AG Bill Barr: “I Don’t Expect Mr. Durham’s Investigation Will Lead to a Criminal Investigation of Either” Obama or Biden…

During a press conference to outline new evidence in the Pensacola terror case, Attorney General William Barr coordinated a pre-staged question from the media. Responding to a question about President Trump’s tweets the AG said: based on his knowledge of the Durham probe so far, he does not expect the Justice Department to open a criminal investigation into former President Barack Obama or Vice President Joe Biden.

Curiously within the statement Bill Barr notes: “what happened to the president during the 2016 election and throughout the first two years of his administration was abhorrent”, within that statement he is now saying the activity by special counsel Mueller was part of the “grave injustice”.


Full Presser below:


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638 Responses to AG Bill Barr: “I Don’t Expect Mr. Durham’s Investigation Will Lead to a Criminal Investigation of Either” Obama or Biden…

  1. Scarlet says:

    Interesting perspective on a comment from The Epoch Times on this subject.

    Kenneth MacLean
    May 18, 2020 at 19:02
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    Couldn’t agree more with Barr. The purpose of justice isn’t to march former presidents around in orange jumpsuits and ignite a civil war; it’s to create peace. Merely by publishing the crimes these scumbags have committed will be humiliation enough. Durham will do that for sure. Revenge has to stop somewhere. 45 and Barr will be the bigger men, and show that to everyone in the country and to the world, in line with the Trump revolution. Practice what you preach. Showing mercy even to traitors is a trait of Christ and in line with Barr and Trump’s Christian beliefs. To do that takes a big, big person. Trump and Barr are up to the task.

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    • AJ says:

      That’s BS. Nothing is gonna happen. Got back to sleep with that crap. If even Brennan and Comey goes down it would be a dang miracle. What evidence do you see that even that will happen.

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    • Obs5 says:

      Don’t agree. If justice isn’t delivered, then these people will keep committing these crimes again knowing they’ll get away with it.

      Barr is just protecting his home, the deep state. Anyone confirmed joyfully by the likes of Graham and McCain in the senate are not to be trusted – like Barr and Wray.

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    • Everett Miller says:

      “Showing mercy even to traitors is a trait of Christ. . . . .” Oooops.
      What absolute drivel. These men only need to suffer humiliation? poppycock on stilts.
      You cannot suffer humiliation without first having humility, which these TRAITORS do not.
      Christ clearly instructed us to leave Civil matters to Civil authorities. The Rule of Law rests on the expectation that men will follow THE LAW or be punished. To give these men a pass will cement the destruction of the Greatest Nation and force for Justice and Freedom in the History of the World. These comments from The Epoch Times are despicable.

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    • Former presidents who intend to block us from ever being ABLE to elect FUTURE presidents MUST be stopped.

      Christ NEVER in His life condoned injustice and anarchy. In fact, quite the opposite.

      he also very severely spoke against killing people and the deep state is literally imposing genocide through various means, not the least of them suicide.

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      • nimrodman says:

        “and the deep state is literally imposing genocide through various means”

        Mandating return*** of virus-infected patients BACK into nursing homes is a pretty good means of genociding an older generation of elderly people, many of them military veterans, and many who tend to vote more conservatively than younger cohorts

        I reckon

        (***) – see Cuomo, Andrew, Governor of New York


    • Madeline Huffnagle says:

      I want to believe Epoch Times. I always figured Obama would escape prosecution.


    • starfcker says:

      That’s not interesting commentary, it’s horrifying. Mitt Romney fan, I assume.


    • lftpm says:

      Agree entirely.


    • drinks on me says:

      BS. Barr also said “…one system of justice” and something about a high standard under the law. He’s getting out in front and making the point that this is not a political persecution or revenge ffs. There will be justice based on the rule of law. And that’s where peace begins you fool.


    • SickOfItAll says:

      Your raving theory that Barr and Trump are the bigger men reminds me of the excuses from the lunacy of the QAnon people. All because Q dropped to pay attention to Burr’s words and Q people make up that they will be arrested after Trump wins again. This is lunacy. Those that still follow this are beyond brainwashed. The trust the planner’s have lose their got danged minds.


