President Trump Offers To Campaign For Republican Challenger to Lisa Murkowski in 2022…

Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski proclaims today that she may not be able to support the reelection of President Donald Trump.  President Trump fires back:

Long term CTH readers will well remember how Tea Party candidate Joe Miller was backed by Sarah Palin when he stunningly defeated Lisa Murkowski during the republican primary in 2010.  However, Murkowski would not accept the primary defeat and the entitlement-minded incumbent ran as a write-in candidate, and enlisted the assistance of democrats in Alaska to retain her seat in the general election.

The Tea Party was furious at the level of elitist refusal to accept the primary defeat in 2010, and Senator Murkowski has been a thorn in the side of conservatives ever since.

In a further slap to the face for the base of the movement, when Murkowski returned to the Senate as a successful write-in candidate, the 2011 professional republican apparatus, the Decepticons, never held her accountable for her insufferable self-interest.  Instead the GOPe, through then minority leader Mitch McConnell, allowed Murkowski to return to the same committee positions she held before rebuking the will of the republican electorate.

Senator Murkowski voted against Justice Kavanaugh, supports Obamacare and open borders, and is generally a member of the Decepticon senate group that supports Wall Street corporate objectives advanced by the U.S. chamber of commerce (Tom Donohue).

One good option:  If Sarah Palin decides to challenge Murkowski, there is a very strong likelihood Ms Palin could be successful in finally ending this painful chapter in conservative politics.

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360 Responses to President Trump Offers To Campaign For Republican Challenger to Lisa Murkowski in 2022…

  1. CharterOakie says:

    Run, Sarah, run.

    We, the patriots, still love you.


  2. coldanger says:

    Run, Sarah, run! I can’t give you my vote, but I’ll give you my support, financially and any other way I can…


  3. T2020 says:



  4. Hey Lisa-Karen, do you hear the people sing!!!!!



    Damn… if I could, I would MOVE TO ALASKA, just so I can vote for YOU!


  6. Cocoon says:

    Trump brings accountability.
    And thru this, provides a signal to others.


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