President Trump Supports an Independent Special Counsel to Investigate Foreign Payments to Biden Family…

Earlier this morning President Trump called-in to Fox News for an interview on several topics. During a part of the interview President Trump draws a comparison between confirmed evidence of Hunter Biden selling influence with false accusations of Donald Trump Jr. selling influence.

President Trump discusses the upcoming debate and outlines his support for an independent special counsel to investigate how payments to Hunter by several foreign governments were constructed as a back-door process to purchase action from Joe Biden.


Given the factual, demonstrable and clearly evidenced institutional biases within the DOJ and FBI, how exactly is a special counsel supposed to be appointed and operated?

Accepting the traditional nature of the approach; yet overlaying the known corruption within the DC institutions; any investigation seems rather futile.

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  1. wheelbaro says:

    The Gloves are off, Patriots. Hopefully more people will come to understand this as well. As Sundance has mentioned we cannot trust there is any help coming from bureaucratic institutions. The institutions suffer from critical race theory indoctrination not systematic racism. Think, they always accuse others of their own worse deeds. This is the best chance for them (Globalists) to overthrow the Republic. OSama wanted it to happen slowly. There are more of us than them. They are using all their Media platforms to instill Fear. This will backfire, Canceling the First Amendment during a Public Discourse between two Presidential Candidates. Boom 💥, if this Fear of losing your free speech doesn’t wake people up….. I know our President is going into the Lion’s Den for us, he continues to fight for all of our Country. What else is needed my fellow citizens? As mentioned before by others, Be of Faith, continue to be positive in the accomplishments so far attained by our President alone. Imagine what can be done working together (even one party on his side would be different), we don’t re-imagine something that already works. All the people that vote for Freedom will be heard loud and clear. Get two people out of your “circle” to vote for Freedom. We are One Nation Under God with Liberty and Justice for All. God Bless our Crusade. We Know

    Thank you for the hard work of all on this site. This is what Freedom is like, we can’t lose this.

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    • psmithez says:

      I think that if you watched the debate like most of the world does-with the sound off-the body language would again tell the tale of how feeble Biden is.
      In any case, I voted a week ago here in NC and I was done in 15 minutes.
      I like the idea of Trump wearing a hidden mike so that after it is over, he will have a recording of what they cut out. He should be doing that anytime he is being interviewed by a hostile journalist.

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      • Dutchman says:

        Your point is valid, regarding watching twice, once with volume off, so you can focus on body language, facial expressions, the little ‘tells’ we all learn to read, as a part of being human.

        I also particularly enjoy reading TRANSCRIPTS of debates, speeches and interviews, as they can give me a totally different “take” on what is said, that I don’t get from just watching the video.

        As an example, it is only in reading the transcript from the first Chris Wallace, Joe Biden vs PDJT debate, that it becomes clear WHO was interupting WHOM.

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  2. Eileen McRae says:

    To appoint or not to appoint – that is the question. To appoint one before the election will do little good if Trump loses to Biden. The Biden administration will simply cancel the appointment. For a Special Counsel to be successful, Republicans will need to retain the Senate and win back the House. Is that likely or highly unlikely?

    To publicly talk about appointing one may be advantageous as a “campaign” talking point for the President. However, it could backfire and lead more Democrats to go to the polls and vote. It also could lead to more “dark” money being invested into the Democrat campaign.

    Not appointing a Special Counsel has its own pitfalls. It could be construed as Republican acceptance of the corruption of the Biden’s and anger a lot of the Republican base. From reading many of these comments, that is already happening. Trump supporters are increasingly growing frustrated by what they perceive as “lack of action” – myself included.

    By not appointing an independent Counsel to investigate the Biden Family, the American public might never discover the whole truth of the matter. If Biden wins, the abuse of power will continue into the new administration. Hunter will continue to be Joe’s son, regardless of what happens. Not to appoint a Special Counsel will put the national security of the country at risk, as some of the actors that the Bidens are leveraging are NOT friendly allies of the USA – Russia, China… In the case of China, that country will become more emboldened in its plan to control the world’s economy. China will continue to “invade” America with its political agenda – more spying, more Chinese products, more control of American industries, etc. China will continue to buy up more land, more mining interests, more manufacturing, etc. Heck, it is now doing that in Canada, bigtime and the Canadian government is not stopping them!

    So, to appoint or not to appoint – THAT is the question!

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  3. Nom de Blog says:

    Go straight to a Marburg v Madison situation.

    Issue a commission that gives over certain powers to the Erwin who receives the commission. Hat was the exact issue in Marbury. The following administration (whenever that would happen) would not be able to decommission the person without congressional approval.

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  4. OffCourseNation says:

    “Accepting the traditional nature of the approach; yet overlaying the known corruption within the DC institutions; any investigation seems rather futile.”

    But calling for one, rather than getting one, may not be.

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    • rufnekreject says:

      Not sure where to take this if an investigation is futile. Sundance may be a little gloomy today.

      Live your best life and take care of yourself, your family. God’s got this! Have faith.

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      • willthesuevi says:

        A little different perspective – I don’t think Sundance is gloomy at all.

        I read that as, Sundance knows President Trump uses the press as a wind up tool. And that he (SD) was wondering if POTUS really thot he could get a SC to look into this or if he was using it as a tactical verbal weapon.

