Sunday Talks: Andy Biggs Discusses “Why Now” as Chris Wray Initiates an FBI Investigation…

It’s a question that has been asked several times: why is FBI Director Christopher Wray now starting an internal review of those within the FBI who were engaged with the events around Lt. General Michael Flynn.  Why did he wait so long?

In this interview Representative Andy Biggs discusses that question.  WATCH:


The most likely answer is simply sunlight.  The corrupt FBI activity was clearly evident within the organization in 2018 and 2019.  However, the recent change is the public awareness of it with documented evidence.

Keep in mind there are dozens of currently employed FBI officials, agents, analysts and administrators who participated in the effort.  As a result of USAO Jeff Jensen reviewing the activity; and in combination with DNI Ric Grenell declassifying and releasing the information to the public; FBI Director Chris Wray has no choice.

Remember, despite his involvement FBI supervising agent David Archey was promoted and now leads the Virginia field office.  Additionally, one of the key actors, FBI Agent Joe Pientka, was transferred to San Francisco.  Both Archey and Pientka are part of a much larger network of FBI officials that remain currently employed and have never been held accountable.

Agent’s Pientka and Archey were coordinating their corrupt operations with several dozen FBI officials and staff.

Lastly there’s the list of 53 witnesses that Senator Graham plans on calling:

Trisha Anderson, Brian Auten, James Baker, William Barr, Dana Boente, Jennifer Boone, John Brennan, James Clapper, Kevin Clinesmith, James Comey, Patrick Conlon, Michael Dempsey, Stuart Evans, Tashina Gauhar, Carl Ghattas, Curtis Heide, Kathleen Kavalec, David Laufman, Stephen Laycock, Jacob Lew, Loretta Lynch, Andrew McCabe, Mary McCord, Denis McDonough, Arthur McGlynn, Jonathan Moffa, Sally Moyer, Mike Neufield, Sean Newell, Victoria Nuland, Bruce Ohr, Nellie Ohr, Stephanie L. O’Sullivan, Lisa Page, Joseph Pientka, John Podesta, Samantha Power, E.W. “Bill” Priestap, Sarah Raskin, Steve Ricchetti, Susan Rice, Rod Rosenstein, Gabriel Sanz-Rexach, Nathan Sheets, Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall, Glenn Simpson, Steve Somma, Peter Strzok, Michael Sussman, Adam Szubin, Jonathan Winer, Christopher Wray, and Sally Yates.

Once you get on the Sunlight Express you can’t get off ’til the ride’s over.


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234 Responses to Sunday Talks: Andy Biggs Discusses “Why Now” as Chris Wray Initiates an FBI Investigation…

  1. This is a desperate last-minute CYA-maneuver by Chris Wray to keep his job. Don’t bother, chump.

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    • Issy says:

      The Gipper Lives: I don’t think he wanted the job in the first place. He was a good soldier the Uniparty knew would keep a lid on the corrup acts of the fbi.

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    • Den says:

      He knows his days are numbered especially with all of the documents being declassified. My bet is that his shelf life will expire right after the election.


    • I must say I get tired of politicians and others saying that 99% of the FBI are honest, decent, hardworking agents doing their jobs. It’s only the very top people who are corrupt. BS! If that’s so, where are the whistle-blowers? Where are the “John Deans” at the FBI???

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      • kenji says:

        Where are the “Dick Brights” at the FBI … and where is 60 Minutes interviewing them to widely disseminate their stories of corruption within the FBI?

        Oh … wait! I forgot. This is all just a …. Trumpee conspiracy theory


  2. Sharon says:

    To the extent the pursuit of truth is costly,

    it will usually be made so by that one who

    stands to lose something due to your inquiry.

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    • bertdilbert says:

      We should investigate why we have a dufus in charge of the FBI. Clown show.

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      • Stephen Grabe says:

        wray is trying [i think!] to walk an EXTREMELY FINE protect the fbi AND to provide info. its clear however hes leaning more towards protecting the fbi..not happy at all–but he IS in a precarious position. regardless—this is a a unique situation and he either needs to become more aggressive..or resign

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        • California Joe says:

          The FBI is supposed to arrest criminals not protect them. You’d think Wray would have figured that basic premise a long time ago. No?

