Clinton Emails and FBI Activity Back in News as NY FBI Agent Talks – Fills-in CTH Background Research…

The Washington Examiner has an interesting article based on a book excerpt by Washington Post journalist Devlin Barrett: “October Surprise: How the FBI Tried to Save Itself and Crashed an Election.”

CTH readers will remember Devlin Barrett was Lisa Page & Peter Strzok’s favored journalist to receive FBI leaks from Clinton email investigation known as the “mid-year-exam;” during the time when the ‘small group’ was framing the preferred narrative.

According to the article the NY FBI Agent who raised the alarm bells was a man named John Robertson.  Robertson was cited in the IG report, but not named.  According to the recent discoveries…

“Robertson wrote a “Letter to Self” in late October after an Oct. 19, 2016, meeting, during which he implored Assistant U.S. Attorney Amanda Kramer of the Southern District of New York to push FBI leadership to look at the thousands of emails he had unearthed.”

“I have very deep misgivings about the institutional response of the FBI to the congressional investigation into the Hillary Clinton email matter. … Put simply: I don’t believe the handling of the material I have by the FBI is ethically or morally right. But my lawyer’s advice — that I simply put my SSA on notice should cover me — is that I have completed CYA [Cover Your Ass], and I have done so,” Robertson wrote. “Further, I was told by [Kramer] that should I ‘whistleblow,’ I will be prosecuted.” (read more)

Robertson fills in the background to our earlier research.  CTH identified how the FBI never actually investigated the emails, as the FBI and specifically former FBI Director James Comey, claimed: “due to the wizardry of technology.”

Within this earlier interview Mr. Comey is questioned about the announcement of re-opening of the Hillary Clinton email investigation on October 28th, 2016.

In his response about why there was a delay between the FBI being notified by New York on September 28th, and waiting until October 28th, James Comey revealed a very important nugget.

The New York U.S. Attorney (SDNY) called Main Justice in DC to ask about why they were not receiving authority for a search warrant. We knew that call took place on October 21st, 2016. Now we know “why” and who New York called at DOJ HQ.

Listen closely to James Comey at 06:06 to 07:30 of the interview (prompted):

Baier: “Did you know that Andrew McCabe, your deputy, had sat on that revelation about the emails”?

Comey: “Yeah, I don’t know that, I don’t know that to be the case. I do know that New York and FBI headquarters became aware that there may be some connection between Weiner’s laptop and the Clinton investigation, weeks before it was brought to me for decision – and as I write in the book I don’t know whether they could have moved faster and why the delay”

Baier: “Was it the threat that New York Agents were going to leak that it existed really what drove you to the ‘not conceal’ part?

Comey: “I don’t think so. I think what actually drove it was the prosecutors in New York who were working the criminal case against Weiner called down to headquarters and said ‘are we getting a search warrant or not for this’? That caused, I’m sorry, Justice Department Headquarters, to then call across the street to the FBI and poke the organization; and they start to move much more quickly. I don’t know why there was, if there was slow activity, why it was slow for those first couple of weeks.”

There’s some really sketchy stuff going on in that answer. Why would SDNY need to get authorization for a search warrant from DC, if this is about Weiner’s laptop?

Yes, you could argue it pertains to a tightly held Clinton investigation run out of DC but the Weiner prosecution issues shouldn’t require approval from DC.

But let’s take Comey at face-value…. So there we discover it was justice officials within SDNY (Southern District of New York) who called Main Justice (DOJ in DC) and asked about a needed search warrant for “this”, presumably Weiner’s laptop by inference. Now, let’s go look at the Page/Strzok description of what was going on.

Here are the messages from Lisa Page and Peter Strzok surrounding the original date that New York officials notified Washington DC FBI. It’s important to note the two different entities: DOJ -vs- FBI.

According to the September 28, 2016, messages from FBI Agent Peter Strzok it was the SDNY in New York telling Andrew McCabe in DC about the issue. Pay close attention to the convo:

(pdf source for all messages here)

Notice: “hundreds of thousands of emails turned over by Weiner’s attorney to SDNY”.

Pay super close attention. This is not an outcome of a New York Police Dept. raid on Anthony Weiner. This is Weiner’s attorney going to the U.S. attorney and voluntarily turning over emails. The emails were not turned over to the FBI in New York, the actual emails were turned over to the U.S. Attorney in the Southern District.

Key point here: Weiner’s attorneys turned over “emails”.

♦If the U.S. Attorney in New York has the emails on September 28th, 2016, why would they need a search warrant on October 21st, 2016? (Comey’s call explanation)

♦Why would Weiner’s attorney be handing over evidence?

Think about this carefully. I’ll get back to the importance of it later; but what I suspect is that Weiner had material that was his “insurance policy” against anything done to him by Hillary Clinton. Facing a criminal prosecution Weiner’s lawyer went to the U.S. Attorney and attempted to exploit/leverage the content therein on his client’s behalf.

Fast forward three weeks, and we go back to FBI in DC.

On October 21, 2016, this is the call referenced by James Comey in the Bret Baier interview. Someone from New York called “Main Justice” (the DOJ National Security Division in DC) and notified DOJ-NSD Deputy Asst. Attorney General George Toscas of the Huma Abedin/Hillary Clinton emails via the “weiner investigation”.

[I would point out again, he’s not being notified of a laptop, Toscas is notified of “emails”]

George Toscas “wanted to ensure information got to Andy“, FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe…. so he called FBI Agent Peter Strzok…. who told George Toscas “we know”.

Peter Strzok then tells Bill Priestap.

Of course, Deputy Director Andrew McCabe already knew about the emails since September 28th, 2016, more than three weeks earlier.

In his Bret Baier interview FBI Director James Comey says this call is about a search warrant. There is no indication the call is actually about a search warrant. [Nor would there be a need for a search warrant if the call was actually about the emails that Wiener’s attorney dropped off on 9/21].

However, that phone call kicks off an internal debate about the previously closed Clinton email investigation; and Andrew McCabe sitting on the notification from New York for over three weeks – kicks off an internal FBI discussion about McCabe needing to recuse himself.

Now it’s October 27th, 2016, James Comey chief-of-staff Jim Rybicki wants McCabe to recuse himself. But Rybicki is alone on an island. Lisa Page is furious at such a suggestion, partly because she is McCabe’s legal counsel and if McCabe is recused so too is she.

At the same time as they are debating how to handle the Huma Abedin/Hillary Clinton emails, they are leaking to the media to frame a specific narrative.

Important to note here, that at no time is there any conversation -or hint of a conversation- that anyone is reviewing the content of the emails. The discussions don’t mention a single word about content… every scintilla of conversation is about how to handle the issues of the emails themselves. Actually, there’s not a single person mentioned in thousands of text messages that applies to an actual person who is looking at any content.

Quite simply: there is a glaringly transparent lack of an “investigation”.

Within this “tight group” at FBI, as Comey puts it, there is not a single mention of a person who is sitting somewhere looking through the reported “600,000” Clinton emails that was widely reported by media. There’s absolutely ZERO evidence of anyone looking at emails or scouring through laptop data…. and FBI Agent Peter Strzok has no staff under him who he discusses assigned to such a task…. and Strzok damned sure ain’t doing it. So what gives?

