Report: U.S. Attorney John Durham Expanded Team in Recent Weeks…

A Washington Examiner report on a recent expansion of John Durham’s team, to include U.S. Attorney Anthony Scarpelli, may reconcile recent earlier reports by John Solomon of “clear evidence” showing Durham is narrowing in on some key DOJ and FBI figures.

According to the Examiner Scarpelli was brought over in part based on his work on Violent Crimes and the Narcotics Trafficking Section of the DOJ.  In that capacity Anthony Scarpelli would hold a Top Secret/SCI clearance (he does); which becomes a valuable necessity for the specifics of the type of investigation ongoing.

WASHINGTON – […] Amid the pandemic, Durham and a team of prosecutors and investigators have continued their work, even requesting witness information after the country largely shut down in March because of coronavirus restrictions, according to people briefed on the investigation. Leading up to the lockdown, Durham’s team had spent many days a month reviewing classified intelligence inside a special facility for reviewing classified documents known as a SCIF.

In recent weeks Durham has added to his team of investigators who operate in Connecticut and Washington, DC, including FBI agents and the chief of the violent crimes and narcotics section in the US Attorney’s Office in Washington, Anthony Scarpelli, people familiar with the probe said.

[…] Durham’s scrutiny of the Russia intelligence is “like a proctologist,” one source told CNN.  But it’s unknown what Durham’s findings or his end goals may be.

He could bring charges or issue a report, as Barr suggested in a recent interview with Fox News’ Laura Ingraham, where he also called the FBI’s Russia investigation “one of the greatest travesties in American history.”(more / CNN)

Some cautious optimism?

Here’s how AG Bill Barr described recent events to Hugh Hewitt:

HH: Now Mr. Attorney General, I want to close with a couple of specific issues. The investigation of U.S. Attorney John Durham into the circumstances surrounding the surveillance of President Trump’s campaign, transition, and early administration, does that investigation remain on track undisturbed by the virus?

WB: Yes.

HH: There are guidelines concerning the announcement of indictments or the closing of the investigations prior to the election. When is that deadline for U.S. Attorney Durham? And do you think he will make it either to disclose indictments or to disclose that the investigation is over?

WB: As far as I’m aware, none of the key people that, whose actions are being reviewed at this point by Durham, are running for president.

HH: But would not the announcement of indictments after a time certain have an impact on an election of the sort that the U.S. Attorney’s manual recommends against?

WB: Well, what is the sort that the attorney manual recommends against?

HH: As I recall, this came up with Director Comey making his announcement, and the concerns in 2016 that he had acted improvidently during the run up to the election. I don’t recall what the exact timing is.

WB: Yeah, well, that was directly as to a candidate.

HH: And so it would not matter, in your view, if there is an investigation, and the day before the election, someone is indicted?

WB: Well, you know, I think in its core, the idea is you don’t go after candidates. You don’t indict candidates or perhaps someone that’s sufficiently close to a candidate, that it’s essentially the same, you know, within a certain number of days before an election. But you know, as I say, I don’t think any of the people whose actions are under review by Durham fall into that category.

HH: That’s big news to me. I had assumed that they would be in the category of people that could not be indicted given the obvious connection to President Trump, but I’ll take the news and I’ll put it away. Let me ask you about Senator Grassley. A couple of weeks ago, he tweeted, and this is a direct quote, “We are learning FBI flubs on Carter Page spying case are just tip of iceberg. IG audited 29 other spying applications on Americans and found problems with every one of them, in caps. Constitutional rights are at stake when FBI fails to justify use of spying tools. Reforms needed to protect civil liberties.” Is Senator Grassley correct, Mr. Attorney General?

WB: Yes, well, I think as I have said, I think that the failure to follow the guidelines and the requirements in preparing FISA applications, you know, is very disturbing, especially coming as recently as it has. And you know, we shouldn’t proceed with FISA unless we have safeguards and ensure that the law is being scrupulously followed by the FBI.

HH: Are you shocked by what you have found to date or have been briefed by U.S. Attorney Durham to date about?

WB: I wouldn’t use the word shocked, right? You know, I’m very troubled by it, but you know, I think the reason that we have this investigation is because there are a lot of things that are unexplained. And I think we’re getting deeply into the situation, and we’ll be able to sort out exactly what happened.

HH: I’m not going to ask you, because you wouldn’t answer whether there will be indictments or not. But when do you expect that the public will know a definitive assessment of where the U.S. Attorney Durham is going?

WB: As soon as we feel we have something that we are confident in to tell the people about.

HH: Is that imminent?

WB: No, it’s not imminent. But I’m not sure what imminent means. I’m not sure what imminent means, but it’s not imminent.

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303 Responses to Report: U.S. Attorney John Durham Expanded Team in Recent Weeks…

  1. Bogeyfree says:

    These comments by Barr and the addition of a RICO expert suggests to me that Biden May just step down we’ll BEFORE the Democratic Convention or make his VP selection very soon.


    Because Barr just told them what they need to do.

    “You don’t go after candidates. You don’t indict candidates or perhaps someone that’s SUFFICIENTLY CLOSE to a candidate.”

    So who would might be the biggest name they would want to protect if massive RICO indictments were coming?

    And what if that person’s wife was named VP on the ticket or steps up to the top spot if Joe steps down?

    The only question the reporter didn’t ask was……

    Mr. Barr would a spouse qualify as SUFFICIENTLY CLOSE?

