SusanPhd Notes: “For the first time, I saw Sundance make a comment on his Twitter about authorized “contractors” – like Crowdstrike – that were possibly using the NSA database for insider trading purposes.

Most people who are not in the securities industry would NOT understand how this works. But Trump certainly does and Mnuchin definitely does. Bannon for sure understands this.

If you are a big trader – like Soros, Gates, Goldman Sachs, or a major bank – having inside information is a freebie – no risk – goldmine.

If you are a greedy political family like Pelosi, Clinton, Bushes, Feinstein, Burr, McCain, Obama; Biden Family – inside information is a freebie no risk goldmine for the entire family.

I guess if you are John Brennan or a foreign intelligence service, and you want to finance a nefarious off the books black op operation FOR FREE, outside of your normal budget, you can use inside information and stock trades to finance your operations.

What kind of inside information can be freely gleened from the NSA database? Correspondence between PUBLIC COMPANY CEO’s who are looking to do a merger, acquisition or spinoff of another public company; confidential audits of a company that may be in discussions to be acquired by a public company; confidential emails, phonecalls, texts between CEO’s, their accountants, their lawyers, their bankers, their competitors; their R & D department; their patent department.

Once the secret NSA information is obtained, stock trades are placed (by the ELITES and their families/cohorts) to capitalize and monetize the information. On any stock exchange anywhere in the world.

It would be great to have a securities lawyer or an outstanding journalist – who is familiar with insider securities trading – write an ariticle on this topic. So far, I have not seen anything. Everyone is too focused on the big distractions: russia, impeachment, racism, covid, election.

But my instincts tell me this is a BIG DEAL COVER UP. per Hillary, “If revealed, they will all hang.” They’s why the elites want Trump out so badly. This is about money & theft on a GRAND GLOBAL SCALE.

Hillary has been known to be involved with insider trading back in the 1980’s with her cattle futures transactions. Since there was no accountability for that, what would have stopped her in 2012-2016?

McCain was involved in that Savings and Loan debacle back in the day. Charles Keating case. No accountability for him either.

Most people don’t really understand the machinations of trading on insider information, and how easily it can enrich your friends and family. Certain information that can be monetized – can buy favors and buy off corrupt politicians. I doubt that Judge Rosemary Collyer or Judge Boasberg understand the gravity of this.

Hope the DOJ is looking into this as it relates to the Rosemary Collyer report and the 85% illegal searches.

Hope the government will release the names of the contractors doing the illegal searches!!

What were they searching for and who was benefiting?

The public needs to know!”


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  1. iconoclast says:

    It’s a big club, and you’re not in it. But they are.

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  2. wxobserver says:

    Glad to see this brought up again. Seems huge to me.

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    • GB Bari says:

      If no one but Sundance has mentioned this publicly…. and I’ve never seen it theorized or suggested in any other online source….. you can bet your last dollar this is many magnitudes larger than we may imagine.

      And a target-rich area in which to start some serious investigations.

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      • Bill Durham says:

        Imagine if Gordon gekko could get into the nsa database??? He never would have had Bud Fox buy a Wall Street office cleaning business. Poor Bud had to break into the law firms merger and acquisition file cabinets late at night. Poor guy never got any sleep. So much easier to do a few key strokes on the nsa dbase. Greed is good. Greed works…


        • dd_sc says:

          Imagine if you could get a FISA warrant on a guy like Gordon Gekko.


        • GB Bari says:

          “Greed” is too often incorrectly used interchangeably with “financial ambition”. And that only works for the greater good when financially ambitious people stay clearly within the laws and have generally recognized good morals.


      • dd_sc says:

        And factor in the two-hop rule of a FISA warrant.

        Get someone like CEO Patrick Byrne to introduce your agents/assets to the right people at a party and work a FISA into the mix.

        Or, work it so someone like Carter Page makes the media rounds. Erin Burnett is married to David Rubulotta – he is/was the Managing Director of high yield sales for CitiBank. Who from the 2016 Trump campaign was on her show?

