Unmasking 101: ..”You Must Make That Request In Writing” – Grenell Has Declassified, Bill Barr Will Release…

During testimony in June 2017 Admiral Mike Rogers helps to explain what documents would be available to identify who was making unmasking requests. WATCH:

Note: “you must make that request in writing”; which explains the documents Ric Grenell has declassified and the probability that AG Bill Barr will soon release.

ABC News first reported the news but initially said in the title that Grenell was in the process of trying to declassify the list of Obama officials.

A source with knowledge of the matter told The Daily Wire that the list has already been declassified and now it’s on Attorney General William Barr to release the list. (LINK)

FULL BACKGROUND However, a strong note of caution.  Sometimes the specificity of the intelligence operation itself means the U.S. target will already be named in the originating intelligence document and would not require an unmasking request.

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425 Responses to Unmasking 101: ..”You Must Make That Request In Writing” – Grenell Has Declassified, Bill Barr Will Release…

  1. mike dennis says:

    Finally our guys have a little Kabuki theater of their own going here…as though Barr didn’t know this was coming his way and he has to make a really tough call.

  2. slowcobra says:

    Anyone else see the irony of the ‘unmasking’ in the middle of the sheeple all being tyrannically ‘masked’?

    • The Boss says:

      Now that you mention it. 🙂

    • Carly says:

      Wow – that IS Divine intervention!

      • For sure!!! And don’t you just love it.

      • MJJ says:

        Carly, and this is Evidence Used In many Investigations….

        This is why the Original Documents such as Original 302’s, Investigative Notes, Files Touched by Anyone, and All Lawyers must be Fingerprinted as a Background Check before being sworn into all State and Federal Bar, or those that Work at the White Mouse must be Fingerprinted as security Requirements working for the President, DOJ, and FBI.

        Lasers have long been known as highly effective sources for examining forensic evidence and for revealing latent (hidden) fingerprints and trace evidence (e.g., Bodily Fluids) at crime scenes. The laser is typically used via a zoom hand piece that projects a spot of laser light of several Centimetres in Diameter.

        To conduct the Laser Examination, Fingerprint Examiners use UV Light. These UV lights reveal evidence not visible to the naked eye under Normal Lighting to find hidden blood, fingerprints, and fibers as well as subcutaneous bruises on Living and Dead bodies, any Paper and Files.

        Although there are hundreds of reported techniques for fingerprint detection, many of these are only of academic interest and there are only around 20 really effective methods which are currently in use in the more advanced fingerprint laboratories around the world.

    • FrankieZee says:

      That was good. Notice the press was all MASKED UP today. I want the names ASAP.

    • Dwayne Diesel says:

      And currently since many are unlawfully being forced to stay home they have time to watch the pressers. The pressers are getting major viewing and they keep pushing the new information about Flynn, unmasking, spying, FISAs, etc before they get into COVID now. People are seeing….people are reading the interview transcripts and seeing they have lied too.

      • mugzey302 says:

        Absolutely! Plus, they get to witness the harassment, the rudeness, disrespect for the President of the United States ~ it’s appalling! They’re nothing more than trained monkeys, making a mockery of “journalism” ( with few exceptions) .

      • madeline says:

        Unmasking the perpetrators regarding Flynn…is this a road map for Sidney Powell to know exactly who to sue?

  3. waterthelibertytree01 says:

    PJT retweeted, just now

    Paul Sperry
    Sally Yates was the real blackmailer
    Sally Yates was the real blackmailer
    In dramatic testimony Monday, Obama holdover Attorney General Sally Yates testified that she warned the incoming White House its newly installed national security adviser, Michael Flynn, was

  4. Todd says:


  5. HoosierDaddy says:

    Ain’t it awesome when straight folks get to have a gay hero!

    Richard Grenell – best thing that happened for gay guys eva

    • Not appropriate – but damn funny!


    • The Demon Slick says:

      DNI for the straight guy

    • Conservative_302 says:

      I find what you wrote very offensive. I am surprised you don’t understand by now as to why conservatives get labeled racist. If you swap out straight for white and gay for blacking what you wrote, it might put a light on in your brain. There’s nothing magnanimous in taking victory in Grennel’s sexual preference for your own sake.

