KT McFarland: “Susan Rice Knew They Had Done Something Very Wrong”…

KT McFarland provides her perspective on the newly unclassified segment of the Susan Rice memo to herself.


The bottom line about what took place in the 48 hours of January 4th and January 5th 2017 is not that complex.  Remember, the position of President Obama and Susan Rice is that the White House was unaware of any FBI investigation of Flynn (or the Trump campaign); nor did they have any involvement in directing it to take place.

When Clapper briefed Obama (Jan 4th) about the Flynn intercept the White House lost deniability; Obama was now demonstrably aware of an FBI investigation.  The stay behind meeting (Jan 5th) was the result of the White House reassembling deniability.

Here’s the full memo in context (including the redacted paragraph):

A day or two prior to this meeting DNI James Clapper briefed President Obama on the nature of the call between Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak and Michael Flynn.

James Clapper received raw “intelligence cuts” about the call from FBI Director James Comey and used them to brief President Obama.

It gets very sticky for the Obama white house to claim they didn’t know about, nor direct, an FBI investigation of Michael Flynn given the fact they were briefed on the intercepted phone communications conveyed by the FBI, via Clapper, to President Obama.

If the FBI wasn’t investigating Flynn, then why were they intercepting his calls?

Understandably President Obama and NSA Susan Rice would be worried about being attached to a potentially very unlawful investigation of the incoming administration and NSA Michael Flynn; hence the ‘stay behind’ meeting.

As a result of prior briefing material President Obama knew the FBI was monitoring and intercepting Flynn’s communication. The aspect of Obama questioning Comey about sharing sensitive information from Flynn; and Comey’s response; points to Obama/Rice knowledge of an FBI operation against Flynn. An FBI operation against Flynn (and Trump) that Susan Rice knows she needs to specifically claim she and Obama did not know about.

From a hindsight perspective it gets very sticky for Obama/Rice to deny knowledge with that 1/5/17 meeting content in the fray. That’s the purpose of the Jan 20th CYA memo to file. Think about it:

Question: Ms Rice how can you claim to have no knowledge of an FBI investigation when the FBI was providing the White House FBI with intercepts of Flynn communication?

Are you saying the FBI intercepts were not authorized by President Obama?

Rice’s CYA memo is attempting to say exactly that. She’s pinning FBI Director James Comey as “rogue.”

Without the memo FBI Director James Comey could claim President Obama and Susan Rice were well aware of the FBI’s Flynn operation. With the memo Obama/Rice position themselves as having no idea until Comey started talking…

That’s the purpose for the memo; Obama & Rice protecting themselves from Comey if things go sideways.

To further illustrate this intent, it’s worth remembering the letter from Susan Rice’s lawyer, Kathryn Ruemmler to the Senate:

Note the second to last paragraph, it’s all about denying knowledge of FBI operations, writ large, against the Trump campaign or incoming administration.

When James Clapper walked directly into the White House with “intelligence cuts” specifically from the FBI to share with President Obama, it’s likely the legal team around Obama -specifically including Kathryn Reummler- went bananas.

James Clapper was always a doofus, but usefully so. However, in this context doofus Clapper -with his FBI cuts in hand- just infected the White House with direct knowledge of an ongoing FBI investigation of the incoming administration. In that briefing Clapper just walked over their carefully assembled plausible deniability like an ox in the oval. D’oh.

The ‘pull aside’ meeting immediately thereafter, January 5th, was Obama and Susan Rice cleaning up the mess and reassembling their plausible deniability.

The January 20th Susan Rice memo-to-file was supportive material for that intention.

L-R: Kathryn Ruemmler, President Obama, Lisa Monaco, Susan Rice


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256 Responses to KT McFarland: “Susan Rice Knew They Had Done Something Very Wrong”…

  1. GTOGUY says:

    Obama: “just spit-balling here Jim, but what can we do to make sure that Flynn never finds out what we are doing and have been doing.”

    Comey: ” I get your drift sir.

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  2. Jaap Titulaer says:

    LOL, “the timestamp on the email is not accurate”.