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        • MelH says:

          Today I sent a letter to the President, begging him to fire Wray for withholding Flynn’s Brady material. i hope ALL of you will do the same because imagine the time it will take Graham to interview all those people listed. Interview for WHAT? That will end up like Rooster interviewing gobs of people about Benghazi. Barr won/;t indict, so what do we care what the Corrupt people have to say?

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        • Den says:

          Protect the FBI how, from itself. The whole Bureau needs to Be reorganized into a different entity.

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      • Kenji says:

        “Institutions” that operate as the FBI operated in an attempt to frame, disable, and overturn PDJT’s election … should no longer exist. I honestly have no problem completely dismantling the entire FBI bureaucracy … terminate the employment contracts for every single FBI member, consultant, support staff … everyone. Fire them all. Then nobody will be silent to save their job, or to make the next promotion. Who knows what extent of corruption might be revealed under those circumstances? Then start all over again … with a whole new acronym.


  3. lisaginnz says:

    Guessing FBI wants to investigate THEMSELVES so someone else doesn’t find out how badly corrupted they have become….. just a thought!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • Kenji says:

      More than a thought … a sound strategy for each and every corrupt Federal bureaucracy … err, “institution”. It is the People’s Representatives Jobs to do their investigations FIRST! Sadly … it appears as though Tom Fitton at Judicial Watch is the ONLY one doing any sort of investigation at all.


  4. Sherri Young says:

    About Ambassador Grenell —

    The US embassy complex in Ukraine is one of our largest in the world. It currently is run by a charge’, not an ambassador.

    Can you think of anyone who is already a senate-approved ambassador who might be just right for that post? It is not like he could be stopped by shenanigans in the Senate. The Ukrainians almost certainly would appreciate having someone with the power and the will to clean up our corrupt mess over there.

    If Ric Grenell is assigned to Ukraine, heads will explode for sure.


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  5. Bluecaper says:

    No Brandon van Grack? Just kickin` leaves…. not getting to the roots.


  6. Caius Lowell says:

    With my 0bama-like powers, I can tell from here that everything was done by the book! This investigation is a waste of time and taxpayer money that could better be spent doing the people’s business. /sarc

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  7. jus wundrin says:

    53 witnesses to appear in front of the senate judiciary committee….starting in July?

    Here are the repub committee members:

    Chuck Grassley (IA) John Cornyn (TX) Michael S. Lee (UT) Ted Cruz (TX) Ben Sasse (NE) Joshua D. Hawley (MO) Thom Tillis (NC) Joni Ernst (IA) Mike Crapo (ID) John Kennedy (LA) Marsha Blackburn (TN)

    Aside from maybe Chuck and john, and perhaps Cruz, do any of these other members give you the warm fuzzies about asking the right F-ing questions? I already know that the (D)s wont.

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    • MuncyPAon says:


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    • Sherri Young says:

      and Hawley

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    • coolmamie says:

      Hawley, Blackburn, Kennedy IMO.

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      • Dutchman says:

        But Mitch still controls the Senate Republican Campaign Committee funds,…and can cause to be instigated/quashed, a Senate ethics investigation,..detirmines who sits on what committees, who chairs what committees,….

        And as Biggs pointed out, the Senate FISA reauthorisation that just passed the Senate, and has been sent to the House,..has NOTHING in it that would prevent another Carter Page.

        JUST like Mitch wants it.
        NONE of the amendments will even be debated, much less voted on.

        JUST like Mitch,…and Nancy want it.

        Its a small committee (McConnell, Schumer, Pelosi and McCarthy) even if it IS a big club. If the 4 don’t want it, it don’t happen.

        McCarthy is saying all the right things, now cause he wants to be Speaker.
        He is like Graham, his words mean nothing, and actions he is light on.

        The second ‘test’ of Republicons in Congress, is their position on FISA, and even there, words are of limited value, if it gets renewed.