Moving on – Note to readers. Click the graphics and read the notes on them too:

It’s still October 27th, 2016, the day before James Comey announces his FBI decision to re-open the Clinton investigation. Jim Rybicki still saying McCabe should be recused from input; everyone else, including FBI Legal Counsel James Baker, is disagreeing with Rybicki and siding with Lisa Page.

Meanwhile the conversation has shifted slightly to “PC”, probable cause. Read:

While Lisa Page is leaking stories to Devlin Barrett (Wall Street Journal, now with the Washington Post), the internal discussion amid the “small group” is about probable cause.

The team is now saying if there was no probable cause when Comey closed the original email investigation in July 2016 (remember the very tight boundaries of review), then there’s no probable cause in October 2016 to reopen the investigation regardless of what the email content might be.

This appears to be how the “small group” or “tight team” justify doing nothing with the content received from New York. They received the emails September 28th and it’s now October 27th, and they haven’t even looked at it. Heck, they are debating if there’s even a need to look at it.

Then on October 28th, 2016, the FBI and Main Justice officials have a conference call about the entire Huma Abedin/Hillary Clinton email issue. Here’s where it gets interesting.

George Toscas and David Laufman from DOJ-NSD articulate a position that something needs to happen likely because Main Justice is concerned about the issue of FBI (McCabe) sitting on the emails for over three weeks without any feedback to SDNY (New York).

Thanks to Deputy Director McCabe, Main Justice in DC, specifically DOJ National Security Division, now looks like they are facilitating a cover-up operation being conducted by the FBI “small group”. [which is actually true, but they can’t let that be so glaringly obvious].

As a result of the Top-Tier officials conference call, Strzok is grumpy agent because his opinion appears to be insignificant. The decision is reached to announce the re-opening of the investigation. This sends Lisa Page bananas…

…In rapid response mode Lisa Page reaches out to Devlin Barrett, again to quickly shape the media coverage. Now that the world is aware of the need for a Clinton email investigation 2.0 the internal conversation returns to McCabe’s recusal.

Please note that at no time in the FBI is anyone directing an actual investigation of the content of the Clinton emails. Every single second of every effort is devoted to shaping the public perception of the need for the investigation. Every media outlet is being watched; every article is being read; and the entire apparatus of the small group is shaping coverage therein by contacting their leak outlets.

So let’s go back to that Comey interview:

♦What exactly would SDNY need a search warrant for?

♦Anthony Weiner’s lawyer has delivered SDNY actual emails. Why would he do that?

Now lets connect those questions to an earlier report.

According to ABC News Comey writes in “A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies and Leadership,” that he became the public face of the investigation partly because of a mysterious development which he felt could cast “serious doubt” on Lynch’s independence.

“Had it become public, the unverified material would undoubtedly have been used by political opponents to cast serious doubt on the attorney general’s independence in connection with the Clinton investigation,” Comey writes, according to ABC. He calls the material a “development still unknown to the American public to this day.” (ABC Link)

On page six of the IG report on Andrew McCabe (point number 4) we find a conference call between Loretta Lynch, Andrew McCabe and the FBI field office in New York where the subject of the Weiner/Abedin/Clinton email findings overlap with: the Clinton Foundation (CF) investigation; the Clinton Email investigation; pressure for Asst. Director McCabe to recuse himself, and Washington DC via Loretta Lynch using DOJ Main Justice leverage from the Eric Garner case against the NY FBI office and New York Police Department.

From the OIG report:

4. The Attorney General Expresses Strong Concerns to McCabe and other FBI Officials about Leaks, and McCabe Discusses Recusing Himself from CF Investigation (October 26, 2016)

McCabe told the OIG that during the October 2016 time frame, it was his “perception that there was a lot of information coming out of likely the [FBI’s] New York Field Office” that was ending up in the news. McCabe told the OIG that he “had some heated back-and-forths” with the New York Assistant Director in Charge (“NY-ADIC”) over the issue of media leaks.

On October 26th, 2016, McCabe and NY-ADIC participated in what McCabe described as “a hastily convened conference call with the Attorney General who delivered the same message to us” about leaks, with specific focus being on leaks regarding the high-profile investigation by FBI’s New York Field Office into the death of Eric Garner. McCabe told us that he “never heard her use more forceful language.” NY-ADIC confirmed that the participants got “ripped by the AG on leaks.”

According to NY-ADIC’s testimony and an e-mail he sent to himself on October 31, McCabe indicated to NY-ADIC and a then-FBI Executive Assistant Director (“EAD”) in a conversation after Attorney General Lynch disconnected from the call that McCabe was recusing himself from the CF Investigation.

(Page #6 and #7 – IG Report Link)

What makes this explosive is the timing, and what we now know about what was going on amid the FBI “small group” in DC.

On September 28th, 2016, Andrew McCabe was made aware of emails given to New York U.S. Attorney (SDNY) directly from Anthony Weiner’s lawyer. Again, the information relayed to DC is not about a Weiner laptop, it’s about actual emails delivered by Weiner’s lawyer. The laptop was evidence in the Weiner “sexting” case involving a minor; however, the laptop did, reportedly, also contained thousands of State Department documents from Hillary Clinton and her aide Huma Abedin, Weiner’s wife.

When Weiner’s lawyer walked into SDNY to deliver his leverage emails, Preet Bharara, a Clinton-Lynch ally, was the United States Attorney.

Again, look at the text messages between FBI Agent Peter Strzok (Inbox) and FBI Special Counsel to Andrew McCabe, Lisa Page (Outbox):

[The letter to “Congress” at the end of the text exchange relates to notification of the re-opening of the Clinton investigation – Actual date of notification 10/28/16]

According to later reporting, FBI Director James Comey was not notified of the emails until after October 21st, 2016. However, in late October and early November, there were reports from people with contacts in New York police and New York FBI, about Washington DOJ officials interfering with the Weiner investigation.

On the same date (October 26th, 2016) as the Lynch, McCabe and NY FBI phone call, former NY Mayor Rudy Giuilani was telling Fox News that an explosive development was forthcoming. Two days later, October 28th, 2016, Congress was notified of the additional Clinton emails.

However, a few more days later, November 4th, 2016, an even more explosive development as Erik Prince appeared on radio and outlined discoveries within the Huma Abedin/Anthony Weiner/Hillary Clinton email issues that was being blocked by AG Lynch.

Prince claimed he had insider knowledge of the investigation that could help explain why FBI Director James Comey had to announce he was reopening the investigation into Clinton’s email server last week.

“Because of Weinergate and the sexting scandal, the NYPD started investigating it. Through a subpoena, through a warrant, they searched his laptop, and sure enough, found those 650,000 emails. They found way more stuff than just more information pertaining to the inappropriate sexting the guy was doing,” Prince claimed.

“They found State Department emails. They found a lot of other really damning criminal information, including money laundering, including the fact that Hillary went to this sex island with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Bill Clinton went there more than 20 times. Hillary Clinton went there at least six times,” he said.

“The amount of garbage that they found in these emails, of criminal activity by Hillary, by her immediate circle, and even by other Democratic members of Congress was so disgusting they gave it to the FBI, and they said, ‘We’re going to go public with this if you don’t reopen the investigation and you don’t do the right thing with timely indictments,’” Prince explained.