    Of course, it is accurate. To the second my dear.
    Clocks in the WH are always OK, as is server time.
    Hence there is NO (Zero, None, NULL) chance that the time that this email was sent was anything else than what’s on the email (12:15:32 PM).

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    • Rob says:

      How would you account for when the email is written offline due to no signal (for example) at the time/location, and then later sending automatically when it picked up a signal?


      • Digits says:

        I account for that by knowing how email works. When I send an email, it saves the sent time as the time I hit “send”. Tested this a couple weeks ago, in fact.

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    • republicanvet91 says:

      True. There is no .gov server or system that is not synced to a time server.

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  3. Bob Lawblaw says:

    There has been a lot of talk that Flynn had to go or he would immediately find out and expose the russia collusion hoax because of his knowledge. So, who replaced Flynn and what did that person do, if anything? Were they in on it? Someone should explain that part.

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  4. Bob Lawblaw says:

    There has been a lot of talk that Flynn had to go or he would immediately find out and expose the russia collusion hoax because of his knowledge. So, who replaced Flynn and what did that person do, if anything? Were they in on it? Someone should explain that part.


  5. islandpalmtrees says:

    Were their multiple Flynn *intercepts delivered to the White House by Clapper or was their one *intercept of General Flynn? Their is a big difference. One is off hand and two or more makes Obama statements a lie.

    “It was Yates who alerted the White House counsel’s office to intelligence intercepts of Flynn’s pre-inaugural communications with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak.”

    Did Obama get the *intercepts as they occurred?

    The Russian ambassador to the United States, Sergey Kislyak, reached out to Flynn on December 28. Flynn was vacationing in the Dominican Republic, but on December 29, he spoke multiple times with Kislyak.

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  6. ARW says:

    The press has been carrying Obama’s water for 12 years. So, why not just let the Flynn surveillance reveal itself back in 2017…it would have been forgotten by now? There’s got to be something more.


    • BoreMole says:

      Maybe its that Clapper will turn and has the goods on Obama once he realizes that he is about to be tossed under the “by the book” bus.

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  7. Kent says:

    When Rice is charged with lying to Congress and/or FBI, Ruemmler will have the same conflict of interest problem Covington had with Flynn. Either Rice lied to her lawyer or her lawyer lied to Congress. Ruemmler is a fact witness or co-conspirator. Maybe she should look for better representation.

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  8. Paul Gerst says:

    Clapper sure is a doofus and a horrible liar. First he says they had all ears for the Russian reaction; then they couldn’t figure out why there was no response from the Russians; then they decided to listen to Michael Flynn and found the conversations with Kislyak, the Russian Ambassador to the U.S. who was apparently not being listened to during the all ears beginning. Right.

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    • frogtongue says:

      They knew damn good and well why there was no Russian response. Let’s not indulged them in their fantasy. lfw* equally knew all along Flynn was being surveilled. These people aren’t that bright. Almost like keystone cops in their antics. The first clue should have been Comey finding no intent for the Hildabeast. Bagpipes better muster the man in him and get busy prosecuting every last one, including lfw!

      * little f’king weasel; no – he doesn’t deserve capitals!

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  9. T-Bond says:

    I think the meaning / purpose of Ms. Rice’s memo to the record can be distilled down to a more primal, succinct and fearful message: ie. She was desperately trying to say that no matter what the FBI / IC was about to do to lie to or get rid of Flynn and thereby hide the Obama Administration’s spying misdeeds, “WE AT THE WH DID NOT ORDER A COVER-UP, WE ARE NOT GUILTY OF OBSTRUCTION OFF JUSTICE”.
    The potential parallel to Watergate is uncanny: back then, illegal spying (the break- in to plant bugs) was the original crime, but ordering people to cover it up is what brought a president down. After several years of trying to pin a fabricated obstruction charge on Pres. Trump, ” is that shoe about to find a more deserving foot”?

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    • TarsTarkas says:

      The difference between Watergate and Obamagate is that before the MSM was on the side of discovery, today they are on the side of concealment. They are so far down the rabbit hole the only way they can escape is if they can remove POTUS. By any means necessary. If you think Judge Sullivan has gone rogue with his recent actions you ain’t seen rogue yet. This ongoing disaster is gonna escalate big time.

