Factual Stuff That Will Help Reconcile Issues Within Spygate and The Special Counsel…

Here’s some stuff most of those who have followed the story just don’t know…. yet.

The special counsel team authorized and released the Lisa Page and Peter Strzok text messages to the public in December 2017.  It was a very smart Mueller team using a laser pointer to get their political opposition chasing remote controlled rabbits.  The special counsel team controlled the remote.

The special counsel team took control over and then filtered the FBI investigative file of FBI Washington Field Office Supervisory Special Agent, Brian Dugan.  The special counsel removed the evidence that James Wolfe leaked the FISA application on March 17th, 2017.

The special counsel team released the Adam Waldman text message capture to the SSCI as a head’s up after likely informing SSCI Vice-Chairman Mark Warner it was coming.  On February 9, 2018, Warner had his pre-scripted defense in place.  It appears Warner gave the Go8 the text documents knowing it would be leaked to media.  Smart maneuver.

The special counsel team informed the FISA court on July 12, 2018, the predicate for the Carter Page FISA application was still valid.  They lied.   They did this because they planned to release another segment of SSA Dugan’s file to the public to water down the issue.  Nine days after telling the FISC the application was valid, on July 21, 2018, the special counsel used the guise of a FOIA release to put the Dugan FISA equity into the public consciousness.  What we know as the Carter Page FISA application was/is actually SSA Dugan’s work product.  Again, this was from his investigative file.

The special counsel released Dugan’s work product (FBI equity), while simultaneously redacting the dates on the copy they released.  It was the special counsel who redacted the dates.  They had to do this because Dugan’s FISA copy had incorrect dates as seeded to capture the leak by SSCI Security Director James Wolfe.

Every public release of information from May 2017 through April 11, 2019, came from the special counsel.  Neither Main Justice (AG Sessions) nor the FBI (Wray) released anything.  The special counsel were releasing information in a controlled method and withholding other documents detrimental to their purpose of framing President Trump.

The sequence is critical:

1.  Adam Waldman text messages. (release date Feb 9, 2018)

2. Justice Dept. Letter to journalist Ali Watkins (release date Feb 13, 2018) Four days after Waldman-Warner texts released:


3.  James Wolfe indictment (release date June 8, 2018)


4.  FISC / Senate Judiciary Letter (public release April, 2020 – event date July 12, 2018) The letter from DOJ-NSD (Mueller Special Proseuctors) to the FISC is important.


5.  Carter Page FISA application (release date July 21, 2018)  Only need the first application section. 83 pages of original application.  This was Dugan’s “FBI Equity”


6.  Government Sentencing Wolfe Case memo and recommendation for upward departure and/or variance. Filed December 11, 2018


7.  Govt. Reply to Defendant (Wolfe) sentencing memo (date Dec 14, 2018)  Govt. Exhibit #13 is critical.



July 27, 2018,  – Wall Street Journal  – Wolfe lawyers threaten SSCI subpoenas.


Dec 11, 2018 – Politico – Senators seek Leniency –




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  1. Patrick Allen says:

    Chertoff got his start under Giuliani ‘a SDNY team that successfully took down the five families of the infamous NY Mafia.


  2. deeperinfo says:

    Am I missing something??? Two of the Carter Page FISA renewals were considered fraudulant. Durham is investigating the predicate for the initial FISA application and first renewal.

    A comment on another thread triggered me: It seems clear that the FBI lied in the initial Carter Page FISA application. How can the initial FISA application be valid if the FBI twisted the record of a cooperative witness in a Russia investigation into a possible “foreign agent” due to that very same contact.

    Did a little digging to confirm the memory and details and found a good article. And it cites and links to Sundance as source!


    Which means that Clinesmith altered the email form the CIA in order to coverup the previous illegal act…

    Is it really that simple a piece of the puzzle?

    So: …….. WHO made the decision to distort the facts in the initial FISA application???

    Will Clinesmith be the first marked square in Plea Bargain Bingo?

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    • “WHO made the decision to distort the facts in the initial FISA application?”

      In your linked investmentwatch article, they are identified as the “DOJ-NSD and FBI CoIntel “. In his November 2019 article, “Disturbing Likelihood – FBI Lawyer Manipulated Carter Page’s Own Communication With FBI to Target Him”, Sundance identified them as “the FBI team”.

      Disturbing Likelihood…

      In other words, the “small group” of central coup plotters, especially anybody and everybody on hand at the FBI (and DOJ NSD?) around April 6-7, 2017, when Clinesmith did his dirty deed at the behest of the group.

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    • Chewbarkah says:

      Surely the FISA judges require presentation of useful results from prior warrants before issuing renewals. The public needs to see what if any “investigation” was done under each warrant, how or if it related to Carter Page, and how this was represented in the renewal applications. The impression I have is that the renewal applications just rehashed the second application (the FISA court rejected the first application as inadequate. What was added between the two is a key to the fraud). Seems likely that Clinesmith’s forgeries and frauds in the FISA apps goes much deeper than the known email alteration.