        First, is the Ghomert test, layed out in Congressman Ghomerts excellent op-ed, where he reviews Mueller’s horrible, atroscious record in Govt. service, PRIOR TO becoming Special council,…all material that was in the public record, and then points out how many in Congressional leadership positions went in front of the cameras,
        to ‘sing along with Mitch'(McConnell) that “Muellers an ‘HONORABLE’man, his investigation must continue’.

        If they said it, they are a snake, and can not be trusted. I BELIEVE McCarthy sang, I know McConnell, Graham, Thune, and I believe Grassley sang loud and clear.

        No Senator is willing to openly buck McConnell,…not yet.

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    • I hope that warm fuzzie was not associated with Sen.John Cornyn. No walls until you are against one and deals are us.

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    • Charles Dodgson says:

      Texan here. Cornyn is establishment all the way. Do not trust him. Cruz is mostly OK.

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    • mike walkup says:



  8. We don’t need to solve the FBI problem.

    We need to dissolve the FBI.

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    • DJ says:

      Yeah, I know. It’s hard not to have that sentiment based on the actions of the bad guys at the top. But the FBI does employ around 35,000 people. Many of those are administrative, sure. But I think there are still many Special Agents in the field offices who DO do good work. It might be hard to believe that until you actually NEED one.

      Like, for instance, me. Without going into too many details, I discovered major financial fraud against an elderly relative. I did as much “investigative” work as I could on my own (the Internet is a wonderful thing) and then filed a report with the local FBI office. They picked it up and ran with it, built a case, issued subpoenas, etc, and it looks like we’ll have the bad guys arrested soon. Justice still is being done at least on the local level.

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      • Issy says:

        I agree, it may still work on the local level for those yet to do their mandated rotation to D.C. and it doesn’t involve politics. They don’t do much investigating of the politically connected ‘right’ people.

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    • Rodmann says:

      How about “The New FBI”….
      Worked for Scotland Yard.


  9. Graham Pink says:

    Maybe all 53 can get their own cell block in a federal penitentiary and while away the years remembering the bad old days.

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  10. woodstuff says:

    Once FIB determines which people made “mistakes”, severe reprimands and intense retraining will be implemented. Hard swats on the back of the hand will be in order. For those caught, pay will be increased in copious amounts.

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  11. Azrajo says:

    What about Bob Bauer and the Chalupa sister ‘s plus Lyndsey Graham himself should be put on the stand as well. Or should we save Graham for when the Benghazi hearings begin again.

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  12. Doug Amos says:

    The Sunlight Express will never leave the station; Miss Lindsey will make sure of that. Why not put all 53 in handcuffs right now and let then prove their innocence? Isn’t that exactly what they did with Stone and the rest of our guys?

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  13. tav144 says:

    Why is Sullivan hiring a private attorney to respond to the DC appellate court?

    THEORY —
    Sullivan was in ex parte communication with the prosecution (Mueller team) all this time and likely a recipient of bribes. Sullivan knows that if DOJ joins the petition or responds to the invitation to, that this “collusion” will come out in the DOJ’s response. THAT is why DOJ has not yet responded. Yet. I think they were waiting to see if Sullivan would do the right thing without forcing their hand. The problem is the Swampers who colluded / bribed him know this info too. And they’re trying to pressure him to keep up the charade.
    And THAT is why Sullivan hired an attorney. He’s caught between a rock and a hard place — two sides who both know of his criminal acts and they both know he knows that they know. He’s worried how this could end up in with public corruption and bribery charges against him!

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  14. Sherri Young says:

    Joe Pientka likely has whistleblower protection.

    I have posted this before, but wanted people to see it if they missed it. The part about Pientka going to the IG probably means that Pientka lodged a whistleblower complaint. The IG handles those complaints.

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  15. If Christopher Wray can keep his little inside investigation going without resolve until after the election, he can probably be assured of keeping his job if Biden should win.
    If he keeps the Democrat sins from seeing the sunlight until then, he will be generously rewarded.
    That’s my opinion of Wray’s motives.

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    • Stickboy says:

      Yes, the only reason Wray is doing this is to buy time. Graham will now hold back and wait for Wray to present his findings. They only have to keep the sham going until November, one way or the other, it won’t matter after that.