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      • Anon says:

        Yeah, instead of Woodward and Bernstein and the WaPo we have TechnoFog, UndercoverHuber, RosieMemos, etc. and the CTH. Actually, and ironically, the system no in place maybe even more efficient than the old one. (lol)


      • Contrarymary says:

        I beg to differ, but the msm has been on the left for many decades, but they tried to cover it up. They have been out to tear down America as long as I can remember. They seemed to become overtly blatant when Hill/bill were running against Bush the 1st.


  10. TRUTH says:

    There is nobody to blame but TRUMP!

    Once “The Memo” and Grassley/Graham criminal referral on Steele were released – he should’ve gone on OFFENSE against Barry and his cabal. Yet – he did NOTHING and we haven’t heard a WORD about Uranium One or Barry & HRC selling secret access programs to the Chinese via her server.

    Trump’s job on DAY ONE was to prosecute Barry’s FAKE birth certificate to entirely erase everything Barry touched. YET .. he’s done NOTHING. Without Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania he LOSES. That’s “IF” we have an election.

    Maybe you haven’t noticed – but Barry is assembling the Communist States of America, and neither he nor Barr has done ANYTHING to protect the Bill of Rights.

    One can only discern that Trump is “IN ON IT” due to his inaction – including the PlanDemic used to suppress the 2020 vote.

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    • Brutalus says:

      Most Trolls on here are a little more clever…perhaps you would feel more trolling on Disqus

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    • Robert Smith says:

      Trump’s Job #1 was and is MAGA.

      If he did as you say he might not be here right now. Trump had built his support by putting country first.Yes, this needs to be addressed and I think we will get there.

      Provided we get past November first.


    • StanH says:

      Good Lord. We just need to get B-B-B-Biden in there to straighten things out. /s

      I recommend you wear a helmet when you go outside.

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      • I know what you mean StanH.

        B-B-Biden or anyone besides Trump who has really messed up this time. /s

        I usually just let the trolls roll on but it is too much fun to give them a little hit once in a while.

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  11. angech says:

    Sally Yates and Susan Rice contradict each other as well, right?
    This post administration memo is dynamite

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  12. Sherri Young says:

    From a 2017 article —

    “In February Cohen-Watnick discovered Rice’s multiple requests to unmask U.S. persons in intelligence reports that related to Trump transition activities. He brought this to the attention of the White House General Counsel’s office, who reviewed more of Rice’s requests and instructed him to end his own research into the unmasking policy.”

    Again — “He brought this to the attention of the White House General Counsel’s office, who reviewed more of Rice’s requests and instructed him to end his own research into the unmasking policy.”

    If true, Don McGahn would have been the person who said to stop.


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  13. Bogeyfree says:

    Has anyone called the SF FIB office and asked to speak to Agent Pientka?

    I wonder if he is in protective custody?

    Bongino’s #1 Hat Tip Guy #279 says he is cooperating.

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  14. Colin says:

    ProfMJCleveland has a very interesting take on this memo


  15. Chewbarkah says:

    Meeting occurs on Jan 5. Rice’s lawyer claims Rice wrote the cya memo on the advice of White House Counsel, but didn’t find the time until Jan 20 because she was so busy. When exactly did White House Counsel advise her to write the memo?

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    • DaughterofLiberty says:

      And you certainly do not spend your last few hours in the WH writing a cya memo – that’s time spent with last minute packing, popping the champagne, having your last few goodies created by the WH chef, telling stories and reminiscing, having some laughs and hugging people, promising to get together in a few weeks; asking people where they’re going next – who got a job offer where – all that stuff. Not a hurried e-mail over clandestine behavior.

      And besides, we’re supposed to believe ol’ ‘It-Was-A-Terrible-Video-Susie’ ??????

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      • WSB says:

        I think this group was preparing to transition themselves to their own shadow government.

        When Obama was on that call the other day, whistling for Sullivan to crack down on Flynn, there were 3000 people apparently on that call. It was a mention in passing.


    • litenmaus says:

      Neil Eggleston was the current White House Counsel. The previous White House Counsel was Kathryn Ruemmler. Susan Rice’s attorney is Kathryn Ruemmler.