        Maybe he just wants Barr to get off his bagpipe, and friggin’ do something.

        MMVaB – My Mileage Varied a Bit. 😛


      • Linda K. says:

        The fact that Trump calls for an investigation publicizes the story.

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        • vikingmom says:

          and I believe that is the whole point him asking for a special counsel… He knows he’s not going to get one but the advantages to asking are twofold. 1 – it points out to hypocrisy of the left who insisted on a special counsel against him for far weaker accusations and 2 – it puts the Biden campaign back on their heels wondering what else is going to drop in the next two days and how long they will be able to keep the lid on this story.

          They can’t back out of the debate now because it would prove that they’re worried about this subject being brought up so now all of Joe’s debate prep has to be trying to come up with good answers to deflect the subject because you know the President is going to bring it up at every opportunity! And having a moderator run interference and cut Donald Trump’s mic over and over again is going to look far worse than just letting him talk.

          He also needs to bring up the fact that they yanked the issue of foreign policy from the debate in the last week and demand answers as to why?! Why would Joe Biden not want foreign policy to be discussed? Inquiring minds would definitely like an answer to that question!

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          • Dwayne Diesel says:

            Great points. I had a debate with a friend who is angry that Rudy is slow-walking the information. He wants all 50,000 documents (vids and emails) dumped. I said, nope. I like Rudy’s game. Rudy’s game aligns with your thinking about the debate.

            I reminded him- no one is denying the veracity or truth of the emails. No one is denying the content. No one. Not Joey B., not Hunter, not Kamala, not Clyburn, not Nancy, not Schiff, not Murphy, and not even the 50 so-called former “intelligence” officials. They all are just saying the Russians are providing to impact the election.

            The slow play allows this…allows them to say it’s Russian dis-info. Let them put their foot in their mouths. Then you release a little more. And a little more. Let them write the letter and Rudy puts this out. Playing the Dems game better than they play it. They will eventually get so backed up they will just say it’s false and deny it. I think that’s when the videos are released……..

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            • vikingmom says:

              The only downside to dripping it out slowly is if the dams release their own October surprise this week, as Rush Limbaugh seems to think they will do… That will suck all the oxygen out of the room and will be 24/7 in the media from now until election day. Anything Rudy releases after that point is simply going to look like an attempt to divert attention from the “real” l story that they will all be rushing to report on, even if it’s totally false and is proven so after November 3rd!

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              • Dwayne Diesel says:

                Good points. Unless he releases the diddle tapes. IDK exactly what’s on it but according to those (take with a grain of salt regarding the details) who claim to have seen them- they are nasty. 12-14 year old Chinese girls. Young Russian hookers. I’ve heard that it’s worse than just sex tapes…it’s on the snuff level.

                That level of a bomb is blowing any other Oct surprise out of the water. The Dems know they have that type of footage (whatever the truthful details are) and if they were smart they wouldn’t push too hard. They know they are losing….there comes a point to give up the sacrificial lamb to keep your dirty deeds hidden.

                Interesting times. I just love seeing everything they have accused Trump of doing, coming to light as their own actions.

                Poe couldn’t even write something this twisted.

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                • vikingmom says:

                  “They know they are losing….there comes a point to give up the sacrificial lamb to keep your dirty deeds hidden. ”

                  I think they are weighing the odds very carefully because Donald Trump is not a John McCain or Mitt Romney they can bribe or blackmail into standing down. Even with the media protecting them if the videos and emails on that laptop implicate
                  Hunter in criminal activity and implicit Joe in knowing about it and covering it up, even if he didn’t participate in some of the more sordid accusations, I suspect they will decide it’s better shell let Joe take the fall for all of it and try again in 4 years. They may even attempt to cut a deal, as I believe Hillary did in 2016, to go away quietly if the investigations into her emails and Foundation would stop. Of course she didn’t keep her word but when has she ever?!

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                • Dwayne Diesel says:

                  I like your thought process.

                  Especially if they make a deal. And then Trump pulls a Hillary after because he knows they are the CCP and keep promises just the same. Use the Panda/Dragon on them.

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                • WSB says:

                  The Chinese could invade Taiwan.

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                • Dwayne Diesel says:

                  That would be a total last ditch desperation move. But, I wouldn’t put it past the CCP.

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          • Dennis Pulvino says:

            I, for one, am looking forward to slojoe answering difficult questions….Like what flavor milk shake he’s going to have tomorrow…


      • kimosaabe says:

        It’s all well and good to say “God’s got this. Have faith”. I hate to break it to you but God is not going to Re-elect Trump. The only thing that will is us, acting individually and collectively making sure we spread the word of Trump’s accomplishments and the danger to our country if he is not Re-elected. And I mean spreading that word not to others like minded but to those that are rather clueless, don’t pay attention, don’t think much about politics.


  5. quintrillion says:

    Baptized AG as: Bagpipe Bob then Confirmed by the Senate as: Bondo Barr.

    Bagpipe Bob Bondo Barr ; He’s such a nice, a merciful guy… excuse me, but – PUKE

    – We need Tough Love to teach all these crooks a lesson for the History Books !!!

    Who has been telling President Trump to “stay out of fixing FBI, DOJ ??; It’s part of the Executive Branch of government – He is the Chief Executive – Way past time to take charge as Fire them all.