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    • Jim Comey is a Weasel_Doug says:

      **Scratches head wondering who BF might be referring to**

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      • Patriot1783 says:

        Michelle Obama


      • hanna693 says:

        Oh people, you all ought to know right now, that is never as good as think it is going to be. I doubt if Biden is going anywhere. He’s a sure shot to lose to Trump anyway. Yes, he would have to get Michelle in there to win. We want Obama to go down, but he never will. What this article shows, is that these people in FBI and CIA may be mixed up with the narcotic drug trade. which should be no surprise. They never attack the drug traffickers, the fentanyl from China, and the fentanyl , heroin and meth form Mexico. Why? Even Trump has not addressed it coming from China! These are the drugs people overdose on. All the government seems to care about is prescription drugs


    • islandpalmtrees says:

      What about this statement from, Bill Barr “I don’t think any of the people whose actions are under review by Durham fall into that category.” This is like a puzzle piece that just won’t fit.


      • Bogeyfree says:

        Well TODAY none of the top dogs are connected to Biden’s campaign.

        Key word – YET

        But if it gets too the odds might suggest connections may occur and quickly IMO.


        • Truth seeker says:

          Biden did announce that he wants to put together a cabinet and transition team soon. It never made sense to me as to why he would go through that effort so soon. I guess now we know.

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        • Scott Allan Cole says:

          Yeah, but if Biden decided to name anyone to his campaign, Barr can always give him a heads up. I think that would be the case rather than avoid making the indictment.


        • Marsha Frey says:

          I think WB is talking different cases here. There is the investigation on the Ukraine, Biden, etc. That’s ongoing. But I think his conversation here is referring to the FISA and Crossfire crimes which are different, Biden’s time can come later – he’s not going to be president. I think its the FBI, DOJ, NSA and all those evil seditious cretins are who WB is referring to in this interview.


      • rickinhouston says:

        What I took away from it is they are focusing on Brennan, Clapper, Comey… None of them are tied to a candidate. They can always go after Biden later.

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        • Ray Runge says:

          I am thinking that Bogey refers Obumbles himself as a possible person of interest and Big Mike as a VP candidate would offer full protection during the campaign season.

          Such a fine and intriguing thought on an otherwise government muck inspired Friday morning.

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      • simon says:

        no one went after Nixon. but he eventually got caught up in the vortex until some one implicated the office of the president. This process is the same. Once the indictments start we need only wait for a “John Dean”
        to surface.


    • Trump2020 says:

      Hillary needs a weak presidential running mate that would quickly die off soon after being elected – Biden was chosen for a reason: he will sacrifice himself as a weak presidential candidate to make way for Vice President Hillary to realize her dream


      • trnathens says:

        Can we all agree that absent PDJT running for President Hillary wins? Can we all agree on that? But for PDJT Hillary would be President.

        OK. And, we all agree that the Clintons are schemers, which by definition means planners. And, we know that Hillary would never be happy with just one term. So, even before being elected there was a plan to ensure re-election, I mean there had to be, right?

        Why would she need a plan to be re-elected? Think back to where we were the day before the election. Where was the stock market? Where were the unemployment numbers? What was the general feeling in the business world?

        (absent the excitement PDJT brought, because in this scenerio, PDJT didn’t run, so there is no excitement).

        What would Hillary love to have as a legacy? Green New Deal, anyone? Think AOC came up with that on her own? But how to do it? Continue malaise of Obama years, complaining about no magic wands. Using NSA to keep political enemies in line/check/the morgue. She never would have issued tariffs against China. No trade war. All China, all the time. Tech companies getting further into bed with them. Jobs gone. Borders wide open. Malaise has grown to dismay. And to keep revolt from happening….a virus.

        Lockdown. Stay-at-home orders. Criminalization. No courts for redress. The models, predicting horrible death numbers. Fauci and Brix, saying the same things, but with Hillary’s doom and gloom. Would we be aching to open, like we are, or would we be hunkered down, even more scared? Remember, we wouldn’t have an amazing economy TO GET BACK TO, because it wouldn’t exist. All of a sudden, paychecks from the gov’t would look real good,

        Listen to what the Democrats are saying, and imagine if Hillary was President. Locked down for months. Who could complain? Press would label you a traitor. NSA would ruin you. Small businesses? Gone. Welfare state? Check.

        Why are they calling for mail-in voting? Because that’s what they were going to do. To ensure her RE-ELECTION against anyone. No one could beat her. Imagine the Squad under Hillary’s direction. We wouldn’t know who Peter Strozk is. Let alone Lisa Page.

        This virus was planned to ensure a second Hillary term, and then perpetual Democrat rule. Whitmer was supposed to be auditioning for Hillary’s SECOND term. Then she would carry the mantle in 2024 and 2028.

        How do I know? Because of what they were asking for in the “relief” bills. They already had the Democrat versions written up years ago. Again, imagine Hillary as President when they are asking for “mail-in voting”, “checks for illegals”, “opening up the borders”, carbon leveraging against the airlines for bailout money, just pick one of their “crazy” ideas, and ask yourself, would it have been crazy if Hillary was President? Or would it have been their PLAN to get everything they wanted because…they could now.

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        • trnathens says:

          Like Sundance says…there are trillions at stake.


          • YvonneMarie says:

            And much of it may go up in smoke.
            Then gold & silver will be the main staple again.
            Most government workers will be out of employment funds LOL !!!!
            Social security ?
            Medicare ?
            I bet it gets factored in 🙂


        • WhiteBoard says:

          The Weather Underground hasnt stopped and is a domestic terrorist organization

          Bill Ayers has 53 matching analogies in his book and Obama’s ghost written book.

