Was Trayvon Martin Another Example of Political Correctness Run Amok? – Subject To Baker Act by Miami-Dade School Police Dept.? Subsequently Removed From Home?

17-year-old Trayvon Martin was laid to rest Saturday March 3rd, by Monday March 5th – as soon as Trayvon Family attorney Benjamin Crump organized his team of players: Daryl Parks, Natalie Jackson, Jasmine Rand -all attorneys- and Media Consultant Ryan Julison, one of the first things they did was seek court orders to seal the School and Criminal records of Trayvon Martin, effectively blocking off Trayvon’s history from public review and media research.

An unusual strategy for representatives on a quest for truth. Most certainly not a “typical” strategy for a team concerned about honesty or truthful justice.   Indeed, it appeared then, as it remains today, there was something that needed to be hidden.

Something uncomfortable they did not want the media spotlight to review, but what?

The information within Miami-Dade School Police Department, and the officers contacts with Trayvon Martin, may hold the key to the next discovery.  All current indicators are pointing strongly in that direction.

Miami Dade Schools Police Department

It is important to note the M-DSPD had a considerable controversy erupt immediately following the Trayvon Martin shooting.  Subsequently, and as a direct result, some officers within the school units filed grievances against their chief, Charles Hurley:

The Miami-Dade County Public Schools said Monday that Police Chief Charles Hurley has been reassigned while an investigation is conducted.

The investigation began after two detectives sent letters to Miami-Dade Superintendent of Schools Alberto Carvalho accusing Hurley of age discrimination, corruption and manipulation of crime statistics.

Major Gerald Kitchell is serving as acting chief of the Miami-Dade Schools Police Department and district security, schools spokesman John Schuster said in a statement.

“The school district takes all allegations very seriously. As a result, an investigation was immediately initiated when an allegation was made concerning Miami-Dade Schools Police. The district’s process follows a strict protocol that protects the complainant while ensuring due process for all, and seeks to avoid any distraction from the district’s core function,” Schuster said. “For these reasons, Chief Charles Hurley has been reassigned pending the outcome of an investigation.”

In one of the letters obtained by NBC 6, a senior detective wrote, “He asked that I reduce the number of arrests I affect of all black juveniles. I told him regardless of the race of an individual; if probable cause existed for an arrest that individual would be arrested. He was not happy with my response to his request.”

That detective also claims Hurley orders officers to send students for psychiatric treatment under the Baker Act as opposed to sending them to juvenile detention. The officer says it’s an effort to reduce the crime statistics in the district.

“I firmly believe that the crime statistics in my department are being manipulated to show a reduction in crime,” he wrote.  (article)

It should be noted that following the investigation which took place, Police Chief Hurley was not “criminally charged”.    Although, he never returned to his position and was replaced by Major Gerald Kitchell, who remains in that post today.

However, this odd youth redirection scheme  was not the first time Chief Hurley was, well, using “usual tactics”.   Previously Chief Hurley literally unloaded his Glock handgun in a meeting to “call out the underperformers“, and send a message.

But when you are in Miami-Dade facing the Race-baiting community daily, and if you are effective at stemming their accusations, even the School District Superintendent Alberto Carvalho doesn’t really see a problem:

 “We will be reviewing this issue,” he said. “But we are going to do it in the context of three back-to-back years of double-digit reductions of critical incidents in schools and a 35 percent reduction in arrests in schools.”


The allegations against Hurley bring up a key issue facing many who have followed the tentacles of the Trayvon shooting and subsequent racial movements.   Namely the extreme pressure by all factions of the Black Civil Rights activist movement onto law enforcement, and educational leadership, to diminish the consequences and corrections afforded to young black males for their behavior.

Jesse Jackson - FloridaIndeed, it was Jesse Jackson who said in April at a Trayvon Martin rally that school suspensions were adversely affecting black male students, and further implied that school discipline itself was inherently racist.

Jackson also said Martin’s case illustrated the high number of black students who are suspended from school. A report issued by the U.S. Department of Education last month found that black students are more than three times as likely as their white peers to be suspended or expelled. Martin had been suspended from school for having a baggie that contained marijuana residue shortly before he was killed.  (link)

Jackson requested a greater level of tolerance toward intolerable behavior because black boys were receiving a disproportionate amount of the punishment in relation to their percentage within the student community.   Of course, once again all of this ignores behavior.

Don’t discipline the thuggery; Don’t address the behavior;  Just put up with it or lower the expectation appears to be the resounding message.   Black boys just can’t control themselves is the unspoken narrative, even by the President of The United States.

More recently the same considerations have been leveraged nationally with quotas being suggested for school punishments.

Was this the same politically correct mindset infecting the work within the Miami-Dade *School* Police Dept.?    From the allegations made against Chief Hurley, by officers within his unit, this would appear to be the case.   The application of Political Correctness once again running amok.

