Matt Whitaker Discusses Why the FBI Targeted Lt. General Michael Flynn…

Former Acting U.S. Attorney General Matt Whitaker appears on Fox News to discuss the DOJ decision to drop the case against Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn and the ongoing revelations about prior FBI activity. Mr. Whitaker also gives his opinion of current FBI Director Christopher Wray.

With Michael Flynn trapped on the burning roof of a corrupt institution the problem for Barr upon arrival was how to rescue Flynn without admitting Main Justice and the FBI is on fire.  Fortuitously in January 2020 the FISA Court provided cover, an escape route, for Bill Barr to deal with the problem:

….[LINK] The only way I can see out of this mess; the one crack in the current lock box; is the FISA court order for the DOJ to present the identified downstream consequences from fraud upon the court. The FISC might actually be the ladder truck here. With the DOJ and FBI currently assembling the investigative consequences, ie. the sequestration material, Flynn’s current legal status might be identified as an outcropping of fraud…

That appears to be exactly what happened.

As a result of the January FISC order, Bill Barr recruited five U.S. Attorneys to review all of the cases handled by special counsel Robert Mueller {Go Deep}.

The review crosses all judicial venues, and the objective was/is to identify any evidence that was obtained as a result of fraudulently obtained surveillance authorities.

It does not appear coincidental the number of U.S. attorney’s recruited matches the number of targets prosecuted by Robert Mueller’s special counsel team.

It looks like one USAO was assigned to review each prosecution from Mueller’s initial target list, Rod Rosenstein’s authorizing scope memo. [Flynn, Manafort, Papadopoulos, Page, and REDACTED (likely Trump himself)]

To address the consequences of fraudulently obtained FISA warrants the DOJ and FBI informed the court they would begin a process to “sequester” all collected evidence from all four FISA warrants. [FISA COURT LINK]

Sequestering the evidence is essentially a search for what investigative material the FISA warrants were used to obtain; ie. the search for the fruit of the poisoned tree; and then a review of all DOJ/FBI cases that may have utilized that investigative material.

In late January the DOJ contacted the FISA court and asked for an extension to the deadline.  The FISA court granted an extension until February 5th [LINK] A week after the deadline expired, DC media started reporting on FIVE newly assigned DOJ lawyers.

One of those DOJ lawyers was USAO Jeff Jensen from Missouri.

Jensen was assigned to review the Flynn case and all of the documents attached to the investigation therein.  It was with this authority and DOJ responsibility that U.S. Attorney Jeff Jensen worked to collect, highlight and release background material.  Ultimately culminating in showing the corrupt FBI activity behind the Flynn prosecution; and the subsequent dropping of charges.

It is important to keep the motives and approach of Main Justice in mind when considering what might come next.

Again, accepting institutional preservation is the ultimate objective, this context is very important because it explains and reconciles why AG Barr keeps praising current FBI Director Wray; and accepting plausible denials from Obama’s primary officials (ex. Yates).


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157 Responses to Matt Whitaker Discusses Why the FBI Targeted Lt. General Michael Flynn…

  1. TrumpPatriot says:

    I saw on Amazon Whitaker has a book coming out on May 19th.
    “Above the Law: The Inside Story of How the Justice Department Tried to Subvert President Trump”

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    • Mo says:

      Wray is his pal since a long time unbelievable. Yea sorry Whitaker Thanks for nothing. Good luck with your book NOT.

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      • johnnybiface says:

        He was a do nothing. What was the term tossed around a few years ago that had the initials NPC – non performing character. Kind of like Gowdy was. Some sound, no fury.

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        • Perot Conservative says:

          Like Sessions & Huber.

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        • jeffsn4 says:

          Non-player character. It’s been around for decades.

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        • Palafox says:

          Classic. That’s funny!

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        • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

          He did precisely what he needed to do as Acting AG appointed by Trump using the Vacancies Act
          a calculated and brilliant move by Trump
          (an otherwise totally unnecessary move because the WHOLE reason to have a DEPUTY Attorney General is to step in when the Attorney General is fired, resigns or dies)

          His role was temporary, limited and successful:
          Refuse recusal and peek up Rod Rosenstein’s and Bob Mueller’s skirts.
          He was the FIRST person OUTSIDE the COUP to see INSIDE the coup.
          RR and Mueller’s jig was up from that point on.

          He testified in questioning by Jim Jordan that he specifically demanded to see the unredacted Aug 2 Scope Memo and was read-in on the SCO cases.

