New Jersey Governor Defends Keeping Stay-Home Orders Until Late Summer, or Maybe Next Year….

New Jersey Democrat Governor Phil Murphy is a member of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s economic task force on the Wuhan Virus.  Earlier today Comrade Murphy announced all citizens in the New Jersey Directorate would remain on lock-down, suspending all citizen rights, until the state government declares all signs of the Wuhan Virus are gone.

The North Eastern political ideologues are counting on financing from the Federal government to keep their citizens confined.  Essentially the state of New Jersey will remain on perpetual quarantine until politicians determine it is safe to engage in civic society.

Tonight on Tucker Carlson Comrade Murphy defended his decision. Carlson contrast the state allowing liquor stores to remain open but shutting down religious services.  All determinations are ideological…

It seemed clear several weeks ago this was going to happen.  East coast blue state governors and West coast blue state governors are united to begin the economic civil war planning to block any White House effort to re-open the U.S. economy.  The founders planned for this in Article I, Sec 10 (paragraph 3):

“No state shall, without the consent of Congress, … enter into any agreement or compact with another state”..

The three step plan seems predictable: (1) Get out ahead of President Trump. (2) Defy the ‘all clear’ and shape economic benefit to their political allies. (3) Then use Fauci’s upcoming dossier to hit the administration for heartlessly opening the economy too early.

♦ On the East Coast the governors of New York (Cuomo), New Jersey (Murphy), Connecticut (Lamont), Pennsylvania (Wolfe), Delaware (Carney) and Rhode Island (Raimondo) have started assembling their economic war council with the intent to keep the northeast region shut down.  Controlling critical ports and infrastructure is a key part of their strategy.

EAST COAST — Six Northeast governors will form a working group to come up with a plan to restart [control] the regional economy, they announced on Monday. (link)

♦ On the West Coast the governors of California (Newsom), Oregon (Brown) and Washington State (Inslee) are also assembling their economic war council for similar intents and purposes.  Combined with their political northeastern allies, controlling two-thirds of U.S. ports will give them a strategic advantage to keep choking the economy until after they can install their commanding general in the White House.

WEST COAST – The governors of Washington, California and Oregon on Monday announced they were working on a joint plan for reopening [controlling] their states’ respective economies once it is safe to lift coronavirus-related restrictions.


It appears the Governors rushed to publicity to avoid their enemy, U.S. President Donald Trump, striking strategically against their schemes.   As the interview with Governor Murphy highlights, during this economic war residents within the Blue occupied territories will be held captive to the political whims of their regional generals.

The economic freedom and liberty zone will encompass the Red region.  The center of the country, mid west, southern region (surrounding the Gulf of Mexico) and south eastern Atlantic region.   These areas will be open to commerce and economic freedom.

However, the urban dense populations (Blue pockets within Red zones) will push-back against the efforts of the Red generals in an attempt to retain alignment with their Blue team generals.  Depending on the strength of the urban forces there may be roadblocks, sabotage, skirmishes and political violence against the freedom & liberty Red team.

Red captives within the Blue zones will have to be smart and strategic.  Big Blue tech will be assisting the totalitarian Blue generals. Direct confrontation against the Blue forces should be avoided, and it will likely be a better strategy to fight stealthily as insurgents.

Any Red team member of the economic freedom alliance, trapped within a Blue region, is warned to evaluate their connection to their electronic devices.  Your cell phones could be used as portable transponders expose your movement and your political views.

This is going to be one hell of a battle.  A Spring and Summer conflict like we’ve never seen in the history of U.S. politics outside of actual, physical, civil war.

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447 Responses to New Jersey Governor Defends Keeping Stay-Home Orders Until Late Summer, or Maybe Next Year….

  1. XO says:

    I don’t really see people putting up with this stuff past May 1. There seems to be some significance with that date in people’s minds.

    Here’s what amazes me – when the government says “quarantine yourselves”, it is admitting that it can’t do anything to protect you from the virus. Yet people want the government to have more power. Sheer stupidity.

