Why Fire Dana Boente?…

Do you now understand how the Mueller team, the 17 hired members of the legal resistance operation, were running the DOJ from May 2017 through April 2019? If no, go back through the archives and catch up. If so, invest yourself and read on…

There was an ongoing cover-up operation with its origin going back to June, July and August of 2018 led by the Mueller team, Deputy AG Rosenstein, AAG John C Demers and FBI chief legal counsel Dana Boente.  That cover-up continues through today; though there are indications of accountability. Not strong enough in my opinion; but they do exist.

What is John Durham’s hold up?

Well, first we need to focus on the players…

Start by reminding yourself of a series of documents released by the Senate Judiciary Committee on April 17, 2020. [SEE HERE] Within the release there is a rather alarming letter from the DOJ to the FISA Court dated July 2018. [Link to Letter]

BACKGROUND – After the FISA Court reviewed the December 9, 2019, inspector general report, the FISC ordered the DOJ-NSD to declassify and release documents related to the Carter Page FISA application. In January the FISA court ordered the DOJ and FBI to release certain materials making them public for the first time.

That FISA court order is what led to the Bill Barr DOJ submitting documents to the Senate Judiciary Committee. That court order is what led to the judiciary committee (Senator Lindsey Graham) releasing those documents.   The 2020 FISA court was forcing sunlight on the DOJ and FBI.  AG Bill Barr is not adverse to this sunlight; but everyone else, including the players from 2017-2019 who were running Main Justice, are.

In the cover letter for this specific release to the Senate Judiciary and Senate Intelligence committees, the Bill Barr DOJ cites the January 7, 2020, FISA court order:

Keep in mind that prior to this release only the FISA court had seen this letter from the DOJ-National Security Division (DOJ-NSD), as transmitted by the Mueller resistance unit.

As we walk through the alarming content of this 2018 letter I think you’ll identify the motive behind the FISC order to release it.

First, the letter in question was sent by the DOJ-NSD to the FISA Court on July 12, 2018. It is critical to keep the date of the letter in mind as we review the content. Remember, the Mueller resistance unit was in control.

Aside from the date the important part of the first page is the motive for sending it. The DOJ (Mueller resistance unit) is telling the court in July 2018: based on what they know the FISA application still contains “sufficient predication for the Court to have found probable cause” to approve the Carter Page FISA application. The DOJ (Team Mueller) is defending the Carter Page FISA application as still valid.

However, it is within the justification of the application that alarm bells are found. On page six the letter identifies the primary participants behind the FISA redactions:

As you can see: Christopher Steele is noted as “Source #1”. Glenn Simpson of Fusion-GPS is noted as “identified U.S. person” or “business associate”; and Perkins Coie is the “U.S-based law firm.”

Now things get very interesting.

On page #8 when discussing Christopher Steele’s sub-source, the DOJ notes the FBI found him to be truthful and cooperative.

This is an incredibly misleading statement to the FISA court because what the letter doesn’t say is that 18-months earlier the sub-source, also known in the IG report as the “primary sub-source”, informed the FBI that the material attributed to him in the dossier was essentially junk.

Let’s look at how the IG report frames the primary sub-source, and specifically notice the FBI contact and questioning took place in January 2017 (we now know that date to be January 12, 2017):

Those interviews with Steele’s primary sub-source took place in January, March and May of 2017; and clearly the sub-source debunked the content of the dossier itself.

Those interviews were 18-months, 16-months and 14-months ahead of the July 2018 Mueller Team letter to the FISC.

The Mueller Team (DOJ-NSD) says the sub-source was “truthful and cooperative” but the DOJ doesn’t tell the court the content of the truthfulness and cooperation. Why?

Keep in mind this letter to the court was written by AAG John Demers in July 2018.

Jeff Sessions was Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein was Deputy AG; Christopher Wray was/is FBI Director, David Bowditch was/is Deputy, and Dana Boente was/is FBI chief-legal-counsel; the Mueller resistance unit controlled the DOJ and everything that touched upon a total any of at least TEN ongoing DOJ investigations.

Why would the Mueller Team (DOJ-NSD) not be forthcoming with the FISA court about the primary sub-source?  This level of disingenuous withholding of information speaks to an institutional motive. Mueller team is in control.

By July 2018 the DOJ clearly knew the dossier was full of fabrications, yet Mueller’s resistance unit withheld that information from the court and said the predicate was still valid. Why?

It doesn’t take a deep-weeds-walker to identify the DOJ motive.

In July 2018 Robert Mueller’s investigation was at its apex, the resistance unit is in charge, Bob Mueller was a “dear friend” of current AG Bill Barr. Mueller was a figure-head, a face in name only, selected to give credibility to an internal occupation of the DOJ by a resistance unit adverse to the interests of justice.

This letter justifying the FISA application, and claiming the current information would still be a valid predicate therein, speaks to the 2018 Mueller Team needing to retain the validity of the FISA warrant…. My researched suspicion, now confirmed, was that the DOJ needed to protect evidence Mueller had already extracted from their fraudulent FISA authority.

That’s the motive for sending a fraudulent letter to the FISA court.

In July 2018 if the DOJ-NSD had admitted the FISA application and all renewals were fatally flawed Robert Mueller would have needed to withdraw any evidence gathered as a result of its exploitation. The Mueller probe would have suffered severe scrutiny. The DOJ in 2018 was protecting Mueller’s poisoned fruit. The DOJ was being run by the resistance.

If the DOJ had been honest with the court, there’s a strong possibility some, perhaps much, of Mueller evidence gathering would have been invalidated… and cases were pending. The solution: mislead the court and claim the predication was still valid.

This is not simply a hunch, because that motive also speaks to why the FISC would order the current DOJ to release the letter.

Remember, in December 2019 the FISC received the IG Horowitz report; and they would have immediately noted the disparity between what IG Horowitz outlined about the FBI investigating Steele’s sub-source, as contrast against what the DOJ (Mueller Team) told them in July 2018. [Not coincidentally this is when Team Mueller released the FISA application to the public under the fraudulent premise of a FOIA release. They released the exact copies of the previously leaked FISA]

The DOJ letter (July 2018) is a transparent misrepresentation when compared to the information in the Horowitz report (Dec 2019). Hence, the court orders the DOJ THIS YEAR to release the July 2018 letter so that everyone, including congressional oversight and the public can see the misrepresentation.

The court was misled; now everyone can see it.

We can see it.

The content of that DOJ-NSD letter, and the subsequent disparity, points to an institutional cover-up; and as a consequence the FISC also ordered the DOJ to begin an immediate sequestration effort to find all the evidence from the fraudulent FISA application. The proverbial fruit from the poisonous tree…. And yes, that is ongoing.

Moving on… Two more big misstatements within the July letter appear on page #9. The first is the DOJ (Team Mueller) claiming that only after the application was filed did they become aware of Christopher Steele working for Fusion-GPS and knowing his intent was to create opposition research for the Hillary Clinton campaign. See the top of the page.

According to the DOJ-NSD claim the number four ranking official in the DOJ, Bruce Ohr, never told them he was acting as a conduit for Christopher Steele to the FBI. While that claim is hard to believe, in essence what the DOJ-NSD is saying in that paragraph is that the FBI hoodwinked the DOJ-NSD by not telling them where the information for the FISA application was coming from. The DOJ, via John Demers (writing for the resistance), is blaming the FBI.

The second statement, equally as incredulous, is at the bottom of page nine where the DOJ (Team Mueller) claims they had no idea Bruce Ohr was talking to the FBI throughout the entire time any of the FISA applications were being submitted. October 2016 through June 2017.

In essence the claim there is that Bruce Ohr was working with the FBI and never told anyone in the DOJ throughout 2016 and all the way past June 29th of 2017. That denial seems rather unlikely; however, once again the DOJ-NSD is putting the FBI in the crosshairs and claiming they knew nothing about the information pipeline.

Bruce Ohr, whose wife was working for Fusion-GPS and assisting Christopher Steele with information, was interviewed by the FBI over a dozen times as he communicated with Steele and fed his information to the FBI. Yet the DOJ (Team Mueller) claims they knew nothing about it.

Again, just keep in mind this claim by the DOJ-NSD is being made in July 2018, six months after Bruce Ohr was demoted twice (December 2017 and January 2018). If what the DOJ is saying is true, well, the FBI was completely off-the-rails and rogue.

Neither option speaks well about the integrity of either institution; and quite frankly I never bought the DOJ-NSD spin. Why? The reason is simple, the DOJ is claiming in the letter the predication was still valid… if the DOJ-NSD genuinely didn’t know about the FBI manipulation, they would be informing the court in 2018 the DOJ no longer supported the FISA application due to new information. They did not do that. Instead, in July 2018, the Mueller-led resistance unit specifically told the court the predicate was valid, yet the DOJ-NSD knew it was not.

The last point about the July 2018 letter is perhaps the most jarring. Again, keep in mind when it was written Chris Wray is FBI Director, David Bowditch is Deputy and Dana Boente is FBI chief legal counsel.

Their own FBI reports, by three different INSD and IG investigations; had turned up seriously alarming evidence going back to the early 2017 time-frame; the results of which ultimately led to the DC FBI office losing all of their top officials; and knowing the letter itself was full of misleading and false information about FBI knowledge in/around Christopher Steele; this particular sentence is alarming:

“The FBI has reviewed this letter and confirmed its factual accuracy?”


