MH-370 Two Weeks and My Hypothetical Analysis…..

As just another idiot with an opinion here’s my best guess as to what’s happened with that Malaysian Flight 370… and why we’re here today – two weeks later.

malaysia flight 370

I think it was definitely a hijacking – with full cooperation from the pilot(s).

I think it was carried out by Islamic extremists and frustrated activists.

I think the Malaysian’s were caught off guard and their projected mask of “moderate Islam” has made them incapable to act.  There is so much they just don’t want to admit.

I think the Pilot, Co-pilot and at least the two Iranian passengers were involved.

I think Iran and/or Pakistan are the best suspects for plan origination – and quite possibly both of them.

I think the plane itself is either in Pakistan or Iran (in geographic proximity to their shared border)

I have no idea whether or not the passengers are alive or dead – but most likely, just due to sheer logistics and risk of discovery, they are not alive.

I have no idea why they wanted the plane, but the fractured radical interests within their nations have something “big” in mind.

I think the original intent might have something to do with the anniversary of OBL’s death on May 1st 2011.

I also think there is a SERIOUS conflict between the U.S. intelligence community and U.S. military about how to deal with the issue.

I think this is the exact same internal turmoil that lay behind the Benghazi Libya attack – only the leadership players are different now.

I think our U.S. officials (like John Brennan) are only evaluating our response from a political standpoint – and this lies at the heart of the Intelligence VS Military disagreement.   This is a direct consequence of President Obama Inc.

I think the politicization, and political correctness, toward Muslims is complicating the issues within our entire security apparatus.   This is also a direct consequence of President Obama Inc.

I think both U.S. groups, intelligence and military, decided early last week to try and find middle ground.

That’s why I think the military is obfuscating, buying time, drawing attention and running around the South China Sea, while the intelligence community is trying to leverage a quiet end to the problem.

I think part of the intelligence strategy is the seeding today of the Iran fake aircraft carrier within the New York Times.

I think the intelligence peeps put the NYT story out to get the Iranian/Pakistan government to take note of what we know and do something to stop the pending international crisis around the plane.

I think the military has cleared elbow room for Mid-East intelligence leverage by directing all attention to the Australian search as a distraction.

I also think time is running out and both groups know they are going to have to do something.


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233 Responses to MH-370 Two Weeks and My Hypothetical Analysis…..

  1. auscitizenmom says:

    I think I totally agree with you on everything. All I can think to do is pray.

    • Edward Teach says:

      After reviewing what we know now, I just ain’t buyin the whole the pilot stole the plane, whether successfully or failed attempt and flew of to the ME.

      The reason is simply because the pilot was a Senior pilot for Malaysian Airlines. If he intended to steal a plane and take it to a safe location in the ME he could have easily switched flights to one that wouldn’t put him at the end of its range and be forced to fly over several countries that could have spotted him and forced him to land.

      Look at their destinations and think about if for a second.

      • 1stworlder says:

        Which is more important easier trips or flying through LOW IQ air space? The Thai govt didn’t release its data for 10 days because that’s how long it took to find someone smart enough to read it. They have nothing but affirmative action workers over there.

      • LetJusticePrevail" says:

        Your theory makes sense, unless you consider the possibility that the pilot (and whoever he might have been in league with) did not want his destination known. What better way to obscure it, than by having the plane “disappear” while on an entirely different route?

  2. ctdar says:

    I hope we have peeps on the ground where the plane is figuring how to dismantle it so it can never fly again. I pray those responsible will meet their end slowly but surely.
    God bless those poor passengers and their families.

    • Not knowing what has happened to their loved ones–that has to be unbelievably and unbearably agonizing. At least the certainty of death carries with it some closure. But this situation?

      I can only echo your prayer, ctdar.

    • Partyzant says:

      Dismantling is quick and easy. It is the getting to that part that is difficult.

  3. conservalicious says:

    I pray for Israel, the passengers families, and for our Military. This situation has me feeling very uneasy.

  4. Jim Brown says:

    Sundance, I’m just curious since I read everything you write, were you an analyst at one time?

  5. LittleLaughter says:

    If Sundance is right, on every point. I also think we wil likely never know the truth.

  6. justfactsplz says:

    I pretty much agree with everything you said except I think there is a possibility the passengers are being held prisoners to be used later to maximize the terrorist shock factor. Such a prison to hold this many prisoners could have been part of their very well thought out master plan. It could even be underground. I think either Israel is the target or we are in retaliation for Bin Laden, General McInerney was on Hannity again tonight and feels he is 60 to 75 percent right about the planes whereabouts but admits it might have been moved. Obama, Powers, and the like are reluctant to take a military move as they most definitely are lovers of Muslims. Somebody needs to take responsibility and make a move to give these poor families closure and let terrorists know we mean business.

    • sundance says:

      RE: Passengers Alive VS. Dead.

      No factor in this equation has me more conflicted that this question. It really adds an almost impossible element to the equation of finding an exit for the parties involved.

      Many of those passengers were Muslim.

      I don’t think the *official* government(s) of either Iran or Pakistan sanctioned this hijacking. I think the radical elements within the ISI or Iranian militancy are responsible.

      If they only wanted a plane – there are easier options other than a passenger 777.

      However, If the passengers were alive upon landing (Big If) I can see an argument made for them to be used as human shields or something similar during a later event (most of the non-Muslims are Chinese). However, their existence now would create a major problem for any government as they deal with the rogue element within it’s border.

      That said, even the bodies of dead passengers would still present the same issue – only it would perhaps be an element removed in the equation toward finding a solution.

      I find myself going in both directions. On one hand the hostages hold value (to the hijackers), on the other hand they would be an internal risk to both the hijackers and the official government…..

      It is a really odd scenario to figure out how the U.S./Allies intelligence apparatus would respond – and made more complicated by the possibility of the passengers being alive, or at least the perception of them being alive maintained as leverage.

      The end goal was more than just having a plane full of possible hostages, or we would know that by now because their hijacking was successful. No, the end is bigger than having just a plane full of hostages. It’s something else.

      I don’t know – and I can argue myself in circles thinking about it.

      I just don’t know.

      I pray for them – but I just can’t find a way to reconcile any successful outcome for them (if they are alive) outside of the host nation (the country in control of the plane) allowing us to engage in some kind of “Entebbe” type rescue. And in order to do that they would have to turn their back on the Islamists. That might just be too big a hill to climb internally.

      I just don’t know.

      • justfactsplz says:

        I totally agree the end game is much much more than just having hostages. It is a sticky situation no matter how you look at it. I don’t see any exit strategy that will help the nation or nations involved save face.

      • afghanvet18f says:

        I think it’s Al Queda complicit with ISI. Iran is crazy, but they have too much international scrutiny and if any part of this is linked back to them, then all hell will break loose. The IRG is strictly controlled by the mullas, so I don’t see any rogue element there. However they may look the other way if the plane should need to flyover to attack a target. On the other hand , Paki is a mess. There are many factions within the govt. and military. ISI is the same. There are rogue elements that would assist the terrorists and are capable of “blacking out” a military airstrip and any affected radar systems. If a nuke were to be used, then Paki would be the most likely supplier.As with all crimes, one needs motive and opportunity, Paki supplies them all. Keep an eye on Baluchistan Province in SW Paki. There are a couple military airfields in the area that are long enough and have hangers to conceal the bird. BTW ISI was complicit ion the AlQueda attacks against Mumbai, India a couple years ago and they concealed Bin Laden for years. I would put nothing past them. If you Google Earth- Posni, Pakistan and look just west of the city, you will see a large airfield with hangars.

      • ctdar says:

        If they are dead, than hijackers (not pilot suicide) had to plan ahead on type of mass grave because (i hate to say)you cant leave that many bodies unattended.

        • LetJusticePrevail" says:

          Or a massive holding cell (or network of cells) so they can be retained for use as human shields, used for ransom, or used as bargaining chips for some other process. As Americans we (naturally) view this in respect to how it affects us, but it’s entirely possible that the perps could already be in negotiations with another government for the release of political prisoners, captured fighters, or even for weapons. Look at the one guy who has been held for 7 years…

        • nobaddog says:

          And that’s a bunch of Big Macs if there still alive. I wouldn’t want to feed that many people. I couldn’t supply that many people so they better have some resources to take care of them. They must want to take a shower by now to. Its a big mess and no small time terrorist can pull this type of thing off.

      • doodahdazee says:

        Osama did not want to kill fellow Muzzies. Zawahiri “geen light.”

    • Aslan's Girl says:

      Israel is the only country I trust to take this plane out. I do not trust America’s current government. Israeli commandos can do an Entebbe on this, please God.

      • justfactsplz says:

        If Israel did it there would definitely be retaliation. No doubt they are capable of doing it. I pray for them.

        • F.D.R. in Hell says:

          SD, if your theory proves true, you’d better believe this will be a “hearts ‘n minds” event.