      • Jeffrey Coley says:

        True – but I think HoosierDaddy is alluding to the fact that a member of an aggrieved minority loses their victim status in the eyes of the Left when they don’t support the Democrats. Conversely – conservatives and Republicans don’t care about anything other than the content of your character, and are willing to embrace an openly gay man who is married to another man when he brings the fight to the enemy.

      • HoosierDaddy says:

        Don’t be offended C302, I truly meant no harm. I love everyone and was just trying to share my joy that I now have a hero who is gay. That’s all.

    • Jeffrey Coley says:

      There’s a joke here, about a gay man possessing a certain set of skills he is now applying to the coup plotters …

    • jeff montanye says:

      make him fbi director if/when john ratliffe is confirmed.
      then get someone perhaps a tiny sliver less iconoclastic confirmed for fbi director.
      then on to the cia.
      have gun will travel.

  6. jus wundrin says:

    I think this will be a bad week for the demokrat socialist workers party, and their ministry of propaganda. I hope for many more.

  7. Sporty says:

    If I still drank I’d be some kinda hammered right now.. this is gonna be bigger then we ever thought.
    Thank you Sundance for your tireless work. You are a treasure and a true PATRIOT.

  8. SR says:

    SD, you know whose these folks are? Please tell us before everyone knows.

  9. Rj says:

    I’m waiting for Cass Sunsteins name to pop out because he is as dangerous as Osama and his wife Samantha is just as radical as Bill Ayers wife.

  10. OllieGSD says:

    This is Trump and Grenell pressuring Bar and Duram to not pull the football ala Lucy from Snoopy cartoons – Peanuts.. President Trump holds all the cards.. Remember the Chardonnay chuggers quote “we’re all going to hang for this” – or something to that effect.. Fingers crossed

    • Kid Jupiter says:

      Trump can just give Grenell the declass power if Barr hesitates, or he can order it himself. Not much time left before the election, and you never know what might happen. Need to get this done ASAP.

    • Zabadak says:

      OllieGSD, I was thinking along the same lines, at least regarding Barr. Told my better half last night as I was off to bed that when Grenell dropped off the satchel, I imagined him telling Barr that he has the weekend to think things over or else he (Grenell) was going to declass on Monday.

      Really, really, really hope that that was not the case. Our Country needs this AG to do the right thing…UPHOLD THE LAW. And unequivocally apply the law equally.

      And put the blindfold back on Lady Justice.

  11. cherokeepeople says:

    PT needs to withdraw ratcliffe and nominate flynn.no way in hell would they put flynn as DNI so grenell would have another 240 days.

    • Kid Jupiter says:

      Definitely. I don’t see Radcliffe being as forceful and brazen as Grenell, and I think Trump needs a guy like Grenell as DNI until the election because the intel community is his biggest internal enemy. I think Radcliffe has too soft a touch, although he has the right attitude. I bet the intel community still has a few tricks up its sleeve in the run up to November.

    • bill says:

      Can’t happen. DNI goes through the Senate and Flynn won’t complete nomination. Remember the RAT RINOs will hang like the Democrats. The ONLY position for Flynn now is National Security Advisor. That position doesn’t go through the Senate, then Flynn can have payback time by taking out the underlying Connected to the Congress Critters Corruption. Civil servants will be scared to death of Arkancide…..

  12. Brant says:

    So, making requests and getting the info are 2 different things, right? Hmmm, wonder who could be on the request list. Congress folks? Senators? Formerly alive “Senators”? Senators on a certain committee? “They have 6 ways from Sunday to get you”, Senators? Someone left gang of 8 Senators? Former RINO speaker of the house? This could get real juicy.

  13. Shyster says:

    So is this dump limited to just the Flynn unmasking and if so, when are they gonna produce a list of Trump campaign and transition staff names who were unmasked and by whom. Limiting it to just the General Flynn unmasking is a waste of time and only reveals less than the tip of the illegal iceberg.

    • Brant says:

      Even if it’s just the Flynn unmasking, that could snowball like all this has. Hey, we’ve begged and pleaded for years/decades for just morsels/crumbs even. Let’s be thankful for these couple weeks. I know info wise they have been best weeks for me in many years or decades.