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    • coastermomohio says:

      There sure is some significance. First they trotted out “15 days to slow the spread” and when the deadline for that came they said “another 30 days should do it!” Fool me once…

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    • Spring hasn’t really fully broken here in NJ….still been chilly, windy & a bit rainy.
      In another week or so – coinciding with May 1st – more or less, it will be full spring in the northeast and no way in hell are normal, healthy people going to stay inside. Closing all the parks in the state and the boardwalks at the Jersey Shore was just plain retarded.

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    • Lying to bring down our economy and collapse our financial system is all in the plan for world domination with a rich byproduct of killing nationalism and ending PDJT’s efforts. It’s all been a lie, a hoax on the seasonal flu hyped by MSM and Left/Globalist fear mongers all in an effort to spin hysteria and bring Americans to their knees – SUBMISSION. Time to step outside our houses, return to work and take back our Republic.

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      • Richie5Angels says:

        I’ve been telling people on these threads for three weeks that they were lying about the death numbers…I was excoriated…that there was something else afoot…now it is all coming out….this has NOTHING to do with a virus…this is the NWO move to take down the country….Trump was duped and bought into the panic because NWO shills Fauci and Birx matched into his office and told him to close it here we sit…which is why the governors are taking even more draconian actions even as things improve…this is NOT going to stop absent war…

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        • I certainly fear you are correct. Interested in how the rally goes in Tallahassee this Saturday or another rally in Michigan. People are not going to sit down or go into lockdown again. It was inspiring to see 4 Sheriffs in MI refuse to enforce these bs laws but it will take a lot more LEO’s to step up, or war is very likely.

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        • As a Man Thinkth says:

          Love your post…inspiring


        • Kay123 says:

          I feel the same way….But!!….this flu is REAL and I
          know people who have been bit by that bug!

          How sure are you?? Willing to die for your rights.???
          If you are so sure… about you put your house
          in MY name? lol 😷😀

          Do you cry because gov. won’t protect you….or will
          you cry because they did?

          I will prefer to limit my contacts to family only if they
          do the same. (And then use my own good judgement.)


  2. Issy says:

    I’m getting pretty tired of the doctor dictators.

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  3. Dwayne Diesel says:

    These governors can bloviate all they want. They can say this and they can say that…

    Bottom line: More and more people are getting angry. People are tired of this. I’m sure those in NJ who are already angry are over the top hearing this and those on the fence hop over to the anger side after hearing this.

    As soon as Trump ends the National Emergency the money stops. As soon as the money stops….people in those states, such as me in CT, will get even angrier.

    The governors will have no choice. And reading between the lines I think Trump’s plan is to use the DOJ to go after any governor that uses their power to infringe on people’s civil rights: you want to force restaurants closed- sorry unconstitutional- here’s your indictment. You won’t let people buy seeds- sorry unconstitutional, here’s your indictment.

    Just my thoughts.

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    • Sugarhillhardrock says:

      I’m with you, Dwayne.
      Even in a far left State like NJ, there are not enough police or soldiers to enforce this idiot governors ridiculous decree, and those police and soldiers will become less inclined to enforce the craziness as they see former left wingers suddenly start defending freedom.
      Those days are approaching very rapidly.

      A government that relies on defective models that were off by a factor of several multiples, is a government that lacks elementary judgment necessary to govern.

      I am waiting to see PDJT’S plan, and it best be very aggressive. Once it is released, Governors who defy it will suffer various forms of mass civil disobedience. That will render their credibility a nullity.

      If they try police action that violates civil rights, AG Barr has already signaled he will step in and the 14th Amendment’s common law interpretation likely gives him the jurisdiction to do so, among other constitutional pronouncements.

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    • lftpm says:

      Amen, Dwayne.

      As a non-lawyer who is not well informed about states’ “police powers”, and as a former homeschooler, I am aware that states’ school anti-truancy laws were upheld to fall under “police powers” a century ago, but private education was ruled to not constitute truancy, and this ultimately included homeschooling.

      On dealing with dangerous epidemics, states were permitted to quarantine the sick, to protect the public at large.

      States have been allowed to regulate mass-assemblies, on a short-term basis, for example protests at political conventions, G-20 meetings and the like.

