HPSCI and ODNI Release 53 Declassified Transcripts From ‘Russia-gate’ Witness Testimony…

The House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) have both released a set of 53 declassified transcripts from the 2018 House investigation. Grenell forced Schiff’s compliance.

The House Transcripts are AVAILABLE HERE

The ODNI Transcripts are AVAILABLE HERE.

Due to the sensitivity of content; and due to Chairman Adam Schiff’s previous statement that his staff was re-reviewing to add redactions; I would strongly urge everyone who is reviewing the transcripts to use the ODNI version.

Additionally, CTH is providing links to the ODNI pdf versions below.

1. Alexander Nix

2. Anatoli Samachornov

3. Andrew Brown

4. Andrew McCabe

5. Benjamin Rhodes

6. Boris Epshteyn

7. Brad Parscale

8. Corey Lewandowski (Jan 2018)

9. Corey Lewandowski (Mar 2018)

10. Daniel Coats

11. David Kramer (Dec 2017)

12. David Kramer (Jan 2018)

13. Diana Denman

14. Donald Trump, Jr.

15. Evelyn Farkas

16. FBI Special Agent

17. Felix Sater

18. Hope Hicks

19. Ike Kaveladze

20. Jake Sullivan

21. James Clapper

22. Jared Kushner

23. Jefferson Sessions

24. Jeffrey Gordon

25. John Carlin

26. John Podesta (Dec 2017)

27. John Podesta (Jun 2017)

28. Jonathan Safron

29. Keith Schiller

30. Loretta Lynch

31. Marc Elias

32. Mary McCord

33. Matthew Tait

34. Michael Caputo

35. Michael Cohen

36. Michael Goldfarb

37. Michael Sussman

38. Peter Fritsch

39. Rhona Graff

40. Rick Dearborn

41. Rinat Akhmetshin

42. Rob Goldstone

43. Roger Stone

44. Sally Yates

45. Samantha Power

46. Samuel Clovis

47. Shawn Henry

48. Stephen Bannon (Feb 2018)

49. Stephen Bannon (Jan 2018)

50. Susan Rice

51. Thomas Catan

52. Walid Phares

53. Yared Tamene

It is going to take some time to go through the transcripts and review for details that will be important context for later events and releases.   However, if you are doing your own research feel free to provide information on your findings in the comment section below.


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349 Responses to HPSCI and ODNI Release 53 Declassified Transcripts From ‘Russia-gate’ Witness Testimony…

  1. lolli says:

    I have read about 100 pages of the Sessions interview. 🤓

    Unreal, most of Sessions answers are that he first heard about ….on the news.

    Big take away. Sessions dropped the ball with PTs campaign. He even says he probably should not have been in charge of the for pol acquisition team.
    Sessions said he was too busy with his senator duties to be effective and looking back, shouldn’t have done it. Ugh.
    He complains that all the reliable R establishment foreign pol advisors were already nabbed by Jen and Marco, all the ones with experience and gravitas.
    Sessions also states he didn’t have time to “vet” the people joining the campaign.
    Sessions has high regard for establishment Bush types.

    Want to finish before posting more.

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    • Artful Zombie says:

      What about Michael Atkinson transcript?


      • UncleGrumpy says:

        That is the $64,000 question.


      • MJJ says:

        When you look at Grenell Picture above you can see he knows something with a Special Grin providing a new nickname….GRINell! Richard Allen Grenell could become the President someday. He is Fearless, Dedicated, and Demands Accountability.

        The Documents that keep coming out is exposing Adam Schiff and soon the IG Atkinson’s Phantom Bogus Whistleblower will show Atkinson also went outside DOJ Regulations much like Comey and McCabe did at the FBI.

        Once the GAG Order is removed on General Flynn it is going to become even worse for the Seventh Floor “Painting The Mice” Maze Plot! Admiral Rogers, Sidney Powell and Robert Grenell deserve much praise.

        * Painting The Mice – When Dr. William T. Summerlin, a Medical Researcher, perpetrated a Notorious Scientific Fraud. As a result of the Summerlin incident, the term “Painting The Mice” has become a synonym for Research Fraud. Author Joseph Hixson wrote a book about the scandal entitled The Patchwork Mouse!

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      • richard verney says:

        It is not one of the released 2017 transcripts since this was part of the 2019 Schiff show, you know the scam impeachment. There has been no vote by Congress to release that. Presumably, it will not see sunlight any time soon.


      • Joemama says:

        Perhaps Michael Atkinson’s interview could not be sent out, if there is and indictment against him and the interview provides evidence for his prosecution.


    • DonaldsonLJ says:

      Apologies to Lolli but l don’t have a formal Word Press account, so l use the reply function etc. I have read the Erik Prince transcript because it only appears on one list. The Seychelles meeting with the UAE Emiratis took place on 11th January 2017. This was an entirely independent meeting. The Emiratis suggested Erik meet up with a chap called Dmitriev, its a 20 -30min chat at the hotel bar, nothing comes of it. It takes place 2 months after the election, its hard to say ” collusion ! ‘ Erik had no part in the Trump campaign other than some Middle Eastern policy papers for Steve Bannon.

