Antifa Faction Of Occupy Seattle Group Turns Violent – CHAZ Community Attacks and Chokes Christian Speaker…

Things are slowly devolving into violent confrontation in the nation of CHAZ Seattle. However, the violence is not with law enforcement; the violence is internal as Antifa factions within the occupy movement begin doing what they are famous for, being violent.

An openly christian man walks into the occupied zone within Seattle, the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone or CHAZ, to share the message of Jesus Christ.  The Antifa elements immediately confronted the man, threw him to the ground and began choking him.

The Christian Preacher professed his own humanity and proclaimed he was a “free man”, but the rulers within the CHAZ community would not accept his cries for freedom.

The Chazukstan mob surround the preacher, shouting at him, berating him, and eventually trying to beat him into submission.  At one point they sat atop the preacher in the same choking position that killed George Floyd. No-one noticed the irony.

In the videos below the occupying CHAZ mob can be heard cheering for blood shortly before they stole the preachers possessions.  The preacher said “stealing is not right” but the crowd did not care.  This is the anarchist nation of CHAZ, where the mob rules.

One of the individuals involved in holding down the preacher has been identified as Rose City Antifa militant Luis Enrique Marquez.



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395 Responses to Antifa Faction Of Occupy Seattle Group Turns Violent – CHAZ Community Attacks and Chokes Christian Speaker…

  1. Moe Grimm says:

    “You’ll die out here bro, you want to die out here?”

    Some unsolicited and very good advice. We still have the furlong until November and what likely comes after. If you’re still a non-believer stop here and read something else.

    If you can’t avoid a self-defense shooting, clubbing, knifing, beating:

    1) If circumstances permit or are thrust upon you, shoot the treat IN the domicile
    and leave him on the floor. (Castle Doctrine)

    2) Shoot to kill. Dead men don’t contest anything.

    3) Formulate, IN ADVANCE, before you’re ever involved in a shooting/self-
    defense situation a “FEAR OF HARM” scenario IRRESPECTIVE OF THE
    GIVE YOUR NAME & ADDRESS. You do understand in any way shape or
    carefully as many times as needed until it’s quite clear. Remember it.

    4) Call the Fire Department first. These days they also show with the police by
    default, but you’ll have eyewitness presence other than the police on scene.

    5) If you carry and or own firearms it’s a wise decision to subscribe to an
    organization like;
    /resources/blog/2018/2/7/surviving-the-aftermath-of-a-self-defense-shooting/; (for disclosure this is who I currently use).
    Read this too. RTWT:

    Albeit unsolicited, consider this a PSA for my CTH brothers and sisters who along with Sundance have greatly assisted me from most full bore Mencken over the past 4+ years. Courtesy of an ex and now thankfully retired 28 Year NYPD Robbery-Homicide Division Detective Grade 1 who plans to make it through the coming unpleasantness with Kith and Kin in fairly good shape.

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  2. sunnydaze says:

    Too. funny. But Jeanie definitely has a point here!

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    • jeff montanye says:

      shouldn’t be a problem but you’ll be hard pressed to increase its current beauty.

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    • Linda K. says:

      These Chaz dudes and dudettes must be starting to realize how hard it is to be a cop. There were about ten of them piled on top of the Evangelist trying to choke him into submission. They must be weak from hunger, waiting for their garden to produce anything.

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      • sammie2 says:

        They are all on video. So now in the USA a group of easily identifiable people can assault and strangle an innocent person on camera and no consequences will occur?

        Is this now the “new normal”?

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        • sbostian says:

          Given the blatant tyranny in Democrat controlled states, is there any way in which Article 4, section 4 of the US Constitution can be invoked?

          The United States shall guarantee to every state in this union a republican form of government, and shall protect each of them against invasion; and on application of the legislature, or of the executive (when the legislature cannot be convened) against domestic violence.

          It appears that in these states there is no party with standing in the state which would make application for protection. On the other hand, do the 13th and 14th amendments negate the need for an application form the legislator or governor. I hope there are some constitutional lawyers following the Conservative Treehouse.

