The Big Con – The Heritage Foundation and the Federalist Society are Being Funded by Google?…

The Big Con.

What Senator Josh Hawley called the fraud of “the conservative bargain” is taking on an entirely new light thanks to the work of The National Pulse in what should be a game-changing expose’ on just who is funding, or should we say ‘controlling’, key aspects of expressed U.S. conservatism.

President Trump, in a tenuous alignment with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, has previously said the list of judicial nominees presented, considered, nominated and confirmed, were assembled and vetted by two specific groups: The Federalist Society and the Heritage Foundation; both of whom claim to hold conservative outlooks.

As a result, it’s a little more than concerning to discover that both organizations are being funded by the ultra-left wing Google ideology.   Yes, the same Big Tech outlet currently working on an advanced directive to block, control, censor and eliminate conservative speech on-line, is financing the organizations who claim to support conservative speech.

That revelation should get some attention…. but it won’t… because the same conservative pundits who are in place to get the attention of conservative Americans, and ultimately control what outrages should garner the attention of conservative thinkers, are financial benefactors of the same organizations under the control of their left-wing financing.

Think about that carefully.

Let that sink in.

Things starting to make sense now?

The standing ovation at CPAC for Paul Ryan’s omnibus spending making sense now?

How many conservative pundits hang the shingle of their bona-fides based on their association with The Federalist Society, The Heritage Foundation, or  The CATO institute?

Do we really think those well known conservative voices, radio hosts, television pundits, booksellers and publication authors would now be part of an expose’ of admission?  Will the crowd of conservative voices stand jaw agape to discover their bank accounts are actually full of Google and Big Tech money?  Doubtful; it would be against their interests.

You can read the FULL LIST of which conservative groups are being funded by Google and Big Tech HERE.  And don’t skip the pearl-clutching justification from the Heritage Foundation at the bottom of the article.

Methinks they doth protest too much.

Senator Josh Hawley is right, the “Conservative Bargain” is based on a fraud…

But don’t worry, you won’t hear Mark Levin, Sean Hannity or Laura Ingraham discuss it; unless, that is, their discussion includes the always popular controlled outrage approach.

When you consider the scale of left-wing Big Tech’s financial control, all of that stuff that we are told to keep us from tarring and feathering the Republican DC leadership, certainly seems like one big uniparty con job.

However, that said, the Supreme Court Judge Gorsuch decisions; and the Supreme Court Justice Roberts decisions take on a new light when you consider their nominations were advanced and confirmed in the best interests of silicon valley.  I digress…

…There are Trillions at Stake


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316 Responses to The Big Con – The Heritage Foundation and the Federalist Society are Being Funded by Google?…

  1. TwoLaine says:

    I remember quite awhile back, maybe within 6 months of President TRUMP passing the First Step Act, some man being on Tucker Carlson’s show that was blowing the whistle about some of the hardened criminals and murders that were being let out under the new rules.

    I remember Heritage Foundation being a part of the conversation, as they had a hand in that legislation as well, and the man said they aren’t doing us any favor on judges either.

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    • Brian says:

      the USA is screwed and it will require patriots to square things up. imo only

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    • Dutchman says:

      “Not doing us,any favor on Judges, either.”

      “Keep us from tar and feathering the Republican D.C. Leadership”.

      Was just podting earlier today; McConnell has done everything he could to oppose PDJT and his agenda.

      The one supposed exception is “pushing through Judicial confermatiins, at a record pace.
      WHY ‘help’ there, but no where else?

      Because McConnell is packing the courts with Roberts/Gorsuch Judges, not Scalia Alito Judges.

      He’s packing them as fast as he can, yet allowing Cabinet and especially subcabinet positions to go unfilled, for over two years.

      Instead of ‘Advice and Consent’, McConnell is demanding “nominate who I tell you can get confirmed!”

      Silly twisting of protecol, to prevent recess appointments, as part of forcing PDJT to nominate traitors, deep State agents.

      And yet, some suggest if I lived in Kentucky, I should vote for McConnell, cause “he’s better than a Democrat!”

      If I lived in South Carolina, I should vote for Graham.

      Alaska, Murkowski. Maine, S. Collins.
      Utah? Mittens. Arizona? McSally.


      Sorry, just can’t do it,….I would get nauseous and pass out, before my hand could mark the ballot.

      But, thats just me,…

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      • TwoLaine says:

        Preachin’ to the choir Dutchman. You hit it on the mark!

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      • Karmy says:

        In Montana we have Daines who just pushed through “Historic Senate Passage of Major Conservation Bill, the Great American Outdoors Act. Bill Provides Full, Mandatory Funding of Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF), Addresses Maintenance Backlog of Public Lands, National Parks.”

        He was roundly congratulated by the Democrats Tester and Bullock. Conservatives not happy. What to do? Vote for Daines a RINO and possible never-Trumper or Bullock the Democrat Governor pushed into running by Obama and Schumer. Yeah, no Democrat puppet there. The Dems have targeted Montana. We had issues at the local level too. Thankfully the primary took out a few RINOs. People are educated in the Bitterroot.

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      • Dude, you DO live in Arizona (unless you’ve moved in the past 5 weeks…)

        “If I lived in South Carolina, I should vote for Graham.

        Alaska, Murkowski. Maine, S. Collins.
        Utah? Mittens. Arizona? McSally.

        I DON’T THINK SO.”

        So, you’re not gonna vote for McSally? Does Kelly better fit your ideology?

        If you didn’t field a candidate for the AZ senate primaries, now isn’t the time to decide you’re a “rebel”.

        A Senate majority is the only thing that is keeping PDJT from being impeached!

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        • Dutchman says:

          For many,…many,….many years, I voted for the R candidate, as the “lesser of two weavils”.

          I actually voted for Mcstain, for Senator, and Flake, cause they were the Republicon party candidate.
          I voted for Mcstain for Pres, although comforted myself I was voting for Sarah.

          And, earlier I voted for Bush, because he had as R after his name.

          And just LOOK what it got me.
          Finally, in 2012, I just had it. I could NOT bring myself to vote for Romney Ryan ticket.

          First time since I started voting, that I didn’t vote for POTUS. Those two made me nauseous.

          And, 8 million of my fellow registered Republicans also ‘stayed home’ and didn’t vote for Romney.

          If we had, he would have beaten Obama,…but nothing significant would have changed.
          Oh, he would have worked with Graham, who would work with Democrats, for a “comprehensive immigration law”, and would have had to give away the store, because “need Democrat votes in the Senate to pass.