“I believe – I know, and this is from a very well-placed source of mine at 1PP, One Police Plaza in New York – the NYPD wanted to do a press conference announcing the warrants and the additional arrests they were making in this investigation, and they’ve gotten huge pushback, to the point of coercion, from the Justice Department, with the Justice Department threatening to charge someone that had been unrelated in the accidental heart attack death of Eric Garner almost two years ago. That’s the level of pushback the Obama Justice Department is doing against actually seeking justice in the email and other related criminal matters,” Prince said. (Link)

An earlier Grand Jury in New York had refused to return an indictment against the NYPD in the Garner case. As an outcome of that grand jury finding, and as an outcome of their own investigation, the local FBI office and Eastern District of New York DOJ office was not trying to pursue criminal charges against the NYPD officers involved. This created a dispute because federal prosecutors (EDNY) and FBI officials in New York opposed bringing charges, while prosecutors with the Civil Rights Division at the Justice Department in Washington argued there was clear evidence to do so.

On October 25th, 2016, Loretta Lynch replaced the EDNY New York prosecutors:

New York Times (Oct. 25) – The Justice Department has replaced the New York team of agents and lawyers investigating the death of Eric Garner, officials said, a highly unusual shake-up that could jump-start the long-stalled case and put the government back on track to seek criminal charges.

With that move – on Oct. 25th, 2016, AG Lynch was now in position to threaten criminal prosecutions against the NYPD, and repercussions against the NY FBI and EDNY using the Garner case as leverage, just like Erik Prince outlined in the phone interview above.

Additionally, we see confirmation from the IG report, the Garner case was brought up in the next day (Oct 26, 2016) phone call to the NY FBI field office; just as Erik Prince outlined. Obviously Prince’s sources were close to the events as they unfolded.

The NY FBI and Eastern District of New York (EDNY) were threatened by Washington DC Main Justice and FBI, via Loretta Lynch and Andrew McCabe to drop the Clinton/Abedin/Weiner email investigation matters, or else the Garner DOJ Civil Rights Division would be used as leverage against the NYPD. And Loretta Lynch had SDNY U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara as the enforcer waiting for her call.

And so it was…

“Had it become public, the unverified material would undoubtedly have been used by political opponents to cast serious doubt on the attorney general’s independence in connection with the Clinton investigation,” Comey writes, according to ABC. He calls the material a “development still unknown to the American public to this day.” (ABC Link)

The emails Anthony Weiner’s lawyer brought to Preet Bharara was Weiner’s leverage to escape prosecution. Likely those emails were exactly as Eric Prince sources outlined. However, the SDNY responding to upper level leadership buried those emails.

In DC the FBI (Comey and McCabe) created the appearance of a re-opening of the Clinton investigation to keep control and ensure the investigative outcomes remained out of the hands of the Eastern District (EDNY) and New York FBI field office. They had no choice.

However, once the FBI opened the investigation October 28th, they did exactly the same thing they had done from September 28th to October 28th… they did nothing.

A few days later they declared the second investigation closed, and that was that.

They never expected her to lose.

Peter Strzok, the FBI’s lead Investigator in the Clinton email investigation, never intended to investigate the laptop before the election. The evidence, in his own words, is in the report by the Inspector General. In addition, the IG report includes a jaw dropping contradiction regarding the investigation of the laptop. Strzok says one thing; the FBI’s computer experts say another. It calls into question the entirety of the laptop investigation.

Reading Chapter 11 of the IG Report reinforces an acceptance that not only is there a need for a special counsel, but there is a brutally obvious need for multiple special counsels; each given a specific carve-out investigation that comes directly from the content of the Inspector General report. This issue of the handling of the Weiner/Abedin laptop screams for a special counsel investigation on that facet alone. Why?

Well, consider this from page #388 (emphasis mine):

Midyear agents obtained a copy of the Weiner laptop from NYO immediately after the search warrant was signed on October 30.

The laptop was taken directly to Quantico where the FBI’s Operational Technology Division (OTD) began processing the laptop. The Lead Analyst told us that given the volume of emails on the laptop and the difficulty with de-duplicating the emails that “at least for the first few days, the scale of what we’re doing seem[ed] really, really big.”

Strzok told us that OTD was able “to do some amazing things” to “rapidly de-duplicate” the emails on the laptop, which significantly lowered the number of emails that the Midyear team would have to individually review. Strzok stated that only after that technological breakthrough did he begin to think it was “possible we might wrap up before the election.” (pg 388)

The key takeaway here is two-fold. First, the laptop is in the custody of the FBI; that’s important moving forward (I’ll explain later). Also, specifically important, FBI Agent Peter Strzok, the lead investigative authority in the Hillary Clinton MYE (Mid-Year-Exam), is explaining to the IG how they were able to process an exhaustive volume of emails (350,000) and Blackberry communications (344,000) in a few days; [Oct 30 to Nov 5]

Note: “OTD was able “to do some amazing things to rapidly de-duplicate” the emails on the laptop.

OK, you got that?

Now lets look at the very next page, #389 (again, emphasis mine):

[…] The FBI determined that Abedin forwarded two of the confirmed classified emails to Weiner. The FBI reviewed 6,827 emails that were either to or from Clinton and assessed 3,077 of those emails to be “potentially work-related.”

The FBI analysis of the review noted that “[b]ecause metadata was largely absent, the emails could not be completely, automatically de-duplicated or evaluated against prior emails recovered during the investigation” and therefore the FBI could not determine how many of the potentially work-related emails were duplicative of emails previously obtained in the Midyear investigation. (pg 389)

See the problem? See the contradiction?

Strzok is saying due to some amazing wizardry the FBI forensics team was able to de-duplicate the emails. However, FBI forensics is saying they were NOT able to de-duplicate the emails.

Both of these statements cannot be true. And therein lies the underlying evidence to support a belief the laptop content was never actually reviewed. But it gets worse, much worse….

To show how it’s FBI Agent Peter Strzok that is lying; go back to chapter #9 and re-read what the New York case agent was saying about the content of the laptop.

The New York FBI analysis supports the FBI forensic statement in that no de-duplication was possible because the metadata was not consistent. The New York FBI Weiner case agent ran into this metadata issue when using extraction software on the laptop.

CHAPTER 9: The case agent assigned to the Weiner investigation was certified as a Digital Extraction Technician and, as such, had the training and skills to extract digital evidence from electronic devices.

The case agent told the OIG that he began processing Weiner’s devices upon receipt on September 26. The case agent stated that he noticed “within hours” that there were “over 300,000 emails on the laptop.”

The case agent told us that on either the evening of September 26 or the morning of September 27, he noticed the software program on his workstation was having trouble processing the data on the laptop. (pg 274)

The New York Case Agent then describes how inconsistent metadata within the computer files for the emails and Blackberry communications, made it impossible for successful extraction. The FBI NY case agent and the Quantico FBI forensics agent agree on the metadata issue and the inability to use their software programs for extraction and layered comparison for the purposes of de-duplication.