          Whitaker is what you call an “Ace up the sleeve”
          And you only pull it if you need it.
          In this case (so far) it has been unnecessary since Barr shut Mueller down within a month after his confirmation (Mar 5)
          I’ve said this at least a hundred times on this website WATCH Barr’s May 5 testimony before the SJC. It’s hilarious and he tells that EXACTLY HOW and WHY he did it and that he KNEW Mueller’s investigations were a fraud.
          Unfortunately knowing and proving are two different things especially in the Swamp and with a complicit MSM.

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          • ann says:

            Thank you krashman.

            “Knowing and proving are two different things, esp in the swamp.”

            I get this, but only in a superficial way. 😀
            Obviously I’m not trained to think as an attorney, I evaluate performance based on outcome, using a functional approach.
            We talk past each other.
            Perhaps it’s a culture clash. Lol

            After so many years of witnessing the JD/B do acrobatics to ignore criminal behavior if individuals are members of their “high status” peer group, cynicism, anger and frustration dominate our expectations.

            I’ve noticed attorneys have a different perspective. I respect that.

            What exercises me is the government has unmistakably gone to hell in a handbasket, enabled by the complicit, snots in control of JD/B.

            From the Bureau MISSION flows the necessary authority to STOP corruption and abuse of power. What we’ve witnessed is the exact opposite, their monopoly is used to PROTECT & DEFEND a corrupt caste, including themselves.

            Way to big for their britches.

            Apparently, to successfullly prosecute a crime “made man” is made almost impossible by attitudinal, institutional and legalistic obstacles. When I say legalistic, I mean using “little boxes” to exclude or, in this case, trap.

            Always appreciate your posts. Ann

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      • Iron Lady says:

        Yes, compare him, “acting AG”, to “acting DNI ” Rick Grenell.

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      • destin326 says:

        Whitaker: “so many good people at the FBI and Main Justice…”. Your book is dead to me.


    • milktrader says:

      I was so underwhelmed by Whitaker in this interview.

      Classic bench warmer.

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      • Abster says:

        I agree. These guys come on board, accomplish nothing, yet are able to write book. That’s probably what he was doing in his office each day. All talk…

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      • Tulips Moran says:

        Not to mention the fact that he allowed Cavuto to press the Dimwit’s talk point that “General Flynn lied to investigators and plead guilty to it”. Have none of these people listened to or read AG Barr’s comment with Catherine Heridge? Barr stated General Flynn told Kysliak “Don’t escalate.” And later when the FBI asked him if he remembered saying that, and he said he didn’t remember that. ” [THIS FOLKS WAS THE PREDICATE FOR THE FBI TO RECOMMEND PROSECUTING GENERAL FLYNN]. He didn’t lie – he merely stated he “didn’t remember” asking Russia not to escalate. And it’s undisputed when the FBI blackmailed General Flynn with a plea deal of “guilty to the process charge” in exchange for prosecuting his son. The General didn’t lie… So Whittaker is either a slacker hell bent on pushing his book and not the truth or he’s complicit with the traitors.

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        • T2020 says:


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        • Pa Hermit says:

          This appears to be evidence of Cavuto pretending not to know something, no? Typical Lefty move! I couldn’t finish watching the clip. Maybe I missed out on that.

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          • spmi says:

            The absolute truth within the General Flynn fiasco
            Is he is a free man and is a hero of the United States of America.
            Caveinto is a cnn plant
            Who has no business being loudmouthing about the law.
            Insider trading is against the law Caveinto.
            I’m sure we can see from your fence crawling behavior day in and day out that you are aRINO ON A GRAND SCALE.

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          • Quick, this is your chance to STOP WATCHING Neil Cavuto…while nobody’s looking.

            I don’t know why you people keep tuning in to these “fair and balanced” _____s…BOZOS! That’s the word (!)

            Well, yes, I know why, I just don’t like to say it in mixed company. (hee-hee-hee)

            I know: I’m bad. I’m just trying to think of a reason to smile. Cavuto…c’mon guys!

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        • Bo Long says:

          Fox is like all the other networks scrambling for viewership being lost to the internet – they are focused solely on keeping stories feverish and cacophonous for as long as possible.

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        • USTerminator says:

          If FBI just did 0.1% of what they did to Gẹn Flynn to Neil Caputo or all the jackasses at CNN & MSNBC, they will all confess to kill Jack Kennedy. The DOJ/FBI under Obama is no different than CCP People’s court/Internal Security. They frame political opponents and leverage, threaten, intimidation friends and family to force you to confess whatever the crime that they accuse you of. Obama is a stain in the history of this country and we will never be able to wash it off

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        • Linda K. says:

          Cavuto really seemed disappointed that Flynn’s case was dismissed. He is either disgracefully ignorant of the facts or he wants his viewers to be. Where , oh where, are all the social justice warriors? The left used to be distrustful of the FBI?CIA. History, if we have one when this is all over, will be kind to Flynn.

