Here We Go – San Francisco Bay Area Extends Lock-Down Order Throughout May…

It is being reported the San Francisco Bay area will remain in a state of forced lock-down with an extension of the stay-at-home orders throughout May.  Considering this is the home of Speaker Nancy Pelosi,… this decision highlights an expectation that the federal government will bail out local and state governments.

We anticipated this type of approach where Blue states & Blue regions will keep their economies closed as long as possible to inflict maximum political damage.  Simply, if San Francisco were not confident they will gain a federal bailout they would not be keeping their economic system closed for another entire month.

CALIFORNIA – Public health officials in Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, San Francisco, San Mateo and Santa Clara counties say they will extend the shelter-in-place orders through May.

Later this week, the Public Health Officers of the Counties of Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, San Francisco, San Mateo, and Santa Clara as well as the City of Berkeley will issue revised shelter-in-place orders that largely keep the current restrictions in place and extend them through May. The new order will include limited easing of specific restrictions for a small number of lower-risk activities. (read more)

It is likely that Democrat governors and Democrats in the House have organized a specific media allied approach to demand the federal bailout.  There is simply no way any state or local region would remain shut down unless they were confident of funding.

Any bailout would only help the local and state government. It would not help the private sector, or private sector workers. By using federal taxpayer funds to replace missing tax revenue, the Blue states/regions would be protecting their own big government ideology.

The three step plan seems predictable: (1) Get out ahead of President Trump. (2) Defy the ‘all clear’ and shape economic benefit to their political allies. (3) Then use Fauci’s upcoming dossier to hit the administration for heartlessly opening the economy too early.

During this economic war residents within the Blue occupied territories will be held captive to the political whims of their regional generals.

The economic freedom and liberty zone will encompass the Red region. The center of the country, mid west, southern region (surrounding the Gulf of Mexico) and south eastern Atlantic region. These areas will be open to commerce and economic freedom.

However, the urban dense populations (Blue pockets within Red zones) will push-back against the efforts of the Red generals in an attempt to retain alignment with their Blue team generals. Depending on the strength of the urban forces there may be roadblocks, sabotage, skirmishes and political violence against the freedom & liberty Red team.

Red captives within the Blue zones will have to be smart and strategic. Big Blue tech will be assisting the totalitarian Blue generals. Direct confrontation against the Blue forces should be avoided, and it will likely be a better strategy to fight stealthily as insurgents.

Any Red team member of the economic freedom alliance, trapped within a Blue region, is warned to evaluate their connection to their electronic devices. Your cell phones could be used as portable transponders expose your movement and your political views.

This is going to be one hell of a battle.

Essentially we are looking at a Spring and Summer conflict, an economic civil war between Blue states/regions and Red states/regions.


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263 Responses to Here We Go – San Francisco Bay Area Extends Lock-Down Order Throughout May…

  1. john says:

    Most of those places weren’t going to vote for TRUMP anyway. Let them starve. Maybe it’ll open their eyes and some will begin to see the evil of the Left. Or… when the impending civil war finally breaks out those places will be easy to capture because of their weak and emaciated citizens.

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    • Frank says:

      That’s how I see it, too. SF is a communist stronghold. If the commies want to lay siege to it on their own, let them.

      As for the comments here about an economic civil war, it may yet turn hot when the morons realize they’re only shooting themselves in the foot with the lockdown scheme. That’s when the antifa cannon fodder will start attacking people. Be ready.

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    • Kureelpa says:

      My husband & I figure that we paid $100000 in taxes in NY State this last year – we have one foot out the door.
      My husband is the only Management person who is currently going in to work at his Long Island based company, because he figures that if he is asking Tech guys to come in to work, then he should be there to support them – old USN EWMC – he’s a keeper.

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    • Ogre says:

      In all truthfulness, when I hear of “Civil War 2.0”, I don’t think it will be like our first CW was.

      If I read the scenario correctly, this set-up is in history already – where those wanting to assert dominance were based in the cities, and they did not have the support of the food and production areas.

      It did not turn out well for the cities.

      The Left thinks it will be a glorious French Revolution. What they will likely be getting is a repeat of the very brutal Spanish Civil War….

      Some people have to learn by repetition.


  2. thebigharry says:

    There needs to be County Board level Proclamations of Emancipation to free their citizens from the clutches of State level tyrants.