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      • deqwik2 says:

        Seems like this could make Spygate look like peanuts.

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      • albertus magnus says:

        Targets only have value when there are people carrying guns who are willing to shot.

        Who in the DOJ or in any position to do anything is aiming and planning to fire?

        Any thoughts based on info rather than prayers and plan-trusting?


      • donna kovacevic says:

        GB Bari, spot on, YUGE. This govno wordpress won’t allow me to like still. U kurac.


      • gensensibility says:

        This is why they got Richard Burr first. He was more likely to turn on Democrats to plea for leniency. I’ll bet he ratted them all out.


      • scrap1ron says:

        I wonder if Sundance, with his keen sense of observation, has had his “spidey senses” tingling about this aspect of meta data mining during his current mission.

        Sundance, do you get the feeling that at least some people who are investigating this ultimate graft scheme know what you have just revealed to us here?


      • lotbusyexec says:

        No wonder Mooch turned on Trump — all makes $ CENTS $ now…

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    • Soros never looked like a trading genius, he always looked like a flippin’ crook to me !

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  3. Mark L. says:

    Warren Buffett

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    • Your Tour Guide says:

      This ^^^^^^^^^.

      I nominate you for post of the night. Done with 2 words.

      Always thought that Obama and Buffet were a thoroughly
      strange pairing. But, the pairing makes perfectly good sense
      if there’s an “understanding” between the Oracle of Omaha
      and Obama that Buffet gets included in on any data that might
      happen to fall into the big boys laps. Doesn’t need to know
      how, or why. Just that it helps him.If he helps the cause.
      Which is Obama.

      In exchange for Buffet shining favorable light on someone
      entirely undeserving ( Obama) he’s included in the early bird
      gets the word insider info. A bit of blackmail might have been
      thrown into the mix. No doubt that an “about’ search had already
      been done regarding Buffet, and his “incredible” track record.


    • 2zymos says:

      Hiding in plain sight, Nebraska. Access channels through data switching trunk lines for intel and nuke command and control: Offutt AFB, SAC, STRATCOM. Current location for google and facebook data center expansion — and don’t forget Franklin Coverup human trafficking.

      Its all there.


    • TJ says:

      -Investors With Ties To Buffett, Soros, Obama, Plan Mortgage Eminent Domain Grab


  4. tdmd0516 says:

    sd, you’ve been telling us about the level of ignorance to everything that’ has transpired. Are the investigators aware of this? td


  5. cheering4america says:

    And if I recall correctly, Congress has exempted itself from insider trading laws, so even acting via these secret sources would not be illegal. Accessing the secret sources is illegal, but not acting on the information gleaned, ironically enough.

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    • littleanniesfannie says:

      There’s a real travesty and why Congress shall make no law applies to American citizens that does not apply to themselves.

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    • slopoke1 says:

      And they all enter congress making $150 grand a year and exit millionaires. Funny how making that public service sacrifice always seems to pay off so well.

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    • Bob says:

      If Congress is has exempted themselves….then it’s time to change that. Just another reason for term limits. This is another license to steal. Most likely the average citizen has no clue about it.

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      • Judith says:

        Elections themselves are term limits. Voters just have to stop electing the same people over and over again! Term limits would have the opposite effect. When politicians answer to their voters they can’t be total pigs about it. They must be held accountable.

        If swamprats served a limited term with no incentive for re-election, they would do even more damage than they do now. Term limits = zero accountability.

        The last thing we need is 100 percent lame ducks in CONgress. What we really need are free and fair elections, which I don’t believe we can count on anymore. We need new blood!

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    • Blue Wildflower says:

      If they have exempted themselves, America needs to know. It puts them on a different level than the rest of the country.

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    • hocuspocus13 says:

      Perhaps cheering4america

      It’s the “selling” part that’ll get them pinched!!! 💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰


    • dd_sc says:

      Yes, back around 2012 Congress revamped the insider trading laws and exempted themselves from a lot of the laws.