As we have just shared, the July 2018 letter itself is filled with factual inaccuracies, misstatements and intentional omissions. So who exactly did the 2018 “reviewing”?

This declassification release raised more questions than any other in recent memory. It seems likely now this release inspired AG Bill Barr to start asking some rather hard questions to FBI Director Christopher Wray. That’s where Dana Boente’s participation with the group in 2017, 2018 and 2019 comes in to play.

WASHINGTON DC – After a 38-year career with the Justice Department, the FBI’s top lawyer Dana Boente was asked to resign on Friday. Two sources familiar with the decision to dismiss Boente said it came from high levels of the Justice Department rather than directly from FBI Director Christopher Wray.

Here’s the Full Letter. I strongly suggest everyone read the 14-pages slowly. If you know the background, this letter is infuriating…


It is not accidental the fraudulent letter to the FISA court was written on July 12, 2018.

This is the exact same timeframe when the Mueller Team and FBI were involved in two other operations. These are two distinct cover-up operations carried out by the resistance unit to protect their prior activity.

The position of Bill Barr today is a direct result of decisions made by the DOJ (Team Mueller) in the summer of 2018. The events surrounding the March 17, 2017, leaking of the FISA warrant used against U.S. person Carter Page, and the 2018 DOJ decision not to prosecute SSCI Security Director James Wolfe for those leaks, was the fork in the road moment for the DOJ. The Mueller team coordinated the process.

This was the point of no return…

This is when every downstream action had to be taken to cover-up these decisions…

Everything since has been designed to protect three specific cover-up operations…

In the summer of 2018 Attorney General Jeff Session was recused, Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein was in charge and the Mueller investigation was ongoing. That was when the DOJ made a decision not to prosecute SSCI Security Director James Wolfe for leaking classified information (The Page FISA Warrant).

As a result of people at the highest level of power and authority making a decision to protect themselves and the gross abuses of power by current and former DC officials and politicians…. DC-based U.S. Attorney Jessie Liu signed-off on a plea deal where Wolfe plead guilty to only a single count of lying to the FBI.

If the DOJ had pursued the case against Wolfe for leaking the FISA application, everything would have been different. The American electorate would have seen evidence of what was taking place in the background effort to remove President Trump. We would be in an entirely different place today if that prosecution or trial had taken place.

Three events revealed the Wolfe issue and highlight the cover-up:

EVENT ONE – On February 9th, 2018, the media reported on text messages from 2017 between Senate Intelligence Committee Vice-Chairman Mark Warner and Chris Steele’s lawyer, a lobbyist named Adam Waldman.

EVENT TWO – Four months after the Mark Warner texts were made public, on June 8th, 2018, another headline story surfaced. An indictment for Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Security Director James Wolfe was unsealed on June 7th, 2018.

EVENT THREE – Slightly less than two months after release of the Wolfe indictment, another headline story. On July 21st, 2018, the DOJ/FBI declassified and publicly released the FISA application(s) used against former Trump campaign advisor Carter Page.

♦ Later on December 14th 2018 a fourth albeit buried public release confirmed everything. The FBI filed a sentencing recommendation proving it was the Carter Page FISA that was leaked by Wolfe:

So on July 12, 2018, the DOJ and FBI were lying to the FISA court; and telling the court there was reasonable justification for the Carter Page FISA warrant, when they knew that was false. At the same time the DOJ resistance unit and FBI were initiating processes to cover SSCI Security Director James Wolfe leaking the FISA application to the media.

But wait it gets worse….

Simultaneous to the decision to mislead the court; and simultaneous to the decision-making regarding Wolfe; there was yet another (a third) Robert Mueller resistance unit cover-up effort that was also necessary to retain the origin of the Russia-collusion fraud.

To further understand the decision-making of the resistance, and purposeful utility of Rosenstein & Liu as to why they hid the James Wolfe leak, it is important to note the DOJ in the Eastern District of Virginia was creating the cover-story to block sunlight on the origin of how Wikileaks gained the leaked DNC emails.

On April 11th, 2019, the Julian Assange indictment was unsealed in the EDVA. From the indictment we discover it was under seal since March 6th, 2018:

(Link to pdf)

On Tuesday April 15th 2019 more investigative material was released. Again, note the dates: Grand Jury, *December of 2017* This means FBI investigation prior to….

The FBI investigation took place prior to December 2017, it was coordinated through the Eastern District of Virginia (EDVA) where Dana Boente was U.S. Attorney at the time. The grand jury indictment was sealed from March of 2018 until after Mueller completed his investigation, April 2019.

How does this all connect?

What does it mean?

James Wolfe was confronted about his leaking by the FBI in December of 2017. At the same time the FBI were investigating Wolfe and the SSCI, the FBI was also investigating Wikileaks and Julian Assange. This matters because it shows what the mindset was within the resistance unit of the DOJ in late 2017 and early 2018.

In both examples, Wolfe and Assange, the actions by the Mueller team reflect a predisposition to hide the much larger background story:

• An honest and ordinary prosecution of Wolfe would have exposed a complicit conspiracy between corrupt U.S. intelligence actors, the United States senate intelligence committee, and the resistance unit now running the DOJ. Two branches of government essentially working on one objective; the removal of a sitting president. The Mueller team was protecting multiple U.S. agencies, allied in the resistance cause, and their comrades in congress.

• Additionally, a non-prosecution of Julian Assange would have exposed a complicit conspiracy between corrupt U.S. intelligence actors and a host of political interests who created a fraudulent Russia-collusion conspiracy with the central component of Russia “hacking” the DNC. If Assange were allowed to show he received the DNC emails from a leaker, and not from a hack, the central component of the Russia interference narrative would collapse. The Mueller team decision protected multiple U.S. agencies and the fraudulent auspices of the Robert Mueller appointment.

As soon as the team were set to release their Russia report, the EDVA activated their prior cover-up operation; and shut down Assange with the DOJ indictment; in a similar way the DOJ shut down Wolfe with a weak plea agreement.

Again, the key takeaway here is the timing. Both DOJ operations were taking place at the same time (Fall 2017 through spring/summer 2018). Both hold a similar purpose.

What we can see from both DOJ operations is an intentional effort by Main Justice, now being run by Team Mueller, not to expose the epicenter of a multi-branch effort against the White House.

Some people within the FBI were obviously participating along with people within the DOJ. However, not all Washington DC FBI agents/officials were involved. We know there were genuine investigators, at least in the Wolfe case, because their investigative evidence shows Wolfe was leaking classified information. If they did not present the investigative evidence that proves Wolfe leaked, quite simply we wouldn’t have it to show you.

This buried attachment (from the supervisory FBI special agent who conducted the investigation) was attached to the DOJ sentencing memorandum for James Wolfe.   This statement under oath was sworn by the FBI agent on December 14, 2018:

The FBI swears under penalty of perjury:

…”because the known disclosure of classified information –the FISA application– involved an FBI equity”…

This is after the same FBI special agent outlined how the leak took place in the Wolfe indictment; which was subsequently shaped by the Mueller team to hide it.   He refused to accept the corruption that allowed Wolfe to escape.  Ten months after the FBI presented their investigative files to the DOJ to begin grand jury proceedings; the FBI special agent wasn’t going to let them plead out Wolfe without again affirming the truth.

In hindsight we can see the corrupt influences of the resistance operation within the DOJ because the direct and concrete FBI evidence against Wolfe was buried.

The high-level resistance group inside the DOJ in Washington DC, in the Summer of 2018, was making decisions on what NOT to do; and who not to prosecute. .

These two events highlight corruption and how much control was held by the Mueller team within the DOJ despite the presence of AG Jeff Sessions (firewalled and recused) and apparently with the willfully blind participation of Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein.

The decisions in the Wolfe case are critical. That’s the fork in the road. If the Wolfe prosecution for leaking the FISA application had continued it would have undoubtedly surfaced that key government officials and politicians were working together (executive and legislative); to frame a sitting president and remove him from office.

The Wolfe leak had that purposeful design.

The ramifications of the Wolfe case are stunning. Had the prosecution continued it’s very likely a seditious conspiracy would have surfaced.

♦ I often field a question: If you know this; if all of this information is in the public sphere; then why didn’t any member of the media cover it?

Here’s the answer: They couldn’t….

…..At least they couldn’t cover it and still retain all of the claims they had been making since March 2017 when journalist Ali Watkins gained a fully non-redacted copy of the Carter Page FISA application and first renewal.

Politico, The New York Times, CNN, MSNBC and The Washington Post are all implicated in the James Wolfe leak to Ali Watkins. They had the FISA information since March 2017, yet those media outlets were disingenuously falsifying their reporting on the actual content of the FISA application despite their actual knowledge.

Remember all of the media denials about what Devin Nunes wrote in the “Nunes memo”? Remember the media proclaiming the Steele Dossier was not part of the FISA application?

How was the media fifteen months later (July 2018) going to report on the Wolfe leak to Watkins without admitting they had been manufacturing stories about its content for the past year-and-a-half?

It was in the media’s interest NOT to cover, or dig into, the Wolfe story. The media were allied with the resistance unit which was leaking them information to retain the fraud.

