Chairman Schiff Sends Unilateral and Political Demand Letter to ODNI Richard Grenell…

HPSCI Chairman Adam Schiff is one of the most partisan political operatives in DC.  Schiff has a reputation of focusing exclusively on politics in every aspect of his responsibility. His political emphasis was highlighted today when chairman Schiff writes a letter to Director of National Intelligence, Richard Grenell, angered that he was not consulted about executive branch personnel changes within the intelligence community.

Adam Schiff is such a hack… His protestations are actually a little funny:

Notice how Schiff just “cc’s” the ranking member, so he didn’t have a discussion with Nunes in advance of his sending the political letter?

What a weasel.

The American People can see through this.

DNI Ric Grenell should respond by saying: “nuts”.

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216 Responses to Chairman Schiff Sends Unilateral and Political Demand Letter to ODNI Richard Grenell…

  1. TradeBait says:

    “..a light at the end of the tunnel.” Total destruction will not be good enough for them. Got to be getting near the time to roll up the carpet on the scoundrels isn’t it?

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  2. Beau Geste says:

    Dear Mr. Schiff,
    In order to respond to your letter, we, or course, need to know who you and other members of Congress or staff have been communicating with or plan to communicate with in the future. We will need to examine each such communication to determine whether these were protected disclosures of misconduct to congress”, or political or otherwise illegal conmmunications. Please report each communication with anyone in or associated with the US Intelligence Community over the past 6 years, so that we can determine whether the communication is officially recorded in IC records, and whether nay why it is a protected disclosure of actual misconduct (with specifics). The report should identify the dates, discloser, participants, initiator(s) and substance of each communication, as well as the location of all records of such communications and the identities of others who have been informed of such communication or substance.

    You are correct that addressing the Chinese Virus crisis takes precedence, so we will await your information before proceeding.” This obviously precludes an April 16 hearing date, but feel free to ask any questions you may have by letter or memo. “

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  3. T-Rex says:

    There’s no corner of hell hot enough to pay back Schiff for the damage he’s done to the country.

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  4. Julia Adams says:

    When was Adam Schiff placed in charge of all executive branch personnel changes, including additions to staff and terminations? When was it determined that he has supervisory authority over everything the President does? Did I miss Adam Schiff’s ordination?

    Schiff’s letter will drive the news cycle for several days; just ignore Schiff and respond accordingly.

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    • amazed treetop downlooker says:

      VSGPDJT MUST still be getting valuable DS discovery via NSA monitoring of Scitffforbrains & all others he’s communicating/coxconspiring with or he’d be indicted for his blatantly treacherous misconduct already. SWINGTIME can’t come soon enough to this clear & present danger to the Republic !


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    • Disgusted says:

      Who votes for this riffraff? Just as insane to even voting for him in California as it has to be here in Connecticut when same decide to vote for Murphy. Both of them little roosters with big plans for national political recognition!

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    • AustinHoldout says:

      The whole two pages of blather could have been boiled down to “Don’t you dare fire any more of my operatives at the ODNI”.

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    • Y’all Know What Time It is says:

      Wouldn’t Head of Intelligence Committee have been made aware of the impending pandemic?


    • WSB says:

      Nancy Pelosi changed House rules when the Evil team took back the House. She added to the oversight of Executive Branch with White House.

      Now, that seems pretty un-Constitutional to most of us…but Adam is just following orders.

      SD has written extensively on this and the archives will spit out this evil maneuver.


  5. Screaming Eagle says:

    Must have been real important. So important he copied the press first. What a freaking sneaky weasel.

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    • Jederman says:

      Weasel to be sure. At some point in our lives most of us wonder what is our purpose. How can I make the best of my time here… etc etc?

      Can’t be certain but I ASSUME guys like schitt are unconcerned about that kind of stuff. He has, it seems, taken the opposite approach and is specializing in all things small, petty and unethical in politics.

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  6. CTH Fan says:

    Is it in the Constitution that Congress persons have immunity from charges for everything they do?
    Exactly what gives him power over the Executive? Surely Oversight Committees do not have power over personnel issues.

