The Truth Doesn’t Care About Your Feelings – The Big Ugly…

Do not misinterpret anger for defeatism.  Truth is the fuel for cold anger, and it’s time everyone begins accepting some painful truths.

What some have called “Spygate” is not a frozen moment in time or a set of dates on a calendar with a beginning and an end.  Spygate was the originating process to ensure the DC system did not experience the disruption carried by Donald John Trump; but it was only the originating process….

….The process of opposition against Donald Trump is a continuum.

Those who use DC for influence and affluence control the mechanisms within the self-actuating system. This includes both Democrats and Republicans as they both feed from the same trough.  In the effort to remove Donald Trump, both wings of the uniparty bird were aligned with an identical purpose; Democrats carrying out their effort openly, and the republican elements operating covertly as to retain the DC premise.

Specifically, one common misconception is thinking the Mueller special counsel was an outcome of an action by President Trump when he fired former FBI Director James Comey.  This is false.  The special counsel process was a continuum in the effort to remove the threat that Donald Trump represented back in the early primary days of 2016.  The system, writ large, was aligned with this purpose.

There would have been a special counsel investigating the nonsense around ‘Trump-Russia’ regardless of Comey being fired. The special counsel was always part of the plan.

In October 2016 Deputy Attorney General John Carlin, in charge of the National Security Division of the DOJ bailed out of the effort after misleading the FISA court on their surveillance activity and setting up the introduction of the FISA warrant against Carter Page.  Carlin was replaced by a more committed traveler/ideologue named Mary McCord.

With Mary McCord in place to continue the DOJ-NSD aspects to the resistance and removal effort, the DOJ and FBI simply continued the process after the November 2016 election.  Internally all of the officials, essentially lawyers, within the DOJ-NSD were carrying out the removal objective and cleverly attempting to cover their tracks.

We see the creation in plausible deniability with the use of Bruce Ohr as a bridge between the politically corrupt DOJ-NSD and the politically corrupt FBI.  Ohr was carrying the messages from outside the system (Chris Steele) into the system. This was his function.

Everyone knew what Ohr’s mission was.  Anyone today, like Sally Yates, who claims they had no idea what the #4 official was doing is simply lying.  That is part of the plausible deniability part. It was set up that way.  Everyone knew what to expect, everyone knew the goals and objectives and every part of the process was compartmentalized to create these functional denials in case anything went sideways; or if the objective failed.

Andrew Weissmann was inside this DOJ-NSD system and he was a primary participant in transferring the spygate operation into the special counsel.  Again, it’s one long continuum.  Tashina Gauhar was the internal tool who had the objective to facilitate the effort and block any DOJ leadership effort that might disrupt the goal.  She too did her job very well.

This is where it must be accepted the DOJ-NSD was the legal side of the usurpation effort.  Everyone at the top three levels inside the system was participating.  Some of them are still there despite the primary agents leaving.

The special counsel then became the continuation of the process.  Once in place it was the special counsel who ran the show from Main Justice.  Additional operatives were brought in to coordinate the plan.  Pictured group below:

No action took place inside Main Justice that was not controlled by this group. Nothing.

When congress was battling for information, it was the special counsel who held control. Nothing was ever released without the special counsel releasing it.  Nothing was ever redacted, removed, or hidden without this group doing the functional work to control it.

This is critical because too many people have failed to accept that any information released from Main Justice was purposefully released as part of a strategy.  An example of that control is the release of the Carter Page FISA application in July 2018.  This is the group who released it.

When ever anyone was asking who was redacting the Lisa Page and Peter Strzok text messages, it was this group.  They also removed some.

This group also controlled what Inspector General Michael Horowitz was allowed to review as part of any of his investigative inquiries.  Everything was labeled as part of the special counsel investigation…. that’s how they justified and got away with it.

Simultaneously this group was leaking to their friends and allies in the media to frame narratives beneficial to their effort.  The media were willing to assist their friends; and indeed, they are friends.  They run in the same circles, attend the same parties, go to the same functions and meet both personally and professionally.  This is the network.

To understand or expose the largest part of the corruption that exists within DC you need a thread, a fulcrum example to share that exposes how this allied network operates. That example is best evidenced, irrefutably, within the story of how Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Security Director James Wolfe was caught facilitating the objectives.

Wolfe was caught by an external investigator from the FBI Washington Field Office named Brian Dugan.  While the special counsel likely knew the periphery of what the Supervisory Special Agent (SSA) was doing (a leak investigation), it was not until the complete investigative file was turned over to the special counsel in January 2018 when the special counsel group grasped the totality of the issues involved.

Immediately the special counsel group formed an attack plan because the outcome of Dugan’s investigation was toxic to their interests in the early part of 2018.   The special counsel stripped the investigative file of the details damaging to their ongoing corrupt effort.  They could not allow the public to know the FISA application was in the hands of their media allies since March of 2017.  This story cuts to the heart of corrupt activity.