Additionally, from both the DOJ and Media perspective, coverage of the Wolfe leak would prove the senate intel committee (SSCI) was, at a minimum, a participating entity in the coup effort. That same SSCI is responsible for oversight over the CIA, FBI, DOJ-NSD, ODNI, DNI, and all intelligence agencies.

Worse yet, all officers within those agencies require confirmation from the SSCI (including Chair and Vice-Chair); and any discussion of the Wolfe leak would highlight the motive for ongoing corruption within the SSCI in blocking those nominations (see John Ratcliffe).

WASHINGTON—Members of the Senate Intelligence Committee have been notified they may be asked for testimony as part of the criminal trial of a veteran Senate staffer accused of lying to the FBI while working for the panel.

Attorneys for James A. Wolfe sent letters to all 15 senators on the committee, notifying them that their testimony may be sought as part of Mr. Wolfe’s defense, according to two people familiar with the matter.

Mr. Wolfe, who for nearly 30 years served as the director of security for the intelligence committee, was arrested last month and charged with lying to the FBI about his contacts with reporters while the bureau was conducting an investigation into leaks of classified information to journalists. Mr. Wolfe wasn’t charged with leaking any information.  (July 27, 2018)

Stunning ramifications.

There was a clear fork in the road, and the resistance unit running the DOJ constructed the cover-up; which, considering what the special counsel resistance unit was simultaneously doing with the EDVA regarding Assange, is not entirely surprising.

Were the special counsel (resistance) decisions done with forethought to coverup a transparent trail showing gross abuses of government? Yes.

Where the DOJ is today, under AG Barr, is directly connected to the decisions the resistance operations made in 2017 and 2018 to protect themselves and internally corrupt actors from discovery.

It is often said: “the coverup is always worse than the crime.” This is never more true than with these examples, because where we are today… now miles down the path of consequence from those corrupt decisions… is seemingly disconnected from the ability of any institutional recovery. That’s now become the issue for Bill Barr and John Durham.

So what happened recently? Well…

WASHINGTON DC – After a 38-year career with the Justice Department, the FBI’s top lawyer Dana Boente was asked to resign on Friday. Two sources familiar with the decision to dismiss Boente said it came from high levels of the Justice Department rather than directly from FBI Director Christopher Wray.

Considering the decision about Dana Boente came from John Durham and Bill Barr, this removal makes sense.

But what about the FBI investigator, the Supervisory Special Agent, who invested over a year tracking down classified intelligence leaks, only to have the Mueller team bury the case?


[…] “During the OIG’s investigation the SSA and the FBI entered into a mediated settlement agreement”.


Sorry bitches, we are not going to let you hide it again.

We know; if the DOJ is trying to hide it that doesn’t change our level of information.

Regardless of whether John Durham or Bill Barr actually admit what took place, there are people who know…

We know….

You know….

Soon everyone will know.

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601 Responses to Why Fire Dana Boente?…

  1. Sundance, what an absolutely EXCELLENT analysis of what is going on at the DOJ & FBI. (Applause, applause, applause.)

    AG Barr is going to do right by his Oath Of Office! I believe he’s going about it methodically & measuredly … he wants to win for the Rule Of Law. But make no mistake, he is determined to make it happen. He knows there’s a cabal of high-ranking government officials who tried to help Hillary win & when Trump did, they tried to remove him. He knows it… now John Durham is trying to build a case to prove it. Hurry up please.

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    • Hans says:

      I’m not seeing any real action from AG Barr…. plenty of Federal crimes… BLM and AntiFa riots… 500 on going investigations… where are the indictments Blocking a Interstate Highway is a federal crime.. been doing it in Seattle for years… looks like DOJ has been blind on purpose… for we know.. yes we know….

      The IC has all the information to go after these people on RICO charges..

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  2. The Gipper Lives says:

    There have been two prosecutions of Deep State actors. Both were done before Barr and both were essentially cover-ups, not prosecutions.

    The first was Greg Craig, the Obama/Clinton/Castro lawyer. Like Democrat lawyer Roger Taney and Dred Scot, he helped Fidel get back his runaway slave Elian Gonzales. It’s a Democrat thing. Like Flynn and the Podestas, Craig did some foreign lobbying with a lapsed permit. Since the Podestas apparently have absolute immunity under our two-tiered “Justice” System, they prosecuted Craig for appearances, so they could justify going after Flynn.

    However, they made sure he got a DC Resistance jury like the one that railroaded Roger Stone, who promptly acquitted Craig. Mission Accomplished. Now they were free to persecute Flynn.

    The other prosecution was James Wolfe who leaked Sen. Warner’s copy of the FISA app to his New York Times whore/reporter Ali Watkins. Instead of charging him with serious leaking, they charged him with a process crime of false statements and took away his allowance and made him stay in his room ’til it was clean. His slap-on-the-penis punishment was like the controlled releases of the Strzok/Page mash notes and other incriminating documents, strategically released only to minimize criminality and shape narratives since they would come out eventually anyway.

    That’s it. Two prosecutions in 3 and 1/2 years. Both rigged. Both done before Barr. Barr is not accountable for the two years when Jeff Sessions appointed Andrew Weissman to be Attorney General. But he has been there a year and a half.

    What the hell are you doing, Fat Man?

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    • GenEarly says:

      Either the Fat Man PROSECUTES to the Full Extent of the Law, ALL the Traitorous Seditionist Maggots…..Or the Fat Lady Sings……….Wait I hear a voive warming up to sing.
      If they mean to have War, Let it come. Live Free or Die. 2020 is 1774 for sure, maybe ’75, either date, D (Decision) Time is here. Debate is Done.

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  3. Paul Gallant says:

    So is Barr letting Julian Assange rot in jail or is Assange being protected for some Q porn climax?

    let assange rot says Barr?…. must protect the Senate?

    Hegelian Dialectic at play. Good guy vs bad guy to get “One World Gov/ “One World Religion SCOTUS in place?

    The McConnell/Trump, Gorsuch – Cavanaugh disappointments should be a big concern. was POTUS duped?

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    • sDee says:

      On the other hand, he is still alive – significant considering his information is central to exposing the coup.

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      • Judith says:

        Assange must have one helluva dead man’s switch. He’d be crazy not to, after what happened to the real DNC hacker, Bernie supporter Seth Rich, aka “Russia.”

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    • Bogeyfree says:

      To me this is one of the best unanswered questions and to date NO ONE has asked AG Barr the following question……

      The Mueller Report clearly implicates Russians as hacking the DNC Server and providing those emails to Wikileaks which is run by Assange.

      Assange has said along with statements from Rohrabacher and Ratner that Wikileaks did not get the dnc emails from Russians.

      With this huge disparity, have you or Durham deposed Julian Assange? If not why not.

      To me there is absolutely no reason the AG of the United States could not and has not reached out and at least tried to depose Assange.

      And the excuse of him being in jail is crap. If Barr wanted to meet face to face with Assange in an English jail they it would happen.

      So when is ANYONE going to ask Barr this simple question?

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      • owtolunch says:

        his answer would be that he does not answer that type of question.

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      • Barr is a cover up artist. Its in his DNA. Look back at his work for CIA, Bush, the Ruby Ridge disaster.

        Like any good lawyer, he is great at talking BS.

        What we really need is someone like Grenell as acting AG who declassifies by the boatload. As Sundance so correctly says: Sunlight is the best disinfectant.

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        • Donzo says:

          I’m not so sure about the sunlight adage. There’s been plenty of sunlight, but the stench is still intolerable The Deep States is not going to show us no stinking badges. If there’s a new sheriff in town, will he please stand up.

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      • vikingmom says:

        Has there been ANY info regarding Assange lately? It has been months since I have seen anything and I don’t know whether that is good news or bad news…

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      • Dixie says:

        Is there a possibility that Barr did see Assange while in Europe several months ago? Or should we assume we would know it if he did……..


      • doyouseemyvision says:

        I think you raise an interesting question that has intrigued me. Here’s the question:

        What is the catalyst that causes the DOJ to investigate anything? In other words, what is the trigger to launch a DOJ investigation?

        1. A Presidential request
        2. A criminal referral from Congress
        3. What else serves as a trigger for the DOJ to investigate something?

        Can someone help us out?


      • Bogey, who did travel outside CONUS, and to where and whom did they speak to?

        There’s a question, and just askn. I hope you will answer this for me, with a like smack so I know to check for the answer sir.

        But… if we knew EVERYTHING going on behind the scenes, EVERYONE else would to. Just sayn.


    • GB Bari says:

      Hegelian Dialectic is always at play in the globalist cabal’s strategy to “guide” us into choosing their One World Government over our normal DemonRAT vs RepubliCON selections at election time.

      By gradually melding the Dems’ and the Pubs’ REAL goals and actions together over time using corruption and graft, we voters are increasingly aware of the perfidy and realize the “Uniparty” nature of what is still presented superficially as a binary choice.

      Those global Marxists are clever…the rascals.

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      • Judith says:

        Now that we KNOW this, it would be so easy to throw a wrench in that ‘rascally’ UNiparty! We still hold PRIMARIES, correct?

        All we need are a couple hundred *authentic* MAGA candidates (with over 30 million enthusiastic Trump voters, why is this so difficult?) AND President Trump’s hearty endorsements. Easy peasy ..or should be!