    Is there someone in the Treehouse that would know?

    I will wait to see how the President handles this. I don’t know about you fellow Treepsters, but I am getting really tired of Schiff’s grab for power. He always waits until the President is in the middle of something difficult to handle.

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  7. thedoc00 says:

    Don’t waste a “nuts” on this letter. Schiff’s opening sentence says he is expressing concern.

    2-Word answer only … “Concerns noted.”

    Make it a classified transmission so the Schiff has to go to the crypt to read it.

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  8. California Joe says:

    I would hope that Mr. Grenell ignores the letter and doesn’t even respond!

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  9. fred5678 says:

    Dear Congressman Schiff,

    I note your concern.


    Richarde Grenell
    Director of National Intelligence

    PS — I see none in your letter.

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  10. Liberty Forge says:

    “. . .as required by law, and that the IC will continue to speak truth to power.”

    “Truth to Power”.

    I’m seeing that slogan a lot lately.

    It has a nice little Nazi ring to it. I wonder if they also extend an upraised arm at the same time they say their little slogan?

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  11. meteorofpoo says:

    adam schiff’s middle name is Bastard.

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  12. gabytango says:

    Dear Congressman Schiff:

    Your whining is duly noted.

    Richard Grenell

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  13. jus wundrin says:

    Calling schiffty a weasel is way too nice…..and offensive to weasels.

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  14. regitiger says:

    shifty pens his signature in blue….

    that’s all you anyone really needs to know about his credibility and intentions.

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    • allhail2 says:

      I’m not 100% sure of the post meaning. However, signing in blue ink simply means it’s an original document and not a copy. I had to use blue on official city records that were original documents, ordinances et al.

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      • adam says:

        ^^^^^ This — pretty standard stuff, actually but with color copiers, etc., it’s not quite as useful as it once was.

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      • Tornarosa says:

        Agree allhail2, the thing that caught my attention in looking at his signature is how bizarre the capital letters are. They are different shapes and going in different directions as if they were made by different people, fighting for control of his penmanship. Wouldn’t be surprised to hear reports of his head spinning around. Wonder if any Treepers skilled in signature analysis had any thoughts.

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        • 1stgoblyn says:

          I remember seeing a handwriting expert (think they are called graphologists) comment on BHO’s signature. His capital letters were extremely large and showed a narcissistic personality and/or huge ego. I was always interested in studying handwriting and was going to pursue it as a hobby when I retired. However, people stopped writing and used the keyboard instead, plus the schools stopped teaching cursive. We don’t really need anyone to decipher his signature b/c we all know he is a power-hungry ego full of schiff.


  15. TheWanderingStar says:

    I would pay good money to see a cage match between Amb Ric Grenell and Adam Schiff the Weasel. My money’s on the Ambassador!

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  16. fred5678 says:

    What we learned from Schiff: Travers and Hall are severe anti-Trump spies for Schiff.

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  17. regitiger says:

    easy reply from Grenell:

    As you are aware, the President of the United States has the full constitutional authority to change his cabinet, administration and otherwise any appointee and staff at any time, for any reason, and does not require congressional approval. Apparently you are not aware of this. This president has made clear is decisions, and these decisions are NOT amenable to any of your desires or preferred results. The President of the United States, choices his administration.

    If you are feel dissatisfied with this enduring constitutional reality of authority, I urge you to begin a legislative action and seek the consensus approval of congress to modify the constitution.

    Until that moment, MY responsibilities and actions will be conducted by law, and not frivolously dependent to any brand of nonsense you decide to imagine.

    I understand you are disappointed that you no longer have people within this administration to challenge this President’s authority and that have created unnecessarily and arguably fraudulently dissent about this President’s Powers and Decisions. It is my suggestion that your continue to draw from the pool of corrupt partisan hacks that remain, and I will make it my purpose to ensure they are also removed from any power and authority from this administration.

    This President did not gain power by taking part. This President was voted into power by the people to TAKE OVER from the corruption and the self enriching swamp of compromised, unqualified, unredeemable, corrupt “officials”. Just point them out and continue to ‘deal with them”. I can assure you that this President and I will make it the highest priority to serve them all punk slips that cooperate with you. Your days of undermining this president are over shifty.

    say hello to nancy….and feinstein..send them all my love and affection would you?