          Michelle O was mentored in Chicago by Bill Ayer’s wife.
          the doctor that filmed people dying in the hospital (CHristine something) against HIPPA rules , went to Chicago – knows Bernadine..

          Obama was helped into Harvard by Percy Sutton’s letter… Saudi request

          Enemy of my enemy is my friend. Weather underground partnered with terrorist and have an ongoing operation on this country via COVID


          • trnathens says:

            The Weather Underground is a small part of the larger picture.

            BTW, just got a random call on my cell phone with a NY number (212), and when I said “Hello” I was greeted with a pre-recorded voice in what sounded like Chinese.


      • Кomrade Яetslag says:

        The Democrats have two dominate groups: Obama Team and Clinton Team. These two are rivals. Biden is loyal to the Obama Team. So, I doubt that Biden will pick Hillary as his VP.


        • Ken Lawson says:

          I’m not sure I buy all the logic being laid out here, but I will say to your statement that you doubt Biden would pick Hillary, this is not his choice and it’s not Hillary’s or Obama’s choice. They are all working for a far more powerful group than any of them could be by themselves. Barry Obama ran because the globalists who control the Deep State both here and around the world told him to run. Hillary was also told to run. Michelle would run as VP if they told her to. Biden will pick who he is told to pick. Hillary will step in if she’s told to. Soros and his ilk are the power behind everything from the left.

          So, what happens will come from far above Biden, Hillary, Barry, or anyone on the public stage for the Democrats. They are just puppets. Barry was so bad at thinking for himself that he had to have that Blackberry so he could receive orders at any time from them through Valerie Jarrett. She’d call him and tell him what to do. That’s why he also couldn’t speak a clear sentence without a teleprompter.

          Don’t think for a second that these politicians are the ones in control. That’s way above their pay grade.


          • trnathens says:

            Ken, I agree with you on about 90% of what you said. The only point about which I disagree is the Clintons.

            When she finally gave a concession speech, she AND Bill were wearing black and purple. The “death of royalty”. Purple has ALWAYS been a color of royalty. I think I read somewhere that it is the combination of the stability of blue with the fieriness of red.

            The Clintons are leading members of that “far more powerful group than any of them could be by themselves.” I believe Obama was a useful vessel, the purpose of which was to break America’s spirit. I believe that 9/11 (panic, fear, war!), Swine Flu (not contagious enough and too deadly), and SARS (highly contagious, but not too deadly) were early attempts to achieve the same goal. Global panic, requiring shutdowns.

            The only problem? GWB won the election in 2000, and not AlGore. GWB wasn’t supposed to win. And what did AlGore run on? Adopting the Kyoto Protocol, which is basically like the Green New Deal.

            Did anyone stop to think why they called it the Green New Deal? We didn’t need a New Deal, because President Trump had fixed our economy, but again, Hillary was supposed to be president. It WOULD HAVE BEEN a New Deal to help the dead American economy recover, in their image, the way they’ve been dreaming for decades.

            Regardless, she and he were presenting themselves as fallen martyrs. Even then, she was signaling to the larger group the next steps to take. It’s not conspiracy THEORY (a CIA-derived term to discredit those who question the government), it’s conspiracy FACT.


  2. TradeBait says:

    B2 remains on the clock as the draft continues…


  3. KMD says:

    Instead of skipping over an important aspect, and jumping right into playing the latest edition of ‘blame game’, I focus on the probing nature of the questions, as a means to determine the MO of the ‘interviewer’…

    The more I read these ‘interviews’, the more transparent it becomes that they are nothing more than attempts to ‘peek behind the curtain’ of Durham’s ‘production’. AG Barr has known this, all along. Hence, his intentionally vague, evasive replies. AG Barr is too smart to give any of those dirty dogs a ‘bone’ of information to chew on…

    Some folks here seem to feel entitled to that same ‘bone’ of information? Why, because it would satiate their inner frustration? Sorry folks, that ain’t how this works…
    There are some very bad, very influential people that need held accountable. And, it needs to be done in a manner that is airtight from legal scrutiny, because these evil bastards know every dirty trick in the book. Naturally, that translates into little/no information or updates to the public. So, instead of being frustrated by a self-perceived “lack of action”, consider the fact that precious few details circulating about Durham is evidence that his ship remains watertight….a very good thing!!!

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    • stripmallgrackle says:

      Frustrating as it may be, Barr’s reticence beats the Mueller/Schiff/Pelosi drip-drip-drip of tactical politically motivated leaks by a country mile. It’s the type of discipline we would expect from an attorney who knows his investigation could lead to real prosecutions which might be compromised by loose lips.

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    • islandpalmtrees says:

      Judging by the impeachment effort, they are apparently adding new pages to the “dirty tricks book”.

      So who or what is the mouse, and who or what is cheese? Hugh Hewitt (HH) is not getting what he’s after, yet. (Cheese), where is Barr going and how will he react.


    • timothy says:

      Or, Barr could be a skunk.

      But, your reasoning is sound; given the presupposition is that Barr is not a skunk.


      • hanna693 says:

        It’s because both sides are involved, but Barr needs to let both sides have it. They have already hurt our country beyond recognition, what have they got to lose. All of them owe favors and Barr acts like he’s scared. I tell you why Obama got away with everything, because he was pro-establishment like Bush. Holder never once hesitated to support Obama and he was loud about it.Trump is not pro-establishment and right now we are paying for voting Trump in. He’s the only one that could have won it for the rethugs but they are still working against him. They would rather have a dem win. Paul Ryan works at the head of Fox News.


