President Trump and President Lopez-Obrador Sign Joint Statement – Press Conference – 3:30pm ET Livestream…

U.S. President Trump and Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador will be holding a joint press conference prior to signing a joint declaration celebrating the initiation of USMCA in the Rose Garden. Anticipated start time 3:30pm ET

UPDATE: Video and Transcript Added


[Transcript] – PRESIDENT TRUMP: Well, thank you very much, everyone. It’s a nice hot day, to put it mildly — (laughter) — so we’ll make this quick. But it’s all very positive — that, I can say.

And it’s my tremendous pleasure to welcome everyone to the White House with my good friend, President López Obrador of Mexico. We’ve had a very outstanding relationship.

Mr. President, we’re truly moved that you chose to make your first foreign visit since taking office — very successfully taking office, I might add — to be with us at the White House.

The relationship between the United States and Mexico has never been closer than it is right now. And as the President said a little while ago, people were betting against that. They were actually betting against that. But it’s never been stronger, never been closer. We’re doing a tremendous job together.

We’re cherished friends, partners, and neighbors. Our cooperation is founded on mutual trust and mutual respect between the two of us and between our two countries. And we honor the great dignity of both nations.

With this visit, President López Obrador and I have the opportunity to strengthen the bond we afford since his impressive election victory more than two years ago — a victory the Vice President and Ivanka joined in celebrating at the swearing-in. That was a very exciting day for them.
Each of us was elected on the pledge to fight corruption, return power to the people, and put the interests of our countries first. And I do that and you do that, Mr. President.

The tradition of great respect between Mexican and American Presidents goes back to the early days of both of our nations. And, in particular, it includes President Abraham Lincoln and President Benito Juárez, who each held one another in very, very high esteem. They were great friends and they did great things together. And we are grateful that, this morning, President López Obrador laid a wreath at the memorials that stand to each of these leaders, right here in our nation’s capital. That was a very beautiful, beautiful ceremony.

Our countries are linked by trade and travel, by history and culture, by faith and family. The United States is home to 36 million incredible Mexican American citizens. Mexican Americans uplift our communities, and they strengthen our churches and enrich every feature of national life. They are hardworking, incredible people. They are also great business men and women, and make up a big percentage of our small-business owners — and very successful. They’re very, very successful. They’re like you: They’re tough negotiators and great business people, Mr. President.

Working alongside President López Obrador, we’re taking this relationship to new heights and building a powerful economic and security partnership. Together, we have addressed many of the most complex issues facing our two countries that really went unresolved for many years — and, frankly, far too long. It should have been resolved long before I got here. But we’re achieving great strides and remarkable breakthroughs in strengthening our relationship for decades to come.

With everything that we have accomplished, the potential for the future of the United States and Mexico is unlimited. Far, far greater situation, really, for both countries than anyone thought possible.

Today we celebrate the historic victory we achieved together just days ago when NAFTA was officially terminated — one of the worst trade deals in history — and replaced with a brand-new, beautiful USMCA.

We want to thank Canada, also. I spoke with and will be speaking to the Prime Minister in a little while.

While NAFTA slashed wages and eliminated jobs, the USMCA includes groundbreaking labor protections for workers in both nations. This landmark agreement will bring countless jobs from overseas, back to North America, and our countries will be very big beneficiaries. We are already seeing the fruits because it started. It’s the largest, fairest, and most advanced trade deal ever reached by any country, and it will bring enormous prosperity to both American and Mexican workers and Canada. We want to thank everybody. We’ll have a separate day with Canada. They’re coming down at the appropriate time. But we want to congratulate Canada and the people of Canada, the Prime Minister.

But this has been a tremendous achievement. It’s actually the largest trade deal ever made. And we made a big one with China too, but this is the largest trade deal ever made.

Our two governments are also in close cooperation to stop the illicit cross-border flow of drugs and guns, cash, and contraband, and very importantly, stopping human trafficking.

