COVID-19 Compliance Circles Begin in New York City…

Comrades, the New York Ministry of COVID Compliance is taking every precaution to ensure your safety.  The scientists at the New York parks and recreation compliance bureau have designed a new social safety system to permit continued enjoyment.

The compliant metropolitan citizens are leading by example, and all good citizens are now enjoying the benefits of correct behavior. Continued compliance with the New York scientific standard for safe social engineering is greatly appreciated.

To further ensure your safety; while you explore the modified systems of freedom and liberty; the Ministry is providing uniformed Compliance Coaches, educators for our new society, at each of the designated parks and state approved recreation areas.

Pictured here you can see the joyful and happy faces of our new society as they enjoy their COVID freedom.  The Ministry is committed to a happy citizenry, and looks forward to your continued education. Please report any non compliant activities to your local compliance coach; and together comrades we will soon establish our new society.

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326 Responses to COVID-19 Compliance Circles Begin in New York City…

  1. gphx says:

    Surprised they didn’t just paint targets for everyone to sit in.
    Oh, wait, they did.

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  2. Patriot1783 says:

    15 River Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY
    Williamsburg Bridge
    lol prior to these scenes dogs were not allowed on the lawn


    • mugzey302 says:

      The dogs are probably “emotional support” dogs, and they can go anywhere . 😏 No doubt all the snowflakes who can’t cope with life because they’re addicted to fear porn and histrionics have one.

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  3. Chris Brown says:

    Oh hell no!

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  4. vfm#7634 says:

    Some good news: I have a hypothesis which demonstrates that there will never be a second wave, or a resurgence if we let up. Here’s why:

    1) All major transmission hubs have had it (New York) or are going through it (Chicago, DC) and their populations will be getting herd immunity to it, cutting off the ability of the virus to rocket around the country. (For New York State, CovidActNow is projecting 40%, so times that by 1.5 for the city.) It’s not necessary for the populations of Montana or Alaska to have herd immunity, just New York, Chicago, and DC is sufficient. Think of a major airport is being nuked, or its major happy hunting grounds becoming wastelands: the ability to seed itself across the country will be severely constrained at best. The models the Democrats use assume that everybody in the country needs herd immunity, including places like Montana or Alaska where there’s natural social distancing. But that’s flat-out wrong: the virus quickly peters out in such cases. This is why states that never ordered lockdowns haven’t had a problem aside from a few exceptions such as meatpacking facilities.

    2) Furthermore, I read recently that the antibodies to it are more robust than those for most colds. The antibodies can even provide protection against other betacoronaviruses, whereas the reverse is only true short-term. This suggests the protection is beyond the ability for the virus to mutate enough to evade them.

    3) Sunshine helps too, as with Florida, Australia, and Texas — and why California needs to let up with its own ridiculous policies.


    • vfm#7634 says:

      Should read: “Think of a major airport being nuked, or the virus’ major happy hunting grounds becoming wastelands”


  5. ericsrightsock says:

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  6. Rick says:

    Is this just the precursor to the Mark of the Beast?

    If you are a Christian, you know what the Bible says about those receiving the mark of the beast. The vaccine company Glasosmithkine and Sanofi are engaged in making a coronavirus vaccine with a chip in it, to prove you’re ‘vaccine compliant.’

    This is the company Trump is bragging about in the fast tracked coronavirus vaccine, which, btw way will reprogram your dna to make you sick just like the current COVID hospitalizations.

    How could Trump do this? Either he’s a snake who’s always been for this, or he is completely stupid.

    How does this fit the “Nationalist” theme?

    It’s time to write the President about this, to coerce him into declaring:
    * The coronavirus being worked on by glasosmithkine and sanofi will not contain a tracking chip;
    * The coronavirus vaccine will not be made in live animal tissues nor dead babies;
    * The coronavirus vaccine will contain no genetic sequencing;
    * The coronavirus vaccine will not be forced on any US Citizen. Period.

    Until he publicly declares these things, he should not be voted for. I’d rather have a split Congress and Presidency doing nothing than have this.


    • TreeClimber says:

      Back when he was running the first time, I was half-convinced that he was the anti-Christ. Since then I’ve waffled back and forth numerous times, but have ultimately decided that the energy off of him is Providential in origin, not Satanic. We do, however, know he’s been deceived a good few times, so I’d like to think he’s just uninformed.


      • mike says:

        Well, he can play for time (the election) to silence the clamor of Pharma and Big Medicine, or be pilloried for everything that goes wrong. I don’t like it, but the Globalists are deep into medical murder now on just the HCQ obstructions alone. e.g.
        1. the chloroquine test in Brazil was done at twice the high dose, make-or-break Chinese CQ dosing (12 grams CQ base =20 grams CQphosphate; China used 10 grams in 10 days CQphosphate a heavy dose, that gram divided twice a day vs once a day for Brazil. Of course people died, they were deliberately medically poisoned.
        2. multiple obstructions and threats on HCQ itself when time is of the essence, as well as censorship on accurate information.

        So Trump is surrounded, only time will tell his intent vs the ongoing coups.
        17 days in May

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    • vfm#7634 says:

      Trump himself is a vaccine sceptic, and there’s nothing to indicate he’ll make vaccination mandatory. The Democrats on the other hand…


    • Ray Berggren says:

      Rick, please think of what happens if a D gets the WH. I agree that Bill mark of the beast Gates is NOT having anything to do with anything getting injected into my body, be that chip, vaccine, or anything else.

      DJT backed off from HCQ simply because the “resist” movement was cackling like hens and witches so much; then he comes out and says he’s taking it for preventative use. (You know the whole task force was on it since a month ago) He’s merely playing the part, being “open minded” about a vaccine. Here’s some facts:

      the most effective vaccine EVER is 90% effective, and that takes TWO courses. (Polio, of course) Dr Zelenko’s protocol is 95% effective, with ONE course of treatment.