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    • John Schwarz says:

      Horowitz talked to the CIA operative who revealed the original text which Clinesmith altered for the 2nd FISA renewal. In the same conversation the CIA operative told Horrowitz that the FBI (who ?) In September 2016 before the Carter Page FISA warrant approval in OCTOBER 2016. All 4 of the FISA warrants were fraudulent!!!!


  3. robin ernst says:


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  4. Jeffrey Coley says:

    Keep in mind none of this clever maneuvering by the Special Counsel’s office would have worked if there were a single working journalist in the mainstream media, or a single news outlet that wasn’t a wholly-owned corporate mouthpiece spewing Democrat propaganda 24×7.

    Kudos to Sundance and his amazing research: This is top notch work, nobody could have done it better. But if a blogger from Florida can do it, why didn’t anyone in the mainstream media? Answer: Because they don’t WANT to, that’s why. The narrative is “Orange Man Bad” and they slavishly regurgitate the party line.

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    • StanH says:

      It’s a safe bet that many of the court scribes aka MSM were also in on the coup. Investigative journalism is a quaint memory only conducted by a handful of “journalist” and can’t permeate the 99% of the MSM echo chamber. All dutifully spewed by the news actors 24/7as if their multi-million dollar contracts depend on it.

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    • convert says:

      Because the media has been destroyed by the Left. If you were to be a reporter doing your job and reported something that helped Repubs in some way or hurt Democrats In some way, guess what? Your social life, your kids’ social life, and you and your wife’s career are all over. The Left will see to it. . Your spouse might lose her job. It’s absolutely true. Journalists know this. They don’t dare go there.

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      • matthewpmusson says:

        The Media has not been destroyed. They have been revealed. They have ALWAYS been out to get Republicans and worked over time to protect Democrats. We thought they sympathized with the Democrats. Now, we know they are an arm of the Democrat Party.

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        • Carly says:

          Agreed, Matthew. I can’t recall a time in journalism’s history that it wasn’t smearing, muckraking, and paid off. NYT’s Duranty received a Pulitzer (aka, a Putzkisser) for writing lies to cover for Soviet atrocities. Another time the press was exposed for what it was.

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          • MelH says:

            Exposure is not what it has been cracked up to be, obviously. Sundance has 800 pages of it, verified, printed, bound and delivered! Exposure to the max! All I want anymore is for him to get home safely, fast!


        • MGBSE says:

          Correct … Walter – THE BIGGEST LIAR IN AMERICA – Cronkite.

          He was an America-hating traitor who told Americans – EVERYDAY – what he wanted them to know, they way he wanted them to know it … in his most “professional“ way.

          Today’s RAT media lackey morons are intentionally unprofessional and blatantly lie 24/7/375 … they don’t care that We The People know they’re liars.

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    • Tom W. says:

      Kudos also go to John Soloman, Sara Carter, Sheryl Atkinson, Lee Smith (author bringing other’s work to light through his books).

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  5. susanphd says:

    For the first time, I saw Sundance make a comment on his Twitter about authorized “contractors” – like Crowdstrike – that were possibly using the NSA database for insider trading purposes.

    Most people who are not in the securities industry would NOT understand how this works. But Trump certainly does and Mnuchin definitely does. Bannon for sure understands this.

    If you are a big trader – like Soros, Gates, Goldman Sachs, or a major bank – having inside information is a freebie – no risk – goldmine.

    If you are a greedy political family like Pelosi, Clinton, Bushes, Feinstein, Burr, McCain, Obama; Biden Family – inside information is a freebie no risk goldmine for the entire family.

    I guess if you are John Brennan or a foreign intelligence service, and you want to finance a nefarious off the books black op operation FOR FREE, outside of your normal budget, you can use inside information and stock trades to finance your operations.

    What kind of inside information can be freely gleened from the NSA database? Correspondence between PUBLIC COMPANY CEO’s who are looking to do a merger, acquisition or spinoff of another public company; confidential audits of a company that may be in discussions to be acquired by a public company; confidential emails, phonecalls, texts between CEO’s, their accountants, their lawyers, their bankers, their competitors; their R & D department; their patent department.

    Once the secret NSA information is obtained, stock trades are placed (by the ELITES and their families/cohorts) to capitalize and monetize the information. On any stock exchange anywhere in the world.

    It would be great to have a securities lawyer or an outstanding journalist – who is familiar with insider securities trading – write an ariticle on this topic. So far, I have not seen anything. Everyone is too focused on the big distractions: russia, impeachment, racism, covid, election.

    But my instincts tell me this is a BIG DEAL COVER UP. per Hillary, “If revealed, they will all hang.” They’s why the elites want Trump out so badly. This is about money & theft on a GRAND GLOBAL SCALE.