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  3. Little Berkeley Conservative says:

    Wish I was on the outside, looking in!

    I have work planned at Nancy’s place Wednesday. I wonder if locals deem me essential? I hate SF, with a passion, and it was my dream to live there.

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    • Snellvillebob says:

      Plan to sign a loyalty oath to enter her home.


    • Kaco says:

      It was a beautiful clean city when we visited there in like ’97, people seemed laid back for the most part. I had no idea it had so much hate stored up in it.


    • Orygun says:

      The last time I visited was in the early 60’s and it was an almost sleepy beautiful place with friendly people. The fog rolled in every morning and it was gorgeous by noon.
      I have never returned and that is the picture of San Francisco I want to remember.

      The left goes out of their way to destroy anything that is pure and beautiful.


      • Little Berkeley Conservative says:

        In the mid 90’s we’d put our SeaDoo’s in at Giants stadium and race from the bay bridge to San Quentin. After a leisurely cruise around Alcatraz, we’d dock and dine in Sausalito.

        After lunch, we’d ride underneath the Golden Gate and play in the giant swells.

        Then they falsely banned us because of two-stroke engine pollution.

        I wouldn’t get in that water wearing 101 full body condoms now…you be racing around the poop buoys!


  4. TheGhostofBelleStarr says:

    I guess these az3hoes are intent in staying closed the rest of the year. Since they “anticipate ” a second wave of this Wuhan cone fall what are they going to open in August and close again in September with the excuse its 2nd wave time….


  5. T2020 says:

    How else is that bi-otch going to pay for her face-lifts and Botox treatments???!!! One foot in hell.

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  6. with the cali antibody study results public (6% have had virus)… shouldn’t we be asking where san fran is hiding all the corpses they expect us to pay for cleaning up??
    stashed bodies, I mean, that can add up.


  7. rah says:

    personally I have serious doubts that many on the left will even standstill for this edict. Their personal costs will be too high. It’s their personal economics at stake too! That unemployment enhancement and bail out money won’t go far at all in San Francisco and many other places with high costs of living. And when people start dipping into their 401Ks because of politics, well……….

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    • You do have a point. The people on the Left want OTHER people to pay for their Nirvana Plans. They really want no skin in the game unless it’s a cushy job on a Foundation or in Government or as a Journalist. They can really never get clarity on the consequences of their stupid choices and edicts.

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  8. The American Patriot says:

    Don’t these idiots not know this is going to backfire?

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    • Don McAro says:

      People across america are not going to put up with, Free College, free medical and drivers licenses for illegals any longer… Infant the people being locked down now… the heat is coming…and this is going to be disastrous… Only so much baking soda you can mix with vinegar

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    • The Demon Slick says:

      I agree. Their plan is doomed to failure. I see the movements, Steyer is in charge of the California reopening, the DC mayor put Susan rice in charge… but it’s a stupid plan. Socialists never understood human nature. Their plan is stupid for the same reason their socialist utopia is stupid. People are the same at the most basic level. They have limits. Did you see the people in California on the beach? 90% of them voted for Obama. Dumb right? But there they are, grabbing some sun and giving Newsom the double bird, just like we would do.

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  9. Don McAro says:

    President trump should be speaking to the red state leaders and have them gear up now for a manufacturing BOOM… Make all medical equipment here, medicines, masks and gowns…All hospital supplies… Have the red states complete for Manufacturing of made in America Appliances and tools. Start the boom while the blue states sleep….. Speak with Apple have them come back….
    Build like never before….it can be done
    this is a must.

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  10. Jederman says:

    Ok, lets see, Newsom is giving $125M to illegals. I don’t see how that supports any claim for American TAXPAYERS in the other 49 states bailing his azz out of anything.

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  11. Ploni says:

    Not One Cent!

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  12. clodfobble says:

    Must suck to live there. Otherwise, who cares? It’s SF.

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  13. clodfobble says:

    Must suck to live there. Otherwise, who cares? It’s SF.


    • mike says:

      Unfortunately, one of my kids loves the Silicon Valley-SF social-intellectual life.

      So I got him a scrip to bootleg chloroquine tabs (unfortunately HCQ-AZM was already locked down overseaas), 50,000 iu D3 caps, zinc, quercetin, magnesium, and time release potassium supplements.

      This is the low end
      The orthomolecular versions can be much higher.