Now, taken in the abstract this may seem unrelated, but as with all things surrounding this case, more questions arise than are ever answered.    Was Trayvon Martin one of those “manipulated redirected statistics”?   Was his contact with M-DSPD the reason for sealing Trayvon’s records?  Could Trayvon have been one of the kids redirected into medical (psychiatric) treatment to avoid the juvenile justice system, and subsequently avoid another statistic of a black youth being disciplined for behavioral issues?

Only this time, unfortunately for the M-DSPD Chief, one of the re-directed “kids” became a national story – and subsequently a dangerous optic if revealed.

One of the things about Political Correctness, or more appropriately described as ‘Cultural Marxism’ is what happens after the consequences from its stealth riddled application become visible in the national spotlight.   Consider, a uncomfortabley behaving, and generally psychotic, muslim military doctor is never addressed until he becomes The Shooter At Fort Hood and innocent people are killed.  The cause as determined by the investigation that followed?   Political Correctness, and people in authority fearful of addressing the unusual or antisocial behavior.

Is the story of Trayvon Martin the same or similar consequence to political correctness?  Was, and is, the Miami-Dade School Police Department infected with PC running amok?    All signs appear to be pointing in this general direction.

Consider what is factually known – against the back drop of what was stated:

      • We know Trayvon missed 53 days of school in a school year only half over.
      • We know Trayvon was suspended from school three times in the school year only half over (2011-2012).
      • We know Trayvon was specifically engaged in drug use and the culture thereof since at least the summer of 2010, and was prolific prior to school start (August 2011).
      • We know on at least one occasion Trayvon was found in school with unidentified jewelry and what officials described as a burglary tool.
      • We know Trayvon was found with drug paraphernalia in school and disciplined.
      • We know officers within the Miami-Dade School Police Dept were under pressure to find alternate ways to direct black offenders away from the criminal justice system.
      • We know Trayvon had encounters with these School Police Officers. 
      • …And finally we know Trayvon was not physically living with Mom or Dad prior to the final suspension  (outlined below).
      • We also know family attorney Benjamin Crump immediately moved to seal all of Trayvon’s records.  Even before Trayvon’s Mom, Sybrina, had stepped foot in Sanford to present the boy-child skittles narrative.  

Was this anti-social behavior, and the subsequent lack of willingness to tackle head on, the reason why early on in this narrative there were so many disconnected and disparate stories?

CONSIDER WHERE TRAYVON LIVED – From the very beginning the descriptions of Trayvon Martin by his parents did not make sense. Listening to questions of Tracy and Sybrina, and their answers – their responses were often disconnected, contradictory and, well, just odd in their lack of depth.

On example is this early interview with Sybrina Fulton, Trayvon’s mother. Note this is very early on before the media handler (Ryan Julison) took control of the scripting, and made sure Tracy and Sybrina appeared together.

Another example was about 2 months later when Sybrina travelled to London, England and was questioned again. Even months later, when asked the same or similar general questions, she just never seemed to be able to describe Trayvon. Very odd.

Additionally odd was upon hearing of Trayvon’s death Sybrina never left North Dade (Fort Lauderdale) to travel to Sanford. She stayed home. The first time she actually went to Sanford was to attend a press conference on March 8th.

Also, Sybrina was unable to describe Trayvon’s likes or dislikes. She gave conflicting information about his favorite foods, sports, and things he enjoyed. Sybrina said Trayvon loved basketball, but Trayvon told everyone in his social network he disliked basketball.

When asked about his favorite meal Sybrina said Trayvon liked Fried Chicken; the next time she said hamburgers, and yet another time she described something totally different.

Sybrina told investigators she did not know that Trayvon had a twitter account, and she did not know his name on Facebook. Sybrina Fulton knew nothing about Trayvon’s U-Tube account, his following of Mixed Martial Art combat fighting, or his home-made movies from street fights to video’s of his cousin.

On the morning she found out he was shot, she sat in the parking lot of her work for a few minutes then drove home – and stayed there.

sybrina familyAll of these are just unusual examples of odd and disconnected descriptions for a parent who was sold to the public as incredibly close to her son and devastated. And when you look at the pictures of Sybrina with Trayvon, there are always other people in them, and in all of them as a general sense it’s usually Trayvon’s half-brother Jahvaris who seems closest to his mom.

We have fully documented how something changed in Trayvon, something troubling. A serious and rapid downward spiral in behavior and it is well noted during the time period from October 2010 (trouble with Dad), to Summer 2011 (significant drug use), to the last year of school August 2011 through Feb 2012 when he missed 53 days of school, was suspended three times, and the last suspension was a serious enough violation to warrant 10 days suspension out of school.

And just something about the story of Trayvon and his mom; and his mom’s behavior not matching the story being sold. Then we read this recent article in esquire magazine and something stuck out. Something that connected numerous dots in describing exactly what was going on.

He was growing so fast, he’d stretched out like a rubber band, 158 pounds on a five-eleven frame, so long and thin everyone teased him: Boy, you too skinny to take a breath.