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    • gingergal says:

      He knows we all want justice, and he talks about justice, but his first priority was always getting the American engine running again.

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    • Dutchman says:

      Theres doing what is LEGAL, and Constitutional, and then there is POLITICS, which is about Public perceptions.

      For instance, PDJT would have been within his legal rights and Constitutional authorities, to fire Mueller.

      But, thats what they WANTED him to do, and it would have led to Impeachment for Abuse of Power and Obstruction of Justice, and so he wisely “took a pass” on that.

      Similarly, I think he has been absolutely right, POLITICALLY, to keep a “hands off” approach to Barr and the DOJ; that is another, similar trap layed for him, which he avoided.

      He KNEW the FBI had Hunters laptop, during the impeachment. He had his OWN “Special council, aka Rudy, doing all the investigating on Biden crime family.
      And he excercised PATIENCE, a rare quality he posseses in abundance.

      Doesn’t hurt to get it out in the public dialogue, but obviously it ain’t gonna happen before the election.

      Yes, he will win re-election, handily. Yes, R’s will have majority in Senate and House.

      And then, he will have to expose the truth;
      that the Republicon leadership are not behaving the way they are, for any of the myriad of excuses offered; its NOT because they are lazy, timid, cowardly or greedy, although they may well be all those things.

      And, its NOT because they “play by marquis of queensbury rules; ask anyone who has ever tried to primary one of them, they play DIRTY.
      Certainly not because they are “the party of stupid”, although they aren’t as smart as they think they are.

      Its because they are CORRUPT, and this story of Biden family corruption is not, can not possible be firewalled to just tarnush Biden.

      It is going to spill over, to Obama, sure.
      But more than that, into the whole culture of corruption in the Swamp.

      Special council or no, its ALL going to come out. Bigger and Uglier than we ever thought possible, and yes it IS going to include pedophilia, before its over.

      And its not JUST Democrats who are going to be exposed.

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      • A Fortified City says:



      • Dwayne Diesel says:

        100% Dutch.

        A month and a half ago I was worried. Not any more. Not at all. As we get closer I am less and less worried. I too think we win back the House, strengthen the Senate, and watch, we will flip some state legislatures as well. It’s coming. I didn’t think it was because of fear, the inevitable cheating, the threats, etc.

        But, 3 weeks out…nope. I think history may be made this time.

        During the update on the ground request by SD a few of us from CT talked about the signage for Biden and Trump. It’s changed since. I am starting to see more Trump signs. Biden sings are still more but so much less than what I saw with Clinton in 2016. So much less. Many local races….People are being quiet. My wife isn’t voting for Biden she already said as such (she’s a life long Dem) and says she can’t stand Trump (but let it slip she’s voting for him while we were at happy hour- she doesn’t want her family to know). So for me: more Trump signs than last time in CT. Less Biden than Hillary. No one talking Biden here, plus my wife.

        In addition, Ice Cube, 50 Cent both endorsing Trump now. The turnout by the Hispanic community and the support I see online.

        There’s more that I can’t just articulate but can sense. I don’t know how to explain it. And now this with Hutner. And, to be honest, I don’t think the Hunter hard drive goodies is what drives the last remainder over to Trump….it’s lies and censorship being displayed front and center by the MSM and social media and tech giants. The DNC’s footsoldiers are going to be their own downfall because they re overzealous and too confident.

        American’s don’t want their free speech touched. All Americans.

        I hope they cut Trump off tonight. The Streisand will be yuge!!!!

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      • frank field says:


        Hope you’re correct about it ALL coming out.

        We need pure sunlight.

        Thank you. 🙏🇺🇸


      • frank field says:


        Hope you’re correct about it ALL coming out.

        We need pure sunlight.

        Thank you. 🙏🇺🇸


  6. Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

    Forget about endless investigations! There is already more than enough evidence to give some particular bad actors the Roger Stone treatment. Get your indictments and prosecute these political criminals. Let they juries decide their fate, but get them off the street as soon as possible after the Election.

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    • littleanniesfannie says:

      Or just persecute them for years like Manafort and Stone. They weren’t choirboys either but they look more like altar boys when compared to the Russiagate cabal!


  7. Bluto says:

    Beginning an investigation now would not allow enough time for it to be completed before the election. Investigations are used to gather evidence. It seems to me that there is enough evidence already. But, then, I thought there was enough evidence to indict the coup plotters.

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    • Winston says:

      As detailed in the book, Secret Empires, influence via familial proxy is legal (but should NOT be) unless it can be proved that there is a financial transfer from the power holding politician and the relative receiving the favors. This sort of corruption was shown in the book to be far, FAR more lucrative than any previous form of corruption and far more dangerous to our country (see the Bidens, McConnell and China, aka the CCP).

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  8. Back to Basics says:

    President Trump is smart enough to realize that there won’t be a Special Counsel for this, but demanding one now will just force the Deep State to show their cards again when they don’t.

    The hypocrisy and double standard between the current situation and the “Russia collusion” fiasco are breathtaking, but sometimes the players responsible must be forced to put their cards on the table.

    This whole episode is a teachable moment, one which we desperately need and must take advantage of.

