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Central American Migrant Caravan Declines Mexican Offer to Apply for Asylum …

The Central American migration force is gaining additional followers as they continue their march toward the southern U.S. border. In an effort to stop a political and diplomatic crisis between the U.S. and Mexico, outgoing Mexican President Pena Nieto offered … Continue reading

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U.S.T.R Lighthizer Engages Seade While Nervous Panda Meets Wolverine Ross…

When discussing or reviewing trade deals, particularly NAFTA, it is important to remember two baselines: (1) The trade reset is President Trump’s personal legacy initiative; it’s personal – ignore media banter – it’s personal; like, the most important thing he … Continue reading

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Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin Discusses Trade, Employment, Tariffs, China, Taxes, Debt, and “Territorial” MAGAnomics…

A very confident Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin appears on CNBC for a wide-ranging interview on current economic subjects. Within the discussion [14:00] Secretary Mnuchin affirms the U.S. economy is nowhere near “full employment”; an economic reality which highlights how much … Continue reading

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President Trump Iowa Speech on Agricultural Innovation…

Before the Cedar Rapids MAGA rally, President Trump visited Kirkwood Community College for a speech on agricultural innovation with governor Terry Branstad and Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue.

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Measles, Virus and Disease – President Obama’s Infectious Legacy….

[…]  In 2000, the Centers for Disease Control had thought that measles were eliminated in the US, but starting in 2008, cases began to climb. In 2014, the number of cases exploded to over 600, more than all reported cases … Continue reading

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Measles 2015 Outbreak Map Compared To 2014 Enterovirus D68 Outbreak Map – The Similarity Is Obvious…

The willful blindness of the U.S. media is becoming a parody unto itself. The outbreak of the Measles virus is gaining attention as medical reports begin to accumulate by the day. Yet, no-one in the legacy media claims to be able … Continue reading

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What Do The Enterovirus D-68 and A New Measles Outbreak Have In Common?…

If you are willing to accept the world as it is, rather than as you might wish it to be, the answer is obvious. ♦  Tens of thousands of non-inoculated Mexican/South American children, and their families, have been using Obama’s open border … Continue reading

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