      Erik says that the article published in the Washington Post thereafter, is evidence of illegal activity from the intelligence community. He says he thinks that Susan Rice and other Obama NSC officials did the unmasking. Erik flew commercial to the Seychelles -so easy to track. Schiff/Himes/Swalwell get well jumpy in their questions. Erik continues and says unless the Washington Post had recruited the bartender at the hotel, it had to come through SIGINT. Erik says he has specific information from his contacts with the IC. I bet he does !

      Swalwell asks Erik if he went to Rome in 2016 or 2017 ? Strange and why ?

      Swalwell asked Erik if he went to London in 2016 or 2017 ? He asks yes to both questions.

      Erik has a source at NYPD who tells him about the Antony Weiner laptop with a large trove of HRC emails. This line of questioning fades.

      Erik was an intern for Dana Rohrabacher, back in the day. Interesting and where have l seen that name before ?

      Best quote of the script:

      ‘ What part of zero do you not understand. Zero ! ” Erik to Himes.

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      • lolli says:

        Seems much of the questions were designed to find out what had been discovered of their own illegal activities.

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        • DonaldsonLJ says:

          Susan Rice and unmasking is where l think Erik was chucking the hammer back at Schiff and Co ! Given his line of work, Erik must have a lot of friends in the various 5 eye intelligence families plus the retired old boy network ( London especially ) so l think he had been tipped off but has no actual physical proof. Bet Nelly was tracking him as he was flying frequently all over the place.

          Jared’s transcript is next, l have only read it once so far. It reminds me of a case l once worked on, we had put a private eye on the individual and when going through the cross examination questions with lead counsel, he would ask how we knew certain details etc. We had to be very careful as to how we drew those points out in court but Schiff and co, they go straight in. Its desperate, clumsy and obvious questioning.

          Its almost like they are saying if you have ever met a bloke driving a Lada ( old Russian car maker ) and had a sip of vodka somewhere along the way, you must be in bed with the Russians !!!

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      • bearsgrrr says:

        I read the 41.Rinet Akhmetshin transcript. Rinet knew Dana Rohrabacher and I get the impression liked him. Rinet was in the Trump tower “set up” meeting with Don Jr . Seems pretty obvious he was being used and made out to be a Russian spy because he was born in Russia, was briefly in the military, and returns to Russia frequently for business/family.

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      • Dwayne Diesel says:

        Interesting. I am halfway through FBI Agent- Swalwell’s and Schiff’s questions were, IMO, very leading. I only glanced through Yates, and their questioning has a leading tone there too.

        Schiff needs to go to jail.

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  2. Tom W. says:

    So “FBI Special Agent” on the list must be Peter Strozk? Must be since Schiff asks how to pronounce his name.

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    • Genie says:

      It is not Strzok. The agent is not SES level. Strzok was SES level.

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      • Curti says:

        It is Michael Gaeta. He was Christopher Steele’s Handler.

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      • islandpalmtrees says:

        FBI Special Agent is Steel’s handler at one time.was “Joe Pientka!” So it seems FBI Special Agent is “Joe Pientka!”

        “So instead of quizzing your memory, it’s fair to say that you in your
        role as Steele’s handlerat that point were documenting any sort of
        communications and information he was providing to you to the DIOC (ph)?
        A Yes. And with any of those documents they are in the file.
        Whatever I received from him was in the file”

        “Interactions between Ohr—who at the time was associate deputy attorney general—and Steele were so frequent that Ohr was assigned an FBI handler, agent Joe Pientka, who summarized the conversations in FBI FD-302 forms.”


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        • Curt says:

          No. The handler interviewed by the HPSCI is Gaeta. Jeff Carlson, whose article you link above, identifies the Special Agent in this twitter thread. Pientka interviewed Flynn with Strzok and also potentially misled the FISC on the Page FISA filing.

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          • islandpalmtrees says:

            Both Gaeta and Joe Pientka are possible and here is why

            In the July 30 meeting, Chris Steele also mentioned something about the doping — you know, one of the doping scandals. And he also mentioned, I believe — and, again, this is based on my review of my notes — that he had provided Mr. Gaeta with two reports.


            Jeff Carlson – also wrote
            “Ohr later said in the same congressional testimony that he maintained contact with Steele—and relayed the content of that contact to the FBI—into November 2017 through FBI agent Pientka and possibly two other FBI handlers. Notably, Ohr repeatedly stated that he never vetted any of the information provided by either Steele or Simpson. He simply turned it over or relayed it to the FBI—usually to Pientka. What Ohr didn’t know was that Pientka was transmitting all the information directly to Strzok”

            Pientka makes sense.


            • Curt says:

              It is much more likely to be Gaeta. The testimony indicates a long-term relationship with Steele and a meeting at Steele’s London office on July 5, 2016. This is much more likely to be an overseas based agent. It has also been reported that Gaeta traveled from Rome to London on July 5th to meet with Steele.

