UPDATE: Confirmed 52-48 – U.S. Senate Vote on Judge Amy Coney Barrett – Evening Livestream…

The full senate vote to confirm Judge Amy Coney Barrett is pending this evening.  With Democrats having exhausted all stall tactics, the final speeches are underway and a full vote is anticipated soon (Approx 8:00pm EDT).  [Livestream Links Below]

UPDATE:  Shortly after 8:00pm EDT the Senate has officially confirmed Justice Amy Coney Barrett to the supreme court.  The vote was 52-48.

CSPAN Livestream LinkFox News LivestreamPBS Livestream Link




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475 Responses to UPDATE: Confirmed 52-48 – U.S. Senate Vote on Judge Amy Coney Barrett – Evening Livestream…

  1. 33trinity says:

    Whew! As a Prolife woman, I am wiping tears tonight. Is it true? Has it only been a few weeks since RBG passed, President Trump chose Amy to be a justice on the Supreme Court, and tonight she will be a confirmed and sworn in by Justice Clarence Thomas? Is it real? Praise God! Pray for President Trump!!!

  2. Sherri Young says:

    Alrighty Sidney Powell, please file your appeal to SCOTUS right after midnight!

  3. chadchal says:

    Congratulations to Amy Coney Barrett!! We know that you will provide solid, objective decisions.

  4. Such an exciting night for America! They think they are mad now? Just wait till next week. They are going to absolutely lose their minds when they see our incredible POTUS re-elected!!!

  5. Deplorable Canuck says:

    This is huge! 40 plus years of conservative rulings! Well done Mr President! Congrats Patriots!

  6. puca58 says:

    It just keeps getting better…Tony Bobulinski on Tucker Carlson tomorrow at 8pm!

    • stakan says:

      About time. After anticipation, better not be lame.

      And since announcing it in advance, please get a bodyguard & a food taster.

  7. Patriot1783 says:

    The swearing in of Scotus Barrett will be outside at Whitehouse ?

  8. tozerbgood8315 says:

    Susan Collins MUST GO!

    • So, you want her opponent who is a far left progressive to take her place? Many of us are in the same position: in NC we must vote for Tillis, in SC they must vote for Graham…no choice…unless you want to hand the Senate to the Dems.

    • Jase says:

      Collins was given permission by Mitch to vote no because she is in a tough election fight.
      If a yes vote from Collins had been needed she would have voted yes.

      • tozerbgood8315 says:

        Collins has leaned left for years. That’s like putting a band aid on a gaping wound. Mitch needs to go also.

      • Gunner says:

        Oh, no, you don’t mean the end-all was politics, do you? Precisely what POTUS is trying his damndest to change.

        And the voters in Maine should do likewise.

      • mac says:

        Hello Jase,
        Are you certain about that? I wouldn’t be surprised, since that’s often how such things work, but your comment is the first time I’ve heard this about Collins and the ACB confirmation vote.

    • Texsun says:

      It really doesn’t matter whether Collins stays or goes, she is a dependable Demoncrat vote.

      I guess Palin’s threat to run against Murkowski made her fall in line. No matter, I hope former Governor Palin runs against the worthless Murkowski and does replace the empty pantsuit.

    • Texsun says:

      It really doesn’t matter whether Collins stays or goes, she is a dependable Demoncrat vote.

      I guess Palin’s threat to run against Murkowski made her fall in line. No matter, I hope former Governor Palin runs against the worthless Murkowski and does replace the empty pantsuit.

    • Kaco says:

      She could be primaried next time if she wins the election. But then the more conservative might not win the general in a state such as Maine unless the state has an ideological conversion. Someone here pointed that out a couple years ago on some of these squishy Republicans.

      Is Gardner in Colorado going to win reelection? I wonder if Colorado is in play at all for POTUS.

    • lavender blue says:

      She is the only repub senator to vote against cuz she’s behind in her race to an undemocratic marxist opponent and assumed it would get her votes from progressives. By your comment, it would seem u prefer she b replaced by a marxist. Really? Look at her aggregate voting record…

    • I think Collins had Cocaine Mitch’s go-ahead on this one, ‘cuz he knew he had the votes without her. Remains to be seen if her “nay” vote is fatal to her re-election bid.