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    • Retired Ig says:

      Love your post!

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    • Jan Pauliny-Toth says:

      …punk slips…?
      Freudian slip there?

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      • regitiger says:

        my masculine beast does not allow me to use flower words.

        no slip. no dip. no flip.

        these ARE PUNKS.

        *Only out of respect for others I did not choose my preferred tongue. plainly, I’m finding it harder each day to be “civil”….(I think if it as my character I celebrate)

        PUNKS SLIPS (urban dictionary)…the preferred under dress garments worn by despicable corrupt feckless anarchists otherwise known as deep state nancies.

        Nancies (urban dict): Derogatory but accurate description assigned to career government officials who are aligned with the corrupt methods and doublespeak defined by Speaker of the Ghetto, Nancy PeLOSER.

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  18. Dear Adam,
    It is okay if I call you Adam isn’t it? I understand from one of your donors that you actually like to be called Adamboy. But since that donor stated you only like to be called that at certain types of parties, I’ll just stick with Adam. Well, I didn’t actually talk to your donor in person as he is currently unavailable, but I did receive unimpeachable third hand information from a person that received it as solid second hand information. This secondhand person received it from your donor but unfortunately the secondhand person was assisted against his wishes in committing suicide at a party with this donor. Anyway, you may be asking what is the point of this response to your letter? There isn’t a point to this response actually. This response is just to waste your time, which is what you are doing by sending me your letter. You are just wasting my time. So, considering that fact, you are hereby cordially invited to go and have sexual relations with yourself.


    Mr Ambassador
    acting odni

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  19. Hans says:

    Our problem is Barr… even if Grenell had Intelegence data that Schiff was doing 12 year old boys..the DOJ and Do nothing Barr would leave Schiff untouched..

    I can’t believe with all the corruption in congress that Adam Schiff is a choir boy..With all the damage Adam Schiff has done I wonder why he is walking free except for all the dirt he gathered over the years on the intelligence committee.

    I think we will see who has the dirt and power quickly.. Grenell or Schiff.

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    • regitiger says:

      I think yes, we are going to see a rapid contest that determines where loyalties are placed very soon.

      IC: whom do I attach loyalties for my political AND CAREER GOALS.

      Shifty: Hey, look over here…I can make you famous …just look at all of the IC people I’ve destroyed by advancing my brand of politics on their backs? Join my team..hurry quick before the door closes!

      Grennell: I can offer you the opportunity only afforded to those that expertly demonstrate precision work, masterful work product, and true patriotic loyalty to the oath of your office to work with this administration and advance its strategies, goals and dreams. Doing so, will ensure you are lined up for some of the best opportunities anyone in your special profession can ever hope for. On the other hand, let me make this also clear: this is no longer a club house for desperate lazy partisan lawless hackery. I am on a special mission to upgrade every single position. You are on notice. Only the best of the best will be rewarded. I will accept any offer of resignation for those that cannot handle the work product load or whom have other agendas than those specifically spelled out in the work scope. I’ll never ask you to compromise your values or your legal commitments. I will however be maintaining a tight ship and I urge everyone to report to me any and all activities that do are not authorized. Until further notice, access to any classified data regarding ANY FISA, 702 or other spy program data are limited to the following persons and may not be shared unless specifically approved by my office. Each principle IC chief and section will have its scope and alignment authorities derived based on the requirements set forth my the administration. No free lancing will be permitted. If you fail to understand or do not accept these new terms and limits of your specified authorities, need to know and access, please contact me directly for counseling. ANY LEAKS and otherwise contact with the press will be regarded as immediate grounds for dismissing, all pay recovered, and stiff criminal penalties. For those personnel within the IC’s that remain, I can assure you that I will always have your backs. I will support you in every way imaginable. But we will be doing this work with a renewed spirit of team work that WILL BE based entirely and totally and ONLY on the needs of the mission at hand. No extracurricular activities. No mid term flunkies…no cross fart hurricanes.

