Fake News Caught Again – CBS Uses Photo From “Latinos for Trump” as Image for Biden Latino Outreach in Miami…

Good catch.  A sharp twitter user from Arizona noticed this fake news effort.  CBS used a picture from President Trump’s “Latino’s for Trump” event as a manipulative picture to showcase Joe Biden’s Latino outreach effort in Miami.


Those are not Biden Latino supporters in Miami; those are President Trump Latino supporters in Arizona.  Event picture below.

This is what the actual Joe Biden event (Latino outreach) in Miami actually looked like:

The scale of manipulative effort by U.S. media is off the charts.  This is beyond “fake news”; this is a full scale psychological campaign on behalf of U.S. media for their preferred candidate.

Terry McAuliffe actually admitted they were going to take this approach in June.

What McAuliffe outlines is exactly what we have been seeing in the past couple of weeks. However, the slightly remarkable part is how open the campaign is in their admission the best approach is to keep their presidential candidate away from voters.

It takes quite a large amount of confidence, in their ability to use traditional media and big tech social media, for a presidential campaign to admit their best hope for success is to keep their candidate hidden; and allow fake news and tech allies to fabricate a campaign.

Obviously, accepting McAuliffe as outlined, we can expect more telepromptered and heavily controlled videos from the team running the bunker operations. Meanwhile their national media allies will shape events against their opposition, President Trump.

The admission of McAuliffe on the digital space would highlight the intention to drive astroturf campaigning through the use of manipulated social media accounts, bots, and paid networks to give the illusion of large scale support for each of the shaped events.

As a consequence more fake social media accounts will attempt to amplify social media messaging and RolCon (roleplaying conservatives, or concern trolling). We’ve already seen the uptick in these activities on-line.

Fake polling amplified by media in combination with advance narrative engineering by mainstream media is also an obvious part of the strategy as it was in 2016. However, for the 2020 campaign those efforts will expand significantly.

The Biden/Clyburn strategy succeeds through advanced astroturf operations; and to attain maximum benefit they will need to focus on social issues, race etc.

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170 Responses to Fake News Caught Again – CBS Uses Photo From “Latinos for Trump” as Image for Biden Latino Outreach in Miami…

  1. carterzest says:

    Well CBS personalites were attempting to ‘splain it away. Didn’t work too well! LOL

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    • Zachary Navarre says:

      Except in this instance… the CBS people are correct.
      That image takes the entire segment out of context.
      While that image is up, the anchor is talking about how Trump is actually gaining Latino support…

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      • Jonesy says:

        It is deceptive journalism the the Eastern Block countries do. Notice how the image is cropped and the MAGA woman with the TRUMP hat is cut out. When I taught a middle school elective journalism class in 1988, we taught our students about perspective of narrowing or widening the lens. Even had 1st generation immigrant children bring it their parent’s home papers to discuss and compare journalism. Had to block out a lot bc of actual violent executions posted on page 1!

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        • Zachary Navarre says:

          The photo is not cropped.
          Images too large to fit in a tweet are cropped in the tweet, but if you click on them you see the full size image.

          If you would have taken 10 seconds to click on the tweet, and then click on the image, you would have realized that it was a full size image of the room and that it was full of Trump gear and signs. None of them blurred, or any of the other crazy ideas being floated around in this thread.

          You taught journalism… and yet you can’t do basic research on a subject before stating your opinions on it?

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          • Chris says:

            “Biden pitches crucial Latino voters during Florida campaign stop” while showing a packed room full of Latino’s intending to give the impression that they’re all there for Biden.

            Did CBS say this is from Trumps Florida visit ? Nope , it was purposely meant to get people to believe that Biden has Latino supporters which he doesn’t of course . Biden is drawing even less people than Clinton .

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            • Zachary Navarre says:

              No it wasn’t.

              You’re either being intentionally dense about this or you haven’t taken the few minutes it would take to watch the segment (which has been linked multiple times in this thread) and find out the truth for yourself.

              While the image is up, the anchor is literally talking about Trump gaining support among Latino voters. The image clearly showed plenty of Trump/MAGA hats and signs.

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            • ainin says:

              Chris, if you haven’t watched the video you might want to. The image is up at the time they say, “The President’s has cut into Biden’s advantage by wooing conservative Latinos…” The entire piece starts with an admission that Biden isn’t doing well with the Latino vote and goes on to discuss that.