      • realeyecandy1 says:

        How do you get bootleg scripts??? Are they safe? I’m ready to get some here and hide them away


      • mugzey302 says:

        Dr Shiva says we can boost our immune systems with high dose Vit C, D3, and Zinc to prepare for flu season. People who are compromised, esp, should consider it. Look him up on YouTube.


  14. littleanniefannie says:

    If money is given to the states through some lecherous legislation, it should include this caveat—each dollar given to an illegal reduces a state’s funding by $2. No questions. Sanctuary cities and states are ineligible for any funding since they obviously already have an abundance of money available.

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  15. trnathens says:

    I would like to update my predictions from the last few days:

    I believe that Kim is alive, and well, and has been rescued from North Korea by American Special Forces.

    “For no apparent reason.”

    PDJT needs to secure Kim to put China into complete checkmate.

    China needs to “use” Kim ONE more time, by killing him, and blaming the United States, as a pretext to war.

    If PDJT seriously just rescued him and his family, then China/Uniparty is done.

    Assange is going to testify for PDJT, just wait.

    With Kim AND Assange PDJT and We The People win.


    • trnathens says:

      Even better…oh, my, gosh. He got him.

      President Trump in his Monday coronavirus briefing hinted that he knew the disputed status of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s health, but stopped short of filling in the White House press.

      “Yes I do have a very good idea,” Trump said when asked if he had any information on Kim’s health after unconfirmed reports circulated that he may have died after cardiovascular surgery. “I can’t talk about it now,” Trump continued

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    • mike says:

      “pretext for war”
      How about our Uranium 235 deal after a biological-economic attack?
      (U235 is the modern tertiary stage burn, Pu 239 primaries)
      Peking Man 25000 BC.


  16. Will J. says:

    This won’t work for the Dens for the same reasons that they lost in 2016. The states that will win the election for Trump are the ones who want to get back to work. They’re hard working people that don’t want a bailout. They just want their pay checks.

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  17. namberak says:

    Let them eat cake, right Nana?

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  18. Rgt says:

    Red areas should open up and let the blue areas live with what they voted for.

    Where I live in MI we ignore our governor, and the retired teachers who believe everything is their business.

    When it gets warm it will be like at the end of Animal House, “All is well…”

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    • mike says:

      September to November wellness is the fight for mindshare in 2020 elections.

      We need public health figures that function **for our benefit**, not Big Pharma or Tech. Compromised old commies like Fauchi need to be removed pronto.

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  19. mikeyboo says:

    Yet another reason to be glad to be out of the Bay Area and settled in Idaho.


    • Lady in Red says:

      Nice! Currently in NYC, but husband and I have been looking online at real estate in ID/WY/MT…

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      • If it weren’t so high and dry I would move to Wyoming. Keep in mind many leftists from California have moved to Idaho…that’s the state where they arrested that woman for taking her kid to a play ground. Montana sounds better. i like Wyoming because not many people live there. When I moved to NC I assumed it was a red state…and that was 15 years ago and I didn’t realize it was not until I lived here for awhile. I wouldn’t recommend NC; it has more taxes than even Massachusetts, they even tax food.

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      • montanamel says:

        @ Lady in Red: We live in MT. NO SALES TAX, and very reasonable income taxes…Property taxes vary by county AND class of property…
        FWIW: I moved to ID in 1998, after looking since 1991. Taxes are higher all around…infested by liberals in most areas – to the point of spoiling it for conservatives.
        You might want to read up on The Grand Solar Minimum, which is starting right now and could run for 40-50 years….you may want to look more at “below 35 deg North Latitude” for long term viability. That is fairly all of the “lower tier states”…
        Good luck…

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        • Lady in Red says:

          THANK YOU! Is the area around Couer D’Alene becoming liberal? Soon there will be nowhere left that is not infested. We are hoping to go stay in a friend’s cabin in MT in the next few months. Near Missoula. Can’t wait!


  20. Skeeball says:

    They’re bluffing. California and other left-wing States simply cannot afford to keep this up as long as they have to in order to receive a bailout. They are getting hammered on loss of tax revenue, and in California the UC system is rapidly heading toward insolvency as long as they remain closed.

    If they keep things up, even their own voters will be rebelling.

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    • mike says:

      I think they are perfectly willing to crash and burn the country. Those violating us and our rights need to be removed or rounded up. SHTF time, time to pucker up.