              “In early July 2016, Steele called seasoned FBI agent Michael Gaeta, who was stationed in Rome, and asked him to come to London so he could show him his findings. Because he was assigned to the U.S. embassy in Rome, Gaeta sought and was granted approval for the trip from Victoria Nuland, who was then the Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs. When he arrived in London on July 5, 2016, he met with Steele at his office,[65] and he was given a copy of Steele’s first report, dated June 20, 2016 (Report 80).[30] His reaction was “shock and horror”.[65] Alarmed by what he read, Gaeta remarked, “I have to show this to headquarters”.[67]” (Steele dossier, Wikipedia)


              • islandpalmtrees says:

                They were hiding “Joe Pientka!”. Add to this “What Ohr didn’t know was that Pientka was transmitting all the information directly to Strzok”

                Now add this:
                BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: It’s Likely Dirty Cops Peter Strzok and Joe Pientka Both Worked for the FBI and John Brennan’s CIA
                By Joe Hoft
                Published May 8, 2020

                Listen to Sidney carefully

                Hannity asked what did Obama know and when did he know it, to which, Powell replied:
                Probably Susan Rice and Peter Strzok, who was working for both Mr. Brennan in the CIA and the FBI on the quote ‘counterintelligence investigation’. We have to go back to at least August 15, of 2016 when Strzok and Page text each other about the insurance policy they discussed in McCabe’s office.

                We cannot confirm this, but it is likely that both Strzok and Pientka wore multiple hats in their efforts to remove the duly elected President of the United States from office.


                It may have started with Gaeta but it ended up with Pientka. Both appeared to be double agents, so why bring in Gaeta? This operation was risky enough.


                • Curt says:

                  Pientka may well have been the conduit through which Ohr passed on Steele’s ongoing “research” to Strzok/FBI, but it seems clear that the HPSCI interview was with Gaeta. He was the one that Steele initially contacted in July 2016 and was the first to bring Steele’s information to the FBI. Ohr contacted Gaeta in August 2016 and ask him whether he had seen the Steele information. They knew each other and Gaeta had known Steele since 2010.

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  3. An says:

    We should also compare redactions between the two versions.

    Anything that Schifty tried to hide is worth knowing…

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  4. MR52 says:

    The Main Game!
    Folks, you have to compare what is at the intelligence and ODNI or you might miss something.

    Here a good story that you will not get out of the ODNI archive.

    Trying to figure out the McCain connection. This looks like s smoke screen to distract. Kramer was concerned about threats against him or sources being killed. Give me a break. Only person he was concerned about kill him was Hilary.

    Ask yourself this question: Why would Putin kill sources when he was behind the disinformation campaign?

    Was reading a letter and was curious who was behind this. Interesting that he including Conway in the letter, not Nunes

    Letter about David Kramer/Cohen:

    Click to access DKletter1.pdf

    And this one, Kramer refusing to answer a question because someone might get killed.

    Click to access dkletter3.pdf

    (where is letter 2 – dkletter3.pdf – btw ?)

    Need to see if I can convert the pdf to text so they can be searched.

    Here is a list of the HPSCI Members:

    Majority Member:
    Adam Schiff, Chairman
    28th District of California
    Jim Himes
    4th District of Connecticut
    Terri Sewell
    7th District of Alabama
    Andre Carson
    7th District of Indiana
    Jackie Speier
    14th District of California
    Mike Quigley
    5th District of Illinois
    Eric Swalwell
    15th District of California
    Joaquin Castro
    20th District of Texas

    Denny Heck
    10th District of Washington

    Peter Welch
    Vermont at-large

    Sean Patrick Maloney
    18th District of New York

    Val Demings
    10th District of Florida

    Raja Krishnamoorthi
    8th District of Illinois

    Minority Members:

    Devin Nunes, Ranking Member
    22nd District of California
    Mike Conaway
    11th District of Texas
    Michael Turner
    10th District of Ohio
    Brad Wenstrup
    2nd District of Ohio
    Chris Stewart
    2nd District of Utah
    Rick Crawford
    1st District of Arkansas
    Elise Stefanik
    21st District of New York

    Will Hurd
    23rd District of Texas

    John Ratcliffe
    4th District of Texas


  5. litenmaus says:

    June 14, 2016 – Ellen Nakishima – Washington Post

    “This is a sophisticated foreign intelligence service with a lot of time, a lot of resources, and is interested in targeting the U.S. political system,” Henry said. He said the DNC was not engaged in a fair fight. “You’ve got ordinary citizens who are doing hand-to-hand combat with trained military officers,” he said. “And that’s an untenable situation.”

    Note: Shaun Henry was the Executive Assistant Director of the United States Federal Bureau of Investigations CRIMINAL CYBER SERVICES Division under FBI Director Robert Mueller……

    Henry: “We DID NOT HAVE CONCRETE EVIDENCE that the DATA WAS EXFILTRATED from the DNC, but we have indicators that it was exfiltrated.”

    Shaun Henry & Perkins Coie attorney Michael Sussman began the DNC was hacked narrative using Washington Post author Ellen Nakishima who posted the first Russia, Russia, Russia article on June 14, 2016.

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    • richard verney says:

      Is Henry CrowdStrike? This testimony should help Stone with a retrial. Clearly the evidence of Russia having successfully hacked and downloaded the DNC data, is at best under whelming.