      • skipper1961 says:

        Zachary Navarre,
        I think the real deception is implied. “CUT INTO BIDEN’S ADVANTAGE BY WOOING *CONSERVATIVE* LATINOS.”
        Advantage??? Talk about gaslighting!

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      • orlandocajun says:

        You may want to read the caption below the photo.


      • drrjp says:

        Sorry, but I’m not buying, “It was the fault of the chyron for not keeping up with the dialogue” excuse. This was absolutely an intentional, but plausibly deniable, misrepresentation to make viewers think that people are actually going to see Biden, which they’re not.


    • Zachary Navarre says:

      Watch for yourself if you don’t believe me:

      It’s about halfway through the segment.


      • tree observer says:

        except for the caption that reads “Biden pitches to crucial Latinos at Florida campaign stop”. That is the misleading part

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        • Zachary Navarre says:

          It’s not misleading. They talked about Biden going to FL to reach out to Latinos BEFORE that image, while that same banner was on the screen. And when that image is up, they are talking about how Trump is gaining support…

          The banner was up for the whole segment, it didn’t just appear when that image came up.

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          • G. Alistar says:

            Spot on comment….these are not the droids you are looking for, move along!


          • GB Bari says:

            Talk is cheap…and proven long ago to not be as effective as graphics.
            CBS tried to weasel this one past their unsuspecting viewers.

            They never LABELED the photo as being of the Trump event. They deliberately left the chyron text up while displaying the Trump event photo. I don’t care what they yammered about on the microphpones…their viewers eyes & brains associated the text with the image.
            These MSM / Deep State masters at psychological deception know this basic fact very well.
            That is precisely why the video/photo was not clarified VISUALLY with a sign or banner

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      • Ips Prez says:

        Nonetheless, the chyron reads Biden. That is intentional deception

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      • Raquel says:

        My daughter also pointed out to me that in another image they used, that it showed him with some union members with signs, and no one was wearing a mask. So that couldn’t have been current. CBS apparently isn’t concerned about having accurate or current pictures to match their banners or commentary, just having a graphic on the screen.

        TV news knows that most people aren’t too observant and catch few discrepancies, and I can understand why people don’t. Was it ABC that used a gun range photo to represent the battle in Syria last year or so ago? But I believe people, in the age of hi-def are getting more and more aware and catching things that the news used to be able slide by. Their intention in presenting “news” is for deception and propaganda purposes and we know that.

        It is good to keep holding their feet to the fire but I hope we don’t get too bogged down with things like this. Please, let’s all of us keep focused on the really important issues.

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      • drrjp says:

        Zack, it’s not about believing you – but believing what CBS was saying and concurrently showing.

        I watched the entire segment with Nora O’Donnell, who spent over three years pushing one conspiracy theory after another about Trump. The clip began with what should have been a celebration of the new peace accords in the Middle East, Nora devoted about three seconds to repeat what Trump had said about his peace deals before abruptly shifting to this stupid remark:

        “Before the ink was dry, there were already signs that Israel still had enemies in the region and they aren’t celebrating”

        Really, Nora? Gee…never would have known that if you hadn’t pointed it out.

        Then, she turns it over to her WH correspondent, Paula Reid, who misrepresented how the President felt about the changing landscape by dismissively saying that “Trump hopes this will appeal to evangelical and Jewish voters.” No, Paula. Trump didn’t do this for votes like your scumbag Democrats might do – that is, if they didn’t hate Jews and Israel so much. He did it to bring stability to a very unstable region which has been his foreign policy focus for the entire world starting from his first day as President. Quite different from Obama whose first contact with a foreign leader after his inauguration was Mahmoud Abbas, the leader of the Palestinian Authority. Obama hated Netanyahu with a passion – in case you were wondering why the Prime Minister of our closest ally had to go through the Servants Entrance to visit Obama.

        Reid wasn’t done trashing Trump and his peace accords saying that Israel and the Arab nations were not at war and that “this was more of a business deal than a peace accord.” If it was Obama instead of Trump, they would have devoted half of their show reporting on how wonderful it was. They then brought in Robert Malley who became a foreign policy advisor to then Presidential candidate, Obama, in 2007. If you wanted a “Who’s Who” of Israel haters, you couldn’t find a better list than those who served on Obama’s WH Transition Team.

        In 2008, Malley joined Obama’s National Security Council and didn’t waste time becoming an enemy of Israel. He blamed Israel for the failed Camp David peace negotiations with Yasser Arafat in 2000 when it was clearly the fault of Arafat. He consistently condemned Israel, exonerated Palestinians, urged U.S. disengagement from Israel, and recommended that America reach out to negotiate with its traditional Arab enemies.