          It WOULD have had a “pathway to citisenship” for 30 million ?
          And while the INITIAL bill would have had mandatory E-verify, that would get dropped when Senate and House conference committee, meeting behind closed doors, ‘reconciled’ the House and Senate versions.

          So, should we have voted for Romney?
          I have followed politics my whole life, and understand the stakes, and how it works.

          We don’t have the traditional two party system of R vs D; until DJT came along, we had had, for many years a ONE party system, two-faced, but one party.
          Now, we have Uniparty and MAGAPARTY, and I will vote for MAGAPARTY, I will NOT vote, with my sacred vote, for another Uniparty candidate.

          Yrs, Kelly DOES better fit my ideology. Like,DJT she was undermined by the RNC, they used arpio as a ‘splitter’ to take her out, and didn’t mind at all that THEY, by taking Kelly out with arpio, guaranteed kursin sinalot would get in.

          And McSally, a younger, prettier McStain. Arizona isn’t purple, because of an influx of libertards. Its purple cause the State Republicon party is corrupted Uniparty.

          If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always got.

          And I am tired of eating the dogsh*t salad, just cause it has less excrement than the dogsh*t sandwich.

          So I, personally am not going to do it,….any more.

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          • Sugarhillhardrock says:

            It was like listening to a recording of my own thoughts, reading your cogent post.

            In my state, Kelly Ayotte was the Mcstain choice. I wrote in. I could not do it.

            I listened to all this crap about “binary choice” from friends who think the Heritage Foundation is on our side.

            I will vote for PDJT, if I have to crawl over broken glass on November 3rd. I will vote for a couple of local real deals for the NH House.

            I may just leave the rest blank.

            I think civil war is the most likely avenue left for patriots.

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        • Dutchman says:

          “A Senate (Republican) Majority is the only thing keeping PDJT from being impeached!”

          No, sorry thats wrong. WE are the only thing keeping PDJT from being impeached, and WE will not accept such an outcome, regardless of what letter the Senators who vote to impeach have, after their name.

          R or D, hangs from a lampost, just the same.

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        • Maria says:

          If in Arizona, Vote Daniel McCarthy…he showed up at every rally and Open the State protests. Get his name out there. NOT KELLY!! Rhino’s love McSally…she is bought and paid for and does nothing. Won;t even show up on Tucson Talk Radio because she can’t handle objection/debate. We need help in Arizona with a sell out Governor and Socialist Latina Mayors we are hurting bad!


        • Wow, Dude. Are you SURE you’re familiar with Arizona politics?

          “Yrs,(sic) Kelly DOES better fit my ideology. Like,DJT she was undermined by the RNC, they used arpio(sic) as a ‘splitter’ to take her out…”

          The person whom you are describing is Dr. Kelli (KELLI) Ann Ward. She is the chairwoman of the Arizona Republican Party. She is NOT a candidate for the Senate race which Martha McSally is in. Martha McSally’s 2020 opponent is Mark Kelly (KELLY), husband of former AZ Rep. Gabby Giffords, who is pro-abortion; for ‘common sense, effective’ gun laws; and believes in anthropogenic climate change.

          Mark Kelly is all in for immigration reform– here’s what he had to say about Thursday’s Supreme Court DACA decision. “Today’s Supreme Court decision is a relief for tens of thousands of Arizona Dreamers and their families and the result of a lot of hard work by Dreamers, community leaders, and advocates who bravely made their voices heard. Their home is here, and I stand with Arizona Dreamers in celebrating this moment. Dreamers are frontline(sic) workers, entrepreneurs, educators, veterans, and community leaders who make our state stronger.”

          You may not be crazy about Martha McSally, but she voted against impeachment of our President. Mark Kelly will not do the same. And, still you write:

          “Sorry, just can’t do it,….I would get nauseous and pass out, before my hand could mark the ballot. But, thats(sic) just me,…”

          If we should lose the Senate, I hope your principles keep you from ‘becoming nauseated and passing out’.

          I don’t know that I’ll be feeling that well.


      • Jan says:

        Agree with you re McConnell. If you’d meet him & shake hands with him, you’d probably have to chop or bite that hand off because you could never wash off his slime & the slime is eating your fingers. [Grim reaper nickname is very appropriate]

        I do believe Pres. Trump has a little more breathing room now that he’s survived the Mueller investigation and the first impeachment round. Appointing Grinell as acting ODNI was brilliant!!

        Looks like Grinell is still around. He was on Laura Ingraham tonight commenting on
        Bolton. No love lost between these 2 either.

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        • Dutchman says:

          I think after November, he will have a LOT of breathing room.

          And, I see more and more of an awareness of his duplicity, and a “calling out”,..of the Senate Republicon leadership.

          Perhaps, after the elections we will see a slew of Republicon Senate resignations,…to spend more time with their families,…so they don’t spend more time with their ancestors.

          It can’t be just one or two, though. Theres a whole leadership group, “the decepticons” Sundance calls them.
          Hafta go, one way or the other.
          Retire, scandal or primary, have to clean house

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      • Toenail says:

        In Texas Cornyn ——- Just can’t do it.


      • NanetteDragoon says:

        @Dutch, unfortunately all I see now is Civil War coming quicker. This election will be make it or break it for a Civil War if Trump doesn’t get re-elected and if Trump can’t pull the cleansing of the deep state off, then Civil War is on our heels.


        • Dutchman says:

          I vaccilate. On the one hand, the recipe for a CW is a polarised electorate, where neither side is going to accept the results of an election, if they lose.

          We HAVE that. And we have an election coming.

          Now, I THINK and FEEL that the enemies have so revealed themselves, and enough of the electorate have red-pilled enough, that PDJT is going to win election by such a landslide, that his enemies are going to be shown to represent a small % of the populace.

          With such a landslide, I THINK and feel that ballot fraud cannot overcome it. Ballot fraud ‘works’ with near 50-50, which is why the Uniparty works to that end, by a variety of means; makes it possible and practical to cheat.

          Anyway, maybe I am wrong about that. Maybe there will be massive cheating, blatant and obvious. When they declare Biden the winner, THAT will be the proverbial straw, and many millions of Americans will head to D.C., and its ropes and lamposts time.

          Or, maybe despite PDJT winning reelection, his coat tails will not extend that far, and Dems win majority in Senate, retain in House, attempt to impeach again, and learn that it is NOT the Republicons in the Senate, preventing PDJT from being impeached, it is the American people, which is what they mean when they say “Impeachment is a POLITICAL act, not a legal one.”