    • The addition of Scarpelli seems a very positive sign to me. He has the credentials with 20 years as a Fed, near 30 overall but most important, he is the current Chief in Washington DC. He has been navigating the swamp for most of his career and Durham is an outsider there.

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    • LULU says:

      KMD, LIKE.

      How much luck would the anxious, impatient doubters have getting full disclosure of facts and evidence, and indictments “Right now, because I said so!”, about a simple case of homicide by badgering the district attorney and prosecutor?

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    • Brian in CA4 says:

      Yes, Hewitt is a deep state, chamber of commerce cheerleader and overall sellout (aka RINO), pretending to be a conservative…in my opinion. Hewitt’s radio ratings have suffered as this has been exposed over the last 10 years. He’s been relegated to the 3AM-6AM slot by the Salem radio station here in the Sacramento area. The question is, why does Barr feel compelled to do this interview with Hewitt?


  4. flatlandgoober says:

    Tick tock, tick tock again, eh?


    • J says:

      I honestly feel the end game here is to run out the clock on the statutes of limitations for major players involved and to save face, they’ll indict some low level assistant to the assistant because you know – “zero tolerance” for breaking the rules.

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      • mac says:

        I have read all the 167 comments in this thread. I’ve seen a lot of moaners and people who are damned impatient to see the start of judicial proceedings. While I can’t blame them, and have written President Trump to let him know I think we need to see SOMEONE indicted and jailed, I have not lost faith. My thinking is that of J.J. Sefton of Ace of Spades, who wrote the following:

        “Good morning, kids. Friday, and another grim milestone of yet another day of America held hostage. Let me start off by declaring here and now that come this November, I will gladly crawl over molten lava, eat ground glass washed down with a mug of battery acid, and contemplate necrophilia with the moldering bones of Helen Thomas to vote for Donald Trump.”

        Make no mistake, President Trump is our last hope before we pick up guns and start shooting. I’ll follow him as far as I can because if we have to go to the last box, the price of victory will be inestimably high

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        • J says:

          Might be worth clarifying my comment… I do not think this has anything to do with Trump actually. I feel the institution of the justice department is not really about justice anymore and he can only do so much in his role and with his appointments. I know people say he can fire and hire at will, but as we have seen, that is not truly the case in today’s sensationalized media and corrupt govt. So with that said, I too fully agree with you and Ace of Spades in that I will most certainly crawl over the layers and layers of discarded N95 masks, over the grease and lard stained shirt of Gov Pritzker, and past the deafening screeches of angry militant Karens to vote for Donald J. Trump this November all while being labeled insensitive, ignorant, mean, evil, facist, inhumane, unworthy, and unfit for life.

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    • inspectorudy says:

      Speaking of the clock, if the indictments aren’t revealed before the election and Trump loses then there will be no indictments. The entire team including Barr knows this and will act accordingly.


  5. L4grasshopper says:

    And ANOTHER thing I’d like to get the truth about…..just what the effing heck was Huber all about? And how was Sessions REALLY involved with his supposed investigation, which appears to have been a huge head fake by the corrupt DOJ?

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    • henry says:

      Seems fitting that SyFy ran the entire Battlestar Gallatica series this week and with respect to your question; the final episode is called “The Plan” where the Brothers Cavil find out they didn’t know squat about humans, got suckered into emotionalism, and got screwed.

      Trust Sessions.
      Trust Jeff.
      Huber’s got this.
      Trust the Plan.

      There never was any plan. It was all head fakes.

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    • hokkoda says:

      Huber’s job was to pacify us but do nothing because if he had done anything Mueller would have used it against Trump for an obstruction of justice charge and subsequent impeachment. Everything we now know points to the fact that Mueller’s only purpose was to try and set up Pres. Trump on an obstruction of justice charge for the articles of impeachment. There was no Russian collusion, they knew it even before Trump was elected. So, Sessions had to do something to try and quiet down the rabble because Pres. Trump was being railroaded. If Huber had done what Durham appears to be doing, it would have been an epic shit show and impeachment charges for certain. And a lot of GOP Senators would have gone along with it.

      By waiting, sickening as it is, we have learned quite a bit more than we would have had Pres. Trump been run through the impeachment wringer in 2018.

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  6. crasey says:

    “Supervised and managed complex litigation involving an FBI agent who tampered with evidence in dozens of cases.”

    That may explain why Scarpelli and why now. Holding a TS/SCI clearance for a section chief in the DC US Attorney’s Office is pretty much a job requirement.

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  7. J says:

    Not to be selfish but have would loved it if HH asked WB a side question on the timeline for justice against state officials who violated basic constitutional rights as part of their coronavirus lockdowns. I kind of feel that is more pressing at the moment, but what do I know.

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  8. EggsX1 says:

    How can this be good news? If this was a serious investigation, you would need an army of top secret investigators from day one because all the evidence is classified. This is a distraction move … they bring in a new guy every couple months, maybe this one gets them past the election. If Trump wins, they’ll bring on a new guy and bide for more time.


    • ILOT says:

      It is pretty clear that Durham and Barr are not casting a wide net on this. If they were, first off as you say it would take a team much larger than the Meuller hit squad.

      That said, this is a very targeted case. Just my thoughts but I think they are after Brennan and or clapper and or Comey. Everyone keeps saying Barr will “protect” the institution with another cover up. Sure, protect the integrity if the institution with yet another cover up? Nope. Some one is going to jail, in my opinion. PDJT for one will not accept any other outcome…Remember his helicopter presser quote from a few months back; “we caught them all”. He was not lying….