What the special counsel team did in order to protect their activity is incredible.  Only someone as arrogant and Machiavellian as Andrew Weissmann could have planned to carry out this scheme.   That’s why he is currently attacking – it’s fear.

The background of the Wolfe story is the thread that lays the corrupt special counsel activity naked to sunlight; and the Wolfe story exposes just how the process from early 2016 all the way through the impeachment effort of August 2019 was put together.  The ramifications are so significant that when you become aware of the Wolfe story everything reconciles.

Nothing is circumstantial, everything is exposed with direct evidence sworn under oath and subject to perjury.   Dig this story hard and everything reconciles.

Yes, FISA abuse is a big deal; yes, crossfire hurricane is a big deal; yes, the Carter Page FISA application is a big deal; yes, the Chris Steele aspect is a big deal; but in the final analysis that’s only the beginning of the effort.  Look at what the special counsel was doing from May 2017 to April 2019 and the scale of the effort is stunning.

Corrupt Republicans and Democrats worked together; the legislative branch worked in coordination with usurping elements inside the executive branch; the intelligence apparatus and the State Dept worked to assist both the legislative branch and the usurping agents inside the DOJ-NSD and Main Justice.

….And, worst of all, none of it could have been carried out if there was not someone very close to President Trump, someone very much participating with the effort, who was whispering in his ear about making appointments that were specifically designed to allow the effort to continue.

Who recommended ODNI Coats? Who recommended DOJ-NSD head lawyer Michael Atkinson, the top FISA review authority and counsel to the head of the NSD, transfer from the NSD to become Intelligence Community Inspector General? Both recommendations had purpose; look at what ICIG Atkinson did with NSC operative Alexander Vindman? These internal actions were not accidental.

That’s ugly.

That’s the truth.

That’s where cold anger gives way to righteous fury.

…and believe me DC is petrified of that story.


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  1. burginthorn says:

    Great piece SD. Does any of this have ties to Americas largest mass shooting in Las Vegas?

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    • WhiteBoard says:

      Atkison appointment in Nov 2017 to inhibit Intel Whistleblowers on the assasination attempt?


      • WhiteBoard says:

        per Mr piddles focusing…

        a republican was at the meeting?

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        • maggie0987 says:

          As per (-themarketswork, Sept 8/2019)
          ‘Comey outlined to the inspector general the details of the meeting that took place between only himself and Trump.
          ‘At the conclusion of our session, the COS [Chief of Staff Reince Priebus] asked whether there is anything we haven’t mentioned that they should know or that might come out. I said there was something that Clapper wanted me to speak to the PE [President-Elect] about alone or in a very small group.’


    • Free Speech says:

      That burns me up. 500 Americans injured and 50 dead, roughly, worst mass-shooting in our country’s history, and we’re left with this cock and bull ‘official’ story. Wray has done nothing but sweep it all under the rug. What about the Antifa guy from Australia that was giving interviews the next day saying he was in the room next to the shooting? What about all the witnesses who survived the mass shooting only to die in weird ‘accidents’ later? Government never has released the flight records over the hotel for that night, citing ongoing investigation.

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    • PinotNoir says:

      @thorn- Still want to hear what really happened there.

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      • WhiteBoard says:

        Bin Salman assasination (the anniversary of this date he chopped Washington Post Spy Khashoggi into pieces)

        Civilians used as negotiations as the helicopters are allowed to leave. Bodies dont stop until you let them out of air space.

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    • I thought about this today while trying to decipher the motive(s) behind the ny suit against the nra.

      I hope it is preemptive measure that eliminates a “need” for a ma*s-$hooting.

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  2. Greeneghis Khan says:

    I won’t guess a name because I think it will be public very soon

    I think it will be the first person to do the perp walk and it will a Republican

    That is my take from this post

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    • Baycity Duckhunter says:

      Sen’tor Dan Coats, who took over the seat from Dan Quayle, was a good ‘colleague’ of Sen John McCain and Richard Burr….two lying thieves on the Senate Intelligence Committee. Coats was McConnell team player. All of those Senate crooks are exposed here. Hope they enjoy their 6 week ‘recess’ – though the Senate is still probably in session to avoid PDJT from any recess appointments. W/b nice to have a large number of them being arraigned after Grand Jury indictments are acted on by Bill Barr.

      Also, is it a coincidence both of those Indiana guys are named Dan….spelled backward is it ‘..nad…’ as in….

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  3. RoloTMossey says:

    “Coats — who served as a Republican congressman and senator from Indiana and later as ambassador to Germany — was confirmed as the DNI two years ago with bipartisan support after being recruited to the job by Pence.” (

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  4. I need a bottle of bourbon and a soft pillow to sooth my aching brain cells from trying to absorb this……..

