Devin Nunes: House Cannot Debate FISA Reauthorization When Democrats are Not Here….

Devin Nunes appears on Fox News daytime to discuss the pending FISA reauthorization bill from the Senate amid President Trump’s request to expose corruption before legislation.  As Representative Nunes outlines there are only a handful of Democrats in Washington DC because they are planning all votes by proxy.  Nuts.

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100 Responses to Devin Nunes: House Cannot Debate FISA Reauthorization When Democrats are Not Here….

  1. DJ Snyder says:

    FISA should just die already!

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  2. gunrunner03 says:

    Stop complaining. Dems play hardball. Republicans sit on their asses. RNC and RINOS perfectly happy to have Dems take back the House. This is the result.

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    • humaweiner says:

      Paul Ryan gave them great lessons on how to be girly-men.

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      • Raptors2020 says:

        We got the alpha and the omega on the Trump Presidency’s future during his first few months in office.

        Evelyn Farkas revealed that all of Washington was going to work to subvert him. That continues.

        Eric Cantor (former Republican House Whip) revealed that they (Washington again) were going to just wait him out, and obstruct him whenever possible. That continues.

        Two paths to the same door.

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    • Spooky says:

      “Stop complaining”
      Why? If you can’t complain about your representatives being gutless, clueless surrender monkeys and frauds then are we supposed to just shut up and doing nothing? Shall we hoist the black flag, cover our faces and engage in mass mayhem like Antifa? We have a right to complain and a duty to express our displeasure regarding a system that is fundamentally corrupt and increasingly tyrannical.

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      • clive hoskin says:

        The way I see it the DemocRATS have you by the “Short And Curlies”and the RINO’s are quite happy to let it be so.Short of declaring WAR on these”Traitors”you are stuck with them.Stock up on”Ammo”because even if you win in November,the DemocRATSwill tie up President Trump forever.


      • gunrunner03 says:

        Essentially, we have been doing nothing. Complaining doesn’t work. We continue to elect Republicans that desert us once they take office. For decades we have let the Dems/Libs takeover our education system, the judicial system, the Civil Service, and how we vote. Add to that Hollywood, Silicon Valley, the MSM, social media, the ACLU, and soon, talk radio. Our rights under the Bill of Rights have been ignored, circumvented and eroded. We play by the rules while our enemy (yes, the Dems are the enemy), do not. We think in the box, the Dems think (and act) outside the box. They organize and attack/attack/attack. We are always playing defense (President Trump is our only exception). Where is our “Lawfare?” The Constitution is just a piece of paper (until the Dems need it to be otherwise). I apologize for the negativity but the truth hurts. I am sorrowful that we are in such a state. Thank God that President Trump has come along. He is transformative but it will take years and years to remake the Republican Party in his image. The right folks need to step up to run for office, Trump Republicans (young, diverse, Trump Republicans). I believe President Trump’s greatest contribution is yet to come. It will be those years following his second term, when he work to transform the Republican Party.


  3. Maquis says:


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  4. LCPUSA says:

    Trump named his price right here

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    • MitchRyderDetroitWheels says:

      Ed Zackery…Table anything on FISA until the final results are in from Durham’s deal. Trump will veto and make the spineless republican’s put themselves on record. I would bet Donald has told discuss with at least 50% of the R’s in the senate. Maybe more.

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  5. vikingmom says:

    Why can’t the Republicans just pass a bill with a quorum of the Members who ARE present?

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    • sarasotosfan says:

      The House will be in session on June 1 according to the House calendar.

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      • Beau Geste says:

        “in session” just like the crooked, lying senate is “in session”?
        lying to prevent recess appointments by PDJT so he doesn’t have to rely on SES liars, foot-draggers, leakers and traitors?

        And hopefully jeff sessions will never be “in” again

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  6. humaweiner says:

    Trump should tweet that FISA warrants were opened on Creepy & his son Uncle Daddy last year.