We’re forging critical partnerships across the Western Hemisphere to combat the cartels and the smugglers and to ensure safe, humane, and lawful migration. And we’ve been helped greatly by Mexico on creating record numbers, in a positive sense, on our southern border. It’s been really, very, very tight and done a great job.

And I want to thank the Secretary, who’s here. We have a — Chad, you’re here someplace. Where is Chad? What a good job you’re doing, Chad. Great job. We’re proud of you. And you’ve worked very closely with Mexico. I know you were just telling me what a great help they’ve been, right? Thank you very much, Chad.

We’ve also worked closely in the battle against the coronavirus, together saving countless — thousands of lives. It’s been my honor to help Mexico procure 600 ventilators, and it’s going to be a higher number than that. They needed them very badly, and we were able to make them. We’re making thousands a week, and we’re helping a lot of countries. But one of the first, and maybe the first that I spoke to, was Mexico. We have a lot of them in Mexico saving a lot of lives. And, Mr. President, we’re in this fight together, and we’re doing very well.

Just a couple of things on that: I’m proud to further announce that the U.S. is, by far, number one in testing — number one in the world in testing — and that the mortality rate is the lowest, or just about the lowest of any nation anywhere in the world.

And we’re safely reopening our country, and very importantly, we’re safely reopening our schools. We want the schools to be open and going in the fall. And most of them, I think, are looking at it that way. It’s very important. We’re finding out that learning by computer is not as good as learning in the classroom or learning on the campus. And I think you’re finding that too. We want to learn in the classroom. So, our schools — we want them open in the fall.

Following President López Obrador’s remarks, we’ll sign a joint declaration committing ourselves to a shared future of prosperity, security, and harmony. This is truly a proud moment in history for both of our nations, Mexico and the United States.

With this signing, we pledge the close and continued friendship between the United States and Mexico, and we accelerate our progress toward an even greater tomorrow — and that’s what’s happening: a greater, maybe even a far greater tomorrow — with a prospering region, a flourishing hemisphere, and two sovereign nations thriving, growing, and excelling side by side, working together — and that’s what we’ve been doing.

Mr. President, we look forward to hosting you for a beautiful dinner later on this evening with some of your friends from Mexico and some of our great friends from the U.S. And it’s an honor to have you with us.

And, please, we’d love to have you say a few words. Thank you. Thank you very much.

PRESIDENT LÓPEZ OBRADOR: (As interpreted.) Friends, ladies and gentlemen, I truly celebrate this meeting with you, President Trump.

My visit, to a great extent, has to do with the importance right now, in these times of world economic crisis, the importance of the entry into effect of the Mexico-U.S.-Canada Agreement, to make by Spanish acronym, “USMCA.” Having been able to close this deal constitutes a great accomplishment benefitting all three nations and our peoples.

As it is well known, North America is one of the most important economic regions of the planet. However, our region is inexplicably a region of trade deficits. We export to the rest of the world about $3.6 trillion, but we import about $4.2 trillion. That is, we have a deficit of $611 billion, which is translated into capital flight, less opportunities for companies and businesses, and job source losses.

This new agreement seeks to reverse this imbalance through greater integration of our economies and improvements in the functioning of productive chains to recover the economic presence that North America has lost in the last five decades. Suffice it to say that, in 1970, the region constituted 40.4 percent of the world GDP. And now, this share in the global economy has gone down to 27.8 percent.

That’s why this agreement is a great option to produce, create jobs, and foster trade without having to go so far away from our homes, cities, states, and nations. In other words, import volumes of our country’s imports to the rest of the world may be produced in North America at a lower transportation cost with reliable suppliers — reliable vis-à-vis the companies, of course — and the utilization of regional labor force…

Of course, it’s not a matter of closing our countries to the world. It’s a matter of taking advantage of all the advantages that we have because we’re neighbors, as well as the enforcement of a good policy of cooperation for development.