    Hillary has been known to be involved with insider trading back in the 1980’s with her cattle futures transactions. Since there was no accountability for that, what would have stopped her in 2012-2016?

    McCain was involved in that Savings and Loan debacle back in the day. Charles Keating case. No accountability for him either.

    Most people don’t really understand the machinations of trading on insider information, and how easily it can enrich your friends and family. Certain information that can be monetized – can buy favors and buy off corrupt politicians. I doubt that Judge Rosemary Collyear or Judge Boasberg understand the gravity of this.

    Hope the DOJ is looking into this as it relates to the Rosemary Collyear report and the 85% illegal searches.

    Hope the government will release the names of the contractors doing the illegal searches!!

    What were they searching for and who was benefitting?

    The public needs to know!

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    • distracted2 says:

      Fascinating post!

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    • StanH says:

      You can bet on that.


      “I know a nearly foolproof way of getting rich. It doesn’t involve signing up for one of The Oxford Club’s services, and it doesn’t require much risk because you already know the outcome. In fact, you’ll help decide it. One thing you can do to increase your net worth by 10-fold is get elected to Congress.”

      Is this a great country or what?

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    • doofusdawg says:

      As I previously posted… Crowdstrike among others would not have participated in the illegal 702 searches unless they were given immunity… probably in their contract Find out who at DOJ gave them that immunity and signed it and then you have something. Barr and Durham have known for months if not years.. what are they waiting on.

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    • icthematrix says:

      A gazillion likes! Follow the money is always the primary motivator, followed closely by the power principle (those who hold the power get the money). The “hate Trump” motivation exists with these people, but it was never the guiding compass for their rationale. They use the hate for their crazed leftist base while they seek to destroy any who interrupt their illegal gravy train.

      Soros seeks power and money, under the guise of “helping form a more just society”. Barf 🤮

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    • Tulips Moran says:

      This is the REAL espionage and quite possibly Trump was on to it…

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    • scotsamurai says:

      I am a corporate securities lawyer, and this is an excellent post. My own experience as chief legal officer and chief financial officer of two public companies confirms what this post says. Typically, enforcement has focused on relatively small fish, like broker-dealers trading in the securities of the companies they’re involved with. What this post, and Sundance, are disclosing is orders of magnitude larger than the typical “insider trading” case.

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      • MGBSE says:

        I’ve always wondered … did any RATS or RINOS lose money in the 2008 Market collapse … if not … “what did they know and when did they know it?”.


        • Justin Green says:

          No, off the top of my head, there were people “investigated” for SELLING shares prior to the 2008 market collapse.

          Insider trading works both ways. You can dodge losses, too.


    • WY Farmer's Wife says:

      Still can’t “like” comments – very frustrating. So I am seeing if I can Reply to your comment. I found it VERY interesting and of course pretty sad 😦


      • hawkins6 says:

        WY Farmer’s Wife:
        Are you saying, you can’t even “like” any comment when you are in Word Press reader mode?

        If I have problems with “Like” which is often, I first click a LR comment “like” in WordPress Reader mode and/or click the WordPress symbol at the bottom of the Reply box to activate my WordPress account functions when I’m on the Last Refuge website.

        Of course, WordPress used to activate its Bell and Logout symbol immediately in the top right corner when I switched from Reader to a Last Refuge article but it hasn’t for sometime. I have to do the steps above in whatever is the order of the day on WordPress. A tad irritating but it seems to work.


    • Mike Coleman says:

      Would you mind If I copied and pasted this on my FB page?


    • SpeakingTruthToGroupthink says:

      I wonder if Jeffrey Epstein, supposed financial wizard with monetary connections to many of the elite, was an “authorized contractor”.


    • Issy says:

      susanphd: It’s interesting that Peter Strzok’s wife was the assistant director of the SEC’s enforcement division in 2016. She was promoted to director in 2018. I wonder why?

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    • deeperinfo says:

      I suspect China entities and More-Equal Individuals made a high level of purchases when the market had a flash crash.

      WHO knew in advance…

      Anyone at SEC bothering to look?


    • MGBSE says:

      The one “success” during the Obama/Soros eight year reign of destruction … turning wealthy RATS into millionaires & millionaire RATS into billionaires.

      Thousands sold their soul for “30 Pieces of Silver”.

      Remember the “going-public“ debacle with Facebook? The stock price sank … hundreds of million$ lost … dozens of suits filed … silence … suddenly … Zuck is a billionaire and the lawsuits disappeared.


    • Armchair Quarterback says:

      You truly have earned your name! You might say we need to think bigger and more globally. If your insights are correct, as I suspect they are to some (if not all) degree Every bit of this needs to come to light!


