DC Circuit Agrees to Sullivan Request for En Banc Hearing…

The full bench of the DC Circuit Court of Appeals in Washington DC has agreed to consider whether judge Sullivan should be forced to dismiss a felony charge against Michael Flynn.  The insanity continues.

Everything about this case has been bizarre including Judge Sullivan’s refusal to accept the unopposed motion to dismiss the case. Now the full DC Circuit panel will hear arguments about why Sullivan should be allowed to continue the case without DOJ prosecution.

It appears the court has pinned their en banc acceptance on the notion that Judge Sullivan had yet to issue a final ruling prior to the writ of mandamus (asking the appeals court to intervene).  The panel is asking the DOJ and Flynn defense to explain why “no other adequate means to attain the relief” is possible, if Sullivan has yet to rule.

Oral arguments are scheduled for August 11, 2020.

“Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power.  Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand. Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist, with the breastplate of righteousness in place, and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace.”

~ Ephesians 6:10-18

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538 Responses to DC Circuit Agrees to Sullivan Request for En Banc Hearing…

  1. Super Elite says:

    I think Paul appealed to Caesar when he went before the next judge whose name was Festus. I guess Gen Flynn will eventually have to appeal to the Supreme Court– our modern day Caesar.

    That’s modern justice for you.


  2. pierredelecto says:

    I have an alternate view on this.

    I think the judges are right.

    If I were a judge hearing this case, I would say to the DOJ:
    “The reasons for withdrawing the prosecution you have laid out suggests nothing short of a criminal conspiracy to frame and maliciously prosecute the defendant. If evidence of this exists, why has no one been prosecuted?”

    I would not allow the DOJ to drop the case until there are indictments.

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    • RJ says:

      I find your point of view somewhat compelling. What are the odds?

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      • An says:

        Low. I once held the same point of view, but seeing Sullivan appoint an amicus that had prejudged the case then issue a show cause order trying to slap Flynn with perjury charges burned away any semblance of credibility I was willing to give the man.

        Not that anyone would have noticed, but I stopped putting ‘judge’ anywhere near that man’s name around that time having previously been willing to give him a measure of respect and having an open mind that perhaps he had not prejudged the case.

        Alas, I apparently missed signs earlier that he was watching Madcow conspiracy theories instead of his own courtroom.

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        • OmegaManBlue says:

          Yes Sullivan is a clearly biased judge. He also called Flynn a traitor and his lawyer a plagiarist. And he also hasn’t done anything to the people that withheld Brady material despite his standing order.

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    • ezgoer says:

      That is not the judiciary’s call — whether to prosecute or not. You just stood the Constitutional creation of separation of powers on its head. It’s the executive branch’s decision to prosecute or not. Every judge who violates the Constitution should be removed from the bench.

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      • pierredelecto says:

        No. The DOJ is alleging serious criminal misconduct on the part of FBI agents as the basis for dismissing the case against Flynn. There is a disconnect between what they are telling the court and how the lack of prosecution for the crimes being alleged.

        How could the court take the DOJ’s claims seriously right now?

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        • OmegaManBlue says:

          So if it was a rape charge and the prosecution dropped the charge even though one party admitted to it to protect his family? The prosecution knows they didn’t do it and have DNA that proves it? Man can’t take back plea? And innocent people in prison can’t be release because they lied?

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          • Dwayne Diesel says:

            Just watch the Netflix series “The Confession Tapes.” After watching that if I am ever caught up in a police investigation for whatever reason, I am getting a lawyer. Law enforcement is relentless and will just push and push.

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            • OmegaManBlue says:

              Yes, get a lawyer. I recommend people watching this video ever few years as a reminder of what to do if ever questioned by the police.

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              • groucho says:

                Very good talk, easy to listen to.

                The lawyer who gives the presentation demonstrates how true it is that “anything you say may be used to incriminate you, but never to exonerate you”. Anything you say in your defense under interrogation is considered self-serving hearsay and will be struck out at the motion of the prosecution at trial. If you want to protest your innocence you have to submit yourself to cross examination by a hostile prosecutor.

