they are an abbreviated version of her amazing life story.

    Maxine is the mother of The Pope of the Apostolic Faith Church. She is survived by 6 children. 23 grandchildren, 39 great grand children, and 6 great great grand children. Her husband of 71 years preceded her in death on January 30th of this year.

    Thanks to Sharon for allowing Maxine to guest host MBOB. It truly was a life highlight for my Grammie and she got a real kick out of it.

    They don’t make them like this anymore!

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  4. Ruth Allen says:

    Prayer request for the love of my life. Melanoma battle starts tomorrow.

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  5. Lumina says:

    Prayers for my husband’s family. My husband’s youngest brother died yesterday in a car accident in our hometown. He was 51. Prayers especially for his son & daughter who he has been estranged from due to his drinking. He may of had a medical condition that caused the accident.

    We’ll be driving home to Montana next week for the funeral.

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  6. Grandma Covfefe says:

    I’m heart-broken tonight…I just found out from my best-iest friend, prayer partner and Best Sister in the Lord, tonight that she doesn’t have much time left. She had told me several years ago she was ready to go home to be with the Lord when it was time.

    Three months ago they had been given hope that she may get a transplant…but now she found out she isn’t a candidate for a transplant and there’s nothing more they can do for her. So they are in a state of shock, trying to adjust to this new thought…her husband is devastated. In the meantime, my ‘little stubborn self’ told her that I wasn’t giving up praying for healing and that made her smile.

    Pray with me for healing for her while she and her husband prepares for a peaceful change in their life and for us all…she and I share the same grandkids.

    Thank You, everyone in the Treehouse, for committing to praying for other Treepers in their hour of needs. You all are the best…..the best family. God Bless you all. I love you.

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    • Ad rem says:

      Dearest Grandma…..You, your sister, and the whole family will be in my prayers tonight and for as long as needed. You have given so much of yourself to other Treepers by way of prayerful support and comfort. Now, It is our turn to do our best for you.

      Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid. – John 14;27

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    • Menagerie says:

      Grandma, you will both be in my prayers. May all the saints in heaven pray for your sister, and we treepers will join in the petitions. I am so sorry.

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    • Joe Blow says:

      Grandma, I pray for the Lord’s healing according to His will for your sister, & for His peace that surpasses understanding for the family. You’re such a wonderful prayer warrior. God bless you.

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  7. just stevie says:

    Grandma, sending prayers up to heaven that God’s Mercy and Grace is bestowed upon your best-iest friend and that prayers are answered!

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  8. Happy go lucky says:

    If you would, please add 15 year old Mae to your prayers. She suffered severe blow to her head in an accident riding atop a vehicle in a parking garage. Also please add the other teens who were involved and the driver, also a teen and my son. They are all squeaky clean kids, just the best of the best, bright, good citizens. Just no words for this incredibly foolish stunt. They had gone to the top of the parking garage to eat pizza and watch the sunset last night, but left early because some loud college kids showed up. Thank you ever so much. I will keep you posted of outcomes.

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  9. Ad rem says:

    Received this in our email…

    My dear first grandson, while at college, decided he was really a she. Please pray that Josiah and all who are being led astray by this delusion might be found by the Good Shepherd and be brought back to the fold. I pray this daily in belief I will see this by the power of God and the fulfillment of His desire that none perish but that all come to repentance and with a thankful heart for God’s mercy in hearing and fulfilling this request. Thanks for listening and praying with me.

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  10. Ad rem says:

    “Deborah” emails…

    Please pray for Nancy Linton, who lost her husband and one son the same day. One year anniversary of their deaths is approaching shortly.

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  11. Justice says:

    Good day to you all. Thank you for your expression of kindness and prayers for everyone. Very nice to be among you all.

    I just saw the picture of POTUS at his desk on the “Presidential Politics’ thread here as I do every day. But, today, I suddenly felt the need to pray for him. Not that I don’t keep a prayer in my heart for him….but, he needs protection from this onslaught of evil against him and it was time for me to stop, kneel down and acknowledge God in sincere humility.

    I know God has called and chosen Donald Trump for our President in this time of great peril and calumny. Falsehoods are abound and today I hope we’ll all take an extra moment to help boost the Spirit of God in the world with mighty prayers for our President.

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  12. Ad rem says:

    Email request….

    From June Jones asking for healing from cancer.

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  13. MTeresa says:

    Please pray for my family member who will be undergoing brain surgery tomorrow morning. She has intractable epilepsy and this is her second surgery. We are hoping that the removal of the tissue where the seizures are coming from will either reduce the seizures or God willing remove them altogether.

    Her courage blows me away……..

    God bless the surgeon and guide his hands to do his best for her.

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    • Joe Blow says:

      I join you in prayer asking our Heavenly Father to guide the surgeon’s hands during the operation. I pray that the procedure will yield positive results, and if it be His will, a removal of your loved one’s seizures. Prayers also of strength & comfort for you, MTeresa. God bless.