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  16. GTOGUY says:

    Hopefully, Durham is looking deep into the Mueller Probe as well as Spygate itself. That is where most of the fake prosecutions took place. Recall, Flynn was not prosecuted by Comey’s FBI because they had no case. It was 7 months later that the Mueller gestapo charged Flynn, then Manafort using fake “evidence”. And Popadopolous for “lying” about a nothing claim of when he joined the Trump team as a “volunteer”.

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    • Dutchman says:

      Durham is writing a report, not an indictment.
      Prosecutors EITHER write INDICTMENTS, or they write declination memos, explaining why they are NOT prosecuting.

      Either/Or, ….NOT both.

      He is writing a report, ergo there will be NO indictments. IMHO, it is the hieghth of foolishness, Charlie Brown and Lucy with the football territory, to keep hoping against hope for anything from Huber 2.0.

      And, his non-prosecution report will come out just in time to demoralise many who have been deluded into hoping there would be prosecutions and perp walks, going into Nov. Elections.

      Perhaps so demoralised, they won’t vote, is their hope.

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    • JoAnn Leichliter says:

      I may be wrong, but I seem to recall that with Manafort Mueller simply took over an ongoing case that had nothing to do with the stated purpose of the Special Counsel investigation.

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      • Issy says:

        JoAnn: That is my understanding. An investigation the fbi/doj had passed on prosecuting because half of D.C. was doing the same thing. Mueller/Weissman also had the Black Book evidence from the Ukrainian Govt, that was false. The state dept helped on that, I believe.


      • Amy2 says:

        Yes! Thanks for the reminder.


    • JoAnn Leichliter says:

      I may be wrong, but I seem to recall that with Manafort Mueller simply took over an ongoing case that had nothing to do with the stated purpose of the Special Counsel investigation.


  17. JimAtNH says:

    It doesn’t sound like Wray was a hands-on type of guy, and his supposed ‘underlings’ had better connections than he did.
    Perhaps he survived FBI headquarters THIS long w/o much internal conflict, because he let his staff run the place.
    Did he have illusions that the Office ran differently than he discovered? Must be some hard-boiled types there with years of ‘service’.
    Maybe he felt he could just ride it out by doing little.
    That is, until the classified document started dropping, and now he can’t hide.

    I think Grenell would be great as State Dept IG. He’d probably love it, and have the flexibility to tailor his own role.
    Will Kash Patel stay with ODNI, or move with Grenell?

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    • Issy says:

      JimAt NH: I hope he stays at DNI and keeps feeding Ratcliffe documents to declassify, but whatever Grenell wants if he takes another position. I sincerely hope he does.


  18. BitterC says:

    Keep hearing the Flynn would have found out what they were doing…..that begs the question,

    What did McMaster know & has Durham talked to him?

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    • Issy says:

      BitterC: McMaster was foisted on Trump in the chaos of Flynn leaving. He was no good, a deep state plant. Just my opinion but I don’t think there were many good generals left after the Obama purges.


  19. MGBSE says:

    I love knowing these FBI traitors are nervous … and maybe even terrified … at this very moment.

    Question … are any of these filthy traitor “deep state” FBI demons … from the various FBI offices … that ignored the mass murder & terrorist attack warnings … that stole nearly 500 innocent Americans lives?

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  20. Chuck Arnold says:

    I don’t know if wray is a white hat or not, but at this point there is NO WAY Trump doesn’t know who’s side Wray is on, so what sense would it make for Trump to get rid of Comey and RR but not Wray, if he’s a black hat. I don’t care what happens to the Muppets, Comey, clapper, Brennan, etc etc, their nobodies, just extremely stupid Henchmen, just like Joe Biden, it’s why Obama put these idiots in his Administration, he knew how dumb and corrupt all these traitors were. if Obama and Hillary are not arrested and charged with treason, then none of this means anything, and on the very day Trump leaves office, whether in November or 4 years from now, if O and Hill haven’t been jailed or hung for treason, then they will DESTROY Trump, his businesses, and his entire family, in a matter of a couple weeks. Anybody disagree with this?


    • fangdog says:

      I agree Trump has to go for jugular regarding the matter of Hillary and Obama. The Establishment does not want another President Trump ever again and Trump will be made an example as to why anyone as Trump will ever emerge in America’s future.

