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The Conservative Tree House may be called a Last Refuge for each of us for different reasons. Whatever trail through the woods brought us here, we have shared the turmoil of storms as we have been finding our voices as individuals in this growing community

Perhaps you’ve had some truly shockingly cruel things said to you purely because you believe in limited government and fiscal conservatism. Perhaps you not only believe that we should be self-reliant and personally responsible, but also believe that when we are allowed to depend on ourselves, we are stronger, more successful, take greater pride in ourselves and our work, and are more likely to make positive contributions to society. And then we are happier people, or at least more likely to be happier.

Which lends to the following theory: Fear is at the core of liberalism, and love/trust is at the core of conservatism. Liberalism is about control. Conservatism is about self-empowerment.

Control is a reaction to fear. Think in terms or politics and society – the fear behind liberalism is the fear that someone might withhold things (opportunities, money, whatever) from me, fear that if you live your life in a way I dislike that it might affect my life, fear that if you get that job, there will be nothing left for me. Fear that if you make tons of money, it’s means there’s less money out there for me. So people who believe in liberal ideologies seek control as a means of trying to create guarantees and safeguards against those circumstances they fear. Liberals try to control the world and people to enable their comfort and happiness. Which, as we know, is an endless quest. Trying to control others does nothing in the way of making oneself happy. By extension, voting in this mindset so that government can try to control others will also – shocking – not lead to a happier, more comfortable life.

The conservative (and moderate, independent, but for the sake of expediency, the conservative), on the other hand, relies on himself to meet his own needs. And the trade off of being free to live his life as he wishes is also understanding that he has to make peace with how you live yours. By extension, aware that he wants to be able to hold onto this liberty and freedom forever, the conservative votes accordingly, so that everyone can remain free and in charge of his or her own life.

But here’s the crucial difference, perhaps, particularly where misery on the left stems: The conservative does not worry, so to speak, about you. The conservative knows that you were born with the same access to self-love, self-empowerment, self-determination and self-reliance that we all were, no matter the circumstances into which you were born. (Think about the millions of people this country has allowed to crawl up from poverty into prosperity – the conservative KNOWS this is possible.) And the conservative believes that if you want prosperity, or a good job, or a good education, you can make it happen – but you have to work hard. The conservative hopes and intends that the free markets bring you all of the affordable and positive opportunities and resources that you need. The conservative also knows that on the other side of that hard work is great reward – material and, more importantly, emotional, spiritual and mental.

The conservative understands that not only is it a waste of time to try to control you, it’s actually impossible. Humans were born to be free. And if we put a roadblock in front of you, you’ll find another way around it. So we see attempts at control as a waste of resources, energy and time at best, and at worst, creating detrimental results that serve to hinder people’s upward mobility or teach dependence. We see much more efficiency, as well as endless opportunity, in leaving you to your own devices. And we want the same in return.

This is where democrats mis-view republicans as heartless. But really, the conservative believes that there is one and one path only to sustainable success and independence – and that is self-empowerment. All other avenues – welfare, affirmative action, housing loans you can’t actually afford – ultimately risk doing a disservice to people as they teach dependence on special circumstances, the govt, or arbitrary assistance (that can disappear tomorrow). And the real danger – they will ALWAYS backfire, and leave the recipient in equally or more dire circumstances. Any false improvement will always expire.

The conservative believes in abundance. The liberal believes in scarcity.

The conservative believes man is born free and will be who he is, no matter what arbitrary limitations or rules are put on him. The liberal believes man is perfectible, and by extension, believes a society at large is perfectible, and command and control is justified in the quest to a “perfect” utopian society. (Sounds familiar!)

The conservative tends to be more faithful – and not necessarily in God, but in the ability of the individual to find great strength in himself (or from his God) to get what he needs and to be successful. Therefore the conservative has an outlet for his fear and disappointment – trust and faith in something bigger. The liberal believes the system must be perfected in order to enable success. Therefore disappointment is channeled as anger and blame at the system. Voids are left to be filled by faith in the govt, which they surely then want to come in and “fix” things.

