Comrade Adams: Liberty is So Overrated….

An unfortunately common perspective amid the COVID-19 debate is that we should just acquiesce to a ‘new normal’ state, and allow the politburo to guide the outcome.

I mean what could possibly go wrong with a merging of Big Tech and government control of society?   Would it not be preferable in the new regime to have an alert on your phone warning you of your proximity to a non-compliant citizen?

A rogue citizen could put the compliant proles at risk of infection.  They may not just carry biologics they could carry a more alarming virus of wrong thought against the interests of the state.  Surely there should be an emergency alert of some form identifying the larger audience to these public enemies so we could respond accordingly.

Relax, it’s going to be lots of fun Comrades. Perhaps we just start with digital armbands, certifications within your portable transponder unit, to compliment our mandatory face masks.  Each state could create their designated digital stamps for your COVID ID.

Traveling would be so much fun, we could even collect the whole set. “Achtung Juden – New York”, “Juden Raus – California”, and the larger federal “Enemy of the People”, designation.   “Social Distancing” or “House Arrest”…. details, details, Comrades.

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361 Responses to Comrade Adams: Liberty is So Overrated….

  1. omyword says:

    These are elements which will enable the UN agenda 21. A “DIGITAL IDENTITY” is planned for EVERYONE on the planet, delivered via mandatory vaccinations. This “need” was identified by the World Bank and World Economic Forum as part of the realisation of the UN’s #Agenda21 ‘Sustainable Development Goals’. Are you ready for #ID2020?

    The Demon national party is working with the UN and China to bring about the NWO, aka beast systwm.

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  2. Deborah @UnTamedInSD says:

    John Adams is an example of what i am hearing all over. I’m sitting here in the deepest of conservative red Trump country and all i see is FEAR AND PANIC turning conservatives instantly into people willing to give up freedom for so called safety…..The Soros Puppets really have the upper hand on most of this nation now and that scares the hell out of me a lot more than some virus. I’m frustrated as i watch what a appears to be PDJT allowing this to happen to this country,
    I hope he truly has a divine plan to get us through this night of the walking dead because… Something Wicked this way comes…and it ain’t Covid 19

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    • upper379 says:

      Deborah allow me to respond to your dismay as I too am hearing something different and encouraging all over.
      – Every day that passes, more and more people are realizing what a sham and scam this is. Both from the left and right. The longer this goes on, governors, mayors and local officials will bear the brunt of the blame for any and all delays, as Pres. Trump will have started commerce by April 30.
      -Soros and his pond scum minions and China have by now pretty much exposed themselves to most of the world thanks to P. Trump and the wealth of analytical and critical thinking by ever growing numbers.
      .- Fear is a powerful weapon but the spirit of humans can only take so much before they rebel and then revolt with their ballots and hopefully not bullets. We yearn to be free.
      – Although the Almighty One is always ever present by our President’s side against these demons, he can handle all this on his own without divine intervention. No man has
      more experience in conquering adversity and winning than this President. Both will deliver us from evil. Amen.

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      • Cobra227 says:

        Thanks Upper,
        We need more of this type of outlook and less of the chicken little BS!
        Cmon people MAGA UP! PT never promised us all rainbows and unicorns. Sheesh!!!

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      • Deborah @UnTamedInSD says:

        I am telling you i am seeing many in my area so scared right now that they are absolutely not thinking about the ramifications of what they are demanding from their communities. Constitutional rights be damned, it’s like with the smoking issue….. our rights are right out the window in the name of “fear for my own safety”


        • upper379 says:

          Not scared. Just frustrated. I wear a mask not because I am afraid, but to be polite in our society and maintain comity among us. Socially we must all pull our weight.
          Deborah, not only aren’t you pulling your weight but are a drag and anchor on US.


          • By wearing a mask just “to get along” (i.e., for “comity”), you are broadcasting a lie…a most dangerous lie in my understanding.