This agreement allows us to attract investments from other places of the hemisphere, bringing those investments to our countries, provided we comply, we honor the principles of reducing merchandises with high regional content, and also trying to have salary and labor conditions that are fair conditions for our workers of the exporting or importing countries of consumption goods.

It’s also important to point out that this agreement signifies the integration of all three countries, because we’re all contributing with productive capacity, markets, technology, experience, expertise, highly skilled labor force, and we end up complementing each other. For instance, Mexico has something which is extremely valuable to make this economic integration effective and to boost this integration — economic and commercial integration — in the region. I’m talking about this very young, creative, and responsible labor force.

Let us not forget that the participation of workers in productive processes is just as important as the role of businesses and companies. It really would be not good for us to have capital and technology if we don’t have good workers that are outstanding workers because of their imagination, their talent, and their mystique when they do their work.

On the other hand, with this type of agreement — and respecting our sovereign states — instead of distancing ourselves, we are deciding, we’re opting to walk together towards the future. We want to privilege understanding. That’s why we’re united. And we’re setting aside differences, or we are solving those differences through a dialogue and mutual respect.

Certainly, in the history of our relations, we’ve had perhaps moments in which our minds have not been together. And there are — there have been problems that are not yet forgotten. However, we’ve been able to establish explicit agreements of cooperation and coexistence. For instance, in the ‘40s of last century, during the Second World War, Mexico helped meet the needs of the United States in terms of the raw materials needed by the United States, and it gave its support with the labor of migrant workers that were known as the braceros.

Since then, and until now, we’ve been consolidating our economic-commercial trade relationship, as well as our very — very peculiar coexistence, cohabitation, sometimes as distant neighbors and other times as very affectionate and close friends.

And it is also a well-known history of geopolitics, this neighborhood we have and economic circumstances of both of our nations have promoted, in a very natural manner, a process of migration of Mexican men and women coming here to the United States. And here we’ve been able to create a community of about 38 million people, including the children of Mexican parents. It is a community of good, working people — good people, working people who have come here to make a living in a very honest fashion. And they have so much contributed to the development of this great nation.

Furthermore, in Mexico, more than in any other country of the world, we have in our society a million and a half of U.S. citizens. They live there, and they’re part of our society. So we’re not just united by geographic proximity; we have economic commercial, social, cultural, and ties of friendship, President Trump.

As in the best times of our political relationship, during my mandate as President of Mexico, is that of remembering this insults and things like that from — against me. We have received from you, President Trump, understanding and respect. People — some people thought that our ideological differences would inevitably lead to confrontations. Fortunately, this has not been the case. And I believe that, towards the future, there will be no motive or need to break our very good political relationship or the friendship between our two administrations.

The best president Mexico has ever had, Benito Juárez García, as you have mentioned, had a good understanding with the great Republican President, Abraham Lincoln. Let us remember that this great, historic leader of the United States, who was the promoter of the abolition of slavery, never recognized Emperor Maximilian imposed in Mexico through the intervention of the powerful French army.

It is no coincidence that Juárez lamented Lincoln’s murder in the United States, saying, I quote, “I have deeply felt this disgrace because Lincoln, who was constantly working in such a determined manner for the complete freedom of its fellow men, was worthy of a better fortune or luck.” End of quote.

The same thing happened with the splendid relationship that Democrat President Franklin Delano Roosevelt had with our patriot president, General Lázaro Cárdenas. The same situation took place. And after the oil expropriation, in a letter, General Cárdenas recognized the good understanding — the good bilateral understanding as follows: He said, “My administration believes that the attitude of the United States of America, in the case of the oil company expropriation, reasserts once more the sovereignty of the peoples of this continent that with so much efforts have been maintaining the situation and the position of his Excellency, Mr. President Roosevelt.” End of quote.

So with all proportions and all the circumstances, with different circumstances, history tells us that it is possible to understand each other without arrogance or extremisms.

