Prayer Requests – 10

Please share any prayer requests you may have for friends or loved ones here….

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  1. angellestaria6674 says:

    My companion and faithful fellow-Treepers:

    Out of a great conversation I had with Valerie Curren here on this prayer thread over the course of the last couple of days, she had mentioned something that got me to thinking of sending her a couple of poems I previously posted in the daily Presidential and Our Father Prayer threads.

    I was going to email her the piece I posted right before Christmas of 2018 about a dreadful time spent in Moscow, Russia many years ago, but our very proficient and on-top-of-all-things-here Ad Rem culled it out of my past comments and was kind enough to post it here in this thread.

    My thought to and for all of you who will read it is this:

    I hope my piece will encourage each and everyone of you who are in distress, whether you are sick or have family members who are sick, have had loved ones pass away or any other painful situation you are facing in life. I hope this presentation will lift you up in faith and hope of the Lord your God’s care, love, peace and faithfulness to be with you, to be close to you (He’s already in your heart!) and is and will yet make His great comforting Presence known to you in your hour of distress and trial.

    The circumstances of which I write in my poem were indeed, so incomprehensible that there are no words to describe all the worst of pain, torments, agony, fear, dread, terror, blackness of soul and what seemed to be a hopeless black hole back then. But the Lord intervened in supernatural, miraculous, even creative ways that kept me alive and got me out of there in one piece. That was over 40 years ago. He wasn’t finished with this life yet. I was barely over 20 years of age. And to think, part of His plan and road ahead of my life back then, was to be part of this wonderful site, and yes, even to be sitting here right now at 4:53am-EST typing these words of love and encouragement to and for you. I wouldn’t have missed this for the world!

    Having said all that, I will say that as close to me as He was, giving great(est) grace in the face of impossible odds of surviving, HE IS, THIS PRESENT DAY & TIME, JUST AS CLOSE TO EVERY ONE OF YOU NO MATTER YOUR SITUATION. Some peoples’ trials and sufferings are greater than others, but the Lord our God is the same yesterday, today and forever and is equally present in all His love, comfort, mercy, grace and perfecting will with all His people in all of their trials. Keep that precious truth in mind while you are going through the fire and the flood, the wind and the storm and the darkness of Hell itself trying to trip you up with fear, panic and dread. Perfect love casts out all fear. Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty…and that includes liberty from fear and dread.

    This is why my piece is here on this thread. I’ve not shared these things with very many, but it’s the only reason I share things of past life. It’s basically the premise and reason for my being part of the CTH community to begin with.

    This prayer request thread is a great ministry and is one of the greatest things online that I have ever come to. Not everybody gets miraculous deliverance, but all true, devoted God-worshiping Christians get His fullest grace and mercy of love, comfort, peace and His perfect will in their lives. And for that, it is good to rejoice and offer the Lord His due thanksgiving, glory, praise and worship.

    Bless all of you. I love all of you as if I knew you as closest personal friends in real time life. The Lord has profoundly, by His Holy Spirit, been moving upon and in me these last few days for all of you.

    I believe the Lord has yet a greater purpose for the Conservative Tree House aka The Last Refuge. I am believing great things for this site, for Sundance, Ad rem, Menagerie, staff and every single one of you Treepers, however and whatever that perfect will of God for each and all of us is.

    Shalom always and forever,

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  2. justfactsplz says:

    It’s me again. I am on coumadin for life because of having blood clots twice. For my surgery I have to stop taking coumadin and take lovenox shots to bridge the gap before and after surgery. My doctor had me stop the coumadin last night. They ordered the lovenox shots and I was to start them this morning twice a day. Human insurance co that I have had for my prescription drug co for several years decided they aren’t covering the drug anymore. The generic costs two thousand dollars which I cannot do. The doctor is trying to get prior authorization for the drug but Humna has not answered them. I am trusting God to protect me in this. There is no substitute drug.