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  7. decisiontime16 says:

    So the democrat congressmen are non-essential? Thought so. “Working” from home? More like lavish paid vacation.

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  8. Merkin Muffley says:

    Why not just demand a quorum? The missing members would then be rounded up.

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  9. sarasotosfan says:

    Has anyone filed a lawsuit to compel the legislators to show up to fulfill their duties?

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  10. Baby Hurley says:

    That’s real convenient for those playing the good guys, isn’t it?

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  11. jus wundrin says:

    I asked one of my senators, barrasso (U-uniparty) why he didnt vote for the Wyden/Daines amendment since it failed by ONE vote, and why he voted to renew FISA.

    All that Ive heard so far is crickets.

    His CRS score is an F

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    • GB Bari says:

      If his CRS score is F, then you already have the answer to your question as to why he didn’t vote for the amendment. BarrASSo is pure RINO Uniparty Deep State and has been rightfully excoriated several times by Sundance and other Treepers.

      Only solution is to replace him with a MAGA-loyal real Deplorable Republican.

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    • regitiger says:

      the “level headed” left voters are asking the same question about SANDERS! Why he could not find the time to vote……same as your guy….different group but same valid concerns. Sanders exposes his fraud ….this is incredibly significant. It shows that 2016 was not a one off, that SANDERS ONLY ROLE was to draw more radicals into the left establishment. Those that got fooled last time are quite white hot angry. And thanks to Biden’s epic blackish comments, we can include among those most dissilussioned about the legitimacy of the DEM platform, the black voters.

      What I AM SEEING (broadly) is traction is growing about the nature of the secret police spy powers. There are certainly many who don’t look at this thing from a political agenda, and that is REFRESHING…understanding the tyranny that these “laws” inevitably travel toward.

      The point is that there is a growing awareness that corruption and weaponization of these powers has happened ….yet to be reconciled, and only recently exposed for the ordinary man to bear witness. (thanks grennell…thanks powell…thank you Nunes…and definitely THANK YOU PRESIDENT TRUMP FOR HAVING THE SPINE OF A TYRANASAURUS REX!!!)

      The reality is setting in…the tide is retreating…the sun is climbing…It’s still early but the folks are no longer asleep and are restless…(sort of thanks c-19 virus).

      and not a moment too soon either. this bill has to be killed and the program behind it. We are in the middle of one of the strongest winds of corruption where the state is using all manner of power to control citizens and their rights.

      america is waking up….lets help them drink the coffee, spare the cream and sugar.

      full court press…

      FISA and the patriot act are the instruments of corruption…

      FISA and patriot act is unamerican.

      secret courts belong in china

      secret police and hidden trials are what led to nazi germany.

      make it simple…make it short..make it accurate.

      people need to have something they can digest and regurgitate easily..with passion.

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  12. Shyster says:

    The Democrat majority House is now non essential…..

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  13. islandpalmtrees says:

    When does obstruction become Sedition?

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  14. wtd says:

    AG Barr To Recommend Trump Veto Latest #FISA Bill If Passed

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  15. James Strates says:

    Attorney General William Barr should be fired immediately.

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  16. islandpalmtrees says:

    We have all heard and seen terrible events unfold under what the Socialist are calling acts of resistance. But at some point these acts of resistance have become obstruction. The refusal to follow the act of voting, in the House in person, is another example.

    Clearly, the members of the coup are doing their best to distract from their crimes.

    Is it possible for the President to sue for a recall of the House of Representatives?

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    • QCM says:


      US Constitution, Article II, Section 3

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      • regitiger says:

        at a minimum, this could create the necessary effects both public and political to get this issue out on main street AND hobble congress in ways that cannot be understated…need to get those lawfare people starved out of oxygen….

        and of course, this delays renewal of the spy powers.

        more win.

        just do it President Trump…

        again, kudos to CTH members for never failing ….