Now that I have decided to come to this meeting with you, President Trump, we had a good debate in my country on the convenience of this trip. I decided to come because, as I have already expressed, it is very important for us to be launching this new agreement.

But I also wanted to be here to thank people of the United States, its government, and thank you, President Trump for being increasingly respectful with our Mexican fellow men.

And to you, President Trump, I want to thank you for your understanding and the help you’ve given us in issues related to trade, commerce, oil, as well as your personal support for the acquisition of medical equipment that we needed urgently to treat our patients of COVID-19.

But what I mainly appreciate is that you have never sought to impose anything on us violating our sovereignty. Instead of the Monroe Doctrine, you have followed, in our case, the wise advice of the lustrous and prudent President George Washington who said, quote, “Nations should not take advantage of the unfortunate condition of other peoples.” End of quote.

You have not tried to treat us as a colony; on the contrary, you have honored our condition as an independent nation. That’s why I’m here to express to the people of the United States that their President has behaved with us with kindness and respect. You have treated us just as what we are: a country and a dignified people; a free, democratic, and sovereign people.

Long live the friendship of our two nations. Long live the United States of America. Long live Canada. Long live our America. Long live Mexico. Long live Mexico. Viva México. (Applause.)

(The joint declaration is signed.)

END 4:10 P.M. EDT

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  1. Robert Smith says:

    Trudeau SAD?

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    • Nigella says:

      Sparkly socks stayed home and pouted

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    • James F says:

      “social distancing”

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    • donna kovacevic says:

      Justine has problems back here, can’t stand it. I read earlier, don’t know how true, that there may be a fall election meaning he/she will be gone. Please Lord let it be. I love your President and he looks amazing, regardless of all that is going on, the attacks on him. God Bless PDJT.

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      • warrprin1 says:

        Thank you for saying such nice things about President Trump, donna. I hope you get your election in the Fall.

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      • Donna…is Canadian BLM nosy…as they are here in USA..???

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          • donna kovacevic says:

            No not at all. It was hyped up about one month ago and they were protesting in front of our City Hall here in my city and other cities across Canada, however there was no destruction of anything, a few BLM graffiti but it has certainly died down a lot. Justine was actually asked by a reporter, what he would do in regards to this racism, I don’t know where it is, but the reporter mentioned President Trump was busy with reform and working hard. I was stunned a good word for PDJT from Justine’s media. As usual Justine went around the question, just talking points, prison reform all things your President already did, I don’t think he liked that question or shall I say statement. I can not tolerate looking at him, but today at 11.30 am his usual 15 minutes of talking and taking a few questions, but I just had to listen when PDJT was brought up what sparkles would say. Good Lord that thing growing on his face makes him even uglier if that is possible. To be honest I watch our local news, tune in daily for a couple of minutes to see what JT has to say and then listen to our Premier of Ontario about covid crap another 15 minutes. I will say I despise your rude, disgusting, childish media they way they behave towards POTUS, ours as bad as they may be do ask questions politely. The protests ended as quickly as they started, now its quiet, very quiet. I love, adore, respect your POTUS and pray for him.

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            • Simple Citizen says:

              Ms. Kovacevic,

              Thank you for your postings.

              If you do not mind a question:

              What is the status (if any) with ANTIFA in Quebec, Toronto and Vancouver?

              Thank you for any input that you might provide (in advance). Also you and your fellow citizens will be in my prayers.

              Simple Citizen

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  2. markone1blog says:

    So I guess that either the press will tell us that this was racist or they will not report on it.

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    • Phil Free says:

      Since this does not project POTUS in a bad light, it will not be reported on. Only “bad-light” subjects are to be reported on by the MSDNC.