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  6. kleen says:

    Corruption being exposed today

    Read this thread:

    I will post more below.

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    • cheering4america says:

      Is that the same Judge Sullivan who is trying to keep General Flynn on the hook … just because he thinks he can? We’ve said all along he’s afraid of something.

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    • john70 says:

      Hey, the original story is from 2019, not today.


    • glissmeister says:

      Well, of course. And Flynn knows where the bodies are buried. And likely Flynn knows or was at the precipice of knowing or taking action?

      Sullivan may indeed be hiding The Mother of All Conflicts of Interest.

      Suddenly everything Sullivan makes sense.

      The MOACI.

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    • Harvey Lipschitz says:

      Oldest trick in the book is to nominate big names to Board of Directors to signal endorsement and good business practices.
      Way back when oil was deregulated, little fly by night oil companies tried to hire a CPA so that the banks would assume they were straight.
      In Canadia the Vancouver Stock Exchange was for penny stock hucksters.

      Just last week Kodak signed a big deal.

      Who leaked on that deal?


      • L. E. Joiner says:

        Guys on The Financial Exchange on WRKO in Boston noted that Kodak’s stock shot up right before the President’s announcement. Did someone on the inside leak the news? Had to be either in the administration, or in Kodak itself.

        This could damage the President, if he doesn’t pursue it.

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  7. Beigun says:

    Oh, what a wicked web we weave, once we start to deceive!

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  8. Jlwary says:

    A thought just occurred to me: may be nonsense, but this post made me think of POTUS’ comments about wanting a “slice” of the TikTok buy out to go to the US… Could this be a means for all of media to research WHY such a ‘deal’ could be illegal? Thus the setup for some truly nefarious deals that have Already occurred? 🤔

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  9. Hell, Doyle and Monahan told Mike on the Thomas Paine podcast that there are $1.9 trillion being skimmed through the klinton foundation ANNUALLY. I should go find that episode now… and post it, it was a sickening great listen.

    Many folks outside the US are getting rich too, if they follow the evil “plan” for the money. And it’s taxpayers that are making everyone rich while struggling to survive with their heads above water and laden with DEBT.

    Debt that makes others rich as well.

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    • Moynihan, my bad! These are the guys that were before CONgress with nothing happening with their information. Sick, but business as usual.

      They also talk about big pharma selling adulterated meds. Sick people. The company is partnered with… the clinton foundation. Wow, shocking…

      Here’s the podcast, it’s long, but it’s great.


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    • glissmeister says:

      I’ve long suspected that at least $10-15 Trillion of our presently known national debt was lost to theft by political insiders, their sycophants and related syndicates.

      There are reasonable questions about our national debt being used to fund theft by fiat of organized conversion and diversion of large municipality, county, state and federal programs, and especially taxpayer funded offshore programs.

      Imagine 50-80% of our national debt representing a placeholder for criminally diverted funds conspiratorially converted into personal income for connected insiders and their families.

      Emerging from the shadows, a malignant oligarchy has its knife at the nation’s throat. Does it not seem so?

      Of course they would need to steal promiscuously to create the necessary destabilizing debt to overthrow the established political and lawful order in support of creating a permanent ruling class of families.

      To ensconce themselves as ruling Oligarchy of a restored imperial state, they would first need to destroy the Republic that arose from the revolution of 1776.

      To destroy the Republic, it would be essential that they both: 1) catastrophically bankrupt the Republic; 2) divert all possible government debt into schemes that would convert the Republic’s wealth into massive and disproportionate personal wealth for themselves and their cohort without the burden or distractions of actually earning it.

      Indeed. A compelling vision, this.

      Would it not be the first time in history such a thing like this has happened.

      It’s not as if anything like this has ever happened before.

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  10. As someone brilliant once said, “there are trillions at stake”

    I never thought of the NSA being abused for insider trading.

    But geez, it would be so easy. Start spying on Michael Corbat of Citibank and you know every move Citi is going to make. Spy on Tesla, you know every acquisition or project Elon Musk is going to invest in.