          Remember in October 2008 when that idiot Vice President (no, not Truman, Eleanor) said something about “Obama will be tested by -the world- to see if he is tough enough.”

          Well, I’d say he’s failed every damn test so far.
          It’s time to give him a cookie and tell him to go away. :evil:

  7. harrydweeks says:

    Your opinion as good as any. My primary question remains , What was in the cargo hole?

    • tim says:

      I heard it was batteies. like lap top battery

      • maryfrommarin says:

        Yes, batteries that were “highly flammable”–i.e., which could combust, start a fire, and bring down the plane. My gut feeling on that, is that it’s a convenient cover story, an attempt to neutralize the hijacking theory.

      • carterzest says:

        Litium Ion batteries is one cargo I had heard of. Teh Donald was talking about the possibilities of said Lithium Ion batteries exploding. Seems like just another “LOOK, SQUIRREL!!!!”

  8. justfactsplz says:

    Good theory Sundance. Oh those loose ends. They are scrambling now.

  9. chiavarm says:

    Sundance I like your thinking, but what do you make of Whittle’s thought that the plane crashed because the plane was flying at low altitude which the shorted range.

    • sundance says:

      I don’t think they stayed low. The hijacking method (known so far) was too smart – they would know the lower altitude would impact their fuel consumption. This thing was very well planned and thought out…. all of it.

      I think they only stayed low for a brief period when low altitude benefitted them. Like avoiding Taiwanese radar, then it was back to normal cruising altitude for the duration.

      • rovatek says:

        Stealing a plane and flying it half-way across Asia unnoticed for some nefarious plot while everyone is looking for that plane is rather far-fetched. Iran has their own planes they could use without going to all the trouble and putting the whole world on alert.

        • sundance says:

          rovatek, during the flight exactly who was looking for it ?

          According to Malaysian officials they were not aware it was missing until it did not arrive in Bejing. Six hours after takeoff. But you seem to be indicating someone was looking for it between 1am and 5am – who would that be ?

          • rovatek says:

            You don’t think India, China, or Oman would have noticed an unaccounted for plane near their borders? And how do you explain Iran stealing a plane half a continent away when they could have just used their own?

            • sundance says:

              Iran is not a terror sponsor state.

              It would be like U-Haul the company giving a truck to Tim McVeigh knowing what he intended.

              And heck no. India, China were not on alert for anything – middle of the night – not at war. It ain’t like there are people paid to be sitting in 200 mile equidistant remote regions staring at puter screens and low frequency radar returns at 2am 3am…..

              Gulf of Oman is monitored by US and our military base in Bahrain.

        • JAS says:

          I kind of concur. Grabbing a plane like this to use it later does not fit very well for me for a number of reasons. It is more likely that the original plan would have been to grab it and use it right then and there, and that something in the plot went south on them.

          – To grab it for later use means that they would have to land. This implies the sponsorship of a country.
          – If they had sponsorship then they had the money to just rent one, anonymously.
          – Renting one would be infinitely easier than grabbing one and flying it thousands of miles undetected.
          – Grabbing an aircraft and using it on the spot, a la 9/11, would make a lot more sense for anyone not having state resources.
          – Avoiding detection while flying thousands of miles although difficult, is entirely possible during the time of flight, but not afterwards. The U.S. would quickly find the plane, as I think they already have. I’ll elaborate:

          What exactly is the U.S. capability when it comes to optical reconnaissance? I will assume that is is much greater than what is known. But, using what is known I can almost guarantee you that they know where this airplane is. The problem is how to lead people to it without letting them know how they know.

          I’ve been doing astrophotography for years so I am well versed in optical theory, optical limits and digital imaging technology. Imaging from space towards the earth is no different from earth towards space – your biggest problem is atmospheric turbulence, that’s it..

          Nevertheless the principles are the same. Without getting all technical if you point a telescope towards the earth from low orbit, or even from a geosynchronous one and use any or all of the well known astroimaging techniques the available resolution is in the low arc-seconds, possibly fractions of arc-seconds. The Hubble for example has a native resolution of .5 arc-seconds. Using well known computer astroimaging enhancing technology the resolution is just incredible. U.S. intelligence is doing this 24/7 so they have a vast archive of incredibly high resolution images to go back in time if they need to. They only need to know where to look.

    • John Galt says:

      If crashed, MH370 is setting a record for longest delay in finding debris field for crash of airliner in modern aviation history.

  10. Aslan's Girl says:

    This whole post is fascinating and really sheds light on some loose ends. Thank you for sharing.
    The only part I disagree with is this: “As just another idiot with an opinion”… nope, sundance, I can’t let you get away with calling yourself an idiot. :)

    • justfactsplz says:

      Now I am blushing. I don’t think he is an idiot either but failed to mention it when I agreed with him except for the passengers which could have sounded like I thought he was an idiot. Embarrassing.

  11. myopiafree says:

    Hi Sundance,

    Because almost nothing is know – about any of this – one wild-ass-guess, is a good as another. I prefer the “loony” pilot theory. After all, the left turn was “programmed”, by an experienced pilot. In an forced hijacking, the pilot would have take over manual control. The systematic disconnecting of “data streams” suggest intention. But my guess is that they flew south, and crashed into the Indian Ocean. I doubt that they will find it – for several years. But the “cockpit” conversation in the last 2 hours will be truly interesting. Let us pray for all concerned.

    • Aslan's Girl says:

      I don’t believe 370 crashed in the southern Indian Ocean because Gen. McInerney’s sources as well as sources at Boeing claim it is (or was) in Pakistan.

    • sundance says:

      You are assuming the pilot was not the hijacker. I’m not.

      • timmysfriend says:

        And don’t forget the pilot’s family had just left him, moved out the day before this flight.

        • justfactsplz says:

          I heard that today also, that his wife had just left him. They should do indepth interviews with her.

          • LetJusticePrevail" says:

            The details of her leaving have not been revealed. What was said was that she had moved out of their home, but it’s not clear if that move was due to marital discord, or a simple relocation to a 2nd home they jointly owned,and to where he was to follow after his return from this flight. Like everything else in this story, the details have been left out of this chapter, fueling speculation.

  12. casparweinburger says:

    This plane crashed into the ocean for whatever reason. The people are dead. That is the easiest explanation. It may also never be found.

    • F.D.R. in Hell says:

      I’m not so sure Ockham’s Razor** will be the solution in this event.

      **The explanation requiring the fewest assumptions is most likely to be correct.

      • radish says:

        ……. suppose it continued to the northwest.

        After all, that’s where it was headed when Thai military radar found it in the last known sighting. And one aviation enthusiast and pilot has advanced the theory that the plane not only flew that way over the guarded airspace of India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan, but did so hiding in the radar shadow of a wholly legitimate commercial flight, using the identical type of aircraft.

        “These air corridors are the interstate highways of the skies,” Keith Ledgerwood told Forbes Asia in an exclusive interview. “Yes, the national borders are guarded. But radar operators see dozens of flights a night. A radar signature for a Boeing 777 that contains an unusual blip would look like a minor anomaly in something they’re used to looking at, and would not attract interest.”

        At the time MH370 passed westward over the Malay Peninsula, another Boeing 777 was in the same vicinity. Ledgerwood plotted the route MH370 would take across the Straits of Malacca, and found it would begin to intercept Singapore Airlines 68, Singapore to Barcelona, near the navigational waypoint known as ‘gival’. By the time it reached another, ‘igrex’ at 18:15UTC, the two Boeing 777s would be at the same place at the same time.

        “Don’t forget there’s no radar out over much of the ocean, and both of the key systems that would make MH370 visible to another aircraft, the transponder and the ACARS [Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System], had been turned off,” Ledgerwood said.

        From that point, he said, it would be a simple matter for the pilot of MH370 to plug in the same flight plan used by SIA68 – a Malaysia Airlines pilot would have access to it – and switch to autopilot to maintain consistent speed, altitude, and direction.

        By the time they neared the reach of Indian radar, MH370 would be flying ‘dark’, in the ‘shadow’ of SIA68. That would make it possible to hug the legitimate flight’s radar signature, stamped as that of SIA68, across the Indian subcontinent. Once free of these volatile airspaces and their watchful radar operators, it would be able to veer off to land in China’s Xingjian province, Kyrgyzstan, or Turkmenistan. “Each of these final locations would match up almost perfectly with the 7.5 hours of total flight time.”

        Flying in the shadow of a similar aircraft is easier than critics make it out to be, he said in a blog entry. Answering objections such as wake turbulence, visual separation, and altimeter interference, he said he’s heard from dozens of seasoned Boeing 777 pilots who agree with him.

        Look at maps showing where MH370 started, point of last contact, and sharp turn to the left at a almost 90 degree angle.

        If it was trying to return to the nearest airport due to electrical fire, which would be Kua Lumpur, it would have circled round to go back, no? Only automobiles turn at sharp angles to return to a previous destination hindered by roads, otherwise drivers would circle around as in an empty parking lot to return to their original spot.