        • Hans says:

          It’s not easy.. trying to spot McConnel rinos.. look at Mitt Romney.. they say one thing to get elected then when required do the opposite… these people support the deep,state..the McConnells ….State Republican Officials help make up State tickets.. also part of the problem. Make sure to check them out…

          Remember PDT saying promises made promises kept.. so few politicians can say that../

          Yes everyone needs to act at the local level.. McConnell controls the purse strings..
          he helps local and federal politicians run political races and “primary” any MAGA politicians… Soros is funding AG races so that all rioters are not charged and set free…


        • Pokey says:

          We already had our primary here in the 3rd District of Colorado. Our RINO Congressman, Scott Tipton, is gone. We have put Lauren Boebert, a gun toting Trump supporter on the ballot. Now comes the hard part. We have to beat the Democrap slug in November or we come out in worse shape than we were in with the RINO representing us. Lauren is a very capable campaigner, but the Soros Gang of Marxists will be pouring big money into the race against her. She can use all the help she can get. Please send donations to her campaign. https://laurenforcolorado.com


      • The evil fascists among mankind have always been clever, and many of them are outright genius. Alas, they are also psychopaths and sociopaths- not much difference between the two really.

        So, we get the evil of all kinds and the luxury of financing our own demise.


    • ziegler von strahn says:

      If he was, it was by the Hermitage Foundation. That is where he drew his picks from and announced it as part of his campaign.


  4. Bogeyfree says:

    What IMO would be extremely helpful is………

    Once Sidney is freed up with Gen Flynn, she and Sundance connect and together they put together a summary outline version of all this that focuses in on the key facts (via Sundance) and crimes (via Sidney)

    And because we are so far down the road might I suggest Sundance and Sidney focus on what we’re the top 5-6 events and crimes to focus everybody’s attention around the main singular Objective from the beginning………….

    The Objective:
    They planned, conspired and attempted a coup that reached across all branches of government and many three letter agencies to frame and take down a Presidential Candidate and then continued with a sitting President of the United Sates.

    Potential Criminal Actions:
    1) They allowed a SC and its sub team to take over control of Main Justice.

    2) They perpetuated a Russia Collusion allegation and narrative after knowingly used a fake Dossier to lie to a FISA Court 4 times

    3) They leaked the Carter Page FISA among other leaks to the media to push and support the knowingly false Russia Collusion narrative to the public.

    4) They chose who and what actions to coverup to protect the higher ups and people within the Senate.

    5) They framed Gen Flynn, PapaD and knew all along Mifsud and Halper were not Russian agents

    6) They knew the Russians didn’t hack the DNC Server and devised a plan to keep Assange from exposing how Wikileaks truly got the DNC emails.

    Now Sidney could insert the actual US Code violation next to the each criminal action to highly the seriousness and validity as related to US Criminal Codes.

    Then there is a detailed section that expands greatly on each outline potential criminal action listed above.

    My hope is these 6 alone are enough to lock people up for 20+ years while making it very easy for the everyday American to have a summary and then a detail document to refer.

    Because if it comes down to We the People to drive the truth forward then IMO this outline approach with corresponding detail, if required, authored by two incredible patriots and experts, Sundance and Sidney would go a long way in helping to hold ALL parties accountable.

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    • Bogey- sounds like a plan. However, there is no time to lose, we have an election at stake. I think that Sidney Powell knows exactly what’s going on better than anyone.

      She actually DEFEATED Weissman & Co. so if anyone knows how to do it, it’s her.
      Not to mention all of the highly confidential and hugely damning information that she must have received from Gen. Flynn.

      I think that Sidney Powell is another member of that blessed group that was sent to us via Divine Intervention to help save our Republic.

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    • G. Alistar says:

      Isn’t this Durham’s job?


  5. TwoLaine says:

    I heard this AM on OAN that CoS Meadows is working on weeding out the leakers tied to the White House.

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  6. LBB says:

    Weissman’s book to be released end of Sept. surely is to try to get out ahead of things with their preferred narrative.

    “Random House announced Monday that Andrew Weissmann’s “Where Law Ends: Inside the Mueller Investigation” will be published Sept. 29. Weissmann, often the target of criticism from Trump supporters, is calling the book a meticulous account of the Mueller team’s probe and its ongoing battles with the Trump administration.

    “I felt it was necessary to record this episode in our history, as seen and experienced by an insider,” he said in a statement. “This is the story of our investigation into how our democracy was attacked by Russia and how those who condoned and ignored that assault undermined our ability to uncover the truth. My obligation as a prosecutor was to follow the facts where they led, using all available tools and undeterred by the onslaught of the president’s unique powers to undermine our work.”


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    • Zorro says:

      Herr Weissmann is the most corrupt prosecutor in US history. The only book he should be writing is his experiences in prison.

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      • Zydeco says:

        Allegations and false narratives from this book will be daily stories in September and October. Calling Mr. Barr…

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      • As a Man Thinkth says:

        Rest assured, Weissmann and the entire Lawfare staff have spent months coaching Mueller to give testimony to Lindsay’s gang…When Mueller was finally prepared to testify, Lawfare picked up the phone and called Lindsay and informed him to announce it to the Media…Apparently, Weissmann’s book will be released to coincide
        with Mueller’s testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee…The old “double whammy” on the run up to elections.


    • The Gipper Lives says:

      “Where Law Ends”?


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    • Tango268 says:

      Kind of puts the lie to the old canard about DoJ not wanting to influence elections, doesn’t it? So a prosecutor is going to publish a book (two months before the election) about uncharged conduct. Yet, the whole Democrat establishment was aghast at Comey’s press conference about Hillary and blamed that for her loss. The hypocrisy never ends. Sue his stupid ass and put a gag order on him before he can publish.

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    • “I felt it was necessary to record this episode in our history, as seen and experienced by an insider,” he said in a statement..

      Right. The real reason is this is how the corrupt DC swamp creatures are paid. I suspect he’s getting a real large advance that will not need to be paid back when the book ends up in the dollar bin right after publication.


    • Apple1994 says:

      Should’ve been called “Where Law Ended:..” or better yet “The Enemy Within:…” IMHO


    • bruzedorange says:

      I’m not the wisest person here, but Weissmann’s words reinforce my thoughts that the easiest unraveling thread for the public to follow would be that which starts with the truth about the “Russian hack.”


  7. cedars rebellion says:

    All very, very interesting. Makes one forget that Barr has now maneuvered so that he can begin claiming (along with that FBI Director) the DOJ has now been “cleaned”
    Barr & BFF Swampers will wait until after Nov 3 to produce any reports/findings/charge/etc. so as to not effect the election.


  8. Zydeco says:

    I’m sure Sean will get to the bottom of this with Ms. Lindsey’s daily appearance on Insannity.

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  9. Bogeyfree says:

    Sidney if you read this thread might you answer this legal what if question?

    So if Sundance knows about the DOJ alleged coverup and we now know about the DOJ alleged cover up, then surely AG Barr and Durham knows about the DOJ alleged cover up, right?

    But if Barr and Durham don’t act on alleged known crimes, are they themselves potentially violating any laws by not bringing this truth forward or as AG they truly pick and choose and no questions are asked, meaning no one or way to hold an AG accountable?

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    • Rob Allison says:

      I don’t think there’s a legal obligation for an AG to prosecute every known crime. I believe they are free to choose which ones to prosecute.

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      • Harlan says:

        This is not just any ol’ “known” crime. It was an attempted coup and the ensuing coverup. I’d say prosecuting the most egregious political crime in our country’s history would rate priority status.

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      • deeperinfo says:

        California Supreme Court decided in Keynes v CA AG that the CA Sec of State was not required to do it job and had no obligation to investigate candidate Keynes claim that candidate obama was not properly qualified to be on State Presidential ballot.
        AG NOT required to enforce law is our standing rule.


        • Judith says:

          If an acting AG were to be strung up by his petards for declining to prosecute an ongoing, TREASONOUS COUP, I’ll bet that the next AG would think twice about sitting on his tookus.


    • owtolunch says:

      It could always e submitted as a civil fraud case to try to recover the costs of the whole investigation… If justice dept does not want to proceed an individual can or a group can as a “QUI TAM” …case…. and recover up to a third of the money…


    • Better yet Bogeyfree, President Trump himself knows all of this. There is no way that he doesn’t. Not only that, but he likely knows what he intends to do about the massive corruption, he ran on law and order and draining the swamp.

      It seems to me that he has become the forgotten man in all of this… very odd.

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      • vicarioushikermom says:

        THC: I pray President Trump will win a second term, overcoming the voter fraud that is in the offing. But whether he is re-elected or not, I believe he will find a way to expose — Big Time — all these criminals in a way that will not allow them any cover whatsoever, and that includes obama. Trump is a man on a mission — for the rest of his life — no matter what.

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        • Hans says:

          But whether he is re-elected or not, …..find a way to expose…

          Take a second and review the facts as of today…

          Roger Stone had a gag order placed on him for a false process crime. He was not allowed to defend himself. The judge allowed .. Russia hacked the DNC to be placed into evidence with no facts presented…
          The deep state judges would do the same to PDT. Process crime… gag him.

          This DOJ is corrupt to the core.. it’s not if PDT wins.. he must win or this great Republic is history…

          there are three options
          Ag Barr indicts the coup plotters ..before the November Election and PDT wins
          Ag Barr does nothing .. the outcome muddled..
          Ag Barr does nothing and voter fraud leads to Civil War…


        • I concur, and will add in my last comment for now…

          “I Caught Them All.”
          ~President Donald J. Trump- The man that declared barack insane owhoever a TRAITOR.