          Congress can Impeach a POTUS for spitting on the sidewalk, so long as the people passively aquiese.

          We WILL NOT passively aquiese, regardless of which face of the two-faced Uniparty are in the ‘majority’ of either or both houses.

          So, again you have 20-30 million armed, p.o.’d American patriots descending on the swamp, well stocked with hemp and sisal.

          Or, maybe,…..? My chrystal ball is old, scratched and chipped, and my vision not what it once was….lets see what happens, pray for Gods will to be done, hope for the best and plan for the worst.


      • robindranoth says:

        It does, unfortunately, make itself obvious. I have noticed newsmax and Breitbart are just plain trash. I have cut way back on media consumption. I see what’s happening, and I have chosen to put my trust in God my Saviour, not in man.


        • Dutchman says:

          SOP; A media outlet gets big enough to have influence, it is corrupted. Drudge, then Breitbart,…they gobble them up.

          Hence, CTH is the last refuge.


        • Dutchman says:

          Actually, Brietbart has live coverage of the people attending the Tulsa rally, its up right now.
          Some pretty good coverage,..scroll past the first part, where they are obsessed with a statue (Trump?) And they are interviewing attendees,…pretty good.

          And, the BEST coverage of what was happening at the 2016 Dem convention, was Breitbart.
          Stopped clock, correct twice a day? Lol.


      • robindranoth says:

        It does, unfortunately, make itself obvious. I have noticed newsmax and Breitbart are just plain trash. I have cut way back on media consumption. I see what’s happening, and I have chosen to put my trust in God my Saviour, not in man.


      • As a Man Thinkth says:

        Sometimes…in the still of a moonless night, a man has to do what a man has to do…just sayin


    • sturmudgeon says:

      Man.. it is SO very disappointing to see this come out, Sundance. Who the h*** CAN we trust today? The whole world has gone crazy!

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      • Karmy says:

        You can trust GOD! HE will never abandon you.That’s what gives me hope and sanity with the helter skelter world we are living in now

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        • Ken Lawson says:

          Karmy – You are right, but unfortunately too many won’t trust God. Many will think they are by giving some soft voice to it, but as Jesus warned, they will be turned away from Him on judgment day. And the fact is that it’s quite possible that God is removing His hand of blessing from America. He gave us what may be the last chance with President Trump, but we didn’t respond as He requires. II Chronicles 7:14 says that He will heal the nation if we repent of our wicked ways and follow Him. Well, He went a step further and gave us a start on healing by giving us Trump. But we, as a people, didn’t repent. There was no spiritual revival. So, it’s quite possible that He may be pulling His hand of blessing back from America. He may not and may still grant us a little longer, but if we don’t respond as He requires, that will end.

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          • Free Thinker says:

            How very true! If we put God first and repent God will heal our Nation. Don’t compromise our principles and stay true to our founding fathers and we will come out all right. I will follow President Donald J Trump policy.


    • Miguel Suradevi says:

      Can someone explain to me what Levin is doing wrong according to Sundance. I mean is Levin taking money from Gooble? or what is his crime?


  2. BruceC says:

    Looks like the climate hypochondriacs will have to change one of their BS headlines. For +20 years they’ve been saying the Heritage Foundation and CATO are funded by ‘Big Oil’.

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  3. omyword says:

    So now to the entirety of the political realm, the constitution is some old relic rotting away in a musium. Is that about the size of it.

    Do what thou wilt has become the whole of the law.


  4. Blind no Longer says:

    After 2 disastrous supreme court opinions, face book banning Trump ads on fakebook, race riots, traitors in the military, etc etc etc….I was already pissed off beyond cold anger. Now this!!!

    To prove just how “bought” and corrupt the GOP has become, they really show their true colors by coming out to attempt to destroy a true blue MAGA candidate in NW Georgia. People I thought I trusted..Steve Scalise is the only one who shocked me, the rest didn’t. The usual suspects, Kevin McCarthy, RNC idiots, etc.

    Marjorie Greene is as Trump like as they come. She has been fearless, railing against the GOP establishment, even calling them out for their lack of courage to defend people against the attacks by Dems, BLM, ANTIFA.

    So now the smear campaign begins…It won’t work though, in fact it’s going to backfire on their asses. I voted for her in the primary (14th congressional district) this month, and I’ll vote for her again in the August runoff. Here is a couple of examples of the cowards attempts to destroy strong MAGA candidates in favor of Rhino/establishment types.

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    • db says:

      just think what you’d be ‘missing’ if Trump wasn’t in office and uncovering and exposing these thieves and criminals in positions of power.!

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    • Dutchman says:

      Beware of splitters in primaries, its a favorite trick of the Uniparty.

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    • YeahYouRight says:

      Gorsuch s rewed us on FOUR decisions Monday. In addition to LGBT, they decided CA law against working with ICE can stand, they infringed on our 2A carry, and one other which I cannot decall right now. I don’t understand why only Rush discussed the three lesser known decisions.

      This explains the judges only confirmation factory, and why the constraint on judges needed approval of Federalist Society. So glad Trump must have seen this and will revise his judge list.

      The betrayals just never seem to end, do they?

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  5. Grrrrl says:

    Trump should hit the stage and announce that he cares not about Party, but America collectively . Invite all the Grassroot Crossovers For Trump to join him ONSTAGE and spill EVERYTHING he knows about the entire, corrupt system!Including the fake Corona-Virus manufactured in Wuhan ,the American Globalist billionaires ,their compadres, the hows and whys, the CommunoIslamoFascist takeover from within, name EVERY player, left and right and purge the entire system once and for all.

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    • vikingmom says:

      From your lips to Gods ears…please forward this excellent suggestion to the White House!!

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    • Maquis says:


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    • oldumb says:

      And every single news outlet in America would be 100% coverage about Crazy Donald Trump and his lunatic ramblings about bogey men taking over the world , yada yada yada. It would be everywhere, all day, day in and day out. Hundreds of stories from hundreds of angles.
      He might turn a few souls and lose a few, but there will be no mass conversion. We may as well get that fantasy out of our head. People will not come clean and the victims will not place blame on their oppressors. It would be too damaging to their physic and would require them confronting their worse fears.
      Sounds nice, but not working IMO

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    • joan says:

      I wish he would create a new party. The People’s Party.

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    • This will happen, but not at once at this rally! Notice, the stage is already being set with President Trump directly stating that john bolton is a TRAITOR. He would not say that without motive, and Pompeo then followed with the definition of a traitor.

      The stage IS being set y’all, do hang in there. The things we NEED are coming… in due time.