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    • Rex says:

      …”I never thought of the NSA being abused for insider trading.”…
      Because you’re not a crook at heart.
      Not just dirtier than we imagine..
      Dirtier that we are capable of imagining.

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  11. OwlzEyez says:

    Powerful. “Hope the government will release the names of the contractors doing the illegal searches!!” That would be grand.

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  12. Tl Howard says:

    Wouldn’t it be marvelous if that were proven.

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  13. kleen says:

    Also this one about Biden’s corruption. Things are happening!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  14. bluecat57 says:

    The Deep State corruption in America makes China and Russia look squeaky clean.


  15. Ish Kabibble says:

    Sunlight will make the cockroaches scurry. Let it in.

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  16. Ausonius says:

    Eliot Ness knew nearly 100 years ago: the old wisdom of Follow the Money.

    And if you cannot follow the money, follow the people who are making the money!

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  17. kleen says:

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  18. kleen says:

    Great news!!!!!!!!!!!! Justice!

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  19. Now this would be HUUUGE! Please god let this illegal cabal get the justice they deserve, in Jesus name. Godspeed Sundance.

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  20. Maquis says:

    Holy Schneikies!

    Dam-Burst beginning here!

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  21. Miya says:

    Sundance, do you still believe it’s possible to get our country back? The more revealed, the deeper I realize “the swamp” is. How on earth do we get rid of this corruption, and more importantly, the ability for this corruption to occur?

    God bless you and your willingness to take action. I know I’m not the only person ready to help in the fight however I can.

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  22. WhiteBoard says:

    to reitterate.

    Once the audit caught the exporter use (“improper access”), Comey justified with a Memo, and the FISC said they were not informed (“no notice) of this practice prior.

    (written out footnote in collyer report)
    ‘footnote 69 Collyler Report FISA – The improper access granted to the ___ contractors was apparently in place _____ ___ and seems to have been the result of deliberate decision making. ________ Compliance Report at 92-93 ____ access to FBI systems was the subject of an interagency memorandum of understantding entered into _____ ……”no notice of this practice was given to the FISC until 2016.”


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    • Stevo says:

      Two things regarding the FISC.
      1) What legitimate explanation could exist for these redactions?
      2) The court itself is not without an enforcement mechanism. These perps who executed fraud on the court could/should be held in contempt.

      Bonus round–Secret courts are constitutionally offensive. FISC shouldn’t exist!


  23. Terra Rayner says:

    @Sundance so you think this could be the sudden move in New York of the guy from the SES that Barr wanted in charge…isn’t that his expertise??


  24. islandpalmtrees says:

    Meet the contractors in 2013, NSA Database finished construction in 2012

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  25. Stillwater says:

    This post reminds me of an article about some sort of advanced government access certain financial media (Bloomberg, etc.) were getting to an economic report(??) (possibly electronic access) before the general public. I seem to recall this access was shut down either this year or late last year. Sorry, my memory is hazzy on this article.

    I think it might have been the Treasury Department that shut the access down but don’t quote me. Wish I could find a link. Sundance may have even reported on it.


  26. margarite1 says:

    This is making me wonder about Edward Snowdon.


  27. kleen says:

    I promise I’m not spamming. I’m just so happy to see charges flying and raids going on, I just have to share. My goal is to infuse some hope on some of us who have been hopeless for some time.

    Here’s more good news:

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  28. starspangledred says:

    This is why there are so many millionaires in Congress. The temptation is great and once the bait is taken, one is in the club with no way out. People complain about the Congress people salaries but that’s just the ante of the game. The real money is made with insider trading. It’s the major reason many on the hill can’t let DJT succeed. It ruins their livelihood as they know it, which is to an extent most of us will never be able to relate. There are very few that are not tainted and therefore most are compromised.

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  29. RobD says:

    Oh my!! I’ve always wondered how these politicians got so incredibly wealthy while in office. Look how rich the Obamas got after 8 years in the White House.