      But, enacting “house arrest” for all of the population for an indefinite number of months is unprecedented. Americans have the right to work. They have a constitutional right to travel freely. They have a constitutional right to engage in any commerce that has a nexus to interstate trade, that state governments may not interfere against, which is most of our commerce. Americans have a constitutional right to freely exercise their faiths by attending church services, in person.

      The President would not have had the authority to executively infringe upon the aforementioned rights. He did not try to do this. Alas, state governors thought they did possess this authority. If the President orders the abolition of the governors’ draconian regimes, I believe that his orders will be upheld by the federal courts.

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    • Kay123 says:

      I have my doubts also…. that we are being snookered
      by “Deep State Communists”….. who are crushing
      our economy. But there are several groups of bad

      Communist China who wants power of our assets
      here in USA….business, farms, real estate, money,
      Gold and silver… as well as all technical assets, most
      of which they have stolen already by way of anti-Americans.
      Geo. Soros who pays, employs, imports, anti-USA evildoers
      to destroy this country, our people and our economy.
      Deep State…. Democraps and RepubliCONs in representative
      roles to steer the NEW WORLD ORDER into reality.
      MSM…..(mean streak media) communist media news. “Orange
      Man Bad”… hate group. Who lie, spin, stretch, twist, bury
      the truth into…. “fake news.” Collaborated by people at
      the top of the food chain.
      Communist countries that hate the freedoms that the USA
      enjoys. Their people want what we have had for
      over 200 years. The people of those countries won’t
      fight for their own freedoms……but they will come here
      to fight for their right to take ours from us.

      I could go on and on… but most everyone on here already
      knows the reasons. But to the young ones who got
      little education in schools here, these days. Spend a day
      or two reading…..American HISTORY of “hope and corruption.”

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  4. SMR says:

    This was the best NJ citizens could do? Maybe what NJ needs is a thinning of the herd. I’d suggest that might be most efficiently accomplished by simply removing the safety labels on everything…. and just letting nature take its course.

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    • Dwayne Diesel says:

      I’ve been saying that for years. Survival of the fittest.

      I wish someone would stand up, when B. Gates is ranting on about over population, and say “Well, if we stopped trying to protect the idiots of the world with stupid laws and rules, safety notices, etc. then we wouldn’t have a population problem. Darwinism would keep it undercontrol But no, we decided to spend money tpo save the guy who thought it would be smart to blow up an m80 while holding it. If we don’t save him, one less idiot. Rinse and repeat and the population is under control. That’s the problem Bill, we don’t let the world work its wonders.”

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      • coldanger says:

        Gates speaks out of both sides of his mouth. One side advocates population control, while the other wants mandatory inoculations. Since I believe the side that would like to select the desired populace, he obviously has another agenda for touting vaccines. Is it to make more vast sums of money, or is there a surprise waiting inside that vaccine? Maybe both?

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    • Gary says:

      Stop insulting your fellow countrymen as if you are in some way better than they are, or one of them may just “let nature take it’s course”.

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    • paulapatriot says:

      It’s not the people outside the cities in NJ, who are voting for idiots like Murphy. It’s the people in Newark, and Jersey city. The rest of the state are filled w/ Trump people. I’m one of them. Believe me, everyone I know are conservatives. It’s sucks so badly here.

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  5. Orygun says:

    They just want control of the election by using the virus as an excuse. This is the nastiest attempt to control an election in the history of this nation. The Democrat governors have been stealing elections in their states and this shutdown will ensure that it continues with the added benefit of making sure President Trump is not re-elected.

    They may have released the virus on us too soon if we develop herd immunity in time to vote.

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    • Dwayne Diesel says:

      Wont matter if they fast track mail-in voting. That’s the end game- i have seen several news reports now on how voter fraud is a myth in the last few weeks. Why? Framing the narrative to move this forward.

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  6. In response to Carlson’s question of why/how liquor stores were deemed essential businesses, this lying corrupt NJ governor responds that addiction/mental health “experts” advised that shutting down liquor stores would have unintended consequences and various negative impacts.

    Hmmm . . . did not any other experts also point out that shutting his economy down and imposing fascist unconstitutional restrictions on liberties might cause far, far greater unintended consequences, physical and mental health devastation, and other terribly negative impacts on NJ citizens?