        No, that plane was abruptly turning left, as soon as it could, after exiting Malay airspace, bidding good night and entering Thai air traffic. From there, it continued traveling, ignoring Vietnamese air controller or military intercepts until a military radar lost contact with it, happenstance, near a point coinciding with a known Singapore Airline 68 route going towards India. Nothing more is known about its whereabouts from there except supposition that it ended up going the opposite south bound to Australia through well monitored Singapore air space?

      • LetJusticePrevail" says:

        Occam’s Razor is best applied in situations that do not involve the participation of people who might be actively working to avoid detection.

    • sundance says:

      Fair enough. But watch…… by the end of the weekend the “southern route theory” (ie. Australia) will vaporize.


      Because of two things everyone is avoiding.

      1.) The VP from Inmarsat (satellite tracking co) said each sequential ping was further (distance wise) from the preceding ping in relation to the satellite location. That means it was going North or South – Hence the “search arcs”. This is a geometric equation.


      2.) Indonesia has said with great deliberacy that MH 370 did not engage their radar.

      WHY DOES THIS MATTER? – You cannot fly south from the point of last known origin, emit the ping (satellite affirmations as they are recorded) and simultaneously NOT cross Indonesia. It’s impossible.

      Either Indonesia is lying/mistaken – or – The flight went NORTH of Indonesia.


      • rovatek says:

        So it doesn’t matter if India or China don’t notice anything but it matters when Indonesia doesn’t?

        • sundance says:

          Size matters. Coverage matters.

          Neither India nor China could possibly radar cover all of the terrain involved. Indonesia on the other hand could, and further claims it does.

          Now it is possible that MH 370 could evade Indonesia coverage. However, it is not possible for MH-370 to evade on the flight path they were “pinged” and would have needed to maintain. See the difference?

        • sundance says:

          Any theory has to reconcile the “known” variables. It is impossible to reconcile the unknown variables.

        • justfactsplz says:

          On Hannity tonight they drew a map showing how the plane could fly to Pakistan without showing up on their radars.

        • radish says:

          Singapore Airlines 68. Thai radar lost MH370 near intercept with the other Boeing 777. The Malay plane had to turn sharply to the left once it exited home country air space in order to catch up with SI68 on the “gival” route, and was practically on point in time by the “igrex” route.

      • myopiafree says:

        Hi Sundance,
        Since this is still a, “wild ass guess”, and “loony pilot”, I think he just few west (to Maldives), and then turned south (for his final “death” mission.)
        I HOPE, he few North – to land. Then the plane will be found.
        I doubt the big “chunk” floating in the Indian Ocean is the plane. But if they do find debris – that will resolve that issue.
        But – it is hard to imagine a pilot as “loony” as this one seems to be. (I hope I am wrong).

        • sundance says:

          Your theory reconciles all known variables and would indicate a possibility. Where I get stuck on this theory is “why wait”? ….. if you’re on a death mission – generally speaking – he’d just do it…. why drag it out for hours and hours ? Did he internalize that much hatred for the folks he would impact ? Was he a man of hateful disposition ? How did he view himself ?

          Suicide note? Prior indicators ? Historical instability? Current event stress? Behavioral analysis ?

          All of these are human intelligence aspects that should have been a priority early on. Maybe they were, and the information is being withheld pending debris location…. could be. Maybe they know the motive and they are just waiting to find the wreck ? Sort of a stretch, but possible.

  13. John Denney says:

    Had lunch with a friend who is a member of the Civil Air Patrol and a self-professed airplane nerd.
    His theory: The reprogramming of the Flight Control System happened just before they got over the water, and was typical, setting an alternate destination in case they encountered difficulties over the water. The nearest airport at that time would have been along the coast to the northwest of their position at that time. The last ACARS upload happened shortly after that, showing the change to the Flight Control System. The point where things “got interesting” was the boundary between Malaysian and Vietnamese airspace, a good place for a highjacker to make the aircraft disappear. The last radio contact was Malaysia letting the airliner know they were no longer under Malaysian air traffic control. After acknowledging that, my friend speculates that one of the pilots distracted the other, and while the other was not looking, turned off the transponders and ACARS, set the cabin air pressure controls to lower the cabin pressure enough to knock everyone out, and donned his oxygen mask.
    The other pilot, when he realized something was going on, hit the control to set the plane on course to the alternate destination, and then began struggling with the other pilot. In their struggle, the yoke got pulled back, causing the climb to 40+ thousand feet. The highjacker pilot’s mask had come off in the struggle, and both pilots passed out, along with everyone else on board. The yoke came free and the plane resumed flying itself, attempting to return to normal altitude, but initially descending too far, down to the 20 thousands, before coming back up to cruise altitude.
    The plane then flew itself in the direction of the alternate waypoint and continued on past it on the same heading until it ran out of fuel in the Indian Ocean, in the same general area as the debris spotted by the Aussies.

    • LetJusticePrevail" says:

      I’m no pilot so I have little knowledge about the procedures that are normally used during a flight of this type,but what you are saying makes a great deal of sense.

      • John Denney says:

        Just repeating the gist of what my friend took an hour and a half to explain.
        Sundance is sharp, and his analysis may prove to be spot on, but my friend’s scenario seems plausible, too.

        • LetJusticePrevail" says:

          Agreed. Both theories have much credibility, in the absence of any concrete evidence one way or the other.I know that many will question how a “zombie flight” could go for hours without detection (I’m one of them) but strange things can (and often do) happen. Things that are posited as “impossible” can turn out to actually be the case, once other, overlooked, factors come into play.

    • radish says:

      Indonesian, Singapore and Australia traffic controllers and radars failed to register and or notice the zombie aircraft flying for another 6 hours through or near their air space?

      • radish says:

        Vietnamese officials were interrogating MH370 when it had crossed to Thai air space, last ping before it disappeared from Thai radar along the NW route. That was only within a half hour of radar visibility. 6 hours along the SW route is too long for going missing. Otoh, the SW corridor is possible as outlined by plausible theories. The two cockpit pilots in your friend’s scenario would have fought for the oxygen mask, one prevailing. Other crew members have access to their own oxygen tanks so it’s not likely everyone on the plane particularly the crew of 9 would succumb so quickly. The tanks provide O2 for one hour.

        • LetJusticePrevail" says:

          There are so many unknowns involved surrounding this plane, this crew, the passengers and the flight path that I doubt anyone will be able to offer a complete picture of what really happened.

          And, there are so many conflicting reports about the timeline of events:

          1) Time that transponders were shut off
          2) Exact time and location of plane at last radio contact
          3) “Possible” contact by Malaysian military radar (where, when?)
          4) Exact time of altitude changes
          5) Duration of time at 45k altitude,
          6) Exact time that course correction programmed into system
          7) Altitude “after” turned to West (steady altitude, or obvious changes?)
          8) Detection by Thai radar (where, when?)
          9) Contact by Vietnamese ATC, (where, when, by what means?).
          10) Precise timing of “pings” sent by engine maintenance system
          11) Whether the “pings” contained data available to engine manuf but not given to airline

          The list just goes on and on. There does not seem to be a single reliable source for any of this information. Not the Airline. Not the Malaysian government. No one. Just bits and pieces cobbled together here and there based on ever changing reports that come from various sources such as news reports, interviews of people from the satellite company, various “pundits”, pilots, retired military people, you name it.

          Whadda mess….

          • radish says:

            What a mess, indeed! I keep stepping on and off the boat.

            The cockpit tussle does have plausibility, My latest opinion (cue *latest*) is that the pilot is innocent in the hijack with evidence that he was strongly vocal and angered by the Boston Marathon bombing. Of course this could be tweets which were planted after the hijack. Still, my tendency is to believe now, the co-pilot was some new dude being *promoted* to become an expert 777 flier, since he is only 27 years old. He has a propensity toward 72 virgins, especially the blonde female type, and his actual girlfriend thought he was serious about his recent marriage proposal after 9 years of dating. Fariq had help on board the flight, and the pilot got subdued.

            • LetJusticePrevail" says:

              I just wish there were reliable sources for official information that could be verified. But about the co-pilot’s personal preferences, I doubt that he even came close to finding a virgin between either of the two blondes he allowed into the cockpit on his previous flight.

  14. hoonan says:

    Question not directed to anybody, just a thought provoker or something for discussion. How different do you think this situation would have been played out now if that jet had been carrying 150 Americans or was a US bound flight? I think by now, no matter what theory plays out to be accurate, that this plane would have been found (or publicly disclosed it’s been found)…

    • sundance says:

      They’re would be more outrage toward the Malaysians – that’s for sure.

      That, and the U.S. military would have a stronger hand in the current conversation because the politicians are the ones who direct the tip of the spear.

      • rovatek says:

        There’s plenty of outrage at the Malaysians, it’s just that the Chinese are doing it instead.