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  2. angech says:

    Thanks.Make them unread text Trump. Show Rosenstein ordering spying on the President.

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    • nimrodman says:

      Not entirely sure I get your gist, angech, but I was having a thought I believe to be related

      Sundance – if you suspect “President Trump” is under one of the still-blacked-out redactions, when and who might you think will finally un-redact this?

      …Rod Rosenstein’s authorizing scope memo. [Flynn, Manafort, Papadopoulos, Page, and REDACTED (likely Trump himself)]

      Who in authority has maintained that redaction?
      Who in authority knows what underlies it?
      At what point in this process – under what circumstance – will that be unredacted?

      Any thoughts?

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      • KBR says:

        Might I add:
        As the President, does PDJT not have access to the redactions himself?

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      • Beigun says:

        Unredacted once a charge of Sedition is filed against the implicated cabal?

        Barr must prosecute the cabal for the primary crime that a previous Administration attempted to prevent the transfer of power to a duly-elected President. This is not about “denying Civil Rights” or “abuse of power.” This was a historic coup attempt that a Republic can only dodge once.

        Barr mentioned to Catherine Herridge in the CBS interview that “the winners write history.” So, who wins, Mr. Barr? Who wins? Win one for the Gipper–the American people!

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        • T2020 says:

          Well said!🍷

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        • nimrodman says:

          Thanks Beigun, that’s a great answer

          Essentially: “first the hammer falls, then we get the reveal”

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        • coldanger says:

          Completely agree. It’s one thing to protect the institutions. There’s no justification for protecting those culpable of criminalizing said institutions. In fact, the only way to save these agencies is to prosecute the guilty, and show, in no uncertain terms, that behavior will never be tolerated…

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      • gabytango says:

        I had these very same questions about the redactions and hope we get an answer!

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      • MaineCoon says:

        Per Ratcliffe (see video in next article posted), he & Gowdy were the only 2 R’s to see the “probable cause evidence…to see all…the UNREDACTED FISA app forms”.

        Once confirmed I believe Ratcliffe might unredacted the last name, if it is Trump, with P45’s knowledge and approval.

        If it is Trump’s name, it must be revealed for the sake of the Office of the Presidency, our country, and for accurate history.

        That final unredaction would be the final nail in the coffin of this seditious conspiracy against private-citizen, presidential-candidate, President-elect, and President of the United Stated Donal J Trump – and any future person of like capacity.

        It must never happen again.

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  3. realeyecandy1 says:

    two a$$hats right there .. squeak mouth Cavuto and squeak mouth Whitaker….Whitaker had a chance to do stuff and he sat on his hands … so stfu

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    • mimbler says:

      Yeah, I saw a lot of tough talk from Whitaker that I agreed with, but can’t think of a thing he did. Maybe I missed something, tough.

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    • milktrader says:

      Whitaker is a loser.

      Bench warmer, water boy.

      He should never be interviewed again.

      I will never watch another interview, that I can tell you.


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    • PVCDroid says:

      My remote gets a workout when Cavuto comes on Fox Business after Varney. I have to shift to CNBC and then back to Fox Business for Charles Payne. Cavuto and his always disgusting anti-Trump guests literally make me nauseous, especially Charles Gasparino. It’s a light version of Joe and Mika.

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      • DJ says:

        “I have to shift to CNBC and then back to Fox Business for Charles Payne. Cavuto and his always disgusting anti-Trump guests literally make me nauseous, especially Charles Gasparino.”
        Yeah, same thing here. Switch again after Payne, because Liz gets is another never-Trumper and she also has Charlie Gasbag on during her show.

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      • Normally I don’t wish bad onto others.

        I wish Cavuto, who has the comorbidities of being a fat stupid dips$*t, would catch any disease that would prevent me from ever having to see his idiocracy ever again.

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    • helix35 says:

      Thanks for enduring that. I can’t stomach five seconds of Schlemiel Bamboozle.


    • huecowacko says:

      He was a short duration seat-warmer; probably had no idea what had happened, what was happening, or what would happen.


      • donna kovacevic says:

        May I add, what is happening now. Matt is clueless and totally useless. Love, love Ric Grenell, may God continue to protect and Bless him and PDJT.