          I like what’s going on here, and I like it a LOT with a serious belief that Sundance has started something that will turn out excellent results with our help. It feels incredible to know that we are all going to actually DO something thanks to him!!

          And I also believe that President Trump will own the biggest landslide ever in 2020 and that Justice, however it gets here and whoever handles it all, will come BIGLY!


  10. railer says:

    The sure “tells” that the Swamp and Deep State were breaking the law were apparent early on, to even us, the uninvolved layman.

    ***When in 2016-17 all the Swamp and media started spewing that “17 Intelligence Agencies all agree that Trump is a Russian asset”, you KNEW that was bogus, just on instinct. It was just chaff and countermeasures covering up SOMETHING. Now we know what that something was.

    ***When in 2016 shortly after the election when Admiral Rogers visited Trump in Trump Tower, and the Trump team moved out of that Tower the next morning lock, stock and server, you KNEW something was up. Some skullduggery was in play, and the Obama henchmen confirmed it when they immediately called for Rogers to be fired. The Swamp and media went nuts when Trump said Obama was spying on him, saying that was a lie. Now we know it wasn’t.

    ***And then the Wolfe “conviction”. That was bogus from the gitgo, you KNEW the fix was in. And Wolfe openly threatened McConnell’s stooges on the SSCI too. So slap on the wrist for Wolfe and cushy contracts to come.

    It’s all obvious, but our host is doing the digging to remove the matters from implicit status to EXPLICIT STATUS. It’s proven now.

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    • Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

      During the 3rd Debate crooked Hillary brought up and promoted the phony claim that all the IC agencies agreed that the Russians were colluding with Trump.

      Lock her up!


    • LafnH20 says:

      Do you now understand how the Mueller team, the 17 hired members of the legal resistance operation, were running the DOJ from May 2017 through April 2019?

      ***When in 2016-17 all the Swamp and media started spewing that “17 Intelligence Agencies all agree that Trump is a Russian asset”

      17… 🤔


    • And frankly, only the lowest of info voters could have missed the truth about these things as the entire delivery was incredibly obvious and sloppy. Especially killery klinton’s hateful rhetoric about the “17 intelligence agencies” nonsense.


  11. jazz2112 says:

    Why fire Dana Boente? I’d say it is like a chess move, and we all are wanting CHECKMATE NOW!! But every action has a reaction, and if Barr and and Durham are truly playing the hellhounds who are pursuing the guilty, then it seems to follow that they are, day-by-day, getting closer to capturing them, while all manner of the Resistance are throwing seemingly endless obstacles in the way.

    And the longer we are denied CHECKMATE, the stronger we feel compelled to push back… hoping someone “primes the pump” (wink wink), and gets the National Conversation we need flowing across a greater scale.

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    • Zydeco says:

      DB was fired because he knows the whole plot and who, what, and how to protect. Unless he has an assistant who worked with him it will take a new person awhile to get up to speed even if they are on the resistance team.

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  12. fionnagh says:

    Regarding contacting legislators:

    We all know there are three ways to tell them “We know:” Phone, email, snail mail. (Okay, more than three if you want to pay extra for UPS or FedEx…)

    Legislators’ office staff can refuse to answer a phone call; then voicemail box becomes full.

    Emails can bounce back or go into spam, once our email addresses have been flagged.

    That leaves snail mail – yep, run by the very same union which endorsed Biden.

    There are 200,000 post offices in the United States, not counting the old-fashioned mail bins.

    If you’re going to snail mail the “We know” letters, with enclosures, don’t use just one post office and vary both the size and color of the envelopes. Handwritten addresses might be better than printed labels. Send to both the D.C. AND State offices.

    If a single post office all of a sudden gets hundreds of the same-sized envelopes, with the same weight, sent with the same return address. suspicion sets in. All we need is one postal employee to surreptitiously open an envelope, see the contents, and decide to put those envelopes where all those Republican ballots went.

    Comments based on my envisioning Congress being inundated with TENS OF THOUSANDS of patriots’ envelopes.


    • Amy2 says:

      Excellent. Thanks!


    • III% says:

      Or, get a patriot close to each branch location office, mail to them and have them hand delivered. I could see me taking a day, loading my truck, and rolling from South Alabama up dropping off at every state and federal office in the state.


    • Judith says:

      CONgressmen pointedly ignore our communications. You’d be lucky to receive a form letter from his beleaguered secretary.

      Get right in their faces and shout your disapproval at their next press conference, hopefully in front of a crowd and a dozen TV cameras.

      They HATE that!

      It won’t change anything, but at least you’ll have the satisfaction of being HEARD. What we must do is *primary* all these RINOS. That is the only path to MAGA.

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  13. Slowkid says:

    Sundance be careful. Your life could be in danger.

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  14. iwasthere says:

    Sundance. That is some seriously large institutional rot. At least they got Burr off the gang of 8. Warner. He’s neck deep in it. He’ll probably get away. In what, just 40 short years, the G of 8 structure was corrupted. And nope, I don’t put much stock in Rubio doing anything to clean up the mess. Congress loves it’s power. Obviously, the committee gateway structure over the SIS/SES and officer appointments needs reformed. Probably best to just take the gang of 8 totally out of the loop on the appointments process, let them do the oversight, but separate out their ability to pick the players. Grenell. The honey badger hero who got Ratcliff thru <— probably a whole book of intrigue behind those moves.

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    • Guffman says:

      Rubio do anything?!?! That’s a laugh… he’s about as useful and trustworthy as Graham.
      Another snake.


    • As a Man Thinkth says:

      Mitch controls Gang of 8, the senate and all committees including the Senate Judiciary …Mitch controls all PDJT nominations. Everything that is wrong in DC, is sanctioned or sponsored by Mitch McConnell. Mitch and his staff have moles at the highest levels within every department of the government…Nothing goes on in DC that Mitch doesn’t know about, NOTHING, including intelligence and military, after all you can’t be a general without his approval. Mitch is as much part of the resistance as Lindsay, Rubio and the rest of the Globalist…
      End of today’s rant…


  15. Flight93Gal says:

    Someone wrote:

    “…the hands of justice appear to remain duct taped behind their backs– Why is that?”…

    The Answer is because Washington chooses the status quo and existing cultural belief system:
    Globalism versus Patriotism;
    Self-enrichment (Money) versus the Citizenry;
    Power versus the Constitution;

    And the DOJ /FBI is just another Washington entity

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    • Armchair Quarterback says:

      It is because the large majority of both sides of this equation is corrupted. The minority remaining is simply too small to affect any meaningful change and they know it…..that is why they “hope”


  16. AIM says:

    So now what? We are all sitting out here in a new America, run by terrorists at top levels of government shoving Covid masks and BLM down our throats while all of this is getting buried. People in positions of power need to STAND UP and start kicking some a**. Are we really going to have to start a civil war? Bill Barr better ramp this up soon. I’m very disappointed and disillusioned with the current state of the Barr/Durham investigation. Why does half or more of the country STILL not know what is happening here? Time to get a move on. If Trump does not win, its over. So Bill Barr is the one now who can actually make it happen.

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    • Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

      Stock up and keep your powder dry. Planning a trip to SamsClub this week for some more basics and lots of long shelf life Goya products. Voters will have a clear choice in November between a law & order capitalist incumbent president and a lawless socialist democrat contender. Hopefully they will choose wisely and send a lot of statue destroying democrats packing so they lose control of the House. Scouts’ motto: Be prepared.

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      • vicarioushikermom says:

        It doesn’t matter who they “choose” if something is not done NOW about voter fraud. That is what is going to put the final nail in via a Biden debacle.

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    • Julia Adams says:

      The unanswered question from yesterday and still remains today: “What is John Durham’s hold up?” If the GOP, if Mitch McConnell, actually wanted something to happen to get to the bottom of Spy-gate and hold the previous administration accountable, it would have had happened by now. My sense is Mitch, Marco and Lindsay are so quiet is because they are complicit and involved in the spying as well as the coverup.

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      • Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

        VSG President Trump may be holding on to his total declassification card as leverage to warn the DeepState not to interfere with the upcoming election with massive voter fraud.

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        • Tango268 says:

          How would he play that card? Voter fraud will not be evident until after the election. As a lame duck, no one will follow his orders to declassify.


        • As a Man Thinkth says:

          IMHO, should PDJT release all of the classified informatiom over a period of the next couple of weeks, less than 50 Million citizens would actually read, understand and obsorb the facts concerning the attempted coup…to most out there in “lockdown/mask up/BLM land” have lost interest in the coup or freaking out because the police have taken a knee along with the Army/National Guard while the riots and looting intensify…I think Manson once called helter skelter..it is here…


        • Terri says:

          He still has an October surprise right?


      • owtolunch says:

        Marco and Free Beacon were involved with Fusion GPS before DNC and Steele — they gave up and DNC picked up where he had left off……


    • “They” started the war and it is not civil. It is a government revolution against We The People. They “rule” when they are to serve. They “destroy” that which they are to preserve.

      And they must all pay for their treason and sedition. It’s the only way to rectify this massive corruption and evil.

      Period. The how we get there is by trying and Sundance has set in motion a plan. It’s all we have and it’s the best we have and it could just be exactly what we need.