            I DON’T wear a mask, because here in mid-Tennessee, I know (both from common sense and from now many weeks of experience) that they are useless and unnecessarily alarmist. I am thankful that so many of my fellow Tennesseans also don’t wear a mask — we are a collective reassurance to those who do, and a strong public statement of the truth that we are quite aware of (for all, in positions of power, who would not have us be so aware).


            • jello333 says:

              No masks for us here either (central IL), same goes for about 95% of the people out and about that we see around town, including the few stores that are open. Now would I wear one if we went to visit an elderly frail friend or relative? Absolutely. But NOT just because of this particular virus… we’d do that during ANY flu/cold outbreak.


          • Deborah @UnTamedInSD says:

            Up yours and the pony you rode in on.


    • CountryClassVulgarian says:

      You wrote John Adams in your opening sentence so I am not sure you are talking about Scott Adams. In any case, Scoot is not a conservative. He is not even a republican. He has often said he is to the left of bernie. He supported/supports President Trump, That’s it.

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      • Joan Mounteer says:

        I know Scott Adams says he is to the left of Bernie…yet supports Trump. I’ve heard him say this, too, whereupon I wonder, is this not cognitive dissonance? Or is he saying it as a deflection. Bernie is a hard core Commie, makes no bones about it, vilifies corporate America and doesn’t like Americans. Trump, on the other hand, owns a large real estate corporation and loves America and Americans. I think Scott Adams has very interesting takes on things, but on this one point, I think it’s a perfect example of Cognitive Dissonance.


        • Marc says:

          It reminds me of Harlan Hill switching teams from Bernie Bro to supporting Pres. Trump. Harlan isn’t conservative in most senses but he couldn’t stand a corrupt cretin like Hillary getting elected. I think Adams is the same in that he likes Trump for breaking the mold as a politician and doesn’t really care about his particular political stances. He probably just thinks having a dynamic figure in office is better than the tried and true bureaucratic establishment.


      • Deborah @UnTamedInSD says:

        ooops yep i meant Scott adams. thanks for the correction. as far as his politics i didn’t know he was a democrat, i knew he was a PDJT supporter. None the less , he is an example of what i am seeing and hearing from conservatives who are so whipped up in fear by this flu that they will sacrifice us all for a hope of safety. and the longer this goes on, more and more will fall into the same line. I am truly shocked by many conservative friends and community members around me right now.


        • CountryClassVulgarian says:

          He is not even a demonrat. He says he does not vote. He thinks by not affiliating himself with any party his “analysis” is more honest, or something like that.

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  3. mugzey302 says:

    Much like China, our cell phones can be used to track us (physically and otherwise). The next step would be to REQUIRE that everyone have one. As it is now, the phones we have now can be remotely accessed to activate camera/microphone. Not a big stretch, I guess.


    • Dave Hunter says:

      If you have an Android phone just remove the battery, no more tracking. Iphone peeps are screwed unless you’ve got the tools.

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    • plumnelly1 says:

      NOTABLE NAZI MEMO – I received a message from Google this week showing me where I had been in the last month (March). Pictures of every store front, towns and right up to my sons town 200 miles up the road along with my gas station stops.
      Not sure if it was a subtle message reminding me to stay home but I immediately turned off any GPS on droid phone. I realize they can still track up to some point but I’m not going to make it so easy in the future. Also…I’m retired so I rarely travel outside a 40 mile radius other than the trip to visit my new grand baby.

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      • Beverly says:

        It can still track you. Also, that’s why the batteries of the newest phones are NOT removable.

        And if you have a newer CAR, they have tracking devices as well. If you have onboard navigation — bingo.

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  4. Bob Guzzardi says:

    It is disconcerting to learn how attractive many intelligent, educated, decent and well-intentioned find an authoritarian surveillance police state. It works well to defeat viruses and terrorism and other threats to society; it is pragmatic and effective and there is a downside. Power tends to corrupt.

    Fascism seems so attractive because it is so useful, so practical, so efficient, so pragmatic: it works so well to defeat viruses and terrorists and threats of all Enlightened, Scientific, Medical, Technical Expert and Pragmatic Authoritarian government is the ONLY effective means to avoid catastrophe.