Both NY and Quantico contradict the statement to the IG by FBI Agent Peter Strzok. However, that contradiction, while presented in a factual assertion by the IG, is entirely overlooked and never reconciled within the inspector general report. That irreconcilable statement also sheds more sunlight on the motives of Strzok.

Next up, there were only three FBI people undertaking the October Clinton email review. To learn who they are we jump back to Chapter #11, page #389.

The Midyear team flagged all potentially work-related emails encountered during the review process and compared those to emails that they had previously reviewed in other datasets. Any work-related emails that were unique, meaning that they did not appear in any other dataset, were individually reviewed by the Lead Analyst, [Peter] Strzok, and FBI Attorney 1 [Tashina Gauhar] for evidentiary value. (pg 389)

Pete Strzok, Tash Gauhar and the formerly unknown lead analyst we now know to be Sally Moyer. That’s it. Three people.

This is the crew that created the “wizardry” that FBI Director James Comey says allowed him to tell congress with confidence that 1,355,980 electronic files (pg 389), containing 350,000 emails and 344,000 Blackberry communications were reviewed between October 30th and the morning of November 6th, 2016.

Three people.

Pete, Tash, and Sally the lead analyst. Uh huh.


The Inspector General just presents the facts; that’s obviously what he did. Then it’s up to FBI and DOJ leadership to accept the facts, interpret them, and apply their meaning.

No bias?

But FBI is committed to bias training?


There is an actual hero in all of this though. It’s that unnamed FBI Case Agent in New York who wouldn’t drop the laptop issue and forced the FBI in DC to take action on the laptop. Even the IG points this out (chapter #9, page 331):

We found that what changed between September 29 and October 27 that finally prompted the FBI to take action was not new information about what was on the Weiner laptop but rather the inquiries from the SDNY prosecutors and then from the Department. The only thing of significance that had changed was the calendar and the fact that people outside of the FBI were inquiring about the status of the Weiner laptop. (pg 331)

Those SDNY prosecutors only called Main Justice in DC because the New York case agent went in to see them and said he wasn’t going to be the scape goat for a buried investigation (chapter #9, pg 303) “The case agent told us that he scheduled a meeting on October 19 with the two SDNY AUSAs assigned to the Weiner investigation because he felt like he had nowhere else to turn.” … “The AUSAs both told us that the case agent appeared to be very stressed and worried that somehow he would be blamed in the end if no action was taken.”

On October 20, 2016, the AUSAs met with their supervisors at SDNY and informed them of their conversation with the Weiner case agent. The AUSAs stated that they told their supervisors the substantive information reported by the case agent, the case agent’s concerns that no one at the FBI had expressed interest in this information, and their concern that the case agent was stressed out and might act out in some way. (pg 304)

Why would the New York Case Agent be worried?

Consider Page 274, footnote #165:

fn 165: No electronic record exists of the case agent’s initial review of the Weiner laptop. The case agent told us that at some point in mid-October 2016 the NYO ASAC instructed the case agent to wipe his work station. The case agent explained that the ASAC was concerned about the presence of potentially classified information on the case agent’s work station, which was not authorized to process classified information.

The case agent told us that he followed the ASAC’s instructions, but that this request concerned him because the audit trail of his initial processing of the laptop would no longer be available. The case agent clarified that none of the evidence on the Weiner laptop was impacted by this, explaining that the FBI retained the Weiner laptop and only the image that had been copied onto his work station was deleted. The ASAC recalled that the case agent “worked through the security department to address the concern” of classified information on an unclassified system. He told us that he did not recall how the issue was resolved.


⇑ These Cannot Both Be True ⇓

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  5. TradeBait says:

    Words cannot adequately express how We the People feel about how all of this has gone as well as our complete lack of faith in the government of the people. The only way that faith is rebuilt within the present age is through thorough and competent prosecutions of criminal activities. If that is done and the vehicles for delivery of the rule of law in America retooled, the healing can begin. Until then it is just one big open wound that continually has the scab picked off of it.

    Liked by 22 people

    • ” through thorough and competent prosecutions of criminal activities.”

      Those can happen sure.
      But look at how DOJ is structured. There are monopoly gatekeepers who can shut down any investigation that runs counter to the interest of the ruling party(ies). And there’s no way to revive it.

      The reform we need is to have SIX attorneys general, two from each major party and two more from those not recently aligned with either. Any one of whom can investigate and bring to a grand jury for prosecution. I’ll also add that we need FIRM deterrents …. Betray the public trust (ethics violations) and your pension goes before a jury to decide how much you forfeit. Anything >0 and you are prohibited from lobbying and you are stripped of your bar certification. That should send of message.

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      • A Fortified City says:

        Agreed, The time has now come we need to change the entire structure. Corruption has become to easy and all to common. All the money to be had in big government is attracting every unscrupulous character on the planet.
        However, as was already stated until these despicable crimes from the Clinton and Obama coalition are legally addressed including the willing participants of FBI and only God knows who all else.
        I for one will never trust any branch of government to be fair and equitable.
        And for such a radical overhaul of government that this requires will of course involve Congress. We have better chance of riding a dead horse.


    • MaineCoon says:

      Just like JFK…open wound for almost 60 years.

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  6. Jason Ross says:

    To be honest, this ship has sailed. Independents in Ohio and Minnesota don’t care about what the FBI did three years ago. They want assurances that the rioting will cease and the lockdowns are over, and they will go to polls in six and vote accordingly.

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  7. Sporty says:

    I thoroughly believe when it’s all said and done the pedofile stuff will end up bringing them all down. There is no forgiveness for that.

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  8. Justin Green says:

    Uh, and the NY police officers who saw the emails – the same ones mysteriously “committing suicide”?

    Liked by 8 people

    • Justin Green says:

      1) ““What’s in the emails is staggering and as a father, it turned my stomach,” the NYPD Chief said. “There is not going to be any Houdini-like escape from what we found. We have copies of everything. We will ship them to Wikileaks or I will personally hold my own press conference if it comes to that.”

      Deputy Chief Steven Silks was found in an unmarked patrol car wearing civilian clothes last summer, just one month before he would turn 63 and face mandatory retirement.”

      2) “Then Det. Joseph Calabrese, a NYPD Detective prominent figure, who was also involved heavily in the Anthony Weiner Sex Crimes investigation was found dead with what is believed to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound shortly after Deputy Chief Silks.”

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    • littleanniesfannie says:

      “ NY police officers who saw the emails – the same ones mysteriously “committing suicide”?”

      Could this be a part of the cover by using BLM/AntiFa protesting against police to eliminate these NYPD officers who may have been involved? If so, would that mean the murders of other officers were just Democrat collateral damage?


  9. gary says:

    i’d say comey won’t be showing on the 30th for graham.

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  10. eugeneantenucci says:

    At this point all I can sadly say is – And what? We (at least many of us) all know this was a conspiracy from start to finish. If this were a trial, or a dialogue between intelligent people of varying views, it would be important. But at this point, in my view, it is intellectually interesting but in reality (in terms of affecting change) irrelevant information. We have read of the Tic Tok club in the media and politics. This is the Tic-Toc minutiae. The weeds. Important. Factual. Deeper content than anything else. But unfortunately it’s energy feeds and interests so very few, sadly so. It’s only of intellectual interest. Tic Toc.