      It’s a far sight better than remaining on the sidelines making comments both nasty and negative and or “hoping” that those who rigged the system will fix the system We know that they will not fix the system.

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  17. Hmmm... says:

    January 12, 2017. Lots of interesting things happened. Guccifer 2.0 retired that day (sorta weird in retrospect that google and twitter ban all kinds of MAGA accounts but didn’t ban an actual Russian agent who was interfering in the election). Also the Shadowbrokers retired on the same day. They would eventually come back to life later. Interestingly that was also the same day that Waldman (yes that guy from the Warner texts) went to meet Assange for the first time.

    Fast forward a few months and the Shadowbrokers and Wikileaks both leak the crown hacking jewels from both the NSA and the CIA within a day or two of each other.

    The Shadowbrokers have largely flown under the radar but it is extremely unlikely IMO that they are simply random hackers who decided to emerge in 2016 in the midst of the election with their NSA hacks from 2013. Does not make sense. Look at the dates of the shadow brokers communications. They were IMO blackmailing someone.

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    • litenmaus says:

      The Shadow Brokers first emerged online on Saturday, [August 13, 2016] creating accounts on sites like Twitter and Tumblr and announcing plans for an auction. The group said that “we give you some Equation Group files free” and that it would auction the best ones. The Equation Group is a code name that Kaspersky Labs, a Russian cybersecurity firm, has given to the N.S.A.

      August 16th, 2016, a theft of NSA data occurs

      The NYT goes into overdrive connecting the NSA theft to the DNC theft in April 2016.

      In October of 2016, Loretta Lynch’s AG & James Comey’s FBI indicted Harold T Martin III for a massive theft of NSA data. A Navy Surface War Officer from 1987-2000 who received access to Classified Data while in the Naval Reserves. Mr. Martin the III was a contractor at Booz Allen Hamilton. The same contracting company who employed Mr. Snowden when he absconded with stolen NSA data.

      And what happened to the Shadow Brokers?? In April 2017 they sent out a twitter with a link to encrypted files wherein the access password to the files was “Reeeeeeee”

      I myself have a hard time giving any credence to the “Shadow Brokers” as anything other than a LARP or a CIA cover

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      • Hmmm... says:

        They were definitely not a LARP as their leaks were seriously damaging. I could not argue with your second option. Remember when Clapper and the gang wanted to fire Mike Rogers? What was the justification they used? It was the ShadowBrokers. Also they sent in Mueller to dig into Booz Allen.

        Finally the dates are so important. Prior to January the ShadowBrokers did not release any actual hacks. They were just threatening to release them. When they deployed the final hacks in April they were devastating and caused years worth of damage. Again it’s remarkable that they were released days after Wikileaks dropped the CIA vault 7 leaks.

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  18. Hero says:

    Amen! Keep the heat on, Mr Sun!


  19. salminella says:

    OMG, great summary! Great article. WaPO and NYT (fourth estate) actively LYING to the public colluding while conspiring with DOJ (rogue branch of executive, Obama rear guards) and a Senate committee (Grahamnesty feckless for a reason) to unseat a president.

    How about we give them all same punishment meted out to the James Wilkes Booth–Surratt conspirators?


  20. Tom Fitton’s post 1 hr ago…..Pretty much says it all….Sadly….

    Tom Fitton
    Barr appointed Durham 15 months ago. And still nothing. Inexcusable. #Obamagate

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  21. jetsrkillinme says:

    Somebody on the inside has to roll or we’ll never see justice.

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  22. jetsrkillinme says:

    Somebody on the inside has to roll or we’ll never see justice.


  23. Bogeyfree says:


    Can you answer one question as I’m unsure…….

    Did the FIB leak the unredacted Carter Page FISA to SSCI Security guy directly and thus ultimately to the reporter?

    Or did someone on the SSCI leak the unredacted Carter Page FISA directly to SSCI Security guy and thus ultimately to the report?

    Who in your opinion did the actually physically leaking of the document?

    Because the SSCI person could have accessed the actual unredacted document via the SCIF and leaked it.


  24. litlbit2 says:

    Great work Sundance. May I suggest this article be sent to Lady Lindsay for questioning Mueller. Next call up Mr. Bagpipes with same questions. Plus conflict of interest after establishing the relationship with friends(Barr/Mueller)and the difficulty in enforcement of criminal conduct of friends of friends. Why is corrupt Barr involved period. How can he conduct a investigation of anything to date? Therefore how can Durham be any less corrupt than Obama, Lynch, Comey, Clinton, Sessions friends of friends etc?

    What causes so many to be so corrupt as they approach their senior years to destroy their character, fathers name thinking they are believed and not noticed. Fools, names recorded!

    President Trump November 2020


  25. California Joe says:

    Question for AG Barr: How long would it have taken the AG to investigate, indict and convict a group of high-ranking White FBI and DOJ officials who attempted to frame a newly elected President Obama for a crime that never even happened?

    Answer: About 20 minutes!

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  26. schutzhund says:

    Sundance = Deep Throat II?

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    • III% says:

      To me Sundance is bigger and better. The idealized Assange. No matter which side the corruption is on, it is to be exposed.


    • MaineCoon says:

      Good concept but that guy Felt didn’t have the moral standing SD has. iirc, he acted out of bitterness (not being made FIB Director, iirc). SD is acting out of patriotism.


  27. WRB says:

    After the FISA Court reviewed the December 9, 2019, inspector general report, the FISC ordered the DOJ-NSD to declassify and release documents related to the Carter Page FISA application. In January the FISA court ordered the DOJ and FBI to release certain materials making them public for the first time.

    I do not believe the FISC ordered the declassify and release of documents. The DOJ is declassifying and releasing documents on their own. There is no FISC order to do so.

    I have looked for these orders, or references to them… and as far as I can find, any release of documents refer to information to be sent to the FISC or the declassification and release of FISC orders. Example, from Dec 17, 2019 signed by Rosemary Collyer:

    …serious concerns about the accuracy and completeness of the information provided to the FISC in any matter in which the OGC attorney was involved , the Court ordered the government on December 5, 2019, to, among other things, provide certain information addressing those concerns.

    That is asking the DOJ to provide information/explanation to the FISC.
    and from the same letter:

    gov’t…complete a declassification review of the above-referenced order of December5, 2019, in anticipation of the FISC’s publishing that order.

    The FISC wants to declassify and publish only its order, nothing else.

    The same is true for the FISC January 7, 2020 letter, signed by James Boasberg.
    …the government shall, by January 21,2020, complete a declassification review of this order and submit to the Court a copy of such order with any redactions it would propose in the event of publication.

    Bottom line, it is AG Barr declassifying and releasing documents. He is mindful of the FISC order to not disclose information gathered from unauthorized surveillance. That is what he means when he refers to being consistent with the FISC order.


    • sundance says:

      The FISC order is at the top of the page. Read before commenting.


      • WRB says:

        I did look through the material, and I would dearly love to see what words you are referring to in that order. I’ll eat my hat and apologize profusely if there are words to the effect of declassify and release information (other than what I posted above.)


  28. Jim Comey is a Weasel_Doug says:

    I just finished reading the article. The crime was laid out in stunning clarity.
    Sundance is a treasure.

    Liked by 2 people

    • listingstarboard says:

      Incredible job by Sundance in unpacking , sorting, connecting dots and seeing the big picture of a complicated and convoluted series of events. My fear is that most of the voting public will not be able to grasp how immoral, illegal and diabolical this whole coup was/is. Most can’t reason past who got kicked off of Dancing with the Stars. IMO


      • Judith says:

        It’s the classic fight or flight response to provocation. We MAGA warriors have cold anger to propel us.

        Others seek “refuge” in the mindless blather of their fakebook and boobtube binkies. They simply check out when life gets complicated. For them, it’s all about avoidance.


  29. Marilyn Shealy says:

    I really think they are saving the best for last, Barr-Durham they are probably waiting on pushing the go button on all of it. People are aware of what has happened, and many may of all ready of been charged. There not going to tell us where they are at til, these people have already been arrested. If they did the rats would be running. They may have to wait til Flynn is totally cleared, to move on. There are too many out there that have clearances, it may be hard working around that. If they have text messages and emails, phone records from all of these players, they should have most of what they need. If Barr-Durham are doing a coverup, they will also be in trouble. This to me is looking like the Trump card gets played just before the election. Right now they are sitting on 2016 election fraud, The Epstein case and its players, releasing Flynn, and charging Joe Biden, and the rest of the gang in the Ukraine-China story. That is all massive. Putting together all of the charges on all of these people is a big job. Obama, Hillary, Biden alone, there list are a mile long, the files are over flowing. Lindsey Graham is supposed to have hearings, I believe on July 28th, a good time to move on with it all. Ghrislaine is spilling her guts with videos to back it all, to save herself. Nobody walks.


  30. J West says:

    Thanks SD….I’m wondering if all the delays are waiting on Adm. Rogers’ outcome. If he was head of the NSA, he would be the keystone and nothing can go forward until his case is “resolved.”


    • Roger Duroid says:

      Who directed, suggested, or urged fbi and doj to go after PDJT. Those gov employees are too lazy and protective of jobs to do any of this on their own. SOMEONE with dirt on all of them pulls the strings. Who can that be?