      Since she came through on Kavanaugh, I’d give her a pass if it means keeping the Senate. This is critical if we want VSGPDT to get more judges confirmed next term. If she’s re-elected, and still around in six years, we can hope she’s primaried at that time.

  9. helmhood says:

    52 – 48

    Sounds like a Trump Landslide

  10. Jim says:

    I really hope that Hillary Clinton is enjoying her birthday watching Amy Comey Barrett confirmed to the Supreme Court.

    Trump – 2020

    “Red Wave”

    • mac says:

      Just an observation. ACB is a strikingly pretty woman, but there is something in her face that makes me think having her angry with me would be a very unpleasant experience. I suspect she has to have a fair amount of grim sternness in her if she’s going to keep a household of 7 children in line!

    • CMDCMRET says:

      Vae Victus

  11. cj roberts.
    Forever cast into the realm of irrelevance.
    Step down, ya loser, with any dignity you have left.

  12. MaineCoon says:

    The swearing-in is scheduled for 9:00.


  13. alvasman says:

    The second photo: bwahahaha ?

  14. CMDCMRET says:

    I feel like Alabama just won the Iron Bowl. Woohoo! Roll Amy!

  15. RI_Righty says:

    Oh boy this gets better by the minute. First the SC strikes down the ballot extension in WI, then ACB is confirmed (speech of 2020 by the Turtle, don’t miss!), and now this from James Taranto:



  16. tozerbgood8315 says:

    It’s incorrect to say we have a 6-3 conservative majority. Roberts is a politically driven turncoat.

  17. bessie2003 says:

    This is the youtube White House live stream for the upcoming Swearing In Ceremony for the new Justice Amy Coney Barrett (scheduled for 9 p.m.):


  18. john says:


  19. gingergal says:

    Goodbye forever Obamacare!

  20. dogsmaw says:

    October 26, 2020
    Next event begins at 9:00 PM EDT.


  21. Minuteman says:

    Zombie Marilyn Monroe just phoned this in to Hillary Clinton:

    “Happy birthday, to you.

    Happy birthday to you.

    Happy birthday Madam still not President.

    Happy birthday. To. You.”

  22. Sentient says:

    Apple News just accosted my iPhone with this gem: “The Senate has confirmed Amy Coney Barrett as a Supreme Court justice, just a week before the election.” As though there’s something wrong with it being “just a week before the election”. The bias is unrelenting, but we all see it and will hand deliver our retort on Re-Election Day.

  23. Justice Barret should thank the Senate Dems , and offer them free exorcisms.

  24. PaulCohen says:

    I was just enjoying leftist tears on Twatter….. one thing that still amazes me is how many of them refer in reverence to Ruth Bader Ginsburd’s “dying wish” — screw that, no Justice gets to dictate their successor and it was not “RGB’s seat” it is The People’s Seat.

    Oh but the Leftards are all wailing that “Republicans ignored RGB’s dying wish”…. what a wagonload of bull crap.

    • Cowboy79 says:

      Leftard Marxist Socialist CryBaby Navel Gazing Idiots are Always Delusional.
      With all due respect to Justice Ginsburg, I thank her for her Service and her Timing.
      Man Proposes, G_d Disposes.
      There are no perfect men or women, but G_d chooses the perfect outcome.
      I hope the Liberal/Leftard world wails and moans for the next hundred years.

    • powderdayrules says:

      Is there any proof this was her wish? I have not seen any. Not that it matters.

  25. SanJac says:

    This is a great day for America and now we’ll see the compromised John Roberts go completely progressive.

  26. KT Prayer Warrior says:

    God, we give You the glory.

    Thank You for motivating our founding fathers to seek Your wisdom as they decided for revolution. We are grateful for all the wisdom You gave them as they captured Your character in our Constitution. The writing is unparalleled. The provisions even included an allowance for humble correction. Your precision then led to the situation today. You saw this opportunity. You knew the minute of the hour of the day You would take Justice Ginsburg to You. And You knew when Amy Coney Barrett was in her mother’s womb the entire path she would take in her life. You knew she would need an incredible husband to stand by her and their family. You saw these 7 “perfect” kids and knit them together. You worked all things together for those who love You.

    We appreciate how Your plan is unfolding.

    Thank You for protection of our Republic.