        • sundance says:

          The Chinese don’t know what to do with their outrage. Sure China has a military, but do you think they would engage it -in hostile action- outside of their borders ?

          The Chinese are not pro-active militarily yet. They are babies. They are reactive.

          It is only the U.S.A that has experience as the tip of spear engagement toward self-interests in foreign engagements. (Ironically, that’s the same reason so many hate us)

          • rovatek says:

            I was talking about the people not the nation. From what I’ve seen the families seem a lot more emotional than what I’d expect from Americans in a similar situation.

  15. John Galt says:

    727 stolen in 2003 – apparently never found

  16. ensitue says:

    Valery Jarrett is involved in a major way, she will be calling the shots

  17. Mr Turbo says:

    i know there has been some interest in the senior pilot’s political ‘passsions’ … apparently he may have been present at the trial/sentencing of a local political figure , on the same day that the pilot boarded 370…plus i’ve read/heard that the pilot’s family left their home the nite before the day of the flight…i haven’t heard any follow-up info on any of this stuff…maybe it can be explained away pretty easily, who knows. I also read that 4 people checked-in for this flight but never boarded…is this normal for a large flight such as 370 which had something like 260 passengers ? Maybe it is…but all i know is that i haven’t heard any ‘discussion’ of this little supposed ‘factoid’ ….Also, what about the fact that apparently there were something like 20 important employees onboard all from the same semicondouctor firm (i believe American-based ?) called i thiink “Freescale Semiconductor’…i wonder if maybe someone could’ve benefitted(financially) greatly from this company taking a big hit like this. Or maybe these 20 semiconductor techies have (valuable) intellectual kinowledge of some sort of new secret cutting-edge semiconductor capabilities/application, and these guys have been kidnapped….
    i’d love to hear thoughts on any , all of my rambling, thanx !

    • justfactsplz says:

      Hi, Mr. Turbo. I too have particularly wondered about the whereabouts of the pilot’s family and who the four people were that did not board the plane. What did they know? I haven’t seen any follow up on these two things. I had not thought about the techies. That is a good point you brought up.

    • sundance says:

      Generally speaking the absence of information does not indicate the presence of nefarious information.

      However, in this example the absence of human intelligence is troubling because it increases the possibility that the intelligence gathered is a *risk* to the entity doing the investigation.

      Your initial human intelligence questions cut to the heart of the anxiety within the families of the missing passengers. Those human intelligence questions are generally the easiest to answer.

      Who was the pilot and what was his constitution.
      Who was the co-pilot and what was his constitution?
      What are the family associations and beliefs/leanings?
      Who didn’t get on the plane and why?
      What about the comprehensive background of the two Iranians known to be travelling with stolen passports?
      How did they get those passports? And Are they the same two people who used those two passports previously (June 2013) to apply for N-China visas?

      It would be easy (at least from the U.S. perspective) to retrace the steps of such primary players under scrutiny and quickly assemble a dossier of their characteristics and intents, as well as a comprehensive account of their known associations. It is the absence of this information which can raise *concerns* about what the Malaysians may be hiding and why they may be hiding it.

      That takes you to the geo-political venue. A place where the motive of the hijackers can be an uncomfortable reality for the Malaysian government to face.

      As to the other aspects you outline – too many unknown variables effectively consider.

  18. nobaddog says:

    Has anyone thought that this is part of a false flag event by a friendly country to start a war probably with the United States and Iran. It could be the knucklehead in D.C. but i dont think he could plan anything but someone he knows could.
    Theres no way that plane just flew away and no one knows where it is. Thats a very busy part of the world and theres a whole bunch of Military in the area all looking for missiles coming their way. Its a huge plane and it would be seen as soon as its off course.

    • radish says:

      Thats a very busy part of the world and theres a whole bunch of Military in the area

      See my comment under FDR above. Indeed, there is traffic, although less so during red-eye flights. Thai military radar lost its blip of MH370 at a specific point, where debris was unsuccessfully searched at beginning. The blip disappeared near routes along two common corridors where pilots can lock into auto-pilot.

    • LetJusticePrevail" says:

      “…false flag event by a friendly country to start a war probably with the United States and Iran…”

      Problem with that theory is that at this current date, no one in the world believes Obama has the balls to start a war with anyone. He’s a toothless tiger, or more like a yapping chihuahua that makes a lot of noise but never does anything.

    • sundance says:

      False flags, when well carried out, are notoriously difficult to identify.

      However, that said from the perspective of who would stand to gain the most it is not the U.S. who holds the highest suspicion.

      Iran is trying to become a nuclear state. They would not, at this sensitive moment in time, want an association to terrorism that would derail their nuclear ambitions and/or give other nations an excuse to intervene.

      Therefore the primary “false flag” scenario around MH-370 / Iran would look toward Israel as the origin. Israel pulls off the MH370 event as a cover to achieve their previous goals of a justified airstrike against Iran’s nuclear facilities.

      I don’t think (at this point) the consideration is in play – I’m just outlining the false flag benefactor if such was carried out.

      • nobaddog says:

        If it were terrorism someone would have taken credit and there would be blood pictures of the passengers or a hostage situation. They said the passengers phones were still ringing and 4 satellite phones on board. Like i said, if that were true they know what tower located the phones and where that tower is. They have to know so they can have accurate billing on the phone accounts. Satellite phones stay in contact with the satellite but i don’t know about those phones.
        Someones lying. If the plane crashed in the water it will send a distress signal. So it looks like someone has the plane intact and the powers that be know who and where. The passengers will be the victims of this plan. Thats why i think it is a major government and the U.S. is involved.
        I do have a very bad opinion of my country lately so i may be biased thinking that.

  19. PatriotUSA says:

    I have friends who mentioned lithium batteries is what the the plane was carrying. No links to share and my apologies. I think SD is pretty in the cross hairs here. The handcuffing by being PC dhimmi stooges tro the religion of pieces inside our gov’t at all levels is very apparent. Robert Spencer wrote an excellent book a few years ago titled “Stealth Jihad”. The seeds to this were sown long ago but radical Islam really metastasized after 1979. Political solutions are a band aid that will seep and ooze.

    FDR: you are right. A total hearts and minds event is coming. So sad for the families and have been praying without ceasing.

  20. doodahdazee says:

    My guess: Murder Suicide. Pilot did it. Pre set Auto-Pilot to head to sea after he went high and decompressed, killing himself and the passengers. The flight became deadmen flying until it ran out of gas to the South in the middle of nowhere. Biggest question to me is why only one satellite acquired the signal thus avoiding a true fix.

    • mung says:

      My biggest question on that theory is why the Sumatra RADAR didn’t pick it up going down their coast. Then why didn’t Australian RADAR pick it up as it approached their coast?

      Besides the reports of possible debris that couldn’t possibly be from that plane, what other evidence is there that the plane turned South?

    • Jim Brown says:

      The pilot would not have had to go to 45,000ft to decompress. It could have been done without changing altitude with the same effect.

  21. mung says:

    So now they are saying more floating debris in the south. Something 72 x 45 feet. What on earth could have broken off of the plane at that size and still be floating?

    • LetJusticePrevail" says:

      I see that. This satellite photo shows something that certainly looks like it could be a piece of airplane wreckage. (scroll down)

      • mung says:

        Which part?

        • LetJusticePrevail" says:

          To my eye it resembles a section of curved fuselage, with the inner surface facing up. The lower left seems to be casting a shadow, as if it is above the surface of the water. Also, the right hand half of that object appears as if it is flat on the water, with the left half joining it at an angle, or perhaps even a curve.

          What doesn’t make sense is why an object of this size would have enough flotation to actually hold part of itself high enough above water level to cast a shadow, if this actually is a piece of fuselage. This could just be a case of the mind seeing what it wants to see.

            • John Galt says:

              Why does the resolution suck?

              • LetJusticePrevail" says:

                Beats me. It was taken by a Chinese satellite. Could be that they are masking the true extent of their capabilities. Could also be that the angle of the photo works against the camera resolution, or that the atmospheric conditions were less than optimal.

          • mung says:

            And how does a 74′ section break off and still float?

            Plus, the fuselage is only 36′ wide.

            • LetJusticePrevail" says:

              The width of the fuselage is 36′, measured from side to side. What would its circumference be, measured along its exterior surface?

              • mung says:

                It can’t be more than 36′. Even then, if it came off in one huge chunk like that, it wouldn’t float. I also don’t see how it could come apart that way, you have too many support structures along the way to stop it.

                • doodahdazee says:

                  There is still stuff floating around out there from the Tsunami in Indo. Houses, boats all kind of things. After Katrina there were whole Houses floating around out in the oil patch.

                  • LetJusticePrevail" says:

                    Yup. I mentioned the Indonesian and Japanese tsunamis a few days ago. There could be large pieces of debris from those catastrophes still floating around. This might be a piece of a wooden roof from a home or other building for all we know. Seems like ships should be able to verify that soon.