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  5. trapper says:

    Cough …. cough ….

    FTA : “He [Coats] had not expressed interest in the job of director of national intelligence, and Trump had not even bothered to interview him for it. It was Vice President Mike Pence, a friend from Indiana, who extended the offer on Trump’s behalf and who later swore him [Coats] in.”

    Information is out there. You just have to let it in.

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    • Blind no Longer says:

      I never really trusted Pence in the beginning after the Flynn incident. I think now, it all makes sense to me.
      I’ll put Pence as a TOP candidate for helping the Swamp/Deep State, get rid of PDJT.
      Makes perfect sense…who would ever suspect their own Vice President. Who would be privey to all the information, plans, strategies, etc…the Vice President.

      I don’t want to believe this, but it makes the most sense. Wasn’t his detail involved in two car accidents last week?

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      • Who recommended Pence to be Trumps running mate?

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      • Who recommended Pence to be Trumps running mate?

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      • Who recommended Pence to be Trumps running mate?


      • Who recommended Pence to be Trumps running mate?

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      • Interesting. It would explain PDJT’s controversial move in naming Pence to head the Covid-19 task force: he has long known that Pence is a traitor and will expose him by showing that Pence deliberately brought in long-time Deep Staters Fauci, Birx and Redfield, all of whom will be proved to be in the pocket of the Gates Foundation, which is responsible for unleashing the pandemic in order to force world-wide vaccination and gain control over every country’s economy and citizens.There is almost no one in this country whose life has not been negatively impacted by the Covid-19 lockdowns and related assaults on our freedoms, either by losing loved ones, friends, a job, a business, a home, or simply their freedom and sanity. People across the political spectrum will be outraged, and the dominoes will begin to fall, setting of the chain reaction that will rock the whole world.


        • leavemygunsalone says:

          Honestly I am at the point where I don’t think anything will rock this country or the whole world in terms of politics. Sad to say, but as time goes on I just don’t see it. Still too much apathy and denial in this country. I continue to encounter people that I think would be ones to get it, to see it, to know what is going on and they fail me every time. Some think they know, but once the conversation reaches a certain level it is clear they don’t have a clue, or they will argue w/me and that say “that just can’t be true”. It gets rather lonely.

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          • InAz says:


            Yesterday I was talking with a neighbor. She was complaining that the DC Republicans were spineless, always cave etc.
            I told her they are spineless by design…..that they work with the Stalinists behind closed doors….. helping destroy America….only a handful do not align with the Stalinist Dems. She didn’t believe it……and I don’t know what I’m talking about!

            She thought I was crazy to support Donald J. Trump for President when the presidential campaign began four years ago.


      • Mario Flores says:

        I tweeted a question to President Trump and asked him if Mike Pence was a rat back when the 15 day lockdown was continued. Pence brought in the Doctors that were forcing Trump’s hand. Either go along or Pence drops the 25th amendment on Trump. I always expected the RINOs to come out of hiding and work overtime to sabotage Trump in the final 6 months till elections day.


      • Janus says:

        It would seem (and make sense) that Pence is Trump’s Tessio.


    • themoviegoer1 says:

      Think of all the highly qualified Republicans who would be fine additions to the Trump ticket in place of Pence. Tom Cotton, anyone? But also think of a black or female or latino or gay VP nominee and how effectively that could undercut the Ds.


  6. Gaijin and Tonic says:

    From a Lawfare post in 2016: “News of his appointment was greeted with approval by Senator Mark Warner (D-VA) of the Senate Intelligence Committee and Senator John McCain (R-AZ), along with former Obama administration National Security Council spokesman Tommy Vietor, who described Coats as “serious” and “respected.””

    Tells you all you need to know…

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  7. azgulch says:

    I haven’t read the last two hours of posts. But….thinking….
    What is going to rock the elections. Shake the elections.

    A VP that is a traitor. NO
    A congress that is 25-35% traitors. YES

    My vote… the Congress- including all the names: McConnell, Thune, Gram, Romney, all the rest.

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    • Boots says:

      “A VP that is a traitor. NO”
      The VP won’t “rock the elections”. Correct. However, he’s done just as bad, maybe even worse. He’s like a king’s wine keeper or cook during the days of kings, from the days of Moses to the medieval ages, who for 4 years daily poisoned the king’s wine or food.

      Premeditated murder, essentially, except the murder isn’t of the man POTUS, but of the country America. And after the man POTUS leaves office, the snakes of the Communist Party we call Deep State, will try to murder the man by misuse of the law to charge, try, bankrupt, demoralize, demonize, and imprison him and his family.

      It will be our duty to contribute money, time, voices, and bandwidth – and whatever else we may find necessary – to support his fight against the Communists and murderers who will seek his death, virtual if not physical.