    As soon as this story started to break, I asked my liberal friends to sit back and see how it all unfolded, while continuously asking themselves, “would things be handled differently if the name attached to the stories was Trump instead of Biden?”. As the story has played out, everything has gone exactly as expected.

    People on our side are already in violent agreement about the unfairness and inherent bias built into the Deep State. If we are to make progress, OTHERS must be convinced, which means methodically and calmy using every new opportunity to highlight the absurdities and slowly bring converts to our side. When you only have lemons, make lemonade!

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  9. Harvey Lipschitz says:

    Wray has already copied notes and files
    Stuff to leak to NYT when he gets fired.

    Never hurts to have insurance.

    He is not investigating Hunter. He gets fired for obstruction of justice and Pelosiss will call impeachment on President for “obstruction of Justice.


  10. Phil aka Felipe says:

    Trump: “Hey, Rudy. Is Judge Sullivan mentioned Hunter’s emails?”

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  11. Singer says:

    President Trump knows what he is doing. By calling for a Special Prosecutor, he brings the issue to the forefront despite the media and big tech blackout. You can’t talk about the Special Prosecutor without talking about issue.

    I believe that the majority here echoes Sundance’s opinion that SC’s are where investigations go to die. The President is shifting the narrative and sharpening the focus.

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    • Winston says:

      If anything, any mainstream media talk about it will be a short, “He’s nuts. Nothing to see here,” and will then somehow twist it to involve a Russian conspiracy. Their audience, having serious TDS and huge susceptibility to confirmation bias will eat that up. Let’s watch and see.


  12. They Cheat says:

    If we can’t have Justice, can we at least have the truth?

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    • regitiger says:

      these two are one in the SAME

      truth is the foundation of justice.

      without justice the truth is incomplete..

      we KNOW SOME TRUTHS…the entire set of truths have not been precisely illuminated…because main justice has been out of commission…on purpose.

      justice must follow the truth where it exists. some truths exist.

      our problem as a country is the instititional power that is not motivated to reveal truths.

      the baseless argument that protecting institutional instability directly creates MORE space to avoid truths…

      this misconduct is in fact a direct assault on the very premise of rule of law.

      it is declaring criminal conduct is acceptable and justice will not be pursued.


      the ring… secret police state spy powers.

      the corruptors will break all the rules to keep it.

      the ring is inherently evil.

      if anyone doubts this…do a solid to your self and learn WHY the 4th is so valuable to a free democratic society. why the authors of the constitituon addressed it… what they had experienced… what they were trying to protect.

      the secret police state spy powers is an illegal backdoor created to tear away the 4th at a scale and scope with severe real world consequences.

      a young America FOUGHT admirably to establish this protected right.

      it will be necessary to do that again.

      it WILL happen. .

      its enevitable.

      the first shots have been exchanged.

      the war has begun.

      suit up and stay frosty.

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  13. Guyski says:

    Negotiations underway? 🤔😉😏

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  14. Cocoon says:

    Devon Archer absolutely created a Ponzi scheme. Heinz, Kerry son-in-law got out as Archer and Biden joined Burisma Board with no investment in Burisma?
    I see why the jailed person gave his email account to journalists. He was framed to be their scapegoat.
    The Biden’s were complicit as they were the access many are willing to pay to WH. And many paid.
    Still wondering if Obama campaigns for “Crooked Joe” as he did for “Crooked Hillary”? How many higher ups in an Administration get caught selling US Policy before it stains the Legacy of the Administration? I
    Clinton sold US Policy, Biden sold US Policy. If Obama doesn’t watch it, pretty soon folks might just start digging to see if Obama himself sold US Policy?
    And if Obama does support Biden, what does Biden have on Obama?

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  15. Paul says:

    What better way to show the depth of the DC corruption to more people.

    This is typical Trump.

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  16. Question:
    “Given the factual, demonstrable and clearly evidenced institutional biases within the DOJ and FBI, how exactly is a special counsel supposed to be appointed and operated?”

    With a loaded firearm pointed at their head.

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  17. B Woodward says:

    It was reported that “Born in Kenya” Obama appointed between 32 and 45 high-level federal czars who were not confirmed by the Senate.

    Maybe President Trump should start appointing his own czars.

    Czar to investigate Biden family corruption (Rudy Giuliani)
    Czar to investigate Illegal creation of the Special Counsel and 130+ illegal acts by Special Counsel Mueller, the FBI, and DOJ
    Czar to investigate $6.5 TRILLION ($6.500,000,000,000) lost by the US Army in one year under Obama’s watch
    Czar to investigate Uranium One

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    • Randolph Scott says:

      President Trump could do this just as soon as Mitch McConnell lets the senate take a the President.


    • Kroesus says:

      LOL $6.5 T in one year? What are you smoking and do you share? I believe the $6T reported missing from the Pentagon was over a 20 year period. There is however a $6B sum missing from Shillary’s Department of State.


  18. borndwebb says:

    Pooter Pelosi toyed with the stimulus package and press today, She had that dust up with Pooter Blitzer earlier. As of now, there does not seem to be a deal. Pooter Blitzer may not be happy

    Pooter Pelosi is staking her place at the main pooter.

    Rudy says reveal tomorrow (Maria) on Pooter Biden, and his son Druggie Pooter Biden. Emails and “other” evidence will be release,This visual evidence may show a Pedophile Pooter. We have to protect people Rudy says. But tricky because of the content.