      There is absolutely NO reason to think a vaccine will be better in any way than what we’ve had available, for over a month now. The only issue is to get Governors to stop preventing us from having it. It’s mass murder. Citizen’s arrest is legal when we stop a felony in progress. We should do something about this


  7. Don L says:

    The soviets had the peasantry standing in lines to control them–our left has us sitting in circles with the same effect…surrender.

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  8. Rick says:
    If you want to keep our Nationalist ways, our freedom to reject vaccines, our freedom to reject the mark of the beast; our right to make it unlawful to produce vaccines from animal tissues or dead babies:
    Call or write the president from that link and demand Trump publicly state there will be no chip in the glasosmithkine vaccines, no dna modifications and there will be no dead babies in them or else he does not get your vote.

    Check my previous post for more information.


  9. uselogic19 says:

    So, compare and contrast. Today and 1968-69.

    BTW, the kickers in the article is this are…
    “Two government doctors, not even epidemiologists” — Richard Hatchett and Carter Mecher, who worked for the Bush administration — “hatched the idea [of using government-enforced social distancing] and hoped to try it out on the next virus.” We are in effect, Tucker said, part of a grand social experiment.” -AND- “It was first suggested in a 2006 study by New Mexico scientist Robert J. Glass, who got the idea from his 14-year-old daughter’s science project.”

    About sums it up. World government officials see the people as a science project to be toyed with. About time we start hitting back.

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  10. F.D.R. in Hell says:

    The tag line “When we used to be America” is no longer hyperbole, sadly.

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  11. Patchman2076 says:

    So what happens when you want to leave the circle?
    “You in circle 10, where are you going”?

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  12. To make us all safe, here are some other ideas for our wonderful “leaders” (mostly blue states) to enact… new Draconian laws that require all American Citizens to do the following:

    0- Cede all authority governing permissible activity to the WHO, NIH & UN
    1- Purchase ozone generators
    2- Purchase compressors
    3- Purchase multiple scuba tanks
    4- For enhanced protection, wet-suits should be purchased

    The ozone generator will kill whatever remnants of pesky viruses and bacteria are found in the local domicile air.

    The compressor will fill the scuba tanks with a known time interval of clean ozone air to allow safe travel to and from the intended destination. Given that not all destinations are within reach of a single scuba tank of ozone air, multiple tanks will be mandated.

    The fact that there is a mandate in the law will make this likely to garner over 98% approval ratings from all Politicians, making passage guaranteed.

    A- Prevents opportunities for risk of infection associated with non-quarantine lifestyle
    B- Allows better control by Government to see when Citizens are not in compliance
    C- By creating ozone air, leftover air that escapes will rebuild a cushion over and above what is required by Al Gore to reduce that individual’s Carbon Footprint
    D- The mandate requiring Citizens to purchase items 1-4 will increase job opportunities as new factories will have to open in order to provide the hardware required. ** Unless, the Chamber of Commerce intercedes to have them required to be made in China. **
    E- As with any other laws in the USA, these will only apply to American Citizens. Illegals, Hollywood, Politicians and News Media personnel are exempt from enforcement.
    F- The fact that scuba tanks are now required for travel outside the home means that everyone will get an unintentional workout as well!

    More power to the Government, less to the people… what’s not to like if you’re a Politician?


  13. Squirrel Doc says:

    When did we stop being a free people, that we would put up with such BS.

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    • F.D.R. in Hell says:

      Oh, I’d say roughly from the 1933 NEW DEAL to the 2001 PATRIOT ACT. 👿
      The American government confiscated all your gold and closed the banks in 1933.
      In 2020, the government closed everything and is in the process of confiscating everything else. Good Times.


  14. Val says:

    I see a market for round blankets…
    “Buy your Corona round blanket here. It’ll fit perfectly in your circle. Buy one get two masks free.”

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  15. amjean says:

    A comment in the WSJ sums it up – “Universal poverty isn’t an acceptable solution
    to any problem that I can think of.”

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  16. The day I comply with this lunacy will be… NEVER.

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  17. USA Citizen says:

    Right now what our country is going through, the shut downs, the strict orders to stay home or we will be arrested. This is giving us a taste of what it will be like if Senile Joe Biden wins. Our country will no longer be free. China will take over. Our country will be Communist country like China. The Government will take over and bread lines will start. Beware people, we have gotten a taste of dictatorship. Our freedom will be gone if Senile Joe Biden wins. President Trump has done so much for our country and we had so many jobs and no unemployment. How can people forget about President Trump’s success and turn their backs on it and vote for a Democrat that will destroy everything President Trump accomplished. Remember when Joe Biden said, “China’s not so bad.” Of course, not for Joe Biden and Hunter Biden. China gave them 1 Billion dollars. Why would China do that for former Vice President Joe Biden and son Hunter? Look what China did to the World, especially America. All those people that died in the USA and Senile Joe Biden said, “China isn’t so bad.” America, vote for President Trump and keep America free and working.

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  18. DeWalt says:

    Who would have thought Americans would become such sheep?

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  19. queensmary says:

    D-RAT socialists have no imagination. I would have painted the circles the same colors as the CCvirus to see who gets triggered.


  20. AnotherView says:

    Why it’s like playing the Twister game with yourself. You first, comrade DeBlasio.

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  21. jahealy says:

    I could no sooner walk into that “park” and park it in one of those circles as I could walk down the street naked. Both scenarios are the stuff of nightmares.


  22. tsmifjones says:

    That cop is an enemy of the people. He’s a Nazi SS guard waiting to shoot and kill somebody. Soon he’ll be corralling them into camps and gas chambers. This is how it starts.


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