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      • litenmaus says:

        Yep, at the time that Crowdstrike was called in by Perkins Coie attorney Michael Sussman, Henry was the Chief Operating Officer and yes, under whelming is putting it mildly

        Stone tried to use the lack of Crowdstrike evidence as part of his defense, but Judge Berman Jackson wouldn’t allow it….spit!


  6. Summer says:

    Last night I read the Keith Schiller testimony, starring Eric Swallwell as the Grand Inquisitor.

    The majority of the answers were “No, sir.” Schiller is a man of few words, I like it.

    Democrats kept asking about “Russians” and “hotel rooms” while Gowdy and King were exposing the ridiculousness of the D questions and the hoax itself, and were generally supportive of the witness.

    I learned something I did not know, though.

    On that infamous day in Moscow, an unidentified man who was present at the meeting with Trump (there were about 10-15 individuals in that room, and Schiller knew only the Agalarovs, father and son) approached Schiller and half-jokingly offered to send 5 women to the room where Mr. Trump stayed. Schiller said “not happening”, shut him down and left. He testified that he would never allow anything like that on his watch, joke or not, and he was sure that Trump would never give his consent. Such a thing had never happened before. Besides, he said that they always assumed the rooms where Trump stayed were always under surveillance, regardless.

    Later on he told Trump about the “joke” and Trump just laughed. After Trump retired for the night, Schiller stood at the door for several minutes as per usual practice then left. He did not recall whether he himself stayed in an adjacent room as they usually tried to do or had a room somewhere else. He was pretty sure Trump went to sleep.

    When the Dossier was published, he said he knew it was “bulls$#1t”.

    He was in a room with McGhan and Priebus, and one of them mentioned the dossier and Schiller volunteered the information about the man offering “5 ladies” and how he shut this down.

    He did not share the story with anyone else. Only 3 men — Trump himself, McGhan and Priebus knew.

    In the course of the questioning it became rather obvious that Priebus leaked the story to the press.
    The article erroneously claimed that it was Emin Agalarov who offered the ladies. Schiller categorically denied that.

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  7. islandpalmtrees says:

    Did anyone find anything to suggest that Susan Rice was working with Peter Strzok?


  8. Erik Heter says:

    Can we just start calling Grennell “The Terminator” and be done with it? Man, he is absolutely killing it. No wonder the DS is so scared of him.

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  9. 4EDouglas says:

    After reading some of this-slowly as I’m wanting to let it sink in-Rice is cooked..

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  10. old sneakers says:

    Rush is sort of wound up over this today…..ha!

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  11. islandpalmtrees says:

    FBI Special Agent is Steel’s handler and therefore “Joe Pientka!”

    “So instead of quizzing your memory, it’s fair to say that you in your
    role as Steele’s handlerat that point were documenting any sort of
    communications and information he was providing to you to the DIOC (ph)?
    A Yes. And with any of those documents they are in the file.
    Whatever I received from him was in the file”

    “Interactions between Ohr—who at the time was associate deputy attorney general—and Steele were so frequent that Ohr was assigned an FBI handler, agent Joe Pientka, who summarized the conversations in FBI FD-302 forms.”



  12. CentralTexian says:

    I went through the Samantha Power transcript first last night. She basically claims that someone (her IC handler) basically preemptively unmasked many U.S. person names for her from her briefing books (without asking her), and that she wasn’t responsible for the exponential increase in late 2016 unmaskings made on her behalf. From the transcript, she seems to me to be a mere obliging pawn in this ordeal who accepted the assumption that her IC handlers were basically running the show. I thought it was interesting that she admitted to never really thinking about the precise definition of the words “collusion”, “coordination”, and “conspiracy” with regard to Trump officials being compromised by the Russians. When asked for her own definition of these words, she even deferred to the “Professionals” to define “standards” based on “statutes and enunciation” of these words and “to apply the facts at hand”. I suspect the unmaskers and subsequent media leakers of classified unmaskings were some subset of her handlers/staff. Probably some of Brennen’s lieutenants in crime that were strategically placed to take advantage of the clueless ambassador. The AG or ICIG needs to investigate these minions to determine how they got there, when they got there, and who placed them there. Also, once an unmasking is made, is it more broadly available to potential leakers that just the initial IC handler who conspired to make the unmasking? Anyone know how this generally works?


    • BigG says:

      You can’t delegate the use of your passwords or account to anyone. That is a felony. Any normal American would be in Leavenworth for doing that

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      • CentralTexian says:

        It sounded like the IC handler who was responsible for giving her the intelligence briefing books (or whatever they’re called) is the one who was preemptively unmasking a bunch of names without even asking her. She claims they were just doing it ahead of time assuming that she would want/or need to see them unmasked anyway. Do these people have the authority to arbitrarily umask like this? And once unmasked, do a bunch of other people automatically have access to the source info that has been unmasked?


  13. islandpalmtrees says:

    Is the “FBI Special Agent” Schiff’s so called whistle-blower? If so then “Joe Pientka!” is the whistle-blower?


  14. MR52 says:

    Kayleigh tearing them up at Cspan right now.