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    • Sir Winston says:

      What is surprising, and I would say, annoying, is the way MSM is treating Lopez Obrador trip to the US.
      You would think that this little Marxist darling, which travels commercial because he did not want to use the Presidential plane acquired several years ago by the guy who beat him in the 2006 Presidential election, that is being driven in an economic VW vehicle just to feel morally superior , that dresses humbly but changed his address to Mexico’s Presidential Palace and has all of his life ¨fought for the poor people”, has strong leftist credentials for his mere presence in the US to be treated as the Second Coming of Jesus.
      Lopez Obrador has governed with such a divisive tone in Mexico that would make Nancy Pelosi jealous of his capacity to create discord among his fellow citizens, but that would be an accomplishment for the NYT editorial board, wouldn’t you agree?
      The only reason his visit is being treated as irrelevant can be explained with three words: Trump derangement syndrome.

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      • Sir Winston:
        There is a very simple reason why Lopez Obrador has fallen into disfavor with the American Left and the Mexican Left: he’s not stridently anti-American to please the radicals, and he has cooperated with the US on critical border security, was crucially instrumental in halting the caravans which the Left hope would render the wall ineffective, and has signed this landmark trade agreement which will usher in cooperation, not conflict.

        As a matter of fact, for all these reasons left-wingers here and in Mexico hate his guts!!!!
        Viva Mexico!


  3. Uncle Al says:

    Turdeau behaving in character, I see.

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  4. sunnyflower5 says:

    Lapdog Media heads are popping off “President Trump has treated us with dignity and respect “

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    • Dutchman says:

      Obrador seemed to be trying to counter the MSM narrative they started with the escalator speech, mischaracterising PDJT’s remarks regarding mexican immigrants.

      Seemed to be a speech SUPPORTING PDJT, wonder how mexican americans will respond to it?

      PDJT may have just collected some, on his earlier deal on oil, with mexico?

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      • Missy says:

        AMLO wants MONEY. He is broke. He did NOTHING to protect his people during COVID, not even his front line health workers had PPE, or tests, no ventilators, no HCQ. NOTHING. People who live hand to mouth are literally STARVING. He makes stupid pronouncements about how the “warm heart of Mexicans will conquer the COVID”. MONEY.


        • Dutchman says:

          He is the ostensible President of a 3 rd World country, actually run by drug cartels, so its best to adjust expectations, accordingly?
          He didn’t trash PDJT or the United States in his comments, but instead offered praise.

          Beats sparkle socks, who gave a lame excuse for not attending.

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  5. starfcker says:

    Trudeau’s green credentials are a total fraud. Let China do the dirty work, out of sight and out of mind. And have the United States pay for it. No more, you f#cking twink.

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  6. Henry says:

    Rude press as usual.

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  7. FL_GUY says:

    It is amazing what President Trump has accomplished with both hands tied behind his back and chain gang shackles on his ankles. The swamp not only needs to be drained but PAVED over!

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  8. dow40kby2024 says:

    Just another huge deal that most of the country won’t hear much about unless the POTUS tells us all about it like I expect he will. Good news is hard to come by for most media outlets. They peddle and profit from bad news only.

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  9. Jenevive says:

    Too bad for Justin, he doesn;t get a pen! What is his reason for staying home?
    Glad POTUS didn;t take any question. they never ask anything appropriate
    it is always silly gossip stuff, which is shame cuz all these world leaders
    come and this is an opportunity for our press to ask that World Leader
    question they otherwise wouldn;t and they instead do gossip nonsense.

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  10. freepetta says:

    Who were the imbeciles screaming in the background? Maybe illegal immigrant criminals who were released with NO bail!!


  11. Black face turdeau wasn’t showup Today,
    canadian are Don’t even like turdeau,

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  12. OhNoYouDont says:

    AMLO took a commercial flight, sitting in coach. Flight had a stopover in Atlanta.

    Prior to this event AMLO visited the Lincoln Memorial.

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    • I Hear You Now says:


      I’ve not heard the full video above — yet … I came here to read the discussion first.

      Is the following on the video somewhere?

      If not, would you kindly point me to the source of this info you’ve shared?

      AMLO took a commercial flight, sitting in coach. Flight had a stopover in Atlanta.