                • LetJusticePrevail" says:

                  “I don’t see how it wouldn’t sink”

                  Frankly, neither do I, if it is part of the aircraft “skin” which is aluminum. And I can’t envision any “chunk” of an insulated internal plastic “shell” that might survive in a piece this large.

              • stella says:

                Roughly 113′.

          • CrankyinAZ says:

            I dunno… looks more like a forked piece of something to me… I used to do a lot of aerial photo work for the State of AZ (nothing on water obviously). Resolution sucks… Could be shadows… Possibly smaller debris around it (or just whitecaps..). But it does look more promising than the last thing they were pushing out there. That looked like a large shipping container to me.

            • LetJusticePrevail" says:

              I’m not getting the impression of a “forked” object, but different minds work in different ways. Can you be more specific about how you are envisioning this “forked” object?

              Also,what are the dimensions of shipping containers?

      • radish says:

        Photoshopped before release to raise hopes and give credence to a search intending to waste time and tun out the black box pings?

      • radish says:

        Looks like a huge rubber raft or flotation device but that would be too large. How about a hot air balloon shaped like a egg carton that got lost at sea? Ghost junk as Doodah suggests!

        • LetJusticePrevail" says:

          LOL @ “egg carton” but the idea that this image was photo shopped by the Chinese isn’t all that hard to believe.

          • radish says:

            Imagine my surprise when I searched for egg carton life raft and found one! The satellite looks like two of them strung together. Pretty easy to sling over to the Southwest Seas and take a photo. ‘Splains the floating. You and Mung got it right, or else I’d be believing a huge MH370 wing was afloat.

          • radish says:

            By slinging, I do mean dropped off by the powers that be in the middle of the ocean.

  22. Micah says:

    I had no idea Benjamin Netanyahu’s older brother was the only Israeli Commando killed in the Entebbe rescue. Sundance, thanks for the suggestion as to what we COULD do since we (our military) know full well where that aircraft is.

  23. scubachick75 says:

    Do the life rafts on an airplane have epirbs in them?

  24. mung says:

    Another question to ponder on the “debris” how many 74’+ pieces could there possibly be floating?

    • LetJusticePrevail" says:

      The idea of even one is sort of an improbability, isn’t it? I mean, how much of a 777 fuselage, wings, or tail assembly could actually be buoyant? Not much,if I were to hazard a guess.

      • mung says:

        Exactly, and now there are two pieces that are supposedly that big out there. The tail section is only 60′ total including the fuselage.

      • MouseTheLuckyDog says:

        If the plane ran till it had no fuel, the fuel pods in the tail section would make the whole tail boyant.

        • LetJusticePrevail" says:

          Is there an “exploded view” diagram (no pun intended) of the Boeing 777 available anywhere on the ‘net which shows the exact locations of the fuel tanks? I haven’t been able to find one yet, have you tried?

        • mung says:

          A) the tail isn’t big enough
          B) it may be buoyant for a short period of time, but then the fuel pods are going to fill with water.
          C) there is only one tail on a plane.

    • sundance says:

      It depends on how many you need?

      We can keep dropping them in all night – but eventually you’re gonna have to find one chief.

      • LetJusticePrevail" says:

        LOL yeah, eventually we’ll manage to drop one that will stay afloat long enough for the ships/planes to actually snag it. This is like salting a mine with ore that evaporates. Heck, maybe we’ll have to UPS a piece directly to the Australian SAR team so they can pretend to “find” it.

        • doodahdazee says:

          TD is time delay. The plane sent out signals with the time sent. How come the only satellite that hit them is the one in the middle of the Indian Ocean? If another one North or East hit it there would be what is called a “fix.” You could draw 3 arcs and where they all intersect is the pos. of the plane at the time. There were six signals. This is easy stuff.

          • Jim Brown says:

            That particular satellite has transponders that operate on the frequency that that particular aircraft was transmitting on, its part of a network that INMARSAT runs. Its not like every geosynchronous satellite in that area are going to receive the signals from that aircraft. For instance, just to the east of that INMARST satellite is a satellite called Palapa 1, it is an Indonesian communication satellite but its transponders operate on a different set of frequencies so that means that yes the electromagnetic energy from the aircraft pings would have hit it also but at a frequency that would not be received by Palapa 1. Think about it, not all satellite transponders operate on the same frequencies. Then there is also the matter of the communication signals having the correct identifiers.

  25. Sam says:

    The NYT story makes it seem more likely to me that it was a hijacking rather than a catastrophic accident as I initially thought. But it’s an awfully big ocean area to search so if the plane did crash it will take a long time to prove. In the meantime, the US, Europe and Israel must act as though the plane were hijacked by Islamic terrorists. It’s still odd that there’s been no chatter on jihadist websites about the “success of the brethren.” Hezbollah or ISI might not boast though, if they had further plans for the aircraft.

    • LetJusticePrevail" says:

      “Hope for the best, but prepare for worst” is always good advice.

      Now I have to wonder why there is no related “chatter” among the jihadists (if that is even true-how do you know there is none?) since half of the world is speculating about that very possibility?

      Maybe they are sitting back saying “See, Abdul, I told you this would drive them nuts. Just keep quiet and let them run in circles”?

    • doodahdazee says:

      PHOOEY! Psychobabble.

  26. mung says:

    The level of stupidity in this world is just amazing. Someone is telling people they are stupid on CNN because they said that the fuselage was around 20′ and they said that they looked it up on Wiki and the passenger area is 200′ wide. That is one big plane.

    • mung says:

      One has to wonder why Boeing hasn’t said anything about the supposed wreckage. You don’t see people coming on the news saying, that image shows what could be this piece of the plane. So why not? Maybe because they know where it is and it isn’t in the ocean?

      • LetJusticePrevail" says:

        Yes, one would think that Boeing, Rolls Royce, and Malaysian Airlines would all have detailed, official reports that contained very specific information, wouldn’t one? But that doesn’t seem to be the case, does it?

        • doodahdazee says:

          All ya need is a hit off another RDF source to fix it.

        • Jim Brown says:

          Yes they do. I worked at Boeing several years ago and they have records of the serial number of every part that has been installed on every aircraft they’ve ever built since the beginning. If an aircraft part is found floating its serial number will be passed to Boeing and they will be able to tell what plane it was a part of.

          • LetJusticePrevail" says:

            Oh, I understand that Boeing “tracks” all those things. That’s not the problem. What I’, referring to is there lack of comment to the public about what they know (or don’t know) about the possible location of EH 370

      • Jim Brown says:

        Or maybe because the images are of such low quality and resolution that no one can tell what they are.

    • LetJusticePrevail" says:

      I wanted to read the full LIGNET intelligence report, but that requires registering as a user by submitting email address, etc. Maybe I’m being paranoid, but I declined…

  27. doodahdazee says:

    That plane went down in the middle of nowhere land with all already dead.

    • sundance says:

      He could have just swallowed pills, or pulled a trigger.

      Why the deliberacy in killing hundreds along with yourself ? and the potential risk of failure….

      • doodahdazee says:

        My thought is the pilot. My other thought is only one satellite got a hit on this signal and that does not add up. Fishy. If another one hit it would be a solution. There are lots of em up there.

      • doodahdazee says:

        Look this is a super hi tech satellite. There are simple RDF (radio direction finding antennae) that you can get for a fishin boat. They have a simple mount with four little posts that measure the TD ( time delay) of a transmission and give you a bearing to the signal. I think this is Fishy.

          • doodahdazee says:

            A fix is when you have two or more bearings from different spots on the globe. Two will give you an X and three a triangle with the fix in the center of of it. This is awful fishy.

            • doodahdazee says:

              They have to know, No way this satellite is the only source that got the signal. Fishy.

              • Jim Brown says:

                Not fishy at all, you don’t understand satcom and satellites, you seem to think all these satellites are up there and they all monitor the same exact frequencies as all the others. They don’t. Also they do not have your vaunted RDF antennas on them because they are not needed for a communication satellite to function and do its job, that would just add weight and in spaceflight weight is everything, to wit, something that is not needed will not be on them. Satellites cost from the hundreds of millions to billions of dollars to build and then it costs another several hundred million to launch and get it into geosynchronous orbit.

                • LetJusticePrevail" says:

                  Totally agreed. Satellites ain’t cheap,baby, and neither are the means used to get them into space. Weight means everything to the people who design, build, and launch them, so it’s not “safe to assume” that there would be any redundancy in coverage, or “value added” features that were simply “thrown in” for “just in case” scenarios.

                  In most cases, satellites are built for a specific purpose and form a part of a network that is strategically placed to meet the needs of that purpose. While there might be other satellites from another company (or nation) that provide a similar coverage, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they have the same capabilities, either.

                  Without more specific knowledge of the satellite that captured these “pings” (and the network of which it was a part) I would hesitate before I made any conclusions that there would be multiple satellites in position to capture those “pings” at the same.