    The Pooter Party is under stress from overloading

    Will the stress pop the Pooters

    It is a damn messy business

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  19. furtive says:

    That response by POTUS must have been unplanned and spontaneous.
    It wont solve anything,except run out the clock 🕰 ,
    It takes an average of four years.

    Where is haplessBull$hutdown Durham investigation?
    Traitor Joe Buy-dim will be long dead, or incapacitated.

    To wit:
    He’s not a healthy guy,” Dr. David Scheiner, who was Obama’s personal physician for 22 years before he became president, concluded after reading the records.
    “He has a lot of issues that are just sort of sitting there.”

    – an irregular heartbeat 💗
    – high cholesterol
    – acid reflux and seasonal allergies
    – known history of aneurysms
    – blood 🩸 thinners.
    – history of atrial fibrillation and scarring ❤️
    – potential for strokes
    – two brain aneurysms in 1988, (the first almost killed him)
    – sleep 💤 apnea prior sinus 👃 surgery (nose job)
    – enlarged prostate
    – physical therapy

    No published results from an MRI or CT scan or sleep study.
    No disclosure of facelift eye lift Browlift lock lift (high risk for stroke)

    Biden blamed a contact lens (high tech mojo teleprompter?) mishap for his eye filling with blood during a town hall

    Dr. Kevin O’Connor, who wrote the assessment, also stated that Biden had “received multiple physical therapy treatments and surgeries“…,

    Biden’s last medical records disclosure was 2008 age 66, when he was Obama’s running mate, was 49 pages.

    The stakes are too high,” Scheiner said. “If they make a mistake because their cognitive skills are diminished, we pay the price.”

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  20. devilman96 says:

    This and spygate and Clinton Inc should have had a SC appointed 2-4+ years ago!

    Barr will never be able to explain this to the public because to do so would end out country.


  21. BoomerCat says:

    I may have missed this from the initial reports about the laptop…but does anyone know the technical problem with the laptop, for which it was taken to the repair shop to begin with? Was it malfunctioning in some way? Curious about that. Makes me wonder if this laptop was dropped off as some sort of insurance policy – for Hunter, maybe? I dunno.


  22. One issue is that all the talk is about Hunter; I have had people say I’m not voting for Hunter…so they are no seeing the connection and POTUS etc need to make that connection clearer…all people are hearing is where is Hunter.

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  23. lambgraham says:

    President Trump your the best President in my life time but your faith in Barr-zini is so misguided. He had his chance to be “great AG” but he lied to the American people but more importantly he double crossed you.
    You’re going to have to relie on the proven warriors, Bannon/Giuliani.

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  24. wtd says:

    Trump calls on Barr to appoint special prosecutor to investigate Bidens before Election Day: via AOL
    Barr will find another Durham. Biden is elated.

    1991 Biden helps Barr become AG the first time.
    “Barr also said at the hearings that Roe v. Wade was ‘the law of the land’ and claimed he did not have ‘fixed or settled views’ on abortion.”[33] Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Joe Biden, though disagreeing with Barr, responded that it was the “first candid answer” he had heard from a nominee on a question that witnesses would normally evade; Biden hailed Barr as “a throwback to the days when we actually had attorneys general that would talk to you.”[34] Barr was approved unanimously by the Senate Judiciary Committee, was confirmed by voice
    vote by the full Senate,[35][36] and was sworn in as Attorney General on November 26, 1991.[37]

    Back in 1992, the last time Bill Barr was U.S. attorney general, iconic New York Times columnist William Safire referred to him as “Cover-up General Barr” because of his role in burying evidence of then-President George H. W. Bush’s involvement in “Iraqgate” and “Iran-Contra”.

    US Senate report detailing Biden’s shady transactions

    Click to access HSGAC_Finance_Report_FINAL.pdf

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  25. Right to reply says:

    I cannot for the life of me understand why Trump would say that. Has he not just been through 4 years if SC used to clear house, jail, and bankrupt innocent people? Does he actually believe that this time Democrats will be arrested at gunpoint and dragged out during the night? I don’t get this, and I don’t want to. He has ALL the power to declassify and he won’t. That stinks!

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  26. alonzo1956 says:

    Appoint Tom Fitton as the Special Counsel with the instruction to keep the public informed on his findings on a regular basis. If the Alphabet agencies need to be burned to the ground, then so be it. Allowing this crime to go unpunished will eventually be the end of this Nation. The two tier system of justice is a large part of our problem today. might as well throw out the blindfolded lady with the balance scales if this is the way we enforce laws in America.

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  27. theoldgoat says:

    I really wonder what the end game for these FBI people is. This information is out. It is becoming more and more known, and they just don’t seem to care. Do they want to push a revolt against the government? At what point do the people have enough of this and demand action, or is it they are trying to force it so we have to rise up, and use that against the people to push those of us who won’t take it laying down anymore, so they can go actively against us?

    I am highly concerned about all the garbage we keep learning about, and nothing happens against those who are committing crimes against us. How do we begin to fight back against this blatant sedition against our duly elected leaders? While others in this cabal never have repercussions for their crimes.