    • Janus says:

      Civility and deference against revenge are not qualities admired–let alone observed–by leftists. So, to expect any appreciation for turning the other cheek by Trump, Barr or anyone on our side is the stuff of unicorns and fairy godmothers.

      The left respects only one thing: raw, brute, merciless force.


      • GH says:

        Hi Janus you are correct in that “The left respects only one thing: raw, brute, merciless force.”…and the Left has zero fear of that happening.


  2. Mean Old Man says:

    Everyone here is dreaming.. Our country is over….
    USA is DEAD…

    We must fight back against the FBI, CIA, and DOJ… and their families..
    We “the people” have the ability to ostracize people from our society…
    Formalize a DEEP State Database and punish everyone.. Make it so despicable to be a part of these organizations that nobody will join…

    BOYCOTT media members like Sean Hannity that promote these institutions… 99.9 % are not good agents… THERE ARE NO GOOD AGENT!
    If your FBI, you’re family are scumbags… unworthy of any authority

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    • Obs5 says:

      Two years ago I would have fought you for that comment. I cannot anymore and I tend to agree. FBI/DOJ are EXTREMELY corrupt. Right to the top.

      Peter Strzok, a clearly politically compromised agent, changed wording on Hillary’s email case so its not criminal, and then starts counter-intelligence on Trump’s campaign on DNC funded dossier. Slam shut case of treason. Nothing happens to him.

      DOJ is “beyond” corrupt. Trump’s greatest work was shining the light on all this and at least I’m grateful for that..but I wish justice would arrive too.

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      • Mean Old Man says:

        To me.. anyone says they have family in FBI.. it equates to me as them admitting they have family members that are pedophiles..

        Hannity and his pedophile buttons… Then he says.. “99.9% of pedophiles are good pedophiles, that go about doing good pedophile work.”

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    • GH says:

      Hi Mean Old Man-

      Right on…so how do you portent to get that done? What’s your plan? Uh, you DO have a plan, right?


  3. Janice says:

    President Trump just heard the comment of Barr.

    President Trump round table meeting stated that he has no-doubt that Obama was involved.

    PT summary of important points; Obama and Biden knew everything. They were participants. I’m surprised-stated several times. I believe he (Barr) said at “this moment.” Continuation-of a double standard. I was coming into the room when that statement was being made. I have no doubt that they were involved. I would think it would be very/very serious. It was a take-down of a president. In my opinion it was an illegal takedown. I will stay out of it. I don’t have to stay out of it. I just hear about it and will have to look into it. What was said and what was meant? I’m surprised but have no doubt. I have no doubt that they were involved. They should be paying a very big price if they were caught. We will see what happens.

    I’m not concerned with Barr’s comments;
    PT posture is the same as the past 3 years.
    PT is the only one that matters since he is 100% responsible for justice.
    PT repeated again today; I don’t have to stay out of it. (Signal to Barr to prosecute or PT will)
    PT has many paths to implement justice.
    PT will implement justice

    Barr stated before that no one will be investigated for criminal acts that are running for office.

    Don’t the American people want to know if Joe Biden is corrupt before the election especially since the evidence is seen by everyone?

    Didn’t the DOJ and FBI investigate President Trump during the presidential campaign for no reason?

    When prosecuting the coup they will be destroyed; 90% making plea deals and many will be pointing to Obama and Biden.

    Obama and Biden are not above the Law.

    Coup prosecutions before the election.

    Obama and Biden prosecutions after the election.

    No president has ever been prosecuted after leaving office. But, no president has ever corrupted the transition of power, formed a coup to frame the president elect and the president of the U.S. for alleged criminal acts that they actually did and reverse the will of the American people.

    Not enough evidence is fake news.

    The American people have seen enough evidence that goes way beyond a reasonable doubt to prosecute the coup by 10 times.

    PT will implement equal justice.

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    • Eric says:

      Yep, follow President Trump… PT has gone through this with Barr a few months ago.

      IMO; Barr should have stated he will not comment on an on-going investigation. PT can’t be too happy with Barr’s comment and surely will talk to Barr.

      President Trump will not allow these evil corrupt snakes to escape justice…impossible.

      Prosecute the others and let them throw Obama and Biden under the bus. PT will finish the job.

      Everyone under Obama can’t escape justice because they all had a duty to refuse doing repeated criminal acts.

      They are trapped.