  31. cjzak says:

    Wow. What a tangled web you unraveled SD. Now I wonder what will, if anything, happen? Will the American voters really get to understand what heinous actions were taken by govt. officials at the highest levels to remove a Pres. of the USA?

    Was the WH aware of all this? Did they give the ok to keep this going? So many questions.

    Terrific work SunDance! Let’s hope it results in some major arrests and a breaking major story by some journalist who isn’t afraid to publish it, report it. Catherine Herridge? Atkinsson? Lara? Levin? Beck? Rush? Dobbs? All of them?

    I pray it all comes crashing down before Nov.


  32. mugzey302 says:

    Do you suppose JFK had to deal with the same resistance bureaucracy? He certainly talked about dismantling the IC, and paid the ultimate price for that threat.

    Liked by 3 people

  33. GREAT WORK AGAIN, Sundance , therefore KEEP YOUR WORK GREAT, I just want to let you know the video at the end put it all in perceptive (at least for me) when justice is delayed

    Liked by 2 people

  34. Spaulj67 says:

    My thought is that Barr and Co are going to slow roll this until after the election. Why? Look what the marxist swamp did to Gen. Flynn, now imagine what is in store for Barr and anyone associated with making the swamp look bad let alone bringing them to justice.

    We are up against pure globalist Marxist evil at this point that only follows the law of jungle in which nothing is beyond them as long as it results in more control. There is no honor among thieves. We are 112 days away from knowing whether, in this late hour, we will be able to peacefully continue along the long road back to the Constitutional Republic the President is courageously leading us on or whether the US will fall into a racist Marxist hell that will attempt to destroy anyone that stood or stands in its way.

    My guess is that Sundance see the same thing, its either now or maybe never. I’m also guessing that this information about the swamp makes everything we already know look like jay walking. This information will likely expose the system used to entice, corrupt and then control everyone within the inner circle of power within the swamp. Many of methods used will be extremely abhorrent to regular citizens unfamiliar with the process by which absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    If we are able to get through this, job one should be Constitutional amendment that limits the terms of all offices at all levels.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hans says:

      This system of how government is corrupted and controlled has already been documented by Sundance on several occasions…

      Some of the major individuals have not been exposed by the connected dots..

      I remember Nunes saying.. we have the facts… we know what’s happening.. but information can only be brought forward in a legal manner..

      So the real question might be…. how will the gang of 8 be outed…. who will cut off the head of the snake… who will provide the legal manor….

      The American people need an insurance policy.. we cannot count on MSM, Ag Bill Barr IMHO


  35. burginthorn says:

    Well this has been a depressing read. I feel so alone in my confidence President Trump will deliver on all that he’s said. What is it with people? What is it with me? Am I not looking at the facts? What am I missing that seems to have so many people perplexed? Why do I see everything moving in the right direction?

    As far as I’m concerned the world needs a sharp slap across the face. A wake the hell up call, and with all that’s happened since President Trumps election, that’s exactly what’s happening. In case you haven’t noticed, the forces against America have completely lost their minds. Every single time I see Nancy Pelosi she looks like she’s aged another 10 years, if that’s possible.

    You’ve got lunatics running rampant in the streets, crime has skyrocketed and wait for it …defund the police? Seriously. You want a wake up call America? How is it so far? If you ask me, there isn’t a thing the left ISN’T doing to drive people away from them. Joe Biden? Again …Joe Biden? Okay, who’s having a laugh here? Is this some kind of ‘in joke’ I’m not getting?

    I don’t know. But it seems to me that a big shake up is desperately needed. Its not just about winning an election. Its about undoing decades of corruption at the highest levels of power, and everyone needs to be made aware of it. Everyone. Forget Trump supporters, they are on the train and ready for justice. But there’s a duty of care to be considered, for those who’ve fallen for the propaganda and they take a little longer to see the light. (If at all for some)

    The world has been turned on its head. People want answers. And imho those answers are becoming clearer by the day. CNN is toast. The MSM, Hollywood all going in the same direction. Unleashing Black Lives Matter was probably the worse thing they could have done. In the middle of a scamdemic …tearing down monuments? Riots and murder on the streets? Are they deliberately trying to hand President Trump the election?

    I honestly don’t know what the panic is? With enemies like the Left, what else is there to do but let them have at it? I don’t know, maybe I’m seeing things differently?


    • vicarioushikermom says:

      I wish I had written this post, burgin. I wish I had your optimism. But I do know what the panic is. The son-in-law of a friend of mine recently told her that Biden is our only hope. He thinks Trump because is ‘immoral’ and continues to believe he is a Putin puppet. (Trump, a puppet? These people are nuts.) Yet he — and many others I know who support Trump’s policies are not going to vote for him. Why? Because they are, essentially stupid and brainwashed by the leftist media. They don’t KNOW the good Trump is doing.. Add to that the voter fraud of mail-in ballots. and that is one helluva mess to pray about.


  36. Devil in the Blue Drapes says:

    Preaching to the choir, but aside from the fact there have been zero indictments of anyone involved in the coup, I’m damn disgusted the “preferred method” of ANY accountability is the shell game.

    Reassignments, early retirements, demotions-schmotions.
    Why is Bruce Ohr not under a jail cell, instead collecting a nice fat salary and bonuses?

    Each generation strives to chart the path forward for their children and grandchildren, a better future than themselves.

    What will they think, that the institutions we entrusted to guard, protect and preserve the most fundamental principles that ensured Americans were blessed beyond all measure, failed miserably on our watch?

    I don’t mean to imply any one individual holds the power to right this ship, but I personally am saddened by the stench of corruption, this moment in time, this failure, be the legacy we leave to our children and grandchildren.

    Liked by 1 person

    • California Joe says:

      What happened to Samantha Power? She unmasked what…about 400 people associated with the Israeli-Palestinian issue (her pet life long passion) and then publicly claimed it wasn’t her and somebody used her password? Are you freaking kidding me that Durham can’t figure that out and charge her????

      Liked by 1 person

      • dd_sc says:

        Or figure out who accessed the system with her credentials and charge that person.

        Unless they do know and that person was given the green light to use Power’s credentials.


      • Devil in the Blue Drapes says:

        I’m confident the 5yo rough and tumble little boy next door could crack these cases with his Fisher Price Super Sleuth Spy Detector kit. That’s beside the point.

        I could spend the remainder of this afternoon naming all the complicit traitors. That’s beside the point and is shameful in of itself.


  37. dwpender says:

    Bruce Ohr testified in October 2018 (transcript was released long ago) that he did not tell his SUPERIORS at DOJ (Yates and Lynch) about his out-of-channels cooperation with Steele, including such nuggets as Steele’s motivation, Nellie’s position, etc. He said he knew of no rule that required him to inform those superiors.

    Ohr testified that he DID tell others at DOJ about these matters — the “professional prosecutors” outside DOJ/NSD, who, said he, would be in a position to act if the investigation warranted a criminal turn.

    Who were those “professional prosecutors” that knew from fall 2016 on about Ohr’s Steele contacts and information?

    Weismann and Ahmad!


    Liked by 1 person

  38. SeanNY2 says:

    I don’t get the part where indicting Assange somehow silences him. Yes it keeps him from coming to the US and double ensures he stays holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy. But he gave interviews from the embassy. What was stopping him from announcing that he got the emails from a leaker, other than Wikileaks version of journalistic confidentiality?


    • dd_sc says:

      Adsange is no longer in the Ecuadorian embassy. Ecuador revoked his asylum and the British police arrested him. He’s currently sitting in a British prison.

      I think his prison sentence is about to end. Need to match up his sentence with the election cycle. I suspect he will not be released until early 2021.


  39. redline says:

    *January 12, 2017*

    All of this fudgery centered around a date just one week after Comey, Rice, et al., sat through that infamous “by the book” meeting with 0bama, where the message was to “put the right people on this”.


    Liked by 1 person

  40. zozz1 says:

    I have been thinking about all this, and I seem to go back to Joe McCarthy. Seems like ancient history, but recent history causes me to revisit it. Looking back, I can see that Alinsky’s rule of ridicule was effectively applied to McCarthy and to anyone who thought he was correct. That ridicule drove McCarthy believers into silence. So, starting with the premise that McCarthy was right, it becomes easy to see how the FOD (Forces Of Darkness, for want of a better term) retreated strategically into the woodwork to formulate plans for a later re-emergence. Patience often pays off, because opportunities come along, and those who are prepared, can pounce and take advantage of those opportunities.

    Opportunity number one was Bill Clinton, a deeply flawed individual who was ripe for manipulation and extortion as necessary. As we were told at the time, we got a twofer with Bill…because Hillary came as part of the deal. is there any question who was the master planner of those two? With the Clintons, the FOD could surface around them, as part of the team. They were back.

    Opportunity number two was Obama. Obama, the Alinsky, Ayers, Frank Davis acolyte was the perfect slate upon which to write the next chapter. In my opinion, Obama was none too bright, but Jarrett et al were able to guide him through 8 years of continuing to put into place a framework for their future vision. The Clinton Foundation, Hillary at State, etc., etc. became perfect elements for extending the corruption into foreign arenas, and to rope in foreign players.