      A couple points in the interview that I read differently. Barr said clearly, in my opinion that anyone interested in playing politics need not bother. In other words, (HRC) if you plan to give yourself an exemption from this investigation by running for POTUS or being the VEEP pick, it won’t happen. I think the same could be true for Obama as her husband gets run through the ringer on his part int his charade. For his part, the swamp will take care of Biden when they realize there is no way he is going to get elected. PDJT will tear him up.

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      • LULU says:

        If you really think about “protecting the institutions”, what would protect it more than surgically removing the gangrenous personnel at the top? Exposing them, prosecuting them, getting them out of there once and for all. That is the only way I see the institutions being protected. And I believe Barr knows that…

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        • ILOT says:

          That’s exactly how I’ve seen it all along LULU. PDJT is not going to let this go away #1. #2 I think there is enough in the public domain that a moron knows what happened; only hard left commies deny or defend. The only way for the DOJ to redeem itself is remove the heart and soul (brennan, comey, clapper) and theoretically rebuild it. The hope has to be to send a message you don’t mess with the office of the president…even if it is Trump with all his punctilio….


    • Perot Conservative says:

      Durham was assembling investigators 6 months before AG Barr was even sworn in.

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  9. regitiger says:

    two key points:


    hiring DOJ prosecutors do not inspire confidence! AT ALL! Is this some kind of union mandate? How is the world is BARR and DURHAM going to overcome the problems that are predictable from hiring prosecutors who are members of a straight up culture of crapola? Who are these people? Name them! Lets see their performance history? Any worked with Barr on Ruby Ridge? Any holdovers from the years when Durham Blew it in Connecticut with Pope?


    As I have stated before, the scale of corruption and conspiracy and criminal violation for the entire coup saga is galactic in size. At least 100-200 people would be involved DIRECTLY. We are talking about key decision makers, their staff and legal counsel, the former administration, …we are talking about CIA, FBI, DOJ, all those private IC “contractors”…NSA, DOD, State Department, and the Obama administration staff, including chief of staff. We are talking about hundreds of people who would be aware of at least one aspect of the multiple layers of this criminal fraud!
    So when I read that Durham has hired a couple of new guys, I’m not impressed. NOT ONE BIT. To perform a complete and thorough examination, collect and interview witness statements, track down evidence, and establish grand jury orders….To get THE JOB DONE..we are talking at least 50-100 prosecutors. In addition, due to the multiple layers of the MANY criminal violation TYPES (fisa, leaks, unlawful witness statements before a court of law, FISC irregularities, manufactured “evidence”, cover up and repeat of fisa applications intentionally on fraud basis, lying before congress under oath in the house ( by at least 8 people), abuse of powers, criminal violations by way of abuse of powers under color of law…and more..and more…and more)…So to tackle ALL of these multiple layers of different crimes….with different groups of people who are involved directly and also in concert (co-conspirators) would require not just only more prosecutors, but logicall, rationally, effectively one would assume that BARR would have established separate SC teams…Yet, we are to believe that one single SC, Durham with a gaggle of what is it now…11 maybe 15….ok, lets call it 20 prosecutors…lets be generous…because you know it takes at least 2-6 prosecutors to run the coffee mess and sharpen the pencils.

    No folks…this is not the way to investigate the crimes THAT WE KNOW WERE COMMITTED!

    What does this mean? Barr and Durham have decided to aim their focus and run sweeping…

    that’s it.

    now…President Trump. …

    it’s up to you to defend yourself and to explain to the American voters who backed you all the way:

    why are you NOT FIRING BARR AND WRAY…Like right NOW?

    don’t you see what is coming?

    You OWE it to your voters to take action. WE SEE IT COMING.

    get rid of these people..start cleaning shop across the board….YOU HAVE THE EMERGENCY POWERS AND THE STARS ARE ALIGNED RIGHT NOW THANKS TO THIS PANDEMIC.

    USE IT!

    release the hounds.

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  10. ARTHUR says:

    Sessions? Nothing. Barr? Nothing. Durham? Still nothing. But go ahead and put as many of your associates on payroll as you please, because all of it means nothing coming up to almost three and a half years under the current administration. I’ve been given no reason for optimism. So then do they know that they’ll have four and half more years? Kinda looks like they do.

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  11. Bogeyfree says:

    How hard would it have been for this reporter to ask………

    Mr. Barr, Where is the Wiener Laptop and it’s contents and did you or your team ever review all of its contents?

    Here is what Sidney Powell’s said she would do with this first hand EVIDENCE……

    If I were the President, I would DEMAND the Anthony Wiener Laptop and get it to my most trusted person in the military to take apart everything on it and start using it. There’s a lot that can be prosecuted on that Laptop.

    I heard that some of the NYPD officers who saw some of it even though they are hardened investigators literally had to go throw up. It’s bad!

    Wiener Laptop and Hammer Hard Drives IMO is the only way to get to the Top Dogs.

    Funny that both of these hard pieces of evidence have been in FIB/DOJ custody going back to fall 2015 and almost 5 years later, not a peep. I wonder why that is?

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  12. gary says:

    i assume hewitt mispoke when he said ‘obvious connection to president trump’ he meant obama.


    • mr.piddles says:

      Or Biden.

      I know, it’s a bit of a weird perspective from Hewitt… but I guess if you consider the Ball Of Suck in its entirety, everybody’s connected to everybody else… Trump, Comey, Obama, Brennan, Steele, Strzok, etc. etc. etc. So you typically think of all the relationships as one big interconnected thing. The only POSSIBLE overlap with the 2020 election would be if Biden himself were DIRECTLY implicated in some way, or somebody very close to Biden (CoS or whatever). Which he may be… but still, doesn’t stop you from going after everybody else.