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    • Randolph Scott says:

      You answered you own questions. Yes the fbi does in fact want to overthrow President Trump. This government agency wants to rule America in a Socialist manner. This agency has produced many false flag events and killed many US Citizens illegally. This agency lies more than the SeeEyeAA.

      There is only one way to fight back. Most Americans are unwilling to do what is necessary. We do not have enough true Patriots that are wiling to take this fight on. How do I know, the only people that have stood up are two teenagers, Sandman and Rittenhouse.

      You and everyone else needs to thoroughly understand this:
      There Is No Voting Our Way Out Of This.


  28. PaulCohen says:

    Possibly important article on difficulty of getting even our few “friendly” journalists to take on the Hunter Biden email story…… maybe “controlled opposition” is even worse than we (I) thought, since the list of journalists who passed on the early access to the Hunter Biden emails disappoints me greatly:

    Reportedly not even Bret Baier, Sara Carter, Sharyl Attkinson, or John Solomon would touch the Hunter Biden emails/story when offered early access. Maybe they thought there was a legal problem but normally journalists have been so eager to receive “leaks” and “inside” info.

    Liked by 1 person

    • PaulCohen says:

      QUICK: everyone should copy/download this story fast, in case Fakebook strikes it down.

      Sundance, any chance this article could be posted on CTH as a “guest post” if you think it checks out? Author is reportedly a retired US Air Force officer.


      • wtd says:

        Rod Bishop

        Here is an article I wrote knowing about the Hunter Biden emails for months now (and knowing what “we” went through to get it to the public). Say what you want about fact checkers. “post truth” America, “October Surprise” or demeaning particular journalists or conservative news sources, etc.

        I know what I PERSONALLY experienced with respect to this issue and leave it to the experts to determine the veracity of the emails–something the FBI could have let us know about in Dec of 2019–if they weren’t apparently part of a “Deep State”. Sad!

        My good friend’s family hangs it out so American would know the truth–and here we are a week after the story breaks–and we know NOTHING from the FBI.

        I have posted this article that I wrote this weekend elsewhere in response to other people’s posts and have been called names, had my integrity impugned, and my character and the character of friends (family members of the real American patriot who really hung it out for all of us so we would know the truth) attacked. Even got a call from friends today telling me to be careful!

        I also know Facebook has been inhibiting my posts given what I am experiencing. I wanted to see if I could post a picture of my grandkids and see if that would get more than “limited distribution” I have been experiencing and accompany that picture with a personal history of my knowledge of the Hunter Biden hard drive. After further thought, Mary and I decided I

        should post a picture of American kids–of all races–our future of America–that is why a number of us are taking a stand. Do we really want our kids to be “controlled” by these elements of our society (the media, big tech and the FBI) in the years ahead? Given what we have experienced this week, I think we all should say “NO!!!”


        By Rod Bishop

        Should you think the “Hunter Biden Email Story” is just part of a Russian Disinformation Campaign, let me share with you some facts/details that I am personally aware of:

        –I have known the family (dad, aunt and uncle) of the Computer Shop owner (John Paul Mac Issac) who received Hunter’s computers in early 2019 for over 35 years. The entire family is one patriotic American family! The uncle is a very close friend (and neighbor) who I served together with in the USAF in the 1980s. To fabricate such as story (as some have suggested) (or be duped as a part of some Russian Disinformation Campaign) as the liberal

        media is pushing–is just not in their fabric. The dad and the uncle are both USAFA graduates and retired Air Force colonels with lots of experience. in intel.

        –I have known the details of the Hunter Biden emails story for over 2 months. The shop owner’s uncle (my good friend) shared the story with me the first week of August (and sent me a few of the emails). Of course we discussed the FBI—they initially refused to take the computers and words were expressed to my friend’s nephew that were not “professional”.

        Finally, after other family members got involved and applied some pressure, the computers were officially subpoenaed in Dec of 2019. As a matter of protection (given the content and the original owner), the shop owner (since the computers were legally now his property) made a copy of the salvageable hard drive before turning the computers over to the FBI.

        — When the President was impeached early this year and nothing was said about the obvious exculpatory emails, the family became suspicious and tried to contact the FBI, but their approaches were rebuffed.

        –Then they tried to get certain politicians and media outlets involved and surprisingly there were few takers! (Senator Johnson’s Homeland Security Division showed some interest as they were doing an oversight report on possible corruption regarding Hunter Biden) but in my opinion didn’t take it seriously enough initially.

        –In May, my good friend got more deeply involved and sent a summary of the material to Bret Baier, Sara Carter, Cheryl Atkinson, John Solomon, and others—still no media takers—a huge mystery to us all!

        –Luckily, our tiny Monument CO community has some great people with great contacts. A fellow resident (neighbor and former Fox News Reporter), when asked, got involved a

        couple of weeks ago, contacted a former mentor and former Fox News Executive, and finally the New York Post (an affiliate of Fox) broke the story this past Monday. His story about how this unfolded is found elsewhere on my FB wall. Certainly the emails—a number of which have already been verified by third parties as 100% truly belonging to Hunter Biden–paint a picture at the very least of the former VP repeatedly lying to us, the American people, about what he knew/didn’t know about his son’s business dealings. When a logical person combines these emails with VP’s Biden’s public bragging about getting a Ukrainian prosecutor fired (the same one his son’s company wanted fired), one can most probably conclude this is much BIGGER than just a lie—this is American politics at its worst—the VP of the United States using the power of his office to enrich his family (and most probably himself—it is hard to not believe the text to Hunter’s daughter Naomi that says “I hope you all can do what I did, and pay for everything for this entire family for 30 years and it has been tough. It’s really hard, but don’t worry, unlike Pop, I won’t make you give me half your salary” –or the one talking about “10% for the big guy”. Boy that would be pretty good Russian disinformation if that were the case to weave something so intricately!