    The lessons of Bolshevism and the Gulag, Nazism and Maoism including the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution of the 20th Century have not been learned.


  5. DonG says:

    Not seeing the caving to being happy about this in anyone in my huge Conservative circle. At all

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  6. Genie says:

    Dogbert needs a chip implant and a shock collar.


  7. no-nonsence-nancy says:

    Up until now I have been pretty free, taking moderate precautions. However, this afternoon I went for a bike ride on a road that I shouldn.t have been on and I had a bad wreck. I am pretty banged up but I refuse to go to an ER. I only told my two best friends. no family members. My son would take me to his house where I would be under “house arrest”. Good I’m banned from family gatherings tomorrow. I am no longer suffering from self pity. I could never hide these injuries from them. So here I am in full shelter in place mode. A 75 yr old should not be on a bike alone on a fairly busy road.

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  8. Oswald says:

    Just goes to show you can’t judge a person by the cartoon strip he draws.


  9. Herbert Kroll says:

    Who protested when smoking cigarettes became a crime? When the government deciced they can order what you should eat or drink? Nobody dared to protest the Nanny State when it all started, many years ago…

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  10. TimeIsNow says:

    Scott Adams has always been a lefty, and a rather extreme one. The simple fact that he often disagrees with the Standard Narrative is merely because he thinks he’s smarter than the other lefties. It’s more important to him to be smug and arrogant then follow the whole party line, but make no mistake — he is not a friend of the Right or Conservatives (especially nationalists).

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    • And he is simply not smart enough to have realized long ago that this virus is over-hyped, for the political purpose of rehabilitating the Democrats after their 3 year (and counting) persecution of our President (and, by extension, all of us who helped elect him, precisely for what he stands so staunchly for). I never fell for Scott Adams’s agreement with “our” side, both because I don’t identify “our” side by agreement with “us” (“us versus them” attitude — a false dogma) and because I knew he DIDN’T agree with President Trump, as in this case (where, as I would only have expected, he is clearly wrong).


  11. tothpick says:

    WOW !! The mark of the beast

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  12. lackawaxen123 says:

    I never realized just how many people are one small extra risk away from going full Precautionary Principle … but it appears about 30% of America is terrified of a bad cold that might kill their grandmother … and many of them have no living grandparents … this is virtue signaling writ large … the Precautionary Principle is not a way of life but it is a mental disorder if you try to live by it …


    • That mental disorder is exemplified most readily in the plethora of “insurance” programs now being pitched, for a “car shield”, a “home shield”, etc., etc., etc., ad infinitum (and starting with Obamacare).

      I do not believe in insurance, as mostly a get-rich scheme for the providers of it, to people who are afraid to live their lives without a universal guarantee. I faced death — as a 9-year old, lying in my bed alone, late one night — so that is where I am coming from.

      You are not getting out of here alive. MWA-HA-HA-Ha-Ha-Hah..hack, cough…sorry, I can never quite pull that off.

      As Cher pointed out, in “Moonstruck”: “Snap out of it!” (It didn’t work for her either; she fell in love with the idiot).


  13. Kay123 says:

    I am seventy years old…..I fear big
    brother (deep state) far more than I fear
    the person next to me.

    I camped in a tent with my family and
    German shepard for years without ever having
    a thief, rowdy or pervert ruin my day.
    There is an unspoken trust in neighbors.

    In a house you are a target for many groups of
    nefarious bodies….especially government and hackers.

    Thanks but no thanks. I don’t need government protection
    I have several “more dependable” friends to protect me.
    Names are Smith….Wesson… Winchester….and Glock
    and my shredder dogs….Relentless……and Rebel.

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    • Whereas I don’t even need guns…no offense. It’s just that I have this agreement with God, whoever He may be. It goes like this, basically: “Now I lay me down to sleep…” (You all can take it from there, I’m sure — viva la Sunday School! Take that, you grownup slimes!.)…/s, of COURSE.