He was wearing the hoodie he always wore, lost in his music like he always was. People teased him about that, too. Next door to his uncle Stephen’s house, a modest ranch house where he often spent the night, lived an old lady who called him Mouse. (link)

This relatively demure comment actually clicked in with another piece of the puzzle from earlier. THIS is a radio interview given by Trayvon’s aunt, Ebony Martin Mcclain, who is Tracy Martin’s sister, on the Rickey Smiley Show. The full radio interview is available here, but we have copied the audio onto U-Tube format so that you can listen to it here.

Do you hear what Aunt Ebony is saying?

Trayvon was NOT living with his mom. Trayvon was NOT living with his dad. Trayvon was living with his uncle, Stephen Martin, a former Marine, and his wife “Aunt Miriam, in Miami Gardens.

Miriam previously described Trayvon’s living arrangements as:

She’s [Miriam] known Trayvon since the day he was born. He spent as much time at their house as he did anywhere else. (link)

Uncle Stephen’s son (Trayvon’s cousin), Stephen “Boobie” Martin, was Trayvon’s best friend. Boobie is who travelled to Sanford to visit Trayvon at Brandy Green’s condo in The Retreat at Twin Lakes the final weekend. It was Trayvon and Boobie who attended Brandy’s son’s football game that Saturday night then all three drove back to Brandy’s condo. “Boobie” left the following morning (Sunday).

Tracy Martin 2 Tracy Martin 4-18-12

We know Trayvon’s Dad, Tracy Martin, (pictured above) was living with his sister Ebony Martin Mcclain, as noted in the radio interview, also in Miami Gardens. However, Tracy was reported to be considering a permanent move to live with girlfriend Brandy Green and her son, Chad, in Sanford. *Brandy Green is, or was, pregnant with Tracy’s child.

[ You also need to remember Tracy was still married to Alicia Martin - the "step-mom" from the Dr. Phil show. Tracy and Alicia Martin had been together for 14 years and married for 7 Poor Alicia is by all considerations "The Forgotten Woman"]

Tracy Martin CRIP

Tracy Martin (Trayvon Dad) Far Right

The discussions of Trayvon moving to Sanford had already taken place:

Last night he [Trayvon] had a long talk with DeWayne, his buddy from pee-wee football. DeWayne asked what he was doing.

Just chillin’ with my ol’ boy, Trayvon said. Trayvon’s dad was dating a woman who lived there, a woman named Brandy, and it was looking serious. If he had to change high schools again to move up there, he said, it would be a’ight. (link)

But one thing is certain, at the time Trayvon was shot he WAS NOT living with Sybrina Fulton, his mom. NOR was he permanently residing with his dad, Tracy.

Now folks on the ground in/around Trayvon’s High School have provided the specific information as to why he did not live with his mom. However, until that is confirmed, and some additional measures are taken, we will leave it out of the outline.

The behavioral challenges of Trayvon during that winter school session might have led to the decision to put him in the care, custody and guardianship, of his uncle, who by all manner of evaluation, Trayvon did listen to and respect. Trayvon’s dad, Tracy, was separated from his wife of seven years Alicia Martin, and his girlfriend in Sanford, Brandy, was pregnant. Meanwhile he loved him some ‘twerkin’ lap dances.

But Trayvon was NOT living with Sybrina (mom) or Tracy (dad) during the time prior to the trip to Sanford.

So now, given the revelation of additional facts, and with the hindsight of the TRUTH, do these previous interviews make more sense now?

Certainly all the disparate stories and disconnection now makes sense. It was all just a ruse to create an impression, a false impression.

The reason Sybrina could not describe Trayvon, was because she did not know Trayvon. Not in the same sense the attorneys and media consultants were framing her. This is why early on the entire narrative seemed so disjointed.

The family lawyers, The Scheme Team, were selling a Trayvon family that never existed. Trayvon neither lived with Sybrina or Tracy. He was a portable troubled teen who was living with his uncle who was trying to straighten him out.

It is beyond sad – that ultimately, in order not to reflect the typical example of black teen crisis in America the family, or their handlers, felt they needed to script a false storyline for the media. AND worse yet, the media could not even ask the questions to bring the truth forth. The media just left those blazing irreconcilable conversations and statements by the scheme team float in the air like dangling participles…..

None of this changes the substance of the case against George Zimmerman. However, it does reflect a particular character trait, and expose the agenda of the family attorneys.

That falsely constructed story is profoundly wrong.

Trayvon 7-11

They have created this fairy tale story around a 12-year-old little boy named Trayvon Martin. That person never existed in the life of George Zimmerman. Mr. Zimmerman met a 17-year-old troubled teen with anger issues, who liked to portray himself as player inside the thug culture, just like his school discipline records will reflect.

The truth will always come out – eventually…. it always does.

Crumped Up Charges...

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88 Responses to Was Trayvon Martin Another Example of Political Correctness Run Amok? – Subject To Baker Act by Miami-Dade School Police Dept.? Subsequently Removed From Home?

  1. TandCrumpettes says:

    Remember early on when we first learned about the jewelry theft, (paraphrasing), “He didn’t do that. If he did, why wasn’t he arrested?”