    Or are such things only considered if/where/when they fit with his corrupt, ideologically-driven agenda?

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    • paulapatriot says:

      Yeah, that interview was very eye opening. And just for the record, my church is still open and I’ve been attending every Sunday. Those who are old or sick are staying home, but the rest of us are still showing up. We will protest biggly if Murphy tries to shut us down.

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  7. Report from the People’s Republic of NY regarding phony Corona stats.
    A dear friend I’ve known for years just died from ALS/ Lou ‘Gehrig’s Disease. She suffered with this for several years and it was a relief that she passed. Just told by a relative that she “officially” died from Covid19!
    Another friend who had what she thought was a bad cold. She has serious underlying medical issues including asthma and chronic bronchitis. She was just “diagnosed” by her doctor via tele-medicne as having Covid 19. She was never tested. Just told by a doctor who wasn’t anywhere near her, that she has the virus.
    See how that works?

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    • Dwayne Diesel says:

      Yep, when the numbers naturally don’t align with your projections or agenda, change the rules to make sure they do.

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      • TarsTarkas says:

        When the data does not align with the narrative or the conclusion, massage the data until it does.

        Happens all too much in published scientific research, especially in psychology. Unreplicatable studies

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      • MustangBlues says:

        ”’Dwayne Diesel says:
        April 16, 2020 at 11:28 am
        Yep, when the numbers naturally don’t align with your projections or agenda, change the rules to make sure they do.”

        Totally agree!! And that mental manipulation is what the communist democrats call ”science”, and why you cannot trust any of them when they spout off some ”scientific consensus” nonsense.

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    • RJ says:

      What I didn’t know was that there are now “political” thermometers being used in hospitals, etc. And how did this all come about?

      Soon, many hospitals will have a picture of our Dear (former) Leader, a man who always speaks with a “forked tongue”– Obama…with Dr. Josef Mengele’s picture next to his. At this station you will be told where to go, what hall to walk down, etc.

      Many will not return to private life…nor any life at all. Thank you Barry, what a guy!

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    • paper doll says:

      Death by other means than Civic 19 takes a holiday!

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  8. mugzey302 says:

    The left has been so focused on their plan to destroy the economy and steal the election that they haven’t paid attention to what our President has been doing in the background. And these gourd-head Democrat governors don’t fully understand the powers he has with this Emergency Act. But they will find out. Indictments for all, the Constitution addressed this!

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    • Dwayne Diesel says:

      The Constitution sure did. I got into an argument with a black friend of mine the other day (sharing this story because it relates to the lack of understanding of our government). I want to say based on his past writings for his blog. The blog focuses on Black Power Theology and the systemic racism built into American political systems and government (knowing he writes for a blog like this is important to the context of his and my conversation)- he lives in Chicago, I think that’s pertinent too:

      I shard a video on FB from a guy in Michigan- it showed how the stores were not permitted to sell seeds, plants, fertilizer, paint, nails, and other things needed to either grow your own food or take care of your living space.

      My friend replied with (I will paraphrase all over our conversation): see this is limited government these companies restricting the sale of goods!!! It’s what you wanted…no government control and this is what happens. I had to chime and inform him that no, actually the state has limited the sale of those goods. He completely changed his stance and said- see this is the Articles of Confederation as you wanted them, state powers…this is why we need the Feds having control.

      I had enough by this point- yes, only two responses by him. I told him that one, the Articles of Confederation were ceded by the Constitution over 200 years ago, the Articles are not in play. And (he’s a smart guy, went to Moorehouse) that it was ceded by the Constitution which put in place protections to limit the states overstepping their bounds based on lessons learned from 8 years under the Articles.