    • Blessingsuntoyou says:


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    • serrafeena says:

      I have a feeling your right. There were so many times In 2016/17 when news came out that made zero logical sense at the time. The technological “wizardry” claim was one of those; Putin wanted Trump to win was another (Huh?). “17 intelligence agencies agree” was another. Trump’s joke about Clinton’s emails at a debate somehow triggering an ACTUAL FBI INVESTIGATION. All the nonsensical one-sided immunity deals. Random meeting on a tarmac about grandkids and golf. Bleach Bit to delete emails about yoga classes and wedding plans. Creating an “intent” requirement that “no reasonable prosecutor” would EVER pursue…no, not in a million years. There has never been such a stupid, obvious and prolonged parade of political bullshit in the history of the world. Even if no justice is had, the more info that comes out the better.

      Liked by 4 people

    • joebkonobi says:

      So you are saying just give up? No thanks. There is such a thing as circumstantial evidence. If the glove fits right, you better indict.

      Liked by 1 person

    • willthesuevi says:

      So you are going to hoist the white flag?

      Most of us are sharpening our sabre’s and getting ready to hoist the Jolly Roger. Lot’s of throats out there need slittin’.

      (figuratively speaking, of course. uh huh.)


  11. Justin Green says:

    Wanna bet Durham’s team has seen the missing email content?

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  12. lambgraham says:

    So Barr-zini’s DOJ does nothing because it involves “political figures. ”
    Meanwhile the Soros controlled Southern District of NY indicts Steve Bannon to prevent him from rejoining the Trump Campaign.
    The Assistant US Attorney in Omaha goes after a man who kills someone in self defense which tragically causes him to commit suicide.
    Barr-zini’s DOJ does nothing as Soros DA’s (27) across the nation fail to prosecute criminals thus violating victims Civil Rights.
    Soros has corrupted the State Department and the Civil Rights Division of the DOJ from top to bottom.

    Liked by 15 people

  13. gary says:

    it’s not old news that amanda kramer told the whistleblower to shut his pie hole. thats big news.

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  14. Tango268 says:

    Every investigator has heard it said, “Big cases, big problems. Little cases, little problems. No cases, no problem!” This is the mindset in federal law enforcement, and it has to change (or else).


    • lambgraham says:

      The would be subjects in this investigation were careless. They left a paper trail that anyone could follow. In fact many books have been written on the subject and the authors only viewed a fraction of the evidence.
      Barr-zini put restrictions on rules of evidence , eliminated the main culprits as subjects (Obama and Biden), refused criminal referrals, and did limited interviews.(Mueller did 500).
      If Tom Fitton, Sydney Powell, Solomon, Grenell, Sundance , DiGenova. and Bongino were running this investigation the conspirators would be looking at a trial right about now.

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      • Yeah but if they used “tainted” evidence then there can be no conviction (ala Weissman with Enron and the Libor fixing case). Hold your powder and concentrate on November 3rd. Eyes on the prize. Volunteer and work.

        Be filled with Cold Anger

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        • lambgraham says:

          What “tainted evidence “?
          When you do interviews the subject will either divulge clues, commit perjury, or plead the 5th or some combination.
          Making false statements on FISA is cut and dry.
          Refusing criminal referrals because they came from the “political silo” is irresponsible and damaging to our Republic.
          Allowing Weissman to call on the DOJ to not cooperate with the Durham investigation displays weakness.


  15. FTA:

    “…Key point here: Weiner’s attorneys turned over “emails”.

    ♦If the U.S. Attorney in New York has the emails on September 28th, 2016, why would they need a search warrant on October 21st, 2016? (Comey’s call explanation)

    ♦Why would Weiner’s attorney be handing over evidence?…”

    I remember saying this in real time when it was first said that Weiner’s lawyer handed over those emails: “WHY? Why is Weiner’s attorney handing over emails THEY (allegedly) ALREADY HAVE? This doesn’t make sense.” They ALREADY HAD Weiner’s laptop. AW’s atty didn’t HAVE anything else to hand over. OR DID HE?

    Was Weiner trying to blackmail his way out of being prosecuted for sexting with a minor?

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    • todayistheday99 says:

      Probably the same reason that Cheryl Mills given an immunity deal. Doesn’t immunity require testimony or some sort of cooperation?


      • todayistheday99 says:

        The message is that if you are a RAT with connections you are above the law. If I was a psychopath which party would I donate money to? The other issue is when there is no criminal accountability for RATS the low information news believers will continue to believe the lies they are being feed. There is no “pin to pop” the MSM inflated reality distortion bubble. Notice how the MSM get really panicked about certain things like when Trump mentioned crowdstrike in the Ukraine call. They must protect the MSM’s bubble of illusion.

        It causes a normally sane person to be completely convinced that Trump is evil and the RATS are trying to save the world. It becomes difficult or impossible to convince them otherwise. For instance in the Flynn case, they just say “If I’m not mistaken didn’t Flynn plead guilty, twice?”

        The best argument that I can come up with to red pill is to point out:

        1. There are two conflicting and polar opposite sides, and one of those is the truth and one of those must be a fake. Hopefully we can at least agree on that. Two opposite sides, one true and one false.

        2. Wouldn’t it be more likely that the side that agrees with all the major News outlets was persuaded into believing a lie?


      • “Doesn’t immunity require testimony or some sort of cooperation?”

        Apparently not, since it doesn’t appear that Mills gave up ANYTHING against Hillary. If anything, she was granted immunity to STYMIE any future attempts to leverage her own crimes against her as a means to FORCE her to give up Hillary. AND, her presence while Hillary was deposed acted to prevent Cheryl from ACCIDENTALLY contradicting Hillary OR frombeing told “HERE’S what Hillary said about YOU…”

        Damnedest thing I ever saw. Every investigative/interrogative tool imaginable was thrown away in one fell. swoop. It’s almost as if the FBI WANTED to make certain Hillary was never prosecuted over the emails or server…

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    • Maquis says:

      Yes. That’s what his insurance policy was.

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    • Peter Gleason says:

      My thoughts exactly. I figure that Weiner knew the Clinton Machine must see him (clearly) as a liability, and him having stashed some emails is probably the only reason he is still alive.


  16. nittanylion1 says:

    The indictments will be forthcoming any day now. Stop getting your hopes up. It’s great to get info but there will never be any justice. I repeat there will never be an indictments.
    Never ever never.


  17. MsDollie says:

    Where are those thousands/hundreds of thousands/reported 600,000 e-mails today?

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    • Justin Green says:

      Probably several places.
      Probably at least one copy at the NYPD headquarters in a vault.
      NSA should have them all as well. Ask Mike Rogers.
      And hopefully someone on the “Durham” team has a set marked Evidence Exhibit 49295.

      The emails matter, because Mueller and his team, as well as the SSCI, continue to this day to claim Muh Rushans hacked the DNC, when we all highly suspect that’s not true.

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      • Justin Green says:

        Sorry – confusing Hillary’s emails with the DNC emails – scratch that last para.