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  4. Kaco says:

    They should come out with the documentation that they coerced him by threatening his son. That’s blackmail and malicious prosecution. I think that is an important point as to why he had plead guilty.

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  5. A book? It appears Whitaker is interested more in financial rewards than he is in justice…..imho.

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  6. Deplorable_Infidel says:

    “Acting U.S. Attorney General Matt Whitaker”

    I am not aware of him doing anything substantial or noteworthy during his brief tenure. He “could” have made a difference. like Acting DNI, Mr. Richard Grenell.

    But no.

    All he did, IMO, was keep a seat warm. I have not really been impressed with anything he has said afterwards, either. (I did not listen to the audio above).

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    • CNN_sucks says:

      He was a seat warmer just like Jeff Sessions. They could have made a difference but didn’t do a thing. Useless meat eater.

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    • babbles like a brook and says nothing…………

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    • Deplorable_Infidel says:

      “listen to the audio above”

      Well, I did listen to it while eating a bowl of chocolate peanut butter cup ice cream. Mr Whitaker was tolerable. Mr. Cavuto sounds like he would be happier working at CNN or MSNBC.

      The most notable thing that I believe Mr. Whitaker said (at around the 6 minute mark) was when he said, “..when we are able to restore the integrity and the accountability at the Dept. of Justice…”


      FBI needs to be shut down: Chris Farrell

      •Feb 16, 2018

      Judicial Watch Director of Investigations Chris Farrell on the problems with the FBI and why the FBI needs to be shut down

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  7. What’s his name? Cavuto? Man what a snake! Pretending he doesn’t know what he knows.

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    • DJ says:

      “Pretending he doesn’t know what he knows.”
      He doesn’t have to pretend, he really is that dumb.

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  8. hawkins6 says:

    “insufferable” Cavuto did a great job of parroting or imitating the worst type of CNN or MSDNC host.

    Whitaker seems like an honest “good guy” but he didn’t push back hard enough on snotty nosed punk Cavuto’s mimicking allegation that Gen Flynn’s guilty plea gives the impression that A/G Barr is merely doing Trump’s bidding. Look at this “appalling NYT’s article: “Opinion | The Appalling Damage of Dropping the Michael Flynn case. “The Editorial Board: Don’t Forget, Michael Flynn Pleaded Guilty..”

    Sidney Powell was not treated well on Hannity in her 1st interview since the case dismissal and I mean before the video link suddenly went black and Sean quickly moved on. I wish Sidney was presenting cogent evidence to the court of public opinion about how the prosecution blackmailed or pressured Flynn to plead guilty to prevent his son from becoming a target of the prosecution.

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    • I believe Ms Powell is playing it cool until Judge Sullivan rules. Its not 100% over yet.

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      • hawkins6 says:

        Probably true H&HC
        Judge Sullivan’s past words from the bench were not always those of a perceptive and rational person. While sitting in his elevated Judicial perch, the Coup participant’s duped Judge said to Gen Flynn:

        “All along, you were an unregistered agent of a foreign country while serving as the national security advisor to the president of the United States. That undermines everything this flag over here stands for. Arguably you sold your country out.”

        I would not want anyone this gullible and over emotional to ever judge me or anyone else.

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        • T2020 says:


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        • CM-TX says:

          Victoria Toensing noted he was almost quoting Rachel Madcow’s performance from the night before.

          Guess old Sullivan is subject to brainwashing by MSLSD/DNC. Or maybe he gets the 4am Dems (daily) Talking Points too? What’s a little political influence gonna hurt given his position?!🤨

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          • Newhere says:

            There’s some buzz among the Lawfare crowd that Judge Sullivan should reject the DOJ’s motion.

            I don’t have a great feeling about this. Sidney Powell *already* laid it all out, with ample evidence and legal authority, in the motions that the Judge rejected, in a decision that might as well have been written by Maddow. What’s come out, prompting DOJ’s action, is big stuff, but really only more confirmation of what Powell had already proved.

            This Judge stepped up, finally, in the Stevens case. I thought he’d do the right thing when Sidney Powell took over and presented a proper defense. But he showed his colors. I don’t get it.

            The certainty among our side’s pundits that it’s essentially over has a feel of over-confidence. It’s understandable and warranted, but I fear a burn may be coming.