        If Arafat was alive, CBS would have put him on instead. They showed videos of the protests in Gaza which, if it was ANTIFA, Reid would’ve called them, “Mostly peaceful protests.” You would never know that the Palestinian leadership rejected every peace agreement offered to them to have their own state if you only got your news from CBS.

        Then they ran a totally botched story about Michael Caputo, the Health and Human Services spokesman who they mislabeled as “Trump’s Top Coronavirus Aide at the CDC.” Then Reid says that he was “being relieved of his position” because he was “accused of altering reports to fit the President’s narrative.” Wow! That had nothing to do with anything! Even a clock is right twice a day but I doubt that these clowns could get one story right when it has to do with Trump..

        Caputo said that scientists at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention were harboring a “resistance unit” to undermine Trump, and warned of an armed uprising if the President lost the election. Does that sound like he was altering reports? Nope. We already know about the armed uprising since the Democrats and their Media buddies have been talking about it all last week and how violence would increase if Joe Biden doesn’t win in a landslide. Don’t know what CBS calls it but normal people call it extortion. As for the first part about a “resistance unit” undermining the President, I’ve heard this story before about a bunch of Deep State bureaucrats in the CDC (SHOCKER!) who’ve been feeding misinformation to Trump to sow division between himself and the “dynamic duo” of Fauci and Birx – sounds about right to me.

        OK, now we get to the segment in question. Nora begins talking about Biden traveling to Florida to shore up his support with Latino voters, noting that Hillary did better with them in 2016 than Biden is doing now and, quote, “She only lost Florida by one point.” The difference was actually 1.2% – which sounds very small – until you realize that this represents a difference of 113,040 votes. This segment was all about Biden with Trump’s Latino support being more of a footnote than a feature.

        They began by playing the clip of Biden repeating the vicious lie that appeared in the Atlantic about what Trump said on his visit to the military cemetery. As expected, there was zero correction from the CBS reporters. Then they changed the chyron to the one shown in the photo, BUT, unlike every other chyron that preceded it – which were changed to match what was shown on the screen – they didn’t change this one and just left it up for the duration of the video which focused on Biden’s campaign stop in Florida.

        Which is what you’d expect from an organization who operates like a propaganda arm of the Democrat Party and a cheerleader for the Biden campaign.


    • NavyVet says:

      Typical wag the dog technique. Oh, and what is a CBS?


  2. TwoLaine says:

    You can tell from the signs and the guy in front with 4 fingers up for 4 more years.

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    • skipper1961 says:

      I think the Make America Great Signs in the background are giveaways, as well. Totally understand their assumption, though. They must convince themselves they were in Arizona, because “Like they’re just isn’t any Latinos in Mijami, Heffe, correcto?” HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! hidin’s event in Miami would barely qualify as a Church Service (“Wherever two shall meet…”).
      I think the guy is actually going to come unraveled (Mummy-style) BEFORE even the first debate! Hmmm. I wonder what the over/under is on such things?

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  3. GTOGUY says:

    The “i love Trump” had that the one lady was wearing was a dead giveaway.

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  4. Magabear says:

    Wonder if those Latino Trump voters have legal ground to sue CBS for using their images fraudulently? Never hurts to try. 😁

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    • Zachary Navarre says:

      Their images weren’t used fraudulently.
      The anchor, while that image is up, is talking about how Trump is gaining support in the Latino community.
      The banner along the bottom, was up for the entire segment during which the anchors are talking about Biden being in FL to reach out to the Latino community.

      Beware confirmation bias.


      • resolute says:

        Looking at the link you posted earlier I see three different video grabs that clearly show Trump supporters. Listening to the news clip I come away with the impression that cbs news is reluctantly acknowledging Trump has more support in the Latino communities now than Clinton did four years ago, and Trump won the state against Clinton, albeit by a small margin.

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      • WSB says:

        So, the network had a choice to show Biden in a vacant room to make the message clear or mix up the message to show gleeful people while saying Trump was gaining.

        There are many ways to tell a story. They have chosen to downplay the bad, IMHO.

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      • wlbeattie says:

        Zachary – you’re becoming quite boring!
        You said what you needed to!
        We can either accept it or not!


      • clive hoskin says:

        Keep tryin.This BS just aren’t goin to fly,old sun

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      • GB Bari says:

        I think you are convincing yourself of CBS’ innocence.
        You greatly underestimate their deception.