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  20. Troublemaker10 says:


    Grenell’s actions are “going to bring much-needed efficiency” to the “bloated” intelligence community, Hoffman proclaimed.

    Hoffman, who has a combined 30 years of distinguished government service in the CIA and other federal entities, refuted allegations from the left that Grenell is politicizing ODNI with the staffing changes.

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  21. roddrepub says:

    Hey Adam pencil neck Schiff. It’s none of your mother effen business what goes on in the executive branch. There now mind your own business.


  22. 1. I will continue doing my best to in what ever assignment given to me, few things are permanent.
    1. Travers and Hall are only the beginning of the downsizing. While political loyalties are not considered, the employee’s willingness to cooperate and carry out our President’s agenda will certainly be considered. You will receive the full list as required by law.
    2. I have nothing to add regarding IG Atkinson’s removal. On behalf of the American people, I request that you release his testimony to the House given during the impeachment proceedings. We will continue to audit the work products of all IGs to ensure the oversight serves the American people and take what ever action we deem necessary and inform the committee in a timely manner.
    3. Election security is vital to our nation, and we are working to insure foreign interests such as China, Ukraine and Russia do not interfere. I hope you also support voter ID and consider the source of some of your own political donors to eradicate foreign interference in our government. The leaking of sensitive information given to Congress is a great concern. It is not a political consideration, it is a security consideration taken into account when briefing information to Congress is compiled. We look forward to discussing the security of the intelligence briefing information at our next scheduled meeting…. in detail.


  23. Alli says:

    I think Schiff is more like a slithering snake. with crazy bulbous eyes. He’s just trained by Nancy to know when to strike These people are beyond creepy


  24. Jim Raclawski says:

    power&authority in the hands of credible -competent rational folks can lead to great&glorious times in a society…. then you have the opposite condition best exemplified by mr schiff and persons of his ilk…. darkness&chaos lies in that reality….


  25. Bernal says:

    I am so glad Grinnel is on this. I have always thought gay guys have a distinct advantage in business and politics. For a gay guy a well managed personal life leaves one great scope for concentrating ones focus on the work in front of you.

    No basketball coaching, no arguing with your wife about why you’re never around, the person closest to you is probably like minded or a least comfortable with your role.

    Grinnell is 60-70 years old and grew up in a time when he probably kept his sexuality under wraps until out of college. I think that fosters in a man a kind of clear-headedness about evaluating people, living in occupied territory in a sense.

    Despite the disadvantage of being gay, coming up when he did, he has succeeded at a very high level. He has got to be tough as nails. I love the picture of him with Trump. Clearly they are comfortable with each other.

    I expect it is Grinnell who is responsible for the night of the long knives going on among the IGs. I wouldn’t want to be sitting across the table from him with something to hide.

    Trump is finally hitting his stride with the team surrounding him. I just hope he’s getting plenty of rest. I am sure every death on his watch haunts him. It is taking a toll on him. God bless him and all who sail in him.

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    • CMDCMRET says:

      Well said though I don’t believe the Pres is finally hitting his stride….this is all very Sun Tzu. The timing is impeccable….watch them crumble.


    • NJ Transplant says:

      I don’t understand why so many people in the gay community think PDJT is anti-gay. I was trying to explain about Richard Grenell being appointed as German ambassador to one of my gay friends and he is convinced the President hates gays. The press is so corrupt.


  26. regitiger says:

    this is grennell’s first major test.

    and it’s a very important test.

    grennell is in a very critical position of power and the timing is exceptionally significant.

    there are many ways this situation created by schifty can go awry…and that’s exactly the calculus that shifty is now dependent upon.

    shifty has effectively been cut off from official forms of under the table dealings from the IC corruptors and others…THEY SEE the writing on the wall…they understand the gravity of having Grennell and what he can do…what can happen.

    so what schifty is left with is to conjure up a pure partisan congressional based coup….without the support of the otherwise complicit corruptors….