      Deception using word play…..Rice hides behind the honorific titles – she says ‘on the advice of White House Counsel’ because it sounds much better than ‘on the advice of my lawyer’

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  16. islandpalmtrees says:

    Did Obama get the *intercepts as they occurred?

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  17. They were all guilty, but this is Obama throwing Comey under the bus. The FBI Director as patsy. Rat-tastic!

    btw, I bet Comey wrote himself notes throwing Obama under the bus, too. Dueling emails. heh.

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  18. coolmamie says:

    Comey under a bus would be a beautiful sight.

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  19. rob says:

    What bothers me is that the original release of Rice’s email was in early 2018…with that redacted paragraph. Come on…redacted because it showed the US intercepting Russian communications? Is there anyone in America with 1/2 a brain that doesn’t know that that’s what we do within the IC? Given that the whole “big story” of Flynn talking to Russian ambassador came out in early 2017 then that redacted paragraph was done only to cover butts of those in that Jan 5, 2017 meeting. If that paragraph was unredacted in the original release of that email where would we be now? That would have quashed Russia-Russia-Russia…no impeachment…and continuation of MAGA. How far up the chain do redactions go? I’d like to think Wray would be part of this (or correct inappropriate redactions) and thus he’s obviously FBI before America. Sad…

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  20. tommyd22 says:

    Susan Rice is a flat out liar, THAT is a Proven fact.

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  21. EnoughIsEnough says:

    As I recall, Susan Rice’s Mother warned her about appearing on five Sunday shows to blame Benghazi on a video. Mom felt she was being set up. Susan should have listened to Mom. Her instincts regarding this corrupt, despicable Administration were spot on.

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  22. None of the coup cabal were independent players; they each did what they did because Obama/Soetoro wanted it done (even if they came up with the ideas, to please him). You have to remember Obama is a vain CULT LEADER, with all of the ego and subconscious uncertainty (that his habitual lying would continue to be universally successful, even among those closest to him). He is infamously thin-skinned and hyper-defensive of his imagined moral superiority — I have known this, intimately it seems, since I watched him squirm to keep his image clean in the “Reverend” Wright episode in the 2008 campaign; it immediately showed me he had NO true character at all, an insight that has only been repeatedly confirmed, at ever higher levels of perversity and disloyalty to America and its ideals, in all the years since. It also immediately shows that any follower of his is but a cult follower, a weak, amoral and too easily suborned criminal character. Everyone against Trump has been defined by their lawlessness and blindness to that lawlessness (to the point of actual insanity in their cult beliefs, primarily in Obama). No one could make a move, of such magnitude as attacking the incoming administration wholesale and on all fronts, without his primogeniture (considering the cult as something like “The Sons of Obama”, with these his first fruits, his closest disciples).

    Every attack upon President Trump or his people has been the work of inept children (read Comey’s testimony above, and see for yourself: It is the childish story of a Tom Sawyer, caught out in mischief and lying heroically, spinning an involved tale that only seeks, at every point, to make sure the listener understands he is innocent, that he and his group of plotters had good, even “great” reasons for every crime (higher loyalty, terrible concern for the country, etc.). It is TRANSPARENTLY childish lying, to me.

    You can take apart the lies in every such attack (all childish, all inept, in the end), as that on Flynn. But you should always point back to the EARLIEST proven lying attack on the new President — the FISA “queries” runaround, that ended a full 9 months before the Flynn attack now being considered. That showed the FBI, obviously working in Obama’s interests, colluded with Fusion-GPS and the DNC, and other biased, politically-weaponized parties, in every federal agency.

    You all need to focus on the reality of the insane, childish CULT Obama brought into power with him in 2008. (I’m tempted to erase the previous paragraphs of this comment, leaving only that one sentence; but I’ll leave them in, with the hope that they will be useful, in the end, not quickly dismissed.)

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  23. republicanvet91 says:

    “The aspect of Obama questioning Comey about sharing sensitive information from Flynn; and Comey’s response; points to Obama/Rice knowledge of an FBI operation against Flynn.”