And therein lies the roots of love and fear respectively. For the conservative, when life presents great struggles, he knows he has the power to surmount them. Happiness stems from internal strength and perseverance. For the liberal, when life presents great struggles, the system failed, therefore they were at the mercy of a faulty system, and they believe that only when the system is fixed can their life improve. Happiness is built on systemic contingencies, which they will then seek to control or expect someone else to.

One blames himself. The other blames anyone and everyone but himself.

And there it is. There’s where the meanness comes from. The liberal ideology causes that person to cast anger at the world when things go wrong or appear “unfair.” He constantly chooses only to see the “injustices” – and that makes for a very miserable, mean, blame-casting existence.

One last point that we have seen over and over and over with many (not all) of our liberal friends: Extreme stinginess and cheapness.

In our conservative community growing up, we were always taught that you give when people are in need – make donations to the Red Cross when there’s an earthquake, donate to charity when you can afford it, etc. Even if it’s just $50 here and there – it’s the right thing to do. Conservatives see this as the responsibility that comes with gaining from the capitalistic system; if you happen to benefit greatly from the system, it’s your duty to give back.

The liberal, on the other hand, does not seem to share this same viewpoint, at least not in my experience. And perhaps think this is linked to believing in scarcity, and that your dollar comes at the cost of mine. So it seems that liberals, on some level of consciousness, feel guilty about not being voluntarily charitable. Therefore, to write off their guilt, they outsource their “generosity” to the government by voting for wealth re-distributive policies. Thus, the liberal cheats himself of the joy and addictiveness of direct generosity. (Not to mention – re distributive policies ALWAYS end up dis-empowering those who they’re meant to help.)

However each of us got here, it’s probably a fact that we have the turmoil of those storms in common, perhaps some unease that we could share and always, we also find fresh ground to cover from day to day. We’re developing valuable relationships as we trust one another in our community in the woods. The chatting in the branches encourages, strengthens and equips for some serious walking.

We think the Treehouse is a good armory for those who doing long distance walking for the sake of our nation. We hope you’ll think so, too. Find yourself a good branch….or just pull up a rock to the campfire.

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  1. Ron Brook says:

    I just found your site this evening. About us is Poetic, Ayn Rand came to mind. Every once in awhile someone comes along and writes something so eloquent. Thank you!

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    • Ad rem says:

      Welcome to the Tree House Ron! Pick a branch, make yourself cozy, and join in. 😀

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      • Beigun says:

        Please remove in the previous post



        If you approve of the previous post. BTW, This has gone out on the University of Washington’s National Burea of Reseach, Japan Forum email, so,it is global.


        • Beigun says:

          Ok, damn the torpedoes, Full Speed Ahead!

          The Real Russian Threat to National Security

          Putin is pleased with America’s political disarray that grows greater by the day. If the Russian Ruse continues for another year, there could be riots in America. Russia would be happy to continue to meddle with US politics via a long list of American leftists, like Antifa or Angela Davis. After all, American Marxists were intellectual soulmates with the COMINTERN for decades.

          So, the Nunes Memo shows Russian “dope” was poured into Steele’s Dossier, paid for by the FBI, DNC, and Clinton. But this minor point was omitted in FISC Court, as well as the DOJ wife working on the Steele Dossier. This will lead to Court Cases in America’s biggest political scandal EVER! But most importantly for the Alliance, the National Security advice given to POTUS is led by Kelly, Mattis and Pompeo and is beyond excellent. There has never been an “All Star” National Security Team in Post War history like them. Why? They are all former best of the best in the military, pledged to the Constitution. They would shed blood for that, not Party. So, don’t worry, the US Government is stable under the Constitution.

          However, if America doesn’t wake up to to this Russian Ruse of “Fake Collusion,” then it could be checkmate for Putin as America tears itself apart in the coming months.

          We’ve been here before with the “Russian Ruse” in an election year.

          Remember the “Fake News” of a Ballistic “Missile Gap” which mimicked today’s politicization of Intel by Democrats, that the Russians endorsed with a Red Face and Americans swallowed hook, line and sinker with enormous help by the MSM. The Intel was bad, of course, but it was a huge part of the 1960 election and contributed to the Nuclear Arms race, at a terrible cost to America and threatened the whole world with Thermonuclear Armageddon by Mutual Assured Destruction. All of this was satirized by Stanley Kubrick in “Dr. Strangelove” with a hysterical General fearing Russian “meddling” with bodily fluids and another General denying the President nuclear war plans due to classification. The irony with today’s scandal is rich.