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  8. Boots says:

    “….And, worst of all, none of it could have been carried out if there was not someone very close to President Trump, someone very much participating with the effort, who was whispering in his ear about making appointments that were specifically designed to allow the effort to continue.”
    Five letter name. It was the “whispering in his ear” phrase that gave it away. I never thought the guy should’ve been offered the job. Another Thune. No scandals. Correct haircut, dress, mannerisms. All a front that’s hiding a deeply dangerous deep state operative.

    Thank you SD. Time for Operation Rolling Thunder? Or something less overt, more covert?

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  9. littlebird160 says:

    Heading for a showdown!


  10. mr.piddles says:

    ¡Holy Frijoles!

    I was just pokin’ around the web, lookin’ for more dirt on Dan Coats and Paul Ryan… and ran across a FNYT article with a VSGPDJT Tweet embedded…

    Check the date.

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  11. BestBets says:

    Was it Pence’s chief of staff that Strzok and Page thought they might be able to recruit as a mole, getting to him through his wife? My brain is a little foggy trying to process all the information coming out.


  12. Amy2 says:

    I’m not gonna make it until the 15th!!!

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  13. L. E. Joiner says:

    FWIW, I think VP Pence is a straight shooter, and very loyal to President Trump.


  14. Greg says:



  15. ammodude says:

    I’m leaning towards Coats. This is the fix I never knew I needed.


  16. It occurs to me that if you have something to say – say it. Otherwise….


  17. Beigun says:

    The Big Ugly is Sedition.

    The stench of the “Banquet of Sedition” carries far and wide, corrupting all who inhale the dream of power usurped. Media, politicians, think-tanks, corporations, etc. And so we now see clowns of corruption in politics seeking sedition. The cure to the body politic against sedition, while painful, is necessary to preserve the Republic. Otherwise, the next time the people may lose the Republic.

    As Cicero said about the coup plotters, something like, “…it was clear to all that when in the open their sedition was revealed.” In other words, you could see the seditious snakes in the front of your own eyes. And so it is with the sedition in the streets of Portland and a political party encouraging more of it.

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  18. corvairfan says:

    So we’ve distilled it down to Pompeo, Coats, or Pence.

    I could be wrong, but my gut feeling is that it isn’t Pence. His financial reports tell the story. He could have a lot more money if he was fixated on that.

    The Deep State folks all have a greedy streak to them, and even the vassals like Stryzk and McCabe have big bank accounts unrelated to their GS13/14 day jobs. That is why both didn’t mind doing things for the DS that they knew could eventually get them fired. They’re doing just fine. Same thing for the Vindmans. I’d love to see their financials.

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    • Guessed says:

      Why did nobody seem to make anything of the assertion (by Vindman) that he (Vindman) had twice been offered a position in the Ukraine military? Why did nobody ask the question of dual loyalty? Why didn’t anyone ask him if he had reported these offers to his superiors in the Army? Seems like that should have happened.

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      • PaulCohen says:

        YES, I thought that revelation by Vindman did not receive anywhere near the attention it deserves. Not only did such an offer imply clear dual-loyalty (or even first loyalty to Ukraine), but think about how Vindman must have affected the Ukrainian officials who made this offer twice (whether or not it was a fully firmed up offer is not the main point): they had to sense from his statements and interactions that he was sufficiently devoted to the interests of Ukraine to make such offers plausible.

        ALso, it was not just any “position” it was the top position of DEFENSE MINISTER…. which by the way, for a highly corrupt society like Ukraine can also be considered to have been a massive BRIBE offer to Vindman…. he could have seen a path to collecting a lot of bribe money and oligarch investments as Defense Minister.

        With such temptation, why didn’t he take it? Well, he really liked being in the White House and spying on Trump, he may have thought it was too risky to plunge his personal hopes into the murky world of Ukraine, etc. etc.

        Still, it was an incredibly disturbing and corrupt offer for him to receive, twice, and there is no indication that he properly reported it at the time.

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      • Jeffrey Coley says:

        It was a very odd story, Ukraine offering a pompous nimrod like Vindman the Minster of Defense job. I took it to be the Ukrainians clowning someone too full of himself to realize he was being ridiculed. But perhaps there’s more to it.

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  19. Hoggette Winslow says:

    My brain is pinging in 50 different directions trying to make sense of all this. The VP did occur to me, and I was very much dismayed at his part in the Flynn business. But why would DC be petrified of his part in the larger story, if it is one? I’m free and grumpy, so maybe that’s why I’m not seeing what’s there. I’mma go-to bed and maybe I’ll see things more clearly in the morning.

    Praying for you, dearest sundance, every day.