                This talk is followed in the same video by a senior police detective at the same law school working on his J.D. part time, who begins by saying “I agree with everything you’ve just said”, but manages to make out a case for police methods by appearing to be reasonable and open minded.


      • ann says:

        I agree, for different reasons. The mere fact that this pack of permanent tyrants is continuing to prosecute General speaks to the fusion of all three branches.
        What I’ve learned from stunts like DoJ/ Wolfe/Senate Intell is simple.

        The constitutional principles and ethical standards we used to boast of are myths.

        In large, our values as Americans: restrained government, Balance of power, 3 branch as checks and balances, bill of rights, innocence or guilt, even basics: a country that protects its border and citizens,, are not reality or anywhere approaching it.

        In finer lens, our system lost defined authority, distinct spheres of responsibility, and of course, accountability.
        Again I’ll use Ukraine.That weeping Ambassadress . She’s part of a glob, boosters fond of the former regime. I recall a pudgy NSC Officer, Resist@Pentagon.anon, hallway snoopers, an IG, plue the usual horde of Lawfire travelers.

        Loyalists of Ukraine’s former regime , I noted, booted out for corruption.
        Their enmeshment, anger, and lack of objectivity were not even concealed.
        Fuzzy, emotional solidarity is NOT diplomacy.
        Does anyone there respect boundaries? These globs exist interagency, remote from chain of command,

        Conclusion: I doubt AG Barr has the DoJ under uncontrol, yet.
        Same goes for Secretary of State, and our military.
        It’s all a muddle, no defined lines of authority. Operations must be a joy .

        We have made a strong start, and our team can run circles around these weaklings.

        We have a long way to go and I certainly don’t blame the President, AG Barr , Pompaeo , for things like Epstein’s death, or not catching leakers. I’m happy we got them in 😃 oh yeah, this is just my opinion

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        • Beverly says:

          What you said. President Trump’s quixotic attempt to haul America back out of the clutches of the international/globalist mob that have been gang-raping her has ripped the covers off for all of us to see.

          We are ruled. Our laws have been hollowed out. The America we love so dearly is like the hollow husk of a cicada bug clinging to a tree: the living thing that was inside it is gone.

          So, friends, what do we do now?

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      • Leslie Mccarver says:

        Law school day 1: a court is a trier of fact. The end.


    • Chilidog says:

      This is a very good point. The doj is allowing this nonsense to continue by refusing to file charges against the conspirators. It seems like they should have filed charges on the same day they dropped the case, or shortly thereafter.

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      • Rob says:

        The DOJ refusing to file charges against the conspirators should not negatively affect General Flynn, yet it is.

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      • Dwayne Diesel says:

        Or maybe there are charges filed. Sealed waiting for the completion of other investigations. which are also tied to the whole plot. Granted I am skeptical of that alternative but it’s still a plausible (in part or whole) scenario.


      • BARR & WRAY are on the DOJ coverup team > have John Ratcliffe as DNI declassify the entire RussiaGate file on Aug 03 and be done will all the smoke and mirrors


    • Georgia says:

      Are you living in a dream world? That is not why they are doing this…they are political Dem Judges trying to screw Trump over and screwing Flynn over is a way to do that…there is no fairness involved in this — the Federal Judiciary is a joke — complete and total as it the FBI…get a clue.

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      • doohmax says:

        For the past 4 plus years, any action taken by an member of any bureaucracy at the national and international level and any action taken by national or international media is done for the sole purpose of damaging, impeding and removing Donald Trump from office by any means necessary. Period. No further analysis needed. If it damages Trump, push the narrative. If Trump proves correct, ignore the narrative.

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    • indy0704 says:

      I disagree. Sullivan can sanction the DOJ and still dismiss the case. Refer to the Ted Stevens case, which he presided over.