          The farce of the MSM accusing General Kelly and Mike Pompeo (first in his Class at West Point and a Warrior) of being “Trumpists” sounds like a tune from a People’s Trial during China’s Cultural Revolution People. It is time for “enough is enough” of the US MSM, just like the demagoguery of “Bomber” Joe McCarthy. So, do not worry, this scandal may be over sooner than people think as the evidence is overwhelming: read the Nunes Memo endorsed by Kelly/Mattis, Coates and Pompeo. The State Depart Scandal is next, with the revelation that hundreds of Americans were spied on for basically wants of a political cabal of corruption, not National Security. America’s best National Security experts have the approved the Antunes Memo, so take the MSM with a grain of salt!

          We will likely see this farce end soon for the sake of US National Security, i.e., POTUS release all Intel documents on this scandal. There will be tons of Congressional Hearings, beyond Watergate, anyway. No “sources and methods” Intel is more important than America ripping itself apart for Putin’s Play and destroying the Constitutional rule of law, and electoral democracy itself.

          The US will need an Alba for the Cabal of Corruption identified in the Memo and growing numbers beyond discovered under Oversight granted by the Constitution. The Public will demand to know, like Watergate.

          How to deal with the Russkies?

          Maybe “Break Bread” and pass to Moscow America’s best Vodka, Tito’s or Hanger 57. Remember, Woodie Guthrie was a fan of Lyudmila Pavlichenko and wrote this song in her honor: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=IEmOalZOyjU. Also, it is the 75th Anniversary of Stalingrad today, which I respect-great movie on LP and would gladly stand at attention and salute the Russian pilot, shot down by Al Quaida in Syria, and fighting to the last, like Pavlichenko at Stalingrad, who was killed today. He was fighting America’s terrorist enemies too!

          After this is over, the US will likely tell Ivan we’ll both stop this silly overuse of surveillance (or else) and collaborate on common security like the DPRK and something more important that Putin, of all people, would understand.

          We must control surveillance now, with this scandal, to control AI before it controls all of the world 20 years from now. That means international cooperation on Oversight over AI surveillance.

          I have to tip my hat to Putin, look what the hell he has done with the GDP of Manhattan. He is a Master Strategist who played with the previous Administration like putty.


        • Ad rem says:

          Just saw this, however, it’s now removed. I’m usually quicker to reach by email. 😉


      • Rena Hamrick says:

        Thank you..I’ve been reading The Conservative Tree House and I love the discussions and the good manners.st

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      • Jesse T Mims says:

        @ Ad rem… I have not been able to log on to the Treehouse via WordPress to comment here for a couple of days. I can only log on via my FB account; but, that does not allow me to “Like” comments; nor, can I access my WordPress account to receive notifications of replies to my comments, likes, etc. Any helpful suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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      • scott467 says:

        Welcome to the Tree House Ron! Pick a branch, make yourself cozy, and join in.”


        I read “make yourself crazy” the first time I looked… and thought…


        If you’re not already at least a little bit crazy, how are you going to wind up swinging from branch to branch in a tree house…



    • Beigun says:

      First time here (OSD, COMBAT, AMEMB, MA NSA @ NPS)

      We are on the same wavelength, but this is in the comments section of London’s Financial Times.

      We live in very interesting times. I believe we are headed to a period much like Watergate and the Pentagon Papers and those events had a major impact on the US and the world. For America, oversight became a big deal (Sen Church’s investigations and the impact that had on US overseas operations), while for Japan, it set the stage for the fall of Tanaka. I suspect that as the “Russia Collusion” investigation plays out, it will become not a case of “collusion” but illegal surveillance of the worst sort and it will have a similar impact for Japan, the single party State, as did Watergate and the Pentagon Papers.