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          • mugzey302 says:

            Perhaps the people in these cities who do not want this kind of life will reach out to the White House and ask for rescue. More importantly, stand up and run for office so the dems don’t win by default. It’s hard, and those who will do it must be supported in the physical and in the spiritual.

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        • henry says:

          Apparently so, and if you fight back you’re a racist bitch.

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        • mikeyboo says:

          Sammie-An entirely reasonable question.

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        • TMonroe says:

          Who exactly is enforcing laws in this situation? Evidently, not the mayor, the police chief that had the presser, and not the governor.

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  3. sunnydaze says:

    Aaaaand…..what started as verbal bickering and arguing a few days ago is now becoming physical. Big Surprise!

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  4. sunnydaze says:

    Black Lefty woman runs in to try to protect the black Patriot who’s carrying the flag from the white Lefty guy. There’s another black Lefty who’ll probably be Red Pilled soon!

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  5. sunnydaze says:

    Much better vid of the people carrying the flag and what happened:


    • henry says:

      How gauche! No sayin anything but you not in the inclusion zone with that flag.



    • Jimmy Jack says:

      One, I can’t believe this is happening in America and is I think a much bigger problem than most people realize. Obama’s chickens(or better yet his handlers’ chickens) have definitely come home to roost.

      Two, at least on the people trying to “deescalate” on the right hand of the screen, appears to me to be either former military or someone w training working undercover.

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      • mugzey302 says:

        On point two, I believe you’re correct. I have seen comments that federal agents are undercover in these groups.


      • louche9 says:

        The Occupy Wall Street circus was much bigger, and fell apart. The only reason anyone is paying any attention to the Children’s Fort is because of the massive media coverage.


  6. Ragle Gumm says:

    That guy preaching the truth of Jesus Christ reminded me of something today. I went to Church. There was a squad of police officers in civilian clothing with visible handguns to protect us from trouble. When the Priest walked up the aisle at the end of Mass, he was shadowed by a cop. G-d bless the police and may the Almighty G-d protect them everywhere.

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  7. ImpeachEmAll says:

    Worthy of your time…

    ANTIFA Destroys The Black Community
    Making Their White Supremacist Ancestors Proud

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  8. sammie2 says:

    Why do people posting this crap keep using this meme. They are not downstream from the KKK. they are directly downstream from the bolshevik movements in Europe and the anarchist bombers of the early 20th century.

    You are being used to build a stupid anti-white meme to stigmaitze your own culture when it is
    an offshoot of the anti-European violence of the communist terror groups.


    • Jimmy Jack says:

      The people pointing out Antifa is an offshoot of Bolshevism and 20th century anarchists are being called Anti Semites bc of who led and was involved in both those movements. That’s the truth of it. Everyone is afraid of being labeled and targeted as being anti Semitic as well as racist, homophobic, sexist etc.

      Those labels all stem from Bolshevik communist movements. These are tools – weapons really – being used against patriots. The word racism came from Leon Trotsky himself IIRC. All of this identity politics is pure Alinsky, Cloward Piven, Trotskyite tools to divide, destroy and conquer. People have got to wake up to the serious nature of the subversion and insurrection we are facing.

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  9. David Mitchell says:

    Some walls keep people out. Some keep people in. Turn this against them and implement a no exit policy…you are in there of your own choice and we will keep it that way.

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    • Robert Brown says:

      Build a real wall around it. If any Chazians want to re-enter the United States they’ll have to apply for a visa.


  10. shirley49 says:

    Hope the guy getting the heck beat out of him sues the he!! out of the so called Mayor and Governor for being incompetent.


  11. jamesbenny says:

    This is war!!! Raze them without a trace


  12. Jimmy Jack says:

    The preacher was also sexually assaulted – fondled and kissed – by a self professed homosexual. Few are reporting on this and those that are dindu it funny since it is against a Christian.

    What we are seeing is flat out demonic evil masquerading as righteous rebellion.