                  And, while there might be satellites of a different (military?) nature that could provide additional information, that still does not mean that they would be capable of establishing a definite location using the “pings” that transmitted the engine status information.

      • maryfrommarin says:

        I agree, SD. If you knowingly kill 239 people in addition to yourself, it is ludicrous to label it suicide. There is more involved, IMO.

  28. Scott says:

    Since we are all only speculating here, I am curious as to why there is currently little mention of the two men traveling on stolen passports. One must ask….

    *Why does anyone choose to travel with false identification? Hmm?
    *Is anyone at all interested that one of the individuals has been identified as an Iranian national? *Is it coincidental that both passengers, traveling with false identities, had their tickets purchased through a Mr. Ali, who just happens to be Iranian?
    *Consecutive ticket numbers, total strangers, different nationalities, both with stolen passports, booking through the same agent. Curious?
    *Is it unusual that Mr. Ali had booked both tickets on a previous occasion (on separate flights, saying both passengers were “friends”), but failed to confirm the transaction and therefore had to re-book the tickets, this time on the same flight?
    *Is it suspicious (or at least odd) that virtually all discussion about these two characters has been deflected to other, more unlikely, more bazaar theories?
    *Assuming it would be difficult to find TWO pilots to conspire to take an aircraft, wouldn’t it follow that the non-conspirator would have to be “neutralized” in order to do so? If the answer is yes, wouldn’t it make sense to have assistance from a co-conspirator(s) on the plane?
    *If we can agree that the taking (and disappearance) of an aircraft is a complex and likely conspiratorial activity, why has more interest and scrutiny not been directed towards two possible (and most obvious) conspirators?

    As the bumbling investigation continues, does anyone get the sense that our curiosity is being constantly redirected? The search areas certainly have been. Diversions anyone? As we follow the carrot, is the silence deafening?

    Just ask’n.

    • LetJusticePrevail" says:

      Oh, I totally agree that the lack of reporting in regards to those Iranians travelling on stolen passports is quite odd. Nothing is being reported about their backgrounds, or about the mysterious “Mr Ali.” (the lack of reporting is almost more suspicious than details about those people)

      • radish says:


        We must not point a finger at the poor Iranian refugee or warmth exuding doctor dressed in Arab robes, but very much ought to direct our attention to the more likely Caucasian retired military vet (H/T Liam Neesom and Universal Pictures).

        • Scott says:

          We are the only nation naive enough, dumb enough not to profile. Why would you want to concentrate your screening efforts on those who fit the logical profile when you can waste resources on 85 year-old grandmothers? Is the goal to save lives or avoid hurting feelings? We’ve lost our way.

    • justfactsplz says:

      I believe there were four people involved, the two pilots and the two on stolen passports. The terrorists often work in a group of four.

  29. JAS says:

    When analysts do their thing with unknown variables, they have to factor in the odds – probability. This is an really important sentence.

    Analysis is based on three maxims: What do you think, What do you know, What can you prove. That’s it, in a nutshell. This is how educated analysis works. Then, when you work with unknown variables you factor in the odds.

    You think something is such and such, based on what you know, but proof of what you know is the ultimate proof of truth. When you have to work on odds, there is a prescribed way to narrow the odds. That is all given.

    So far in this incident I have seen nothing that follows that path. Not that the path does not exist, I’m sure it does because to think otherwise would be disingenuous. But, for whatever reason it cannot be made public at this time.

  30. radish says:

    Egg carton life raft similar in shape, not color, to the satellite image from China, it houses people at sea and protects them from whipping waters, so it must be fairly humungous:

    Check this other life raft out. Cursory glance, it must hold at least 150 people?

  31. Stormy says:

    Probe into mystery call to pilot of [Flight MH 370]: Unknown woman used a fake ID when buying phone to bypass security checks

    The two-minute call was made just hours before MH370 took off. It was made from a pay-as-you-go phone bought with a fake ID. The female caller used the ID to get around security measures put in place after 9/11 in a bid to tackle terrorism.

    The revelation increases fears that Captain Shah may have links to extremist groups.

    The captain’s estranged wife will soon be questioned in detail by the investigation.

    Investigators are treating it as potentially significant because anyone buying a pay-as-you-go SIM card in Malaysia has to fill out a form giving their identity card or passport number.

    Introduced as an anti-terrorism measure following 9/11, this ensures that every number is registered to a traceable person.
    But in this case police traced the number to a shop selling SIM cards in Kuala Lumpur. They found that it had been bought ‘very recently’ by someone who gave a woman’s name – but was using a false identity.

    • Stormy says:

      The captain’s estranged wife will soon be questioned in detail by the investigation.
      In a separate development, The Mail on Sunday has learned that investigators are now poised to question Captain Shah’s estranged wife in detail.

      They have waited two weeks out of respect, but will now begin formally interviewing Faizah Khan following pressure from FBI agents assisting the inquiry.

      • Stormy says:

        It is not considered appropriate in Malaysia to subject people in situations of terrible bereavement to the stress of intensive questioning.’

        Apparently, it is A-Okay to lie to them for weeks, but not intensively question them. smh

      • sundance says:

        Good grief, she hasn’t even been questioned ?


        Explain that to the families of the missing. :(

      • LetJusticePrevail" says:

        “estranged wife?

        Didn’t reports say that they lived under the same roof? How does that amount to being “estranged”? It’s almost as if someone is generously providing his wife with a degree of “distance” from him. Is it accurate and appropriate?

    • LetJusticePrevail" says:


      “Meanwhile FBI experts in the US are continuing to examine the hard drive of a flight simulator seized from Zaharie’s home after it emerged that programs he used on it had been deleted. Zaharie used the home flight simulator to practise extreme landings, including on remote Indian Ocean islands such as the US air base in Diego Garcia, investigators have revealed.”

      Diego Garcia. Imagine that.

      • maryfrommarin says:

        I’d like NOT to imagine that.

        • LetJusticePrevail" says:

          Yeah, it’s a scary thought, and I believe it’s highly improbable that this was the intended destination.(I threw that morsel of information in just to cover all the possibilities, but filed it away in the category of “really out there, tinfoil hat type stuff”)

          Most likely the words “such as” from the quote above are the author’s way of saying “this is an example of the type of landings he was simulating” rather than saying “Diego Garcia is one of the airstrip landings that were simulated”.

          Besides, the pings detected by the Inmarsat Satellite indicate the pilot was flying farther away from DG as time went by, and not closer to it.

    • LetJusticePrevail" says:

      ” Unknown woman used a fake ID when buying phone to bypass security checks”

      Did the store that sold that phone have any security cameras? Did the clerk who sold it remember the transaction and make any attempt to ID the woman who bought it? (Photo lineup of female family members, friends, or associates of the pilot? Police artist or composite sketch and/or description of woman who bought the phone? What was the date of the purchase? What was the location of that store?

      “The two-minute call was made just hours before MH370 took off.”

      TWO minute call? Kinda eliminates the possibility this was a wrong number or misdial, doesn’t it?

      “mystery call to pilot of [Flight MH 370]“

      So this person knew the pilot’s cell number.

      “The female caller…”

      Why does the author of this article assume the “caller” was a woman? Could the phone have been purchased by a woman, but the call to the pilot placed by someone else, like a man? Is this an assumption, or is there something else that makes investigators believe the call was placed by a woman?

      What efforts have been made to acquire the phone records for this phone? Was anyone else called from this phone? If so, who, and when? How about the location where this call was made from? Can that be determined from “ping logs” for this phone?

      There are a lot of questions not being answered here. Have they even been asked?


  32. Kairn says:


    MH370 is being made in to a Doppelgänger of a plane in the service of whatever commercial airline company that regularly flies a 777 into any international airport in Pakistan or Iran. Who’s hub is in a major European city. And who’s 777 planes are also regularly flown in to any one of Israel’s international airports from that European hub.

    Obviously unknown flights cannot be allowed to fly into Israel’s airspace lest they be escorted away or shot down. With Iron Dome functioning quite nicely, it has become near impossible for a nuclear missile to hit Israel.

    What commercial airlines have a European hub that has route(s) going to any muslim country and also have flights from that European hub in to any of Israel’s international airports?

    Would any unsuspecting pilot know he is not in the cockpit of the plane he thinks he should be in? Obviously any 777 can be masqueraded on the outside to mimic a 777 from a different company than MH370. But would it be possible to mimic other aspects inherent to commercial jets?

    • LetJusticePrevail" says:

      That’s been part of my theory all along, but not necessarily in the exact manner you described. (although that is one way it could be done)

      In my scenario the “Doppelgänger” wouldn’t be flown by an unsuspecting flight crew. I’m leaning towards it being refitted with some type of terror weapon (high explosives, dirty bomb, poisonous gas, etc) and then being used to “replace” a scheduled flight, but manned by a “suicide crew” who all know what they are up to.