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      • MTeresa says:

        You’re prayer meant so much to me. I referred to it several times over the last few days. We never know what is His will and why it doesn’t always line up with ours. I guess I’m old enough now to know that what I hope for, isn’t always the right thing in the long run. Thank God it’s not ever up to me 🙂

        Whatever is His will – I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

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    • Ad rem says:

      Praying by the time you read this the surgery will be over, and you’ll have positive results to report.

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    • MTeresa says:

      The neuro surgeon said the surgery went as expected and he “has a good feeling” about this one. Fingers crossed. Today they’ve had her up walking and eating. It’s remarkable to see modern medicine at work and I will never cease to be amazed at the compassion showed by nurses who care for our loved ones. Maybe we’ve just been “lucky” but we’ve always had great nurses. All signs are very positive. She’s still having a quite an issue with pain but that is not unexpected. Asking for continued prayers to alleviate the pain.

      God is truly good and I appreciate the prayers from CTH.

      What an amazing place the treehouse is. Thank you!

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    • MTeresa says:

      So she’s going home today Woo Hoo!!!! Her recovery has been remarkable and but for a little discomfort and nausea, she’s doing amazingly well. Her surgeon said she is healing per what they normally observe with other patients having this procedure. Every day without a seizure is a good day. Living one day at a time and with tremendous gratitude.

      I don’t normally share such personal things, but felt that we needed an army of prayer warriors so I put the word out to anyone willing to do so. I’m so grateful because we had such an outpouring of people willing to pray daily a Novena and the Rosary. I was blown away.

      Our gospel reading at Mass today was Luke 17:11-19. The homily was about gratitude. Every time I ever reach out to God at my greatest need, He hears and answers me in one way or another. I’m careful to pray for the strength to handle whatever is His will.

      Thank you Jesus – for prayers to our Blessed Mother, St. Jude, and the Little Infant of Prague and in their intercession for my petitions, I will always thank Him.

      Praise God always!

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      • Lumina says:

        Amen, I am happy all went well and pray she remains seizure free. Brain surgery is scary but they do remarkable things. My daughter may have surgery to remove the small cavernoma that bled last year and caused a seizure. (Thank you for the prayers, she is in the midst of buying her 1st home…) She has been having small episodes of aphasia, loss of words and starting to have more small focal dreamlike episodes. She is hopefully going to try a medication change to help the episodes. It’s a comfort to hear a success story.

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  14. Ghost says:

    So I thought I would never be in this position or ask something like this but I truly feel at home here. Please add me (Bill) AKA. Ghost, and my family to your prayer list.

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  15. Lumina says:

    Back home after my brother-in-laws funeral. It was great to be back home and spend time with both my husband’s and my family. A couple of prayer requests from my trip…

    First for my sister, who you prayed for earlier this year. She finally got the jerk/scammer of a fiancé out of her house & he’s out of the state. I see a bit of my take no guff sister back. The jerk lowered her self esteem so unbelievably, she even endured domestic violence. She did stand up to his son and kicked him off the property. She is very close to losing our family home because the jerk hadn’t been paying the bills while she was providing the main income. I don’t understand why she didn’t keep tabs on things. As she told me about the house and the jerk, it was as if a big weight had lifted and she began to crash to dose off to sleep for a nap. She did not ask for money, but part of me has a twinge of guilt for not rescuing her again to keep the home my parents for so hard to provide for us, but it’ll be what it is….

    The 2nd request is for a beautiful young girl who is finishing up her nursing degree. After the Rosary/Memorial service people were gathered in the funeral home lobby. I finally had a chance to talk to my oldest friend & we walked into the chapel. There was the young gal sobbing all alone. I walked up to her and asked how she knew my bro-in-law. She said she didn’t know him, but was first on the scene and tried to help him but it was too late. The poor girl was so upset. After talking to her I went out to let my husband, his sister, a RN & his brother, a doctor know about her. They eventually were able to break away to talk to her. My bro-in-law reassured her even the trauma team wouldn’t have been able to help. He brought his medical assistant in talk to the gal also. The gal stayed in the chapel quite a while and when she left I gave her a big hug and told her she is going to be a wonderful nurse.

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    • Joe Blow says:

      What a thoughtful, lovely young girl. Prayers for her & your sister, & of course for you & your family too, Lumina. God bless.

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    • just stevie says:

      Lumina, God puts special people in front of us for encouragement. This young girl is filled with compassion and it seems everyone benefited being in contact with one another. Also remembering your sister that God will give her substantial Grace to recover! Blessings!

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  16. lida rose says:

    Hello fellow Treepers,
    I don’t comment much, but I need an army of prayers for my Mom.