    I always thought the hyprocrisy was funny. So…Crumpie…you’re insinuating that no arrest must mean NO CRIME? Hmm…can we think of any other cases recently that were investigated and initially resulted in no arrest? Hmm! (Jeopardy theme)

    But in light of this article, it all comes together.

    • Liberals USED to be the Optimistic Ones says:

      I can think of another glaring example where no arrest occured but it should have (if it occurred), taking a swing at a bus driver.
      They wouldnt want the thug in training to have a record of violence and burglary (so they hid his history of violence and burglary).

    • LouDaJew says:

      very perceptive.

    • BertDilbert says:

      Listening to the audio at approximately the 2 min mark. It certainly sounds to me like she is saying the brother was very close because Travon saved him from the fire. It does not sound like to me she is talking about Tracy Martin is the one Trayvon saved. Am I wrong in my interpretation? If she was talking about the dad, why would she have to say he was really close because of the fire event?

  2. howie says:

    The circumstantial evidence is overwhelming. Social Justice run amok.

  3. pbunyan says:

    “It was Trayvon and Boobie who attended Brandy’s son’s football game that Saturday night then all three drove back to Brandy’s condo. “

    They play football in February? That’s odd.

    • Arkindole says:

      pbjn-a lot of stuff goes on down here in the spring because it’s cooler. Little league, soccer, etc. starts in Jan/Feb. It could have been a youth league playing at a school field (which they do a lot), or it could have been the school’s activity.

  4. Lee says:

    The truth and this family have never met. Seems like all of them are playing not just the race card – but the sympathy one as well. And sadly for Trayvon Martin, I think none of them bothered with him after the age of nine. They don’t need to look at Zimmerman or the police to understand what went wrong.

    • Sharon says:

      I’m beginning to think these people live in that other America that includes those neighborhoods where truth is never the default perspective. They are so accustomed to instinctively not telling the truth, they don’t even recognize it in times when it might actually be useful. Of course, having said that, I realize that their way of life is such that truth is perhaps not useful very often.

      Truthfulness as an everyday tool to use in relationships is not a concept that has any relevance to them….and the reason I make a point about that is because of this: considering the dots laid out here for our connecting fun, can you understand (I sure can’t) the utter, complete, total, wall-to-wall silence from all of the hundreds of individuals who actually are in this story, and who actually do have the information that would clear up discrepancies and correct the false statements? Complete silence.

      And for 95% of them–there was no need to pay them off or threaten them in any way (from Crump and company) because this just seems to be the way they live.

      I think that’s why the whole thing is so blasted baffling: most of us cannot imagine covering up lies on the part of even relatives or friends; and we certainly can’t imagine presenting a false front, month after month, in a way that is undermining our laws or creating threats to the life and well-being of others—meaning those across the nation who have been beaten senseless and killed (“this is for Travon!”) because of the silence of these false-living people.

      We actually do find it unbelievable–which is why we are so S-LLLL—OOOO-WWW to get the picture into focus.

      • kathyca says:

        “can you understand (I sure can’t) the utter, complete, total, wall-to-wall silence from all of the hundreds of individuals who actually are in this story, and who actually do have the information that would clear up discrepancies and correct false statements? Complete silence.”

        Thank you! I started to post this exact thought in response to the posts about the school/juvenile records and just got too disheartened to post, each time. There are hundreds of people who know the true story about Trayvon, or at least critical pieces of it, and NONE of them have come forward. Solidarity born of singular hatred. You’re right, we cannot grasp it.

        • Knuckledraggingwino says:

          This reflexive, racial solidarity is what is so frustrating and frightening about the case. It has convinced me that racial reconciliation s impossible and that Obama and the prigs will be unrelenting in their quest for racial retribution. The consequences are depressingly predictable.

    • After TM was killed, Sybrina told the school peincipal that the students were not to talk to the media.The teachers were told the same thing.

  5. Arkindole says:

    One thing that keeps bugging me about this absence thing, and it relates to other youth that I see ditching all the time (and that’s another rant for another place), is that in the state of FL there is a mandatory number of days that a student must attend to be promoted to the next grade level. I know this because we were getting flack from school administrators over our son’s absences owing to asthma. This was way back, but the statuary days and *contact hours on campus* hasn’t changed much. The person that would be “cooking the books” on the attendance would be the school counselor that Trayvon was assigned to. It doesn’t matter whether or not the child moves between schools–that attendance follows him on the transcripts. Also, with the mental health initiative that is being discussed, the counselor, or the school psychologist, would still have to be involved with it. The counselor and the attendance records will show everything because every counselor contact is noted. However, once a student gets hooked up with the psychologist or other mental health worker on the treatment side, I would suspect that it becomes client-patient privilege with the parents involved as the responsible party in records.

    And, yes. If I were a parent in the same situation (and it looks like he did not have responsible parents) sealing school records would be the last thing I thought of after the funeral. Something is way rotten here.

    • myopiafree says:

      Hi Arkin – One of the FIRST question I had about Trayvon’s FIRST 10 day suspension was, “…what were the parents told about Trayvon – at the first suspension meeting”. No I suspect THERE WAS NO MEETING. I think both parents did NO CHECKING AT ALL. The same for “missing” 53 classes. No responsible adult was involved in Trayvon’s life.