    • CentralTexian says:

      I like how she basically goes into a lot of detail describing the treasonous activity of the deep state in their attempt to take down general Flynn and how their criminal activities are now being exposed, and then the very first question from the CNN yahoo reporter is something like “but what about the highest unemployment rate since the great depression”? Talk about an attempt to create a distraction… I’m really starting to believe all this coronavirus/media panic really is another actively coordinated attempt to create a major distraction narrative to take down the president.

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      • MR52 says:



      • littleanniesfannie says:

        A little late to the party Central?


        • CentralTexian says:

          No, not late to the party, but I really don’t want to believe that someone/some organization could be so evil as to actually conspire to intentionally release a virus to create a panic specifically to eliminate Trump. Unfortunately my spidey sense tingles more now every time I see some sort of possible evidence that that this “panicdemic” might have been intentionally created…


  15. trnathens says:

    “Members of the public inclined to hate President Trump will swallow the Big Lie…”


    There is a dramatic event, or series of events, the result of which is a paradigm shift that helps them see the Truth.

    What is the ONLY antidote to Hate?


    There has to be an event that creates a feeling of Love that is strong enough to overcome their Hate of PDJT.

    What that event is, I don’t know.

    But when it happens the overwhelming feeling of Love that is generated will destroy their Hate of PDJT, and they’ll be able to see the Truth of what has been happening to this country going back to 1951, at least.

    Just a thought.


  16. Genie says:

    Gotta like Sam Clovis’ response to President Swalwell:

    Swalwell: Did he (Trump) ever express definitive or in-definitive favorable positions about Russia in your presence?

    Clovis: No, I think just to pimp the media on Putin.


  17. MR52 says:

    Folks, I did a quick compare to releases. ODNI are missing a few in the house and the post for Lisa Page is at Nunes: https://dougcollins.house.gov/page

    Missing from ONDI are:
    Kramer Missing Letters
    Mangiante Missing
    Eric Prince Missing
    Wylie – Missing

    ONDI- House
    41. Rinat Akhmetshin Akhmetshin
    48. Stephen Bannon (Feb 2018) Bannon (Feb 2018)
    49. Stephen Bannon (Jan 2018) Bannon (Jan 2018)
    3. Andrew Brown Brown
    34. Michael Caputo Caputo
    25. John Carlin Carlin
    51. Thomas Catan Catan
    21. James Clapper Clapper
    46. Samuel Clovis Clovis
    10. Daniel Coats Coats
    35. Michael Cohen Cohen
    40. Rick Dearborn Dearborn
    13. Diana Denman Denman
    31. Marc Elias Elias
    6. Boris Epshteyn Epshteyn
    15. Evelyn Farkas Farkas
    38. Peter Fritsch Fritsch
    36. Michael Goldfarb Goldfarb
    42. Rob Goldstone Goldstone
    24. Jeffrey Gordon Gordon
    39. Rhona Graff Graff
    47. Shawn Henry Henry
    18. Hope Hicks Hicks
    19. Ike Kaveladze Kaveladze
    11. David Kramer (Dec 2017) Kramer (Dec 2017)
    Kramer Missing Letter Kramer (Dec 2017)
    12. David Kramer (Jan 2018) Kramer (Dec 2017)
    Kramer Missing Letter Kramer (Dec 2017)
    Kramer Missing Letter Kramer (Dec 2017)
    22. Jared Kushner Kushner
    8. Corey Lewandowski (Jan 2018) Lewandowski (Jan 2018)
    9. Corey Lewandowski (Mar 2018) Lewandowski (Mar 2018)
    30. Loretta Lynch Lynch
    Mangiante Missing – in house archive
    4. Andrew McCabe McCabe
    32. Mary McCord McCord
    1. Alexander Nix Nix
    Carter Page In House Archive
    7. Brad Parscale Parscale
    52. Walid Phares Phares
    26. John Podesta (Dec 2017) Podesta (Dec 2017)
    27. John Podesta (Jun 2017) Podesta (Jun 2017)
    45. Samantha Power Power
    Eric Prince Missing In House Archive
    Eric Prince Missing Letter
    5. Benjamin Rhodes Rhodes
    50. Susan Rice Rice
    28. Jonathan Safron Safron
    2. Anatoli Samachornov Samachornov
    17. Felix Sater Sater
    29. Keith Schiller Schiller
    23. Jefferson Sessions Sessions
    43. Roger Stone Stone
    20. Jake Sullivan Sullivan
    37. Michael Sussman Sussman
    33. Matthew Tait Tait
    53. Yared Tamene Tamene
    14. Donald Trump, Jr. Trump, Jr.
    16. FBI Special Agent FBI Special Agent
    44. Sally Yates Yates
    Wylie – Missing in house archive


  18. KBR says:

    I have just read Roger Stone’s.
    Is there such a thing as entrapment in a hearing of this sort?
    Because that is clearly what Smalwell and Schift were trying to do.
    They would ask seemingly the same basic question over and again, but changing words around to attempt to create a lie out of an honest answer.

    If this is the only thing that put him in prison, the inquisitioners need to take his place instead.