      Patience is a b*tch, and a virtue.


  6. WVNed says:

    The Google AI is playing both sides against the middle.

    Kill all Humans

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  7. paper doll says:

    You’d think folks can wait until the first freaking rally before throwing the towel? Lord.It’s one thing to be beat, but just giving up? Huh? Did I miss something? Isn’t PT still in the White House?

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    • Jerry Cross says:

      paper doll, do you or anyone else really think President Trump is going to be able to drain the Swamp in the 4 years he has left? From what we have seen so far, nothing is going to get done. He cannot do it without help, it’s to big. I think even he is surprised at the depth. Obama didn’t do all this by himself. Bush, Clinton, daddy Bush and Congress set the stage. Now that Trump is in there rattling the cage, the snakes are attacking. Trump is over his head but all he has to do is ask for help from his supporters if he is serious about taking control back. It would seem to me that the “Forgotten Man” is still forgotten..


      • Karmy says:

        Have you read the letter from Catholic Archbishop Vigano to President Trump? Read it at the link below. It’s quite eye opening.

        Click to access Open_Letter_President_Donald_Trump.pdf

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        • Jan says:

          Thanks for posting the letter. Somewhat restores my faith in “ministers”. I’m not Catholic so I don’t know much about the hierarchy. That he sees this as many Treepers see it is comforting on a day like today.

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      • warhorse says:

        patience. we are fighting quicksand. if you struggle too hard it pulls you in deeper. but if you calm down and float, eventually you get out.

        what we need is a movement based on principles and values instead of men. those things carry on when men stumble.

        a good example is ron paul. that guy had more money than he knew what to do with. his base was energized, organized, and ready. where are they now? ron paul retired. the movement based on a man splintered and fell apart. if they had been based on principles and values, they’d still be here and likely a force to reckon with, moving the agenda.

        this will not be a 4-year project. or even an 8-year project. this will take decades, because it took us decades to get where we are now.

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      • jerry, shut yer pie hole! You don’t know what yer talking about.

        And, scroll up and read my post a few above!! It’s the TRUTH sir!


    • GB Bari says:

      Keep in mind that is now being frequently visited by more trolls than ever before because of national publicity via some mention by Lou Dobbs and others.

      Those trolls always have a similar tactic – express some level of previous support of President Trump, but now, because of __(fill in the blank with latest whine)___ they can no longer support him or even vote in November. Yawn.

      Everyone I know is voting for PDJT in November come hell or high water (or covid-19 or covid-20).

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      • Seneca the Elder says:

        G B- I think you are right, especially about the care trolls.
        Lots of new names here in recent weeks.
        Not a lot of unconditional love for MAGA.

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        • Kay123 says:

          I stand with PT come he!! or high water too. I sympathize
          with him. Everyone can see what he is up against. I’m doing
          all I can do…. but Obozo recruited all kinds of “anarchists” to destroy
          those supporters of PT. Everyone knows who the Deep State Thugs
          are ….and they need to go first.

          When the opposition uses laundered money and BILLIONAIRES
          FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC determined to destroy our country
          it may take a civil war to hold on.

          We know who the leaders are though…..don’t we?? the

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      • De Oppresso Liber says:

        Similar to what Grrrrl posted above — I think when President Trump announced that “he caught them, he caught them all,” referring to the swamp, that he still has some serious nukes in his arsenal, that he will deploy when he believes the effect will be the most advantageous for him.

        I outed a troll two weeks ago on another site, but oftentimes they simply change their username and troll, troll again. Many consider themselves semi-professional agitators who believe they’re smarter than everybody else. But, in reality many are simply kool aide drinkers of a younger generation who are severely lacking in both basic education (that’s an app, right?) and common sense.

        Time is getting short……I hope President Trump acts soon.

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        • YeahYouRight says:

          I don’t understand Google’s objections to Federalist and ZeroHedge having comment sections, since that is where the trolls are sent to try (and fail) to dispirit us. Nothing more objectionable about tech on those mede two sites than elsewhere, and they’re still preaching, we’re just not commenting immediately below. What does this do for Google/NBC? Anybody?


      • sDee says:

        Yes GB Bari:

        “Keep in mind that is now being frequently visited by more trolls than ever ……Those trolls always have a similar tactic”

        President after President have been leading America’s death march. The mantra is always the same against those like Sudance who point out that there are hundreds of millions of us, and only a handful keeping us in the chains of our own making.

        Freedom’s death march is nearing the end, we can see the gallows. One man has stood up to lead us back. This is our last chance. Do we hear any other voice?

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      • Yeah, see jerry cross a few posts above. ROLCON hack.

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  8. John Taylor says:

    So the Federalist Society and the Heritage Foundation most likely both backed Grouch and Roberts?!


    • mayflowerchild says:

      The Federalist Soc, I believe, supplied Trump with the list of “conservative” judges. Oy !

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      • Linda K. says:

        Have you ever tried to vote for the list of Judges on and election day ballot? How can you know all about them and their decisions?Trump or any President has to rely on trustworthy sources. I would say
        Gorsuch and Kavenaugh are more conservative than Sotamayor and Kagen, but I am not positive about it. Roberts is an ass.

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        • GB Bari says:

          Once upon a time, way back “in the day”, the local newspaper would publish, just prior to the election, a section that had all of the candidates and some background on each of them. It was somewhat useful.

          But that stopped decades ago in my area. The internet is often somewhat useful, but for judge candidates, not always.

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          • Karmy says:

            We do get that on all candidates at the local level in my county.

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          • YeahYouRight says:

            What’s a newspaper?


            • GB Bari says:

              Something that we bought daily to read the obituaries, fimnd the thjeater listings for the weekend, read the comics, see what’s on sale at the stores, read the sports scoresand standings and other tidbits of information.

              It was relatively cheap so after cutting the coupons, it was used at the bottom of birdcages, or for table covers when eating hot steamed crabs from the Chesaspeake Bay, or for starting fires in the fireplace, or to clean windows with plain water. It had a lot of uses more important than the original purpose.

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          • Even though much may be written or spoken about them, they are still always people we do not KNOW. All of them. It’s been that way for decades by design.

            I believe President Trump WILL KILL the two-party system. See my post above if you want…


  9. Mark L. says:

    The Last of the Conservatives, at a theater near you.


  10. John Taylor says:

    Gorsuch, effing spellcheckerchanger


  11. Drogers says:

    Some are dejected, some at low emotional tide, some righteous in their anger, some questioning, some feeling taken, and some throwing in the towel.