      Then I told him he’s a hypocrite or a liar and that I found the fact he’s all for forced closure of business, the arresting of people past curfews, the illegal directives from these Governors. He just asked why…he doesn’t see himself that way, we need to follow these people and do what they say…

      As I said, I had enough of his BS- I told him it’s hypocritical because you constantly write about the systemic racism in our government, in our police force, in our schools, in our laws. You never put the onus on an individual, you blame all of the black man’s woes on this systemic racism and rail against it. Yet, here you are not only demanding that all of us succumb to this government overreach, you think it should be more, but police should also be doing more to go after those not listening to the governors. He talked about its a “we” moment and not a “me” moment. I told him he’s full of it. I said it’s ironic because you want more of what you have been calling systemically racist for over 15 years now. I said, so you want more of this tyranny from a racist bigoted government that does nothing but oppress the black man and keep him down? That’s what you want? I guess it’s not really racist then is it? They don’t really keep the black man down? They don’t do anything that you have claimed for the last 15 years…or else you wouldn’t be demanding more of it at this moment would you? It’s a convenient scapegoat for the black community to parse blame and responsibility onto others rather than make those people in your community own up to their laziness, lawlessness or complete disregard for personal responsiblity.

      He never responded to those comments and instead changed the subject.

      This is where we are at….people are being exposed for the tyrannical oppressors they are and their stance is all about power and money. Including my friend- whose wife owns a business that sells baby clothes- $100 onesies…and they claim to be the supporters of black communities, yet the people they say they are for can’t even afford the clothes they sell.

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      • jello333 says:

        Your friend’s name isn’t Colin, is it? 😉

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      • mugzey302 says:

        So do you think he’ll be satisfied when we are ALL held down as debt-slaves to a govt run by Pelosi and “the squad”? So, how do they figure “white privilege” anyway when I’m working to pay taxes to support their asses on welfare , lounging on the couch watching cable, playing video games, eating Doritos? It’s all a bluff and a manipulation. Putting white folks on the plantation won’t get you off it. The only ones living high are the cronies in congress.

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      • swampfox999 says:

        You are wasting your time. Blinded by his internalized victimization, he will never see that he is embracing tyranny. He needs some soul searching and to learn some history.

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  9. dginga says:

    I think we, the natives, are getting pretty restless and fed up with this lockdown, especially when we can clearly see it is completely being driven by what is going on in the NYC Metro area, and a few other deep blue urban centers in the country. Yesterday there was a huge protest at the State Capitol in Michigan. I saw a couple of signs that summed things up very well, basically saying “Why do ALL of the counties in Michigan have to suffer because of what’s happening in FIVE counties in the Detroit metro?” and “Free the other 75 counties.”

    They’re right. Even California has not been hit anywhere near as hard as projected, and should open up. There may not be a vaccine yet, but there are treatment options available, and a lot of people get the virus and don’t even know it! I think people understand what they need to do to protect themselves and their loved ones. Now let us get back to work!

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    • modspell says:

      Being assymptomatic is the left’s rationale for this bs. “You’re an accomplice to murder” if you don’t wear your mask! How soon before even the progs realize they’ve been swindled?

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  10. pattyloo says:

    i am curious what it means to be quarantined. does this mean you must stay indoors? or, can you go in your own yard? i assume it means you can’t go to the store. is quarantine different from self-isolation?

    also, i’ve read about states requiring people quarantine if they enter from NY. how is this monitored?

    i looked into bringing a pet to another country, which required quarantine. That was a specific location that all entering pets were kept.

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  11. dginga says:

    I saw the interview with the Governor of NJ last night and his explanations for why he is picking winners and losers, especially when it comes to religious services vs liquor sales, was incredibly lame. Tucker tried to push him on it, but he was not budging. What a jerk. Makes me question his motives, as should his constituents.

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  12. donnyvee says:

    I watched this live last night. Thankfully, when dictgov said (paraphrasing) that he didn’t need to consult the bill of rights I had just swallowed my food. I laughed so hard it would set a new distance record.

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  13. TheAbidingDude says:

    Crazy idea:

    Trump digs out the FEMA “post-attack” proclamations and announces that all interest accrual is hereby suspended until states are reopened in full.

    I guarantee you, the shutdowns lift inside of a week.

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  14. “Sanctuary Phil” Murphy (via his radical “resistance” AG) has ordered ALL law enforcement officers in the state NOT to cooperate with ICE or other federal authorities in enforcing our immigration laws.