    If I were in one of these hearings, I would want to set up microscopes and give each one three fixed slides, telling them to do a 1) differential cell count withRBC morphology missing nothing
    2)identify the most likely infectious bacteria on a gram stained smear, and 3)identify all important crystals cells casts in a urinalysis slide.
    Then I would tell them that if they missed a single thing, they could go to prison, but if every single one of them got all the answers correct then I might deign to answer their questions.

    Their speciality is lies and lawyering. The paragraph above shows mine. If they want test me in their word games lies and lawyering then let me test them first in my specialty…and let the consequences and costs of the “wrong” sort of answer be the same.

    Salem witch trials were hardly worse insofar as their inquisitions and methods.

    Public servants indeed.

    Not one of the persons in this committee were persons serving ME. In other words none represented me nor my state. I cannot vote against any of them. Nasty that that they have any right to question any citizen who cannot vote against them. It is Inquisition without representation, worse than taxation without representation.

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    • Dwayne Diesel says:

      Well, said, I appreciate these thoughts. I agree.

      I have only gotten halfway through FBI Special Agent. I am stopping. I got what I wanted out of it and others have already read the whole thing. I am moving on to Ike’s. But, I glanced through Yates already, a quick peruse to see if there were similarities that stood out. So far, Swallwell and Schiff seem to always be leading those they deem helpful: Yates, FBI Agent, and Lynch (perused too). Whereas Trump’s associates those two frame questions to “catch” a lie or put the witness in a bad situation.

      Inquisition is correct.

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    • littleanniesfannie says:

      Absolutely love your “microscopic examination” KBR!! I have watched countless hours of droning on at several different hearings and concur completely with your observation on questioning. Beyond the observation of Swallowwell and Schitt, remember too the Kavanaugh confirmation hearing. Difference was, rather than 2 lawyer politicians hanging the same questions phrased, rephrased and re-rephrased there were more than that—Harris, Booker, Klobuchar, Blue-mental and then there was the sage of the Senate (Ms. Sit Down and Shut Up Her-Oh-No). The lot of them played the game well.
      I don’t know if it is the lawyer in them that makes them A-holes or it’s the badge that they get when they leave Quantico. Either way, it is deceitful, dishonest and downright criminal!


  19. MR52 says:

    Reviewed Wylie’s 190 pages of boring BS. Sounds like a disgruntled cry baby. He worked for Cambridge Analytics. Ends it by saying how much he loves Nancy. Now I know why it was not release with ODNI. What a waste of an hours of my time. I swear these are little babies than can’t have their way. Claims to be a whistleblower. Ha, Dems were/are doing 10 times more than than Nix was and they were using US Government systems to do it. Wylie has no clue of what ethics is all about..



  20. MR52 says:

    Well this is interesting. I started to read Mangiante Simona, who I did not realize is Mrs. P. , transcripts

    Click to access mangiante_simona.pdf

    and started to go down the rat hole of Gianni Pittella who introduced George P to Misfud. This lead me to Pittella being at the DNC Hillary convention and linked Hillary and Sidney Blumenthal via Cody Shearer.

    This is Hillary’s hit squad behind this all with support of Blumenthal. What scum.


    Liked by 1 person

    • MR52 says:

      Cody Shearer is linked to Hillary and Benghazi too! What a small circle of scum.

      Liked by 1 person

    • MR52 says:

      More rabbit hole links to Misfud and Pittella via Nagi Idris

      “I quickly found that LCILP’s director Peter Dovey had been a left-wing solicitor and set up a legal entity called the Police Station Defence Service (PSDS) along with Nagi Idris, another LCILP director, and an American-Mexican called George San Martin. George San Martin had been a major figure in left-wing activism in the US. The FBI should have found that.”

      “While other researchers were looking into Mifsud’s academic links to Russia, I decided to conduct a more wide-ranging investigation. The London Academy of Diplomacy was being built up in the press as a shady operation. It wasn’t. British diplomats and Foreign Office ministers often visited LAD. Sir Tony Baldry, Alok Sharma MP and former Foreign Secretary William Hague all visited LAD or spoke at their conferences.”

      “The Commonwealth and various governments, including Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, sent their diplomats to train there. Nabil Ayad, the founding director of LAD, had built up the academy as a respectable powerhouse in London’s diplomatic community. Counter-intelligence investigators would only be concentrating on Mifsud’s high-frequency contacts and associations. They would be examining people he worked with on a regular basis. As an academic working in diplomacy, Mifsud would have thousands of contacts. FBI investigators would be looking for intelligence ties.”

      “Mifsud worked with diplomats and NATO allies, so they would need to know the potential damage he had caused. I found that two of Joseph Mifsud’s closest colleagues, who the FBI would have designated as high-frequency, were Claire Smith and Gianni Pittella. They had followed him between LAD, Stirling University and LINK Campus in Rome. Claire Smith was a former member of Britain’s Joint Intelligence Committee (JIC). As a team, Smith and Mifsud trained Italian law enforcement on intelligence at LINK Campus in Rome. LINK Campus’ ties to the Italian Foreign Ministry and intelligence agencies had been quickly skimmed over by The Washington Post, The New York Times, Buzzfeed and The Guardian.”