      • regitiger says:

        not highly suspect!

        the forensic exam provided (crowdstrike) has been demonstrably eviserated as a known fraud.

        attribution…at this time… remains unknown.

        the more likely and probable assessment which is derived by actual supremely competent cyber research PROFESSIONALS is this was a local download by one or more people..and then transmitted to wikileaks in a fashion that is consistent with recommended.

        I’m putting this here and repeating it for careful consideration:
        . Sidney Powell.. please consider representing Julian ASSANGE.

        our team is capable of providing you with every briefing material. travel arrangements and a generous retainer will be PROVIDED.

        we need you in that fight also.

        God bless America

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    • barnabusduke says:

      You might be surprised who still has those emails! I retired from simple Sysadmin / IT work. Still find things I forgot I had from many years of data backup! That attorney ain’t stupid! 😉


    • tpwbama says:

      They have been done away with….like lost 302’s ….wiped phones…..why would they keep them around?

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  18. Elric VIII says:

    Could it be that the FBI and DOJ finally, and quietly, reviewed the laptop? Could that be the reason for Jeffrey Epstein’s arrest, and now Ghislaine Maxwell’s? And the recent Federal effort to break up child trafficking rings? Hmmm. Curiouser and curiouser.

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  19. John Good says:

    I just watched this interview Mark Levin did with President Donald J. Trump & Trump knows a lot more about EVERYTHING that’s being done to him, than I thought AND it makes me feel a lot better inside that he WILL be re-elected & get “justice” for all of us, who want it!

    I really liked the part where he says that “Germany was buying the SAME pill that was manufactured in the USA for 30 cents & the USA was paying $3 dollars for the SAME pill”! So he put into law something called the “Favored Nation Status” so Americans could BUY the pill for 30 cents!

    And Florida residents wanted to buy pills from Canada, BUT they were not allowed to, so Trump changed the law so that they could!

    At about the 30 min. mark, Trump brags about how much more powerful he has made the Military, than it was under Obama! JUST MY OPINION, but MAYBE Trump will make China pay-up for releasing the China Virus on the World, by “Blitzkrieging” China like Hitler did to Poland during WW2. IMO, the only way China is going to pay-up is if they are forced to in a Nuremberg style War Crimes trial.


    • OffCourseNation says:

      That’s so he doesn’t have to use it. He is a Peace President like Ronald Reagan. He’s not going to turn into John Bolton or John McCain.

      Liked by 9 people

    • OffCourseNation says:

      Trump is not going to do to anyone what Hitler (and Stalin) did to Poland.

      Liked by 4 people

    • willthesuevi says:

      Trump is going to help the CCP self destruct under their own weight. Exactly what Reagan did to the Soviets. They are drastically over extended.

      Chinese Communists are just like all communists, around the world. They do not understand that without free, unfettered commerce all the money dries up.


  20. adam says:

    He wanted “timely indictments.”

    How’d that work out?

    Four years and … crickets.

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  21. Peoria Jones says:

    I don’t think you understand the “/s” usage – unless you meant to be snarky. This is a good piece. Showing some grace toward your host would be appropriate.

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  22. OffCourseNation says:

    How did Albert Einstein put it?

    I think I remember now.

    Only two things are infinite, the universe and how many crimes the FBI has committed, and I’m not sure about the former.

    And that’s just from what Sundance has identified.

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  23. Where is the physical laptop hard drive right now?
    Where is the copies on the lawyer’s system.
    If emailed as a package, where is the email server and archives of the person he sent it to, and his own.
    The Agent reports he was told to delete them from his system. Did he?
    Undelete is a thing.

    I could go on for the digital tracks to follow to find those emails without violating the NSA.

    Askin’ for a Durham…..

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  24. SanJac says:

    With some in the NYPD having copied and or eyes on the contents of wieners laptop be the reason the NYPD had a rash of “Suicides” of cops and detectives ?

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  25. Rex says:

    In baseball analogy, this would be:
    * a spitballl pitcher facing
    * a batter with a corked bat with
    * an umpire on the take
    * along with both managers owned by bookies
    * and everybody on steroids, meth, coke, etc…

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  26. Rock Knutne says:

    Sundance ~~
    Your investigative skills need to be validated someday by President Trump with some type of honesty and integrity in journalism Medal of Honor.

    We also need some Conservative playwright to commission a screenplay laying this out for the American electorate writ large.

    (Yea, yea…I know eeyores, try and find someone to actually get it on film and market it)

    D’inesh D’Souza maybe?


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  27. Linus in W.PA. says:

    Perhaps this can all be exposed after November 3, 2020…

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  28. 2lab2cat says:

    I wonder if the murder of Seth Rich (10 July 2016) was in an email thread on the laptop and I wonder who else might have been on that thread. Seems like that would be a pretty big “…insurance policy…” to me.

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  29. George 1 says:

    Ziegler von strahn. Mueller’s team was very busy during the time he was SC. What with tracking down all of the copies, threatening anyone who knew about them and destroying all the evidence. They worked their poor crooked asses off.


    • ziegler von strahn says:

      yeah, but I want to hear them admit it. Ever since Lois Lerner, any thing I have ever heard from the government concerning digital forensics is pretty much a lie.

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  30. Does Aldenberg or Durham care about SD’s posting?

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  31. lolanonni says:

    Can this case be reopened once again? AG Barr, we are waiting… Maybe our campaign chants in 2016 of “Lock Her Up!” will finally become a reality.

    The 2 paragraphs below are damning enough! If nothing still comes out of this exposé, there has got to be something being held over their heads. This would confirm that the AG’s office, DOJ, FBI people are STILL compromised.

    Let us hope that the US Virgin Islands AG reads this, Sundance. Perhaps, they will do a better job at finally nailing the Clinton Cabal. AG Denise George may be able to accomplish what our DOJ has not done in the last 4 years. Maybe we can lend them Gitmo if they run out of room in their jails.

    “They found State Department emails. They found a lot of other really damning criminal information, including money laundering, including the fact that Hillary went to this sex island with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Bill Clinton went there more than 20 times. Hillary Clinton went there at least six times,” he said.

    “The amount of garbage that they found in these emails, of criminal activity by Hillary, by her immediate circle, and even by other Democratic members of Congress was so disgusting they gave it to the FBI, and they said, ‘We’re going to go public with this if you don’t reopen the investigation and you don’t do the right thing with timely indictments,’” Prince explained.

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  32. ShainS says:

    Robertson wrote. “Further, I was told by [Kramer] that should I ‘whistleblow,’ I will be prosecuted.”


    “A Banana Republic … if you can keep it.”

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  33. thickrick says:

    So in the Sally Yates calendar drop today it shows her having a private appointment on January 5th with George Tosca at 9 pm. Wonder what they talked about on the evening after the infamous Oval meeting earlier in the day?

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  34. RedBallExpress says:

    Watching the FBI operate is similar to this famous horse parable:

    You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink – but you can lead it round and round.

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  35. RetiredCryptoSailor says:

    Either FBI Agent John Robertson made s copy of emails or the NYPD did and turned them over to Trump Administration after the election.

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  36. CopperTop says:

    This essay had everything and the kitchen sink except where Rudy mentions there is some information about to come out prior to the election(which he obviously got from NY loyalists…SA Robertson perhaps).

