Supreme Court Blocks House Democrats From Mueller Grand Jury Material – Pending DOJ Application for Writ…

For more than a year the House Judiciary Committee (HJC) led by Chairman Jerry Nadler has been seeking: (1) Mueller grand jury material; (2) a deposition by former White House counsel Don McGahn; and  (3) Trump financial/tax records.  Each of these issues have slowly worked their way to the Supreme Court.

Today, in the first step to take up the grand jury issue, the Supreme Court has placed a stay on a divided lower court ruling to grant the HJC access to Mueller’s grand jury material:

While the stay is only temporary, pending the DOJ requesting a writ of certiorari for the Supreme Court to take up the 6(e) grand jury issue, it is very likely the DOJ will make the request; and also likely the Supreme Court will take up the case.

The court, without dissent, agreed with a request from the Department of Justice to put on hold a lower court decision granting the House Judiciary Committee some previously undisclosed material from Mueller’s investigation.

The 6(e) material relates to evidence gathered by the Mueller team for grand jury proceedings in their two-year effort to construct a case against President Trump.

Remember, the Mueller evidence was gathered during a counterintelligence investigation, which means all things Trump -including his family and business interests- were subject to unbridled surveillance for two years; and a host of intelligence gathering going back in time indefinitely. A goldmine of political opposition research. This material would also be fuel for leaks to DC media who could exploit rumor, supposition, and drops of information that Andrew Weissmann and team intentionally left to be discovered.

Obviously if Jerry Nadler could get his hands on this material it would quickly find its way into the media, the DNC, and ultimately to the 2020 democrat candidate for president, Joe Biden (or other).  That has always been the objective of Jerry Nadler.

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88 Responses to Supreme Court Blocks House Democrats From Mueller Grand Jury Material – Pending DOJ Application for Writ…

  1. nojuanimportante says:

    Advantage Trump. Now the drip drips of classified material come out without the salacious grand jury material to distract

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    • Bill Durham says:

      If they had any thing damaging, Weissman and Lawfare would have used it during impeachment. If they can leak classified intelligence, they would have already leaked Grand jury material.

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      • nojuanimportante says:

        Maybe, but press always knows how spin innocuous facts into something salacious. Some of those guys in Mueller’s group may feel like they’re being watched

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        • Tulips Moran says:

          Even though Grand Jury transcripts would offer nothing to bolster the Dimwit position, it would allow them to appear on every MSM cable program, claiming the Grand Jury documents contain damning evidence of Trump’s wrong doing. History has a way of repeating itself…we’ve seen this movie before.

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      • Rob says:

        It may not have been good enough to withstand scrutiny in an impeachment trial, but would come in handy for election meddling.

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      • Mark L. says:



      • MaineCoon says:

        By innuendo or partial sentences, they will twist and turn anything they can get their hands on — just like the Russia hoax. It’s totally irrelevant that there isn’t anything damaging, in and of itself. They will make it damaging and by the time the hoax is revealed as a hoax, the damage has been done.

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      • bertdilbert says:

        All they need is the material in there possession and Schiff will claim he has conclusive evidence.

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      • Tom Hansen says:

        Agreed. If there was truly something detrimental to the President or members of his family or business, they would certainly have used it for the impeachment. Which means, they got nothing.

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    • mike says:

      It’s so ridiculous when the Supreme Court should be reviewing writs of execution for Treason on some of these House creatures.

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  2. No not again, another resistance FAIL…….!

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  3. Greg1 says:

    It’ll be public material in time.

    One way or another. The democrats simply want cover for what they are going to do anyway. If they don’t get that cover, their media allies will provide it like they have done throughout the Trump presidency.

    It would be beautiful if there were a way to bust the democrats when they leak this if they don’t get their way with the Supreme Court.

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    • everywhereguyy says:

      Yes — Doesn’t it seem overwhelmingly likely that all or a lot of the content they are seeking they **already** were given sub rosa years ago, but that they now need legal permission to be in possession of it (it was given to them illegally). That’s why they need legal permission for this release.

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      • mimbler says:

        And in addition to them needing legal permission, they need the “provenance” to prove they aren’t just making it up as they are prone to do.

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      • Dwayne Diesel says:

        I had not previously thought of that possibility. But, it makes sense. The Obama Admin was illegally using government systems since 2011/2012. They were spying on Trump in 2016…they were using the NSA database….The Dems already have everything material wise regarding the GJ material. The only things they don’t have are the testimonies.