    My question of this is, if Comey had anything about Flynn’s (incoming NSA) communications with Russia, or other evidence of his compromise that was so bad Comey thought it should not be shared with Flynn, why did that not come out during Muleears investigation?

    Why would that sensitive information not have come out in some other venue?


    • Gigi the Old says:

      Very insightful comments. Very true. The Obama cult. The true source of all this corruption. Do not forget 95% of the media adoring this fraud.


  24. republicanvet91 says:

    “Rice’s CYA memo is attempting to say exactly that. She’s pinning FBI Director James Comey as “rogue.””

    Next question: If Comey was so rogue, how does that square with him being the upstanding law enforcement gumshoe that declared there was nothing to Hillary’s emails?

    How does that square with the left going apoplectic when Comey was fired? They should have cheered his firing for being rogue against Duh Won!

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  25. I hope KT and Flynn are invited back though KT probably would decline.

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    • Foggy World says:

      Flynn needs to now make serious money to pay off his huge legal bills and then find a new home. To that, I doubt if he would even want to return to an area where Pence is part of the current picture.


  26. Mike Lee DelMarcelle says:

    “Given the importance and sensitivity of the subject matter and upon the advice of the WH counsel’s office, Ambassador Rice created a permanent record of the discussion.”

    1. If something is so important and sensitive, you wouldn’t document it via an e-mail to yourself.
    2. I am assuming sensitive would refer to it being highly classified. You wouldn’t do this via e-mail to yourself and this material leaked!
    3. Who is the WH counsel? If they gave advice this too would be documented I would think.
    4. This memo reads as though Rice was not in this meeting, which is what Sally Yates testified to as well. Unless there is a recording of this meeting there is no way for her to document it.
    5. Below this it reads that it was done on the 20th because in the last days it was the first opportunity because of the intense work load. Yet she had time to grant an interview to NPR on Jan 16, 2017.




  27. arsumbris says:

    People have been asking why this particular section remained classified for so long. Listening to Sydney Powell earlier today helped me realize that it remained classified because it might have been helpful to Flynn’s defense. Once Flynn was charged and left his position, he had no access to classified material. It also made it easier for the FBI-DoJ to bury it, like they buried the edited 302 forms.

    The more you think about, the more undeniable it is that all the Republicans who had access to this were given the choice of revealing that Flynn was being hung out to dry by Mueller, but they stood mute. Every single Mueller prosecution was an opportunity for Republicans to reveal Obama, but they chose to protect the lie rather than reveal something that might benefit Trump.

    Never let anyone tell you that the Republican party is America First, just because Trump is in the White House. He has just as many enemies in his own party as he has in the DNC.

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  28. Keith says:

    What if Clapper could see that the Obama / Rice / WH counsel view was that they were distancing themselves from the scheme in order to protect themselves? He then figures his best defence is to implicate them by providing them the intel. That way, he has the defence that he was following orders from POTUS. He might have been smarter than you think, although in general I think characterising him as a doofus is correct.


  29. Teresa says:

    Here is the sad thing… Obama knew… no… let me correct that… He direct this… He will walk away from this for at least two reasons: he was a sitting President with many secrets hidden away that need to be kept secret… and he covered his trail with Susan Rice et al. Comey and the rest will take the fall. Few will actually be charged and less will actually serve time. I am not sure we are ready for full transparent in this country. I wish we were. There is so much corruption in Washington it would be very difficult to expose all of it and not have anarchy in the wake of that level of transparency. But… if we want the corruption to stop… we need as much transparency as we can get. We have a very liberal segment of our country that can actually read all of these documents and still believe there were no laws broken… no civil liberties violated… and that Trump did collude with Russia… we just did not find the smoking gun yet… so sad… the facts are coming out into the light of day… I pray that we continue to see more and more of the full picture. Thank you Sundance for focusing on facts… there is so much fake news and innuendo on both sides (liberal and conservative) tweeted, posted, emailed, etc… these days… it is easy for some people to sight of the facts and data… the truth…


  30. Carter Burger says:

    They thought they were so slick. That nobody would ever find out. Here’s the deal, the media will give you cover, for a little while. History, however, will not be so kind. Barack will go down in history as the most corrupt president ever. That’s exactly what his legacy should be.


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