      Barr’s true colors will be reveals within 75 days…if he fails PT has a duty to take over the DOJ & FBI.

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      • Janice says:

        Take over immediately. Anything less would classify PT as being the weakest and most laughed-at president in history…who allowed the destruction of our constitutional republic,…this will never happen…impossible. justice will happen!


    • jessetmims says:

      @ Janice… Re “No president has ever been prosecuted after leaving office. But, no president has ever corrupted the transition of power, formed a coup to frame the president elect and the president of the U.S. for alleged criminal acts that they actually did and reverse the will of the American people.”

      No disrespect intended; however…
      1. Obama was never president of the USA. He was merely a usurper who was illegally allowed to ACT in that capacity.
      2. PLEASE do not EVER refer to Obama as president in ANY manner. Doing so only buys into the ultimate plan of the enemies of America to continue chipping away at the Constitution until it has neither meaning nor value.

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    • David says:

      Bitter, Bitter. I have never expected anything to happen to Obama or Biden and I have been more than amazed how naive people like you are. You are just spitting nails. PT can’t prosecute Obama. That has to go through the Justice Dept and it is NOT going to happen.

      Get over your naiveness and start thinking realistically for a change. When PT was elected, people were saying Trump will make Congress do this or he will get rid of McConnell, etc. Obviously, people did not understand the separation of power.

      What is PT going to do? March down to the courthouse and convene a grand jury by himself? DOJ is not going to do his bidding, no matter how deep Trump may bite Barr. If Trump fires Barr, the Senate is not gong to confirm who Trump wants.

      I do think it would be incredible if all would be held to the same justice, and when it comes to Obama and Biden, never expected that to happen. I have always believed it will be enough to see the next tier brought to justice – the Comeys, McCabes, etc. That in itself is huge.

      Be satisfied that the world WILL know how corrupt Obama was as president and his reputation sullied for the history books. Ultimately, that is what matters most of all.

      Learn from this and don’t be so naive next time.


      • Janice says:

        I sorry that you do not have the knowledge that P/T controls the DOJ/FBI and of his powers to implement justice.

        The DOJ and the FBI are part of the Executive Branch in which America voters appointed the president to oversee all of the DOJ and FBI.

        If PT believes the constitution is at risk as a result of corruption and there is a paper/digital trail of evidence that PT sees and the American People sees; PT has a sworn duty to make sure the DOJ/FBI are doing their sworn duty and prosecute those criminal acts if the standard of evidence is within normal prosecutorial guidelines

        Judicial watch and my other legal scholars have stated the many other paths P/T can implement Justice.

        I’m sorry that you are a lateral thinker and sure glad you were not around to write the constitution; it would never have been written.

        You are not worth anymore of my time.

        Have a good life.

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        • Janice says:

          Correction; Sorry that you are “Not” a lateral thinker…and don’t understand if PT didn’t implement justice, MAGA would be reversed when PT leaves office in 5-years and the coup would be 100 X’s more powerful and will finish converted the U.S. constitution to a global constitution.

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          • Eric says:

            Notice how he starts off using Bitter, Bitter and calls out people being naïve. The person doesn’t know how to have a respectful discussion and he continued his disrespectful words for 5-paragraphs.

            I have read many of your great posts for many years with many wonderful discussions.

            This person is not capable of matching your thought process and would be a waste of your time. IMO he has an ax-to-grind.


          • lftpm says:

            So true, Janice. The coup plotters’ goal is One World Government, which requires the elimination of one Constitutional Republic. Punishing a slew of coup plotters will not kill the OWG movement, but it will be a major setback. Letting the plotters go free will just embolden and encourage the movement to go full steam ahead.


        • David says:

          Dumb – but I am more than aware that the DOJ is part of the exec branch, but Barr is not going to let Trump walk over him – that much is clear, sweetheart. Trump will have to fire him and appoint an acting AG to get his way, but that is self defeating for Trump. It will end in a disaster for Trump and Trump is too smart for that. That is why I wrote what I wrote, sweetie.

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          • Janice says:

            Great vocabulary Dumb and sweetie. Your remarks continued to be condescending.

            This is beyond your brain capacity…I will write it anyone and hopefully you will go away.