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    • upstate909 says:

      I do believe he has an article 2 authority to re-convene Congress in full at any time. The catch is does the proxy vote rule side-step that. It shouldn’t, but the Dems are quite crafty in their phrasing in legislation.

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  17. bessie2003 says:

    If this FISA bill gets passed using the House’s new proxy vote rule, would this FISA law now become the item for standing (or whatever it’s called) the 20 GOP House members can use in their claim the proxy rule is unconstitutional?

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  18. Doppler says:

    The Dems have proven they don’t need FISA to surveil the nation, when in power, and their big tech buddies can deliver nearly as much when they are out of power. They aren’t going to do anything until either their coup or the election snuffs out the Trump agenda.

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    • littleanniesfannie says:

      We must vote and we must watch who else votes! Scan the list while you’re there. Look for dead people or people who have moved and check to see if they’ve voted!


  19. Doppler says:

    Seems like both sides want a constitutional crisis.


  20. Patriot1783 says:

    I don’t understand how the House can even vote by proxy…see pg 18

    Click to access 116-House-Rules-Clerk.pdf


  21. Perot Conservative says:

    Easy way to hide their corrupt acts if it blows up. “I wasn’t there, I just followed what Chuckie said to do.”

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  22. Jimmy Jack says:

    Rand Paul was right about the Patriot Act and FISA almost two decades ago. Look at all the damage the UniParty scum has managed to do in that time using them as aids.

    Funny, my spell check changes scum to schumer. It really is a smart phone.

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  23. Doppler says:

    Gina Haskill should declassify C_A records on Obama’s grandparents, mother and father, and any efforts to modify or eliminate them over the years.

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  24. anniesezso says:

    Dems riding out the clock while doing nothing and We The People picking up their bills, and We can do nothing about it. No accountability is the downfall of freedom. President Trump is the last best hope.

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  25. regitiger says:

    note…more to follow…stay tuned.

    DOJ Barr has informed congress that the bill in its present form is unacceptable. That he will advise the President to veto it.

    now the details, generally:

    that the current version has all but denied the FBI to utilize certain authorities for law enforcement. He does not specifically state what authorities he is speaking to, or if they relate to domestic spying. I suspect they are directly related to programs that allow unchecked spy programs toward american citizens. He wants these to remain in place.

    secondly, he has stated that there are ZERO CHANGES made that enforce penalties for abuses seen in the former obummer regime…again, offering no specific details about what those penalties and controls are to be. But simply that the bill in its present form has not made substantial changes that create stop gaps/controls to mitigate from the past abuses occurring again.

    In addition, apparently, AG Barr has conferred with GOP leadership and advised them they should not be voting favorably about this version until these necessary changes are introduced.

    I pause thinking what AG Barr actually has up his sleeve. Perhaps being slippery and making the appearance to a trump agenda to reduce the power of the spy state…not a chance.

    I want to read the drafts…and see precisely what changes AG desires..on both areas…the continuation of programs..and the “new” barriers of control.


    I have called upon my state representative to coordinate with all elected officials to file immediate court suits to stop this vote by proxy fraud. Under ZERO circumstances should this be permitted under the constitution, whether under a pandemic or outright military war or asteroid impact. A direct vote in person, in writing is required.

    this must not be permitted

    get involved…write and call your representatives and block this fraud .

    do it right now.

    you can always watch the rocket show later!

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    • GB Bari says:

      “secondly, he has stated that there are ZERO CHANGES made that enforce penalties for abuses seen in the former obummer regime…again, offering no specific details about what those penalties and controls are to be. But simply that the bill in its present form has not made substantial changes that create stop gaps/controls to mitigate from the past abuses occurring again.”

      On that basis alone, if what the AG says is in fact entirely factual (I would lean towards his being honest about that one), I would then agree that the bill needs to be vetoed.

      My guess is that some of the changes he wants to remove because those changes may infringe on his ability to spy on Americans, are probably good changes that we want as citizens. So it is most likely a very mixed bag.