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            • Ned Zeppelin says:

              If he denies it, and I think it is a possibility, then the productions motions continue for the emails between Covington defense lawyers, Holder, Lynch and perhaps beyond. Wouldn’t you like to know what is in this emails as they frantically try to shut Flynn down? I am looking forward to the Big Reveal about what all of this is hiding. I don’t think we yet know. Can guess: massive blackmail of congressional members from NSA database searches of compromising material, but to what end? Power for its own sake is one thing, but criminal behavior resulting in big sums of cash for the players has my vote.


    • gabytango says:

      What hurts, and I’ve said this before, is that while all this constant, relentless bashing goes on….NOT ONE WORD from the GOP. President Trump (Covid, the injustices done to him, etc.) and Gen, Flynn (the hideous abuse of power against him, etc.) can just flap in the wind by themselves for all the GOP cares, without any kind of support. Sickening beyond words.

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  9. Drcrinum says:

    Who are the 4 other attorneys besides Jensen that Barr appointed, & do we know what they are reviewing? Have they reported anything which has been made public?

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  10. CharterOakie says:

    Cavuto, you dick. Try to keep up!

    And in the meantime, STFU!!

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  11. hawkins6 says:

    “” we know what they are reviewing?”
    My reliable insider sources tell me they are all investigating Neil Cavuto and are preparing to force him to plead guilty by threatening to indict one of his family members.” That’s all they would reveal at this time. (sarc/)

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  12. Susan D Harms says:

    I am hoping that the 5th person (redacted) whose prosecution is under review is Assange.

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  13. GB Bari says:

    Whitaker carefully avoided making a qualitative statement about Wray. Whitaker has known Wray since 2004; one would think he is well aware Wray’s character and level of integrity.

    But staying mum on that question is a sign that Whitaker either
    (a) does not want to say anything negative so he says nothing, or
    (b) he does not want to endorse Wray because he suspects Wray is about to be crap-canned and one shouldn’t tie their boat up to a sinking ship.

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  14. Reserved55 says:

    Right out of the gate, Commievuto: Even Barry is upset with this decision.

    Later, Commievuto: Isn’t Barr the President’s waterboy?

    And people here still watch his show!!

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  15. Michael Flynn lawyer says client was prepared to ‘audit’ Obama spy officials before getting ‘set up’
    by Daniel Chaitin
    & Jerry Dunleavy
    | April 01, 2020 11:00 PM
    | Updated Apr 02, 2020, 08:51 AM

    A lawyer for retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn said her client was prepared to “audit” the U.S. intelligence community as White House national security adviser.

    And that, according to former federal prosecutor Sidney Powell, is partly why federal agents “set up” Flynn.

    “He was going to audit the intel agencies because he knew about the billions Brennan and company were running off books,” Powell said, referring to former CIA Director John Brennan.

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    • CNN_sucks says:

      There was a news about that billion of dollars that were missing or unaccountable at the Pentagon.

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      • frances says:

        Not billions, trillions. And according to the last tally I read it is 50 trillion that is unaccounted for in the Pentagon budget since 1996 when they did the last audit. The writer of the article who is a fund manager said there is always a paper trail, money doesn’t disappear it is sent to somewhere and always can be tracked, yet it isn’t.
        When the Pentagon auditors were killed and their records room hit on 9/11 that should not have been the end of that audit effort. The “self audit” that was done for half a billion a few years later was a farce and independent auditors should be called in. Call up all the remaining members of Arthur Anderson, get them in there.
        We were told a few years ago that the pentagon budget system was hacked as was the US govt personnel website, neither site has been audited since the hack. So the chances that payments are being issued to non persons/non company/non contractors is quite likely. Recall how Trump had to come up with 800 billion or so for the Pentagon last year to meet a budget shortfall, there are many, many people accessing that cookie jar.

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  16. disgusted citizen says:

    He was “acting” USAG… you know, like pretending.. but not really and did nothing, just pretend bs. Eat your book.

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  17. Mike says:

    Cavuto like much of the fake news is trying to pressure Sullivan into not accepting the dismissal. This is the biggest takeaway I found.

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  18. pristach says:

    Flynn plead guilty in 2017. In 2020, he filed a motion to rescind that plea, prior to final sentencing.

    Pending that outcome, a cornucopia of new evidence was ‘unearthed’ by the DOJ In regards to Flynn’s guilt.

    His prosecution was unwarranted.

    Why is this so difficult to explain to those who trumpet Flynn’s original guilty plea?

    My head explodes every time someone fail to respond with this simple set of facts and timeline.

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  19. hawkins6 says:

    Sidney strikes back!

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    • hawkins6 says:

      I hope Judge Sullivan will end this farce early next week. Fabulous, incredible, excellent legal work Ms. Powell. You now have a favorable and prominent place in U.S. history.