    • oodeluph says:

      What you are suggesting is illegal. A court can only hear the case before them involving just the defendant before them. They cannot traipse around for other guilty parties for other offenses. If, for example the case before them was murder and it turned out the guilty party was not the defendant before the bench, all they could do would be to dismiss the case. The police would then hare off in search of the murderer.
      In this case, there is already a criminal investigation into what happened around Flynn‘s attempted lynching, with its own special prosecutor, independent of but in conjunction with John Durham, U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Texas John Bash. Heads will roll and there will be serious jail time. These investigations do not yield “reports”; they yield criminal indictments.
      This said, there is not a single shred of legal justification for the insane overreach of first Sullivan and now the wildly partisan D.C. court of appeals (4 Obama judges and 3 appointed by Clinton). What is going on is sheer madness, designed to force a pardon instead of freeing a completely innocent man!

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    • oodeluph says:

      What you are suggesting is illegal.
      A court can only hear the case before them involving just the defendant before them. They cannot traipse around for other guilty parties for other offenses. If, for example the case before them was murder and it became clearly evident that the guilty party was not the defendant before the bench, all they could do would be to dismiss the case. The police would then be free to hare off to arrest the guilty party.. In this case, there is already a criminal investigation into what happened around Flynn‘s attempted lynching, with its own special prosecutor, independent of but in conjunction with John Durham, U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Texas John Bash. Heads will roll and there will be serious jail time. These investigations do not yield “reports”; they yield criminal indictments.
      Flynn has so much evidence that he was railroaded that this travesty of justice should have been dismissed out of hand. Sullivan is a judge, not a prosecutor. Neither he nor this appeals kangaroo court has any standing whatsoever in the prosecution’s right to dismiss. This said, there is not a single shred of legal justification for the insane overreach of first Sullivan and now the wildly partisan D.C. court of appeals (4 Obama judges and 3 appointed by Clinton). What is going on is sheer madness, plain and simple. What we are witnessing is nothing less than an enabled, Leftist cancer ripping apart the separation of powers and the foundation of our Constitutional Republic.

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    • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

      Interesting isn’t it the approach the DOJ took as reasoning to drop the case:
      Extremely minimalist:

      There wasn’t a valid reason to interview Flynn in the first place and
      his lies weren’t material lies (they already knew what he had said in the call, so a “lie” could not impede their case)

      They never use the word “conspiracy” and completely leave out any reference to Van Gracks “misdeeds”….interactions with Covington to hide Giglio material and his now obvious Brady violations.

      Seems DOJ is holding that back for other investigations or disposal under the rug.

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    • Janus says:

      A clever way of looking at it. However, the rationale for the entire Court is much simpler: keep Flynn on ice for as long as possible in hopes Trump loses in November. If he does, then Flynn’s ONLY hope is a presidential pardon–which still leaves the taint of guilt for Flynn and, more importantly, cuts off his avenue to seek damages from the DOJ for malicious prosecution, and damages from Eric Holder’s law firm for incompetent (or worse) representation.

      If Trump wins, the entire DC Circuit Court could make a bizarre ruling that extends the case by allowing Judge Sullivan to engage in judicial malfeasance out of spite for General Flynn and to prevent him from joining the Trump administration. Of course, eventually, this case will be dismissed, but it’s the “when” that is critical.


    • dayallaxeded says:

      Gen. Flynn should be compensated for DOinJ’s malfeasance and criminality, not strung along as a vehicle to correct what Barrky should’ve prosecuted before he tooted the first squawk from his bagpipes. Should a person wrongfully convicted sit on death row until the real perp gets prosecuted? The DC Corruptocourt is exalting procedure over substance and pretending not to know the facts of this case, just as progzis always do. Except they’re also ignoring the most fundamental element of both procedure and substance–standing. Sulliedvan never should’ve been entertained in the original argument and should have to SD&STFU now, b/c he’s not a party–he’s only entitled to notice of the proceeding, since the order on mandamus is directed to him. If he is a “party” to a “case or controversy” as required for federal jurisdiction, then he has a position adverse to one or both of the original parties and must, absolutely without any hesitation or equivocation, recuse.