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  21. This is what is going on in NC. There is no reason to keep the state under lockdown. Western NC could be freed right now. John Nolte has an article over at Breitbart about this. I didn’t know that he lives in Western NC and writes about how gov has no reason to lock us down especially western NC. Gov wants a bailout in exchange for opening the state in time for the GOP convention to happen. So ridiculous. And our stupid Senator Tillis agrees with him. Anyone who thinks NC is a red state does not live here.

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  22. Scott says:

    Simple. California would not vote Trump anyway.

    Let them lie in the bed they made.


  23. Peoria Jones says:

    It’s hell being an Illinoisan right now, in a “red” area, held captive by a “blue” Governor and “blue Chicago. So it’s not just an east/west coast vs. heartland thing. We used to be the heartland.

    After all we’ve been through, Guv Prickster has mandated that NOW (now?!?) anyone in public must wear a mask as of May 1. Let me tell you, he’s gonna have a whole lot of pissed of grocery store workers who are already overwhelmed, and now can’t breathe and have to shout to be heard.

    He also made his declaration that (despite the disparity in WuFlu problems), he will NOT take a region-by-region approach. Every county will be treated like Chicago.

    Downstate Illinoisans are unfortunately used to suffering, and this is no different for salt-of-the-earth God-loving people. It’s a matter of principle and what’s right. I don’t know ANYONE who wants a bailout for the thieves who’ve taken over IL. Our leaders don’t deserve it.

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  24. Sentient says:

    I think the warmer, more humid weather is really going to suppress the virus. That’s going to make these lingering lockdowns look really stupid. Let’s not underestimate how some people are enjoying the lockdown. There are a lot of people who work mostly online and for whom these stay-at-home orders just mean they can work in sweatpants. People whose income is stable because they work for the government or in an industry that’s not hurting shouldn’t hold sway over ending the lockdowns, but the truth is that such people probably have undue influence over liberal governors.

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  25. Texian says:

    This latest attack has opened America’s eyes.. We are at war. and a majority of Americans know it..

    It had already been decided by an international consortium that China would be the country to rule the 21st Century.. much like America did in the 20th Century.. it’s why congress facilitated the movement of business and manufacturing bases to China.. but there was one mistake they made..

    Their Movement is artificial.. it is not a spontaneous ground swell wave supported by The People.. People don’t ‘ground swell’ for Tyranny.. the illegal immigration around the world is artificial.. the movement of businesses and manufacturing are artificial.. even Wall Street is artificial.. and so is the money..

    A deep state covert government.. along with the Washington D.C. Apparatchiks.. the Fake News Media, the Democrat party.. and compromised members of Congress.. are turncoats working on behalf of the consortium China world scam..

    Congress controls the purse strings.. and apparently the Speaker has been assured of getting a bailout from the deep state covert government..

    When are the other Liberty State Producers going to stand and say enough is enough.. that we are not going down this road giving our tax money to congress just so they can dole it out to their preferred socialist constituent States.. who sit on their asses pontificating while producing nothing but a deficit.. year after year..

    Their only contribution is the continued destruction of The Constitution.. The American way of life.. and The Union..

    We are not the ones breaking ‘The Promise’ of this Union of Nation-States..

    They are..

    Fourth Turning..


  26. lcsteel says:

    McConell needs to reject bailouts to states and let them go bankrupt. The governors may open if he does.

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  27. patti says:


    • Kenji says:

      If we had an ACTUAL Press … they would be televising this blatant duplicity. But the fact is … we normal people with jobs and resources are the ones singled out for totalitarian government abuse. We are the ones who are arrested, and fined. Heavy fines. So the leftists can extract the maximum amount of our incomes to transfer … into THEIR pockets


    • lcsteel says:

      Whats going on at the nursing homes is just as bad.


  28. Mike Lee DelMarcelle says:

    Ever since Trump was elected, every time he wants to do something the democrats hate (like fund the boarder wall) we hear them and the MSM throw around the term “constitutional crisis”. This lock down and ridiculous rules that governors are trying to impose on U.S. citizens and businesses actually IS a constitutional crisis and the term is never mentioned.

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  29. roddrepub says:

    I’ve been trying to read about what’s going on every night before going to bed. I also remember to pray.. And you he what else I do? I’m shopping for more firepower!!