      BTW, one point that I have not seen anywhere in the media regarding the FBI “matter” of a private server used for TS/SCI email is the installation of such a system. The requirements for TEMPEST installation are well known (WIKI) and it is illegal to install TEMPEST outside the authorized procedures, i.e., outside the authorized USG network. This is very clear in the regulations which I reviewed during several installations in the military, including many for the Alliance. Criminal intent is very clear with the illegal TEMPEST installation of a private server connected to higher level security networks (what we call “red and black lines” and the twain shall never meet according to the regs, but they apparently did for SecState Clinton).

      This is a long post, but it sums up the situation, or at least can perhaps be used by Mr. Comey at William & Mary University when he teaches his first Ethics Class.

      PS. I voted for Carter and Obama (the first time).
      FISA Warrant Surveillance on Trump a Violation of Magna Carta, Privacy and Democracy

      The essence of Democracy is the fundamental Human Right of Privacy from the State.

      The Right to Privacy is enshrined in the Magna Carta, a novel agreement where the King was permitted the right to rule, but denied the right to intrude into the privacy of his loyal Knights. This political arrangement between Lord and Governed became the essence of Democracy in Europe, with the end result being the UK Parliament, with it’s wonderful embrace of democratic debate without fear of surveillance and reprisal from the State. America followed this Western notion of a political arrangement between Right vs Might, with a “right to privacy considered the fundamental human right” in the US Declaration of Independence “Right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.” We can all agree with the “Common Sense” of Thomas Paine that there can be no Liberty without Privacy just as the Colonial American Revolutionists proclaimed, “Give me Liberty, or give me Death.”

      We can also all agree that the worst countries in the world today are those where the Police State powerfully rules the people, including the right of Privacy. These are the true human Hades-Holes of the world, raping all men and women of privacy, including individual political thought. When combined with technology, the all-powerful State inevitably evolves into a 1984 nightmare, the warning foretold by George Orwell. The American Constitution realized this importance of Privacy from the State and that is why elected Representatives of the People, Congress, shall have Oversight over the State in all matters, especially in matters of intelligence and national security as bad sources and methods can produce bad outcomes, as evidenced by the Tonkin Gulf Resolution in Vietnam, WMD in Iraq, Afghanistan and all the other unnamed areas of combat by US forces overseas today. With no Oversight, corruption is a natural outcome over time, even in a tradition-bound and honorable “Fat Leonard” US Navy or “Dirty Cop” FBI.

      With the clear use of false evidence based on bad sources and methods in the FISA Warrant request to the US Court, the Obama Government allowed domestic State surveillance of citizen Donald Trump during his political campaign for President of the USA. One can strongly argue that the FISA Warrant should never have been classified without verification given the political implications during a national election in the world’s largest Democracy. In fact, false classification is forbidden by several USG laws and regulations, specifically designed to provide protection to the Constitutional right of Oversight. The Obama approved surveillance was reported to US District Court by VADM Rogers of NSA, who then personally informed the duly-elected candidate from the 2016 Presidential election, President-elect Trump, who then moved from his HQ in Trump Tower while the building was debugged. The Court then ordered the US Government to stop wiretapping and surveillance abuse in a 97 page official Court document released to the public but unreported on by the US media. Indeed, there is clear evidence of corruption between US journalism and the State for political means against the privacy of the individual.

      The “Russia Collusion” investigation was based on known false evidence to permit domestic surveillance, breaking several laws. At some point, Americans will remember another time, when Senator Howard Baker, a Republican, asked “What did the President know, and when did he know it?” and Nixon soon resigned after he lost the support of his own political party. Nixon was unable to use the power of the State to remove the human right of privacy by domestic surveillance wire-tapping.

      This scandal should be called “FISAGATE” but it is of much greater proportions than Watergate given that the power of surveillance of the State is much greater now, during Obama’s AI Administration, than during Nixon’s Analog Administration of the 1970s. Obama’s scandal is also greater because it occurred both before and after the election, especially during the transition. This spying on the political transition taints the peaceful transfer of power and truly reflects the actions of a Police State, not a Democracy. Also, the Obama scandal is greater than Watergate in that Agencies within the Obama government, such as the FBI, CIA, and NDI knew that the surveillance was based on bad sources and methods and was not worthy of classification, nor worthy as evidence presented to the US Court for approval of State surveillance on a citizen. Like Watergate, several laws were broken in FISAGATE. Unlike Watergate, the media became part of the scandal when FUSION GPS linked journalism to the scandal. FISAGATE is the equivalent of Obama spying on Prime Minister Merkel’s cell phone, but in a domestic setting against political opponents in a national election.