      Conversely, Trump wants to set an example as to why anyone will not try and overthrow a duly elected by the people President in the future. Yes, trillions are at stake, but more important, a free United States of America is at stake.


  21. Sherri Young says:

    Considering that Jensen is still working on the Flynn case and investigators have already familiarized themselves with the case and misconduct, Wray would look like a corrupt idiot not to go ahead with an internal investigation and deal with the administrative/personnel issues. Wray said he is assigning the same investigators that have been working with Jensen but Jensen’s work will take priority. Should be easy enough for the investigators to write up what they have found that is germain to the administrative/personnel issues.


  22. montanamel says:

    I am starting to wonder….
    Rick “The MAN” says adios to the kruts and he’s not coming back….
    (Could that be a function of “knows too much now” to travel so close to Moscow???)
    Wray is a weenie and we are told he can’t be fired without PDT going thru Impeachment #2…
    We all know how that Presidential Appointee position works, inserted between Barr and Wray…
    A whole lot of daylight is needed at the specific juncture…DOJ vs FBI….eh?
    AND…no one is watching the CIA anymore…
    Rick is fully read into all the IC happenings…where the bodies are buried and WHO has their fingers in the cookie jar on both sides of the pond…ideal person for the slot…
    OR, even, dual-hat him….into BOTH the DOJ and the FBI head sheds…with teeth….
    Either way….give the FBI a good swabbing out…perhaps a hair cut and a trim in overall size…
    Particiion out maybe 1/2 or more of it’s duties to the Marshall’s Service…roll the BATF into the reduced size FBI with way less clout…Maybe his “slot” could become a new, full time, job… ie:
    Joint Director – FBI/BATF and the Marshall’s Service… Use the military CID/Intel for any domesttic spy crap, like they used Navy Intel during WWII…. This leaves the DOJ where it should be, full of law dogs for courtroom duty… GJ formations and all that…

    Then, after Rick has it all running nicely, say Oct/20….he slide over into the CIA for a few years of serious blood letting and thumb screwing, until that hell hole comes clean or is re-rolled into some military unit… relax the haircut standards for this posting…

    Rick is ready to come out of there, the CIA for 2024…maybe as VP…maybe as PG….

    Now, where did I put those square pegs??? Way to many round holes around here need pounding!


  23. BirdmanVI says:

    Why did he wait so long?

    Every hear the phrase “CYA”


  24. itsy_bitsy says:

    What is it with the FBI and these looney toons looking crooks running it! Wray covered for the crooks as long as he could. Can him Trump!


  25. MitchRyderDetroitWheels says:

    Is it possible that Durham’s investigation is done within the FBI building thus Wray can now address what is left of the Cabal? I expect Wray to stay until the election and depending on if Trump wins then a decision will be made. The Donald has said very little that made you believe Wray is one of his favorite folks.

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  26. scrap1ron says:

    So, the criminals are going to investigate themselves. “Mistakes were made but not by me. “

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  27. Why Now?

    Wray isn’t looking FOR anything. Nor has he been “Shamed into conducting a gratuitous investigation for the sake of maintaining appearances.”

    Wray has just constructed a defensive earthwork to stymie the intrusion of Sunlight into his beloved and totally corrupted Bureau!

    NOW they can take FULL CONTROL of every document and/or shred of evidence regarding FBI CORRUPTION (Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Page, Pienta, et al) and HIDE IT ALL FROM VIEW by deflecting inquiries with their ever-effective, highly polished, all-purposed aegis of “THE ONGOING INVESTIGATION IN RELATION TO THESE MATTERS PREVENT THE RELEASE OF THAT MATERIAL, OR DISCUSSION THEREOF.”

    IOW: We’re over the right target.


    • digleigh says:

      Yep. Unfortunately true….When you see an FBI raid, a dear relative says, “Oh my….they are getting all the evidence so they can hide it!!” Have you seen the Weiner emails? the 33,000 Hillary ones? the original 302?, the multitude of “lost documents”??, The EPSTEIN files , and all the stuff when they “raided his place” like 2 to 4 months late???Saudi info. on 911?