    should he venture to do so and reach out, there will be a quick and severe adjustment to the club by grennell..the gloves are officially off! The president has made that clear..there will no more monkey business and he has people in place now, that will stop it and flush them out faster than you can say “unwittingly”…

    and this isn’t just grennell…

    the best response to schifty is to ignore him…stonewall him outright and not respond at all..minimize everything..cut and paste boilerplates and leave nothing on the table…make him go to court and tie him up on everything he is asking for. all of it. every single thing he asks for. perform only the basics…and when called to testify, as that will likely happen and schifty will try and make another public circus…refuse the invite…virus pandemic after all..right? works for me.

    then get the IC and start a fisa or some other 702-ish counter-intel op…and make barr aware of how this will go down…you keep your job and you make sure we have some compromising information on these people:


    don’t want to cooperate…don’t want to run a surveillance order to determine how involved these people are with foreign actors based on some suspicions…fine…you are gone…replaced in a heart beat…bye bye……get someone in position to do the work.

    this is war…if we can’t stop these powers, it’s best we use the appropriately to spy and compromise the people who stand in the way of attempting a coup against the will of the american people.

    I’d concede any former postitions of killing these spy powers, if just for the last act, they could be used responsibly and for the correct reasons…then when these corruptors are shot down and burned to the ground…we can proceed with killing these powers and be done with it.

    grennell is in a very powerful position right’s make it or break it time.

    Let see what kind of american patriot he really truly can be.

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  27. stripmallgrackle says:

    What else is there left to say about Adam Schiff, the winner (4 times in a row!) of the bi-annual popularity contest held in CA-2 for Most Hansom In A Weird, Spooky, Disturbing Kind Of Way, Yet Somehow Still, Probably, The Most Persuasive, Closeted Marxist We Have Available Right Now, And, Hopefully, Most Likely To Succeed In Bringing About The Revolution Of The Best Connected, Most Powerful, And Wealthiest Marxists Who Really Do Intend To Establish The Utopian Workers Paradise By Redistributing (Somebody Else’s (Shhhh)) Wealth?

    I mean, besides the fact that he couldn’t hit a target at three feet on a bet, then he’ll waste the rest of your day explaining why it only looks like it isn’t a bullseye.


  28. noswamp says:

    Schiff thinks Grennell is Sessions. Grennell is not Sessions. I think he has done and will continue to do, WAY more than Sessions.

    To Grennell: Ignore the letters, keep up with what Trump wants and do it in Trump time.

    Grennell is already one of the best intelligence officers at that position, EVER.

    Sad to say but true.


  29. Retired IG says:

    Love so many comments posted tonight. Loved to learn Grennell knows what his sexuality is. And has no fear about saying it loud. Some of the best and truest men I’ve met in my life have loved theirs too.
    I’m calling on my long ago training (was a psychology/social work person before I became an auditor), and the only explanation I can find within myself is that Adam Schiff cannot stand to be out of the limelight.
    Can’t stand not being the center of attention no matter what is going on in the universe outside of his own “belief” system. The terms Narcissist and. Paranoid Schizophrenic come to mind..
    Using his position to assuage his inner temper tantrum and TDS is FUNNY. He’s been smoking some bad stuff. Put down the crack pipe Schiff. You are a man who needs a Doctor – actually several of them. Mommy? Why didn’t you nurse meme?
    Go into therapy Schiff. But I think maybe for you we should bring back Electrocution Shock Therapy (BAD STUFF). But I Hope through that you will find Peace at Last.
    Just saying. It’s cruel to be kind to you.


  30. Merkin Muffley says:

    The only problem is that Schiff never sent this letter to Grenell. He sent it to the media. That’s how Grenell found out about it.
    You can’t make this stuff up!

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  31. CMDCMRET says:

    This is what panic looks like.

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  32. Conservative_302 says:

    Dear Mr. Schiff,

    Don’t tread on me.

    Keep America great,
    Mr. Grennell, acting ODNI

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  33. gary says:

    just read trump is going to fire 7 more I.G.S’. 🙂

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  34. lettruthspeak says:

    Grenell should videotape himself tearing up the letter and then send copies to the fake media, Pelousy and Schittforbrains.

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  35. bluecat57 says:

    How do you do the double bird emoji?