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  20. MustangBlues says:

    GAK! OMG! Two good things from this day’s news cycle–1) Bowels of know it all vitriol are not being directed at AG Barr, now that VP Pence is the sure thing pile on prime target.

    and 2) the press toddlers questioning President need to be put in a time out, without a diaper change, after having their mouths washed out by pine oil dish soap.

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  21. RoloTMossey says:

    Not convicting anyone. SD asked a question. Research revealed this article. Truth can indeed be ugly…
    “Coats — who served as a Republican congressman and senator from Indiana and later as ambassador to Germany — was confirmed as the DNI two years ago with bipartisan support after being recruited to the job by Pence.”

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  22. corvairfan says:

    Something else to consider…..despite much encouragement from Trump and other MAGA figures, Pompeo resisted going back to Kansas to run for Senate.

    Why would Trump have wanted it, and why wouldn’t Pompeo have jumped on a Senate seat for the taking ?


    • honornc1 says:

      My thought as well, and I would also argue that Haspel (CIA) was probably recommended by Pompeo.

      “More than 50 former senior U.S. government officials, including six former Directors of the CIA and three former directors of national intelligence, signed a letter supporting her nomination. They included former Directors of the CIA John Brennan, Leon Panetta and Michael Morell, former Director of the NSA and CIA Michael Hayden, and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper.”

      Haspel was also the CIA’s station chief in London; once from 2008-2011 and again from 2014-2017.

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  23. After the election, all I cared to to listen to was the President. It wasn’t until the ‘pandemic’ pressers that I heard the VP speak. Really…I never heard (or cared to) hear him. I was SHOCKED. His phrasing, vocal mannerisms, cadence….were just like Obama. Creeped me out. Just say’n

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  24. Aspade says:

    The transition team was led by Mike Pence.

    The same transition team that forced Giuliani outside the circle and forced him to withdraw from pursuing a cabinet position.

    The same transition team that seeded double agents in the administration.

    The same transition team that coordinated with Obama to prevent Flynn from joining in a key role.

    The same group that is now running the covid task force.

    Mike Pence has been in the game a long time. The perfect wolf in sheep’s clothing.

    The time is drawing near.when Trump must announce his running mate for next year. If he announces someone other than Pence, all hell will break loose. Trump’s life would immediately be in danger. Trump.needs to pick someone who is fiercely America First and not part of the swamp.

    Trump needed Pence to gain entry into the swamp. Pence was forced on Trump.

    Mind you the Pence team is also leading the covid task force.

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    • Newhere says:

      Trump has already announced Pence as his running mate again.

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    • Janus says:

      It would be too politically risky for Trump to release Pence. However, if it came out that Pence was dirty by intentionally making disloyal personnel recommendations, or perhaps actually communicating with sundry anti-Trump plotters, he could very easily be frozen out in Trump’s second term.


      • Judith says:

        The problem with keeping a double agent in the VP role, impotent or no, is that it gives Deep State traitors all the more reason to remove President Trump. If Pence is one of them, then the evildoers are that much closer to the holy grail. Only *one* obstacle remains in their path.

        We need dozens of Trumps in key positions, not Eddie Munster’s minions lying in wait for their moment in the sun.


  25. albertus magnus says:

    Skidroe, you are so right in your thoughts. Bunch of idiots that come here trolling just trying to divide us from the President.

    Look at the names….most of them look like the names that pop up in computer-generated players on facebook UNO….

    Only come here to pee in the rest of our cornflakes.


  26. Skidroe says:

    There are many scandals that need to be finalize. But could one of them be that the gang of 8 minus Nunes ( especially Warner and Burr) had a plan to get rid of both President Trump and Pence and make Paul Ryan President? Ryan was in on it too?

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  27. Justin Green says:

    Now I’m feeling the need to go back and review who it was that Bannon kept butting heads with.

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  28. T2020 says:

    Just found an article from March 2019 about Pence encouraging Trump to stick with Coats:


  29. Ten Red Fox says:

    NBC news reported last year that VP Pence was Dan Coat’s biggest ally, and that Pence talked Dan Coats out of resigning from the administration.

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  30. Skidroe says:

    Aspade- lots of repeats and speculation there. Some true. Pence owes 100k in school loans. He is not loaded with $$. If he was really a swamp dweller his bank accounts would be flush with cash. Could be wrong but I think we need to look some where else.


    • Aspade says:

      I am just pointing out that whoever is part of Pence’s circle may be the strings.

      However, not to be overlooked, is Pence’s history. Including that he was a Democrat that became a republican in his 20s. He was a congressman for many years before becoming governor then VP. He served as the chair of the House Republican Conference and is connected to Ryan, Boehner, etc.

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  31. Skidroe says:

    Mag-thanks for the support. It gets pretty tuff on this site sometimes. Heck, I am going to donate again anyway.