      • Right Mover says:

        Any week when I am under house arrest with no knowledge of when my state will allow me to be free could not possibly be considered the best week for me in many years.
        Let us out of our prisons, then many more of us can celebrate declass and all that goes with it.

        • jaxnix says:

          Why would you allow it? Michigan has several edicts right now – all are ignored by me. I freely travel to see family and friends that have similar views, shop at stores that are open and otherwise live free. The businesses that Gretchen the Terrible has stopped from opening (example a locally owned small shoe store) need to open – period. I would gladly patronize a store other than the big box stores if they were open. Businesses need to push back and push back HARD.

          • Hear Hear! I haven’t changed one damn thing about my life and if they have a line to wait in to go into a Home Depot, I go to Lowe’s. Etc…

            I’m a free man!

          • deeperinfo says:

            Folks are questioning why Grenell went through AGBarr to release the files and wondering if Barr had to be pushed to release the info.

            Aren’t the two agencies’ responsibilities different: ODNI reviews for National Security by requesting and correlating the reviews received from each intelligence agency while AG is responsible for reviewing to avoid interference with on-going investigations?

  14. California Joe says:

    Look a simple grand jury subpoena will provide the identity of the subscribers of any phone number captured and for government phones the FBI wouldn’t even need the subpoena.

    • Amy2 says:

      And that shouldn’t be a problem. Schiff just did it to Nunes and other a couple of months ago.

  15. AnotherView says:

    I’m liking Grenell more and more…..the guy is unstoppable.

    • TarsTarkas says:

      Recall that Grenell was fired by Romney some years ago for being gay, which of course made him a hero to the Left. He found out his true friends were when POTUS made him Ambassador to Germany. They ranted and raved and foamed at the mouth at his treason to the cause. He’s been very much in a f**k ’em mood since then.

  16. regitiger says:

    EVERYTIME I watch that video (RADM ROGERS) I am reminded, time and again, the distinct difference between a military officer who is loyal to his oath and duty…versus civilian buffoonery.

    perhaps in the short term, one means to reform the civilian cabinet level (at least for those involved in national security and intelligence, including those members in elected to congress) be REQUIRED to attend at least a few months of intelligence and security training at a formal military institution. I really do believe something like this would improve the situation. It’s absolutely crucial that a higher standard of integrity WITH accountability be established in these key positions of authority and responsibility.

    Not a cure, but perhaps it would help usher in much higher level of awareness of where the deficits are.

    class authorization SHOULD BE CONDITIONED based on a high level of competence demonstrated ..not assumed..no 2 hour faq’s on a damned ipad….real coursework with instructors…pass/fail…don’t get with the program?.sorry…you can’t handle classmat! simple as that.

    I think this has to become a part of the program. It certainly is within the military community. One does not just fill out some paperwork, get screened and green lighted to handle. No SIR.

    there is training and a period of observation….typically, one has a mentor of sorts….and definitely a supervisor. One does not become comsec officer right out of the damned box!

    and this is one of the problems I believe that needs to be addressed in the civilian sector of main government…you have people appointed with barely enough integrity and experience the know the difference between minimization LAW BY STATUTE…versus mini freaking mouse.

    • We need a law authorizing IMMEDIATE TERMINATION, with ZERO PAY and BENEFITS, for any Federal Employee caught LYING, CHEATING, STEALING or
      … TOLERATING anyone who DOES.

    • Deplorable_Infidel says:

      “the distinct difference between a military officer who is loyal to his oath and duty…versus civilian buffoonery”

      It is too bad that our founding fathers did not require a basic knowledge of the actual Constitution that so many people are suppose to swear an oath to uphold before taking office or assuming a position.

      They obviously did not foresee the likes of AOC & “the squad”, Maxine Waters, etc. being elected to serve themselves (not constituents)…

      • Zabadak says:

        Actually, the teaching and learning of the Constitution was very much part of early history of education in the school system.