    We praise You for thwarting evil plans against our nation and plan against righteous people thru out the world.

    Thank You for Your undeserved love for all!I

    Yours is the glory. Your will be done!

    • Bogeyfree says:

      99.8% of those without underlying conditions recover.

      Stop the insanity and protect the elderly and those in nursing homes, and open up without repercussion and refusal the Trump cocktail (hydroxychloroquine + zinc + zpack) and also TAB (Trump Anti-Body treatment) from Regeneron and we will be just fine as herd immunity kicks in.

      Get our kids back into schools, open up all business.

      Then go back an analyze why flu, pneumonia are way down and why total 2020 deaths with CV are about the same or slightly less than 2019 and 2018.

      It is time to prosecute those who leverage this virus to create fear and destroy thousands of small businesses.

  27. sunnydaze says:

    The swearing in is on Cspan 2.

    They’re taking call-ins right now.

  28. Julia Adams says:

    Swearing in tonight at WH Rose Garden
    This song is dedicated to all the Liberal Senators who voted against ACB. It’s time to party!


  29. Bogeyfree says:

    Now if Barr will follow the money we should be able to get rid of another few dozen corrupt folks in DC.

    After all one system of justice for all, right Bill?

  30. alvasman says:

    As an aside, while waiting for the swearing-in, this bit from Legal Insurrection:
    “The United States Supreme Court has upheld Wisconsin law requiring that absentee and mail-in ballots be received by Election Day. The Court rejected lower court attempts to extend the deadline for receive. The decision came in an Order denying a motion to vacate a prior 7th Circuit stay of lower court injunction.”

    Whoa Well, I’ll be …

  31. jb says:

    Manchin voted no.

    guess he’s not up for re-election this year.
    WV, u were not duped. u knew this and wilfully re-elected a liar

  32. PatriotKate says:

    I am so in love. With my President.

    Don’t you know he’s thinking to himself “I like it when a plan comes together.”

  33. weneedmorerules says:

    God’s Hand. God’s Plan. God is infinite in time; infinite in terms of what we can conceive in terms of space.

    Each human is infinitely unique, every face every personality. No other species comes close.

    Yet here at this mere “atom” of time, Justice Ginsburg dies and we now have Amy Coney Barrett confirmed as Supreme Court Justice just days before a most monumental election in the course of known human history.

    We forget that this “birth of a nation” has existed but in the blink of an eye in the context of the infinity of time. Out of nowhere comes Donald J. Trump. In that moment out of all the infinity of time. We are impatient for justice. We are reminded “In God We Trust”.

    God’s hand. God’s Plan.

    What a time to be blessed to be alive. Oh, and don’t forget the gift of Sundance and everyone in the Treehouse.

    • mac says:

      You could not be more correct. President Trump’s 2016 victory was a miracle. That he has been not only been able to hold up, but to grow stronger under the unprecedently vicious and unremittingly constant attacks of America’s domestic enemies, is another miracle. That President Trump has been able to appoint three Supreme Court Justices who should all be strict Constitutionalists is yet one more miracle, and of equal import to the first two. Long story short, God has blessed our country tremendously since 2016, and far more than we deserve. May we as a nation now act in such a way as to show Him that we truly are cognizant of our blessings and appreciate what wonderful gifts He has given us!

      • weneedmorerules says:

        Beautifully said mac. Thank you.

      • Kroesus says:

        I am not so sure of Justice Gorsuch. He determined the originators of the Civil Rights Law of 1964 REALLY meant to include transgenders and gays under its protection, This seems just a BIT activist to me. I was pretty young but I am pretty sure there WERE public gays even in 1964. The gender dystopic were probably few in number, like now, and hiding away from exposure then.

  34. TheWanderingStar says:

    Piglosi: Archers draw!
    Piglosi: Loose!
    Archer #1: Uh, our quivers are empty.

  35. See says:

    We watched live on Cspan; I took my 8 & 12 y/o on to the front lawn and launched fireworks! Memorable! (I told them this woman will protect you & your rights into your adulthood. So satisfying!…

  36. booger71 says:

    Miss Lindsey is giggling like a schoolgirl on Hannity

  37. rcogburn says:

    Congrats Amy, you got the job. No time to waste. Crack those files and get to work tonight!!!

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