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  30. ElTocaor says:

    Jesus Chirst the LORD,

    make known what is unknown, according to your word, LORD God.


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    • MightyMustardSeed says:

      Excellent prayer. Thank You


    • warrprin1 says:

      You chose the right time for a prayer, ElToca. This is another head spinner tonight. I just want these all these people brought to justice – the severity of which will persuade the next generation recalibrate the odds before they choose to walk toward the dark side.

      Great job, all of you who are moving the puzzle pieces into a comprehensible picture.


  31. Linus in W.PA. says:

    Rip the lid off this wretched hive of scum a villainy!!!!!!


  32. Loren says:

    Excellent. I have read articles that the CIA has been doing this for decades. The corruption of greed.
    My question always is how do we get them out of government and in prison?
    It drives me nut that question, vote them out how, revolutionary war, dear God don’t think that way, my poor grandkids. It is a serious dilemma.


    • allin4freedom says:

      President Calvin Coolidge cut the size of the federal government in half and ushered in the Roaring Twenties. Trump could have a redux. With a big enough majority in the House and Senate, of course.

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  33. Carrie says:

    Are they going to release the names of these so called contractors and spell out exactly what information they are privy to? We know who they are, but a release of an actual list being unredacted (finally) would be tremendously helpful. It needs to be spelled out because the media has created such confusion and information fatigue from COVID and all matters political in the last 3 months.

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  34. MaserMan says:

    Bingo ! As a CEO of a very well known company in my industry and someone who has lots of access to inside information in the industry, I have to be ‘squeaky clean’ on any and all stock trades I make. The SEC is a real deal son of a b__ch when it comes to this kind of thing. I long suspected that at the roots of this whole anti Trump thing was a profit motive yet the Chinese angle, the Military Industrial Complex gone spy industry angle, or the “I’m in charge an get graft and corruption” angle seemed insufficient to justify the response of the ruling class to Trump. Insider trading, on the other hand, does. Bigly. Good catch Sundance. I am with you 100%.

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    • Sparky5253 says:

      And conveniently, Peter Strzok’s wife was appointed assoc. director of the enforcement division of the SEC in the fall of 2016. Her role was to obfuscate and block, not enforce regarding any politician, their family, or other friendlies.

      Yes, the irrational reaction to Trump’s Presidency is now making sense. Kudos to the corrupt for the creative, global and monolithic scheme they concocted to take down Trump. The scale of it is truly mind boggling, but now is their undoing. And deservedly so.


      • warrprin1 says:

        Interesting to me that when Hillary uttered those famous words, “we’ll all hang”, she feared his election because she knew that a POTUS Donald Trump would get to the bottom of it.


  35. DAVID CRAIN says:

    I believe I remember someone who has stated on several occasions, “There are trillions at stake” If only I could remember who stated this, I’d sure like to thank him.

    Thanks Sundance!

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  36. Scott B. says:

    $how me the money!!! Now $undance i$ on to $omething the average $hort attention $pan per$on can under$tand! (I’m $ure they paid taxe$ on all that large$$e, too.)

    OK, I’m gonna hit the Donate button after all that, to $how that my heart’s in the right place 😉

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  37. bessie2003 says:

    Sure makes a ton of sense, a hammer meets nail happening.


  38. usualwidgits says:

    It’s not just about the money. Think about what has been done to President Trump. Flynn, Stone, Manafort. What we presume they have on the CJ. And congresscritters. Why has it been so hard to fill out PT’s administration? Think how intimidation works.

    Now think Globally. The Five Eyes apparatus is set up to spy not domestically but on our enemies. So carte blanche spying, blackmailing, intimidation, insider trading, you name it. Think of the arrogance of Obama, Illary, Brennan. Why not? The world has been their oyster

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    • littleanniesfannie says:

      “ The world has been their oyster”

      The NSA database and spy capabilities have been their Gestapo.