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    • montanamel says:

      Don’t forget your FOOD and WATER — as well as your AMMO….
      AND….some barter medium like Gold or Silver, etc… (whiskey, smokes, matches, etc).


  30. romy911 says:

    Excellent article.

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  31. TwoLaine says:

    It’s a hostage negotiation.


    • TwoLaine says:

      On the other pending hostage situation, NYC:

      “Fiscal expert: How To Revive NY’s Economy

      “Even before the pandemic, New York’s tax and regulatory policies were the economic equivalent of a preexisting condition, leaving struggling upstate counties especially vulnerable to even a modest recession,” warns the Empire Center’s E.J. McMahon. Now, New York and the nation face perhaps “the worst global downturn since the Great Depression.”

      State leaders must take several key steps to renew the economy, such as repealing rules “that discourage hiring and investment,” expanding natural-gas pipelines and avoiding tax hikes. Government pay must be frozen and mandates on local governments rolled back. Also: “Redirect” capital resources from “amorphous ‘economic-development’ projects” to “core infrastructure,” like transportation.

      The crisis could become another reason for New Yorkers to flee to “lower-cost, lower-taxed states” — so it’s imperative officials act “now.””

      NY Post – Opinion
      27 Apr 2020

      Maybe in the hostage negotiations President TRUMP can get them to do all the necessary steps noted here and any others he deems necessary. The same for California and the other states being held hostage.


  32. TwoLaine says:

    I am curious. Did the federal gubt let go of their non-essential workers or are they all still on the federal payroll? In other words, did they all of a sudden become essential, in this crisis?


  33. Pegon Zellschmidt says:

    And Louisiana Democrat governor extends lockdown until 5/15 (or thereafter).


  34. Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat Party is ruining our country! says:

    The Democrat Governors of their states are the only ones that refuse to open their businesses in their states. They are doing this on purpose. The Democrat Governors want this country to die and cause a recession and then blame the recession on President Trump. The Democrat Governors of their state are responsible for the total shutdown. The Democrats only want POWER over the people. Don’t let the Democrat Party force us to do something we don’t like or need. President Trump needs to step in and stop these Democrat Governors from ruining our country. The Republican Governors of their states are opening this country because they know they have to, or our country will die. This is what Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat Congress want.


  35. Little Berkeley Conservative says:

    Feeling like this is Germany in the late 1930’s. You MUST wear your armband!

    “The health screeners will be stationed in the lobby of all EEC buildings from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. All employees must check in with a screener in the lobby prior to proceeding to their work area. Once an employee is screened and cleared to enter the building, the employee is provided with a colored wristband. If you observe employees in work areas that do not have a colored wristband, please send them to the lobby of the building for screening.”

    Achtung workers! Raise your armband in solidarity to the supreme leader!


  36. sarsfield says:

    Am surprised Dems would actively go for this as they now open debate re how much they would have to give away to get fed relief i.e., pensions. Maybe better strategy is to initiate a national debate re allowing states to declare some form of bankruptcy or workout under federal supervision not involving loans or bailouts. Can hardly wait to see all those blue state pension haircuts. Make Detroit look like a stroll in the park.


  37. Guest says:

    It’s a foregone conclusion that there will be a bailout. We all know it. Republicans in Congress will fold like a cheap suit when the time for battle arrives.

    The smart play for right-leaning blogs is to accept that there will be a bailout, but to put maximum pressure on Republican, and even small-state Democrat, Senators to refuse to move bailout legislation forward unless any and all bailout funds are allocated equally among the 50 states. If we’re going to make the residents of California, Illinois, New York, and New Jersey whole, then we should make the residents of states like Wyoming, South Dakota, North Dakota, and Montana rich. I would be willing to add Puerto Rico, Guam, and the other territories into the mix if it gets them on board.


  38. Eric Butler says:

    In all seriousness, and not trying to step-on-toes, I plainly cannot (at all) understand Democrat thinking. Here in Ohio, a levy just failed to raise more money because of the ‘need’ for more foster homing options for Cleveland children. Why? Because levies in the past were passed to pay people to have children, ADC, Welfare, etc. Am I the only one that follows the crumbs? And look at San Francisco. Gorgeous, gorgeous place . . . once. Now it is literally a toilet. Follow the crumbs, folks. So how is it that Democrats don’t “get it”? What’s not to get? It’s not difficult to turn-on the spigot, but nearly impossible to turn-off.


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