      Arguably, Sulliedvan should hold a hearing on the DOJ motion, hear any arguments of counsel, then rule. That ruling could then be reviewed on a complete record on appeal, if necessary. That would be the ordinary course, but Sulliedvan sent this routine procedure off the rails when he commissioned a known, highly biased LawFare operative to argue/brief in a manner to support Sulliedvan’s pre-conceived intention to deny dismissal and force appointment of another political “specious persecutor” to continue the travesty against Gen. Flynn. To be a liberal DC Corruptocourt judge, you have to pretend not to know a whole lot of stuff, even though it’s written, filed, and has already been argued in the public court records.


  3. Bryan Alexander says:

    I am not a lawyer. There is my caveat. The Flynn Case is two pronged, as far as the Democrats are concerned.

    1. Obtain a “Guilty Plea” ruling against Flynn. Unfortunately, the Flynn guilty plea is still on the table. This is no longer about “good law”, “bad law” or even about “precedent”. Russia-gate completely collapsed. There was no collusion. There was no obstruction. What they NEED so that the media can beat the Democrat’s drums, is a “Guilty” verdict against Michael Flynn so that they can spin the entire Russia Narrative as actually true. I predict that Sullivan will deny Flynn’s motion and sentence him based on his guilty plea. He will ignore the DOJ’s motion to dismiss. Sullivan will deliver his part. They won’t care if it is dismissed are year or so from now.

    2. In order for the judges to abdicate the law and rules of Federal Procedure as badly as they have, they are HIGHLY motivated. These judges are protecting the first black president. It would be a monumental disaster if THE TRUTH were revealed to the world. Flynn must be denied the ability to audit the Intelligence Community as he planned. IMO, that is where the “bodies are buried”. The abuses must be monumental. We already know that Obama used the Intelligence Apparatus to spy on his political opponents. What else is there?

    FWIW, this is the biggest abuse of the judiciary I have ever seen in my life. but when the House of Representatives is encouraging all kinds of unlawful activity, and the judges know they will NOT be sanctioned in any way, this is what you get.

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    • WhiteBoard says:

      good thoughts.

      i am tired of this black, racist, constant drumming thing.

      we need americans in positions.

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    • Tl Howard says:

      “In order for the judges to abdicate the law and rules of Federal Procedure as badly as they have, they are HIGHLY motivated. These judges are protecting the first black president.”

      Okay, believable, for sure, BUT, they must be hanging on Barr’s every word just as we have been. They can see the writing on the wall: Durham has shit on the first black President AND his administration. How can they bank on what Durham HAS not making them look as crooked as the crooks he’s been investigating?

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      • Dwayne Diesel says:

        “How can they bank on what Durham HAS not making them look as crooked as the crooks he’s been investigating?”

        Tl, I think they are just that arrogant. I truly think it’s that simple.

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    • joebkonobi says:

      Yep, if Sullivan is allowed to continue General Flynn will be declared guilty. Big miscarriage of justice. As Trump would say the fix is in. They also want to set Trump u to pardon Flynn so they can falsely accuse Trump of a coverup. The only thing that will stop this insanity is for repubs to tale the House and to impeach Sullivan.

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    • Bryan- excellent post, really nailed it.


    • Janus says:

      Spot on!! Totally agree. This is all about keeping Flynn away from re-joining the Trump Administration and uncovering revealing the corruption in the intelligence community (and, of course, protecting our first half-black president).

      I agree that Judge Sullivan will most likely be allowed to sentence Flynn on the plea agreement, thus “tainting” Flynn. No matter the eventual outcome (Flynn’s complete exoneration), the guilty plea and judgment by Sullivan will be used by the Dems, the media AND a significant number of RINOs to keep Flynn from rejoining the Trump administration.

      Oh, and the other benefit will be to prevent Flynn from suing the DOJ over malicious prosecution, and suing for damages against Eric Holder’s law firm for gross and incompetent misrepresentation.

      General Flynn will never receive justice as the Ruling Class / Deep State intends to make an example of him and they will not be stopped short of raw, brute force (which I heartily and enthusiastically endorse).

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  4. L4grasshopper says:

    I seem to recall someone on here noting that all it takes to convene the “en banc” panel is for one judge to request it.

    That judge was likely the tool who voted against Flynn in the 3 judge panel — Wilkins (?)