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  3. justfactsplz says:

    It’s me again fellow prayer warriors. I am on Coumadin for life because of having blood clots twice. When I have surgery I have to stop the Coumadin and bridge the gap with Lovenox shots twice a day. I stopped the Coumadin last night and the doctor ordered my Lovenox shots. I have Humana drug coverage and have had it for several years. Never had a problem with them. Well,they decided they don’t cover the drug and the generic costs two thousand dollars. There is no substitute. The doctor is trying to get prior authorization but Humana hasn’t answered them. I was to start the shots this morning. The last time I got them for my hip revision surgery they cost me $35.00 18 months ago. I can’ afford a high co pay for this. I am trusting God to protect me.

    Also, Gary’s beloved cat, Buck Shot has been missing since Sunday. He has never been missing for more than an hour. Gary has been crying his eyes out. He rescued the little guy from under his boat when he was about five weeks old and raised him. I have noticed Gary has been having problems with his emotions and is also at times very grouchy and snappy with me. It is all part of this long journey of the Alzhiemers. I thank God he is highly functional.

    I am resting I God’s peace and in His presence. I start each day sitting with my garage door open and thank God for all of my blessings, this home, every thing big and small. I thank him for His beautiful creation. Yesterday he sent me birds again. Not cardinals. Little tiny birds. There were two of them. They flew in the garage and sat on the chair next to me and stared at me a long time. I looked at every little feather. Then they broke out in a beautiful song before flying away. God has used birds many times to let me know He is near when I am going through tough times. It gets my attention so I can listen to the Holy Spirit.

    In the evening I sit and watch the sunsets. Each day is different in color and the clouds are different. I thank God for that every day. I have found much joy in God’s creation and it is very calming to take this time to spend with God. If you are going through tough times find a calming and peaceful place to thank God for your blessings. I also do this when the physical pain overwhelms me and God helps me with it.

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  4. Dear Treepers, Josiah & I are just wrapping up our day at the University of Michigan Hospital with his Nephrology Team visit (doctor, dietitian, & social worker). We got his blood draw before the appointment & don’t have those results yet. I’ve written a detailed post about today’s visit at the more medical/Josiah-focused blog here if anyone wants details, but overall things appear to be going well:

    When I hear about the liver bloodwork I’ll drop a line here. We are praying for No Liver Transplant Rejection, especially since I erroneously lowered his anti-rejection dosage for two weeks & he’s only been back on the “regular” dosage for a couple of days.

    Thanks for your many prayers on behalf of my family!!! God Bless & Keep You All!!! 🙂

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  5. justfactsplz says:

    Treepers I am sorry for two similar posts yesterday. I was typing the first one and hit a wrong key and it disappeared. I did not see it post so wrote another one.

    it has been an exhausting day. The doctor went around and around with Humana and finally got the shots approved on an emergency basis, the generic ones. By the time the approval came through it was late tonight and pharmacy about to close and I had to hurry and borrow money which I hate doing for the $277.00 copay. Just for one drug, it’s insane. Anyway I was able to get a shot tonight. Otherwise I would have had to cancel my surgery. God did make a way and answered prayers.

    My preop stuff is tomorrow in Orlando and will take most of the day. Praying all goes well with that. Thank you for praying.

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    • Joe Blow says:

      Praise God! He does make a way! Prayers for a successful preop.

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    • bcsurvivor2 says:

      hi Justfactsplz,
      Jeepers, so sorry you are facing even more “stuff”
      As you know Ma” will be here with me in a few days. YAY, can you believe it.
      We would love to come visit you while you are in the hospital, if you like….where two or more treepers are gathered in His name….
      Anyhow, Ma” has chemo today and the a bigly long flight coming up. I’ll send AdRem my email and phone # so she can forward to you.
      Are you at Orlando regional? Or Florida Hospital, now Advent Health?

      Read all the posts here everyday..
      peace and prayers for everyone

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      • justfactsplz says:

        Hi, bcsurvivor2,

        I will be in Orlando Regional hospital. My surgeon is a trauma surgeon there and is worth going there instead of the small town surgeons. He has done well on my other leg.