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    • Skippy says:

      Good for President Manual!


    • Roger Duroid says:

      Seriously – he went commercial? Dangerous both from chinese flu and cartels. Hope pdjt still taking hyrooxy.


    • Brian in CA4 says:

      President Lincoln is popular in Mexico because he opposed the Mexican-American War prior to becoming president. AMLO’s visit to that monument is just a win-win photo op. I’ve been to that monument a few times and it is incredible. I have great respect for Lincoln, but I disagree with him on the Mexican-American War topic. I’m very glad that California is still part of the USA and not Mexico. As a 4th generation Californian I know that my ancestors, similar to the Texans/Tejanos, declared independence from imperial Mexico and formed a republic, prior to becoming part of the USA.

      The reconquista movement wants to reverse that, but they will face a terrible fight before we let that happen.

      Trump 2020/KAGA

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      • Sir Winston says:

        Most of the Mexicans are unaware about Lincoln’s opposition to the Mexican-American war. Juarez (whose monument was visited today by Lopez Obrador) was more than happy to sign McLane-Ocampo treaty which gave the US free pass to at least three land corridors, the main one in the Tehuantepec stricture, which would have certainly divided Mexico, easing American military invasions and certainly creating a new state or states for the Union. Lincoln’s calculations made him aware about the big chance that the New Mexican State (which could have been three or four new states) could affiliate with the US southern states, not because sympathy with slavery, but mainly because common agricultural interests, and change the balance of power. That’s why, then Senator Lincoln, opposed the signature of that treaty.
        Well deserved Lincoln’s popularity in Mexico is due to his lead of the Union efforts through the Civil War to end slavery.


  13. SR says:

    In new national poll Biden is +4 ahead ( means-5). National polls do not mean anything. In real states which matter PTrump is +4 to + 8 right now. Wait for the first debate. I am still not sure if Biden will be officially nominee. He may pick black woman VP and will have some medical condition to step side with respect.

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    • James says:

      There is always one,off topic.


    • California Joe says:

      You can count on the news media and Democrats to finagle out of a debate but thanks for the update on the state polls. It’s very good news!!!


    • SR:
      Biden needs a good excuse in order to offer his electors to a new nominee–and do it with a straight face!– when said electors had not actually voted for new nominee. I believe most people in the US would, at this stage, agree that there is more than enough good cause to allow brain-addled Sleepy Joe to withdraw without recrimination if he does.

      However, what if it was all just a ploy to secure the nomination without a money-draining, rancorous, drawn-out fight, just to turn it all over to a surprise nominee who never fought a day for it, and never had to solicit (or never could solicit) such large sums of money on his/her own??

      In recent years, Dems have been damn lucky with their many ruses. So could they possibly now get away with such an obvious ploy as this if it comes to pass??
      Just call it the Biden Hoax!


  14. CoffeeBreak says:

    That was so beautiful!. I was smiling throughout the video.


    • abstain says:

      It WAS beautiful.

      I was struck by Lopez Obrador’s denigration of the Monroe Doctrine, but I never considered it from the Mexican point of view. This trade deal will work for the USA and for Mexico, without the military overtones.

      This relationship of respect is so much better than the La Raza chaos of just a few years ago. I’m glad that has died down. It’s just BLM’s and Antifa’s turn to act up now.


  15. Magabear says:

    Sad in a way that we have a better relationship with a Mexican socialist than we do with our north of the border neighbors. C’mon, Canada, you can do better than Mr. Sparkly Socks!

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  16. Sue says:

    It was a very nice ceremony. Very dignified, that is until the press started yelling out their “questions”. Next time, like parents of rude children, please leave the press at home, Mr. President.
    I am looking forward to the benefits of the USMCA!

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  17. Deborah Fehr says:

    our little boy didn’t show eh? SMH

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  18. Rix Six says:

    Hey Bush Clinton, there’s the final nail in your NAFTA, you betrayers to the working class of this nation.