    I’m waiting for AG Barr and U.S. Attorney Durham to tell me what they can prove in court not what they think happened.

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    • Blind no Longer says:



    • TPW says:

      dont exist anymore…..american coward…….lost faith


      • chancebarns says:

        Boy howdy, are you in for a surprise…TROLL!!!

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      • TPW says:

        Sorry to state my thoughts and they wont be liked… But I am a woman. mother,grandmother, wife of 40 years… . Now having worked my ars off most of all my life I am relegated to stay at home because of physical disabilities. But I can still recognize the truth and have a right to voice my opinion….. What the Hell happened to the men in our lifetime. Are there none left? All I see is complaining…and we are gonna do this and we are gonna do that. Or lets wait on POTUS to do it. Shameful our country is being stolen from us and you men do nothing. Stand up and be a Man as God intended you to Be….and yes my husband has heard the same thing…..another excuse…..get off your tail ends and do something……,

        Liked by 3 people

        • Deb says:

          November is coming.

          Liked by 1 person

        • TrumpPatriot says:

          I was thinking about Tulsa and the post about how MAGA will be peaceful and compliant.

          And I want to scream…..”send in the MAGA bikers to guard the perimeter”. I took “The Patriot” off the shelf, dusted it off, watched again and wondered……how many who talk the talk will actually walk the walk?

          Liked by 1 person

        • Ma’am, I am a grown ars man, with plenty of dry powder. Been keepin it that way for years that have turned into a decade or three, I ain’t countin’.

          We got one last chance to do this thing peacefully with President Donald J. Trump. I’m damn sure he’s going to get it done, constitutionally. Much to many’s surprise of course as so many have just given up and want to spread their misery.

          Well, I ain’t totin’ nobodies BAGS, carry them yerselves.

          And I am a PATRIOT by GOD and I will fight if that’s what it comes to.


  12. ppanther says:

    it would really be nice to have us sign in before we comment so it doesn’t disappear when we do. DUH


    • GB Bari says:

      Tip: When you first come to the Treehouse (each day or each session), go down to any comment and hit “Reply”. Then, without actually typing anything in the box, go under the reply box, and click the WordPress logo to login. Then wait a few seconds….
      After the screen refreshes with your login info, click “cancel” over the reply box, and go about the rest of session.
      Also, after that, the first time I click any “Like” star under a comment, the entire web page refreshes before it adds me to the ‘Like’ list under that comment (i.e., ” *Liked by you and 3 other people”). After that, I can click Like under any comment and it adds me without refreshing the screen.

      FYI – I use Brave browsers on my Mac, iPhone & iPad and use a Gravatar/Wordpress login.

      Liked by 4 people

      • MGBSE says:

        Wow … I wish I understood what you typed!!!
        I’ll read it a few more times … maybe it will register. Thank you.


        • GB Bari says:

          It is merely a procedure I had to develop by trial and error until I found what worked reliably each and every time.

          There is a chance that what I’m describing is unique to the Brave browser (that I use strictly on my Apple notebook and mobile devices) and the fact that I registered with WordPress via Gravatar when I created my personal avatar.

          So it’s possible that what I described may not be precisely what you are seeing on whatever hardware/software combo you are using to connect…. Sorry if it has confused you.


      • Michael Fox says:

        Thanks, GB, I’ve also been having problems the last 4-5 weeks but what you suggested just got me in.

        I appreciate your help. WP has definitely been a pain lately.

        Liked by 1 person

  13. Pale rider says:

    Relax folks 6/21 is the end. No really!
    Have a sunset, I heard there is some crazy dust in the atmosphere and makes for a cool show. Drink an adult beverage enjoy. You have no promise for another moment here in these dirt bags.
    Remember, he comes to Kill….steal…. destroy. Peace is the path of God. Just take the medicine!

    Liked by 1 person

  14. itsspiritual says:

    We’re not voting ourselves out of this. Prepare to defend the republic as it is all out war that will be required. Enemy combatants domestic and foreign are aligned and have infiltrated every institution in the country. The deliverance of the republic will require the elimination of enemy combatants or do nothing and watch it burn.

    Liked by 5 people

    • Good grief, November is just around the corner. Pull up your big boy pants and wait patiently for results. IF you don’t get them, don’t write that shit here, get out and start the revolution.


  15. upstate909 says:

    The National Pulse is a great site. Just started about two months ago, and gaining recognition.
    Unfortunately, I am not at all surprised about Google’s donations to these or ANY organization. It almost seems these tech orgs are a racketeering orgs, courtesy of the Clintons.

    Liked by 4 people

  16. hokkoda says:

    Conservative Inc. has operated this way for DECADES. National Review got so bad in 2012 (Romney nomination) and drive over the cliff in 2015/16 (Trump) that you could actually tell who was paying whom. Mona Charon was a Bushy. Williamson was a toady for various “Libertarian” types of donors. We’re not sure who David French was working for, but he’s gone off a cliff too.

    I have a blogger friend I’ve know for many years who calls them the Kept Men of the Left. Their job isn’t to advance Conservatism. It’s to protect Liberals from us. That’s why they’re NeverTrumpers…their job is to protect Lefty. In doing so, they were shocked out of their minds that Trump found a whole new base of voters: the 50% of the country on the right.

    This report about who the Federalist and others takes money from tells you why they’re long on talking about their constitutional principles and the outrage of the day, but they always play on Lefty’s turf.

    A lot of dissident / alt-right politics is a recognition that anybody who plays in the Conservative Inc pool is corrupted. If any of those outlets get outside of what the Left defines as “acceptable”, they get hurled into the void.

    It’s why we need our own Google, our own websites, and a greater understanding that the word “racist” is no longer going to disqualify people. The term no longer has meaning behind “disagrees with Lefty”.

    Liked by 10 people

    • Sepp says:

      The author of a book titled “Conservatism Inc.” is James Kirkpatrick. His articles are often featured on the VDare website.


      • hokkoda says:

        Pretty sure I coined the term over at National Review about 8 years ago. Took awhile for it to catch on. Now everyone uses it.

        Liked by 2 people

        • sturmudgeon says:

          hokkoda: which term? Treehouse still has the inability to place ‘replies’ directly beneath the post to which the reply is aimed.


          • hokkoda says:

            Conservative Inc.

            I started using the term to describe how National Review contributors could be tied back to their paymasters in the GOPe. Pretty sure it was during the Romney nomination fight because that was when NR officially decloaked as puppets of the eGOP. Up to then, I didn’t see it. Then my eyes were opened. So, I started calling them and all the book-sellers and radio types Conservative Inc.