      Transparency for the People in FISAGATE is imperative as this issue is more important than the national security issue of “classification” because the very essence of Democracy is at stake concerning issues of Oversight in the United States of America, especially in matters of national intelligence. This situation is very similar to the Pentagon Papers and the release of “classified” information to the public in the name of Oversight. FISAGATE is also an opportunity to “clean house” much like Watergate and the Pentagon Papers was the background for Sen. Church’s investigation into CIA overseas operations, exposing several misadventures. In sum, the Obama Administration legacy will tarnish the Democratic Party in the same manner as Republicans were damaged by Watergate.

      Who “Guards the Guardians” in America’s Democracy? The American People do, through representative Democracy and Constitutional Oversight. Loyalty to the American Constitution is the sworn duty of the servants of the People in the United States Government and the essence of this bond is the enshrined Unalienable Rights in the Constitution for Citizens, especially the Right of Privacy.

      The technological advances in surveillance and AI foretell a dangerous world for all Citizens unless there is transparent oversight of intelligence. In that matter, the US will need to engage Allies who have deep intelligence ties and devise a healthy, but not fulsome, use of intelligence that does not endanger our collective Right to Privacy, the foundation of our Western societies.

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    • ScapetheGoat says:

      Awsome site.. new go to since my twitter ban.

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  2. Mike Veith says:

    Just found your site on a tip from Zero Hedge. Reading “About Us” was liberating. Count me as a convert!

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  3. Bev Burger says:

    Excellent! Spot on.


  4. John Sipley says:

    Bounced over here from a Huckabee tweet & found food for thought! I might even return and rummage around the branches for more thought/food.


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  5. jb says:


    I have read CTH since I discovered it around the time Donald announced to the world he was running on 06/16/15. I have commented very sparingly, and that only recently – the Treepers usually have matters well in hand quickly in comments. I have remained because I find Sundance’s ability to ferret out and then analyze matters cogently and concisely. Way earlier today, in my early online perusing, I came across a piece by a certain Jen Kuznicki at her samename.com website from March of ’17.

    She self-identifies as a “conservative” but in that particular piece was all negative on this site and Sundance, and when commenters attempted to correct things she had written, she quickly became quite snarky and was ridiculing anyone defending CTH. What gives with this women and her ‘tude? All I managed to glean from what she wrote was she seemed rather self-defensive, and very accusatory, but with few specifics. Also, she seemed to be a #NeverTrumpette, and a big defender of Screaming Mark Levin. It all seemed kind of strange and disjointed. Am I missing something? What’s her real gripe about?



  6. JC says:

    Is there an email subscription to CTH?

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  7. Gary d ames says:

    One should be mindful these days, especially after all the revelations of the last few years that there is far more going on here than just the left right dichotomy or conservative vs liberal, Part of the problem lies is the intrinsic nature of government itself. Government you see invariably tries to grow both in scope and in power.

    The Irs did not need orders from Barack Obama to sand bag tea party and other allied groups. That was second nature to them. We are after all, in a manner of speaking, from their perspective, there inveterate enemies.

    A lot of us you see were talking about the sort of sweeping changes to the tax code that would have either eliminated the IRS all together or greatly reduced its ability to harass tax payers through our needlessly complex tax code. From their perspective that, of course, could not be allowed to stand and their recourse was to slow walk tax exempt status for various 501c3 groups that they thought might be allied with those groups.

    By means such as this the swamp – your pardon the cess pool, swamps are good and necessary parts the environment, Cesspools on the other hand are just archaic bits of detritus from the long ago past that are full of filth and corruption – defends itself.

    And some the problem is simply human nature, Everyone wants to move up the food change. In the workaday world you bide your time you do the job to the best of your ability and you slowly progress up the food chain. In the private sector, regardless of what Hollywood thinks advancement is largely tied to productivity. In government world it largely about how you play the game and how fast government can expand and that isn’t tied to anything other than the willingness of the taxpayers to bear the cost of ever expanding government.