            Barr works for the pleasure of the President. PT expects/demands Barr do his duty. PT will implement justice with or without Barr

            The President has “acknowledge” criminal acts by the coup for over 3-years that guarantees justice, with or without Barr or any attorney general.

            When the president and the American people see enough evidence that goes way beyond a reasonable doubt of a coup, and the Attorney General is not following normal investigative/prosecutorial policies and procedures, the President has a duty to implement Justice “himself” (Judicial Watch) using extraordinary measures, especially if the Constitution is at risk.

            Judicial Watch and many legal constitutional experts also agree; even if the President has to micro-manage the DOJ and FBI himself.
            President Trump can appoint a Special Counsel (Judicial Watch).

            We are in the middle of a legal civil war and the on-going concern of the U.S. is at risk.

            The globalist/coup has eliminated the rule of law, the shield that protects the constitution to be replaced with a globalist constitution. This is their nuclear weapon.

            PT is using the rule of law to protect and save the constitution. This is PT nuclear weapon.

            PT has strategically planned justice for over 3-years and created prosecution cases that are now easy to prosecute. PT will implement the nuclear criminal codes when ready.

            You are a million light-years off topic and really don’t understand what is written. This is beyond your brain capacity.

            The reason this country is in this mess are because of thinkers like you.


    • NWGrassroots says:

      I believe the statement was “at this time”, which to me holds out for the release of Durman’s investigation results. My first thought – this was Barr’s way to provide a story to the non-thinking media, while being able to say later ‘that was then, this is now’.

      We will see – I am holding my breath.

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    • GH says:

      PT can’t prosecute anyone. It’s known as separation of powers.


  4. Charlotte Powell Brooks says:

    When you exonerate the mob bosses, how do you prosecute the underlings for doing what they were told?


    • Mean Old Man says:

      because they can.. They can do whatever they want because the law is what they say it is. If you don’t like it, they don’t care. You are nothing…I am nothing…

      If all conservatives stop paying taxes until Obama, Biden, and Barr are hung in the streets of D.C. then we may could get some respect…

      100 Million middle class citizens change our W2s and stop having taxes pulled out automatically…. that would change things…

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    • mickjt says:

      Easy, you hang them all and let GOD sort them out! IF they were involved 1% they are GUILTY!


  5. Beau Geste says:

    Why now? why not let them sweat?

    So they won’t even be ‘investigated’ and named as unindicted co-conspirators?
    Any coup conspirators will claim ‘it was legal”, and I was doing what I was told to do in the service of the President and VP.

    This was an unnecessary announcement, and was done to contradict PDJT’s characterization of obama-led criminality as ‘obamagate’.

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  6. I thought Sundance might give this presser more coverage. I saw, I believe, a lot more here.

    1. First 15 – 16 Minutes – AG Bill Barr tries to help Chris Wray & the FBI rehabilitate their reputation.

    Not sure what the usual protocol is for these dog & pony shows. You see my take above. I believe last week Barr tried to cover for Wray’s illegal performance in the General Flynn case, by saying the Director is not supposed to review every case file or document submission for every case. Deflection.

    A. It’s the biggest case in the history of our law enforcement.
    B. They tried to take down a President.
    C. They just buried exculpatory Brady material for 3 years!

    2. AG Barr – prepared remarks (Hope porn?)

    Barr still seems legitimately angry, which I’m interpreting as we may see indictments.

    Big Question I haven’t seen Sundance address – is there a Grand Jury seated? Joe D says yes.

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  7. Mathias says:

    The following is a Special Announcement from Q Anon & Billy B., to all Trump supporters — ” Hahaha…SUCKERS! Do you want to chase my laser pointer around the room for another three years? Hicker-snort-snort…just be careful you don’t collide with Hannity, he’s been gaining weight. The other blue light is moving fast up the walls, Epstein’s Lindsay Graham has a quick wrist as well.”

    The man-Obama is meaningless. The myth-Obama is for a thousand years & is what the Deep State and media, will kill to protect.

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  8. Luz Maria Rodriguez says:

    That is a problem, sir AG.
    Clearly, if this is the case, we must admit to having a legal system of at least two tiers.

    If left this way, we have lost the concept of Lady Justice being blind-folded so as not being able to see the condition of the person seeking justice before her be he/her billionaire or pauper.