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  32. WhiteBoard says:

    per Mr. Piddle’s putting focus on this


  33. daveokc says:

    If it comes to it… Rep. Jim Jordan (Ohio) would make a strong ticket: TRUMP*JORDAN 2020


  34. Ragle Gumm says:

    I knew people who were criminals. I grew up with them. These people trusted each other in the sense that they all had done crimes. They had the goods on each other which made them comfortable with each other. I remember being told about a big man who ran a small town. I was living in that small town. The big man knew some heavy hitters of criminals and backed a few local politicians. You had to have his nod. He would build his trust of his potential inside people in the municipal government by putting them in low level government positions, like the trustee of deeds, and see if they would followed his orders.

    With this experience and, I guess, some wisdom, I wonder what the small group and their fellow travellers had to do to be in the inside. There must be a lot of bodies and major crimes performed to gain the comfort of their fellow criminals and to prove their worth to them. Frankly, it reminds me the gang initiation of MS-13 where they proved themselves worthy to join the gang by murdering a random, innocent victim. Who knows. Maybe, Seth Rich was both a job that had to be done and means to get in with these people.

    I wonder what these people did to get in.


  35. Mel Alvord says:

    How come nobody say “Jeff Sessions?” He was the first Senator to support President Trump, Stephen Miller was on Session’s staff and recommended him to Trump. How many more did Sessions recommend to Trump for high level positions. Session was in the senate for many years and knew all the players and surely was aware of the “Uniparty.”


  36. sundance says:

    VERY DISAPPOINTED IN the replies and comments on this post.

    99% of what is important completely missed by every person commenting because they choose to focus on the “trump whisperer” part. Now do you see why it was so easy for Mueller to play us for fools?.

    For three years people have chased the wrong thing. This thread is a prime example of how easy it is to do that. Remarkable.

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    • corvairfan says:

      True, we shouldn’t fixate on a name. There are so many.

      “6When he saw Jesus from afar, he ran and worshiped Him. 7And he cried out with a loud voice and said, “What have I to do with You, Jesus, Son of the Most High God? I implore[c] You by God that You do not torment me.”

      8For He said to him, “Come out of the man, unclean spirit!” 9Then He asked him, “What is your name?”

      And he answered, saying, “My name is Legion; for we are many.” 10Also he begged Him earnestly that He would not send them out of the country.“

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    • Your post was a great compilation of everything I believe you’re building toward. We took in the information which is sourced and incontrovertible. There is little to add to it in the comments.

      You finished by asking questions. Many posters here tried to answer them. They dug through press releases, transcripts, etc to do so. They thought they were answering “the right damn questions.”

      I respectfully disagree with your 99% statement.

      P.S. don’t ban me

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    • Shop says:

      “This thread is a prime example of how easy it is to do that.”

      Shiny objects and faux ideological and partisan battles while the real looting takes place under everyone’s nose. The utter contempt for the easily gullible by the plutocracy at their social gatherings.


    • ILOT says:

      In fairness SD, it’s almost inconceivable that our government is run by a shadow government. The tentacles are endless and complex, while disconnected – firmly attached to a central membrane. The obvious way for this to be executed is through the justice and intelligence communities. You have done a tremendous service in developing how that has taken place and the only questions that remain are “who” followed by how to expose it in a sensible way.

      The “whisperer” is but a small part of an incredible scheme and the only word I can conjure is arrogance. Who in public service, elected or otherwise has the arrogance to believe they can control outcomes for the people better than the people themselves. Our Founders are disappointed in our lack of effort to save the Republic.

      Liked by 1 person

      • alvasman says:

        I dunno. Any more, I have difficulty concentrating and therefore following detailed analysis. So. I frequently off the mark. so to speak. I reviewed some Sundance’s post. It seems to me the point of the comment about 99% of what is important is being missed has to do with this:

        “Corrupt Republicans and Democrats worked together; the legislative branch worked in coordination with usurping elements inside the executive branch; the intelligence apparatus and the State Dept worked to assist both the legislative branch and the usurping agents inside the DOJ-NSD and Main Justice.”

        In this scheme, therefore, it would suggest whoever is the “whisperer,” while important, in the grand scheme of things is but a bit player. I don’t know how to refer to what is referred to in the paragraph quoted. They are continuing their efforts to have this POTUS removed. And, I’ll daresay, it’s one way or another!


    • Norma Jean says:

      Americans aren’t trained in such convoluted thinking. While loving the Republic eyes are now being opened thanks to you SD. You started the wheels to turn deeper through the mud… your process is exceptional. Turbo charged.


    • rebate456 says:

      Lesson learned. SD is right; we did miss the point and go off on a tangent that was for the most part irrelevant. I liken it to the insane battle over masks. Neighbors are still practically coming to blows over it to this day. Why? Because in a time of confusion and fear and a million unknowns, that is something concrete, solid and real.