    Guess where the highest concentration of Wuhan virus cases are in NJ? . . right across the river from fellow “progressive” moonbat Mayor Duh! Blasio’s city in the urban enclaves where the unassimilated third worlders thrive in the Garden State.

    Thanks Phil!

    Friggin’ moron.

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  15. J says:

    This is what a civil war fought by soyboy cuckolds looks like. Time we take back our nation. Future generations will thank us.

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  16. This tool actually said, “I wasn’t thinking of the Bill of Rights when we did this.”

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  17. railer says:

    Trump has spoken rather confidently that these governors would eventually come along with the federal government proscriptions on the startup. I think he knows he holds the whip hand, both from a legal perspective and a citizens’ perspective (significant blocs in their own states would oppose this authoritarianism).

    This is just an attempted shakedown. These states want a federal bailout, and are holding themselves hostage to get it. Trump’s saying “challenge accepted”, as he lets the tectonic forces work on these extortionists.


    • TarsTarkas says:

      No, this is an attempted narrative-driving. ‘Trump forced us to open our economies, and every resultant death is a result of heartless evil Orange Man Bad who wants granny to die!’


  18. Harvey Lipschitz says:

    East Coast the governors of New York (Cuomo), New Jersey (Murphy), Connecticut (Lamont), Pennsylvania (Wolfe), Delaware (Carney) and Rhode Island (Raimondo)

    New confederate states. FAA can shut their airports.


  19. JTR says:

    He looks like he’s in prison!

    If not, he should be.

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    • flova says:

      When he worked for Goldman Sachs for 23 years he was affiliated with a Chinese shoe company under investigation. He has ties to China. He is also a multi-millionaire who lives in a $10 million mansion and boasted about reversing Chris Christie’s de-funding of Planned Parenthood as his first order of business.

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  20. henry says:

    Isn’t the Governor just a CEO? Isn’t the job of protecting our liberties the job of the State Attorney General?

    “The state attorney general also has the higher purpose of protecting the people of the state and their interests.

    Attorney general duties include providing consumer protections from fraud, scams and dangerous products, people and situations, protection of the state’s resources by upholding state and federal environmental laws, oversight or direct involvement in criminal court cases and appeals, enforcement of judgments, such as child support and victim’s programs, and formal opinions to state and federal agencies.”

    Seems like all the various State AGs have just decided to sit on their collective asses and let justice be damned?


  21. Pegon Zellschmidt says:

    And how will Democrat Louisiana governor, ‘moderate’ John Bel Edwards respond with his Port of New Orleans, not to mention the rabid Democrat mayor, not to mention unions. That leaves Savannah, Houston, Charleston, Miami, and other Red State smaller ports. We’d likely see an explosion of infrastructure expansion and updates including highways, et al., while NY, and CA whine, hopefully never to get a portion of that business back.


  22. MfM says:

    NJ has a major problem in their nursing homes. Here is an article and video about concerns at a number of NJ Nursing homes were there have been lots of deaths and cases.

    A NYT article about this “Andover Subacute is not alone. The coronavirus has swept through the New York region’s nursing homes with devastating and deadly speed, killing thousands of residents at facilities struggling with staff shortages, increasingly sick patients and a lack of personal protective gear.”

    That is the first I’ve seen (but suspected) that the Wuhan Virus has killed thousands of elderly in facilities in NYC.

    Given the number of deaths in NY & NJ, how many of them were in nursing homes? Both my husband and I are in the ‘vulnerable’ category. We are being careful, but why are numerous States being treated like they are like NYC? NY has half the deaths in the whole US and their population density is ridiculous. Because NY & NJ couldn’t protect their own elderly in nursing homes the rest of the country is suppose kill their economy?

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    • Zimbalistjunior says:

      The cable news and papers are avoiding the nursing home topic almost completely. The govt authorities will not publish the exact stats.

      It seems like between 20-50 percent of all Covid fatalities in USA Canada and Western Europe are occurring in nursing homes. Both the elderly and even the caregivers. (Sorry i cannot provide articles on this off- hand but they are out there).

      Without a proper statistical breakdown of demographic and other related data, everything you are being told has a massive tinge of bullshit.