        Arthur J. Stansbury wrote “Elementary Catechism on the Constitution of the United States” and was “designed specifically for the schools but was also read widely by many adults…”

        I am fortunate enough to have two copies of: “A Catechism On The U.S. Constitution”. 332 questions with basic answers EVERY CITIZEN SHOULD KNOW. This is based on the original 1828 edition by Arthur J. Stansbury (born 1781) “Elementary Catechism on the Constitution of the United States” and edited by Dr. W. Cleon Skousen (“The 5000 Year Leap”). A great read if you want to know how our Founding Fathers came about selecting our form of government.

        After reading these questions and answers, Americans, myself included, are woefully ignorant. And this is why we are losing our Country. “A Republic, if you can keep it…” Ben Franklin.

    • Contrarymary says:

      Just remember there are many, many military brass who are promoted because of politics. They’re not all good. So many go left, especially when they retire. Some stay true to their oath, but please don’t lionize all.

  17. Caius Lowell says:

    Tucker just me figure out why the Democrats went after LTG Flynn — because he threatened their relationship with China! The Russian accusations were a misdirection!

  18. DeWalt says:

    While Grenell is pouring Liquid Fire cocktails for the Coup Crew. Trump is reassembling the white hat dream team that McMasters ran off after Flynn left. These are Flynn’s super spooks.


    • carthoris says:

      McMasters, the moron who said the Taliban have no religion.

      • DeWalt says:

        He may have been correct on that. Islam is more a political ideology masquerading as a religion.

        • Bubby says:

          DeWalt exactly! Islam isn’t a religion but a perverse, totalitarian political movement seeking world domination and subjugation of all people who do not conform to their sick and twisted political ideology! It’s been tarted up to look like a religion but if you don’t agree to join they will eventually kill you. What kind of religion is that?

    • bluenova1971 says:

      Ezra Asa Cohen-Watnick?
      I’ve wondered what happened to that guy

    • Proud American from Texas says:

      Per the above article, Ezra Cohen-Watnick’s attorney is/was Mark Zaid. That was Vindman’s or the whistleblower’s attorney. WTF?

  19. Tiffthis says:

    I follow a “trusty planner” on insta (he makes great memes I swear). He just posted this info from SD (gave full credit) I don’t wanna blow up his spot, but is their anything in Q that factored in Ric, or nah? I do find the trusty planners funny like that.

  20. jus wundrin says:

    Will there be another “private” stuttering phone conference from obama this week?

  21. appraisher says:

    Ric Grenell (God love him) is the dynamite that’s blowing up the log-jam at DOJ/FBI, forcing Barr to act. I’m sure that little to none of this would have ever seen the light of day without Ric.

    Fire Wray and put Ric in as the interim Director, until Sidney Powell is done de-balling the seditious [email protected] that made up Obamagate. Then keep inserting him as an “interim” into other agencies infected with Obama-ites, while chose actual directors that wouldn’t be confirmed unless the choice was Grenell or (insert Trump’s pick). THAT’S how you get the people you really want …threaten them with the Bulldog.

  22. SR says:


    Drip drip. They are illegally spying and unmasking folks from 2012. I think Romney’s campaign was also illegal spy.

    • hokkoda says:

      The tweet right before it is stunning:

      “ Ooooooh brother. Massive surveillance…that’s what’s been found. “MASSIVE” is the way it was sent to me.”

      Pain is coming.

    • Kid Jupiter says:

      If they did it to Romney, they actually did the country a great service.

      • GB Bari says:

        But it was still illegal.
        We all know Romney and don’t need any more evidence that he’s a moron.

        • steph_gray says:

          I will be interested to find out whether Romney was also blackmailed – perhaps in 2012 to throw the election…

          But if so, he certainly developed an incredible case of Stockholm Syndrome in bonding with the deep state criminals who did it to him…

          So yeah, 99% likely that he’s a voluntary TDSer. In fact, VSGPDJT is daily proof that Romney could have had the Presidency if he had only behaved honestly; it must sear Mitt’s nasty little soul.

          (And I’m not saying that his election would have been a good thing, in retrospect!)

    • scrap1ron says:

      Hey Barry, the Russians just called. They want their culture of domestic surveillance back.