    But then, the Constitution purportedly did not allow for a foreigner to be president either.

    The Experiment appears to have ended right before our eyes.

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  9. Obs5 says:

    Its the truth. Know this and you’ll be less disappointed going forward.


  10. cliffaheadwolvesbehind says:

    So the house is going to impeach President Trump again, but Barr won’t touch Obama and biden.
    Wow,just wow!


  11. DeWalt says:

    The system of checks and balances broke down. Those empowered and expected to do their duty were part of the same team. We now learn there is basically one team and it is Uniparty. Sure we have Nunes and Jordan and the like but they were sidelined by their own people, Ryan and Gowdy. No one is going to blow the whistle on a Uniparty President and survive. In the Senate their is no difference between Mitch McConnell and Harry Reid or a Chuck Schumer.

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  12. TPW says:

    That statement by Barr is baffling to me and open to a lot of different interpretations ….just another lawyer I guess….But think about whats been done to “our” sitting President. He has been accused, impeached and INVESTIGATED for 2.5 years. But they can’t even look into Obama …Biden …cause what? It would set a bad precedent? Seems that can of worms has already been opened.. no? So Barr why isn’t Obama being looked at? I know the Republican voters are tired of taking it up the rear end. Watching the Republican politicians playing by the rules of decorum and etiquette while the dems will slit your throat if given the chance.. in daylight or dark …makes no difference. We are never gonna win the battle with those kind of self imposed rules. If only Joe Blow citizen had the opportunity to corner Barr and these other blowhards with straight up questions that get to the . heart of the matter. Instead .. we have to watch these inept reporters and pundits letting them get away with their absurdity. Don’t you love how the reporter slipped in the Republicans self imposed rule… “quiet time” freeze before an election. Think they are planting a seed?


    • RonR says:

      Very well said. The Dems are still going after Trump including threatening a new impeachment. So far on the framing of General Flynn, the Russia hoax, 8 years of Obama scandals, and Biden corruption we have NOTHING. With the GOP we get NOTHING! This just feeds and emboldens the deep state. It seems that Barr is trying to lower our expectations because he sees the future delivery of more NOTHING!


  13. WVNed says:

    In the old tongue Barr means to vent foul gas from the back side.


  14. DeWalt says:

    My question to the AG is , how does your statement of a Justice system that applies equally work in light of your Department’s handling of the James Wolfe case? Does this mean if Durham finds wrongdoing or crimes involving leaking Secret Information, your Department will decline to prosecute? Sheesh if we only had real journalists.


  15. WVNed says:

    The foundation is rotten. No way to save it.


  16. David N. Narr says:

    I understand how angry everyone is. What we have seen unfolding before our eyes is unbelievable. Nevertheless, I wonder whether AG Barr’s statement re: Obama might be in the nature of a plea deal; a public proffer before the bag of anvils falls on the heads of the coup plotters. Here’s the deal: Talk. Confirm everything we’ve dragged out of your coverup on the record, under oath. If Obama escapes prison, let his punishment be having to deal with his public disgrace for the rest of his life. For a malignant narcissist, what could be worse? What’s more, it will keep his supporters in the media and on the Left busy for the next 50 years, and they will still be unable to repair Obama’s reputation. As for Biden, who cares?


  17. DeWalt says:

    Mr. Barr’s past actions in relation to Strzok and McCabe and Wolfe clearly show he is full of Bagpipe air. Anyone in law enforcement knows the Broken Windows theory and how it has proven true throughout time.


  18. CharterOakie says:

    “Based on the information *I have today*….”

    That is the way Barr phrased it.

    Grenell just delivered declassified documents to the DOJ in the past week or so.

    Are there more to come that would materially alter “the information [that Barr has] today”?

    We shall see.


  19. DeWalt says:

    Broken windows theory
    The broken windows theory is a criminological theory that states that visible signs of crime, anti-social behavior, and civil disorder create an urban environment that encourages further crime and disorder, including serious crimes. The theory suggests that policing methods that target minor crimes such as vandalism, public drinking, and fare evasion help to create an atmosphere of order and lawfulness, thereby preventing more serious crimes. The theory was introduced in a 1982 article by social scientists James Q. Wilson and George L. Kelling. It was further popularized in the 1990s by New York City police commissioner William Bratton and Mayor Rudy Giuliani, whose policing policies were influenced by the theory. The decade saw a significant decline of crime in the city. The theory became subject to great debate both within the social sciences and the public sphere.Wikipedia


    • Perot Conservative says:

      I agree. Hence, FIRE all of the 50-100+ FBI Leakers & Bribe Takers (over $100?) OIG Michael Horowitz identified over a year ago.