  13. lolli says:

    Scarpelli has been in DC since 2000.

    From this site, this is just a quick copy paste of a portion of what is on his bio.

    “Evaluate requests for major investigatory steps, such as wiretap authorizations and GPS data collection.
    Act as a liaison to law enforcement agencies including the FBI, DEA, ATF, HSI, and other federal and local law enforcement agencies.
    Supervised and managed complex litigation involving an FBI agent who tampered with evidence in dozens of criminal cases.
    Developed and implemented Office’s threats and escape prosecution protocol.
    Top Secret/SCI Clearance.”

    Not feeling the love, myself. But, it doesn’t help I only think of Ruby Ridge every time I see Barr’s mug.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Bogeyfree says:

      Does it say if he ever worked with the folks who texted a lot to each other?

      Liked by 1 person

      • lolli says:

        Still poking around. He did a stint in the Virgin Islands, not long.
        I need to get into more specifics now.


      • lolli says:

        Curious if others realize the ties that go all the way back to Barr’s first gig as AG.

        “Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Joe Biden, though disagreeing with Barr, responded that it was the “first candid answer” he had heard from a nominee on a question that witnesses would normally evade; Biden hailed Barr as “a throwback to the days when we actually had attorneys general that would talk to you.”[36] Barr was approved unanimously by the Senate Judiciary Committee, was confirmed by voice vote by the full Senate,[37][38] and was sworn in as Attorney General on November 26, 1991.[39]”

        Liked by 1 person

    • Aglais says:

      ” managed complex litigation involving an FBI agent who tampered with evidence” Clinesmith. Should be a slam-dunk prosecution with jail time. Even the blind will be able to see, thus awakening the sleepy masses to the point of accepting the follow-on prosecution of Brennan and Clapper and their lying under oath. Then an even easier step to ‘Corney’, McCabe, Strzok et al.


  14. Bogeyfree says:

    So according to WB documents, there was a statement that said……

    In Feb 2009, the Hammer Program went from a foreign surveillance tool to a domestic surveillance tool.

    If this is true, one would think to reclassify something back then as big and secretive as the Hammer Program, it would require some type of order, maybe an executive order or at least some paperwork sign off right?

    So has Tom Fitton ever considered digging for the paperwork or orders that may have reclassified this surveillance tool if this truly occurred?

    If so, then wouldn’t it be easier to possibly prove intent if one had the FOIA paperwork or orders to reclassify this surveillance tool if they exist?

    Does Fitton read here?


  15. islandpalmtrees says:

    I think the key phrase is “chief of the violent crimes and narcotics section”. Who is Durham going after, someone or some people connected to violent crimes and/or narcotics.

    Was the pandemic a creation involving multiple people within the U.S.?
    Is this a matter of cleaning up old business, like Seth Rich – since it involves the DNC?
    Is this a matter of settling old scores with Hillary Clinton?


    • islandpalmtrees says:

      Was the pandemic a creation involving multiple people within the U.S.? I think Yes, and more.


    • FTA:

      “…Durham’s scrutiny of the Russia intelligence is “like a proctologist,” one source told CNN…”


      My guess: People (rightfully) expecting JUSTICE are going to be disappointed by the smell of what this ‘proctoligist’ is going to shovel out.

      “No reasonable proctologist would expect you to swallow THIS BS… but I WILL.”

      —BS Durham 2020, or 2021. ’22? ok, MAYBE ’23? ’24?…???

      (Don’t worry folks. Durham and Barr share calendars that have big red circles around the dates that denote when the statutes of limitations apply)

      Liked by 1 person

  16. LULU says:

    I keep seeing “report”, as though the main thing a prosecutor like Durham would produce would be “a report”. Ingraham asked Barr about that and he pretty much squelched it, saying (paraphrased) “there might be a report, but it would be a byproduct of his (Durham’s) work, which is to bring anyone who was engaged in criminal activity to justice”. My words, not Barr’s. But he emphasized that Durham is a prosecutor, not someone readying a report…

    Liked by 2 people

  17. hereslooking says:

    It often seems like America’s enemies are marching in goose step down Pennsylvania Avenue while our chosen defenders are playing checkers in the park. We have a shirtsleeve President and VP, up early and up late working. Where are the other troops?


    • If you mean where are the other so-called Republican troops, they are conspiring with McConnell to get rid of the thorn in McConnell’s backside – PDJT. That can be the only explanation – reinforcing what Sundance says about trillions as stake.



  18. PCS says:

    I’ve been assuming that DOJ investigators would have access to US Treasury data and Treasury investigators and data scientists which would include all financial transactions, everywhere, with the ability to mine the data for transactions affiliated in any way with certain person.

    Anyone know if that is the case?


    • Bogeyfree says:

      When you have the authority to declassify everything, I would assume it includes access to all Treasury data too!

      Did they ever complete putting Secret Service Dept back under Treasury?


  19. nerveman says:

    Low hanging fruit………Clinesmith. You could put that indictment together in a week or two. A re examination of James Wolfe would be easy. Yet I expect anything Durham does will be very linear and laser focused on one criminal indictment that will involve false statements under oath. Clapper Brennan and or Comey. Considering ADM Michael S. Rogers has been supposedly interviewed on multiple occasions that would lead me to believe it will be about the origins of Crossfire Hurricane only and those at the originating core of it. I say this though…….A proper investigation of that could lead anywhere if enough pressure was put on the right people. Clapper and Brennan wouldn’t want to die in jail. Proper pressure is a rare thing . Comey will reflect right back to Clapper and Brennan. Clapper and Brennan will be just be a fog of testimony that will never go farther back than them. There would be a MSM howl of outrage.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Bogeyfree says:

      Exactly which is why IMO they MUST go back to the Hammer Program.