    In the end almost all government incentives are perverse. You don’t want that person off of welfare that could cost you your job if it happens with any frequency. If you work for EEOC you don’t want Racism to go away, if it does you’re going to have to find another line of work.


  8. Iamacokecan says:

    On another website, ask where was the best place to go for inside info on all the things going on in politics. Was referred here and have been lurking for awhile. Have to say this is a really great site for just that…thx conservative treehouse.

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  9. Dirt Road Cowboy says:

    I was referred to this site by Praying Medic.

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  10. Gerry Casey says:

    First time reader and as a conservative Christian It’s like finding someone with a hammer in each hand, hitting the nail on the head with every swing. You have my attention,

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  11. Todd Evans says:

    How have I only discovered the Treehouse just now? This is incredibly refreshing!

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  12. Tim Godfrey says:

    I came to the about page to see if I could find a way to donate to the CTH. Are donations accepted? Thanks in advance, your service to our country is beyond compare.


    • The Tundra PA says:

      Just hit the Donate button at top right. You can make a one time donation or a recurring donation. If everyone here committed $1/week, Sundance could quit his day job.


  13. warren Webster says:

    Yes! I was fooled!


  14. Jane Domke says:

    I loved the way you explained liberalism verses conservatism. Thanks for explaining the importance of the Nafta. Will be praying fervently for President Trump.

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  15. Mary Palmer says:

    Um,. Well I would change the layout of the website if it was me.
    I’d put a list of article titles at the top with links to the articles below or on a different page and categorize them by subject or author or both
    My Two Cents


  16. MICHEAL M HILL says:

    This “About Us” page summarized eloquently what my parents and grandmother had shared with me during my upbringing as a child growing up in Japan. That which I am today is the direct result of self reliance and faith in God. Thank you!


  17. Craig says:

    That was all very well and good, but who actually are you? What are your affiliations? What are your qualifications to comment on political events or activities? Are you members of any particular organisations which may have any influence over how you report the news?


  18. Rick Bettez says:

    Just found this site, excellent work. I have written a book that is currently available, titled Discerning our time. It is exactly where we are headed as a country and it is correlated with Biblical principals pointing to end time events which unfortunately I believe America is deeply involved in! I also teach on the internet and at a non denominational church so I rely on accurate news untainted by progressive agendas. Thank you. Please feel free to look me up on You Tube under my name. Pastor Rick Bettez

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  19. randy Bisbee says:

    I have been hanging from various branches for some time now so I’m finally joining the rest of the tree top dwellers..30 years US ARMY, combat vet OIF/OEF, conservative, patriot, Trump voter.

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  20. Jennifer says:

    I found your website about a month ago and I am so glad I did! Your insight into the issues of the day has brought the needed calm yet knowledge is power spirit I haven’t found anywhere else.
    Thank you!

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  21. I’m a newcomer, so I’ve only just read this. Wow. Very well stated. I would like every liberal to read this in the hopes that at least one of them may reflect and rethink his/ her position. Thank you very much!

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  22. Willett Amie says:

    I posted on the latest video of Hillary slipping on steps in India. My post was not about her slipping, but the video mentioning that Hillary had stated to the audience that the reason she lost was because the people that voted for Trump did not want black people to succeed. I made a brief reply that she continues to live in a fantasy where she can not tell the difference between a lie and the truth. I got two responses. #1 I was called a Liar. #2 I was called an Idiot and that it’s Trump that is trying to destroy us. I allowed that to bother me for about an hour before I realized that a rebuttal was futile. I did not need to justify myself and I would not give these people the satisfaction of a ‘back and forth’. This is what we have to contend with. Ignorance is ugly. Ignorance is cruel. Ignorance must want to be fed or they will perish.


  23. JPatrick says:

    Nice opening in the woods to sit and rest away from the noise of the day. Thanks for the invite. My family and I will not squander the opportunity to enjoy the fellowship and discussions as our hearts and minds dictate.
    Warmest Regards


  24. Your site is under attack
    Every time I click on this link, I get a crazy pop up that won’t let me in. It’s very annoying, but more importantly it’s keeping your message from getting out. Please address this so that people can read the stories that you are covering!!!


