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Stunner – Bolsonaro Open To “U.S. Strategic Alliance” Military Base in Brazil…

In the realm of everything geopolitical in consequence, a recent article from an interview with Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro highlights the globalists’ worst nightmare. And the comments from the WTO reflects the global influence of President Donald J Trump. Before … Continue reading

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Jair Bolsonaro Inaugurated as President of Brazil…

The inauguration of former army Captain turned congressman Jair Bolsonaro was held today in Brazil; delivering the first nationalist outlook to the office of the presidency in decades. President Jair Bolsonaro and First-Lady of Brazil Michelle Bolsonaro both delivered speeches … Continue reading

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Optimal Solution Confirmed – Kirstjen Nielsen Announces Asylum Seekers Will Be Retained in Mexico Pending Processing….

A few days ago many critics were concerned over an announced pledge of U.S. State Department funding ($4.8 billion) for security and economic development in Mexico. However, CTH noted the approach was likely not what it seemed. Those who followed … Continue reading

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Brazil Current Ambassador Discusses Bolsonaro Victory and What It Means….

Buried underneath mountains of domestic distractions this week is the story of Brazilian populist Jair Bolsonaro winning the presidential election.  Brazil has been heavily corrupted by communist ideologues for decades; Bolsonaro’s victory is a rebuke to government constraints over liberty, … Continue reading

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Brazilian Election: Nationalist Congressman Jair Bolsonaro Wins Presidency – Another Rebuke of Establishment Politics…

Some have called him the Brazilian Trump, a populist candidate for the presidency. His mantra: “Brazil Above Everything, God Above Everyone”.  The professional political elites who rule within international circles have been throwing every attack possible at candidate Jair Bolsonaro. … Continue reading

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