    My question: why isn’t Sullivan himself being compelled to answer the oral questions of the panel? He’s the damn judge who supposedly is being the legal reasoning in all of this. Why the hell does he neEd counsel?

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    • Mortimer says:

      Takes a majority vote to order an en banc. Any ONE judge can request the vote.

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    • Kazinski says:

      No. Takes a majority of the judges on the circuit to grant the en banc. But the bad news for Sullivan is they just want them to argue whether the mandamus is the only path to getting the case dismissed. Looks like Sullivan can have his hearing, but probably without his appointed amicus arguing, and will be able to rip Flynn, Trump, Bare etc, then he will have to eat his shot sandwich and dismiss the charges.

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  5. gsonFIT says:

    I think they are protecting Eric Holder’s law firm at this point. Seems like if your silk socks are high enough and/or you worked at DOJ you are allowed the path of least resistance type of justice. This form of justice is completely related to how the parties feel about the letter of the law and has absolutely nothing to do with code. You also get extra credit (privilege) if you are a minority or perhaps a social outcast

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  6. TheWanderingStar says:

    How does all this square with the 6th Amendment? Who is the accuser since the DOJ has declined prosecution? How does Gen. Flynn get the opportunity to confront his accuser in this case? Is Sullivan the accuser? On what basis? These shenanigans of the Judiciary must cease!

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  7. Pete says:

    This case is another example that makes me question whether the law and the Constitution are on the side of Liberals? Who is really in charge here?


  8. Hello Kitty says:

    Question: Could Durham be holding his next move(s) until the Flynn case is finally dismissed???

    Sundance, please give your thoughts…if able.


    • beach lover says:

      Or vice versa. its all speculation now.
      But things need to start shaking loose, the pressure is reaching a critical point.


  9. Nowut Ameen says:

    Is this a sample of how the courts will behave in the Biden/Harris admin? Each one a law unto itself?

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  10. Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

    Seems to me that a main tactic of the whole Judicial Flynn Fiasco besides the obvious DELAYS is to:
    Peek up Barr’s Kilt

    It’s very clear that “THEY” are scared of Barr because they have little to no visibility into what his “bogus Russiagate scandal” investigation is up to.

    It now seems clear that EN BANC will ultimately deny Flynn’s Writ in total and remand this back to Sullivan.
    (We now KNOW…the Circuit had the votes ALL ALONG)
    SCOTUS will not take this up. THEY ALREADY HAVE RULED ON ALL THIS.
    Roberts is a spineless p*ssy and by denying certiorari PRESERVES those prior rulings.

    This resets everything back to May 13, 2020: The Amicus “Investigator” Appointment
    Which according to that original schedule added 2 months MINIMUM

    The Amicus as CONSTITUTED by Sullivan had broad authority and envisioned an investigation into the DOJ itself:
    “First, “the requirement of judicial approval entitles the judge to obtain and evaluate the
    prosecutor’s reasons.” (Hello “INTENT”)

    Here lies the “peek”

    In original oral arguments on Writ, Principal Deputy Solicitor General Jeffrey Wall said
    “The respondent—which is to say the judge—wants to inquire into prosecutorial motives and opinions. His amicus has flat out alleged that there was misconduct by the attorney general on behalf of the president. We’re going to have to respond to these things in proceedings going forward”

    Sullivan’s Amicus (Gleeson) will have free reign and DOJ is in Catch-22 (or is it Catch-23?)
    DOJ could withdraw the Motion to Dismiss
    Back and forth DOJ battles (“proceedings”) with Amicus over materials Gleeson says he “needs”
    If DOJ does not comply with Gleeson’s demands…..Sullivan DENIES motion to dismiss and moves to sentencing and Flynn get’s hammered.

    When it comes to the Flynn Case…..IT NO LONGER MATTERS if Barr indicts EVERYBODY involved.
    This is abundantly clear as SULLIVAN ALREADY HAS the documentary evidence of the “conspiracy” to
    -evade Giglio in going after Flynn’s son
    -Covington’s conflicts on the FARA
    -Van Grack’s multiple violations of Sulivan’s OWN Brady order
    -FBI set up of Flynn and immateriality of his “lies”
    -NO ORIGINAL 302….a requirement to have proven the original case
    …And those are just the documents Sullivan has UNSEALED.