    Opportunity number three was to be the in-the-bag election of Hillary. Unfortunately, with Hillary, they overreached. In my scenario, Donald Trump, very, very unexpectedly, ruined the Plan. The vehemence directed at the effort to stop Trump has to go far, far beyond disappointment at losing the election; much more had to have been lost. This all-out effort may have inadvertently revealed the true depth of the corruption in our institutions that Sundance continues to uncover and to expose. This depth pf corruption did not occur overnight…or with the election of Obama. If I circle back to my original supposition, to McCarthy, then this “planting” of operatives into the DOJ, FBI, Senate, House, etc. had to have begun long ago….in other words, it never stopped…it just went underground.

    There is an opportunity number four, which is Joe Biden. The FOD are good at “Biden their time” (sorry, I couldn’t resist), and think what a perfect candidate he is. Biden is the perfect “useful idiot”…literally. Biden would simply be a puppet without a brain. The FOD could use him as a ventriloquist’s dummy, working behind the scenes as the secret “voice of Biden.” Imagine what danger lurks in that case. It explains the reason the Democrat Party could put forth a candidate with obvious dementia.

    I realize this all sounds a bit paranoid, but how really to explain what has happened since Trump’s election? None of it fits with our vision of “normal America.” What we are seeing, though, does fit with some historical events. The pattern that seems, to me, to be emerging is one of first; tearing down institutions, historical references and values; second: anarchy. No authority, no police, no law….simply people run amok (looters, rioters, protestors, most with no constructive purpose); after anarchy eventually comes a new force to restore “order” (actually, to impose a “new order”), and soon a strongman takes the reins and, voilá, a dictatorship is established, and we are Russia, Cuba, Venezuela, etc.

    The question is: who will stop this scenario? Will the cover be pulled back on the corruption at every level and in every governmental institution? Will the corruption in the media be exposed/identified? Will “sunlight” do it? CTH is working hard to bring sunlight, but the holes are deep.

    For me, the essential thing is to re-elect Trump. Without Trump, and with the possibility of a Democrat House and Senate, all hope would be gone.


  41. Donzo says:

    Isn’t there still a gag order by Suillvan in effect against the honorable Gen. Flynn? If so, I can understand why a deep state actor like Sullivan would want to keep the case open as long as possible. in other words, can Durham depose Flynn? Pardon in advance if this question has been answered. I have not been able to keep up for health reasons.


  42. tax2much says:

    Attention Bill Barr. Michael Cohen was arrested in April and sentenced in August. Maybe you should put that guy on the case.


  43. Bogeyfree says:

    So who in the DOJ or FIB ordered/planted the FISA tracer??

    I’m not a Session fan but IMO it seems like it has to have come from Sessions who was driving leak investigations early on otherwise there was a good guy, high level FIB guy but then once Mueller got in place and in control then killed all leak investigations I guess.

    So who told Jessie Liu to go easy on Wolfe?

    Was it Mueller or was it Rosenstein.

    And if Durham now sees that this whole thing was a conspiracy, can he go back and file new charges that would allow them to go back and get the FISA leaker?


  44. dd_sc says:

    Now that Boente is fired – and, I presume, a private citizen, how do the laws change as far as compelling him to testify before Congress?


  45. litenmaus says:

    March of 2017, Wolfe leaks FISA Application and Comey shuts down talks with Assange….

    In January 2017 Julian Assange, reaches out to American Attorney Adam Waldman, about possible immunity. Long-time Senator John Warner associate, Adam Waldman, was brokering the talks, and had put Assange in touch with Bruce Ohr and senior counterintelligence official David Laufman at the DOJ. Their series of contacts saw the immunity negotiations in full swing by mid-February 2017.

    In March of 2017, James Comey intervenes and by April 7, 2017…all negotiations with Assange were scuttled.


  46. Mac says:

    I always admire Sundance’s research. But, I feel that his analysis is usually overly complicated.

    In this case, given the timing and nature of the Flynn interception, it is most likely that all of the interceptions were the result of the Carter Page Title-1 warrant obtained in October of 2016. All of it. All prior intercepts were the result of the NSA data harvesting which was shut down by Adm. Rogers in April 2016. So, all of the evidence, which the Mueller team was using was a result of that warrant. If it was quashed, they had NO leverage to use to pursue obstruction of justices charges against Trump. So, they lied to cover it all up. And, as the DOJ-FBI was actively covering up for the improprieties and illegalities engaged in, prior to the appointment of Barr, as AG, they went along with this. Sundance is probably correct in assigning the reason for the letter as being the exposure of the leaking of the Carter Page warrant by Wolfe. However, the problem that was being corrected was not the leak and exposure, which came from the Senate SCI, but to keep the Mueller SC alive. The reaction to the Wolfe exposure was to brand him a rogue operative. The “lone gunman”, if you will. At that point, the entire operation against Trump could have been shut-down, without an overly great chance of exposing the role of higher-ups in the government. But, the conspiracy did not want to do that. They wanted to continue to attack Trump.

    And do not forget Carter Page, the longtime CIA/FBI asset with Russian connections, who, somehow, managed to become part of the Trump campaign. We know that the FBI lied about Page, in the initial application for the Title -1 FISA warrant. We know that the FBI had to present the Steele Dossier to give enough credence to the claim that Page was a Russian agent, and probably a FISC judge willing to buy that, to gain the issuance if the warrant. And, we know that this occurred right after Boris [Peter Strzok] mentioned burning one of their own assets to obtain a warrant] to his partner Natasha [Lisa Page}. But, Page, who was not consulted about that role, fought back. Which seriously undermined the FBI claim that he was an agent of a foreign government.

    Now, the thing to understand about Barr, is that his job was never to expose this criminality, but to put pressure on the Get Trump factions of the Uniparty to get them to back off, before the illegalities were exposed and the house burned down. There was a very real concern that, if the American People ever understood the scope of the illegal actions taken to remove a duly elected President, that they would revolt. So, a series of “investigations” were announced, which promised much and produced nothing. Those members of the DOJ, who were directly involved in these actions, were “removed”, usually quietly. Even where charges should have been proffered, such as in the case of McCabe, we are still waiting for that to happen, several years later. The FISC ordered the release of these documents, because it covered them for issuing and re-approving the Page warrant. Barr released it, under cover provided by the FISC, in order to force certain people out of the DOJ and to put pressure on the Get Trump faction. The problem Barr faces is still the same. He can not seem to pressure the Get Trump faction to back-off and he does not want to burn down the house. This is why we saw the sudden departure of the head of the DOJ SDNY and the almost immediate arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell. Based upon how quickly the Maxwell arrest was accomplished, does anyone doubt for a moment that her whereabouts were unknown to the DOJ-FBI? This just a continuation of the Barr pressure strategy that was derailed by the Death of Jeffrey Epstein.


    • Tl Howard says:

      I do NOT believe that the people would revolt. First, it’s conservatives and Trump supporters that would be upset by this primarily, YOu and I both know the entrenched Dem base would, like the sheep people tend to be, believe it wasn’t true or that “Trump deserved this.” After all, Barr didn’t come in until the “Russia, Russia” mantra was embedded in their brains.

      Conservatives and Trump supporters just wanted the truth to be told. We still do.
      The danger NOW is that we will become people we have never been before if Barr and Durham do not act NOW…because we all know that if Trump loses this will not be revealed by the incoming admin and that can’t be.


  47. Pegon Zellschmidt says:

    Christopher Wray responds, “As I’ve said in the past and will continue to say, I’m holding a training seminar this morning from 10 – 11am to eliminate any more corruption, including this new one where a senior FBI official supposedly ‘punished’ a SSA. I’ve told them over and over that corruption is not good.”


  48. Doppler says:

    So my thought is that there are two levels on which the counter-narrative must work:

    1. Individual crimes, for which individuals are indicted and convicted. We know of many – pick your perp, pick your crime.

    2. A “long narrative,” of the sort Sy Hersh is famous for, that tells the larger story that ties everything together with the sort of personal insights of the players that makes for page-turner narrative tension. I don’t know where this starts, because, even for us Treepers, the long-narrative has never been told. Possibly with U1. Possibly with the illegal independent contractor access to NSA databases to spy on a long list of people. Possibly with some awful pedophile sex orgy Satanic ritual that ties many of the players together in their recreational pursuits.

    Without a strong long narrative, it will be difficult to overcome the Big Lie Narrative repeated a million times by the media and by Mueller this weekend in the Wapo Oped and tweeted on by Rod Rosenstein this weekend, reminding the world of the essential backstop defense for so many of the players – that they had good reason to believe Russia was colluding with Trump to sway the election his way, and were fully justified in investigating it. Not every perp in every crime was part of the inner circle who fabricated the strategy and the evidence, in fact, that knowledge was likely limited to a small handful.

    There’s a major risk in pursuing one crime against one perp, in that, without the long narrative, the significance is vastly diminished in the public perception. In fact, that appears to have been the Weissman strategy with respect to Wolfe.


  49. MustangBlues says:

    Help Save The USA Deplorable Citizens From The Dreaded AG Barr Bashers.

    They are spewing vitriol double time today. Why would they be hateful all the time, one could ask????

    Their Goal: To Depress American Deplorables to commit Suicide Before the Election.

    Could not be any other reason they repeat day after day after day and all day on any article posted their constant mantra:

    AG Barr no good, hate AG Barr,

    And never a negative word about the Communist Democrat Evil Cabal.

    Liked by 1 person

  50. Can someone go to prison and do hard time PLEASE! What is the difference between them and the mafia.


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