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  13. mugzey302 says:

    Along with Messianic Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, I like to compare America (I believe it was proclaimed by Almighty God as a Christian homeland) to Israel (proclaimed by Almighty God as a Jewish homeland), because of the experiences it has in its relationship to Him. Our sufferings as a people and as a country are in direct proportion to our people turning from Him to idols and worshipping other gods, along with the blood sacrificwe that include abortion. He must turn His face from that sin, and we lose having His graciousness upon us. Also, I compare the never-ending assault of the “palestinian” and all arabs on Israel to the never-ending assault of demonic/communist/anarchist groups on America. The “church” has abandoned its first love, has cowered in the face of evil and allowed it to have control. The Remnant must rise to the battle, learn spiritual warfare, and all must know that the battle in America is NOT just in the physical. The hysteria, the “cognitive dissonance” , the violence, the bald-faced hatred, is the effect of demonic influence. Pray for wisdom, discernment, and revelation, then learn about spiritual warfare and how to protect yourself and your family. Because it’s not just the domestic terrorists coming for you, it’s the enemy and his minions.

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    • Mike says:

      It was Jews who introduced Communism into the world. Communism is the cause
      of around 200 million deaths in the 20 twentieth century.

      It was Jews and their “Judeo-Christian” allies who pushed “multiculturalism”
      on the United States. Anybody who’s smarter than an imbecile can see that it’s not
      working out or going to.

      It’s your Judeo-Christian religion and weird Jew worship that’s the root of the problem
      not the solution. It took me a long time to see it, but it’s the truth. Also, there is virtually
      no proof outside the bible that the events in the Bible took place. What’s the point in believing something that’s not true in the first place?

      I’m sorry what happened to the street preacher, though. But he should’ve known
      better to waste his time on such trash. The only language those people understand is the language of pain and the threat of death. Not the Christian language of “love thy enemies”


  14. 1gr8dane says:

    Was wondering how long it would take these losers to show their true colors – as anticipated – not very long. What these anti-Americans failed to realize is that they are on American soil and last I heard America hadnt given up any land to any subversive group. Obviously there is NO freedom in “Chaz” only anarchy. Time to surround the zone with NG and then send them in arresting everyone of them and putting them behind bars. As Benjamin Franklin said so eloquently – “those who would give up liberty for a little safety – deserve neither”.
    The ONLY way to end this subversion is to stop it cold using the laws of the United States to end it. When you give up our laws you give up the country – too many brave men and women fought and died to protect this nation and its freedoms.

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  15. bmwjac says:

    Antifa is a cover for Muslim Brotherhood these people should be arrested and charged with terrorism.
    The Governor’s that are allowing this should be abolished they are Law breakers. Whats the point of taking an oath of office if you break our Laws. They are Employees we pay them . I say their FIRED !!!


  16. bmwjac says:

    Antifa is a cover for Muslim Brotherhood these people should be arrested and charged with terrorism.
    The Governor’s that are allowing this should be abolished they are Law breakers. Whats the point of taking an oath of office if you break our Laws. They are Employees we pay them . I say their FIRED !!!


  17. Henry says:

    There are no words for this apostle


  18. CountryClassVulgarian says:

    I saw this video yesterday. I may be alone on this here but it looks to me like LARPing. The “actors” involved seem fake to me…but that’s just me. I’m wary of deep fakes. What better way to force and confrontation than to get Christians to start calling for military action.


  19. Wake Up Democrats! says:

    As usual the “Liberal Democrat” Media isn’t covering the takeover that is happening. If you are watching MSNBC, CNN, and all the other Liberal Democrat Networks, then you are not getting the real news. The Democrats are calling it a street fair. Only FOX NEWS will show you the pictures of all the Chaos that is going on in the state of Seattle, Washington which is run by “Liberal Democrats”. That is why terrible things are happening there. Only the states like “Minnesota and Washington and other states run by “Liberal Democrats” have this problem. No Republican state is having this problem. Why is that??? Because the “Liberal Left Democrat Party” wants this to happen. In fact the Democrats called these Terrorists to come in and do this. Vote for President Trump and stop this Chaos!