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  28. digleigh says:

    Sorry, but jaded here…Grahamnesty(who lied multiple times saying he would start a committee investigation..Bartiromo listed the lies for him……) just trying to save his election with a show committee, with lots on the “witness list”….Wray is trying to keep himself out of jail, imho…. Those witnesses will lawyer up, plead the fifth and we will have IRS scandal redux…Lois Lerner…..The ESTABLISHMENT protects its OWN, and the deplorables nor Trump are in the club…. If Graham RECORDS each testimony, has it in public(they can ask classified questions after….behind closed doors….), and puts them under oath, we may get a bit of sunlight….MSM is still covering up due to their being run by our CIA….Where are you Gina Haspel????.I would suggest reading Rubini kindle book exposing the US/Brits agreements and how they spied on Trump, etc….. I would suggest reading an article from 2014, shared by a twitter I follow…..Obama’s Weaponization of Government by Tom Basile…. Much good information and exposure even before the election!


  29. Bogeyfree says:

    So does this evidence suggest that possibly many of our Judges may have been compromised?

    Think about that……..

    We know there was MASSIVE spying from 2009-2016 on thousands of Americans INCLUDING JUDGES.

    How do we know this?

    Simple, by the statement from Dennis Montgomery a Registered WB when he said this…….

    “I produced 600 million pages. If you printed out each page it would be thirty miles high stacked one on top of another. The information is very sensitive information. They collected google searches, credit cards, phone records, images, pictures, anything and everything, and they did it for one reason: LEVERAGE. They didn’t know when, but they knew sooner or later they would need that information to use for leverage against a person … The amount of information is mind-boggling, and I gave all of that to FBI Director Comey’s office.”

    This plus…….
    1) Adm Rodgers 6 month audit which found 85% of the searches non-compliant

    2) Judge Collyer’s 99 page report also supporting this abuse

    3) and don’t forget the 47 Hammer Hard Drives with millions of pages of evidence turned into the FIB in 2015 by the man who actually did the spying.

    So add all of this up and some of the other recent stuff regarding surveillance and unmaskings on Gen. Flynn and it becomes OBVIOUS to most IMO that spying on Americans to gather information for the purpose of future LEVERAGE from 2009-2016 may have always been the plan.


    Federal Judges may have been compromised. Think about that!

    This screams IMO a much deeper dive, damage assessment investigation is needed ASAP.

    One that begins with the simple question…….


    Imagine, if this is true and they found evidence that somebody like Justice Scalia May have been frequently surveilled before his untimely death??

    IMO, if there is one standard of justice for all as Barr says, how can this investigation be ignored??

    To ignore it IMO means, one standard of justice is just words and just BS.

    Maybe it is time people begin to ask, was Russia Collusion to get PT the COVER-UP and spying, gathering info on Americans for future leverage was their real sin and what they wanted hidden all along???

    IMO the facts and evidence sure seem to point that way.

    The question is does Barr see and know this and will he look back???

    IMO, ONLY if Grenell keeps exposing the documents and the evidence.

    Produce one NSA report that shows unequivocally that if indeed Judges were surveilled then it should all unravel after that IMO.

    After all we ALREADY have a statement from a Registered WB claiming this!!

    The fate of the Republic sits in Mr. Grenell’s hands IMO.

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  30. dahimm says:

    Why now? Between the AG directed review by USAO Jeff Jenson and the new evidence in the public eye, thanks to DNI Ric Grenell, AG Barr probably pulled Director Wray aside for a little consult. The message, either you investigate it or we will.

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    • Dee says:

      Barr pulled him aside alright but he said Grenell is releasing everything, I can not protect you all anymore… it’s not like Barr ever released a dam thing…. now daylight is coming and they can’t save home!!


  31. Moe Grimm says:

    Oh gee. I thought it because of the pressure brought by the “rank-‘n-file” faction. You know, those heroes. Every one.


  32. waawash says:

    Wray presumes the FIB is above the authority of the American people. He has demonstrated that he is part of the fetid scab that needs tearing off so the FIB can be cleansed, healed, and once again become the FBI.


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