    • John Good says:

      Interesting post, as back in the early 2000’s, I passed a course here in Canada at Swift-Trade Securities to Day Trade Professionally in a room with 30+ other Day Traders, BUT my money-man partner never came up with the $100,000 US min. for a Day Trading account, so I was forced to Day Trade Online & quickly learned that Online Day Trading is almost impossible to make money!
      2 main reasons why:
      The Stock Market used to be in fractions (1/16 of a dollar was the smallest quantity you could trade in), but then they Decimalized the system. This killed Day Trading, as now you could trade in 1000’s of a cent & then there was the Software…
      Which is the 2nd reason, Computers using this Software could “crack-off” 100’s of Trades in seconds & there was no way a human being could compete with the Software, except for following trends & trying to get in on the trend.
      The only way that I could compete in this type of market, was to Swing Trade where you held onto a stock for only a few days, hoping that it would go up or down (if you were short).
      But it was so boring to me, watching & worrying every day about my stocks, that I just lost interest & quit!
      NOW, IF I had insider info & knew what the Stock was going to do, I would be a George Soros or a Clinton today!
      BTW, one of the founders of Swift-Trade Securities here in Canada, used to be the Canadian Stock Market “expert” that CP24 (a Toronto TV Station) would bring on at 4 PM to give a professional evaluation of the day’s stock market, UNTIL he got charged by the SEC for Insider-trading & the next day he was GONE!
      The Watchdog on Wall Street says that these Trading Platforms that enable anyone to trade stocks, futures, e-mini’s, etc. were created by the big Wall Street Brokerage Firms to get more “suckers” into their markets!
      This could also be another scam that Sundance has revealed, other than what I think… The Russian Election Interference Mueller investigation was nothing more than a cover-up for the real crimes going on in the Ukraine, where certain Democrats had created a crime-syndicate with corrupt Ukraine officials where American Taxpayer’s money was being laundered through the Ukraine & kicked back to their accounts.

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      • Jeffrey Coley says:

        I made one direct stock purchase in my entire life: During the big COVID panic I bought a small number (very small) of shares in two companies. One, a blue chip I bought at $270 a share now trading at $440 a share. The other, a car company I like. Bought it at $4, now it’s trading for $6.

        I intend to hold these long term, I plan to retire in about 10 years so we’ll see where my tiny foray into investing takes me.

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        • Tom W. says:

          I bought 2 silver stocks (SLV & DBS) in 2017 that are now up 55% and 40%, respectively. I also have an equal value in physical silver. It’s rocketing the last 2 weeks, along with gold.


        • Brian Carey says:

          Looks like NVDIA and Ford there, Jefrey. AMD has done well lately, as has QCOM.
          I’d prefer to buy & hold also, but these days there is too much volatility not to take decent gains in an already overpriced market.


      • SanJac says:

        Naked short selling needs to come out into the light and prosecute everyone involved including the “Guardian” SEC


      • John Good says:

        After thinking about this today, I feel that this “insider-trading thing” is NOT what Sundance has uncovered, as unfortunately Congress has made it LEGAL for themselves to engage in this “questionable activity” & some of them are making so much money off it, that they do not want it to stop!
        How else does one get elected to Congress, make under $300,000/yr. salary & retire with millions of $$$ in their bank account?
        Since Congress has to pass a law making insider-trading illegal for themselves, are they really going to do it? I certainly wouldn’t IF I was in that position!
        Sundance would have wasted 2 years of research & investigation on this, because Congress is not going to make it illegal for themselves to “get off the gravy train”! IMO.


    • Right to reply says:

      John Brennan income/investments. Only one I can find https://cryptome.org/2015/06/cia-john-brennan-financial.pdf


    • bshaw7369610 says:

      As a CPA, I have been shouting from the rooftops that all we need to do to keep these criminals in check is audit them and their closest friends and family annually. If you want to be in charge of the levers of power, whether on a large scale like as in POTUS, or on the lowest of scales, as in your Local County Representative, you should have to submit to regular audits of you and your family/friends.

      I know this sounds like over reach to some, but I’m sorry, we are entrusting you with the keys to the mint. You want to be an honest upstanding servant of your constituents then this shouldn’t be a problem. As far as the friends being audited, the only thing that you really need to do is a general light review. Make sure they don’t own any businesses that may have cut a check to you or your family members, and that they themselves didn’t cut any large checks to you and your family members. Nor did they receive any grants that weren’t properly obtained through and anonymous bidding process. You don’t have to do a full on audit and disrupt their lives.

      This is why Rand Paul and his father appeal to me so much. They are big on auditing the entire fed. Which I think is a fantastic idea. Why can’t we see where all our tax money is going? This would also vastly help reign in our freakin WASTE!!! We let these sleaze balls get away with so much on our watch. WE have got to bring them to HEEL. And I mean immediately!!

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      • Anon says:

        That is a simple but brilliant idea.