      As citizens we need more sunlight on the bill or I am inclined to endorse its veto altogether. Do not vote for any legislation what you don’t fully understand. No FISA on American citizens – get regular U.S. court warrants for any desired wiretapping.

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  26. toocoolus says:

    I’ve been reading the articles on the CCP aggressiveness with the protestors in Hong Kong and how the CCP government (with their gov’t media) controls the Chinese people rather than the Chinese people controlling the CCP government. I’m rooting for the protestors to somehow beat down the CCP, but I just don’t see it happening…the CCP is now too big to fail with their dominance.

    Somebody, anybody, please tell me the difference between the CCP and what we see here in the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave. Have the progressives/liberals/Dems/Rinos/media gained too much momentum and power that they are now too big to fail with their dominance? Our Cold Anger protests (more like complaining and whining) are getting We the People nowhere! We are at a critical moment to save this Republic; to weed out and destroy the corruptors…and if we don’t do it before this November (5 months from now), either (1) the freedom loving ship will have set sail and we Treepers and conservatives will be left behind, or (2) we will then need to resort to aggressive overthrow and be willing to literally fight the war of takeover.

    Our President and the few political warriors that stand with him need to hear and see us and know that WE will go the distance with them.

    I’m willing to do whatever it takes to start this takeover process NOW…enough of this BULLSH!T. I’m open for suggestions…anybody with me? For starters, I’ll be the first one to knock on Peter Strzok’s door and then go pay a visit to Jim Acosta. It is time to serve OUR country!


  27. Mike in a Truck says:

    The United States is preparing to indict the wife of the Communist Leader of Venezuela. As of this posting, no one has been arrested for attempting a coup against the sitting President of the United States of America.

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    • upstate909 says:

      I do not think I will waste my time during the day. This is all for show, because Sen. Graham has a primary on June 9. There will be explosive moments, much like the Kavanaugh hearing, but likely nothing that will approach the core of the multitude of issues with Rosenstein.


  28. Paprika says:

    Here’s where this all gets tricky; What happens if the house votes on this and other bills using this new fangled “proxy” vote system and then the Court in a week or two declares it unconstitutional?
    Are all the bills passed or voted on, including this FISA renewal, then null and void?

    Or would the case be appealed and have to work it’s way to SCOTUS with all House legislation in question? What a can of worms this could become.

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  29. regitiger says:

    pitiful and pathetic. Gabbart withdraws libel claim against HRC! why? c-virus..huh?

    real story: authentic claim with merit, but dropped because she just received a very large donation from the DNC to stop attacking the dog barker/whisperer.

    see Gabby …do not look away…she’s just another shill in it for the money…and nothing much more than that. Preserving her chancing in the next go around. Not understanding she could have her cake and eat it too. By the time gabby becomes relevant in politics, and this current obama-gate investigation has eclipsed the sun, she will have thrown all her aces away. Too bad. pure amateur hour.

    funny story: when gabby was first seated in politics, hawai’i, she was late almost 4 hours for her confirmation….and caught on video surfing…not making this up. We fondly call it “gabby time”…sort of a cult hero among the groms for her seemingly indifference to anything other than a good time. get big points from the locals on that little stunt.

    and oh, what has she done for Hawai’i specifically with c-virus safety?

    went surfing …again…exposed all over again..the absentee official from hawai’i doing what nearly all of them do in Hawai’i…anything but work for the people…it’s getting pretty loud in the islands now. IGE is about to get road killed…and the hag mazzie. same same….good riddance to these stooges.

    buh bye.

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  30. EnoughIsEnough says:

    FISA surveilled more innocent people than terrorists. The terrorists, both home grown and foreign, were quite successful in their plots (San Bernadino, The Pulse, Boston bombers, Las Vegas, Parkland shooter amongst others), as average Americans were persecuted, financially ruined, and continue to fight to restore their reputations against a rogue, corrupt, and politically-driven entity. Burn FISA to the ground, and salt the earth where it stood.