    • LouDaJew says:

      anybody that has access in M-DCPS to a program called ISIS (pronounced eye-sis) can see the absences of any student in the system. a lot of school personnel have access, and I think that’s why they came clean with the 3 suspensions. the reason for the latest suspension still isn’t clear though.

  6. myopiafree says:

    Hi TreeHouse – It is clear that Trayvon was a “disaster” at school. He mentally “checked out” in that last nine months. No one could “control” Trayvon. Eventually the truth will come out.

    • boutis says:

      Even excellent students get tired of school, burnt out, ready to move on with “senior-itis”. The social life, discipline learned earlier, parental encouragement, seeing the end with graduation often gets them through what is increasingly boring, unchallenging schoolwork. If TM failed his exam and knew he wasn’t going to graduate when socially expected, that no parent was interested or encouraging, that the only attention he got was for bad behavior, and essentially that no one wanted to deal with him, he was not only “portable” but “disposable”. This is a cultural problem not a racial one that goes directly to the parents life choices.

    • justfactsplz says:

      I am confident that it will thanks to all of the truth seekers.

  7. LouDaJew says:

    Trayvon was not suspended for tardiness. no such thing under No Child Left Behind or the Code of Student Conduct for M-DCPS. if an African American student is suspended it is for something very serious. The last suspension is still unknown.

    • howie says:

      If they suspend a black do they have to suspend a couple whites to make it up?

      • LouDaJew says:

        the overall goal is to eliminate suspensions, even if it contradicts the M-DCPS Code of Student Conduct. there seems to be a movement to find “alternatives” even though many schools don’t have indoor suspension. that means getting counseling and returning to class.

  8. LouDaJew says:

    the marijuana suspension was also bogus. there was more to that story. Trayvon was probably smoking and got caught, and then denied he was smoking. it’s illegal to just search a student’s book bag without probable cause.

    • Liberals USED to be the Optimistic Ones says:

      or he was caught beating down a bus driver and was suspended for the drugs and pipe had on him (after they let him empty his baggie), instead (that way they could make it seem like it was not a violent offense when it was)

  9. LouDaJew says:

    the problem is you have people in Miami Dade County that are too afraid to speak up. they don’t want to be called racist. it isn’t racist, it’s a preference towards African American students. they should receive the same punishment, not a preference. if you want to get sick, read this article.

  10. Sha says:

    I have my nephew living with me he just turned 15. His mom lives right down the road 3 or 4 miles but doesn’t come to see him and his dad my brother has to work on the road 5 days a week 14 hr days with his job. My brother is looking for another job but mean while my nephew is out of control. He is a very angry young man . He has a heart , a very big one but would rather play the role of a tough guy instead. I am always one step behind him. I treat him exactly the same way I treat my son . I have jumped all over my brother for being his friend and not his dad and I have jumped all over his mom for not loving her son enough to spend time with him. He is starving for attention and the fact that he matters . I hug him and tell him that I love him and that I expect him to make something out of him self and acting the way he has will not be tolerated . He has calmed down alot since he has been with me. He is making better grades and hasn’t been in trouble in school since I got him. Stability is very important to this kids. He has his own room and his own stuff, he has nice clothes and he is feed very well and he has two people that would fight there way through hell to make sure he makes it in this life .

    • justfactsplz says:

      Keep on keeping on Sha. You are making a difference for the better in his life. God bless all of you.

      • Sha says:

        justfactsplz: Thank you. The reason I wrote about my nephew is because it reminds me of the situation with TM and what it takes to help get the anger out of these young boys so someone like GZ or someone else doesn’t end up being the one it get’s taken out on.

        • Liberals USED to be the Optimistic Ones says:

          When did parenting become old fsashioned?
          Real proud of ya Sha

          • Sha says:

            Thank you …..Not sure Lib, but it seems some of these parents these days love them selves more than they do there children . I always felt my kids where a gift from God.

    • dmoseylou says:

      Sha, you are a remarkable person, Mom, sister, sister-in-law, and aunt. Your own boys and your nephew are mighty lucky and blessed boys to have you in their lives. Fairness, rules, a stern hand, involvement in their lives, and lots and lots of love truly do make all the difference in the world in how a child will make his way in today’s society.
      Yes, it is very sad that Trayvon never had such security and guidance in his short life.

      • Sha says:

        dmoseylou: Thank you so much ….. My dad inherited a mess when he got me at the age of ten and I always said if I could be half the parent he was my kids would be great.

    • Sharon says:

      Regardless of some tough choices you are having to make these days, he will NEVER FORGET what you are doing for him. And if he makes some bad choices over the months/years ahead, the impact will still be there.

      I used to tell our sons that every young person needs in their life someone who will fight for them, and someone who will fight with them–and ideally, that should be the same person. You are doing that for him. It doesn’t always fix everything easily, but it matters. Keep on keeping on, Sha.