      • ropala says:

        This a great post, but there are too may dishonest public accounting auditors who take the allure of a big payout. In addition, once you start asking the right questions, you are gone. In the case of the Defense Contract Audit Agency, one congressional phone call and the audit goes away. The amount of money an auditor is allowed to recoup in relation to the amount wasted and stolen is the equivalent to the amount of breadcrumbs recouped in relation to all of the bread baked in every bakery in the United States. That and the fact that the audit takes place five to six years after the year being audited has passed. No auditor worth anything would stand for that. Audits have never been and will never be a priority as long as those on both sides of the audit don’t want to rock the boat. I have rocked the boat many times and I have had my life threatened and even once you expose the problems and deceit, it’s thanks and get out. I take solace in sleeping well at night, but those willing to die or even have a career ruined or sidetracked for exposing the truth are precious few.


    • Dave Ryan says:

      Explains so much, I can only imagine all whom abused the NSA

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    • Dave Ryan says:

      Explains so much, I can only imagine all whom abused the NSA


    • Dave Ryan says:

      Explains so much, I can only imagine all whom abused the NSA


    • Dave Ryan says:

      Explains so much, I can only imagine all whom abused the NSA


    • Dave Ryan says:

      Explains so much, I can only imagine all whom abused the NSA

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    • ropala says:

      None of these trades would ever see the light of day on a Form 1040, Schedule D, so seizing tax returns is useless. None of this pre-spent cash ever sees the light of day in a U.S. financial institution. None of the trades are conducted with a U.S. brokerage firm. If any of these fine folks get sloppy and lazy and transact within the U.S., perhaps there would finally be an audit trail. No CPA firm would ever spill the beans on any non-profit firm paying handsome fees for the firm’s “blessing”, and instead look away. When you start asking the real questions, you are unceremoniously terminated.


    • Hoggette Winslow says:

      Susan, are you on Twitter? If so, what is your ID?

      Fascinating insights!


    • John K. Donovan says:

      SusanPhD, Brennan’s stock dealings were even worse than you imagine. He set up an intelligence information monopoly in the NCTC and then retired from there to become Pres & CEO of the key contractor (The Analysis Corp.) supporting the NCTC the very next day. Then Brennan helped sell TAC to a British Private Military Contractor with the express purpose of spinning TAC off for an IPO. Brennan was made a Board member of the new company and arranged for TAC’s legacy 401K plan (with TAC stock in it) to pass to the new company with no internal changes (the value of the stock in TAC in the 401K became the same value of stock in the new company’s 401K). And this pass through of internal structure of the 401K continued through to the ultimate company named Sotera Defense Industries, NASDAQ: GTEC. Before the IPO, GTEC notified the SEC they would hold a 60,000 to 1 stock split. The SEC asked GTEC to clarify the 60,000 to 1 split and GTEC confirmed it.
      Brennan left TAC=GTEC=Sotera and became Obama’s Natl Sec Advisor for Counterterrorism – where he had key influence over all Administration decisions about counterterrorism spending. Almost a year later GTEC held that IPO and the stock price settled on $10.50 a share.
      Brennan listed the TAC 401K on his White House Disclosure in 2009, with a value of $150,000. Let’s say he had 1,000 shares of TAC in the account at that value. Well, following a 60,000 to 1 split, Brennan might now have 60,000,000 shares with a value of $630 million dollars.

      Brennan became CIA Dir. in 2013 and his financial disclosure forms no longer carried the TAC 401K, it carried the Sotera 401K with the same value as the TAC 401K from 4 years earlier. As Dir. CIA, Brennan would have considerable influence on counterterrorism spending by the Obama Administration.
      TAC=GTEC=Sotera was then taken private and then ultimately ended up in KeyW. If I recall correctly the share prices during all these sales, etc. were significant… and Brennan listed the Sotera 401K on his seperation 401K from the CIA in 2020.

      This type of insider trading is illegal as well.


      • John says:

        Correction: Brennan listed the Sotera 401K on his separation financial disclosure in 2016.
        To recap – he established an information monopoly at the Natl. Counterterrorism Center in 2004 – it controlled all CT analysis efforts of the entire US Intel Community (EXCEPT for EXCLUSIVELY domestic terrorism) – remember Ft Hood, Christmas Underwear bombing, Norway mass shooting in 2011, and Boston Marathon bombing all had a foreign terrorism tie in and therefore the NCTC controlled all the information leading up to these attacks. That control meant the NCTC’s Brennan appointed analysts could (and did) withhold key information from the FBI, etc. that would allow these attacks to succeed. Successful attacks on the US leads to increased funding for the NCTC – and increased billing for the key NCTC contractors like TAC and its successor companies (GTEC & Sotera). Increased funding for TAC=GTEC=Sotera meant a massive increase in the value of Brennan’s stock in his TAC=GTEC=Sotera 401K account. This is all documented in Brennan’s financial disclosure forms (2009 through 2016) and the SEC documents regarding TAC being spun off for an IPO and ending up as Sotera Defense.