      If indeed that was led by Clapper as some articles suggest, then someone above him had to put out the edict in Feb 2009 to move this from a foreign surveillance tool to a domestic surveillance tool.

      Dig here and you are 1-2 steps from the top dogs IMO and that trail should not be that hard to follow.


  20. waterthelibertytree01 says:

    The below applies to what I feel is going on in several areas:

    1 – CFH, Mueller, Impeachment, Corona/Bills Funding, State Gov house arrest decrees
    2 – Congress on the take from Chinese/Other bad actors/USCoC
    3 – Old ‘Scandal Free Admin” snafu’s, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, ISIS creation.

    among others….it’s all one big SH&T PILE, It must end or our great experiment is over.

    RICO law refers to the prosecution and defense of individuals who engage in organized crime. In 1970, Congress passed the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act in an effort to combat Mafia groups. Since that time, the law has been expanded and used to go after a variety of organizations, from corrupt police departments to motorcycle gangs. RICO law should not be thought of as a way to punish the commission of an isolated criminal act. Rather, the law establishes severe consequences for those who engage in a pattern of wrongdoing as a member of a criminal enterprise.

    Title 18, Section 1961 of the United States Code sets forth a long list of racketeering activities, the repeated commission of which can form the basis of a RICO Act claim. These underlying federal and state offenses exist independently of the act, and include the crimes of homicide, kidnapping, extortion, and witness tampering. Racketeering activities also include property crimes such as robbery and arson. A number of financial crimes are also listed, such as money laundering, counterfeiting, securities violations, as well as mail and wire fraud.

    Liked by 1 person

  21. hokkoda says:

    Big picture: Durham is focused appropriately on the IC and the counterintelligence division at FBI. Hence the people he has added, and the RICO component of this which is something I’ve been saying for awhile. The issue, as always, has been “what exactly do you charge them with?” Treason? That’s a pretty tough case. Do you use RICO? Yes, and I want to say that Durham has experience using RICO against government people, and he certainly has organized crime experience. Get used to the phrase “conspiracy to commit…” in the context of 4th Amendment violations, lying to courts, and a host of other activities. Sedition has a conspiracy component to it as well, so I wouldn’t rule out that they’re at least looking at Sedition. Whether they go for the gold on that is hard to say. I’m a skeptic. Government doesn’t prosecute its own.

    You also have things like the role of DoD in funneling money to pay for guys like Halper to try and give CIA/IC plausible deniability…an air gap…just like how the Clinton’s used their lawyers to pay FusionGPS to pay Steele. That monetary component is a big piece of this. Follow the money. Where did that $10,000 dropped on Papadopolous come from, for example?

    Again, I’m a cynic about this stuff, but I’m a persuadable cynic. You don’t scale up an investigation and bring in guys like Durham has brought in if you’re going to “write a report” or do nothing at all.

    Everything here points to him about to go nuclear.

    Liked by 4 people

    • waterthelibertytree01 says:

      i feel many of the bad actors in govt will be charged under RICO stating the obvious “Conspiracy to Overthrow the US Govt” It carries an easier prosecution with good evidence. Treason will be harder, but some will get that tag as deserved.


      • waterthelibertytree01 says:

        and any so called report will not be a report, but a filed law doc/indictment listed here:


      • hokkoda says:

        Sedition, to me, is the most straightforward charge.


        • waterthelibertytree01 says:

          you’re right. And, I believe Sedition = Conspiracy against the USA.

          Liked by 1 person

          • hokkoda says:

            Yep, “seditious conspiracy”, 18 USC $2384:

            If two or more persons in any State or Territory, or in any place subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, conspire to overthrow, put down, or to destroy by force the Government of the United States, or to levy war against them, or to oppose by force the authority thereof, or by force to prevent, hinder, or delay the execution of any law of the United States, or by force to seize, take, or possess any property of the United States contrary to the authority thereof, they shall each be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both.


          • hokkoda says:

            I don’t know that the RICO Act has been used to prosecute sedition. It targets organized crime, but I get your point. There’s no question that what the FBI and Mueller were doing can be accurately described as racketeering:

            Racketeering is a criminal activity in which a person or organization engages in a “racket.” A racket is when the criminal creates a problem for others for the purpose of solving that problem by some type of extortion. The person or organization who engages in the racket is called a racketeer.

            They created a problem, and tried to coerce the President and many of his staff and former aides into an extortion scheme: plead guilty or we destroy your lives using the “justice” system.


      • hokkoda says:

        THE hardest part about this is the prosecution. You’re going to have jurors who will lie to get on the jury because in their warped minds “sedition” was totally justified. Whatever it takes to stop Pres. Trump is legal. That’s our new normal in America today.


      • jebg46 says:

        Could treason indicate conspiring with foreign entities? Was it Brenan or Clapper who went to Russia? Also a few agents went to London, Australia, even New Zealand, definitely Italy. The 5 Eyes were definitely involved.


    • Praise be the Lord.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Bogeyfree says:

      I pray you are right as like many, I want so much to see equal justice under the law applied, even if it involves people who work or worked for the DOJ, C_A and FIB.

      For IMO what has been done by a large group of perpetrators over the past 11 years is mind boggling and frankly this is our last hope IMO.