            Liked by 2 people

          • hokkoda says:

            Ben Shapiro is your classic Conservative Inc type. He’s a total fraud who generally follows the “yes, but” and “the Left has a point” style popular with Paul Ryan type Conservative Inc’ers. He’ll dance on the edge of what Lefty considers acceptable, then trash Trump a bit to let them know he’s on their team.

            Liked by 2 people

      • mandy says:

        Hey Sepp – did you see that VDare is losing its website? Host gave ’em 10 days, then they’ll be booted. They’re moving to TOR, hubby saw something about it earlier. So if you’re a fan, you might want to make sure and visit their current site and get their new TOR info.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Ever looked at how wikipedia “presents” VDare, all for the basic call to protect ourselves from invasion, infilitration, etc? Whites do have rights… but, oh… whitey gotta go!

          VDARE – Wikipedia

          VDARE is an American website focusing on opposition to immigration to the United States and is associated with white supremacy, white nationalism, and the alt-right. Anti-Immigration in the United States: A Historical Encyclopedia describes VDARE as “one of the most prolific anti-immigration media outlets in the United States” and states that it is “broadly concerned with race issues in the …

          Creating White Lives Matter would sure throw them for a spin. I think I will do it!

          Liked by 1 person

    • The Phantom Stranger says:

      This corrupting influence is a direct result of Silicon Valley’s tech monopolies, which generate billions in cash they like spending in DC on both sides of the political spectrum.

      This is why I was so gung-ho to break up Google five years ago. Silicon Valley’s incredible cash reserves enables them to egregiously distort the politics of both sides. Google owns half of the Republican Senators.

      We’ve never really seen anything like it. Their information monopolies are unbreakable unless a state actor gets involved.

      Liked by 4 people

      • hokkoda says:

        The corruption always and everywhere is the modern mad house called Liberalism or Progressivism.

        There is nothing Liberals touch that they don’t turn to s$$t in short order. There is no lunacy they won’t embrace. You can’t charge them with hypocrisy because the rules they spout ABSOLUTELY DO NOT APPLY to them. That’s why they look at you like you’re nuts when you point out Gary “black face” Northam is still Governor. They’re like “Duh!? Like that rule applies to him, silly!”

        Liked by 3 people

    • Peoria Jones says:

      Excellent summation and points, hokkoda.

      Liked by 2 people

    • GB Bari says:

      Thank you, hokkoda, for the background. It confirms what I (and probably many others) have suspected for awhile.

      Liked by 2 people

  17. Joe20 says:

    The group with the most money controls the government.

    The financiers of the French Revolution used the ideas of the Enlightenment to rouse the masses into a fervor that led to the execution of the aristocracy.

    But the French Revolution wasn’t about Enlightenment ideals.

    It was about the new merchant class who had more money than the old aristocrats.

    And the new merchant class wanted to rule. So, they pushed the aristocrats out, and had them executed.

    Then the frontment “leaders” of the revolution were executed. And in not a few years after that, France was ruled by Napolean, the dictator (friendly to the merchant class).

    The problem we face is this.

    The globalist billionaires have more money than the American nationalist billionaires.

    And the globalist billionaires will make even more money if socialism is imposed on Americans.

    And Antifa and Black Lives Matter and ignorant college children are the idealistic revolutionaries, risking their lives and futures for the globalist corporations who manipulate them.

    And the conservatives are also being manipulated by globalist money.

    (Look in the mirror, and you’ll see a target.)

    Big money globalists sell news to conservatives.

    Fox, Heritage Foundation, Federalist Society, Cato Institute . . . all controlled by globalist money, to sell news to conservatives, and to manipulate them.

    They gain your trusted (“trusted news source”), and then they deliver the con.

    It’s the common con man tactic.

    Get your mark to trust you, then screw them.

    Liked by 4 people

    • Your Tour Guide says:

      Sundance posted the best picture outlining it years ago.

      Val Jar sitting at a table with Rupert Murdoch, both wearing
      shit eating grins. That picture alone saves all the words being
      written here.

      Liked by 3 people

  18. wee2low says:

    Soooooo can we finally admit that we’re on our own? Can we finally admit that red pilling and voting as our only strategies isn’t getting it done? Think I’m wrong? Prove it.

    Liked by 2 people

  19. Brutalus says:

    Not to belabor the point….but isn’t all of this why we elected Trump in the first place? We always knew the Republicans and their minions were selling us out

    Liked by 8 people

  20. Pew-Anon says:

    Not exactly revelatory, but nice to see it on the record, finally, in any capacity.


  21. billshiloh says:

    It starts to look like thr only thing that
    can save America now is….bullets!

    Liked by 2 people

  22. billshiloh says:

    It starts to look like thr only thing that
    can save America now is….bullets!


    • Dutchman says:

      Our enemy does one thing well; organise. Logistics. Having bricks stacked conveniently at riots.

      Portapotties at “Occupy” sit ins, etc.

      They have it all ready to go, …

      They had a million man march in D.C., recently. Only about 10,000 showed up.

      I’d say we need about a 20 million person march on D.C. Men women and children, and we need to start the pre-planning and organising, NOW.

      One suggestion. For 5 months of the year, Quartsite, Az. is the second largest city in Az. In Jan, its population swells from the year round population of around 800, to 100,000?
      RV’S, come from all over the country, and Canada, for the gem mineral show, the largest,swap meet in the World, etc.

      Point is, its accomodations on wheels.
      Those who don’t own, can rent.
      If we organise, and consider the logistics, then when the moment comes, we are ready to descend on the Swamp.

      10-20 million people. Perhaps for the 2 nd inaugeration, perhaps to express displeasure,…when the time comes, we’ll KNOW.

      And then we go.
      A rally in D.C.??

      Liked by 6 people

      • noswamp says:

        This is the answer. But Trump has to call for it or else it will not happen. And it has to be realistic.

        A 20 million man and woman march would stretch to Virginia and force people to walk unnecessary miles.

        I don’t know what the sweet spot is, but if Trump asked the country to march in DC as part of a million man/woman march, I would get a ticket and go in a heartbeat.

        I hope he does this before November.

        Liked by 3 people

        • Dutchman says:

          Getting my RV ready. Nice thing about an RV is your taking your accomodations with you, cause I suspect whatever the sweet spot is, DC ain’t got enough accomodations.

          Don’t NEED a porta pottie, or a motel room, heck can even cook our own meals.

          Can “camp” anywhere. Like a huge tailgate party. We may need to surround the Whitehouse, with so many people, no one can get within 5 miles of it.