      We were told in a prior post that there was a name that had not come up and never would. So we assassinated people’s character in speculation anyway. I repent of having contributed (but I did defend poor beat up VP Pence).

      In our defense, Sundance, this is human nature. This is what people in groups do. We grab the low hanging fruit because it’s easier. In the positive this trait can be used to motivate a team. In the negative this is how riots start.

      We can’t do what you are doing but we want to help because we too love our country.

      Oh, and one last thing: Don’t ask the question if you don’t want an answer. Haha!


  37. Ten Red Fox says:

    Why did the New York Times start speculation yesterday that Trump is thinking of replacing Pence with Kristi Noem? Is this a protective move for Pence?

    Liked by 1 person

    • frogman says:

      I think that is just leftest propaganda. The leftest want to show a deep divide between President Trump and Vice President Pence, even if one is not there. This has been going on for the last few months. It is to sow uncertainty among his supporters to hurt the campaign. Most, not all, negative things we read and reread on the internet are false about the VP.

      Bottom line is a VP only does what the President wants him to do. I know about breaking ties in the Senate, but when has that happen. Basically, he has less real power then most Cabinet Secretaries. If Trump wants to he could ban him from the White House, it has been done.

      Liked by 2 people

      • alvasman says:

        The website Conservative Daily News regularly publishes the President’s daily schedule. Frequently, it reported President Trump and VP Pence having lunch together in a private dining. However, in the last few months, I noticed they were doing so much less. I attributed this to the virus situation.

        I don’t know whether there is any middle ground: VP Pence is either the most loyal VP ever or the most disloyal one. Even if the latter he is but a bit player in all this.


  38. Skidroe,
    I hear you. I believe have seen you here before and your comments were always thoughtful. I wish you will comment more no matter what the outcome.

    That being said, calling fellow Treepers what you did is uncalled for. VP has done some things that are questionable. We are not yet indicting the man, just his actions.

    I have read at least 1000 comments on this post alone. The comments are on his actions and why it may be him. There was one that said his wife “hates Trump.”

    Not one that I’ve seen has called him anything close to what you called your fellow Treepers.


  39. BitterC says:

    I don’t think SD meant they are scared about the whisperer being exposed…I think he means DC is scared of the totality of the plot/players being exposed. Their perfidy dates back well before Trump

    Liked by 5 people

    • Blind no Longer says:

      Yes! There were many players. It was a coup of members of our own government and other governments worldwide, who assisted our government.

      When PDJT was making his remarks about the drug prices/executive order, he said some very RICH people, that he didn’t even know their names…the Middlemen…nobody knows who they are, but they’re very rich and powerful.

      We probably have no idea who all the players are here, and worldwide. Maybe we haven’t even heard their names yet! Unknown faces pulling the strings of power, like a CIA operation that never ends.

      The only thing I do know is the Intelligence community is evil, and President Trump is the ONLY person I really trust!

      Liked by 1 person

  40. Tissau says:

    Why has the first successful female campaign manager to win a Presidential election not been tapped to take the lead in the 2020 campaign & take a leave of absence from her role in the White House?

    Or perhaps she has and declined.

    Perhaps KAC doesn’t want to leave the White House and be absent from the trusted inner circle advising the President?

    Liked by 1 person

  41. Gigi the Old says:

    About VP Pence. Good to know his bank account is not unusually large so he is not being paid for treasonous deals.
    Nobody mentions that he is a genuine Born Again Christian which he is. Such people fear God above all. They are accountable to God before they are to the President and the country. They are not perfect. They make mistakes. But they do not plan to follow on the steps of Judas Iscariot.

    Liked by 1 person

  42. WhiteBoard says:

    Corrupt Republicans and Democrats worked together; the legislative branch worked in coordination with usurping elements inside the executive branch; the intelligence apparatus and the State Dept worked to assist both the legislative branch and the usurping agents inside the DOJ-NSD and Main Justice.


    • warrprin1 says:

      @ Lottacats: ⬆️ Wishing and hoping and planning and dreaming… and praying.
      Thank you for providing the link. This makes sense. Holding my breath IRT.


  43. Jesse says:

    As I read each comment two thoughts kept coming back. First was an article I believe I read here at the Treehouse on the dangers of speculation. It is a fruitless endeavor. Second is the impatience of all things American.

    Liked by 1 person

  44. Newhere says:

    Okay, so with SD annoyed that we’ve launched into a guessing game and ignored the substance of the post, I went back and read it again.

    I lingered on SD’s revelation (which he introduced only recently) that the Special Counsel’s Office was running Main Justice. Specifically: “This is critical because too many people have failed to accept that any information released from Main Justice was purposefully released as part of a strategy.”