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  36. MO Pragmatist says:

    Sounds like Schiffy-Pop needs to call the Whambulance!


  37. lansdalechip says:

    Look at this in a positive light.
    If the Grenell household was running short of toilet tissue, it now has a partial reprieve.

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  38. rickinhouston says:

    Who has the authority to releade ex-I.G. Atkinson’s testimony?

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  39. Bill Dumanch says:

    Presstitutes-Do you want just the items you haven’t given the Chinese?

    (gonna be a quick Presser today, boys and girls!)


  40. Zydeco says:

    Liddle Adam, congressional oversight of intelligence doesn’t mean that you get to perform intelligence operations like obtaining phone records of your political opponents or to perform scams with members of the IC.

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  41. CharterOakie says:

    SD — missing the Middle Finger Mickey Mouse on this one.

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  42. regitiger says:

    Grennell hand picks his best chief counsel to represent his congressional hearing on his behalf….

    one such suitable legal representative might be:

    Powell..or even perhaps Turley. With a standard written report per the law requires to “inform” congress. All questions orbiting that report to be handled in writing and only in formal letter format. No more open more congressional drama “made for TV” opportunities by schiff and camp.

    See this president has invoked special powers recently. If no one here understands the value of this moment, let me suggest the spoiler:

    grennell has access to powers far above and beyond congress! Effectively, constitutionally, this DNI is reportable to POTUS missions requirements and only those.

    we are after all, at war.

    This President can and should quietly and expertly navigate the swamp using these special powers and delegate them immediately to his most trusted and dedicated staff.

    He does not need to announce them….we can just “assume it”.

    what congress NEEDS is to have the legal arguments stuffed down their throats. not just put them on the defense…but make them desperate and make grand political mistakes.

    what we DO NOT NEED is to have Grennell harassed and pre-occupied by the nonsense of schiff….Grennell has entirely too much serious immediate missions to accomplish…


  43. NJ Transplant says:

    Now we know that Schiff was behind the fake Russian election interference to help the President garbage.

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  44. Conservative Tea says:

    Dear Congressman Schiff:
    Pound Sand.
    The American Taxpayers


  45. Sassy says:

    Another set up. Schiff probably already knows, via another “whistleblower,” that there’s some Deep State, resistance allegation that somebody was prevented from investigating something. Most likely, it’s yet another case of somebody who’s trying to investigate the President instead of the people in whatever agency that person is responsible for investigating.

    When whatever it is is denied or a response isn’t even given, then a “leak” will occur and more unfounded allegations will be meme-ed and more House investigations will begin and yet another impeachment “inquiry” will take place. And another non-whistleblowing “whistleblower” will NOT come forward but will be anonymously “protected” by a statute that doesn’t apply and the complicit media.

    Atkinson, as IG, never had any authority to police the President’s conversations or investigate any circumstances pertaining to it. He only was responsible for investigating the people who REPORTED to him.


  46. Tom Hansen says:

    The appropriate response to Schiff from Grenell should be: Go pound sand!.


  47. dana says:

    using schiff’s logic, elected officials should not be permitted to pass laws because their tenure is also only temporary.


  48. TonyE says:

    The response should be:

    “Letter? What letter? I didn’t get no letter. I don’t watch CNN or MSNBC nor do I read the NYT and WaPo.

    Have a good day, we’re busy up here right now. “


  49. TwoLaine says:

    But if he can’t get this intel in advance how is he supposed to leak it?

    FOLLOW THE $$$

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  50. jbrickley says:

    While everyone is focused on the Chinese Wuhan Virus, COVID-19. Trump is able to chew gum and walk at the same time. He’s still getting things done to clean out the swamp despite daily virus task force meetings. Within a few more weeks people will be getting back to work and Trump is going to pull out all the stops to not only kickstart the economy but launch it like a rocket to Mars. He’s going to be throwing rocket fuel on the fire! He has no choice, he has to get things going with all due speed. He will accomplish more on the border, immigration, manufacturing, trade, and remove America’s dependency on the supply chains. China is going to get a boot to the throat as well.


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