  25. luchadora41 says:

    I’d subscribed to your posts before reading the “About” section. Shame on me, lol, love it! 😀


  26. Omg, I am touched to my core of beliefs with this beautifully written statement. I not only agree but wish every human WOULD read this. Thank you.

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  27. Joanne Van Fossen says:

    Than you for being out there.

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  28. Michael Van Sant says:

    well put.


  29. Daniel J. Smith says:

    Great site. Is there anyway to receive notifications?


  30. Citizen Sane says:

    I was a delegate at the convention today in SLC. Mike Kennedy and Mittens had the best speeches of the twelve candidates. I voted for Kennedy because he’s a true conservative and he clearly spelled out his positions. Romney’s speech was highly polished (about the American flag) but empty of conservative ideals other than the same trite platitudes.

    Also, I’ve been lurking here for some time now and love the site. I’m not sure we’ll ever know who Sundance really is but he’s got to have history with these agencies or he wouldn’t have the insight that he does. Many thanks to Sundance and the regulars on this board for such excellent analysis.

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    • Ad rem says:

      Hi CS….I’m an Admin. here, and want you to know that I deleted your last TWO comments smentioning your email address. It looks like you’ve got the hang of it now. 😀

      Ad rem…


      • Mountaingirl says:

        I can’t figure out how to post a comment under the daily open thread. I just wanted to recommend listening to praying medic’s post from April 28th. As a senior citizen, tech is often above my pay grade but I like ve the treehouse and read posts faithfully! Blessings to all of you.

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  31. Chet Gentry says:

    I’ve been a member for a while and only sparingly make comments. I’ve added Treeping to my list of hobbies at first, but lately I think I’ve been experiencing withdrawal effects when I go just a few days without a sip of Treep Juice. The thoroughness, clarity, and impeccable documentation of Sundance (whoever makes up that entity) is refreshing to my scientific, engineering mind. I hope to contribute more when it is beneficial, but am happy to lurk in the foilage. I am a Patriot and minuteman, ever increasing my readiness to be called. I am engaged many battles on the home front. The presence of this site, and its followers gives me hope

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  32. bayoukiki says:

    Thanks for all you do.


  33. Miguel says:

    Conservative Treehouse – I recently found your site, and although I have no idea who you guys are, please know you are the best on the web. You information is amazing. Thank you so much, please keep up the good work so that this wonderful republic may continue for years to come !!

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  34. Wayne Weisberger says:

    Do you have a news letter that I can subscribe to Thank You for your service Sincerely Wayne Weisberger


    • Ad rem says:

      Hi Wayne,

      Sorry for the late reply, as your comment was mistakenly sent to the spam bin. You can subscribe to our blog by clicking on on the READER tab in the menu bar above our blog. There you can subscribe and adjust you email settings.


  35. AJs Daddie says:

    You (the site moderators) may find it interesting to know that this site is actually a Deep State disinformation psy-op. No, really! I have this on EXCELLENT authority from someone named Sparkle SomethingOrOther over at one of the other conservative blog sites. Also, Sundance is not a person, but instead is a pseudonym for a shadowy group of Deep State players.

    As I understand it, you’re just shilling for Mueller in order to get Trump impeached or something. It’s all very 10-dimensional cold-war intrigue stuff, so I got lost. But I thought you should know. My job here is done. 🙂


  36. The Great Kazoo says:

    I love this sight!
    You guys have been nailing it every day.
    Is Sundance a spook, or clairvoyant?

    On a side note, How do I change that goofy icon next to my user name?


    • The Tundra PA says:

      Go to gravatar.com to create your own unique gravatar. It makes you much more recognizable and makes the admins’ job much easier when fishing you out of spam.


  37. HelpEndBDS says:

    I am a big fan of this blog and its message. Don’t be afraid to be conservative.

    Liked by 1 person

  38. wilson villanueva says:

    Hope this works

    Liked by 1 person

  39. Joshua says:

    Many, maybe all, if lucky, have seen this video or something like it.

    This was recently reposted here, on this site l, for my delight.

