New York Times Editor, Who Received Leaked Wolfe FISA Application From March 17, 2017, Resigns…

The signs are everywhere when you understand the bigger big picture; and you know what to look for:…

…”As places like The Times and other once-great journalistic institutions betray their standards and lose sight of their principles, Americans still hunger for news that is accurate, opinions that are vital, and debate that is sincere. I hear from these people every day. “An independent press is not a liberal ideal or a progressive ideal or a democratic ideal. It’s an American ideal,” you said a few years ago. I couldn’t agree more. America is a great country that deserves a great newspaper.”

Bari Weiss – Resignation Letter

Ms. Ali Watkins was at Buzzfeed when she received the 82 pictures, one per page, of the March 17, 2017, unredacted FISA application from SSCI Director James Wolfe.  Ms. Watkins then parlayed that information, through Weiss, to get a gig at the New York Times.  Soon after, to cover their tracks, the NYT filed a FOIA request for the document they had obtained unlawfully.

On July 21, 2018, having purposefully tanked the Wolfe case grand jury by withholding FBI evidence (June 7, 2018 indictment); the Mueller team fulfilled the FOIA request using the Wolfe leak copy to cover the tracks of the previous NYT reporting.

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214 Responses to New York Times Editor, Who Received Leaked Wolfe FISA Application From March 17, 2017, Resigns…

  1. tax2much says:

    Notice that the NYT has a bagman waiting at the door in picture above to hand Comey his money for selling out his country.

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    • Hmm…I looked back at the picture above, and after seeing that guy, my first impression was of the facade of the building, and the unbidden thought, “People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.” (page 9 of puzzle book: “How many tacit references or puns can you find in that sentence?” …like finding the number of triangles, you know…I always guess, or add up, wrong…no doubt, the correct answer is 1,238…or maybe just 42…well, I found the “shouldn’t throw stones” one anyway.)

      Sundance, is this No. 2 in the series, starting with “Anatomy of a (Wolfe) Leak”, or just a “by the way” observation? You are dedicated, which reminds me the President (also dedicated) looked tired yesterday…if your hair is turning white, like a President after 8 long years, I don’t want to know…no, I want to know, keep it all coming, whatever…I can take it. God, I hope you’re not Bill O’Reilly…(see what we go through?)

      I don’t see a “Dear____” on these new activist articles…”neo-activist”?…and I don’t know whether it’s polite to ask who is the intended famous person(s) being “confronted” by this incontrovertible indictment of all and sundry (hopefully).

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  2. psmithez says:

    Is it possible that Bari Weiss will now help to unravel the Wolfe and Mark Warner connection? Could Lindsay Graham subpoena her?

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  3. Silver Sunday says:

    I am totally confused. Is Ms. Weiss a black hat in disguise of being a white hat?

    On fist glance from her own words she a delightful breath of fresh air in the millennial sheep herd.
    Her words could have been said by her conservative parents. Does she believe them?
    Are we thinking that she was unaware that Ali Watkins was ILLEGALLY in receipt of the FISA on Carter Page?
    Or are we thinking she knew it all along, but Orange Man Bad, so her words about being a Centrist would mean she saw the FISA as a News Worthy item proving the Donald was a fraud and a Russian asset. The ends justify the means when it comes to Trump.
    Her words would mean that if this was where the news was going about Hillary, she would have done the same brave thing (thinking she was in a Deep Throat Historic moment) and would have been complicit in it even if it was Hillary’s loyalty to the US that was being questioned?

    I am sure there was a better more succinct way to say what I just said, so sorry for the wordiness.
    But can someone set me straight in plain English please? I am working on nuance, but sometimes I just need to be told in simple terms of good or bad. THANKS!!!!

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  4. MaineCoon says:

    I could swear I saw POTUS reading this….

    Wow. The @nytimes is under siege. The real reason is that it has become Fake News. They never covered me correctly – they blew it. People are fleeing, a total mess!— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) July 15, 2020

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  5. Mike Short says:

    Ali Watkins is not Bari Weiss. Headline confuses the two. Bari Weiss went to NYT from WSJ in 2017 and only stayed until July 2020. Perhaps this has already been pointed out in previous points.

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  6. Mr e-man says:

    It’s what is on the document. There it is. The FISA leaker was caught because they knew it was Wolfe. They set him up by giving him a changed copy of the real FISA. When he leaked it, they saw it was the version given only to him. Busted.

    So when the Mueller team gave the NYT’s the revised copy for the FOIA, they were trying to match what they knew the Times already had. But that was a mistake that documented their involvement. If they did a true FOIA request release, it would have been the real document, not the revised one used to track a leaker.

    So is that what Sundance means when he says it’s not what’s in the document, it’s what is on the document? Those revisions and identifying marks?

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  7. A Fortified City says:

    Weiss is only interested in one person… she is not on any ones side make no mistake about it she wouldn’t be caught seen with any of us. There is quite a bit of scripture quoted here on this site. Let’s then remember the admonition to be harmless as doves and wise as serpents. Bari is a player. She detects her little gig is up now she looking for a place to go. She is no more than a shapeshifter if she needs to turn green she turns green if brown is required she turns brown. Bari is young and stupid and has absolutely no regard for the wholesome things that grown in the light.

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