        I agree they need this to CYA on the info they already have in possession in order to use it.


    • kris2025 says:

      Andrew Weismann probably has a copy of it somewhere probably – and his former boss Christopher Wray is guarding all the secrets. So it will get leaked before the elections I’m sure.

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  4. TwoLaine says:

    Speaking of morbidly obese. Shapeshifter Nitwit Terhran Nan’s standing right there nest to it.

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  5. The American Patriot says:


    Someone go find Batman!

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  6. Squirrel Doc says:

    Yes, another win, and an important one. However, many people do not understand the huge difference between an intelligence investigation and what they think they know of criminal investigations from watching crime shows on TV. Using the counter-intelligence mechanisms on American citizens with no legitimate predicate threat to national security is betrayal of the highest order.

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    • mac says:

      SD, you could not be more correct. We have watched “The Lives of Others,” initiated on U.S. shores by our own homegrown Stasi. The entire FBI, along with the BATFE, should be disbanded with prejudice and a goodly number of their members should serve prison terms. They are as least as dirty as the worst of the criminal organizations they supposedly oppose.

      No law-and-order-supporting American should trust the FBI or the BATFE any further than he or she could throw the J. Edgar Hoover building left-handed. To call the members of both organizations despicable, vicious, underhanded, corrupt and completely amoral is to be guilty of serious understatement. Any member of either organization who claims to have even the slightest sense of pride derived from their membership is woefully self-deluded. If there are any good members in those organizations, one certainly would not know it from their abominable behavior starting at the beginning of the 44 regime and continuing to the present day. There were no whistle-blowers; hence, they are ALL culpable.

      The only possible effective solution is, to paraphrase Cato the Censor, FBI et BATFE delenda est!

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  7. Skidroe says:

    Old Jerry”groundhog” Nadler is morbidly obese”. Even after he had surgery.

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  8. MitchRyderDetroitWheels says:

    The manager of the local Golden Corral in Jerry’s district better be ready tonight…

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  9. TarsTarkas says:

    ‘Obviously if Jerry Nadler could get his hands on this material it would quickly find its way into the media, the DNC, and ultimately to the 2020 democrat candidate for president, Joe Biden (or other). That has always been the objective of Jerry Nadler.’

    IMO this material would be the basis for Impeachment 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, and beyond Trump’s terms in office to destroy him and his family as Plouffe so famously and fervently propounded.

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  10. TarsTarkas says:

    And of course this stay will be spun as ‘obstruction’ and the SC Republicans should all be impeached and removed from office.

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  11. montanamel says:

    Come’on Ric….it’s time for today’s offering to the disclosure police…
    Your public awaits you….
    this is yesterday’s news….MAKE SOME TODAY’s….

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  12. They got “NOTHIN’!”
    The cleanest person in DC is………………………..
    (Fill in the Blank time folks…wake’s ovah!)

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  13. Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

    “While you were focused on the pandemic, Democrats continued to pursue impeachment.” ~ William Jacobson over at Legalinsurrection.

    Grand jury material is kept secret for a reason; and that reason applies here as well as everywhere else.

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  14. disgusted citizen says:

    …..and if the whole predicate for the mueller investigation was false and unlawful in the first place?

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  15. Weissman already gave them this crap. It’s all fluff , innuendo and oppo research bs which they hope to spin into something, They just can’t leak it without drawing heat.


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  16. hypocrite propaganda Democrat socialism party’s,

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  17. Magabear says:

    If Nadler lost weight the way he loses political fights, he’d be a speedo model. 🤣

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  18. Reserved55 says:

    Three co-morbidities pictured.

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  19. old sneakers says:

    Imagine how many restaurants, bars, deli’s and such have closed for good in Fatso Nadler’s district because of Di Blasio and Cuomo incompetence and blind fascism. Jerry is facing a bleak future all around, and I hope his homies roast his fat ass to get even. New York City is dying…

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  20. Capt_bob says:

    If the Russia enquiry was setup from a fake dossier then continued for two plus years and found to be baseless how could the gathered info now be used to start over
    I’ve heard of Fruit from, or of, the poisoned tree would the Mueller investigation not be the poisoned fruit?

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  21. JCM800 says:

    Comey’s Twitter (and I’m sure many others) are hot!


    • Reserved55 says:


      Comey’s last tweet May 7th


  22. Ellis says:

    Sundance hit it in twitter, but the NYT tweet about it is so disingenuous it has to make any educated person realize how fake news is pushed on the dupes who are incapable of critical thought.