  6. lambgraham says:

    You give the conspirators too much credit. The only way they are “smart” is due to the fact there is not a honest man in D.C.
    The following are either involved in the cover up, participants, or delaying the investigation of the coup on the President of US:
    Pompeo (has not turned over FOIA requests)
    Justice Robert’s
    Federal Court of DC
    The village idiot would be smart if this group was running interference.
    Sundance, Like I said in an earlier comment, you and your team remind me of my friend who investigated Madoff. He worked on it for 8 years before he gave up. Hopefully, your results will have a better outcome. The stakes are much higher and dangerous. Be safe.

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  7. Patriot1783 says:

    SD, please create the “Hollywood Prison Squares” graphic! It would be like the 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate one… but only in reverse.
    Obama smack dab in middle, surrounded by Biden, Clinton, Rice, Brennan, Clapper, Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Nadler, Warner, Burr, Comey, Mueller, Weissman, Strzok, Page and all the rest of the democrats, rinos, their foreign connections and media who had their hands in their treasonous plot to overthrow a duly elected United States President.

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    • Fools Gold says:

      I would prefer a deck of cards similar to the deck created for Iraq war. It would be awesome if the top 52 bad guys photos could be marked off daily over the next 52 days!

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  8. TwoLaine says:

    Wolfe got a sweetheart deal because he knew an awful lot of stuff they did not want known. They buried a lot of bodies and he would have sung like a bird. There were many illegal data thieves in The Swamp. Their crimes were all being covered up by the UNIParty, including Weiner Boy, Lyin’ Paul Ryan.

    God only knows what all they got, who they sold it to, and who has it now.

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    • Justin Green says:

      IF I were in Wolf’s shoes, I wouldn’t accept a deal just based on the threat that I would squeal. I’d want compensation and future income. Someone needs to see if he has a book deal coming soon.


      • TwoLaine says:

        Doesn’t everyone? It’s book season. The good news is that most of them aren’t doing tours this year. Pisses ’em off to no end. 🙂


  9. rhinobuster says:

    As usual this case is one of …follow the money.

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  10. distracted2 says:

    Knowing this now, it makes the release/leak of the Strzok and Page texts exclusively to Shannon Bream at 11pm eastern, all the more interesting.

    The next morning when it was time for Fox & Friends to air, Fox was still the only media with the information. Or, at least Fox was the only outlet airing the story. The texts dribbled out over the next few days/weeks – to Fox. The hosts were like kids in a candy store.

    Every detail of the coup was planned to the nth degree so releasing it to Fox was obviously planned.
    So, was Fox complicit, over the moon to have an exclusive, or just plain naive? None of these is a good look.

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  11. I can remember when the optimistic working-theory behind those seemingly serendipitous “leaks” was that there were undercover “Whitehats” working in secrecy to preserve the Union. Even that time, that theory seemed implausible because no one with “hands on” knowledge ever came out in real time to challenge or expose the corrupt activities of any coup plotters.

    ALL was revealed after-the-fact. Which always led to the conclusion that, since none of it occurred in a vacuum, the entire DoJ and FBI were corrupt.


    • canoehustler says:

      The lack of legitimate whistle blowers who see the corruption in the FBI and report it, plus the way the IG reports are slanted to tone down abuses or even pretend that they don’t exist confirms your view of corruption. I mean, there is not one honest whistle-blower out of thousands of employees? Nope, nothing to see here.


    • MTB says:

      I was hoodwinked at the time, but now I think I understand:

      1) Front-run the story and control the narrative,
      2) Push the leak to media entities and see who will take the bait (run the story), or even do your own leak-tracing,
      3) Ruin the investigation by releasing non-public information from it,
      4) Give a heads-up to the co-conspirators so they can get their story straight.

      Liked by 2 people

  12. thingsgoround says:

    I have been pondering on something that has been bothering me. Since Mueller’s team knew POTUS was innocent and declared it 2 years later, could there have been an additional reason why the Special Council (SC) was created? After Hitlery lost to Pres. Trump, the swamp creatures knew he would find out how deep the tentacles of corruption ran. Could the creation of SC have been a means of distraction so they could clean up and bury evidence that would eventually come to the light exposing them? They knew they never had anything on Pres. Trump. They knew they had nothing to take him down for. Did the swamp creatures feed this Russia narrative to the public to by them time in getting their deeds well hidden and/or destroyed and also hoping to take down the POTUS?. After 2 years they thought they had it all taken care of and then…

    then comes Sundance with his flashlight.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Puzzled says:

      Hopefully there was one person with integrity close enough to collect information on the coup. Any person with integrity would have been excluded, boxed out or frankly would never get promoted to any level that would have knowledge. But just maybe there is one person who couldn’t abide.