      • Sha says:

        Sharon: My oldiest nephew was raised by my mother in law from the time he wa 18 months old. She had alot of health problems so he was in and out of my house like he was mine.I bought all his school clothes when I bought for my boys and what ever my boys got he got , even a 4 wheeler. She died when he was 11 , so he had a really hard time with it. His dad worked construction so I made sure he always had a room in my home. He is 24 now and every time he gets hurt are something happens his real mom shows up to try to play mom now and he says where’s my aunt Sha …. I wont my aunt Sha. I try to respect the fact she is his mom and i warned her when he was small to be a part of his life but she wouldn’t listen and now I say look what you missed……. He’s wonderful.

    • thefirstab says:

      Merry Christmas Sha! I wanted to express my admiration for what you are doing with your nephew. It pays off, doesn’t it? As I’ve said before, I have teens, thank the good Lord they make me proud but still can be typical teens. I see what is out there, and so do they. I usually have to make a comparison of Choice A or Choice B once a week or so, when they get off track. I am most concerned with the 13 y/o son for obvious reasons. When it seems too hard, or I am almost in tears from frustration, your actions, and other parents who truly want their children to succeed in life, keep me going. Bless you!

      • Sha says:

        the first stab : It does pay off ….. I have learned alot from him . He is one of the sharpest kids I have help raise. He is so smart . I told him if he would use his ( super powers for good instead of evil ) the sky is the limit …. I think he finally gets it. He enjoys cooking with me and hanging out with me something my youngiest son doesn’t wont to do. I think I have a new BF except when teenage girls around he… he….

  11. cmsiq2 says:

    Can a school “lose” evidence/records? If so, and many school administration personel have access to these records, I hope none “accidentally” throw incriminating Traydemark records away.

  12. ejarra says:

    “17-year-old Trayvon Martin was laid to rest Saturday March 3rd, by Monday March 5th – as soon as Trayvon Family attorney Benjamin Crump organized his team of players: Daryl Parks, Natalie Jackson, Jasmine Rand -all attorneys- and Media Consultant Ryan Julison, one of the first things they did was seek court orders to seal the School and Criminal records of Trayvon Martin, effectively blocking off Trayvon’s history from public review and media research.”

    What I read here was that after Crump talked to his friends at the funeral/wake, he learned much about Trayvon and his REAL reasons behind the suspensions. THAT was why he quickly had them sealed. Remember DD1 was also in attendance and he had 2 weeks to get Ryan J to come up with a meme that fit the timeline and the NEN call of George’s. He had Chad’s lie about the NBA all-star game and Skittles and Ice-T (we canNOT say it was Watermelon Drink, since it’s used in a drug cocktail) for the story to get people emotionally involved.

    Also, the scrubbing of anything social-media related.

  13. justfactsplz says:

    All of this is relevant to the case. Showing aggressive behavior in Trayvon will help connect the dots as to why he attacked George. There is evidence yet to be released that show Trayvon had attacked other people. There is more to it than just swinging on a bus driver. Attacking George was not Trayvon’s first rodeo. Team Crump tried very hard to seal or erase any evidence that portrayed Trayvon in a bad light. There are things that Team Crump did know about so they could not hide it.

    • LouDaJew says:

      hopefully MOM knows the truth by now. personally, I think he should release it now.
      could you imagine DD being in charge of your destiny for life?
      I couldn’t. a girl who can’t even tie a proper sentence together possibly coached by an attorney who provided a copy of a copy. man, it’s like incompetence and lies are determnining your fate. that’s a pretty uncomfortable feeling. on top of that you have the media portraying lies. George has a lot of strength, and I know it’s because he believes in his faith. everyday, I try to put myself in his shoes.

      • justfactsplz says:

        The media lies have to be extremely hard to deal with. They are hard for me to deal with. I am sure MOM should have all of this evidence by now. SPD did do a thorough investigation. They have a lot of evidence that the prosecution has not included in their discovery. All of this will be in the defense’s discovery when it gets to that point. Right now they are just trying to obtain all of the prosecution’s discovery before they release theirs. The defense is laying important ground work right now that will help in the future. Getting Trayvon’s school records and social media is just the beginning. Getting to the bottom of the Dee Dee myth is something they are concentrating on.

        • Liberals USED to be the Optimistic Ones says:

          Don’t mean to disagree here, but I would hazard to suggest that the investigation done by SPD was through with regards to how they investigated GZ (but they largely didn’t investigate TM at all-not the phone, not the school records, nada)

          • justfactsplz says:

            They did investigate those things but the prosecution has not included it in their discovery. It is so frustrating.

    • justfactsplz says:

      That should read did not know about.

  14. recoverydotgod says:

    Here’s a link to the Miami-Dade County youth crime task force funded programs:


    Along with the board members:


    Frederica Wilson’s been on this task force a long time. Here was the Miami-Dade Legislative item in 1999 to remove her as the representative for the Dade County Public School System and remain on as the State Representative.