        What a way to meet people. I will look a wreck and may even be out of it when you come. With my hip revision surgeries they sent me home the second day. I have a feeling they will send me home the day after. To think my first hip repolacement they kept me five days.

        Ad rem has permission from me to give you my email address. Maii was supposed to give you that and my pone number.

        See you soon. I have something to look forward to now.

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        • bcsurvivor2 says:

          Hi there,
          So glad your surgery is a go.
          Would it be more convenient for us to visit you at your home say about Friday of next week?
          We could bring a lunch and help with any chores you and gary need done. Grocery shopping even.
          Ma” can’t walk a lot and i have hurt my back, with sciatica kicking up so walking for me is we’re a mess.
          My sister -in-law is a Chaplin at Orlando regional, she would visit you if you like. I’m sure she knows your doctor as she works in the trauma unit.
          At any rate I am looking forward to meeting you.
          Will be in touch. Just please let me know if you need anything………
          peace and prayers,

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          • justfactsplz says:

            What a trio, I can’t walk right now either, lol! I got a call today from ORMC about some Base Camp I have to attend the morning after surgery and the afternoon after too. Sounds like propaganda time to me Siigh! So, maybe it would be better to wait and come to my house. After Base Camp I will be furloughed home anyway. By Friday I should be more with it too. May be groggy day after surgery. Would love a visit from your Chaplain sister in law.


  6. We didn’t hear directly from Brandon “today” but here is part of the leader’s update from their blog that pertains to what B had been doing the other day & perhaps continuing to do. I posted it here since Ad Rem started the new page…

    “Today, we spent the entire day at the work site so I anticipated much more physical labor than the spiritual work we were focused on before. But, of course, the Lord continued to reveal himself to me in amazing ways. We first drove through the cemetery to see the dump and learn more about the impact it has on this city. Actually witnessing the culmination of extreme poverty and unfathomable brokenness was sobering and heartbreaking. In a place that seems so hopeless, I was taken aback by Manuel’s (one of the Guatemalan people we are serving with) faithfulness to seek God regardless. His desire to love others like Jesus does definitely set the tone for the day and prepared us to set ourselves aside for the sake of others.

    The work site mostly entailed pushing wheelbarrows of sand back and forth, shoveling, mixing cement and removing nails, among other tasks. Since the work was somewhat repetitive (though physically demanding), God allowed a lot of time to bond with our team, those we were partnered with in service and some wonderful local children. While we were shoveling, several kids ran up to us and – despite not even being able to speak the same language – eagerly began to help us and continued to do so throughout the day. I was amazed by their complete willingness to serve so happily and I felt so lucky that God calls me to do the same: that he loves us so dearly that we get the chance to be a part of his divine Kingdom work, whether that means building a house or just playing soccer with kids.

    In such a short time, it is so apparent to me that the Lord is here in Guatemala and he is certainly moving. How gracious is he to give us so many reasons to rejoice.

    “Though you have not seen him, you love him. Though you do not now see him, you believe in him and rejoice with joy that is inexpressible and filled with glory, obtaining the outcome of your faith, the salvation of your souls.”
    1 Peter 1:8-9″

    There are more details about other aspects of their work on their blog, but no pictures yet:

    Thanks for your prayers on behalf of Brandon & this missions team in Guatemala. Blessings!

    I’ll post future updates in reply to this comment, hopefully…Thanks

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    • My husband got a couple of brief messages from Brandon today. He’s doing well, though very exhausted. Great things are happening in Guatemala. Please continue to keep them in your prayers. They are scheduled to be back home very late on Saturday.

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      • justfactsplz says:

        What a horror for Brandon to be able to serve in this capacity. This experience will stay with hi for the rest of his life. Praying for his safe return home.

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        • Perhaps you meant “honor” rather than “horror”…

          Yes we think he might be in a bit of culture shock when he gets home & has to muck it out here in the valley of life rather than those overt mountaintop triumphs they are hopefully experiencing there. They have a big adjustment coming home from hunting camp–a familiar place with familiar people & activities. Going back to work on Monday will probably feel a bit surreal to him too.