        So this corruption aside—what should we American Citizens be concerned about?

        THE MEDIA

        Did anyone notice that the day this story “broke” on the NY Post not MSM outlet gave the story even 1 second of coverage during their prime time news shows that evening? Unless you watched Fox or read the New York Post, you were completely in the dark. Since that time, the MSM has been spending most of their time trying to plant seeds of doubt or trying to debunk the story. I have assisted the uncle of the shop owner in writing an article today that gives multiple links to such obfuscation that I will TRY (an operative word—as FB wouldn’t let me post this article (after spending an hour and a half writing it)—just last hour) to post tomorrow or Tuesday.

        BIG TECH

        One reason you have been or might be in the dark on this story is Facebook and Twitter both would NOT allow the story to be shared or anything beyond “limited posting” for days!! Some accounts were even blocked. Sharing not allowed in any form.

        THE FBI

        Wow! What do we say here? We have learned in the last few weeks that the CIA Director Brennan briefed President Obama on a plan approved by Mrs Clinton to collude with a British spy and a Russian Operative to produce false information and spy on her opponent’s campaign (and then the President ordered continued spying on the incoming administration). Multiple frauds committed against the FISA Court. We also have known for years, the FBI looked the other way on Clinton operatives deleting 33000 subpoenaed

        emails, destruction of cell phones and computers—somehow that is not obstruction of justice. Now they can apparently add “just sitting on exculpatory emails” during a Presidential Impeachment to their repertoire of untoward activities.


        I suppose readers will draw their own conclusions of my recounting of my experiences here based on their political persuasion. I would like to think 3 years as a General Courts Martial Authority gave me some experience to “judge fairly”. My conclusion? The media, Big Tech, and (very unfortunately) our own law enforcement agencies seem to be participating (or have participated) in “COLLUSION” to tip the scales in this election, ignoring or dismissing facts, participating in election interference, falsely trying to steer people from the truth and

        (extremely disheartening) have shown seemingly total disregard for the laws of our land! As my close friend (the uncle) posted today:

        “Given new information being revealed by the Hunter Biden hard drive, even thought it is being diminished by our leftist media sources, and if I had an open mind, and if I had a conscience and if I were a registered Democrat (or a never Trumper), then I would have a

        painful knot in my stomach.

        Liked by 1 person

  29. rushtonovember says:

    Rudy will be on with Maria Bartiromo tomorrow morning. Supposed to reveal more damaging evidence.


  30. shop says:


  31. Richie says:

    Whats the point? They will just be staffed with a bunch of angry DC Democrats


  32. Dutchman says:

    The Fox interviewer brought up a Special Council, recounting how Congressional Republicans had called for a SC.

    What I heard PDJT saying is “The AG HAS to act. We have to get the AG to ACT.

    BARR won’t, of coarse, and may even cry that PDJT is making it harder for him to do his job.
    After the election, PDJT can relieve poor Barr of the burden, by firing his fat ass.

    Anyway, when it comes to appointing SC’s,…..lets just say “I am not a fan” of SC’s.

    Liked by 1 person

  33. sarasotosfan says:

    Apparently the last four years has taught us nothing if this is allowed. The DOJ must do the job and be held accountable and responsible to investigate and prosecute.


  34. Alex1689 says:

    Important. See Ivan Pentchoukov article in todays Epoch Times, and his Twitter feed. Lead universities just disclosed over 6.5 Billion in foreign money. That’s Billion with a B. Harvard in the lead. The Harvard of Epstein, Lieber, and Minksy – who was enjoying Epsteins trafficking of girls.

    Also important. Do do you know where your Chinese born university professors are today? Hearing a rumor that some are unexpectedly announcing they are stopping teaching classes in the middle of the semester with no explanation why. Are the folks who have been rolling up the Chinese spies are on top of this? Is it the equivalent of the Russian leaders and their families rolling out of Chernobyl within 24 hours of the exlosion? Must not let any rats leave the country, whether native OR foreign born.
    BOLO for sabotage too, IMHO. See something, call your local cops. Not the FIB, for obvious reasons

    Liked by 1 person

  35. Curt says:

    The entire debate commission is 100% filled with Biden supporters aka: Leftists They now want to change the debate rules by muting mics. Why? Let Trump call out Biden on his lies. All previous 3rd debates have been on foreign policy. All of a sudden they commission wants the format changed! Maybe the Biden crime family Ukraine corruption is a slight problem fore these liberals. And still President Trump agrees to show up and ‘debate’ under these terrible rule changes. He’ll probably quit himself very well even on the not so level playing field. If I were in his or his campaign’s shoes, I would watch out for even more skull-duggery and outright dishonesty by the debate ‘moderator’… herself a leftist Democrat activist. Such incredible ugliness from our media!!