    I wonder if Rudy was the one who advised him ‘get a lawyer’ before you do anything – it’s the Clintons.

    A good law man would respect the whistle blower and tell them this. I figure Rudy thought once any 1/1000th piece of info uncovered in this corupt story would eventually rule the day.

    Just one more underestimation of the swamps ability to ooze.

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  37. DesertRain says:

    Hey Sundance….. the technical forensic aspect of this investigation is indeed interesting.
    From what I read in the public documentation there is not enough detailed technical info provided to assess consistency between the two statements.


    • ziegler von strahn says:

      link to what you are referring to?

      Because nothing technical was done that I am aware of.

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      • DesertRain says:

        OTD was able “to do some amazing things to rapidly de-duplicate” the emails on the laptop.”

        My understanding is that the FBI tech guys were able to process duplicates contained within the email dataset on the laptop. 300,000 reduced to 6827 emails.

        So now you have a dataset of 6827 emails which need to be assessed for content. All came from the laptop.

        What I think the FBI tech guys are saying is that they could not electronically compare the 6827 laptop email dataset to the email datasets previously retrieved from other sources (HRC drives, State Department, mail hosting vendor, etc).


        • ziegler von strahn says:

          A comparative search of 300,000 emails is going to take time from a workstation, that would probably take a week or more if it didnt crash outright, or uploading them to a FBI secure server that contains the Hillary known email data set. Then that being on a server with enough firepower to do that search effectively that isnt already tasked with something else. IT resources are limited.
          I dont believe any of their numbers and dealing with IT, I highly doubt they could get that executed in 72 hours. Then to review the uniques for Classified markers. searching emails for classification where they know that the classification markers have been removed can only be done by human eyes. They would have to actually read every email and then source it as being classified or not and if so, then why do they not already have a record of it.

          So yeah, as someone with 20 years in IT and does cloud IT support, and having dealt directly with government systems. I recall Comey saying they had finished the review and knew immediately it was BS.

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        • 28angelica28 says:

          Desert, you’ve been in the heat too long. Find shelter. Heatstroke is dangerous!


  38. bessie2003 says:

    Thank you so much for this! Without these outlines and bringing the pieces together in an understandable framework we would all be so very lost!

    It is my hope that somehow the Mayor, Giuliani, or Eric Prince, Betsy DeVos’ brother, have seen to it that a VSG is aware of the hidden information and that this VSG has let AG Barr knows he (VSG) knows, and be extension we know there is much more work to be done to clean up the DC swamp mess.

    Is there any hope that Grand Juries and/or Special Counsel investigations can be based somewhere outside of DC, perhaps somewhere in middle America so that the limited jury pool of die-hard Democrats can be bypassed this time?


  39. Bogeyfree says:

    So how many first hand critical witnesses, whistleblowers and Special Agents have seemingly been ignored by Barr and the boys?

    Let’s count……

    1) Dennis Montgomery – Registered Whistleblower – Hammer Program – First hand user/witness where thousands of Americans, including judges were spied upon and data was extracted.

    2) SSA Dugan – FBI Agent Who surveilled and investigated how the CP FISA was leaked that may have involved people in Congress

    3) Julian Assange – First hand witness on how Wikileaks got the DNC emails – would 100% prove if SC claim of DNC hacked by Russians was a lie.

    4) SSA Robertson – FBI Agent who knew the true extent of the Wiener Laptop emails and it sounds like he could have much to say

    5) 2 Registered whistleblowers – Uranium One – I guess selling/giving 20% of the US Uranium is a Nothing burger to the DOJ.

    And then because it is my pet peeve……..

    How do you have HARD Evidence via Adm. Rodgers audit showing clearly that 85% of the searches done by the NSA contractors using the FBI computers for access were ILLEGAL and then a FISA Judge writes a 99 page report supporting this and implying that this illegal spying may have been going on since 2012 and NOBODY within the DOJ orders a complete audit Investigation to fully understand the extent of the illegal spying to include how long it has been going on, who authorized it and who was spied on?

    IMO Barr owes EVERY American a full explanation because if he and Durham indeed have not deposed these first hand people above, IMO he has failed this country.

    Liked by 5 people

    • Nagothm says:

      Every investigation that has been ran from the DOJ/FBI for 12 years now just gives us more people that need to be investigated. (The investigators themselves). At some point you have to admit the entire structure is rotten and needs to be ripped out and replaced. Unleash the US Marshals on both and see what they turn up.

      Liked by 3 people

    • regitiger says:

      earlier I wrote opinion that sidney powell or someone with her passion for watching the watchers would be an excellent candidate for DOJ/FBI INSPECTOR GENERAL.

      of course the position would need to be radically modified with full investigative AND prosecutorial POWER.

      your excellent submission (again! bravo!), renews my interest in seeing powell serve in such a capacity.

      with the condition as I’ve submitted she first handle the FLYNN case and his obvious future civil suits. AND representing ASSANGE. Then she has full rights to clean up FBI. and or DOJ..both!
      . sidenote: i am interested in knowing a bit more about Sidney’s team. the staff that makes things solid.

      God Bless AMERICA

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      • willthesuevi says:

        I have always wanted Ted Cruz as a Supreme Court Justice. He does not want the job.

        After thinking on this a while, it hit me. Who better to clean out the FBI than Ted Cruz. In fact, I think he is tailor made for the job.

        I love and respect Sidney Powell, but I think she is far more valuable and flexible working outside the constraints of the DOJ.

        My opinion.


    • 28angelica28 says:

      Remember, Sundance told us that Aldenberg was genuinely surprised with some of the information because of the compartmentalization in DC. Think about the “purpose” of Homeland Security–wasn’t it so that things wouldn’t be held by agencies rather shared in order to prevent another 9/11? Looks as though the “intelligence” agencies should have the same properties applied. Think back though–Mueller squashed that as the Director!


  40. Mike Lee DelMarcelle says:

    The question I have is, how did Wiener know who (which girls) it was safe to be on the computer with? He was convicted of this before and is not dumb by all accounts. I don’t believe he would be foolish enough to look randomly on the internet for girls.

    Was Epstein the one providing him names? Was the reason Wiener got caught because they were looking at Jeffery and Wiener’s texting showed up with it? It says in the article that the attorney (for Wiener) provided SDNY with the emails as leverage to get him off the hook. We know what the evidence was that got him on “the hook”. Where did it come from and how did they discover it?


    • Zydeco says:

      There is a school of thought that the IC plants stuff, like child porno, on peoples computers to blackmail them and that’s how Congress is controlled. Very plausible.

      Liked by 2 people

    • ziegler von strahn says:

      You ever troll the bars? Ever see that one girl with too much make-up to try to make herself look old enough to be there? And there was always a creep around willing to ply them with drinks and go from there.

      Ok, so take that and put it onto Tiktok or instagram. Girls putting themselves out there on the net like that and there are plenty of weiners prowling the net looking for them. I used to deal with this on the internet 20 years ago. It’s no different than real life, the predators know where to go hunt for prey.

      I’d like to know if there was a TOR client on his system. I bet there was. (TOR=Darknet, hiding place for pedos)

      That’s not to say that Anthony probably made a trip or three to epstein. It’s why he was pulled into the Clinton clan and paired with Huma.


