Report: DOJ Preparing Anti-Trust Lawsuit Against Google – Aligns With AG Barr Statement Yesterday…

CTH has discussed the likelihood of DOJ action against Google previously.  Yesterday AG Barr also mentioned in an interview with Senator Ted Cruz that he was likely to have the final DOJ investigation on his desk for a decision within the next few months.

Today Politico is reporting on some of the background DOJ activity which aligns with Bill Barr’s statements and our own research assembly.

WASHINGTON – Justice Department prosecutors expect to file an antitrust lawsuit against Google in the coming months focused on the company’s dominance in online advertising and search, two individuals familiar with the discussions said Friday.

DOJ lawyers and state antitrust officials met online Friday and discussed contours of the expected complaint, according to the people, who weren’t authorized to speak on the record because the investigation is ongoing.

[…] The suit is expected to involve allegations that the search giant has monopolized the advertising technology market. It is also expected to include allegations that Google has taken steps to extend its monopoly over search, such as through contracts with Apple and cellphone makers who use the Android operating system that require it be the default search engine.

The people cautioned that Attorney General William Barr, who did not attend the meeting, has yet to make a final decision on whether to sue, a judgment he could make in the coming weeks. The department would also need to decide what remedy it would seek, such as trying to break up the company or placing limits on its behavior. Whether the state attorneys general would also sign on to the DOJ complaint isn’t yet determined.

Prosecutors are still discussing whether to include other aspects of Google’s conduct related to search, the people said.

A DOJ spokesperson declined to comment. (read more)

Anyone who has spent time on the internet already knows Google manipulates the internet based on their self-defined ideology.  In August of 2019 a Google employee and whistleblower came forward with documentary evidence explaining how they do it.

Zachary Vorhies went  public with the information in order to help people better understand the scope and scale of Google’s manipulative intent.  [Link to Documents]

Among those documents is a file called “news black list site for google now.” The document is a “black list,” which restricts certain websites from appearing on an Android Google product.  Not surprisingly CTH is listed on the black list.

On May 28, 2020, after President Trump signed an executive order targeting on-line censorship, CTH wrote a twitter thread about it.  There has to be a breaking point where the FCC or DOJ steps in to address these issues, if our constitutional republic is to survive.

[Read Executive Order Here] – In the periphery of this executive action there are indications, and a widespread expectation, the DOJ is close to filing an antitrust lawsuit against Google Inc and their affiliated companies. There is a possibility the controlling ideology of ‘big tech’ is about to merge with legal action by the DOJ.

The DOJ action has not yet happened, but there are signals it is close. There have been visible signals, subtle but visible, the DOJ was/is about to move on a massive (the biggest in history) antitrust lawsuit against Google and all affiliates.

The issue will not necessarily surface as most would think; via a bias based on conservative -vs- leftist ideology in content manipulation; though those underlying aspects are a part of the larger underpinning we will soon see surface.

Antitrust lawsuits, writ large, are based on “prices”, “costs”, and net “financial” distortions caused by corporations not competing based on open commerce. “Antitrust” in it’s structural form is based on costs and the manipulation of prices.  Essentially, controlled commerce.

In the digital sphere the targeted firms have not opened themselves to liability based on ideology; but rather Google, all subsidiaries and alliances, have opened themselves to antitrust violations through the manipulation and control of financial benefit.

Demonitization of digital platform content providers, in combination with Google’s control of almost all ad revenue in the digital space, is what has opened the door for DOJ intervention based on antitrust laws…. But will they take action? That’s the question.

Antitrust intervention is warranted because the content being generated on these on-line, digital platforms, is being arbitrarily valued by the media company GoogleAds and not the free market. Devaluing certain content they are ideologically opposed to creates consumer distortions.

Underpinning that revenue control is the ideological nature of the control enforcer, in this example Google. However, for the purpose of antitrust lawsuits, that motive is irrelevant.

The methods, practices and purposeful control of value; through collusion of corporate interest specific to a planned and organized effort to control monetary benefit; is the part of their activity that is quantifiable, discoverable, easily provable, and ultimately unlawful.

The financial distortion of internet commerce is the crack in the Big Tech stranglehold that should afford the DOJ the opportunity to step in.  Google (and all subsidiaries) will lose on the substance of their defense because ultimately their business practice has resulted in, and arguably they have engaged in, price fixing.

It will take time, but from an optimistic position if the DOJ take action eventually Google would be forced to settle a lawsuit.  There could be a massive financial settlement in addition to a negotiated Consent Decree. Within the decree terms, we could even see a break-up.

Any antitrust action is only tangentially related to President Trump’s previous confrontation with Twitter and big tech social media based on ideological lines. However, it is easy to see how the two issues will merge.  The monetary distortions are based on ideology.

As soon as the DOJ takes action Silicon Valley will hold an even larger self-interest in the 2020 election outcome; and they will respond accordingly.