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    • regitiger says:

      you will notice a news bit running today…pay attention to the timing of it.

      a 2010-2012 investigation about a somali radical living in the US….only NOW does DOJ decide to announce indictments?

      coincidence they would roll this out in the news with the fisa renewal ongoing?

      not a chance.

      pay attention…it will come up again.

      DOJ/Barr: see folks we need the ability to mass surveil american citizens…we would never have been able to locate this islamic radical who conspired raised money and it directly implicated in the deaths of hundreds of innocent lives.

      except, they didn’t stop him…he left the country around 2012’ish…and has been in the radar, interpol since.

      oh and by the way, just in case, if you know where this radical criminal is, please drop us a line…we need YOUR HELP!

      expect this story to get bent ….we know the drill…

      I want open hearing on the fisa renewal…all of it. I want congress to call on every single person who was surveilled in the obama regime to testify how this harmed them…

      lets start with flynn…papaD …carter page (yeah I know..need to implicate him on the record anyway..a useful tool can be abused both ways no?)…trump family members….others ?

      get them on in there, pack the place..let them talk freely about the nature of corrupt acts thus far not reconciled before having any more discussions about secret police spy powers.


      • EnoughIsEnough says:

        I am hopeful that people are paying attention, and realizing that if President Trump, his family and Administration can be the targets of unbelievable abuse and corruption, so too can they. If they want you bad enough, it is well-established that they will manufacture evidence against you, leak to a complicit media, and have 75 other members of the downwind chain swear to, notarize and testify against you in a court of law. The case you mentioned is meant to bolster reauthorizing FISA. Of course, the super-top-secret cases and plots that were averted cannot be discussed, because of national security something, something or something.

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      • upstate909 says:

        It wouldn’t possibly be Rep Omar’s brother/ex-husband, would it? Just asking for a friend.


    • RobInPA says:

      In all of the terrorist attacks listed above, except for maybe LV, the FIB had enough actionable intel on the bad guys to have intervened and prevented the murderous tragedies that unfolded. They prolly did on LV as well (which is why we still do not have reasonable answers).

      The FIB needs to become extinct (and its evil-doers brought to justice)!!


  31. littleanniesfannie says:

    Doesn’t Nazi Nanzi hold all the Democrat proxies. Now we have a fair fight. Every Congressman present gets equal time. One proxy or 100 proxies. If Nazi is the only dumpocrap there, she counts as one!


  32. regitiger says:

    watching House resolution LIVE right now.
    HR 981
    reauthorize FISA foreign surveillance program
    vote on debate rules
    on agreeing to resolution

    note: agreed solely by democrats that would allow one member to vote on behalf of up to 10 others not physically present and not participating in the house. Zero republicans have agreed to this fraud..this fraud was first committed in HR 965, unrelated to FISA debate rules resolution..GOP has challenged and file suit in federal courts yesterday in response to this HR 965 bullcorn proxy fraud and will likely include the same argument against this fraud being committed in HR 981 proxy

    here are the results just out (for FISA debate rules, HR 981):

    dems: 228 / 5
    repub: 0 / 183
    indep: 0 / 1

    totals: 228 / 189

    17 republicans did not vote at all.

    * HR 965 – this is the very first time that congress has attempted to commit this level of fraud!!!
    ** HR 981 – this is the second time that congress has attempted to commit this level of fraud!!!

    72 democrats are AWOL and are using this “proxy” fraud as an excuse to not perform their constitutional requirements. In addition, it’s obvious the dems are using this c-virus calamity as an excuse to drive proxy voting as the new norm/

    background: GOP Members have formally challenged this proxy vote in federal court. That case is likely to be reviewed quite rapidly…stay tuned. Should the courts agree, will overturn both HR 965 and 861…with 861 being key as it pertains to house rules governing fisa renewal (965 appears to be important too, but related primarily to muslim immigrant protections from oppressive CCP dictates and human right violations)

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