Third Stop – Battleground Pennsylvania: President Trump Make America Great Again Rally – Martinsburg, PA – 4:30pm EDT Livestreams..

The third stop of President Trump’s march on Pennsylvania takes place today as our president holds a Make America Great Again Rally at Altoona-Blair County Airport in Martinsburg, PA. Anticipated start time is 4:30pm EDT [Livestream Links Below]

Trump Campaign LivestreamRSBN Livestream LinkFox News Livestream


The Pennsylvania surge happens at the same time as The New York Times reports President Trump capturing 24 percent of Philadelphia voters. That result is nearly a 10% increase from 2016 and would destroy the Biden hopes in the state. Further empirical evidence of this Philadelphia outcome was reflected last Friday when former President Obama could only draw a crowd of a few hundred amid the city of brotherly love.

Similar in motive to the FL strategy, perhaps this PA campaign push is to extend the size of the victory beyond the reach of voter fraud in the Keystone state.



{NYT Source Link}


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162 Responses to Third Stop – Battleground Pennsylvania: President Trump Make America Great Again Rally – Martinsburg, PA – 4:30pm EDT Livestreams..

  1. trishinsouthernillinois says:

    Coming up next on the itinerary:

    😆😆😆look at ’em go!

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  2. The increase in Phillie ……black vote? There will be fraud in black polling sites…


    • learjetta says:

      I suspect you’re right. However, the rioting that occurred overnight in Philly should help to widen the gap in PDJT’s favor.

      God protect the people there in harm’s way. I’m really over the rioting.


  3. LizzieinTexas says:

    Marine One framed between the two American flags with PDJT standing in front was awesome!

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  4. Harvey Lipschitz says:

    Voter fraud. How can they vote without a name? Lot of bad people will not want their name on a ballot twice.

    Vote for George III Nov 3.


  5. JustSomeInputFromAz says:

    So glad that President Trump campaigns on protecting the Second Amendment!


  6. Drogers says:

    There are as many ways to figure out who wins on the 3rd as there are people doing the figuring. I’m not a PHD in figuring but I know what I know.

    The smart people on the other side of the tracks have President Trump down anywhere from three points to double digits.

    But if you’re watching Mr. Trump at the rallies that’s a man having the time of his life. It’s not the picture of a man being led to the gallows.

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  7. Deplorable Canuck says:

    I am sitting on my couch, trying to keep up with the Trump rally’s and having trouble doing so, and I am 17 years younger than Biden. Biden is toast!

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  8. I grew up in Blair County Pennsylvania, where Martinsburg is located. In fact, I grew up about 12 miles from here (in Williamsburg, PA – where there are, quite literally, more dairy cows than people). This crowd was enormous for that area. Martinsburg is very near Altoona, PA in south central PA and although the rally was in Martinsburg, it was at the “Altoona Blair County Airport” (AOO if you’re looking at airport designators). This is a very RED county. It is mostly hard working families, multiple jobs, lower income, or dairy farming. Trust me when I tell you, this is a conservative area. They love God, guns, and Trump. That said, these are very much the forgotten men and women…the people that the political elite don’t give a jack shit about; the people that politicians promise everything, but do nothing. Trump has the hearts and minds of the majority of these folks. They love him!

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  9. PaulCohen says:

    This is unreal — Biden is totally bumbling and stumbling in his attempt at an answer, so his staff starts forcing journalists away….. and the fake “journalists” allow themselves to be manhandled instead of insisting upon continuing the encounter with Biden….. such b.s.

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  10. Lion2017 says:

    God Bless President Trump!

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  11. PaulCohen says:

    This one is even worse… he has trouble expressing a simple thought…. Joe Biden should not be preaching about child-rearing and parenting with the current example of Hunter’s depravity being displayed for the nation…..

    The exact quote in the video is….

    “look, ah… know, uh, if you have children… and you’re raised… all parents are taught that the example you set impacts on how your kids react….”


  12. The Gipper Lives says:

    MNN BREAKING News…Hillary Clinton: ‘Sick to My Stomach’ Over Possible Trump Reelection and Gin Before Breakfast But Mostly Gin Before Breakfast…

    Manufactured News Network: “Pulling You From Your Vehicle To Beat Some News Into You–For Your Own Good, Of Course!”

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  13. rustybritches says:

    Hi everyone I dont know if this is a good place to put this information or not but here goes
    My daughter who lives in Calif sent me a text today saying that her social media is blowing up today where people are asking how they can go ahead now and change their vote from Biden to President Trump Gosh maybe he wont win Calif but he sure has a shot at it now
    please some one who knows how to tell people to change their vote even at this late date how to do so..

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  14. In Volusia Co. Florida .. the linchpin of the I-4 Corridor .. which went +13 for Trump in 2016 .. which accounted for 33% of His total 2016 winning margin in FL …

    .. the 2020 EV after 7 days (out of a 14 day EV period) has already surpassed the totality of the EV+Mail-In vote of 2016. (172,408 – 172,002). This is a turnout blowout for TRUMP … because Volusia Co. is Trump Country


  15. Amy Coney Barrett confirmed.

    I think President Trump will win PA as things now stands. It’ll be a certainty if the Supreme Court hears the PA GOP’s appeal and overturns the unconstitutional election law changes made by the PA Supreme Court to extend the voting deadline in the commonwealth.


  16. PP91303 says:

    People need to realize that there is a great possibility that the left will sabotage election day. It may be comprised of rioting and violence to inhibit people going out of their homes to vote. It is even more likely that counties run by public employee apparatchiks in cities like Pittsburgh, Houston, Dallas, Phoenix (i.e. areas with a lot of Republican voters but closely divided) will understaff polling places and make it difficult for people to vote. In every jurisdiction where early, in person voting is available, conservatives need to vote now. People need to get the word out. Do not wait until election day. Facebook just sent out those five bizarre questions about violence on election day. They are going to cheat with mail in ballots, don’t let them suppress the in person voting on election day.


  17. John says:

    Private conversation with Pa. State rep at a rural rally. Rural Pa. Was key in 2016. 40000 extra rural votes tipped scales. He said need those plus 40000 more needed to offset potential Philly fraud. Rural Dem sign, “Rural. Not stupid. Vote Biden.” Passive aggressive backhand to Trump supporters. Dem” F— Trump” three car parade. They are showing how morally bankrupt and sick they are.


  18. Cocoon says:

    This and this week leading to Election Day is Trump putting a boot on Biden’s neck.
    Biden cannot get up from it.
    Soon you will see concerns about Congress going Republican.
    It’s that strong.


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