This is definitely worth watching…

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177 Responses to Report: DOJ Preparing Anti-Trust Lawsuit Against Google – Aligns With AG Barr Statement Yesterday…

  1. dave casper says:

    If Trump wins all hell will break lose, if he loses, all hell will break lose. Pray folks, pray hard now. God will answer our prayers, he did the first time. Oh, and don’t wait for tribulation to come, it’s HERE NOW.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Lawrence L says:

    Better late than never? Color me as impressed with this move as I have been with the Huber-Durham investigations. This is too late to have any impact on November. The election will be here before the preliminary filings are complete. And none of what this DoJ proposes would survive a Biden (Hillary/Michelle) DoJ recasting of DoJ priorities.

    I never thought the Dem strategy of running out the clock could work, but you’ve got to hand it to them. POTUS allowed himself–and the country–to be put through two years of Mueller and impeachment BS. He refused to declassify and unredact the myriad documents that show that the Mueller investigation and the bogus impeachment effort were completely unfounded cover-ups for the Obama administration’s rampant corruption and use of the national security tools to spy on its political opponents. We know the abuses dated back to the earliest days of Obama’s first term. Had Trump released all the docs before the 2018 election the Dems would never have won the House and we could have avoided all the Pelosi insanity of the past two years. That could have destroyed the Dems for decades. Instead, even now every single one of the perpetrators walk free and get highly-paid engagements on CNN and MSNBC. Christopher Wray–who concealed many of the most incriminating documents–is still the Director of the FBI. POTUS’ unwillingness to declassify gave the left two years to set the stage for the current BLM/Antifa lawlessness and civil unrest. Frankly, I will never understand why he did not take those steps.

    November should never have even been close. A Dem House, a glacial DoJ, a liberal SCOTUS, and feckless GOP politicians are going to make the election closer than it should have even been.

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    • lgstarr says:

      Will you change your mind if Trump wins?


    • davidsstones says:

      Well stated. I agree. Jared Kushner, a Democrat, has had a clear voice of recommendations to the President. Democrat’s forcibly secure their party. Jared Kushner has not, in 3 1/2 years changed his party membership. The Betrayer’s have been mostly Democrats. Trump allowed the breech of Republican walls and early on, perhaps fueled by Kushner, may have hoped to unify the parties. We expect our future to incorporate the past; yet the unknown unfolds tomorrow.
      There’s this; what if Trump wins in November? I think he will.


    • Donna in Oregon says:

      “If the federal government should overpass the just bounds of its authority and make a tyrannical use of its powers, the people, whose creature it is, must appeal to the standard they have formed, and take such measures to redress the injury done to the Constitution as the exigency may suggest and prudence justify.”
      ― Alexander Hamilton, The Federalist Papers


  3. dbobway says:

    Overwhelming votes win Nov.3rd, That is the only way the President wins.
    The rest of this is window dressing. If one paid attention to what our President has done,
    And they’re of sound mind?
    It will be a 3 way win. Not a landslide but a solid win. Congress and the President, will win back power to the people.
    If individual liberty, has to come to me? We have a problem. I am part of the firewall, no one in they’re right mind, attacks.
    We will win, but our form of government loses.
    That is not the goal of America. We need debate, we need to progress.
    But only within the laws we espouse, by our Constitution, Declaration of Independence and our Bill of Rights.
    Then and only then can we have individual freedom.

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    • gregc77 says:

      The City of Man is collapsing, on a global scale. It’s now all about saving souls. The only real question is how long will the window of mercy stay open before the window of justice becomes the only avenue to the City of God. The choice is increasingly clear: group delusion and strife or peace and sanity.

      Liked by 1 person

      • dbobway says:

        gregg are you collapsing? It doesn’t appear that way. I’m not going anywhere, and I’m far from alone.
        We have to see this thru. Where I live I’ll be fine no matter what. Peace and sanity, lives among us face to face. No keyboard is going to take our freedom from us.
        I just don’t want to go there. Neither does our enemy, who has any sense.
        We are not going to give up our individual freedom.
        We just have to keep winning real elections with real results.
        The media can’t spin reality. They can only hide it.
        Thanks to the information age, that is impossible.
        There will be pain and sacrifice, but nothing we can’t handle.
        In the end we will win.

        Liked by 1 person

    • Bob says:

      Should have brought a lawsuit a year ago.


  4. Bill Henslee says:

    Break up GOOGLE and TWITTER in the interest of competition. Hard for leftists to argue against financial stranglehold on advertising that represents a virtual monopoly. This is the way to go.

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  5. Brian L says:

    The best thing that could happen would be the ruling that all non-illegal content online must be treated as protected speech under 1A.


    • Kenji says:

      Do you actually BELIEVE the foreign ghouls at Google, will trade their monopolistic stranglehold on advertising revenue for acceptance of the US Constitution and the 1st Amendment?

      I say no way. They are so convinced of their “moral guardianship” of “wrong thoughts” … along with their economic power rivaling that of the US taxpayer … that they will never relinquish either. There can be no “settlement” … but only the complete obliteration of one party or the other.

      Liked by 1 person

    • John Ostrowski says:

      Yes, and tell that to Zuckerberg of Facebook.


  6. Deserttrek says:

    Fu*k apple, the chinese company
    Do you have to kiss the guys ass?


  7. Caius Lowell says:

    Politico? Oh, you mean CCPolitico… Tucker Carlson: Politico is one of the reasons sucking up to China is normal in Washington


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