      Fire them, regardless of seniority, pension, etc., with future government employment barred. And no, don’t fire them on Thursday or Friday.

      I’m not even clear this investigation is over.

      Sessions reportedly had 17 leak investigations in progress.

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  20. decisiontime16 says:

    President Trump’s remarks concerning AG Barr’s announcement today re Obama and Biden..

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  21. islandpalmtrees says:

    I would like see Barr and Wray fired. I don’t think President Trump can delay this action any-longer based this video without it impacting his run for reelection.


  22. doyouseemyvision says:

    I don’t expect much of anything from tired and lazy Barr. He’ll get canned after the election.


  23. icthematrix says:

    I am beyond ticked with Barr. His continued cover for Wray is pathetic. Now his staged answer to a staged question is designed to push back against President Trump (remember the “I CAN’T do my job” smear?). I do believe there will be some indictments from Durham, but limited in number and breadth. They will only pursue slam dunk cases, and continue to cover for the higher echelons to “save the institutions”.



    • TPW says:

      Todays Presser was FBI propaganda…They are the good guys doing necessary work. Don’t believe they cracked the phones.. lie…no one at FBI that tech savvy. Notice no real detail.


  24. Freedom says:

    The whole point of the briefing was to shame Apple for not helping them pry into EVERYONE’S phone. -But “Only with a warrant, of course.” Anytime you want to defraud the citizens say its CounterT, or protecting some group: the children, etc.


  25. Treeper 46 says:

    For Barr to openly announce to the public that from what he has seen in the evidence that no criminal conduct was done to unmask and then additionally spy on hundreds, thousands, potentially millions of Americans gives fuel to deep state actors, and Uniparty players still in play. Not one word about producing the Brady material on Flynn, to resolve one of the greatest injustices in modern history, allowing a compromised judge to engage in an unlawful perjury charge.

    At the same time President Trump is trying to decouple the US from from China, win an election, free the entire US from huge civil liberty violations, I’m afraid this may be the last straw. Heading towards the election full speed, with little support now from Senate, a new attempt to impeach, passing unconstitutional voting laws, the mobility of the Coms is ever moving. Goes on and on.

    I think these Commies are also trying get President Trump infected with the WuhanFlu.

    It hurts me to say this but today’s Barr announcement shows that the 8 years Obama, 8 years of George W, 8 years of Clinton, runs were not only possible to cripple America, but allowed enough time to cripple the US Constitution, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence. That these historic documents may no longer be work products that can carry us through the next 200 years.

    We’ve become a country we no longer recognize, and 2-3 generations that don’t know the difference between a Republic and Democracy, let alone how to defend it.

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  26. whoseyore says:

    Would like your thoughts of whether Barr said that because Durham wouldn’t need to press any charges if Obama and Biden were being tried for treason by a military tribunal?


  27. RonR says:

    So according to Barr I am supposed to believe that conspiracy to overturn a presidential election by corrupt use of the FISA court, IC, DOJ, and FBI has no criminal elements to it that reach to Obama and Biden. Either Obama and Biden knew, authorized and/or tracked the lawlessness, or they were incompetent in their roles. Damaged legacy and embarrassment are not sufficient accountability for the damage done to the country politically and financially, the rule of law, and crippling the new President for almost his entire presidency. The rule of law must be restored with proper criminal sanctions for all involved. Barr and Durham should go where the evidence leads and indictments should follow when criminality found for any and all involved in the lawless attempt to prevent the peaceful transition to a fairly and legally elected President.


  28. Expect nothing better than a grunt from a pig. AG Barr as Bush41 AG aided and abetted for 4 years the poisoning of adventurous kids and old fools alike with cocaine and heroin pushed on us by the Bush cabal, British royals and the Rockefellers. He has no more class nor entitlement as AG of the United States than a common horsefly larva. I hope he chokes on a ham sandwich.


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