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      • Harvey Lipschitz says:

        Talk about staying at home. Many in nursing homes have not left home this year. How is staying home working in nursing homes?


  23. Lenny says:

    Mad Murphy has a few problems. He has to initiate a 3 person council for each county to address dealing with losses for his quarantine.

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    • Lenny- this does not sound good:

      App.A:9-34. Emergency powers of Governor
      The Governor is authorized to utilize and employ all the available resources of the State Government and of each and every political subdivision of this State, whether of men, properties or instrumentalities, and to commandeer and utilize any personal services and any privately owned property necessary to avoid or protect against any emergency subject to the future payment of the reasonable value of such services and privately owned property as hereinafter in this act provided.


  24. John Drake says:

    When one is a Socialist bent on domination, everything is an opportunity…as long as the ‘people’ share their ambitions.

    Most of these Marxist morons can’t even bake bread. Let’s see what happens when the Bon Bons and Ice cream runs out and privation sets in…


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  25. Roni says:

    Gov. Murphy citing, and still relying on, the same flawed models with ridiculous, inaccurate projections.
    In his press conference he mentioned calling Mnuchin for $ help bc state revenues are almost non existent. How about passing another executive order mandating a 25% pay cut and furloughs for all state workers, legislators, and state universities’ professors?! You know, share the pain…….
    Murphy isn’t bright enough to discern and think for himself…..his advisors are medical bureaucrats and fellow D governors.

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  26. Rush just started out his show with this and he’s on a roll!
    We need MORE push back on this from every conservative talk show host.
    WHERE ARE THE DAMN LAWYERS while our Constitution is being GUTTED by the Servants of Satan?

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  27. Deporable Cato the Younger says:

    This COVID crisis is turning out to be a giant Civics class- very instructive on the principles of federalism,
    and the dangers of totalitarian rule,
    that the Constitution and BoR were framed to protect against.

    The Left has boxed itself in a corner, and flailing and failing again.
    If there is to be a civil war, it will be started by the Left.

    And finished by the Right.


    • JCM800 says:

      Excellent Post.
      The more American Citizens Pull their head out of their Sports and Entertainment rear end, the more they’ll value their Rights and their Jobs.


      “Change doesn’t occur until the Pain of Staying the Same, is stronger that the Pain of Change”


  28. Obake158 says:

    This will just force migrations of people from areas of no opportunity to areas of opportunity. Who are these people to say that you cannot work and make a living and conduct business or exercise freedom? They want the only people left in their states to be pensioners, good Democrat lemmings and people on the dole looking for a handout and permanently dependent on the state.

    Liked by 1 person

    • JCM800 says:

      Excellent Post Obake158!

      This illustrates why each State should have a lifetime limit on benefits. If you cant’ support yourself in the present State, Taxpayers shouldn’t be forced to subsidize you living in a opportunity desert.
      I applaud those who relocated to South Dakota Boom .


  29. InAz says:

    Every time I go anywhere I leave my turned off phone at home. My family knows.

    Because of the shutdown, I was dismissed from federal jury duty which has made me very disappointed.

    The federal courts in Tucson, Arizona are tentatively going to open up May 5, 2020, according to the Tucson Arizona federal court website.


  30. tdwesselman says:

    There is a very simple way to end this. Urban areas rely on food, water and electricity to be delivered to them from Non urban areas. If they want to be in lock down. Well then lock them down, Barricade the roads, turn off the utilities.


  31. John-Y128 says:

    ‘NJ Gov. Murphy: ‘I Wasn’t Thinking of the Bill of Rights’ When Issuing Stay-at-Home Order…’


  32. I saw this on twitter a few day’s ago and didn’t think much of it at 1st, until I read this post by Sundance.


  33. Ish Kabibble says:

    Already saw a graphic from, Cuomo this morning on TV stating he’s doing the same with other states.


  34. modspell says:

    This governor is reading lines handed to him by his idealogical bosses. It’s clear he says nothing scientific and struggles to make sense of these needless laws with no enforcement power. If we let this nonsense stand we will flatten our curve into oblivion.