      • JustLittleOldMe says:

        Is it possible the swamp spied on their very own in-the-know group? If one started to talk it would quickly be known and the unfortunate ‘accident’ (or suicide) would take place before any damaging information got off the ground. No ties to any other happenings of course, just an unfortunate but convenient death.

        We know about the heart attack guns that they’ve had for decades. Could they have also developed a covid-19 ‘gun’? A political foe conveniently dead and, double-deep-state points – another Covid death to blame on President Trump.


    • Correct…Mueller’s team knew there was nothing there…the emphasis was to bait PDJT into a process crime ie obstruction or pressure a Manafort or Stone into a ridiculous charge that the President would need to respond to hence obstruction.

      How he managed not to take the bait in all this is a miracle.

      Liked by 5 people

    • John Taylor says:

      My gut reaction was that Mueller ws there to bury and obfuscate and destroy whatever incriminating evidence possible.


    • Nate says:

      I believe you are right in you assessment. I’ve read this perspective before, that is, the SC was in part established to give the Deep State time to cover its tracks.


  13. StanH says:

    AG Barr if any of your droids are looking in on CTH, “WE KNOW.”

    If you care about the USA and the Rule of Law it’s time to pull the snare and capture these swamp rats. Thinking, God fearing, productive, Constitution loving, flag waving, free Americans now know for certain that our great country is under attack from within.

    Do you want to be that person who goes down in infamy as the man that attempted to allow the lights to go out on that “shinning city on a hill.” Whose NWO creds and dedication out weigh the need for the USA to exist and give a bow to the UN’s Agenda 21. We’ll see.

    For you sir, “It’s a time for choosing.”

    Liked by 7 people

  14. ulmerzille says:

    For the moment, I believe most American citizens are willing to allow the AG and his associates to continue the Coup investigations through to its conclusion. However, if the punishments do not fit the crimes, one can expect repercussions on the guilty. Irate citizens will not be as kind as the LEOs will regarding rights of the guilty.

    Liked by 2 people

    • gary says:

      that is what sundance said. he will show a two tier system,one for you and me, and one for,say, warner. it must be stark enough evidence for sundance to be confident of the public outcry.


    • MGBSE says:

      In future history books the simple comment after AG William P. Barr’s name … his wife was best friends with Mueller’s wife.


  15. Hire a Public Relations firm,or heckbetter one that Trump uses or call Judaical Watch and have them help get the correct public view of this blog enhanced.

    In fact merge with Judaical Watch,,, theconservativetreehouse part, “Media Watch and Investigations”

    Grow your reach and gain more acceptability .


  16. I’m Officially Worn Out. Call me when something happens.

    Liked by 1 person

  17. proudofpatriots says:

    The pieces of this puzzle are all over the place. Thank you, Sundance, for putting them together and showing the travesty of the big picture. It’s jaw-dropping and disheartening that so many people in the D.C. world are corrupt and so few good guys were willing and able to do the right thing. When people are ready to ruin innocent lives for power, their actions are just plain evil.

    How many of these corrupt people are just vicious by nature or were corrupted as a result of pressure. Remember that Maxine Waters revealed that Barack Obama possessed a “kind of database that no-one has ever seen before,” with “information about everything, on every individual.” I surmise that information was gleaned from “about” queries by contractors and others. It would be great to see the names of people who were the subject of queries. No doubt, they are Republicans, Democrats, Judges, lawyers, lobbyists, CEOs, members of the media, and any private citizen the Obama Administration would want to pressure at some point. A release of those names would be eye-opening to many. It’s disgusting but, really, how does Justice Roberts rule the way he does without something nefarious going on.

    When all this stuff comes out, thanks to Sundance, I fear the leftist media will either not report it or allege it’s all a political hit job by President Trump and his administration. I’m praying that some of the co-conspirators flip and are not silenced. Plea agreements are fine but I can hear the media saying that these co-conspirators pleaded guilty to stuff they didn’t do – just like General Flynn. UGH. Let’s hope people “see” the incontrovertible evidence.

    Once again, God is trying to teach patience as we await the full disclosure of all of the truth. Bless you, Sundance.

    Liked by 1 person

    • gary says:

      the media will definitely pan anything. the grand jury is what counts. when a citizen is seated on a grand jury, it is said that a sense of duty to the truth takes over,even when they were tainted before.


      • Armchair Quarterback says:

        That most certainly was not my experience! The jury I participated on was quoting L A Law like it was the holy grail. It was a very scary and eye opening experience indeed!


  18. @ChicagoBri says:

    Couldn’t some DC or NYC attorneys file ethics complaint against the clowns who ran the Mueller inquisition?


  19. scotsamurai says:

    Justice has now cleared the FISA applications as all having sufficient basis for probable cause.