          Thanks so much for your prayers!!! Blessings

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    • Michael heard briefly from Brandon late Friday. This was their last full day in Guatemala. He’s already hoping to go on next year’s mission’s trip for this has been such a special time. Apparently he has made some close friendships along the way & is having a hard time saying goodbye. Please pray that this trip ends well & they will glorify the Lord throughout the process.

      He’s supposed to return very late Saturday, just before midnight. We’d appreciate prayers for their safe return & for the Lord of the Harvest to reap mightily from their Guatemalan adventures. Thank you for your prayers!

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  7. Weeper says:

    I hope this posts. I wanted to take a minute and thank everyone who has been praying for me. They’re working. No, I’m not “well”, far from it, but I am feeling better after last Friday which was the toughest battle yet in this fight.

    I wrote a poem that I’d like to share:

    She walks outside in her house dress
    The light peeks through, right before dawn
    Dew on the grass and birds singing
    As she sits in her spot on the lawn

    She reflects on her journey to this point
    How she got here, she hasn’t a clue
    But the battle is long, and she’s only begun
    Counting scars as she powers through

    She has no time for things that are phony
    Be it news, or fake sympathy
    But some days she must put on a brave face
    To preserve a sweet memory

    Sometimes are better than others
    Worth a nod, or a tap, or a shrug
    She tries to press on in her best light
    When really, all she needs is a hug

    She has very few she can count on
    Some have made clear they don’t seem to care
    But a feeling that nags her is so strong
    She’s been remembered and lifted in prayer

    Please don’t leave me sweet feeling, I need you
    I wake every day believing you’re real
    If you go I’ll be sad and quite lonely
    So you’ll live on in my heart….that’s the deal

    I’m so thankful that I found this site. It’s kept me company many a day. I write. It’s a small way to contribute and express my gratitude.


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    • Thanks for sharing Weeper. We’re still praying for you & many other needs here. May the Lord continue to comfort, heal, strengthen, sustain, encourage, & enfold You in His arms of Love. Blessings (Oh & Angelle wanted me to share that he’s praying for you too!)

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    • Oh WONDERFUL Weeper! I was praying for you last night…THANK YOU for the update. It is so encouraging for those of us that pray to hear about progress (or lack thereof) so we can pray more specifically.

      God bless!

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      • Weeper says:

        you are quite welcome. in my case, anything positive, little as it may be, is good news. Monday I visit the oncologist who won’t be happy that I had to have another tube placed in my back. seems he and my urologist don’t “communicate” enough. It’s time I put a stop to that, cuz it’s my health that’s suffering. let’s keep praying that we can internalize this tube soon, and my right kidney continues to function as it should. I’ll update again next week.

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        • justfactsplz says:

          Thank you for the update, Weeper. You are never alone. You can write anytime day or night here and various ones of us will answer, day or night.

          Your poem was beautiful. How gifted you are.

          I hate that you are lonely Weeper. I prayed that God would wrap you in His loving arms and give you a big hug. We all need hugs. I am sending a big cyber hug to you. May God sustain you and strengthen you and comfort you.

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        • Weeper,
          Getting the docs to talk to each other can be a real struggle. Maybe you can print in BIG LETTERS the tel info of your urologist to hand to the oncologist? 🙂
          Still praying about those tubes and you’re healing.

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        • piper567 says:

          will do, Weeper.

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  8. Good News. We heard from Liver Transplant & All of Josiah’s liver numbers look great! He did have an elevated white count so they want us to see his PCP if he develops some type of illness. Ever since his transplant he’s had nearly constant sinus issues (the docs claim that’s unrelated to transplant, but only God knows). I wonder if he may have picked something up from Brandon who was pretty sick after getting his travel vaccines. I never asked B if any of the vaccines were of “live viruses” for I think we’re not supposed to expose J to them, if possible.