    Mom has Alzheimer’s and we had to have her committed last Wednesday as she had stopped taking all her meds and was nearly psychotic. She is now back on her meds, aware and as stable as she can be. The hospital is talking about keeping her until early next week. The problem is the setting of the hospital triggers almost all her negative reactions. I fear if she has to stay another weekend she will begin to deteriorate again. My Dad was able to have a lengthy conversation with the social worker this evening about our concerns and he said he would contact the doctor.

    Please pray that my Mom is released from the hospital tomorrow. We have a Memory Care facility ready to receive her into their care. Thank you all so much from the bottom of my heart.

    P.S. A warning to all, a Medical power of attorney (which we have) does NOT cover psychiatric issues. You have to have a separate Psychiatric power of attorney. That is why Mom had to be committed and we now have to get the doctor’s approval for release.

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  17. Big Jake says:

    My mom is suffering from bone cancer (spine) that has spread. She’s been beaten down by chemotherapy to the point that she is only awake a few minutes a day. In two hours she will be 76 years old… She was a strong person. Seeing her knocked down like this is devastating to watch.

    I can only hope God’s will is done in a way that we can see, understand, and accept. A week after her birthday is the 40th anniversary of my father’s death. My mom carried on with dignity and selflessness for her kids as the widow of a fallen Federal Agent every moment since then. This is not the way I wanted her to go out…

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  18. justfactsplz says:

    Update on lori’s surgery. She got the cardio clearance and her surgery was rescheduled for Oct. 30th. Her nueralogical syptoms are so much worse that the surgeon is working her in for this Tuesday, Oct. 15th. Please pray she doesn’t have permanent damage from what her brain is doing. She is so close to God and feels called to share her story with others.

    To make matters more worse Chris still hasn’t found a job and they are behind now on their rent. She cannot be moving right now or for a good while. I don’t know how long it would be before she could fly safely back to Florida to finish her recovery.

    Well, Senator Rubio really came through for me. He got our taxes lowered and our mortgage payment lowered. It is now only fifty three dollars higher than when we bought it year ago. That is doable although tough. Thank you for prayers regarding that.

    Also please pray I get life insurance. I have had a policy since the 80’s. Well Gary’s daughter was “helping” us with our bills and it was cancelled for non payment. I have applied to another company but know if it will pass underwriting. They want me to answer more health questions. I really need a policy. I need to come home soon to take care of matters and Gary is not doing that great alone even with kids occassionally checking on him.

    I will let you know how surgery goes. We need to pray her skin does not get infected again before Tuesday. You get it cleared up and it pops back up again. Caused by systemic lupus.

    For those of you who understand this sort of thing Lori and I are fighting a tough spiritual battle. The enemy does not want her to have this surgery.

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    • just stevie says:

      Oh Just…so many issues to deal with! My heart goes out to you and your family! Thank you for the update ~ praying for God’s healing hand and mercies!

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    • Joe Blow says:

      It’s good that the surgery will be sooner than expected, although not for the reason it is. I pray that there will be no permanent damage to her brain, & that she will remain healthy with her skin so that there won’t be any issue this time. No matter what the evil one may do, God’s purpose will be accomplished!

      Also prayers that you get life insurance, justfacts. Praying for all of you fervently. God bless.

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  19. woodstuff says:

    Well, it’s time for the Sunday worship at church and I’m staying at home. Where I started going recently did not minister to me. Mostly the pastor was legalistic and always failed to tie in any message to our Savior. Everyone was friendly, but I just didn’t sense His Spirit. It was just like another “social club” or “feel-good church”. Currently, I’m looking for a church that meets my needs.

    The major earthly problem for me now is dealing with the mess. Mostly, I don’t know where to start. Sometimes I just want to sit down and do nothing. Some days, that is just exactly what I do, absolutely nothing. But that’s not me. Prayers are always appreciated.

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    • Joe Blow says:

      There are a lot of churches like that, sadly. I think you made the right decision breaking away from there. Prayers that the Lord will lead you to a new church where His Word will be preached in full with the culmination of Jesus’ finished work.

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    • CoffeeBreak says:

      God is everywhere, that’s how I’ve always felt and believed. No need to dwell upon not going to a “House of God”, especially when it feels like anything but.

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  20. Ad rem says:

    Dear Treepers, we just received the following email from a friend of “justfactsplz” regarding her daughter Lori and her surgery tomorrow….

    Ad rem or whoever is covering prayer thread
    Please check for her prayer request
    She said she sent
    A request but it is not posted yet
    Lori’s surgery is tomorrow
    It has been a very rough road and they need prayers.
    Thank you so much

    Her CTH friend

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  21. bcsurvivor2 says:

    Sandy I am praying for Lori…love you lady

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  22. bcsurvivor2 says:

    Hello my treeper prayer warriors.
    Special request here.I’m not sure how many treepers are going to the WOMENS MARCH FOR TRUMP being held in Washington DC on thursday the 17th. I do know there are thousands of us that are going.
    I would humbly ask for prayers that we are all wrapped in the safety and love of our Lord Jesus.

    Thanks all
    peace, Eve

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