  23. starfcker says:

    This may or may not be off topic. I think it’s right in the same vein. This stuff is happening faster than we can keep it organized. This sucker is going down. With a quickness. Amazing article. https://www.zerohedge.com/political/crowdstrike-had-no-evidence-russians-stealing-emails-dnc-declassified-transcript-shows

    • jaggggg says:

      How does anyone reconcile the fact that the DNC server allegedly “hacked” was NEVER seen by the FBI? Now we know Crowdstrike can’t prove it!

      Yet another, completely phony, “Russia did it” fallacy.

  24. hokkoda says:

    Rogers’ statement suggests that incorporating the US Person’s identity into other products, for example the PDB, would be unlawful. The person requesting the unmasking is given that warning personally. And I would bet, though he did not say it, that ANY disclosure to ANY other person would be considered a major security breech.

    In other words, just because someone signs off and says “ok, we will tell you this identity” does not then give other people a need to know. Those other people, if authorized to request unmasking, would also need to submit the request in writing.

    What it sounds like is that Rice teamed up with one of the 20 authorizers to rubber stamp the unmasking. Clapper seems like a likely candidate. There will probably be an easily identifiable pattern as to who requested and who approved those requests.

    Legal process used for a corrupt end.

    • regitiger says:

      the reason for the initial unmasking is pretty clear…was needed to:

      a. start focusing on a larger selection of target to find or manufacture crimes or suspicions of crimes…

      b. cover-up strategies…coordinate how to make the document trails lawful or dissapear or replaced with a variety of backup editions should future developments warrant a difference “recipe”

      this was a well coordinate coup….all the dimensions of some serious CIA op at the highest levels.

      I believe …and I think this will eventually be demonstrated…that their was a larger team setup to coordinate most aspects of this…not comey, not mccabe and strikeout…or even obama….I do believe there was a command and control team who developed and coordinate and advised at the most important and critical junctures of this conspiracy…it’s just too clean…it really is. there just aren’t enough randomness and mistakes to assume this was just a culture of like minded never trumpers who had the same agendas.

      I believe we need to start thinking about a serious shadow government that was handling many of the details and coordinating the efforts.

      I see CIA, beyond echelon, written all over this.

      most likely some international group…thinking a team composed of interests that transcends US, British, Russian, China, EU interests…global group. Some call it the illuminati…doesn’t matter the name….just some very very powerful people who express a desire to preserve power, expand it….

      • hokkoda says:

        There really is a Deep State. It really does operate like Big Brother. It needs to be burned to the ground even if that means bringing back public executions.

  25. k4jjj says:

    Somehow, I am seeing a replay in my mind of Clint Eastwood’s HIGH PLAINS DRIFTER movie…except the stranger riding in is Mike Flynn. The outlaws thought they had whipped him to death but in the finale,they realize their victim is resurrected and is back to settle the score and we cheer as he unleashes death on them all and sends them to Hell where they belong.

  26. RECOMMENDATION: Reassign ALL Inspectors General under General Flynn
    … until Flynn CERTIFIES they’ve DRAINED the SWAMP
    … beginning with UNDERPRODUCTIVE IGs.

  27. SR says:


    It seems a system running from Bush administration and all agreed it’s okay before PTrump.

  28. Bogeyfree says:

    Game Plan & Check List:


    1) Show DNC Hack was a fraud – Check (via recently release congressional testimony)

    2) Show the Dossier was a fraud from the beginning – Check

    3) Show the FISA warrants were based mostly on bogus and fraud Dossier – Check

    4) Show that if FISA warrants were known to be bogus then they lied to the FISA Court – Check

    5) Show that if FISA warrants are based on bogus info then Scope memos are bogus – Check

    6) Show if the Scope Memos are bogus then the entire Mueller Investigation was bogus – Check

    7) Show Flynn and PapaD were setup – Check

    8) Thus Russia Collusion was a fraud and a known hoax from day one – Check

    Stage Two:

    1) Move to show that unmasking and spying was the primary mission for the purpose of Buidling a database for Future Leverage

    2) Begin with showing the massive unmasking of Trump and his campaign prior to election along with possibly other Presidential candidates. – underway by Grenell we think.

    3) Show FIB/NSA Contractor Spying was much broader and deeper than even the 6 month audit conducted by Adm Rodgers showed and ran from around 2012-2016.