  21. TexSwede says:

    I have scanned a couple and plan to read in much greater detail. Seeing all these comments, the admissions from the DOJ, and Sundance’s priceless work, it is apparent to me that this was an organized criminal operation. If it is too difficult to prosecute under specific federal statutes (e.g., sedition, treason), could a RICO case be brought against these conspirators. There are a number of predicate offenses (e.g., racketeering, obstruction of justice, fraud,) that can be used to initiate RICO proceedings against the group. If memory serves me correct, cases can be either civil or criminal. It is also a path to get to the heads of criminal organizations (e.g., Brennan, Obama) without proving direct involvement. I am sure many of you fellow Treepers have a better understanding of the law than me. Please give your thoughts.


  22. walkalone63 says:

    Schiffty must be despondent. Allegedly, he was overheard muttering “Jerry…. Jerry… Jerry” over and over again. Delicious!


  23. KBR says:

    Okay. Just read Donald Trump Jr’s inquisition.

    Schiff tried to make a lie out of his answers by repeating the questions using different words, and also by “summarizing” his previous answers by misstating them using different word choices before asking them again or asking a related question.

    I am beginning to hate the entire gubmnt. Lawyer liars and entrappers.

    The only servants I noted were servants of the Devil, father of lies….NOT servants of the public at all.


  24. DanJ1 says:

    I went to Hill.com, Politico and MSN. If that is where you get your news, this never happened. If you go there to find out about the Flynn exoneration, you will only find articles about investigating Barr. The dust up has begun.


  25. bob mack says:

    Regarding the interview with Shawn Henry, who strikes me as someone who must ultimately answer for his company Crowd Strike’s roll in the farce surrounding the alleged hack of DNC’s computers. Early on in the interview, page 11 of the transcript, Henry is being questioned by Stewart of Utah. Henry remarks that “as it relates to this case, we shared intelligence with the FBI. We had contact with them over a hundred times in the course of many months, from June of 2016 up through current time, in the last couple weeks, I’d imagine.” This would appear to be an admission that in fact the FBI was consulted “over a hundred times” by Crowd Strike, the private company that the DNC reported their alleged hack to in the first place — not the cops, not the F.B.I. Comey claimed he had requested the DNC to all him and the F.B.I. to look at the hack but were always rebuffed. But then again, the head of the company that apparently stiffarmed Comey and the flatfoots, this guy claims that Crowd Strike had contact with them [F.B.I.] “over a hundred times.” Not that it’s a big surprise but it is a sizable contradiction, especially in terms of the MSM narrative in this context — namely: that the Russians “hacked” from afar the DNC computers for the Podesta emails that they later transmitted to Wikileaks, something Assange denies, having signaled instead that in actuality it was DNC employee and disgruntled Sanders supporter, Seth Rich who grew miffed at Hillary Clinton elbowing Bernie out of the picture — and who vowed to somehow sand bag the evil bastards who were responsible. Sy Hersh confirms that Rich with a thumb drive accomplished in a few moments what so called Guccifer 2.0 in Romania would have spent many hours trying to pull off. Assange received the files via drop box from Rich. Rich was killed. The D.C. Police failed to arrest anyone in connection with the crime, and their accompanying investigation would appear to be sketchy at best. In the meantime, the MSM narrative starring Crowd Strike [think about the name of that company] keeps pumping out their mantra that the Russians hacked their computers from Romania, by way of the nuttily named “Guccifer 2.0.” Keep in mind as well that Henry is a former F.B.I. man, and during his stint their one post that he held was executive assistant to the then head of the bureau, a fellow by the name of Robert Mueller. And the reason this matters is because the murder of Rich is ultimately the most ghastly of their crimes in need of covering up, distraction away from, amnesia about. Eventually all roads will lead to Seth Rich via Assange and Roger Stone and the wicked warlock of the schlockfest, Mueller hatchet creep Andrew Weissmann, who right on schedule is pooh poohing his impending doom from the peanut gallery. At any rate, and given all that, it seems as if there is a minor bit of confusion in the official fake news narrative that needs tidying up: did the DNC get in contact with the f.b.i. in the wake of their computers being allegedly hacked by “the Russians” during the lead up to the 2016 election? As it stands, the Democrat story is that in response to being hacked they strangely did not contact either the local police or the nation’s police, the F.B.I., which is a glaring misstep regardless and one that gives the game away: they didn’t call the cops or the flatfoots because there was no crime as it has since been described. there was no “server” that got “hacked.” there was no need for cops or feds, at least literally. Instead, they sought out Crowd Strike, run by Mueller’s former bun boy, and they’re game to run the whole ruse and nothing but the ruse. Except! Why the lie? What good is it to claim, as they still do, that the f.b.i. and local police weren’t involved in the phantom server gets hacked fiasco? Because for one thing, it’s not true. Crowd Strike sought them out more than 100 times. Spoiler alert: in the transcripts, right after Henry says from “June of 2016 up through current time, in the last couple weeks, I imagine,” the transcript continues thusly … MR SWALWELL: A point of order. My understanding is this interview was unclassified. Is that right? Can we just clarify if the witness had classified — my sense is that there’s some sensitivities around classified information, and this setting is part of the issue. That’s just what I’m — MR STEWART OF UTAH: I’m not sure I understand his — REDEACTED: There hasn’t been anything classified said so far. MR SWALWELL: I don’t understand. It looks like he may have classified information to share, and that’s the issue. MR HENRY: I’m not sharing any classified information. At any rate, maybe i’m wrong, if so, sorry. you guys do a great job