    If the dems get the presidency the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) will rise it’s treasonous head and the dem president will sign it. The TPP is much worst than NAFTA ever was.

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  19. Roger Duroid says:

    AMLO not wearing mask either – gasp!!! The sob press didn’t get chance to get into their mask shaming routine with either one.

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  20. Don McAro says:

    Justin from Canada could not make it… He still had lots of black shoe polish to remove

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  21. Kaco says:

    President Trump has done so much for us. It amazes me if more people don’t vote for him. He has finally got rid of that NAFTA and ushered in the USMCA. He stopped TPP, he stopped Paris Climate Accord. Both would have killed us.

    How can anyone even think about that demented fool, Biden? China Joe.

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  22. TheWanderingStar says:

    What will be interesting to hear about is the discussions between the two Presidents about proposed solutions for illegal immigration.

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  23. MitchRyderDetroitWheels says:

    Justin Two-Faced Trudope couldn’t make the show. He should have sent his Lardazz trade negotiator Chrystia back for another bout with The Donald. I guess she is still wearing last years dress with this years azz.

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  24. Suzy Jules says:

    38 mil vs 1.5 mil . Those 1.5 can’t leach off your country, but I am sure 37mil have been on the US teat for education jobs, since they send back 380 billion dollars. Let’s trade.

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    • abstain says:

      I really like President Trump’s generous attitude towards solving problems.
      Perhaps some of the 38 million would prefer to live in their own country if they could make a good wage there. We’ll see.

      Good solutions take time.


  25. MVW says:

    President Trump treats Mexico and Mexicans with great respect as is right and as he does with all countries and their people.
    Lopez, ‘President Trump does not take advantage of the hardship of others.’
    Fairness is the fundamental principle in respect as is reciprocity. Sanity in times of Globalist and Communist insanity. And because of respect in action, the respect is real, and that is how we earn our friends and friendships. But with Communists, there can be no friendship. And for Globalists, there can be no friendships.

    There is a spider in the world that is real and is behind the Globalists and the 24/7/365 propaganda and terrorists attack on our country and our rights, that spider must be exterminated.

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  26. TonyE says:

    If Mexico can pull this off, introducing real wages and real manufacturing in Mexico, as well in the US, this will solve most illegal immigration problems in the US and will help Mexico tremendously.

    A richer population will help them with their drug cartel problem. More money, more jobs less idle hands…

    Unfortunately, “Socks” is too much of a fool not to see this. He’s just another Progressive tool.

    I thought it was significant the the President of Mexico noted “friendship of our two nations”… and only brought Canada later.

    Que se jodan los Canadienses? Ole!

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  27. Andy says:

    Mexico has been a great ally especially recently. I was just down in Mexico recently and the anger with China is very real. Hopefully we can team up with Mexico to bring manufacturing back to the continent and take on the CCP and leave them dead in their tracks. Canada can shove it. Mexico is here to help and treats us as an actual friend.

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  28. Sparky5253 says:

    Turdeau is lucky Trump bullied him into this agreement, or Canada’s economy would have been crushed. Castro’s son is an intellectually challenged ninny.

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  29. Arrest Soros says:

    Just another reminder that The Boy Trudeau and his deputy Christia Freeland are calling this deal The New NAFTA.
    They have not called it the USMCA, not even once. Just The New NAFTA.
    I’m guessing that was on orders from The Kenyan so that PDJT doesn’t get the credit for the deal. “It’s the old deal, just tweeked a little” is what they’ll say.

    Liked by 2 people

  30. Fools Gold says:

    Imho we’ll see what happens but so far both leaders have accomplished something that I never thought was possible. God bless President Trump!
    Meanwhile little Justin is afraid of his shadow.


  31. 21leelee says:

    I am so happy to hear President Obrador’s words in this statement. It is really good to acknowledge the great rapport established with Mexico post NAFTA.


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