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    • Mr e-man says:

      They mean the Mueller report that after an exhaustive 3 year $50 million anal search of all things Trump concluded that “no one from the Trump campaign, and no American citizen colluded with the Russians in the 2016 election”?


    • GB Bari says:

      Typical New York Slimes completely transparent innuendo, IMPLYING that the “full Mueller Report” contains information damaging to the President that we may not see until AFTER he is re-elected.

      So…in other words, “it’s BAD folks, so (hint hint wink wink) better not re-elect the President since his lackey AG is hiding the bad info.”

      What a bunch of lying scumbags.


  23. RobD says:


    GFY Nadler!!!

    Breaking News: House Judiciary Committee appeals to the United Nations!

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  24. An says:

    I bet that they and their media allies already have all of this material and have been researching it the entire time. This just lets them use it in legal proceedings.

    If they get denied here, watch a slew of new “whistleblowers” leak things all through the campaign.

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  25. Mike in a Truck says:

    Two can play that game. Maybe Jerry should be investigated- everything, family, investments,taxes,contributions in, favors out. Put a bore scope up his fat butt.Calling Doctor Ric.

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  26. Genie says:

    The written judgments against Jerry and the Dems should all begin with “Jerry, Jerry, Jerry…”


  27. California Joe says:

    President Trump’s tax returns at the federal and state level were timely filed, reviewed, audited and accepted by the Internal Revenue Service and the New York State Department of Taxation. That ends any Democrat fishing expedition. If the IRS or State revenue agencies had a problem with the Trump tax returns they would have dealt with it themselves. There’s no reason turn over the President’s confidential financial records to another witch hunt hoax!

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  28. Eaglet says:

    The Full court press by the Left, RINO’s, Deep State and Globalist has commenced. I suspect they will throw anything against the President Trump wall to see if it sticks. 6 months to November 2020.


  29. Carlo says:

    Nadler = disgusting human being


  30. peace says:

    What makes Nadler really disgusting is the fact that he’s spending what little energy he has trying to get rid of Trump as opposed to spending it on his dying wife.

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  31. Ploni says:

    Sundance, I love ya, man, but you keep scaring the —- out of me with these photos.


  32. Zorro says:

    Nice picture of the Big Ugly, Sundance. Thanks for the trifecta.

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  33. stvzs47 says:

    INSENSITIVE!! Nadler is not “morbidly obese”. He is just 5 feet “under-tall” for his weight.


  34. ezgoer says:

    If the American people don’t remove the corrupt and vile Democrats from power in the House and put an end to this garbage I will be forever disillusioned about America. This garbage has got to be ended and that means Dems in the minority and Pelosi out of power.


  35. ncedgar says:

    My take, The House gets the records unless Barr/Durham demonstrate that the Meh Russia charade was not predicated on valid grounds. It they can prove this is all from the poison fruit, The House is SOL. So the Supremes have given Barr/Durham a deadline.


  36. regitiger says:

    I need to carefully read this interpretation of law by scotus….was it THAT, or was it a RULING?

    I smell some consequence here.

    that relates to grand jury material that Main justice may be sitting on, on purpose, to conceal, permanently, with the power of scotus to defend against its exposure.

    plainly, main justice has not done a thing to arrest or indict anyone.

    should barr get fired….durham decides to collapse and retire…wray to get his pink slip..

    I wonder how many of these “grand jury” materials already collected will be protected and insulated by any future review?

    remember what the arguments here are:

    the block was not a defense supporting executive privilege…relating to POTUS powers …was it?


    this was a very broad interpretation ABOUT grand jury material.

    I can see every case raised that seeks grand jury material to seek evidence and past testimony blocked for any future action.

    Perhaps I’m wrong. but I see a larger pattern here.

    scotus involvement in political crimes..with congress creating a larger broader protection for its own crimes…and those of the deep squat state.

    open a grand jury ….collect ALL the evidence that matters..then boink the case….

    then use this scotus ruling to deny this material for any other case.

    yes, these people are that motivated…

    this isn’t just about mueller GJ material….it has far reaching implications,

    I shall read this decision much more carefully…and get some feedback from those that I trust are actually researching the prediction models about such matters.


  37. Jenevive says:

    Why do the Dems think the country has ANY appetite for another
    Impechment.. People have far more serious things to worry
    about at this point..


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