      The “switch” could be achieved a couple of different ways.

      One way would be to maneuver this plane into a mirroring position along a scheduled flight path of an unsuspecting flight that has a 2nd terrorist hijacking crew on board that takes command of the cockpit over a remote area, and switches off the transponders, etc (in much the same manner that EH 370 went “blind”) and then either forces it to land, crashes it intentionally, or flies it into the airspace of a hostile military that will shoot it down, believing that THIS is the missing plane. Meanwhile, the “Doppelgänger” switches on it’s transponders etc, but with settings identical to those of the “real” flight, and proceeds to the intended target (Tel Aviv?). No one would suspect the switch until it’s too late, and the suicide mission is carried out, because the “real” flight will either be reduced to unidentifiable wreckage scattered over a mountainside, or resting safely on an airstrip (maybe the same one where EH 370 is right now) controlled by co-conspirators.

      Another way could be to switch the plane on the ground, but this would require that the “Doppelgänger” is already hidden at the airport from which the “real” flight is scheduled to take off, and it would require that the Air Traffic Control tower, ground crews for the planes, and anyone else around (that might notice the switch) be “in” on the plot. Not that unreasonable if you consider that (in this scenario) the “Doppelgänger” already managed to land there and avoided detection so far.

      Now, how would they manage this at an airport that is large enough to have regularly scheduled flights of 777’s that take off and land, and that does so on a regular basis? That seems like a lot of people involved, and a lot of chances for someone to notice a switch, and report it. Would a group that put this much effort into planning and executing such a plot take the risk of some “Dudley DooRight” spoiling it all with a couple of phone calls?

      • radish says:

        Israeli security has been so tight that it has been impossible for jihadists to hijack flights to and from Israel. It has forced Iran and terrorists to come up with another way to slip a dirty plane for one believed to be secure. I think you are on to something, and ISRAEL is the primary target for the doppelhanger 370. An alternate target will their Plan B in case the Israel fort is too strong to wreck. Iran is getting desperate and feels it must make its move now, while Barack the ineffectual Potus is stationed to disarm the American powerhouse. The Arab Springs occurring simultaneously upon his second term and most Western allied influences have been brought down non-coincidentally.

  33. Yellow Box says:

    My theory…..I find the SI68 shadow very credible. Al Qaeda had plans 13 years ago to crash planes into nuclear facilities. I think the target could have been a UK nuclear facility but the Ukraine flare up or a problem landing or during the second take off has screwed up the main plan. This has Al Qaeda written all over it. Extensive planning, 4 members. I believe the 911 hijackers did not even know of each other until just before they need to know. The pilot using a simulator, deleted files, family leaves the home the day before. Planning. The two Iranians using a convoluted route but tickets bought by the same mysterious man. Planning. The disappearance off Transponder at exactly the exchange point between Malaysia and Thailand. Planning. Pilot receives a mysterious phone call from a stolen phone. Planning. That was the GO call.

    I took a look at 777 flights that could be shadowed into the UK after a quick land and fuel up it is very possible. Having the plane full as possible of fuel would be key for the most destruction. It would have been possible but the moment has been lost. I believe the plan would have followed through within the first 16 hours …… just thank God it didn’t.

    Two years ago on a Kazakhstan website for airports there were anonymous inquiries about the landing strips facilities and capabilities especially for night landing and take off.

    Militaries will be on hyper alert now. Al Qaeda has likely failed but they may decide on an easier secondary target if the plane is up and running and can take off. I think the US and the UK have a pretty darn good idea of where that plane is and they are extremely busy tracking the terrorists that did this.

    • doodahdazee says:

      Maybe the ground crew gave her a fill up.

      • Yellow Box says:

        Let’s pray that plane never gets a second fill up. If the plane ended up in the Indian Ocean I think it would be because the pilot or co-pilot lost his nerve. It could also be crashed in the Himalayan mountains. We may not know anything until they have caught several of the terrorists. The debris near Australia just does not make sense. I would expect to see suit cases and floating seats not big chunks of the fuselage.

        Even the ATC transcript is worrying. That very last call that was doubled. Apparently, who ever is inside that cockpit can completely disable the door so that no one can get in. A member of the flight crew does have the code but a pilot can lock them out if they want. If one member of the cockpit leaves to go the bathroom they can be locked out. The second call confirming the altitude could have been an overlap of a nervous hijacker or whoever had now taken over.

        Also, there were reports very early on that the Pilots home had been cordoned off by Malaysian police the very first day the plane was missing.

    • LetJusticePrevail" says:

      You could be right about a lot of this, but I don’t envision this plane intending to land, refuel, and take off immediately.

      I’m leaning more to the notion that it skirted civilian radar as much as possible until it could “shadow” another flight to avoid detection by radar, and then landed somewhere along the northern range of possibilities, rather than the southerly direction.

      I’m going with what Lt Gen Thomas McInerny suggested, and going with Pakistan as the intended destination. I believe EH 370 landed somewhere in Pakistan that is under the general control of Muslim extremists, and that it is being hidden there for some specific purpose.

      • Yellow Box says:

        Oh yes, I agree I think that plane went northwest. Very possibly Pakistan. The only reason it would be in the Indian Ocean is because the terrorist pilot lost their nerve. Sending terrorists to flight school would be such a red flag and very difficult since 911. Using an actual pilot was the next best thing. The thing is….. they are geared to save and protect those people. Planning it in one’s mind is one thing. But a pilot/family man of his age seeing the actual faces of the people he is killing takes some brainwashing.

        • LetJusticePrevail" says:

          Who’s to say that this pilot wasn’t told to land the plane in Pakistan, and that the passengers would be safely offloaded and held for ransom, or even released later down the road?

          Also, who’s to say that this “family man” pilot isn’t completely fanatical and wouldn’t care about what happened to those passengers, one way or the other? Sometimes people who “appear” to be completely OK do the most inhumane things.

          And, in countries where the populations are largely Muslim, why would another Muslim attending a flight school raise suspicion?

  34. Kairn says:

    …and the specific purpose is to succeed in getting a nuclear device in to Israel and detonate it. That purpose is almost near impossible due to Israeli diligence and self preservation. But I believe I understand how Iran is going to exploit the key weakness in the fantastic Israeli defense system: legitimate commercial airlines that are allowed to fly into Israel’s international airports from certain European hubs.

    The reason a long range 777 was chosen to steal for this evil mission is because of the large fuel capacity. Part of that fuel capacity will now be given over to installing a nuclear device in a fuel cell. The remaining fuel capacity will offer plenty of fuel for a flight out of Iran (Pakistan) to a major European hub (the MH370 now flying as a Doppelgänger of a different airline company). The same will hold true for having plenty of fuel capacity to fly from European hub to Israel despite having lost fuel capacity due to nuclear device taking up space in a fuel cell. This will, for all intents and purposes appear to be a legitimate flight. The plane will appear to be a legitmate flight operated by a legitimate carrier. The pilots and crew will be legitimate. The passengers will be legitimate. The workers on the tarmac will load luggage and cargo on this flight because they will be unaware this plane is actually MH370 with a WMD installed in a fuel cell. They will see nothing is out of the ordinary with this plane.

    This will be an uneventful flight. The plane will land at the Euopean hub. Passengers will disembark. Luggage and cargo removed. The pilots go home. The next flight for this plane will be a flight scheduled to one of the international airports in Israel. Unsuspecting flight crew show up to work, unsuspecting passengers board the plane. Unsuspecting ground crew fuel and load luggage and cargo on the plane. Plane has uneventful flight into an Israeli airport. Lands. Everyone disembarks. At some point before this plane is scheduled to fly out of Israel to its next scheduled destination, the nuclear device on MH370 posing as ‘flight # whatever’ from ‘whatever airline’ is activated.

    • Yellow Box says:

      very diabolical…… however….
      You can’t blow up a nuclear device in Israel without also killing everyone in Palestine…

      Plus….. this would require disabling a second plane…where are you going to put that without people asking questions and all the ACARS stuff…. not sending data would be a red flag…the planes are also scheduled for various maintenance and all parts do have serial numbers… I used to work for a Boeing Subsidiary in airline maintenance…….I doubt Al Qaeda has people who can dismantle a fuel tank to insert a nuclear device and know what they are doing… diabolical but way too complicated…
      What is the simpler plan….. but just as effective?

      • LetJusticePrevail" says:

        See my reply to Kairn’s “Doppelgänger” comment (above)

        • Yellow Box says:

          Thanks….. the part about disabling a second transponder in air….. possible….all theories possible.. The thing is for a such an evil plan to work it has to be simple and the more people you add to the equation the less chance of it going off without a hitch. When you start painting planes and all that…… it just gets too complicated….. all they needed to do was land refuel and shadow a second plane in…. within that short window of time…. but now something has gone wrong….. and they are not going to be able to pull it off….

          but your theories would make a great movie…..