      • warrprin1 says:

        I’m beginning to understand how Mitch has been able to hold all the GOP Senators’ feet to the fire – the probable reason that in these three and a half years no Senator has voted for a recess to allow the Nominees through.

        The insiders’ version of insider trading, with a little help from the electronics, is a whole ‘nother level of blackmail, whether utilized overtly or simply implied. And all this time I thought it was about just keeping their indiscretions private.


    • John Good says:

      How much does anyone here want to bet that our own “Socialist-Twit” of a PM, Justin Trudeau is involved with this!

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      • Dekester says:

        Cheers John,

        Agreed, S.N.C. Lavelin.

        How about shorting the likes of Enbridge or Suncor using insider information and of course him putting his political finger on the scale.


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  39. cantcforest says:

    Wonder how many billionaires had their “subcontractors” helping them? And banks? And trading houses? Actually I feel a little better knowing it wasn’t all about power…there was a lot of greed playing.


  40. Cowboy79 says:

    Welcome to the Corruption Inc. You have entered the Dark Zone.

    The Septic Tank / Swamp, runs Wide and Deep. Frighteningly so.
    Slavery isn’t dead. The Powerful have convinced the Populace that they are Free but have constrained the Populace in an illusion of liberty while stripping them of their lives and futures.
    You can’t dream this stuff up. Machiavelli wasn’t insane, nor was Orwell, they were prescient.
    A lot of people need to be perp walked on video for the Fleecing of America.

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  41. Rick Sheresh says:

    Dang. Makes me feel like I’m living on Gilligan’s Island..


  42. Zorro says:

    Doesn’t Charles Ortega get into stuff like this? Peter Schweitzer ?


  43. deepdivemaga says:

    My father, since I was young, told me all the time, “it’s always about the money.”

    It’s always been true and it will always be true. Sundance is exactly right. Follow the money. The money explains Ukraine, impeachment, China, Spygate, EVERYTHING. Money and power, and many times they are one in the same.

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  44. Derek of Florida says:

    This makes Boesky/Milken look like pikers.

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  45. jinghis says:

    Don’t forget the SES (Senior Executive Service) members who transition back and forth into business and Government while retaining their security clearances. They not only make money on insider trading for their clients, but they supply them with information and secure Government contracts for the Corporations as well as repatriation of Government money. The SES is the nexus of the corruption.

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  46. Le Blurr says:

    Look for Arkanside to be the new leading cause of death among these people. It will be much easier to get a corrupt Ukranian to flip, than say, the former head of the CIA, or FBI.

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    • Your Tour Guide says:

      The weird deaths of connected bankers a few years back.

      Inadvertent nail gun to the temple, I’m bored, so I’m going to
      jump 20 some stories to my death. I shot myself, and in the
      rush plum forgot the suicide note.

      Anyone else remember all of that? Tie ins, down the line?

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  47. RobD says:

    Oh my lord!


  48. Bogeyfree says:

    Curious, is there a “Special Person” US Attorney within the DOJ or who specializes in SEC crimes??

    Maybe somebody who has never been mentioned before???

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    • MightyMustardSeed says:

      Bogey – You’ve got the best brain! It gives us an added dimension into the issues.

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    • Here is the list of US Attorneys trimmed down of “XXXXX” names.

      (District) United States Attorney
      (Alabama, Southern) Richard W. Moore
      (California, Central) Nicola T. Hanna
      (California, Eastern) McGregor W. Scott
      (Delaware) David C. Weiss
      (Florida, Middle) Maria Chapa Lopez
      (Florida, Northern) Lawrence Keefe
      (Hawaii) Kenji M. Price
      (Idaho) Bart M. Davis
      (Maine) Halsey B. Frank
      (Michigan, Western) Andrew B. Birge
      (Mississippi, Northern) William C. Lamar
      (Mississippi, Southern) D. Michael Hurst
      (Nebraska) Joseph P. Kelly
      (Pennsylvania, Middle) David J. Freed
      (Pennsylvania, Western) Scott W. Brady
      (South Carolina) Peter M. McCoy
      (Utah) John W. Huber
      (Vermont) Christina E. Nolan
      (Washington, Western) Brian T. Moran


      • stella says:

        Trump has five letters. So does Smith. So does Jones. Many names in the USA have five letters. Does your last name? It’s common.