      I guess 10 years out of 11 years of nothing has tainted me and left me a very doubting Thomas.

      Liked by 1 person

      • hokkoda says:

        I’m a total cynic about it. There are two stories I always share with people as a reminder. 1) Nobody was fired after 9/11. 2) Longer. There was a huge forest fire out west many years ago. About a dozen fire fighters were killed in a bureaucratic screw up that prevented them from being rescued. Nobody was fired, nobody was prosecuted. The guilty parties were “reassigned”.

        I think I read recently that an FBI or DOJ employee caught with child porn on his computer was let go, but would not be prosecuted. There was a Dep US Attorney also who leaked Grand Jury testimoney…also let go not prosecuted. The list goes on and on.


        • Right to reply says:

          Savvy lawyers who are patriots, would do well to quote these cases in defense of their own clients! That way the misdemeanors of others would never be out of the spotlight.

          But your honor, my client only kidnapped a teenager for sex. If Bill Clinton can do it…etc etc

          Liked by 1 person

          • hokkoda says:

            THE biggest thing that James Comey said in his now-infamous July 2016 press conference was when he said, paraphrasing, “If any government employees think they will get this exception, forget about it. This is a carve out for Hillary Clinton because she is Hillary Clinton.”

            It was one of those few times you get to hear that two-tiered justice system called out explicitly in favor of the rich and powerful.


    • Perot Conservative says:

      Hookoda, interesting point you have there. And I’ll raise you one.

      Month’s ago, George Papadalolous was broadcasting he was going to bring the $10,000 CASH to the US for a big show and tell.

      It never happened. Why? Saving it for trial, not wanting to prejudice the construct?

      Liked by 1 person

  22. gsonFIT says:

    Regardless of DOJ actions, the timing will be interpreted by the media as a direct order by President Trump to disrupt his political opponent during an election. So I dont really see how it matters when DOJ acts as long as MSM is going to spin it as a negative against PDJT.

    BTW before Hillary and Obama we never had to worry about Presidential candidates criminality. Because of those two’s pathological personalities the media makes all candidates out to be crooks


  23. Graham Pink says:

    I imagine the machinations of the DNC are happening outside of ear-shot of Joe.
    One of the symptoms of advancing dementia is a loss of a filter.
    Joe hears what’s going on he’s liable to blab it all in public.

    Liked by 1 person

  24. Tom says:

    More and more looking like a classic DC boondoggle. Barr/Durham are already too late to do anything before the election. Reminds me of the Black Panther voter intimidation prosecution where the incoming Obama administration just quashed the guilty plea and applauded their “activism”. Barr/Durham is already guaranteed to do nothing.


    • Perot Conservative says:

      Both AG Barr, and days early Joe diGenova, both said that Durham will move forward. The decision has been made.

      Clapper, Brennan, Page, Strzok, etc. not politicians.


  25. Kristin DeBacco says:

    Anthony Scarpelli…” Violent Crimes..” Are we talking about Seth Rich?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Bogeyfree says:

      One would think the murder or sex trafficking..

      Could you imagine if Durham’s Investigation open up the whole sex trafficking crimes at a high level?

      It would stun, stun America and the MSM who would most likely try and deny it but hopefully the evidence is undeniable.


    • hokkoda says:

      You’re probably not the only person to notice that today…
      Seems to me Durham needed a “local” with the clearances to support him.

      A guy used to prosecuting drug dealers won’t have a hard time adjusting the prosecuting Brennan and Comey. Or following the money trails.


  26. Sundance I feel your pain!


  27. mr.piddles says:

    Best move by The Obama/Clinton Coup Cabal at this point:

    1.) Knock off Biden. Either the hard way or the easy way, your choice. Who knows, maybe he’ll welcome the news and just go along with it.

    2.) Install Comey/Brennan as the Democrat 2020 ticket. That should cover a lot of bases well into the “90-day window”.

    3.) Since Comey/Brennan can’t actually win, in September hot swap Clinton/Somebody or Somebody/Clinton for the two Punchable Faces. Or take your pick of some other professional Democrat Clowns.


    • Brutalus says:

      Is this a reverse troll to trick the Democrats into actually push Comey and Brennan into the spotlight where Trump can hammer them relentessly on FISA abuse and expose them to the masses for the criminals they are?


  28. gary says:

    i’m with the aspca and i’d like to know who tied that mouse up like that. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  29. Commander Kor says:

    To all conservatives: Do NOT be lulled into a fool’s belief that Trump cannot be beaten. You are all focusing on Biden. It does not matter who the candidate is. Daffy Duck, Elmer Fudd or Wylie Coyote all would have same chance. One has to look at the election electorally. Trump won PA, WI and MI in 2016 with Republican governors in 2 of those 3. Both MI and WI are now socialist run. And that means the political apparatus will be against Trump. Add in the intentional destruction of the US economy during Trump’s last year and the plan is clear. Too many powerful and wealthy interests plus China have been challenged by the Trump -led populist revolt. They will never go quietly into the night. Now deduct the electoral votes from those 3 states and put them into the Communist column. Now run the numbers……time to stop chasing rabbits and start thinking! Trump will fight to the bitter end with an excellent campaign. But if turnout does not go to 70%+ by his base, it’s lights out Charlie for the USA. No more Republican presidents in our lifetime.


  30. Rotor says:

    I wonder if the parting shot at the end of this sentence has FBI Director Christopher Wray in mind?

    “…I think that the failure to follow the guidelines and the requirements in preparing FISA
    applications, you know, is very disturbing, especially coming as recently as it has.”

    Liked by 1 person

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