          • LetJusticePrevail" says:

            LOL you’re right about simplicity being the best way to pull off any plan, but when you think about 9/11, and the amount of planning (and complexity) involved you can see that these people have all the cunning, patience, and audacity to “try” something like this.

            But let me know if you have any contacts in Hollywood. I could use a few extra bucks.

      • ctdar says:

        If the device is placed in a fuel cell (tank) wouldn’t that weight have to be exact to replicate a fuel tank? Idk how a plane depletes its fuel…does one tank get spent than the other or both deplete evenly at the same time? I would think the weight distribution is very carefully managed in planes. Back in the days of my yout I would grab puddle jumpers with bands flying to a nightclub that my now DH managed during summer breaks. I was the smallest so had to sit next to the pilot where the “big guys” would be evenly distributed near the back by the wings.
        Those were the days :)

        • Kairn says:

          Where else are they going to install a (probably large) nuclear device on a plane that is going to be put back in to carrier service for two flights without said device being detected? It can’t go into the hold because regularly scheduled cargo and passenger luggage will be put in there for two flights. This Doppelgänger plane must appear as normal as usual. Is there any other part of a passenger 777 plane that has an area to secret a large device that is never accessed by ground crew?

          I have put forth a fuel tank as the secreted space for this device because no one regularly peers into the fuel tanks. And the tanks on these 777 planes must be quite large.

          The physics of working out how the weight will be distributed on the plane under this scenario obviously will be worked out by those amazing muslim mathematicians who claim to be the first humans to utilize concept of zero. And boy are they big into the concept of zero.

    • radish says:

      I see I’m late to the party! On Israel the target. If not Israel, its security impenetrable, would they waste this mh370? Every day it sits on the tarmac or in a hangar, Iranians unable to neutralize the Boeing engine mechanism which relays data to a satellit, the higher chance their plan fails every which way.

      • Kairn says:

        As I stated earlier, Israel is not truly impenetrable. Almost. Probably better than just about any nation in the world. And for good reason. However, Israel allows certain commercial airlines to regularly fly into its airspace. This is the ultimate weakness in their defense system.

        I believe my scenario might very well be exactly what was planned and very well may have already taken place just about now had it not been for the announcement from Boeing about the satellite to MH370 engine pings. I think that information announced to the world threw a big wrench in this most heinous of plans.

        Israel needs to sit up and pay serious heed to my scenario as a true possibility and make steps to scrutinize ALL planes that fly in to their airspace BEFORE any of these planes even take off from airports outside of Israel.

        • justfactsplz says:

          Kairn, I believe your theory is very plausible. It’s the one way to get to Israel. Have you notified any Israeli news outlets with your theory so they can be aware of this possibility? My first thoughts was this plane went to Iran until I heard that it might be in Pakistan who does have nuclear warfare. I think the two countries are probably working together. This plane needs to be taken out.

          • Kairn says:

            How do I get an Israeli news site to come look at what I have put forth here? I honestly don’t think trying to contact them with my hypothesis would go any where in a big hurry. And timing is everything. I am hoping that very smart Israeli’s have already figured out this same incredibly devious scenario I’ve come up with and are making some serious adjustments to their defenses.

            I have from the beginning suspected this plane was flown to and has been residing somewhere in Iran (more stable). Basically hidden in plain sight. Not Pakistan (too wild ‘east’, too unpredictable, undisciplined). I believe that Iran DOES have a functioning nuclear device now. Either their own, or one that was recently delivered by way of a N Korean ship.

            I have only included Pakistan in my scenario because there is that remote chance this plane is in Pakistan. It doesn’t matter if my assessment is incorrect and this plane does turn up in Pakistan, just as long as it is found and destroyed before it can motor out to the runway. Any runway.

  35. Kairn says:

    The evil masterminds of the Doppelgänger hypothesis have their 777 plane from ‘whatever airline company’ pre chosen. They will get to it in due time. Bear with me here. In the mean time, MH370, having landed at an Iranian or Pakistani international airport (probably while it was still dark) didn’t look out of the ordinary to anyone who may have observed it landing and taxiing on the tarmac. It was afterall just a typical looking commercial flight coming in, right? In this scenario of course they would need a colluding air traffic controller to allow this plane to land. Why not? He’s muslim. They are all suspect. Remember, this plane has landed in Iran or Pakistan. The whole airport operation is run by muslims. Nothing is regular in muslim land.

    MH370 is promptly driven to a specially prepared hanger. Above ground? Maybe. Below ground? Perhaps. Iran is notorious for all of its supposed underground installations. Hanger doors are closed. All of the dead bodies are removed. Realize now that this was a bloodless hijacking on purpose. There is no need to waste time cleaning up any spilled blood or possibly missing some spilled blood. Afterall, this plane is going to be put back in to legitimate carrier service for two more flights posing as ‘whatever airlines’. Do not want anyone on the flight crew or passengers who will fly on this plane to become alarmed.

    MH370 is now being stripped and retrofitted with WMD in a fuel cell. Why would they not have people capable of performing a task like this? I think they do. It is being painted to look like ‘flight # whatever’ from ‘whatever airline’ including whatever identifying letters and numbers are visible on the outside of the plane. When they are at the stage where MH370 is ready to go except needing a few key items off ‘flight # whatever’ they wait until ‘flight # whatever’ arrives in Iran or Pakistani airport and is promptly pulled out of service for ‘routine maintenance’. This wouldn’t arouse any suspicion. Yes, there might have to be some personnel working for ‘whatever airline’ to aid with this part (secret jihadis). Perhaps at this point all that is needed is an hour or two to swap out pertinent items from ‘flight # whatever’ to MH370 which has now effectively turned MH370 in to a full on Doppelgänger ready to be put back in to service. No suspicions aroused because ‘flight # whatever’ was not ‘down’ for maintenance for very long.

    Can many people keep secrets? Absolutely!! Most especially when they are part of a mission they truly believe in. And what muslim anywhere in the world does not desire to see Israel go poof? I challenge you to find one who says he/she wants Israel to continue thriving? If you do, I will tell you that you have found a liar.

    There is no Palestine. So there is no Palestine to destroy in a nuclear blast. What does Iran or Pakistan care about muslims just happening to be killed when this device goes off in Israel? Not a whit. Collateral damage. What will happen next? All neighboring muslim nations will pounce on Israel after she has been inflicted by such a mortal wound. Muslims from all over the world will be rushing to Israel to join the takedown. It is incredibly disheartening to surmise that not one nation will likely come to Israel’s aid, including the US.

    However, I believe in what the Bible says. God will allow Israel to be seriously wounded, almost to death, but He will not allow her to be destroyed outright. This is the quotient muslims arrogantly ignore at their peril. They will lose in the end. And lose big time.

    • radish says:

      If a muslim pilot will buy into the terrorist deal, so will a muslim Air Traffic controller. Someone mentioned the plan was to turn the plane around into 16 hours and send it hurtling somewhere so that public never knew it landed, converted to a dirty bomb and refueled. It crashed, no middlemen known. The pilots exchanged places Malay for a jihadist pilot — phase two, end plot. There was a window of opportunity in Iran’s mind, if not for Boeing’s intelligence marker.

    • Yellow Box says:

      Yeah well, the radiation fall out will kill all the Palestinians too so that is losing big time.

      I think the UK was the target. If you take out a Nuclear Facility you kill millions with radiation and take out a key power source. It would crush the UK. Something went wrong, they had a small window and it is now closed.

      You fly anywhere even close to a Nuclear Facility right now with a commercial jet without your transponder on and you will be shot down by a fighter jet. If you don’t have the new code word and answer your radio you are toast.

      You don’t need a huge jet to drop a dirty bomb. You can rent a small plane put your dirty bomb aboard it and crash it into the center of any city. If you have a dirty bomb.

      If you don’t have nuclear material, and I don’t think Al Qaeda does, then you use a huge jet filled with fuel and crash it into a Nuclear Facility.

  36. Casimiro Barreto says:

    I think you’re right about most things but wrong about the passengers. Because, even doing the maneuver to avoid civil radar detection, it was last detected at 1h40min flight time in the straight of Malacca heading to somewhere in Iran/Pakistan. Later, Thai authorities said it was spotted by their military radar network.

    As the air space in region is monitored (due to tension among countries and terrorism) and the diversion of an airplane with cargo capabilities of 777 is no minor thing, the location of landing must be known to US/RU/UE authorities. The only way of avoiding the named authorities to bomb the guts out of the plane is keeping hostages as human shield.

    I agree with your theory about the usage of the plane for a kind of “UBL memorial” by blowing it over a major city with explosives or other stuff. To do so they’d have to “re-route” the aircraft making it appear as a “normal flight” or flight the aircraft with hostages boarded. The trick would work for some time, but major targets must be in Europe or China. Neighter Russia or China would think twice about downing an unknown plane entering their territory. That leaves Europe (Germany, France, Italy, Austria) as probable targets.

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