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    • Tl Howard says:

      I want Weissman behind bars. Is there any way that can happen?

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      • thinkwell says:

        Given the latest revelations, just as with criminal Clinton, creepy evil Weissman probably can be found behind various bars in his locality.


      • T2020 says:

        Being disbarred would be a wonderful start. That should have happened after his prosecutorial misconduct on the Enron case.

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    • Deplorable_Infidel says:

      “We can’t remember a time when an outgoing President tried to stage a soft coup against an incoming President”

      That is EXACTLY what was going through my mind as I suffered through 6 minutes of Mr. Cavuto’s obviously slanted and biased line of questions for Mr. Whitaker.

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    • Didn’t Andrew McCabe lie four times to his own FBI?.I guess you have to actually be found guilty before your crime can be vacated, but there’s McCabe still running his mouth off freely.

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    • Sidney Powell — ouch that’s going to leave a mark!

      So am I to infer that just because some hack in the phake nooz media refers to Obama as a “constitutional scholar” that doesn’t mean he actually is one?

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  20. Shyster says:

    Cavuto is either dumber than dirt, willfully blind on purpose, or just a never Trumper lying scumbag. BINGo, WE HAVcE A WINNER! Never Trumper scum bag it is.

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  21. MakersMark says:

    Off topic, but can Ric Grenell release the Atkinson interview himself?

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  22. T2020 says:

    And we care what “preserve the status quo” Whitaker thinks becauuuuuuuse…?????


  23. Perot Conservative says:

    Epoch Times: The Silent Special Prosecutor That Got Results

    May 8, 2020, By Brian Cates

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    • Deplorable_Infidel says:

      “…And he’s not finished yet. Jensen has alerted both the Flynn defense team and Barr that more documents may soon be coming.”

      That is from the link you posted. I think I am going to get some more popcorn on my next grocery excursion. You never know what the next virus-induced shortage will be.

      Do they serve popcorn in the Covid-19 Internment Camps?/s .

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  24. Perot Conservative says:

    How many times will Cavuto go after Flynn / Barr. Ridiculous.

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  25. Bigly says:

    What a stupid interview from both of these mutts.

    I am reminded of the black circle of Sundance’s with the spot at the right….

    They did nothing but bloviate.

    Nothing about Flynn’s son
    Nothing about the transcript that admitted they were out to get him fired or prosecuted.
    The ignorance by both men is astounding.

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  26. Carrie says:

    Here are some great points about how Lawfare (Cavuto et al) will misrepresent the Flynn case

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  27. Michael Hennessy says:

    The reason Barrs decision on Flynn was unprecedented is because Jensen uncovered an unprecedented seditious conspiracy by the Obama administration to setup, frame and remove Trump and those in his orbit, the reasons they did it not withstanding.

    Too bad Cavuto gets any additional exposure. Sounds like his questions were drafted by Schiff for Brains.

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  28. anthohmy says:

    Grenell is to truth
    As Whittaker is to swamp

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  29. fangdog says:

    Interesting how Trump attracts what turns out to be so many worthless flies. It is amazing Trump has got so much done despite such badly compromised surroundings.

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  30. Cavuto has been pimping all week for the nevertrumpers. There’s almost an edgy panic about his questions and misdirection when the truth is covered. It’s clear to everyone why the case was dismissed by the DOJ. Also notice how he speaks in reverential tones that Obama even spoke negatively about the decision, as if Obama is the Godlike arbiter of what’s right. It will be a healthy moment when one of these Deepstate supporters finally asks what Obama knew and is he behind the entire project???

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  31. TradeBait says:

    We cannot “make” Fox into anything the Murdoch’s don’t want it to be. They are globalists and play all sides. So they are going to keep a mix of hosts for shows. Cavuto is what Cavuto is. PDT tried to educate him before he became POTUS and failed miserably. PDT was a go-to interview for him years and Cavuto played the relationship as entertainment and would not take him serious. So PDT called him out for being a schmuck. Cavuto went Kristol on him. I stopped watching anything Cavuto in the year leading up to the election. Like the rest of the village idiots he had Cankles winning easily.

    Liked by 1 person

  32. Serpentor says:

    Whitaker refused to say anything significant and take a stand. Sure, he needed to be diplomatic and not rock the boat for his buddy of 16 years. Okay, now I know, Whitaker’s character isn’t as strong as his muscles.


  33. Julian says:

    I think the next FBI Director has been identified.