        • Zachary Navarre says:

          I never once said that CBS was innocent as a news outlet, in fact in my original comment regarding this (one page back) I explicitly stated that the MSM lies all the time.
          I said that in this once instance they did nothing wrong, and I stand by that.


      • drrjp says:

        And for how long during that video segment on the election did they talk about Trump versus how long they talked about Biden? Five seconds to five minutes?


  5. sunnydaze says:

    Had to laugh at the reply, because…..yeah, I’m pretty sure I could get at least 3 cars to come out for me tonite at short notice. hahaha I’m thinking many people *could*. Jill was in N.H. today, campaigning for hub. 3 car parade:

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  6. Duke says:

    The media is scrambling to emphasize that latinos are actually voting for Trump and not Biden and some of you are defending the media saying it “wasn’t that bad”.

    *slaps forehead*

    How about you not interrupt your enemies while they make huge mistakes

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  7. Rakesh Patel says:

    C’monman! If they were truly attributing these folks to Trump, they would have referred to them as far-right white supremacists just like they normally refer to his supporters.

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  8. YvonneMarie says:


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  9. Pokey says:

    Everybody just be positive and friendly and tell everyone you talk to that we can’t wait for November to get here so we can vote for Trump and put an end to all of this nonsense we have all been dealing with this year. No need to act like we are put upon by these Democraps when we will give Trump the greatest landslide since the Reagan beat down of Walter Mondale.

    Yes, CBS is routinely biased, so what is new? Stay above these distractions because undecided voters are looking to see who has the most confidence that their candidates will win. We do! Lets show it. Anybody else take political science as a Freshman?

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  10. Rotor says:

    Sorry, Don’t see it.


  11. Brett Hale says:

    Filthy, putrid liars…democrats


  12. Brett Hale says:

    Filthy, putrid liars…democrats


  13. Dan Dan says:

    CBS Ed O’Keefe admits…

    “The graphic didn’t line up with the image at that moment…”

    Yet During the segment they changed the graphic to Identify a ‘Biden AD’ and a ‘Guest’

    The Problem with the segment is that the Graphics are misleading in that they promote only ‘BIDEN 2020’ even though the segment is equally about ‘Trump 2020’…

    Graphics/Headlines are often more/equally important than the Body of Reporting because its what most people Read/Hear/Remember…

    FYI – The Segment was negative towards President Trump and Conservative Latino’s…

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    • drrjp says:

      It was definitely negative towards President Trump and Conservative Latino’s. but if you think the segment was equally about ‘Trump 2020′ as it was about ‘Biden 2020,” then I suggest you look at how much time out of that two-minute segment was actually spent on
      Trump as compared to Biden. I counted no more than 15 seconds spent on Trump with the remainder spent on Biden. They talked about what policies Biden is emphasizing but all they said about Trump is that his warnings about Socialism are “a play for Cubans and Venezuelans who lived under repressive regimes.”

      Did CBS miss his State of the Union address and his campaign rallies where he said that “America will never be a Socialist nation?”

      Don’t also forget that CBS ran Biden campaign ads in between segments while not running any from the Trump campaign.

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  14. itsy_bitsy says:

    That’s a good one “graphics didn’t line up with picture”! Heaven forbid that would purposely suggest that Biden actually had a crowd, when the world knows he never has more than 6 people. Just a error, honestly! LIARS CAUGHT LYING AGAIN!!


  15. tappin52 says:

    Chris Salcedo on Newsmax TV just gave TCT a shoutout for catching this CBS dirty trick. Salcedo bills himself as a “Liberty loving Latino”. He is great.


  16. everyday I despise the democrats more and more.
    everyday I hope for the demise of o’blackie more and more.


  17. Jeffrey Coley says:

    Those poor people, they don’t even know they’re not Hispanics, or LATINOS, they’re Latinx (laa-TINKS). Good thing there are overweight white women with blue hair and piercings to stand up for them even when they don’t know what to call themselves or who to support.


  18. Hugh says:

    Chris Wallace: “It’s OK that none of the Biden supporters in the photo had masks, their replacements will be imported starting Nov. 4th.”


  19. Patricia Dolan says:

    FB is not allowing me to repost.


  20. dunewall says:

    Chris Salcedo on Newsmax had a good shoutout for CTH yesterday on this. But today he apologized. He bought the CBS explanation. I watched the whole news report and it was bash Trump all the way. That deceptive banner was left up all the way through that segment so it would appear Biden has more support than he does. This does illustrate why it has been so long since I have watched lsm, including Fox less and less.


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