  20. Bud White says:

    So from reading these comments, this whole corrupt, deep state seems extremely evil and goes into the inner bowels of the Gov. What if the American public are offered a “report” from Barr? Is that it?
    This same deep state is currently attempting to destroy an honorable and just man, Gen. Flynn.
    When does the military top brass grow a pair and intervene?
    Does anyone in our military have the integrity and honor to stand up to this menace or are all those slogans and pledges and salutes and perfectly pressed suits with neat little bars on them just a bunch of BS?

    Please don’t tell me that the top brass don’t know what’s going on either.
    They know everything and more.


    • E-9 and the few E-10’s on down to E-4’s lead and win the wars.

      A few battle field promoted Enlisted make it to Captian in Army and Marines
      The Navy knows it rules to world as its a water world, thus we must watch the Navy Admirals to closest.
      These things sitting around D C in uniform are more corrupt than the elected scum.


  21. gsonFIT says:

    I think the only VP candidate Biden can select is Susan Rice. She will be a defender of the Obama corruption. No one else could or would do it


  22. MGBSE says:

    Did the Special Counsel Team create Q … too?


  23. plymouthpatriot says:

    First time poster here, happy to find CTH and a comment section populated by sane individuals. Sundance, my prayers are with you!

    Could the missing link be the evidence that is being held by judge Sullivan in the Gen. Flynn case? Why is the judge willing to break procedure and risk his career (if anyone holds him accountable) to keep that case open? Until that case is closed, the evidence on record can not be exposed as it is involved in a “current federal investigation”.

    Any direction ya’ll can point me in for further fodder, I’d greatly appreciate it.

    God Bless the USA!!!


  24. Joye Graves says:

    this is heavy stuff. The thing I think about is that we would have never seen any of this stuff if Hill had been anointed. That is why everyone on the left was so freaked out. Our country would have been gone by now if the election turned out different. I truly believe this was a divine intervention.

    Liked by 1 person

  25. avocadodipp says:

    I’m assuming many or all of the documents sundance has listed above have “issues” – meaning the Mueller Team of Evil (MToE) played too cute by half with documents they “laundered” in one way or another. For instance, documents that originally contained evidence of wrongdoing by government, but were grabbed by the MToE (because they were running the DOJ), washed, dried, pressed, and used in its diluted form in their propaganda – altering the evidence to fit their narrative. Sundance said there were numerous examples of this he had found. See Sundance’s post on this subject here:

    The Mueller Team had many firewalls and they threw out all kinds of red herrings – they played us like a fiddle, with the Media helping, of course – and it is ongoing. We are not seeing who the puppet master really is…


  26. Bud White says:

    Who do you suspect the “puppet master” really is? ( Can’t even believe I just typed “puppet master”. Might as well have typed “Dr. Evil”)


    • avocadodipp says:

      I take it you are talking to me (you didn’t hit reply)?

      Maybe a little too dramatic – regretted it after I posted – lol! With WordPress, you can’t go back to edit.

      Guess the question is, why did you narrowly focus on those two words, rather than the paragraph about firewalls and red herrings? In other words, Lisa Page, Bob Mueller, Rod Rosenstein – unimportant. Firewalls. Red Herrings. Smoke and mirrors. Yes, I think Evil is a better description of what I’m seeing – Evil.

      For one, Senator Mark Warner, Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee – is a major conduit for the Coup. The Intelligence Committee is apprised of everything and anything that is important to the nation. They are advised (warned) about literally everything – and it’s legal. It’s required by law – pretty sweet! Warner is one of the people – perhaps the main person that sundance is talking about in this post.

      So, yeah, I’m looking for the puppet master – actually masters – because Peter Strzok is not one – he is a useful idiot. I’m looking for the conduits. This is massive.


  27. Richard Whitney says:

    McCabe picked that team. Mueller inherited them after.


  28. Jay Wiz says:

    Is the Atkinson on the Special Counsel team graphic at 2 o’clock any relation to IG Atkinson?


  29. ATheoK says:

    Excellent analysis, Sundance.

    I was trying to imagine the work involved and I couldn’t come up with enough hours in a day to work out all of these details.

    Quite literally, tracking every bit of data by audience, by person, by date, by time down to seconds.

    Tracking every Federal Government action by who performed, who supported, who aided,
    who ran cover;
    who approved and the entire chain of approval authority involved in the approval;
    what was the apparent product;
    What is the normal method for the action(s) and approvals, etc. etc.

    I immensely appreciate your efforts Sundance nor do I envy you your chosen path and tasks.


  30. pristach says:

    It’s a shame Sy Hersh sat this one out. He would have appreciated what SD is doing.

    In Hersh’s absence, iI humbly suggest a tete a SD tete with Matt Taibbi on his travels. May prove productive.

    Liked by 1 person

  31. Zorro says:

    Meet the Cleanup Man

    Uniparty at its best. Decades deep.


  32. Never give in, if this does not get arrest and jail time, start over, never let u


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