    I’m just thankful that my med refill faux pas didn’t appear to have any lasting negative impact on Josiah. Perhaps this data could be applied in encouraging his Liver doc to consider J going on the weaning off anti-rejection drugs protocol. The Nephrologist would like to see his Prograf reduced or eliminated since it’s so hard on his kidneys. Managing J’s medical needs is quite the balancing act!

    Thanks for your prayers on his behalf! You all bless us so much!!!

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  9. Here’s an update from one of the team leaders on Brandon’s missions trip. I’m sharing it as is for I have no further details to expand or clarify things. I was glad to see that Brandon made the blog post by name. By the way they should be in the midst of their travels home right now. The ones returning to Metro Detroit are scheduled to arrive just before midnight today!

    “Day 5
    3/13/2019 0 Comments

    Today, I went for a run with Kevin and Gerardo before breakfast which was delish per usual. The devotional this morning was hastily put together and delivered by yours truly. The topic of it was suffering. After that, the group split up like it has been and Jessie, Andrew, Ann, Brandon, Katherine, Ellyse and I went to the elementary school in the morning. We went over John 3:16 with the classes that yesterday’s groups didn’t get to. We made some bracelets with different colors to represent different aspects of the Gospel. Different age groups had varying levels of receptivity, as I’m sure you could imagine, but hey, the seed was planted so that’s what matters. That was essentially the gist of the morning at the school, and then it was time to head back to the church for some regrouping and some awesome food. In keeping with tradition of the week, we all were very full after lunch so we ended up lying on the floor to try to calm the tummies before leaving again.

    We got to the university, got out of the van, and walked about 20 yards before stopping to pray as a group. Before we could even pray for God to bless our time and bring people to us, one of the teachers at the university asked our group if we could come talk to his English class and talk about God. The teacher joined our prayer circle before we headed out to his classroom. It was absolutely WILD how speedy God moved. We ended up going to the garden and splitting up into seven conversation groups- one white person per group. Ann’s group had awesome conversation, mine was not as spiritual but it was still good I think. Andrew’s and Brandon’s groups bought them some shucos after the group which was really cool to see. Even after group time was over, some people from my group stayed behind and Katherine talked to them for a bit longer. We lost Brandon and found him a bit away talking to four girls who were talking to him about a project for their English class. The English teacher we saw suggested he go to that area since it was near the English building. It was cool to see Brandon so naturally talking to them. We were there until it was time to head back to the church for dinner, which was some pasta with chicken and THERE WAS CAKE TOO!! During dinner, Andrew shared his slice since I took up too much time last night so he didn’t have time to. It is always awesome to see what makes someone tick and what makes them into the person they are today and Andrew’s slice was no exception.

    After dinner, a group of us hopped in the van with Rolando to go get some ice cream at Pops. It was a nice little detour on the way back to the hotel. We ALSO got to learn a lot about Rolando since we had plenty of time to ask questions because he got lost on the drive to the hotel…
    Nathan and Katherine shared their slices today which was another dose of coolness to get the inside scoop on their walks with Jesucristo. It seemed like we would be wrapped up by 9 pm BUT there was a blog to be written (this one) and many MANY flowers to be cut up for tomorrow’s lesson at the school so that happened instead. Also, Kevin’s name is now Gordo, that’s from the worksite today.”

    Thank you so much for praying for Brandon & his team! God Bless all Treeper Prayer Warriors!

    PS this was taken directly from their blog here:

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    • Brandon’s home safely with many tales to tell. God was definitely glorified & the love of Jesus shed abroad through this trip. Thanks so much for your prayer support!!!

      Oh, the “slice” referenced in their blog post quoted above referred to “a slice of life” kind of like their intimate testimony time within the missions team. This took place throughout the trip & knit their hearts together as they each shared part of their broken road journey that brought them to the foot of the cross…Blessings to All!