  14. dianeax says:

    What happened to him? Did I miss something? PS With limited time, I miss a lot!


  15. Ace says:

    Methinks Mr. Adams has an underlying condition.


  16. Ploni says:

    The world talks and talks yet it has no understanding of the reality of our times. Nevertheless, the ancient Holy Tongue texts are clear:

    The world is coming to its end and conclusion, and the Jewish People will soon be redeemed from their long exile among the nations of the world.



  17. rjones99 says:

    Yeah…I stopped listening to him several months ago. Dude has some weird ideas and is way too afraid of this virus.

    As an aside, I have high risk profile wrt this thing, so I starting preparing in early to mid Feb and socially isolated beginning the first week of March. I haven’t left my property since then, even to buy food since I stocked up.

    But, I have to say, all this Nazi ordering around by the govt is really pissing me off. They are just claiming authority they don’t have, in the name of protecting people – just like FISA. I don’t beed their damn protection and neither does anyone else.

    This thing is just prolonging the inevitable and destroying everything in the process. It’s sheer lunacy. We know the necessary info to protect ourselves. Some people are going to die, mostly people who were going to dir soon anyway. The hospitals are far from overrun, the doctors have established treatment protocols, and there are hopeful medicines that can be tried.

    It is ridiculous to continue this shutdown when it absolutely does nothing but slow down the death rate. So, it’s time to reopen and deal with the virus as best we can. The sooner the non-vulnerable people are exposed, the sooner we’ll get back to normal. The longer this continues, the greater the probability we’ll never get back to normal. I vote against that option. NY city can do whatever the hell it wants.


  18. randyinrocklin says:

    I’m bummed to be kicked out of gateway pundit comments line, and also being a left coaster late to the comment party, but can we all say this together now? Vice President Mike Pence has been an absolute failure in appointing these liberal quack doctors and how they have hurt the livelihoods of countless American restaurants and mom and pop businesses across this country. All because of the fake models that Fauxci and Co. concocted to scare the President and the Nation in this complete HOAX!

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  19. ezgoer says:

    This is truly scary. Say good bye to our freedoms and the first amendment. We need a toss your cell phone into the lake/river/ocean day. These little things will be the seed of our destruction.


  20. Rex says:

    Psslm 14 – 1


  21. Jimmy R says:

    Dilbert is a brilliant comic strip, so whatever Scott Adams says about anything, such as public policy or pandemics, must be wise.


  22. teeheeman says:

    I have liked Scott Adams’ videos the past couple of years but he is OUT OF HIS FRICKIN’ MIND with this line of thinking.

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  23. namberak says:

    “I mean what could possibly go wrong with a merging of Big Tech and government control of society?” Well, as Orwell put it, “You had to live – did live, from habit that became instinct – in the assumption that every sound you made was overheard, and, except in darkness, every moment scrutinized.”


  24. Paul Bogdan Jr. says:

    I follow Adams on Twitter. Throughout the Chinese virus scare he has steadily gone downhill making strange statements.Something in that delicious “coffee” he slurps?


  25. Mary Smith says:

    “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” Benjamin Franklin


  26. Laramie Evan says:

    I put Scott Adams in the same camp as Bill Maher: They’re both ignorant men who occasionally say something intelligent. Each is occasionally interesting to watch, but their schtick quickly wears thin. Each has a very high opinion of himself — unjustly so. Egoists with false bravado and a bit of narcissism thrown in for good measure.


  27. M W says:

    Scott Adams is a very smart man to be so dumb. As I have watched his Periscope for many months, I have learned he values his OWN freedom and property more than he does other peoples. Adams is a Liberal to the core


  28. jsthnkn says:

    For Apple owners look for a lead lined pouch, like the ones used to protect film from X-ray scans


  29. NanetteDragoon says:

    Going back to the age when people simply don’t carry a cell phone anymore. We can find another way to get a hold of people and we don’t need to carry phones or computers with everywhere we go.


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