          We don’t know whats coming, but hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

          Liked by 1 person

  23. BruceC says:

    I am so confused … but just WHO is ‘Big Tech’ (Google, Facebook, Microsoft, etc) in bed with?

    Just today there is a post on What’s Up With That about ‘Climate Statistics 101 – See the Slide Show AOC Tried, and Failed, to Censor’:

    I realise that this comment may be slightly off topic, but what caught my eye was this statement;

    This is the slide show and 20-minute talk that Representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Chellie Pingree tried to censor at the LibertyCon 2020 conference in Washington, D.C. After Dr. Rossiter gave a climate talk at LibertyCon 2019, they wrote to sponsors of the event, such as Google and Facebook, and asked them not to fund any event with an appearance by “climate deniers” from the CO2 Coalition.

    Unfortunately the co2coaltion link gives me an error 404 – page not found, but I managed to track down the letter from AOC/Pingree;

    Confused Aussie


  24. Luke_Luck says:

    Seeing how much they fought Kavanaugh, I guess they don’t own him.

    Liked by 6 people

    • GB Bari says:

      And Kavanaugh did not vote with Gorsuch on “Bostock” ( v. Clayton County GA). He wrote a harsh rebuke of Gorsuch and the majority. I hope he was being genuine. I have seen nothing at present to suggest he wasn’t.

      Liked by 3 people

    • sammie2 says:

      I think you might be missing the point of what a controlled opposition is. Nothing in public politics is real. Its all a sham.
      Think like they do. Stuff like Kavanaugh is a show. It is to cement in your mind who the sides are. Its no more than a movie opening which uses the same techniques to set up the good guy/bad guy for the audience.

      All the GOP and Dems are part of the same uniparty.

      Why would they vote in someone who is not their own.

      If they were really against him he would have been blocked at nomination.

      Liked by 1 person

      • mandy says:

        Your handle always makes me think of “samizdat.”


        Seriously, though…it looks to me like we’re going to have to use that technique ourselves in the not too distant future….


  25. MrACC says:

    If we know then President Trump knows. In the meantime, I think I’ll go to the shooting range tmro.

    Liked by 2 people

  26. chuck says:

    Use Duck Duck Go as your search browser. I bought a gun for the first time in my life. It’s us against them.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Dutchman says:

      Well my friend, lets overlook that your a little late to the party, and just celebrate that you showed up!

      WELCOME to the party. Now practice.
      I believe in thorough background checks (don’t want to hit innocent bystanders) and FIRM gun control (two hand Weaver position).


      Liked by 3 people

    • GB Bari says:

      I agree with Dutchman.

      Go actively seek and sign up for a gun safe-handling course that is taught by an NRA-certified instructor or one from any other known reliable source of firearms training certification.

      Then after passing the course, practice at least monthly at a local range, preferably with someone you know is a gun handling expert and willing to mentor you until you become proficient. Safe handling needs to be reflexive, and it won’t be until you practice regularly and practice a lot. Hint: learn where to buy quality range ammo at lowest cost. You’ll go through several hundred (thousand?) rounds while practicing.

      Liked by 2 people

  27. Google = Communist Party of China. That’s who is controlling virtually ALL “left-wing” institutions as well as the vestiges of #NeverTrump / neo-con control.

    Liked by 1 person

  28. trapper says:

    I posted the following two paragraphs in October, 2015. Perhaps it is time for a reminder:

    “It is essential that we begin using terms that accurately describe what is happening. Sundance and others continue to refer to “conservatives” and describe the GOPe and the CoC as working “against the best interests of conservative principles.” Liberal vs conservative, Republican vs Democrat, black vs white, are obsolete descriptors that no longer accurately delineate the fault line. America and the freedoms she guarantees for her citizens are obstacles in the path of the globalists, and what we are witnessing is a war against American sovereignty and citizenship conducted by globalist corporate and political interests. The correct description of the current conflict is globalist vs American nationalist. It is essential that we recognize this and begin describing it accurately.

    It would be useful to stop referring to “conservative” altogether, because the term has become little more than one of the masks the globalists use to hide the true allegiance of their chess pieces. It no longer accurately describes any party to the conflict, and its continued use prevents us from finding nationalist allies in those whom we continue to describe as democrats and liberals and think of as rivals.”

    If forced to choose a current political descriptor, I can no longer call myself a “conservative.” The closest adjective now would probably be “Jeffersonian liberal:”

    “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men (read “persons”) are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

    Rights inherent, not inherited. Begotten, not made. Jefferson’s words are American political scripture, Christian morality as the foundation, expressed as “rights,” upon which our political relationships are built. Everything flows from this. And just as Matthew 5-7 is the standard for our lives, so Jefferson’s words are the standard by which we judge our government, and anything contrary to either must be rejected.

    Liked by 2 people

    • sDee says:

      Yes, labels are loaded. We are conditioned to chose a side.

      To borrow from Plato we are, by our most essential makeup, either freemen or natural slaves. That, is the first cut.


  29. chancebarns says:

    WOW! Old György Schwartz (George Soros) is getting his money’s worth here tonight. I have never seen so many trolls trying to sow discord, obfuscate and misdirect.

    What this tells us is twofold;

    First, Sundance has once again unleashed the blinding light of truth on yet another of the globalist’s well-hidden agendas thereby rendering it impotent.

    And second, the evil globalist are scared sh1tless at the prospect of their own impending doom and are now in full blown panic mode, trying desperately to keep their corrupt machinations hidden from view.

    Always remember friends, God Almighty cannot be deceived, and will not be mocked.

    Take heart good and faithful patriots, and rally to the standard…WOLVERINES!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  30. The ‘CLUB’ keeps getting bigger and bigger with so many members hiding behind the drapes. I will have to rethink my donations to the Heritage Foundation.


  31. sammie2 says:

    To show how long this has been going on perhaps some other well documented works from Prof Anthony Sutton that outline the actions earlier of the same entities that are now running this color revolution in the US.

    Wall street funded the Bolshevik revolution:

    Wall street and the funding of Hitler:

    Bankers funding of FDR and the new deal:

    I could go on but these are good starting points and should make you question how the same funders control both sides of things we are told to think are completely opposite. Even wars are for show.


  32. ivanthenuc says:

    Many of us have known for years that heritage, cato, etc were not on our side – they were part of the liberal uniparty. I saw this back in the bush presidency when they did a lot of talking, but never actually accomplished anything and then they went dark during the obama presidency. In addition they, like sites such as redstate, NR, human events, townhall, etc all would push terrible candidates and legislation because they were the ‘best’ we could get and we shouldn’t let great get in the way of good and we shouldn’t have ‘purity’ tests, etc.