    • MR52 says:

      Bob M, at first I was going to skip the long message then decided to read it. Yea, you make a good point. 100 of contracts with the FBI. Something smells rotten here. I think they got burned from the inside, too. What is interesting is during Hillary’s email mess, her data manager put something out on one of the boards about help shut down or recovering emails for a VIP. Can’t remember what is was about.

      Funny thing is, that if anyone was hacking emails, it would have been the Chinese. The east block hacks are only looking for money and unless they were black mailing for money, I doubt it was them.
      Shiffty did a panel back in Jan. 2017 (https://www.c-span.org/video/?422656-1/representative-adam-schiff-discusses-russian-election-year-hacking). He was either clueless about cyber security or was blow smoke up everyones butts, blaming the Russians for things that the Chinese were doing. He was pushing the Russian fraud and he knew it back then. Anyone who knows even a little about Cybersecurity knows he is pushing BS.

      I sure wish Barr would take him down.


  26. MR52 says:


    Caught this piece on the page 50-51 of Mangiante Simona transcript.

    Click to access mangiante_simona.pdf

    Liked by 1 person

  27. Gen Y Ballistics says:

    Medium-Level Report of Ben Rhodes, pp 39-76 (end). Not finding anything obviously incriminating. What strikes me in reading comments and now news stories about these transcripts, is there had to be some high level coordination between all these Democrat witnesses on several hearing topics, specifically how nobody could find evidence of collusion. It strikes me as odd that they are in lock step on this issue, while at the same time insinuating in these hearings that there was all kinds of collusion-like activity going on.

    Circa 41-42, Rhodes pegs the Russian strategy of destabilizing U.S. politics by sewing discord and bloodying up all parties. It still surprises me how simultaneously smart and stupid these people are, to have access to all this solid intel and still manage to make nothing of it. Circa 52, same point, says he worked for 6 years under Lee Hamilton, former chair of House Intel Committee.

    55, says he on several occasions went to media outlets and got them to bury classified intel that had somehow leaked to them. Oh the horror of being bitten by the toothless press in the era of the Journ-O-List.

    Circa 72, Rhodes spends a lot of time over several pages trying to establish that Obama transition had no contact with Russian go-betweens, over concerns of being roped into their policy objectives / schemes. Gowdy then rebuts with Medvedev hot mic incident, Clinton Russia reset, etc. In this general area Rhodes is giving off this Eichmann in Jerusalem vibe, all his paperwork is in order but nothing Rhodes or Obama was doing re Russian foreign policy made any damn sense at all. Rhodes states that Putin got much more aggressive towards U.S. after Arab Spring and Libya (I add, credibly concerned that Russia might be next on the list).

    So Rhodes tangentially makes the case for why Putin would have a legitimate motive to knock Hillary out of the race, since ISIS and Libya had a lot to do with Hillary running around unsupervised in the State Dept. I find it interesting in retrospect that these people could know so much about these chess moves, and yet see Russians in the Trump campaign.

    A common theme (I gather) through a lot of these transcripts is that the Obama regime “outer orbit” personnel like Rhodes were surprised at the intensity of Russian disinfo campaign, which seemingly came out of nowhere. Well in retrospect, what could the Russians have done to Obama that he wasn’t doing to himself already? We had Watts-style riots in ’12, ’14 and ’16 that Obama, Jarrett and the “inner orbit” planned out and exploited. Obama stood by while Putin seized Crimea and Eastern Ukraine, etc etc.

    Liked by 1 person

  28. Jennifer Verner says:

    The FBI agent is without a doubt GAETA.


  29. Shouldn’t there be an interview of Glenn Simpson or he refused and they didn’t subpoena him?


  30. Dwayne Diesel says:

    Just started reading the Lynch document- only a few pages in and the first answer Lynch gives already throws suspicion to her qualifications to even be AG:

    Ms. Sefanik asks Lynch about the approval process in regard to the decision-making process to open a counterintelligence investigation (remember this whole investigation is about Russian interference- u know counterintelligence…).

    This is Lynch’s answer:

    “I would have to refer you to the U.S. Attorney’s manual that would speak to that, as well as to the FBl’s manual. I wouldn’t want to try and give you chapter and verse without having reviewed those things, which I haven’t done, since that was not what I thought you wanted to focus on. But I do believe that you would be able to find within operational manuals those answers. I just don’t want to give you misinformation or inaccurate information.”

    She’s the AG and can’t discuss the basics covering the methods or processes utilized in order to open an investigation. Let that sink in.

    She’s either very incompetent.

    Or she’s a liar.

    There’s no other option.


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