    If u are in a rush queue it to 6:00

    “If u are …. it doesn’t even make sense to me. If u believe in fiscal conservatism, if u believe in fiscal responsibility, if u believe in a strong national defense… I want u on my team”.

    Who is this man and where can I enlist him? He makes too much sense he cannot be real the Gods of the CopyBook headings would not allow it.

    Does anyone know where this man’s loyalties lie?


    • Joshua says:

      Scratch that: let’s just lay it all out.

      Queue it 15 seconds earlier please.

      ” if u can’t be REDACTED FOR NATIONAL SECURITY and conservative, then I’m not conservative”


    • Joshua says:

      And that was extremely well distilled SD. Sorry I admit I just wanted to post that video for some Reason the second I saw “about us” which is wierd cause I am a self identifified apostate. I don’t know why that video came to my mind. I don’t assume to presume to grant myself memebership in any club that would accept me (yes that’s half stolen but half is me).

      I can’t improve on ur prose above even if I was to dig into my safety deposit box. A++

      I remember this though
      This is what Obama did in my face

      “To Adorn it with its flaw is to Promote its fracturing”
      “same as with children”

      Truth is a problem for them. It can’t be destroyed. This is a serious problem for them. So they must seek to change it but they can’t. And around and round the circle it goes.
      What o what is in the centre?
      Is it even real?
      I don’t know.

      That was a lie. I did know. Their Center is empty. So they strive to fill it but they ignore Him.

      So it will not end well for those. Seconds will become hours and hours will become eternity as they stare into nothing and nothing will look back at them for they choose not to see.


  40. Sugarhillhardrock says:

    Sundance or Adrem,
    I hope you can help me. When I go to the TCTH website on my android phone for the last 5 days the site comes up and almost immediately I get hit with an ” Amazon” gift notification that knocks me off the website.
    It makes the site inaccessible. As soon as I go back to it pops up again.
    The notification contains bad grammar and is obviously some sort of Phishing attempt.
    I also get one that says “detected by Google” which says if I don’t get in touch my phone will die in 24 hours.
    Given that I can’t access the best site on the internet, I’m frustrated and hope you have an answer or suggestion.
    My PC has security protection that filters this out.
    Thanks, and I trust you might have a solution.

    Charlie Gallagher


  41. Gaffer says:

    Love the site! Best info I can find on the swamp and deep state that doesn’t wear tin foil.
    One question – is anyone watching deep state/pentagon efforts to get us in a war with Iran? Good for LM stock price and generous (on a personal basis and under the table) ‘friends’ in Saudi and Israel. It’ll kill some sailors, but hey, it’s an all volunteer force.


  42. Julie Woods Hill says:

    Thank you so much for this well thought out and written piece. In one small article you have articulated exactly how I grew up understanding how this great nation works, how I felt love, strength and self empowerment growing up with Conservative parents. It’s been such a struggle that last decade or so watching, living and feeling the negativity drain this nation from the Liberal and All these Aggressive Progressives. Bless you all!


  43. Chris Stark says:

    How do I join?
    Link please


  44. LULU says:

    Is it Tree House or Treehouse? Seeing it differently named here and elsewhere.


  45. Roger Eles says:

    This site is great. You get the money to run the site from Russia, and it is hosted there as well, right?


    • rasser says:

      Roger, Im saying a prayer for you tonight, on the day mr president won bigly on trade fulfilling yet another campaign promise, that you find your path to become a decent, moral, respectful citizen of our great country. Those who are sundance are patriots and keep providing a great service to us and our great country.


  46. John Cannon says:

    Thank you


  47. Kristen Stocking says:

    Thank you for this incredible summary of…well…everything that’s been going through my mind of late, but I just can’t always express it clearly. I shall save this. And share it with my teen daughters. They are certainly not getting this type of explanation at school.
    God bless you, and thanks for another online “home” for conservative conversation.


  48. letty bromenschenkel says:

    it is such a perfect day


  49. augustus1 says:

    Also first timer to post but been a follower. Splendid early vote info. Encouraging. Enjoy the “on the ground” voter info. Helpful.


  50. cantcforest says:

    Why can I leave a reply or comment, but am unable to ‘like’ a comment?


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