Sunday Talks: Peter Navarro -vs- George Stephanopoulos…

The American electorate are wide-eyed and well aware of how President Obama and Vice-President Biden were co-enablers to Chinese duplicity on a wide range of aspects including theft of U.S. intellectual property, economic espionage and exfiltration of U.S. wealth.

Against that backdrop; and understanding the political risk inherent within the policy of the former administration; ABC News’ George Stephopoulos enters with his rehearsed narrative to cloud the truth.  However, White House China-hawk and policy advisor Peter Navarro easily and righteously smacks down the Biden/Obama political defenses fabricated by a combative Stephanopoulos with the atomic sledgehammer of truth.

When Stephanopoulos tries to use the Rick Bright whistle-blower narrative; Navarro squished Stephanopoulos into a puddle of political mush…

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151 Responses to Sunday Talks: Peter Navarro -vs- George Stephanopoulos…

  1. AJ says:

    Navarro mentioned that Fauci sponsored treatment …. screams uniparty and kabuki theater to me.


    • wlbeattie says:

      I heard that too!

      But I don’t care about how many #ChinaFlu alternative treatments are out there, now or in the future!

      The only time you will hear me reacting, is if the use of ANY vaccine or alternative is going to be a mandatory requirement!

      Then you’ll hear me loud & clear!

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      • That’s the bottom line, I deeply hope we can all agree on that. This is like being a close observer of an America’s Cup race, with the President flying through the high waves, rolling seas and heavy spray, at breakneck speed. Even he is talking about vaccines, as if they meant ANYTHING to people like me, who take responsibility for our own health, and take it seriously; one can only remind oneself that HE wants to put the country back into gear quicker and better than anyone of us, as he says over and over. I’m waiting to get a coupon for a free Big Mac and large fries…no, sorry, I got this $1200…just another thing I have to do for myself…I bought a pound of raw jumbo shrimp the other day, pretty high living for me (the popcorn-enjoying folks will understand what I’m saying).


    • Maybe… maybe not. He may be playing the same game he mentioned President Trump played while praising Xi in Feb.
      Peter denies Staphapusalus the Remdem talking point and avoids the hydrochloroquin debate on a network he knows listeners are brainwashed on. Not his battle, he seems focused on getting them over to his side and that requires no options for Snotalopalus to sew doubt in the fragile viewership. Surely Peter knows the Remdem study was flawed. Would be interesting to see his comment regarding the med on a Fox interview to flesh out your concern.
      Also, IF the real kabuki theater is the Covid death rates then Peter knows it, and then one may assume it matters little, as treatment is of lesser concern than played on the nightly news and Peter is simply playing the game to his angle, the economy and confidence building the people to that end.


  2. Did I miss something or did Snufalufagus out a whistle blower?


  3. davidsstones says:

    “Coming Up Short…..” Oh Sundance. Finally.

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    • Yay!…yells a small voice from the high bleachers. Oh, those kids.


      • davidsstones says:

        Mr. Stephanolous 5′ 5″ President Trump 6′ 3+” tall. There are just two photos of Stephanolous standing up with Trump. One in WaPo taken in the oval office; he stands behind Trump seated at his desk. Liberals missed Trumps accommodation and cheered George’s “power optic” as in control of the desk, oval office and Trump. Optics couldn’t be avoided in a video of the two walking and talking side by side in a narrow WH hallway. Stephanolous so close that in order to make eye contact the back of his head remains on the back of his collar. The degree Stephanolous zealously constructs images, for 4 1/2 years of interviewing Trump, diligently enhancing himself; placing Trump in a chair so the two men appear equal in every way to 300,000 viewers, reveals a deficiency in Stephanolous. Consider how the rest of the press routinely delivers film of Trump on his feet in high profile. 4 1/2 years of George’s filming religiously puts Trump in a chair, George directing and in control. The bigger picture of course is that 4 1/2 years of near obsessive priority to such a detail as height is a warning of Stephanolopus’s tweaking to misrepresent realities.


  4. throatwobblermangrove says:

    “Right into that hedge fund!”



  5. Dwayne Diesel says:

    George S. is one those intellectually dishonest asshats you just want to drown in a toilet….one that hasn’t been flushed in awhile.

    First, he starts off the interview with an Obama fluff piece. And then thought out he cant’ refute what Navarro says so he jumps right to- Trump was rising China in January and February….

    What part of China was misleading the world until about Mid-March does this dolt not get?

    And see how fast he jumps to defend Hunter Biden…I wish Navarro would have quipped- Quick to defend Hunter there George…how come when there was no proof of Russian collusion you still pushed it then if proof is what you hang your hat on? And why do you keep ignoring the evidence being presented about Obama’s spying? Are you still working for the DNC?

    Just get it in there….


  6. etbnyc says:

    Man, would I like to have a bourbon with Peter Navarro. An American Patriot and the best of a fantastic cabinet.


  7. Broc says:

    Formidable intellect. The Hillary guy didn’t stand a chance.


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