    • LouDaJew says:

      I see the Colored People (NAACP) are represented. what about the Task Force to save Jewish Children involved in gangs? nevermind… just accept it Lou

  15. mcfyre2012 says:

    Just curious…Trayvon missed 53 days of school. Does that include the three 10-day suspensions? Or did he miss a total of 83 days?

    • kathyca says:

      Just jumping in to make sure we’re accurate on this point. Iirc, it was a combination of tardies and absents to arrive at 53. The point was made, though, that if you counted holidays, breaks and half-days for teacher in-service or what not, combined with 53 tardies and absences, the amount of school missed between Aug/Sept. to Feb. would be ridiculous — whether the suspensions were included or not. You have Thanksgiving/Fall Break in there, plus Christmas/Winter break. In my kids’ school that’s 3 weeks or so right there. Plus, that’s time missed in a school week. So say there are “only” 20 absences and 33 tardies, that’s STILL 4 full weeks of school missed PLUS holidays, breaks and half-days, in 6 mos. or less. If any child in my kids’ school district missed that much school in that period of time w/o an ironclad medical excuse, they wouldn’t be able to move on to the next grade and their parents would have been called in for a conference and received an invitation to truancy court.

    • myopiafree says:

      Hi Mcfyre – iirc – he missed 53 classes, as per 60 minutes per class. This presumes there are five classes in a day. So maybe that is not too bad. But schools simply do not expell/suspend for 10 days – unless the charge is VERY SERIOUS. On time – that is bad. Second-time – the “student” is finished.

      • kathyca says:

        Myopia – that’s the first I’ve heard it as “classes.” I looked around a little bit and can’t find the original article yet. Any idea where you read that?

        • myopiafree says:

          Hi Kathy – No I can’t confirm it – but it seemed un-reasonable that he missed 53 DAYS!! If he did – that is amazing. I would like to see those school records. It is obvious the Martin parents did not GIVE A DAMN WHAT TRAYVON DID.

      • LouDaJew says:

        attendance is usually taken in Homeroom, which is after 1st peiod.

      • mcfyre2012 says:

        I’ve been reading 53 days, not classes.

        Yes, the suspensions are very serious. Ten school days equates to two weeks. A suspension for that length of time is normally for a pretty serious offense. So in essence, he was suspended for SIX weeks! … between August and February…then you add in all the holidays and teacher workday/pupil holidays, etc. There was no way Trayvon was going to graduate.

        The school records need to be unsealed.

        • kathyca says:

          He wasn’t going to graduate because he failed the test that’s mandatory for graduation, per Sybrina’s interview with Ebony magazine. The handwriting was on the wall. He was going to fail his jr. year b/c he was never at school and, when he was, he got suspended. And if he had to repeat his jr. year AND pass the test, he didn’t have a realistic chance of graduating until he would have been 19 or 20, if ever. He was out, done and over. And this whole situation is the culmination of that, imo. Nothing to strive for, nothing to lose. Done. And that’s not even including the things we don’t know about yet.

          • myopiafree says:

            Hi Kathy – Yes Trayvon failed everything – so he started studying “Thug – 101″. He was doing quite well, as every one knew the cops would not arrest you – because that is proof that the cops are racists. You would not want this back kid with a criminal arrest record (even though he was caught with drugs on his person), now would you?

          • dan1el3 says:

            You got a link for that article in Ebony magazine?
            What is the source on him missing 53 days of school?

          • dan1el3 says:

            I don’t mean to be rude, just looking for cold hard facts.

  16. jordan2222 says:

    I wonder if Sybrina and Tracy lie to each other about Trayvon.

    • tara says:

      I was wondering how Sybrina felt when she found out that Tracy wasn’t even home when Trademark died and didn’t bother to check up on him until after Trademark had been dead for like 12 hours.

  17. tara says:

    It’s possible that Crump and Julison were absolutely brilliant in crafting this fake image of Trademark’s loving family. But I suspect that they were duped just like the general public was, that Fulton and elder Martin were not up front with Crump, that it was they who painted the false picture, and Crump slowly discovered the details just like we did, perhaps some of them later than we did. But regardless of the cause, the end effect is still the same: most of the masses have retained the first impression and have not bothered, or will bot bother, to enlighten themselves. And the media is apparently too embarrassed to admit that they made so many gross errors, so eagerly publishing the fairy tale as it was first delivered to them BY ONLY ONE SIDE.

    You know how schools have deviated so much from basic schooling? They dearly need to teach basic logic and skepticism, starting from a very early age. We have a nation of people who are book smart but critical thinking dumb.

    • myopiafree says:

      Hitler was absolutely brilliant – and perversely evil. Crump is a sociopath, and has been caught in many lies.

      Tara> “It’s possible that Crump was absolutely brilliant in crafting this fake image of Trademark’s loving family”

      Crump certainly knew the true-nature of Trayvon – and could not let it “get out”. That is why his FIRST ACTIONS HE TOOK, WERE TO SEAL TRAYVON’S SCHOOL RECORDS.