      • MustangBlues says:

        ”It’s no different than real life, the predators know where to go hunt for prey.”

        ‘And the prey know how to bait the gullible rich predators, for maximum profit pleasure.
        Not naive, kemo sabe?


    • margarite1 says:

      I’ve always wondered how those emails got on Wiener’s computer in the first place. Is Hillary still speaking to Huma? Did Hillary sell her emails to another country and they were transferred through Weiner’s laptop?


      • Matthew LeBlanc says:

        I’ve read back when this was originally in the news that Huma usd the laptop and communicated with Crooked on it. They were husband and wife at the time so plausible. Disgusting couple. Their mix of corrupt and pedo lifestyles converged.


        • margarite1 says:

          Huma couldn’t afford her own laptop? I’d think Wiener would have been nervous about is wife using his laptop given what was on it – the things that made the NY cops vomit.

          I wonder if we’ll ever get to the bottom of this.


          • Susan Harms says:

            you make an excellent point. My theory — AWs laptop was his and HA was not using it.
            AW got access to passwords etc and downloaded emails etc for insurance onto his laptop. HA was using her own laptop, so where is it?


          • willthesuevi says:

            If I remember correctly there was some kind of file sharing program that linked Huma and Anthony’s phones and computers together. I remember they were amazed that those emails had also transferred.

            It is why I use nothing like that for “convienence”.


          • jebg46 says:

            My understanding was that Huma needed to print out many work emails for Hillary to take home to read (no government work product allowed off-site or maybe any marked secret/classified), therefore Huma sent them to her husband’s laptop. Perhaps Huma’s Mobil wasn’t compatible with her printer.


      • Huma had synched her phone with his laptop so that it was backing up to his laptop. Mistake or insurance is anyone’s guess.


  41. B. Franklin says:

    Finally – nearly 4 years later we get the info…thanks SD – you are the only one with this level of detail out now…great summary.

    So who was the ASAC person who gave the case agent the instructions to wipe his work station? You know, with a clothe….

    So corrupt.


  42. Don’t be distracted. The issue of the WeinerTop is NOT that it contained more classified documents mishandled by Clinton and her poo-flinging monkeys — there was already enough of that out in the public domain to put all of the dirtbags UNDER Leavenworth. The problem for them is all the other stuff on the computer.

    Remember how Hillary and her gerbils had gone to to super-human lengths to destroy every trace of the 33,000 “yoga pants” messages? Well, they missed destroying Huma’s backups on the WeinerTop.

    But why was it so critical to destroy ALL traces of them? Because they contain the details of all the dirty dealing, bribes, kickbacks, money laundering, public corruption and extortion surrounding the Clinton Foundation and her State Dept. rackets.

    That information incriminates Hillary, Bubba, Chelsea, Kendall, Mills, Huma, Samuelson, all the Podestas, Lanny Davis AND DEMOKRAT MEMBERS OF CONGRESS. (Not to mention The human trafficking and kiddie porn adventures with Epstein.)

    One might think that as Huber was supposedly investigating all this stuff, this evidence would be of great interest to him.

    Apparently not.

    Liked by 1 person

  43. Galahad says:

    And the contents of those emails must be damning x 1000! His lawyer gave them and they are the only reason wiener is breathing. But, there is nothing so well hidden that it will not be revealed…

    Liked by 1 person

  44. Nagothm says:

    I still find it hard to believe that none of the NY cops in that department have came forward with what they knew publicly for the nearly 4 years after the fact. The only two reasons that I can think of is that with so many of those involved in the coup still holding positions of power for years afterwards those NY cops just got used to waiting and nothing ever happened, or that they gave evidence on this and it is being rolled into the rest of the hammer supposedly about to fall on those involved. I wish for the latter, but am pretty convinced it is the former.


  45. GTOGUY says:

    So, what is the statute of limitations on this nonsense? Where are the emails now? PT has not said a word about any of this for quite some time now. Could there be a larger October surprise coming?

    Liked by 1 person

    • WhiteBoard says:

      in every country that hacked her illegal server…. hence, the RUssia Russia cover story.

      she controlled out gov. but had to TAINT her emails coming from other govs.


  46. Sundance:
    Your work is amazing!
    I had to stop 2/3 of the way this article to go get sick. The depravity and absolute evil of these people is almost beyond my comprehension. Actually came back (with a queasy stomach) and finished reading what you wrote. I almost got sick again!
    Thank you for your good work.
    Sending a donation to you for your good work.
    Everyone hit the donation button – it does not get better than this!

    Liked by 1 person

  47. islandpalmtrees says:

    Any chance John Robertson, still has the documents?


  48. WhiteBoard says:

    Sundance tie this in – first mention of Reason for Russia Russia Russia

    nunes hillary scared of email resurfacing

    Liked by 1 person

    • islandpalmtrees says:

      The minute these documents were transmitted to the Weiner’s laptop. The NSA Database had a complete copy. Especially since this was done without encryption. That is its function.

      So in the usual degree of cooperation from the NSA we can expect to see these documents any now unless ordered by AG Barr.


      • Maquis says:

        Actually, the documentation we’ve seen here indicates that these were intermittent backups of Huma’s devices, so it could’ve been a device to device transfer via a cable, no middleman.

        Though yes, theoretically someone else has these, besides China that is.

        Liked by 1 person

        • islandpalmtrees says:

          Please don’t forget about the domain names on the emails. This is a sold indicator these emails were transmitted or received via the internet.


      • Justin Green says:

        That depends on how they got onto Weiner’s laptop. But presumably the NSA has a copy when Hillary sent and received them initially.

        Liked by 1 person

    • Susan Harms says:

      I think you are a smart guy, WHiteboard. But PLEASE use sentences — with subject (nouns, not pronouns) verbs and objects. I cant understand you.


  49. regitiger says:

    protip:. when advised by anyone to “wipe” records. do it.

    but first clone the drive, encrypt it and then install the files via physical thumb drive on a iPhone registered to a third party domiciled in a country not party to extradition. a FULL CLONE COPY… NOT JUST THE INCRIMINATING FILES. This allows a legitimate falsifiable forensic exam in the positive regarding attribution.

    second protip:. unless this fella used a highly secure wipe program. (bleach bit isn’t one)…this harddrive can still be cracked.

    so the question is…for the upteenth tine now as we play games about data retrieval:

    where is this computer? who has it?

    Liked by 3 people

    • Bubby says:

      Regitiger that’s my question also! Who has possession of the laptop and has it been compromised during possession? Who has it SDNY , Main Justice, FBI? Who? I never believed the BS “that 1,355,980 electronic files (pg 389), containing 350,000 emails and 344,000 Blackberry communications were reviewed between October 30th and the morning of November 6th, 2016.” Who did the FBI’s Operational Technology Division (OTD) return the laptop to after determining it couldn’t use the metadata search? “The FBI NY case agent and the Quantico FBI forensics agent agree on the metadata issue and the inability to use their software programs for extraction and layered comparison for the purposes of de-duplication.” So who did they return the laptop to when finished? Has anyone other than the FBI agent John Robertson looked at any of the emails/data on that laptop?


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