    Liked by 1 person

  35. Who is moving the chess pieces


  36. swampfox999 says:

    ChiCom loving Wall St is advising POTUS not to open the economy. I trust POTUS can see through the big business/CCP/dem party plan to destroy small businesses and MAGA in the service of their globalist dreams of control and riches. They hate America and the deplorable American people. NEVER FORGET.


  37. I think that’s too long. We already started here in Michigan, come May 1st is going to get serious.


  38. Harvey Lipschitz says:

    Reality therapy. The Financial officers of these states have payroll and sales tax collections dropping. Now they owe state income tax refunds and will NOT pay refunds. No money and workers sent home. Kiss of death for a Democrate governor to block tax refunds.

    March they collected taxes. In fact when people sent home, the next pay period they got paid and State got tax. State tax collection crash will punish Governors.

    President Trump aids business if they keep workers. No assistance for states unless or until they open back up.

    Airports are seeing the ticket tax revenue die. Jersey and Vegas collect gambling tax off the top. the tax dries up.

    Pain will hit most every state except oil and ag states like a sucker punch.


    • randyinrocklin says:

      You are absolutely correct. The state unemployment runs on a shoestring like the rest of the minimum wage group. Their primary source of revenue comes from employers paying into the system. It is also based on the total payroll for each quarter. Therefore, no employment means no tax revenue to finance the influx of claims. It has the state governments swamped and ill equipped for such a torrent of claims. Its all on the State Governments to disburse the checks and they don’t have the funds or the systems to handle such an overload. This is absolutely the perfect opportunity to find good conservative candidates and wipeout the RINOs and Dems! But……..the inept GOP….ugh.


  39. azchick says:

    I guess he’ll want the rest of us to give him $$$ because he doesn’t have any coming in.


  40. namberak says:

    I have a good friend that lives in NJ within commuting distance of Manhattan where he worked years ago. I thinks of himself as the single red dot in his otherwise blue town where the neighbors are all yapping about starting a revolution. Yesterday he said, “Yet, these same people will vote to reelect Murphy when the time comes because they are intellectually incapable of doing anything rational.”

    Liked by 1 person

  41. MfM says:

    The shut down was to ‘flatten the curve’ not keep everyone safe.

    NJ and NY have a real problem with their nursing homes. Thousands are dying. That is the nasty secret that isn’t being talked about.

    According to the NYT “The coronavirus has swept through the New York region’s nursing homes with devastating and deadly speed, killing thousands of residents at facilities struggling with staff shortages, increasingly sick patients and a lack of personal protective gear.”


  42. JCM800 says:

    E-Verify Audit All Businesses before Giving Aid.
    Deport Illegal Alien Parasites, Do not aide and abet.
    Demand Voter ID
    America First!
    American Citizens First!

    Enthusiasm is a key element in success.
    201 days til 3 November 2020
    Showtime is Now!


    • randyinrocklin says:

      Yea! Step right up folks and git yer tickets. Git ‘er Done! We all scream landslide victory for Trump. It will truly be a blessed Thanksgiving for a resounding Trump victory and would be a fitting celebration for Thanksgiving Day.


    • Kay123 says:

      Yes JCM800…
      A few other needs:

      We need drug testing for welfare aid.
      Drug testing for those working in every Government
      position…nation wide.

      Stock market: 4 month turn around ….on buys and sells.
      Only $25,000 maximum buy for each stock or gift per 4 months
      Only $25,000 maximum sell per stock per 4 month period.
      (This would stop the mega bucks from controlling the market.)

      Maybe this would put the USA financially back into the hands
      of the working man who oils the wheels that make this country rich,
      rather than the money changers who are anti-American.


  43. Ish Kabbile says:

    The Governors made their announcement a short time ago.

    “Gov. Whitmer (MI), Mike DeWine (OH), Tony Evers (WI), Tim Walz (MN), JB Pritzker (IL), Eric Holcomb (IN), and Andy Beshear (KY) announced the partnership in a joint news release, citing that the economies are dependent on each other in some form or another.”


  44. L&L says:


  45. jello333 says:

    Hey, don’t malign Gollum! He at least still had a little remnant of conscience left that came to the surface every now and then. Some of these Dems though… I don’t know.


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