    U.S. Attorney Jeff Jensen

    As a US Attorney that means he has Senate Approval does he not? I have also read (probably here) that Jensen is a former FBI Special Agent/Field Agent – so he would seem like the perfect candidate rather than a corrupt lawyer/liar like Christopher Wrayt.

    Liked by 2 people

  34. Perot Conservative says:

    Victoria & Joe D celebrate the victory for General Flynn.

    Liked by 1 person

  35. De Oppresso Liber says:

    Remember Maxine Waters bragging about Bath-house Barry’s “system” he had put in place that was “unlike anything ever before?” And we were pulling our hair out during his last term as it seemed he and the America haters always appeared one step ahead of anyone attempting to resist his “fundamental transformation”…..that, and why we couldn’t seem to find anybody that would stand up and fight. They were all running scared — blackmailed.

    It also explains Lyin’ Ryan’s high-paying / do nothing gig at Fox News. That was his buyout for flipping the House back to the communist party in 2018, and giving up the highest paying job in the House, as Speaker, lordy-lordy-lordy…..just imagine the payoffs, kickbacks, bribes, etc…that was his payoff like Bernie got in 2016 for laying down for the Bestial Bride of Bubba.

    Liked by 4 people

  36. I’m just wondering why this guy gets trotted out every Time something breaks in our favor?


    Liked by 1 person

  37. Dave Hunter says:

    Cavuto is unwatchable in this clip as he’s either being obtuse or he hasn’t bothered to inform himself about the facts of the dismissal filing by the DOJ. He’s just parroting the Democrat party talking point, “but, but, but, Flynn pleaded guilty to lying!” I haven’t watched Cavuto for a good long time and after this I won’t ever again.

    Liked by 2 people

  38. California Joe says:

    First off, Kisliack wasn’t a Russian operative he was the Russian Ambassador to the United States. It was his job to talk to senior US Officials and it’s the reason we accepted his credentials as ambassador. Whitaker should not have let Cavuto get that lie into his first question without ramming it down his stupid throat.

    Liked by 1 person

  39. TwoLaine says:

    I this is why I don’t think the judge has any say in the matter. These orders were handed down from the FISC.


  40. srmikeinohio says:

    I had such great hopes for Nit Whitaker. He’s nothing but a big pussy.


  41. Gary Lacey says:

    Cavuto gives the impression he isn’t happy with the outcome, like he has to(eat excrement) pull out one of the nails in the Trump coffin lid.
    Interesting to know Barr had five cases looked into by USAO


  42. RJ says:

    Cavuto has a bone to pick with Trump if I read his presentations correctly over a period of time. As to Whitaker, his bald head and choice of words for some time has bothered me…just too out of focus–always fuzzy, too along the edges of an issue or a question presented to him.

    When I watched this video, I became convinced of Cavuto’s slant and looked at Whitaker where I asked “who does he remind me of?” whereupon I realized it was the old character in advertising “Mr. Clean,” a somewhat perfect fit, save for the missing gold ear ring.

    In other words. Whitaker can’t come forward and point his finger, while Cavuto only chooses certain questions knowing others may be more direct and objective (could General Flynn have chosen to plead guilty–fall on his sword, to protect his son…stepped in front of a bullet to save another person?).

    Like a scent picked up in the wind, they have no intention of actively directing you to go where it originates, only suggesting it may be somewhere over there, in that direction…they think–are not totally sure, but would start there. Wishy washy presentations with hints of malice.

    They sound like someone who is trying to learn how to describe a bad wine but just can’t bring themselves to be seen as making a mistake. Stay still as much as possible, don’t let the snakes know where you are or you may get bitten.


  43. Joe says:

    Whitaker will never appear on Fox News Sunday if Chris Wallace has anything to say about it—and he has everything to say about it. The lineup for today’s show, which began 10 minutes ago, is two-thirds dedicated to the pandemic and the economy, with the fina third merely a panel discussion—opinion but not reporting—about Flynn having pled guilty but, somehow, also having the charges against him dropped. There’s to be not a word about the release of the transcripts, which is genuine news. Instead, you’re going to listen to an hour’s worth of mopaning about the disastrous economy and the dead and the dying. It’s a disgrace. I am not tuning in.

    Chris Wallace is determined to lock out the biggest political scandal in history to repeat corona-virus doom and gloom reporting, based on bogus models, we have heard 10-dozen times already.


  44. Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

    I keep reading that “preserving the institutions” is somehow BAD.
    (I understand this hyperbole and the outrage that generates it)
    The opposite of preserving is ENDING.
    So ANY plan for a replacement keyboard warriors???