      Crump is simply a lying con-artist – able to inspire 18 year-old DeeDee (whoever she is) to tell coached lies to Bernie. [ She knows from the Nifong case - that she can "lie" as much as she wants to - there will be no penalty to her for doing so. This is exactly what was wrong with the Nifong case. ]

    • sundance says:

      Crump is not stupid – not even close. And he did learn at the knee of a master….

    • howie says:

      It is easy with the Trained Seals of the media.

  18. Josh says:

    “Was Trayvon Martin Another Example of Political Correctness Run Amock?”
    YES and we, as a nation, are the victims.

    • Coast says:

      And look at all the players on the other side; one that comes to mind is Dr. Phil. He presented the Martins as a strong all-American family unit, and trashed anything associated with GZ. Shame.

      • hooson1st says:

        Dr. Phil presented the “narrative” when he had Sybrina et al on his show.

        In a sense, you can say that Dr. Phil and his producers were hoodwinked. Having Osterman on that same show sucked a lot of air time which might have provided the opportunity for some probing of that narrative.

        Sybrina being on his show at that time was good for ratings. Dr. Phil is not ratings averse. Note that Dr. Phil was in Newton, Connecticut this week.

        If the portrait of Trayvon that has emerged on CTH is anywhere accurate, that should be reflected in the school records that were under seal.

        The GZ/TM tragedy can have a positive effect on the national race dialogue if, at the end of all the legal skirmishing, it allows for a frank discussion of the social deterioration of the family structure and the negative effects on society as a whole.

      • howie says:

        Many Colleges are teaching Black Slang now as a language. Other than English. It can be used for credit the same way Spanish can. Black Slang 1, Black Slang 2, etc.

  19. Knuckledraggingwino says:

    At the risk of sounding like a bleeding heart liberal, I would suggest that Trayvon’s chaotic “family” life as a young child put him at extreme risk of being the victim of homicide by a “family” member or “acquaintance.”. Both his mother and to a lessor extent his father abdicated their parental responsibilities. As a result, it was dependent on a step mother, uncle and probably other people we don’t know about to nurture them. Ask any sociobiologist and they will explain that in spite of all of the wonderful people like Shaw who will nurture other people’s children, most people are not capable of suchbaltruism. This is why traditional families with a biological mother in a committed relationship with the biological father who has a high degree f certainty in their paternity is the most beneficial for the children. Sabrina was an extreme aberration of a mother who rejected her own biological child. Sabrina’s apparent avocation suggests Tracy Martin was not very confident in Trayvon’s paternity. Tracy’s own penchant for philandering would further undermine his willingness to support his son. I suspect that he spent much of his time living in households headed by an unrelated male. This would have put him at extreme risk of being a child homicide victim or of being abused psychological, physically and sexually.

    Given Trayvon’s chaotic family life, the abandonment by his parents and probable abuse by unrelated males, it is inevitable that TM would feel disrespected and threatened by GZ’s scrutiny.

    The irony is that GZ is precisely the type of guy who would have been altruistic enough to nurture TM rather than abuse him.

    • LouDaJew says:

      African American parents (GENERALLY, and FROM WHAT I’VE SEEN IN MIAMI) scream at their children. I think this does have a psychological effect on children. from what I’ve seen, there needs to be more talking. Trayvon could have had a chip on his shoulder because of all the psychological stress, along with his poor judgment put him in that mode to assault the strange short non-African American guy. Trayvon probably viewed George as “soft” or “sof” as expressed by many African Americans.

  20. Myforest says:

    Three times as likely to get into trouble as the white kids. Almost exactly three times as likely to come from a home with only a single mother. Do the math. And lest any white folks feel superior, the illegitimacy rate among whites is just about where it was for blacks 45 years ago, and rising. Soon, they will probably both top 80%. Where will the nation be then?

  21. maggiemoowho says:

    This is the most awkward interviews I have watched. It is with TM’s brother, I found it somewhat sad because it really shows that nobody seemed to really know much about TM. A few points JF made in the interview was that TM was taking some honors classes(TM failed his FCAT’S), that he “THINKS” TM liked sports and that when he(JF), TM and SF took a trip to New York City, SF was tired so he took TM around New York City himself.

  22. recoverydotgod says:

    Students hold candlelight vigil in honor of Trayvon Martin
    Candlelight vigil held at Dr. Michael M. Krop Senior High

    Published On: Mar 26 2012 11:01:45 PM EDT


    Superintendent of Schools Alberto M. Carvalho and School Board member Dr. Martin Karp were present and addressed the students, along with Principal Dawn Baglos, Trayvon’s teacher Michelle Kypriss, and Miami-Dade Schools Police Chief Charles Hurley.

  23. recoverydotgod says:

    Mental health director leaving Miami-Dade school district
    September 19, 2012|Laura Isensee, Miami Herald


    The former head of mental health services for Miami-Dade schools will start a new job in Oregon next month, leaving South Florida amid an internal investigation into complaints about her and the district’s use of state law to commit students for involuntary psychiatric evaluations.


  24. recoverydotgod says:

    Miami-Dade Public School District Wins Prestigious Broad Prize For Urban Education
    By CHRISTINE ARMARIO 10/23/12 01:57 PM ET EDT


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