    My favorite, which is still repeated today, is that the primary is over and we should have backed someone else in the primary but now we need to vote for the liberal uniparty member. They say this knowing full well that they setup the system such that no one understands how the primary works or when it is held, no good candidates could get on the ballot or if they did couldn’t get traction and in the case in which a good challenger to the RINO is on the ballot, the lib uniparty powers ensure that a splitter ‘conservative’ candidate is also on the ballot.

    In these circumstances organizations such as heritage could have been invaluable in being a clearinghouse for information on
    * current politicans and whether they were really conservatives
    * which primary challenger to get behind and support
    * Which issues should be focused on at the current time – pick 2 or 3 and work intelligently and hard to get them resolved

    Instead they have simply disappeared. Demint was supposedly this great conservative in the senate, although he sure looked like all hat and no cattle. Then he goes to heritage and nothing happens. No big changes, no increased output, no organizing, nothing. That was when I realized just how corrupt it all was.

    The left is always moving forward, on all fronts, at all times. They have a list of issues and they advance specific issues based up current circumstances, some of which they influenced under their philosophy to never let a crisis go to waste. They are evil – that much is given. However, they are also very good at what they are doing. One can’t help but look with admiration on what they can accomplish compared to how little we get done. When you compare their leadership to ours it is so disappointing.

    What can we do? Simple. We need, first and foremost, a conservative group/organization/etc to step up and take responsibility for being a clearinghouse on our politicians – someone to pay attention and keep a public record of how the politicians really stand on key issues – how they voted, who gives them money and whether they are really conservative – call it a purity test or whatever, but we need to know if they are really on our side.
    This organization can also vet and find good candidates in all 50 states for primaries and focus voter support behind one and only one challenger in targeted races. Focus on a limited number of RINOs in each election – starting at the top. Take them out with a good challenger and be ready to tell all of the propagandists who attack with the canard that the challenger might be worse than the RINO already in place that – who cares? If the challenger turns out to be another mcconnell plant then we take out the challenger in 2 or 6 years. Not more rubios where mcconnell gets them elected as a trojan horse RINO and then they get reelected even when it is obvious they are lib uniparty all the way.
    We also need an organization to help conservatives focus on a small number of key issues at a time. They can keep running ‘lists’ or ‘databases’ of all issues, but they would help us focus on a small number of key issues at a time so we can attack with all of our force on a limited front and make significant progress on these issues. As they are more or less resolved this org can then determine what new issues to add and they can do this based upon the current national mood, circumstances etc so we too can never let a crisis (set of circumstances) go to waste.

    If we can do this we can have a chance to start turning this ship around. Until then we are simply listening to our own echos.


    • jsh says:

      F.A. Hayek wrote in “The Road to Serfdom” that the worst always rise to the top, because good people aren’t as ruthless. Evil people will stop at nothing to get what they want. Plus, communism is a religion, and communists are zealots.


  33. This is probably the MOST upsetting thing that has been uncovered in the last 4 years for me. I always counted on The Federalist to be our voice. Now all those judges that McConnel has been so eager to get approved are in question. This has not been a good week for our side. Add that Harmeet Dhillon has been rebuked in California courts on ballot harvesting adds to the depression. And the RNC hasn’t reacted either. Why don’t Republicans do ballot harvesting where permitted? Play the same game as Democrats! God we need you more now than ever. When the hour is darkest, the light becomes more intense.

    Liked by 1 person

  34. Silver Sunday says:

    “But don’t worry, you won’t hear Mark Levin, Sean Hannity or Laura Ingraham discuss it; unless, that is, their discussion includes the always popular controlled outrage approach.”

    I can almost see the Hannity, Ingraham thing here. But I find it abhorrent to include Levin. He is on Terrestrial radio and I would imagine limited. He is not going to discuss for example “Q”. I consider Hannity & Ingrahm to be MainStream surface dwellers who scratch the surface and nagging points of current events as they relate to “conservative” thought.

    But Mr. Levin, to me, is more of a deep diver, scholarly person who brings a unique style, and engages 2nd Tier Thinking. He has taught enormous amounts of people how to think about Conservative Ideals. How to connect to the Founding and the First Principles. How to see the deception and deceit that lies in the motivations of those who “rule” over us. i.e. Men in Black.

    Perfect is the enemy of good. Pure is the enemy of working towards purity. It has become so apparent that there is so much intertwining of groups, companies, people, it is like a web that goes to infinity. So if Mark reads a story from does that mean he is promoting these think tanks? Can we not just take one thing at at time? Read something that makes the point of the subject without wondering the root of the person who wrote it? Do you know what I mean?
    I am so frustrated whit he direction everything is going.
    Is every single thing suspect now? It is hard to have feet on the ground, with all this. Big Tech has invaded our lives on every single level imaginable.

    But I must take exception to wrapping Levin in with the herd, and making his outrage approach seem phony.


  35. Jimmy Jack says:

    Thank you for exposing this along w Levin, Ingraham and Sean blow hard Hannity.

    Patriots must abandon all MSM – except to see what they’re cooking up – if you hope to have any truth come your way. Citizen journalists are the best move forward. That’s exactly when they’re attacked and demonized so often for being conspiracy nutters or small potatoes. Like Sundance.


  36. Kaco says:

    I had questioned time to time if anyone was vetting these judges McConnell was pushing though as well as the incongruity between McConnell opposing the MAGA agenda and supposed conservative judges.

    Looks like we’re all set up now.


  37. Charlotte Powell Brooks says:

    So, the SCOTUS as well as all other courts, for the most part, are what we now have to live with.
    Provided that voter fraud fails, the President is re-elected and maybe we even get more uniparty(RINO) control in the Senate/House.
    The President being re-elected is a blessing, but the rest does what for America?
    The economy will continue to grow, but our legislative branch, our judicial system, and, excluding the President and a few others, the executive branch will still be filled with rot. Our military, more specifically, it’s leadership has a lot to be desired, also.
    The left and their deep pockets will never stop. What happens for the next four years?
    What happens in 2024?
    God Help us all.


  38. Freedom Rider says:

    Without the intervention of the Almighty God of the Universe I cannot see any hope for the future of our Democratic Republic. Even a Nineveh Reprieve would be welcome. Prayer is my only refuge at this point.

    Dear God help us in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth because: Where We Go One, We Go All!


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