    Perhaps an analogy to make my point:
    We already have a cure for CANCER…did you know???
    Cancer cured.

    Or maybe one more timely and relevant:
    We have a pandemic in the village…
    How’s that working out?

    The DOJ is involved in more than just criminal and intelligence operations and framing people they don’t like.
    WAY More

    Most of them handle necessary and everyday mundane things that keep all aspects of society functioning

    It’s easy to say “burn it to the ground and salt the earth”…..
    but maybe it’s a good idea to have A PLAN for what to do when the smoke clears.

    And I’ve seen NOT ONE proposal by anyone here.
    I’m all ears.


    • Bill Henslee says:

      You seem to equate following the trail of injustice within our State Police and State Prosecutors to tearing down the institution. I disagree. You have to remove these people with proper pomp and circumstance to show the citizens that police state tactics in support of a political agenda and coverup of illegal acts will not be tolerated in a free society. Your argument for protected institutionalism is a straw man.

      Nothing will protect the institution more than a firm hand with these criminals pour encourager les autres. Perhaps no agent or prosecutor in the future will be tempted to break the law in order to preserve what he/she considers to be the right end.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

        You seem to equate following the trail of injustice within our State Police and State Prosecutors to tearing down the institution.

        Sorry…..I am not the one doing that equating.
        “The Barr is primarily concerned with institutional preservation OVER justice”
        is not MY argument.
        This argument is continually made here despite the evidence that continues to pile up that indicates Barr IS seeking justice. An argument that at it’s root is based on the speed at which Barr is going about it.
        IOW He should have “done it” a year ago.
        (insert Bagpipe Bill photo here)

        The reality: Storm the Front Gates of the Swamp and the Swamp will CRUSH YOU.
        (Why do you think Admiral Rogers hasn’t come forward PUBLICLY HIMSELF in the last 3 years with all he knows ? People call him a “hero”)

        Nothing will protect the institution more than a firm hand with these criminals

        So the better treatment for cancer IS to cut out the tumor rather than the bullet to the head?
        I agree.
        I’m anxious as anybody to see if Dr. Barr and his medical team have sharp scalpels or just say “take 2 pills and call me in the morning”.
        Obama sure seems worried.


  45. tillz63 says:

    Love how this slime ball Neil and the drive-by media is trying to say that the Russian Ambassador to the US is an “operative” or “Russian Agent” and that the transition team talking to an Ambassador is somehow improper or unique. What a disgusting lie.


  46. L. E. Joiner says:

    I was disappointed that Whitaker did not mention how Gen. Flynn was coerced into signing a guilty plea by the Mueller Gang and the Covington law firm threatening to indict his son. /LEJ


  47. Bill Henslee says:

    Ask anyone who has a child if they would fall on their sword and take a plea along with an easy sentence recommendation in order to protect their child from being hounded with unwarranted legal charges like the General. I have no doubt that his faith in the Department of Justice was completely destroyed by the treatment he received. We throw out confessions obtained by physical force and torture. Why not include exoneration for those subjected to the “3rd Degree” of mental abuse and torture by our State Police and State Prosecutors.??

    Do we forget the history of the Russian show-trials where party members were required to admit to all sorts of crimes against the State and Party?. Absolutely the Left forgets because it is convenient to do so, and they deny that such can occur in their beloved State by the political police of American justice system.


  48. rjones99 says:

    I suspect Barr is on Trump’s swamp watch list. On behalf of Congress, Barr’s mission is to preserve DOJ/FBI. Trump, via Grenell, is trying to drain the swamp and bring some thugs to justice. The pressure on Barr is increasing with each document dump. Barr is likely negotiating which thugs will go down in exchange for not leaking docs in that briefcase Grenell dropped of yesterday.

    I would not underestimate Barr because he’s a very very smart man. But, hopefully, he’s been cornered in this particular game and will cough up some indictments. He’ll probably try not to announce any pleas to leave options in case of a dem victory in Nov.

    If I were Barr, I’d much rather go down as someone who tried to do the right thing instead of someone who carried water for a bunch of congressional thugs. However, he’s already shown his water carrying capacity in not winning justice for a bunch of 14-16 year little girls and failing to expose what was going on and who was involved. Too bad none of the victims included his own families girls. THAT would be justice.


  49. MikeN says:

    REDACTED is likely Roger Stone based on name length and there is an open prosecution.
    However, Michael Cohen’s name appears in the dossier, so he should have an investigation running.
    It is possible they dropped Cohen once the Prague trip appeared in dossier.


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