    I’ve grown so jaded I can read something like that and mutter “of course” without really processing it. Think of how long (years!) we’ve absorbed the drip, drip, drip of information; envisioning an internecine war between White Hats and Black Hats; supposing that info releases seemingly damaging to the Spygate operation were from “the good guys” (like the Strzok/Page text logs and the role of Bruce Ohr); imagining that some actors were making moves toward sunlight (like getting information to the IG). In short, we thought developments exposing the plot were the result of honest brokers in the system.

    But of the SCO was behind it all, it means that ALL OF IT, all that time was a strategized disinformation operation and we were among the targets (as in, those eating it up and drawing inferences). The selective release of information was used on the one hand (and primarily) to control public awareness of damaging information, and at the same time to spin us off onto roads to nowhere.

    Most or all of the information we think the goods guys have wrestled free from the criminal enterprise has in fact been carefully seeded BY the criminal enterprise. Most or all of what we think we know is what they’ve decided it is strategically optimal for us to know.

    Sundance’s catch on the declassified FISA date is kind of like the flash of light in that old Fun House trick — where for a fleeting moment a light flashes, revealing that a “party scene” is actually nothing but skeletons and ghosts. In other words, what seems real is shown to be only illusion.

    It seems like the upshot is that we who have followed the play-by-play may know chunks of the plot, but not actually know all that much — and things we THINK we know may be wrong. Misdirection. Roads to nowhere.

    If we have been underestimating the extent of the SCO’s control, and failing all this time to reckon with the real strategy and purpose behind the release of seemingly damaging information — there is A LOT we’re missing. It means we have to go back, systematically, and take a fresh look at every drip, examining from the knowledge that it was the SCO that released it (not unnamed “white hats”), and that it did so with a purpose and strategy.

    One wild card — perhaps the KEY wild card — is the investigator Sundance mentioned after his trip to DC. The one who is NOT Durham. The one we hopefully won’t hear or read about while in process, lest his work be compromised. In which case, we’ve been reading tea leaves for sport, and the real work, if it exists, has been utterly air-tight confidential. Whatever the case, this week is go-time, either from investigators, or SD.

    Further questions:

    If the Special Counsel’s Office controlled Main Justice essentially until Barr stepped in, what now? Has the Durham investigation essentially assumed the same role and function?

    What about info releases from the FISC. Really the only entities that have released crucial information are Main Justice, Congressional committees/members, the DNI and the FISC. Have the FISC documents also been purposefully released as part of a strategy?

    Liked by 3 people

    • Janus says:

      Interesting and thoughtful comment. Actually a LOT to process. My very simple question is this: When will we learn the truth as teased by Sundance?


      • Newhere says:

        Sundance gave a mid-August deadline for DOJ to act, and if not he pulls the pin on the grenade.

        At one point, he said or implied that pulling the pin would mean exposing the individual or group ACTUALLY doing the investigating, blowing their cover of darkness and exposing them to the pitchforks — the facts, details, irrefutable evidence of criminality that we the public already know. That is where WE come in.

        Pressure campaign fueled by amplifying truth. It seems the initial domino — the revelation of facts that sets in motion necessary, damning conclusions and compels action — is the story surrounding the Wolfe leak.

        That is what I’ve gathered from SD’s teasers anyway.


  45. pinkbeachlady says:



  46. railer says:

    Our host is correct about Weissman. That contemptible rat would be holed up and silent if things were going normally for him. They’re not, obviously, and he’s now scurried out of his hole, with panicked shriekings. That’s the tell.

    The ratkiller is coming. The rats always hold tight until the ratkiller is right on top of them, then they make a break and the dogs tear them apart. The process might seem cruel, but it’s as old as the hills, because life and survival has long depended on snuffing out pestilence.

    That’s where we’re at these days. We must snuff out a pestilence, for our survival.

    Liked by 1 person

  47. TrumpPatriot says:

    Remember Jennifer Williams who testified against POTUS regarding the Ukraine phone call? Top aide to Pence. It may be that Pence is OK, but unwittingly surrounded by operatives.
    Top aide to Pence, Marc Short has an interesting bio.

    Liked by 1 person

  48. sparel says:

    Something big is coming down. As he left for Cleveland, and on to
    Bedmeister, the entire staff bid him off on the southlawn, waving bye.
    Then he states you might not see him for a while.
    Very rich people are very mad he states. I am thinking of the Uranium deal and
    money laundering.
    I think Barr is going to drop the hammer, as diGenova said he would.
    I don’t think he is going back to the WH for some time.

    Liked by 1 person

  49. Phil says:

    I don’t understand. The left and the uniparty already believe that they control everything. Revealing that Pompeo or Pence is anti-Trump would make them happy. So what could rock DC? The only thing that could do that would be proof that the deep state/Obama was spying on, and blackmailing, Congress and judges.


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