    Flynn’s case will now only be resolved AFTER November 3.
    Trump will pardon him irregardless of the results.


    • Janus says:

      Good analysis. Unfortunately, a pardon is not justice for Flynn. ONLY a complete dismissal of the case with prejudice is justice, which as you analyze, will not be granted to Flynn.

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  11. PMM says:

    This has nothing to do with right and wrong or the rule of law. I believe that it is all a delay tactic. The Obama machine has convinced Judge Sullivan to delay a dismissal at all costs. As soon as the case is dismissed, General Flynn will be free to speak the truth and I bet he has plenty to say about where the bodies are buried. Until that happens his lawyer would have advised him not to say anything publicly. If they can keep him quiet until after the election, they will win. I would not be a bit surprised to wake up on Nov 4 to find that we are suddenly free of Covid and that General Flynn’s case has been dismissed.
    God help us all.


  12. Charles Tate says:

    This is not hard to understand when you connect the dots to the larger enterprise. General Flynn will undoubtedly win here or be pardoned because the law is overwhelmingly on his side. Nevertheless, keeping this prosecution alive fulfills other leftist objectives. First, they clearly intend to use ballot harvesting to the steal the election. They must therefore keep Flynn under a cloud of suspicion to support their planned narrative, if Trump or DOJ object to the sham election, that any objection is illegitimate. I have no doubt but that they will deploy their hackneyed narrative that Putin is involved in this “coup” to undermine the (stolen) election. Next, they need Flynn in the dock to delegitimize any Durham indictments that can then be smeared as partisan electioneering. The election meme was already introduced in the Barr hearing. All that Trump does is illegitimate because it is just to be re-elected, including riots etc, and probably because of Putin. This is preparatory also for October’s complete internet blackout of all but Deep State voices. The big propaganda push comes then with China’s help.

    If Flynn is actually released, and commences his lawsuits for malicious prosecution, even the idiots may come to realize that the entire Russia hoax was a concerted effort to install a dictatorship. There is also the possibility that Flynn has insider information that is the reason they targeted him in the first place. Hopefully he has already debriefed that to trusted people. If not, he should go public in a big way.

    This may even be more sinister in that Flynn needs to be nuetralized so they can count on military support when they arrest Trump and Barr for objecting to the sham election. Maybe if Flynn is released he can alert insiders in the military to take counter measures. Let’s hope this effort is already under-way. After the recent “tells” of traitors like Mattis, Powell, Adm. Mullen, Millie, McRaven, et al. The signal has been transmitted that the military is supporting Deep State.

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  13. william elbel says:

    If as expected August 11 en banc upholds vacating the DOJ ruling to withdraw, then Sullivan will be able to sentence Flynn?

    Anyone want to join a pool betting on the length of the sentence?

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  14. jay says:

    The Trump administration is on trial here. Freedom is on trial.
    The Republic, our way of life, the constitution, it is all on trial.
    This stopped being about Flynn a few rulings ago.
    This is now about our existence.
    If anyone doubts this look at the Barr hearing again.

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  15. cottageavebuckeye says:

    So…at the risk of sounding infantile…most here seem convinced the sullivan crowd will stop at nothing to keep flynn (ill)legally muzzled, despite powell’s best efforts. is it beyond the realm of possibility that flynn will publicly attack, flaunt any subsequent gag orders and continuing slaying dragons behind a phalanx of CT supporters?


  16. Donna in Oregon says:

    Who didn’t see this coming? DUH!!

    The Swamp and Deep State must have the 2020 election all ready to go, figured out the 2016 formula that didn’t take real voters into the equation. 2018 was the precursor, test drive.

    They are sure this time. That is what the courts are saying. They are sure that 2020 is in the bag.

    Who would make any voting decisions? Chief Justice Roberts.


    WE KNOW!!

    Get ready….


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