    4) Show the Hammer Program back in 2009-2012 was flipped from a Foreign Intelligence tool to a Domestic Spying tool – see WB Dennis Montgomery and his 47 Hard Drives as evidence

    5) Use emails collected from Wiener Laptop to show possibly other abuses

    6) Audit prior administration agencies for any possible financial abuses such as possibly the State Dept and Ukraine

    • regitiger says:

      excellent! Can we call this this murder board ? Or the PUNCH THEIR FACE IN LIST?

    • I would strongly agree with most of what you are positing, yet would venture to say that the spying was going on way before 2009 – 2012.

      Evidence to support claim – files the clintons collected while in office was a beginning, and took off dramatically right before, during, and after 09-11-2001

  29. geoffcsaltine says:

    Susan Rice is done, she better have a lot to trade in or she better like orange jump suits.
    I don’t nutin about nutin. Yea right.

    • SR says:

      She may be fine before election. Black, woman, rich and high power

      • steph_gray says:

        I doubt that. But an even more important point is that she won’t be fine FOR the election.

        Her name was very recently – before this weekend – floated as Biden’s VP.

    • hokkoda says:

      Yep. She is already on record as doing so. The question is which of the 20 people Rogers said had approval-authority signed off on her requests? I bet that the list is quite small, and she was working with either Clapper or Brennan to rubber stamp her requests.

  30. I just pulled out the lawn chair, bought a Big Gulp and a giant Slim Jim. 😉

    Let the show begin!!

  31. Bogeyfree says:

    So what happens assuming they look back beyond 2016 and the Trump Team via these unmaskings or via the alleged NSA Contractor Queries and if two of the names are……..

    Judge John Roberts

    Judge Antonio Scalia

    Just asking for a friend………….

  32. MAGADJT says:

    Keep Grenell as long as possible! Ratcliffe’s nomination needs to be delayed.I just fee like Ratcliffe will not be as forceful as Grenell in righting the wrongs which have occurred.

    • CTH Fan says:

      I agree. My thoughts exactly. Something is off for me with regard to Ratcliffe.

      Ratcliffe reminds me too much of Gowdy. I feel strongly that he will be another mistake. I do not see him as being as strong and as committed as he needs to be to help bring integrity back to the intelligence community. Something that is badly needed. I get the impression he may buckle under pressure will stall getting documents declassified. ODNI is a powerful position and I pray it does not go to his head.

      Please don’t let him be another Sessions!

      I hope ODNI Grenell gets a chance to get the job done before Ratcliffe is confirmed.

      • X XYZ says:

        Apparently Grenell is not a lawyer.
        Ratcliffe is a lawyer.
        Having a law degree affects your mentality.

    • Once Ratcliffe is confirmed he can change his mind about DNI then Trump fires Wray and puts Ratcliffe in FBI and leaves Grenell at ODNI to be replaced by Flynn at the the end of his temporary tenure. Flynn will also be temporary bc SSCI will never approve him. Unless they do of course as Grenell and Ratcliffe may have forced a change in SSCI thinking by that time.

  33. Bubby says:

    Stupid question wouldn’t President Trump or Richard Grenell have access to the PDB’s distributed during obama’s time in office? Couldn’t they be reviewed to see if American citizen names were actually included on those reports being distributed to more than 30 people? Just wondering?

  34. Harvey Lipschitz says:

    Grenell is a firecracker on a cat’s tail.

    Since they are taking shots at AG Barr, he is getting feisty.

  35. lfhbrave says:

    Grenell, the seemingly unlikely hero nobody saw coming. What a brilliant move to appoint him Acting ODNI.

  36. Joemama says:

    When are the MSM cultural marxist co-conspirators going to be called out and have to pay a price?

    They are the biggest enemy of all, in my opinion. They still control the minds of a majority of people in the world with their propaganda.

  37. Spryte says:

    Obama, “Why, Johnny Ringo, you look like someone just walked over your grave.”

    Woot woot, chickens coming home to roost.

  38. viator2 says:

    So when are going to see some perp walks?

  39. humaweiner says:

    Grenell is my favorite honey badger of all time !

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