  20. Debbie says:

    To stop the ruthless Dems…got to vote. No NBA games on election day. NBA goal is to get youngsters to the poll on election day. This means that Republicans and Trump supporters got to do the same, in order to continue to investigate and hold Obama Administration responsible for what happened to Flynn. Got to get non-voters to the poll to vote for Trump.


  21. USA Citizen says:

    As usual the Democrat Socialist Left Media isn’t covering the takeover that is happening on the streets of Washington State. These Thugs have taken over six blocks of Seattle to do what they want. If you are watching MSNBC, CNN, Etc., they aren’t showing you what is really happening. They want you to think it’s a street fair. Well, it’s not, it’s CHAOS that’s going on in Washington State, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Chicago, Illinois, Colorado, New York and many more. Next week it might be your state. Hopefully, you have a Republican Governor and Mayor. If not, you’re in big trouble, because all of these states that are being taken over have a Democrat Governor and a Democrat Mayor. Vote for President Trump to stop this and bring back Law and Order and prosperity.


  22. ethicall says:

    Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan Announces Major Improvement To Trumps Pathetic “Opportunity Zones Program” June 17, 2020

    “We call it the ‘Whoppertunity Zones Program’”, said Durkan at a Press Conference yesterday where she announced the city of Seattle would be turning over two city blocks of what used to be valuable real estate to BLM et al Inc..

    “Democrats, and my fellow socialists, communists on the City Council, wanted to show President Trump a better way to support African American people of color.” Durkan explained.

    Mayor Durkan was referring to President Trumps program to encourage investment in poorer, predominately black neighborhoods and cities. “With Opportunity Zones,” the President had said, “we are drawing investment into neglected and underserved communities of America so that all Americans, regardless of zip code, have access to the American Dream.”

    In Mayor Durkin’s plan there is no investment needed from evil capitalist corporations, she encouraged those corporations to give money directly to BLM et al Inc. “If you are black and maybe brown, but mostly black, if you are a black activist group and come to this city and organize others to your cause, really put the effort in, like riot, destroy businesses, loot, set things on fire, engage in acts of violence against our police officers, block our freeways and city streets, we will give you prime real estate, just give it to you. We will even erect a border wall around your new ‘Whoppertunity Zone’.”

    “BLM et al Inc. has shown that they were willing to do the work, to break the law night and day for over two weeks, no matter what it took. They deserve this. They deserve a Summer of Love” Durkan said.

    When asked if the city was going to give BLM et al Inc. the East Precinct, that she ordered police officers to abandon during the riots, Durkan replied, “We are working out the details for that. But I want to assure residents in this area that the Seattle Police Department will continue to serve this community. However, they will be limited to life or death situations and response times will be longer.”

    “Police are a trigger for many of our citizens on Capital Hill. Our Marxist blacks, our fascist WBDBs, our white, woke, upper class, our confused youths. We want to create a safe space for them. So basically this area will be a no go zone for cops. Except for life or death emergencies, but robbery, theft, burglary, assault, minor traffic accidents will be allowed to freely flow.”

    The Mayor estimates this ‘Whoppertunity Zone’ will create thousands of “more naturally occurring jobs that don’t feed corporate greed.” When asked for examples she replied, “ Like robbery, drug sales, art, prostitution, crafts, extortion, t-shirt sales, chalk & spray paint manufacturing.”

    Contact for Press and Angry Seattle Citizens: 206-684-4000
    Seattle Office of the Mayor @seattlemayorsoffice
    WBDB’s = White Boys Dressed in Black


    • ethicall says:

      Of course this article is satire. Should have noted that. But based on more than a grain of truth. Here is a direct quote from Mayor Durkan from yesterday, “The Seattle Police Department will dispatch to respond to significant life-safety issues in the area. The Seattle Police Department’s definition of life-safety issues may include an active shooter incident, an assault, a structure fire, significant medical emergency (i.e. heart attack, stroke, trauma) and other incidents that threaten a person’s life safety.” Does this sound like full service? Would a bad beat down be considered life threatening? 


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