        • Ha, indeed my name does consist of five characters!

          We need to follow Sundance’s lead including this:
          “Hopefully Mr XXXXX and Durham will deliver on behalf of AG Barr and the American people. However, if they don’t address the dual justice system -mid August- then things will be even bigger and even uglier.” (Considering The Durham Timeline)

          Now, take a look at the list again.


  49. ziegler von strahn says:

    I still disagree Sundance. Not that is wasnt happening, it most assuredly was. I still think it was secondary to getting Kompramat on those people instead. Picking up a stock tip is just icing.

    Here is my reasoning…insider trading was happening way way before 5 eyes and the Patriot act. As you point out, Hillary with cattle futures, and McCain with Keating. CEO’s willingly give this information to politicians for favors. Something as old as the stock market.

    So they dont need 5eyes to get this information.


    • islandpalmtrees says:

      Product without payment. Hillary did not have to pay for a stock tip. She just calls up her contact at the NSA.


      • ziegler von strahn says:

        You think the hundreds of millions put in the Clinton foundation was from NSA tips? Or just people buying politcal favors willingly?

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        • islandpalmtrees says:

          Hope this will help.

          We already know, while Hillary was in the state department, that she authorized the sale of military equipment in exchange for donations to the Clinton foundation.

          Hillary Clinton did not have to do someone a favor in exchange for stock tip. Assuming she had access to the NSA Database. With access, it could have been, as simple, as a call.


          • ziegler von strahn says:

            She was SoS and presumed heir to the throne. When in a position like that, you dont have to go looking for money, people are willingly throwing it at you if they know you are for sale. See Bill’s 500K for a hour speech. Perfectly legal and much easier to pull off.

            Look, Im not saying if they came across something juicy like that, that they wouldnt exploit it. But 5 eyes isnt about something as base as money, because again, there are much easier ways to get it.
            Stock tips take timing, so you’d have to luck up on the call/email/texts, realize their potential then filter that up the chain to the powers that be in a timely enough fashion to actually act on it for it to be worthwhile. That’s a lot of work and too many loose threads to trust for anything consistent.
            The contractor analyst getting information about drug fueled parties, or other compromising material on that CEO is orders of magnitude more valuable. Because now, I can control him and the whole company and make whatever money I want by making him pay my husband 500K for a speech.

            Liked by 3 people

  50. bluebongo says:

    The NSA database also has very personal information, such that someone could be blackmailed into things like: voting in an inexplicable manner, ruling on a case in an inexplicable manner, issuing reports that whitewash everything, sitting on damning information and not acting on it inexplicably and on and on.

    Now who would have had reason to do that over the previous 8 year administration?

    Liked by 2 people

    • Bogeyfree says:

      After years of NSA Spying

      After all the unmaskings

      After an audit that shows 85% of the searches were non compliant

      Why does Barr and Durham seemingly ignore this statement by the REGISTERED whistleblower who actually used the Hammer Program to spy and gather information on thousands of Americans including judges?

      And he goes on to say this…

      “I produced 600 million pages. If you printed out each page it would be thirty miles high stacked one on top of another. The information is very sensitive information. They collected google searches, credit cards, phone records, images, pictures, anything and everything, and they did it for one reason: LEVERAGE. They didn’t know when, but they knew sooner or later they would need that information to use for leverage against a person … The amount of information is mind-boggling, and I gave all of that to FBI Director Comey’s office.”

      And he gave Comey’s FIB 47 hard drives of evidence back in 2015. This Whistleblower told the world what their plan and game was over 5 years ago.

      IMO if one is truly about truth and one system of justice then how can one ignore this whistleblower?

      It would be my first question to Barr and Durham.

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