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    • Just a little nugget from Brandon’s trip reminiscences. Apparently Wednesday was the only day he went to the schools instead of the work site helping in building a home for one of the church families. Being at the school was a real stretch for Brandon primarily due to the language barrier. He got a chance to work with a more advanced English class at the college later in the day & no one else in the team ended up joining in with that small group of young ladies much. The next day one of the leaders & the pastor of the Wayne State University church Brandon usually attends went back to that English class & shared the gospel with them. He lead them in a salvation prayer & 3 students raised their hands!

      These were the only “known” conversions that the team was aware of. B was a bit sad not to have been there to witness these young people surrendering to the Lordship of Jesus. However, I pointed out that his interactions with the students where he shared the love of Jesus with them were instrumental to preparing their hearts to receive the Lord later. So too, I believe, were all our prayers on behalf of that trip…

      Rejoice Treeper Prayer Warriors, we were a small part of God’s work in Guatemala & part of the process of those souls being led to the cross of Christ! This is Fruit that will Remain & each of us that prayed were part of the laborers helping to bring in the sheaves for the Lord of the Harvest! Just a bit of encouragement & thanks for your prayers!!!

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  10. Ad rem says:

    Dear Treepers….

    Angelle has business that will take him away from the TreeHouse for a while. As he’s having a bit of trouble with WP, he’s asked me to post the following for him…

    Family Treepers:

    I have a prayer request of my own tonight. You are a very diligent and faithful bunch of praying people, so I am going to draw on that tonight.

    Letting you know that I will not be here for awhile. I have to take some time to tend to some things and responsibilities the Lord has put in my life. So this comment/request will be the last for awhile. I don’t know how long. Could be shorter or could be an extended period of time.

    I will hate being away as TCTH, especially this prayer request thread, is near and dear to my heart. I have never felt so close to people I have never physically met. But that’s because it is the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ in us that binds us together in His Body. His love and communications with us know no geographical boundaries or physical limitations.

    But do know, those of you here that are in need, sick, going through great troubles, those of you I have grown to love, pray and care for, I will carry all of you in my heart of love and prayer no matter where I go and in whatever task is at hand that I have to engage. You can take that to Heaven’s Bank.

    So my request tonight is that the Lord will maintain a decent run of heath as I do have a couple of serious health issues that can blow up and become critical in a minute’s time, heart issues being one of them, CNSystem issues another.

    But my more pressing request above that is for the strength of God to help me accomplish what is ahead, things that face difficult odds and are beyond my natural scope. But when did the Lord ever call His people to be able to get things done in their own strength without needing His heavenly strength? I request you to pray that the Lord will give me the wisdom to understand and accept His perfect will and the strength of Heaven’s power to get some things done, things that could be very helpful to a number of people in a lot of places. I am not a young man, but it seems that the Lord doesn’t look at our present physical state of things when He calls you to get up and get going and engage whatever path it is He sets before our feet. Wisdom, timing, knowledge are all essential and critical ingredients in upcoming tasks. I am reminded how the Lord strengthened Paul to get up and get going the day after he was stoned and left for dead.

    I do not want to walk one single step in my own limited wisdom and strength.
    For me, it is the perfect will of God or nothing.
    Nothing more. Nothing less. Nothing else.

    A special thanks to Ad Rem and her kind words, communications and help.
    Also, a special thanks to Valerie Curren for all her encouraging words and sharing.

    Valerie, Patrickhenrycensored, Weeper, 4Sure, justfactplz, I will continue to uphold all of your needs as long as there is breath in me. Also for Valerie’s son, Josiah. Joe Blow, thank you for your big heart of care and participation in this thread.

    Prayer never, ever retires.

    Bless all of you and may our God be Mighty in your lives, peace in your hearts and minds, strength and healing in your bodies, light in your darkness, and the rich in the Kingdom of Heaven’s blessings in every aspect of your lives.

    Hold on to the horns of the Altar and hang on the garments of Jesus Christ. He is with you, in you and for you.

    Jesus said, I WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU OR FORSAKE YOU. And his Name by which He is called coming back on a white horse is: FAITHFUL & TRUE.

    Shalom always and forever,
    In Christ Jesus,
    Your brother and servant,

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