    • A Fortified City says:

      I’m not wringing my hands in fear you understand quite frankly I’m fully armed.
      Nevertheless, I say Yes in the closing days of the election please be careful at the polls if you can vote some other way take it.
      I personally expect Antifa to begin attacking Trump voters just as soon as they get the go ahead.
      I gotta tell ya they will not hesitate to use every dirty tactic to attempt to block, discourage and if possible frighten off Trump voters.
      Using brass knuckles they just walk up and without any qualms whatsoever knock your front teeth out. They have become very emboldened and they don’t care because someone they know has set aside plenty of bail money.

      Liked by 1 person

  36. Charlotte Powell Brooks says:

    A special counsel, if there is some way to have unbiased, legitimate, honest, truth seeking investigators, will expose what we already know.
    Okay. Then what?


  37. HickTick says:

    Well since unmasking is OK and spying is OK , Radcliffe should compile a six month snapshot of all the FBI agents , CIA , agents Buerocrats , Lawyers , Lets see who is part of active resistance , turn the tables on them , use exactly what they used on the Trump people , then go in and fire every one of them and let them know how they will be charged with sedition , It would be Glorious , Let the screaming begin , imagine how they would say that is illegal to do it to them , State dept also ,

    Liked by 1 person

  38. Lurker360 says:

    Here’s a thought: Trump quickly answers (or sidesteps) whatever the question is, then poses a cutting question to Biden and then volunteers to give Biden the remainder of his 2 minutes to answer.

    Puts Joe on the ropes, looks charitable in that he gives his precious time to Joe, and in the process forces the issue(s). And during “Trump’s” remaining time, Trump can “interrupt” the time he “gave” to Joe by goading him to respond:

    “Whatsamatta Joe, can’t talk about your real reasons for being in DC all those years?, the corruption, big cash deals, favors, perversion, and off the record meetings ?? C’mon Joe, tell the people the truth for once, will ya, America deserves to know the truth.” “Really, Joe? it must be pretty bad stuff if you won’t (can’t) tell the American people about it.” Wow, Joe, just wow… well, maybe the moderator will tell us what’s going on?” 😉

    That’s Tump taking control like the boss he is.

    Whether this strategy is used or not, it’s clear that VSG Trump will own these dummies (again).


  39. Elle says:

    Wow!! I was just looking up to see what would happen if Biden were declared incompetent (arrested, senile, died) before the election and if this article is correct this is VERY disturbing (if I am reading it right). Sooo…if it happens after the electoral college vote and before those votes are counted on Jan 6th…

    “The amendment allows for the House of Representatives to elect a president from among the three candidates who received the most votes in the election“

    Wow! Really??! Scary if true!!! Darn! The Dems always play chess and the GOP plays checkers…badly.

    “If it happens after the vote of the Electoral College
    Should a candidate die after the votes were cast by the Electoral College and before Congress counted the ballots on Jan. 6, 2021, the new Congress would have to make some decisions.
    Congress would have to decide if the votes made by the Electoral College are to be counted. If they are counted, then the vice president-elect would become president.
    If the Congress does not count the votes, the 12th Amendment will kick in. The amendment allows for the House of Representatives to elect a president from among the three candidates who received the most votes in the election“.

    Who else is on the ballot?


  40. Beigun says:

    Move over Dos Equis, Hunter Biden is the Most Interesting Man in the World!!


  41. David Mitchell says:

    Why hasn’t anyone tracked Hunter down and stuck a microphone and camera in his face?

    Time for some Gonzo journalism!


  42. Beigun says:

    Why is Kadzik involved with both Weiner & Hunter’s emails??? DOJ & Blue Star???


    • Beigun says:

      Not to mention Obama’s comments on Weiner’s emails during the 3 Nov 2016 CNN interview per this link is simply priceless! C’mon, Man!!


  43. Ken Maritch says:

    Here is what I have not been able to reconcile:
    BHO no doubt knew of Biden’s corruption (and that it could be linked to BHO himself.)
    BHO knows Biden is mentally weak and a loose cannon.
    I know BHO made a half-hearted attempt Biden from running.
    Knowing the risk Biden presented to the DS…. why was he allowed to run? and if Biden insisted on running, why wasn’t his campaign terminated?… one way or another?


  44. Chieftain says:

    And following the precedent set by the Trump Independent Counsel, the Biden Special Counsel should contain a team made up of Trump supporters and donors. I suggest that Sydney Powell lead it.


  45. Hans says:

    My Take….

    Every hear Joe mention Hunter Biden in a positive way…. No…
    It’s all about his son Beau.. Biden the AG… at the Democratic Convention.. more accolades..

    Is it possible the scorned son.. Hunter.. the bagman got tired of being disrespected…
    Is it possible in his drug altered state.. he just did not want to continue the fight for respect and love from his father….

    It’s clear in his one email that he felt the lack of love and respect….

    Time will tell…..


    • jello333 says:

      I agree. And maybe I’m just weird, but I actually feel sorry for Hunter after reading that one email to his daughter. I mean his own father and mother know he has some serious drug problems, and yet they don’t hesitate to USE him to go around the world collecting money for them. Sounds like Joe gave all his love and respect to Beau, leaving nothing for Hunter.


  46. California Joe says:

    A special counsel appointed to investigate Biden would simply spin around and investigate President Trump. You know that by now!


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